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F4 sings for a special edition OST
by | March 18, 2009 | 120 Comments

And the new tunes keep coming! The production of Boys Before Flowers has put out another supplemental soundtrack, which they’re calling an “F4 Special Edition” OST.

Not only does this mini-album contain new songs, there are plans for more to come — each member of F4 (that’s Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon — like they require introduction, ha) has recorded a track. They aren’t original songs, though; each actor personally chose a song to cover.

The first to be unveiled is Kim Hyun-joong’s remake of “행복이란” (Thing Called Happiness), posted below, which is a song that enjoyed a lot of popularity when it was first released in the ’70s. It was sung by Jo Kyung-soo, the singer father of actor Jo Seung-woo (Go Go 70).


Kim Hyun-joong – “행복이란” (Thing Called Happiness) from the Boys Before Flowers OST 2.5 Special Edition. [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

No wonder these boys are so tired; I don’t know where they found the time, but the songs were recorded in secret and were just revealed today.

From a marketing standpoint, this is probably smart in terms of drumming up maximum excitement as the drama heads to its grand finish. (Boys Before Flowers is still generating lots of press, but to me it seems as though the insane frenzy of the early days has muted in recent weeks.)

Still, I can’t help wishing more of these newer selections had been gradually introduced earlier in the series, because the drama was so overshadowed in the first half with its tired song rotation and could have greatly used an infusion of fresh tunes.

This’ll be Kim Hyun-joong’s second cover song for Boys Before Flowers; he first chose Lee Juck’s Panic song to play in Episode 15. Kim says that both are songs he’s always enjoyed, which makes me wonder if he may have slightly different music preferences than the stuff he puts out with his boy-band group SS501. But that’s okay, ’cause I like his taste. On top of that, Kim contributed an acoustic version of “Because I’m Dumb” to the soundtrack.

The rest of the songs by the other F4 boys will be released in the near future.

Via Herald Biz, OSEN


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120 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. minhocraver.

    theey must be
    likee suuper tireed.
    aww :]
    wanna see the cover.
    first 😀

  2. xiaoSxin

    great!!!! i cant wait for it!!!! i already have the 1st OST, i bought it from yesasia.com

    i’ll definitely preorder this too!!!! together with the ost part2 which is out right now!

  3. yoonah


    I hope the really nice song that played while Jun Pyo watched Jan Di sleeping post-ramen in Episode 20 is included.

    Those poor boys (+GHS) need a long long nap after the drama wraps up.

  4. fighting!

    thanks for all the songs!

  5. ichigopan

    F4 – Korean version 2.0. LOL. Are we going to see concert tours all across Asia like F4 – Taiwan version 1.0? I wonder…

  6. Maria

    The second OST and the F4 special edition should have been released much earlier.

    “This’ll be Kim Hyun-joong’s second cover song for Boys Before Flowers; he first chose Lee Juck’s Panic song to play in Episode 15. Kim says that both are songs he’s always enjoyed, which makes me wonder if he may have slightly different music preferences than the stuff he puts out with his boy-band group SS501. But that’s okay, ’cause I like his taste. On top of that, Kim contributed an acoustic version of “Because I’m Dumb” to the soundtrack”

    ^Was Hyun Joong’s acoustic version of ‘My Thoughts are Bad’ officially released? I liked it when I heard it on ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

    About Hyun Joong, he once said that in the beggining he hated SS501 because the company made him have dance lessons and sing pop songs, but now he’s okay with it. Before he debuted, his dream was to become a member of a rock band, so he joined an entertainment company to fullfil his dream of becoming a rockstar, but the ent company slowly started to train him to be member of an idol group.

  7. Biscuit

    I hope after BOF, everyone gets a good rest!

    While KHJ is the only “singer” of the F4, I really can’t wait to hear the others XD

    @Maria- Really? He plays the guitar really well.. hopefully he still has time to do rock (even if it means leaving SS501! Pursuing his dreams of what he really enjoys is more important! Humans only have one life, so it’s better to spend that time doing things you enjoy)

  8. Cherry

    Does anyone know if they’ll release KHJ’s acoustic version of Because I’m Dumb?

  9. rockpinkslip

    @Biscuit: According to Hyun Joong he doesn’t have any plans on going solo (much less leaving the group entirely) and he once stated in an article:

    “Going solo? I’ll walk to the end with my SS501 members.”

    He plays the guitar really well because he used to play bass in his rock band pre-debut days. And of course he has diff. music tastes as he’s stated time & again, but he’s adapted to being the leader of an idol group so that’s where he’ll be now.
    I’m hoping they release “Because I’m Stupid” acoustic verstion sometime soon, but at least on this 2.5 ost single I found my mystery song I heard on ep 21. :)
    Thanks for the news.

  10. 10 lkl

    yay I can’t wait. Finally KHJ’s acoustic version of “Because I’m Dumb” will be on this OST. I was wondering why it was”t included on the 2nd OST.

  11. 11 Christinaaar

    ahhhhahahh ! i love hyunjoong!

  12. 12 Cherry

    What’s the english translation of this T-Max song from OST 2.5 — 나쁜 마음을 먹게해?


  13. 13 JJ

    ah I love Hyun Joong too! haha dang, he sounds good in that song. Thanks for the dl link & the update! =)
    Looking forward to the 2.5 ost & 2nd ost!

  14. 14 Ren

    On dear.


    Actually in terms of other kdramas, is BBF better or worse with its song rotation? Either way I think HYD handled their soundtrack a lot better (except for their insistance on using the insert song, Flavour of Life by Utada Hikaru over and over and over again in the second season).

  15. 15 me

    Kim Hyun Joong does have different taste than what he releases with the SS501 boys. His favorite song is “Creep” by Radiohead lol. He used to play the bass in a rock band in high school and dropped out of school and ran away from home because he wanted to be a rocker. He’s a rocker at heart but he has learned to love his group and the fans. He has stated time and time again that he would never leave the boys ^^

    Those who have seen We Got Married will know how much he loves his vast collection of guitars…haha

    it seems like these types of acoustic ballads are his favorite style because he likes Lee Juck’s songs (“Rain,” “Fortunate,” “Wait”). He also released a single of similar style last summer called “Thank You,” which he wrote for his fans and I heard he also helped compose the music.

    And like you Javabeans, i also like his taste ^^

    I’m so upset that they have not released his version of “Because I’m Dumb” *sigh*

  16. 16 yoonah

    Just to add:

    “Still, I can’t help wishing more of these newer selections had been gradually introduced earlier in the series, because the drama was so overshadowed in the first half with its tired song rotation and could have greatly used an infusion of fresh tunes.”


    Ji Sun’s song in OST 2 makes me cry.

  17. 17 Sweetll

    i have to say that after the 1st season i’ve pretty much have tuned out on the songs from BOF = due to overplay of songs from the 1st season.

    But i’m looking forward to hearing the songs from this special album and the OST 2!!!

    it seems that the cast from BOF is trying their hand in everything i.e. singers -> acting, actors ->singing ….

    hope that the other songs by the cast would be good…

    would GHS be singing on the special soundtrack as well?

  18. 18 Ilbum noona

    The next F4 Taiwan? F4 Korea is just like F4 Taiwanese version..Who knows there will be singing group named as Kkot Boda Namja..Commercial factor..

  19. 19 Muffin

    Wow, I didn’t know he could actually sing! Whenever he’s doing something musical in BBF I kinda fast forward. Although I’ve listened to a few tracks of SS501, they only have one song which I love, “Never Let You Go,” and who can tell who is singing what?

    It doesn’t even seem like that singing voice would come out of his face.

  20. 20 Kender

    Lol whut?

    These poor kids. They’re not going to know what to do with themselves once the drama’s over. Free time? Sleep? They’ll probably go insane.

    I’m looking forward to these songs, though. KHJ isn’t a bad singer (wish I could say the same for his acting, but whatever), and based on the songs he’s chosen to cover, I’m going to have to agree with you that I like his taste. That’s a nice, soothing song he picked there.. I kind of want to go find the original. ^^

  21. 21 random

    awww he’s so cute. i was wondering if you have the acoustic version of 내 머리가 나빠.

  22. 22 bbflover

    THey must be so tired…i feel bad for them..but i still <3<3<3 all of them!!
    i wanna hear kimbum and leeminho sing!! they’re difinatley gonna sound ADORABLY GOOD!!!
    I CAN’T WAIT!!

  23. 23 j

    actually, he wanted to sing for a [rock] band, but the head of the company put him in a boyband, bc his voice didn’t cut it to be in 1, lol~

  24. 24 Linda

    I see I see. Thanks for the clarification. :] So now we get to anticipate 3 more special editions. I can’t wait to hear Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho sing. Hehe.

    The song that Lee Min Ho will be singing.. That’s probably going to be different from the earlier news posted where it said he was going to release a digital single, right?

    @ #19 Muffin:
    “Never Let You Go” is actually a song on the single of SS501’s sub-group Triple S, which only contains 3 members of SS501 (Hyun Joong not included). And more specifically, “Never Let You Go” was actually just a solo song sung by member Kyu Jong. :] You could check out SS501’s other singles.

  25. 25 stranger

    He has such a different voice when he sings….much more romantic and lovely to listen to….

  26. 26 Stephanie

    Is that really HyunJoong singing?
    it really does not sound like him….
    but yeah he definitely has a different taste in music
    than the stuff he does with SS501
    i’ve always thought it was sad how he does crap pop with them
    when he loves rock music and and just better quality music
    that he’s actually good at making
    but whatev

  27. 27 Orchid

    So there will be a total of THREE OSTs for Boys Before Flowers? Oh wow….

    Yeah if they’ve thought of this sooner they should have made the boys record the songs earlier so they can be incorporated into the drama!!

  28. 28 belleza


    “Actually in terms of other kdramas, is BBF better or worse with its song rotation? ”

    BBF uses its film score much less than other k-dramas, but for the most part, the songs are used just like other K-dramas. BBF’s usage of the songs reflects how dense the actual plot is, and therefore often the same songs come up.

    If you watch Taiwanese idol dramas, you’ll notice the same thing, and it’s because many TW idol dramas are split up into mini-arcs which condense the plot, so that each episode has multiple crises and resolved issues. Therefore the same songs come up.

    “Either way I think HYD handled their soundtrack a lot better (except for their insistance on using the insert song, Flavour of Life by Utada Hikaru over and over and over again in the second season).”

    Actually, Flavour over Life was mostly played once per week. (The usual J-drama formula is to play the insert song usually at around the climax of that week’s epi.) It’s just that Flavour over Life kinda sucked as an insert song. 😀

  29. 29 mems

    Wow, this is really milking it….but who cares as long as it’s BBF?

    I wish they would include Gu Hye-sun singing “The only thing I know is love”–not the drama part, but an actual recording with her true voice.

  30. 30 Angie

    Does anyone know where i can find or buy Lee Juck’s albums?

  31. 31 CC

    I love his taste in music, it’s similar to mine XD Wish he made more songs like this instead of pop/dance…but i still like ss501
    Hope GHS sings also, she actually has a very sweet voice =] I find it soothing just like Hyun Joong…wonder what they would sound like together =D

    Can’t wait for the others…god it really is like a F4 band lol

  32. 32 Debbie

    I really appreciate the fact that Kim Hyun Joong can actually sing. A lot of pop idols/singers in other Asian countries are popular only because of their looks and not for their “singing ability.” Not only can he see but he’s pretty darn cute too! :)

  33. 33 Amy

    These people are seriously milkin’ it, damn.

  34. 34 LJ

    They are definitely making tons of money aren’t they? 😀

  35. 35 dunlop

    as much as i would love for GHS to be included in this… I doubt it
    the album is titled “F4 special edition”, and as javabeans said, the boys barely had time to record this. If they barely had the time, GHS probably didn’t have any time. She’s in like 80% of the drama.

  36. 36 BOFfan

    I think you mean the song “Because I’m Stupid/Dumb” My Thoughts are Bad sounds like it should be the translation, but it implies something totally different… like pervert. I think the song is on soundtrack 2 like javabeans mentioned.

  37. 37 Alvina

    ah, so this is what the blogs were talking about when they said they have pictures of Minho at the recording studio.

    There were rumors he was going to become a singer XD

  38. 38 meikisis

    I was hoping that Gu Hye Sun’s rendition of
    “I only know love” would be on the second edition OST… darn!

  39. 39 1j

    i wish lee min jung would get some attention!! i asked my mom who is in korea currently to buy me a poster of her but she said all the stores had were posters of F4…..boo

  40. 40 marz

    @ Maria, was listening to BOF second ost.. couldnt find the acoustic version of what KHJ sang for BOF. i actually liked that version.. i was hoping they’d also have the piano version of strange sun not the version like in goong.. rather the one they played before..

    i also appreciate KHJ’s sense of music… i think these boybands dont necessarily get much of a choice on the song they do..
    well depends on their management? but well..

    side note: i love ‘never let you go’ by kyujong. 😉

  41. 41 yoonah

    #29 mems
    “I wish they would include Gu Hye-sun singing “The only thing I know is love”–not the drama part, but an actual recording”

    I second this! She has a pretty singing voice.

  42. 42 CyNurse

    Three OSTs for BOF? Wow!!! Can’t wait for Woo Bin’s song.

  43. 43 luvdemflowerboys

    Seriously, I wanted to break my computer every time I heard the same songs coming over and over (mostly inappropriate times) in the first half of the drama. On another note, can Min-ho and Kim Bum actually sing? Sounds interesting though. Anyways, Hyun Joong should just come out with a special acoustic/rock album where he’s just jamming. It puts a smile on my face when I see him enjoying the things he likes~

  44. 44 Anythingcute

    Yihaaaaaaaaa…. I’m so thrilled. I love K F4. I never understand why people all get too excited with Taiwan F4 since they’re not even cute or handsome >_<.

    Now I’m experiencing it myself. I wish all of them will sing more as a F4 group. Bet they will be much much more better than the other f4 band.

  45. 45 Cestfifi

    Such a soothing voice..so romantic! I love this song
    Thanks a lot for upload

  46. 46 Blabla

    Kibum, Le Min Ho singing…???? But but …they are actors, not singer?!!
    Aya…..! :o(

    KHJ has a nice, soothing voice. Great song, well sang!
    Thanks Javabean

  47. 47 Rong

    i just listened to the2nd OST and i have to say i’m sorely disappointed. Even Howl and J’s songs didn’t get me excited. i was so looking forward to something wonderful but i think i much prefer the first album now that i’ve listened to the 2nd. i don’t even want to try OST 2.5 now. :(

  48. 48 daizukun

    i love KHJ’s cover!! 😀 it’s really soothing and beautiful just like his other digital single ‘Thank You’. T-Max’s song is good too! it’s upbeat and fun!
    hmm..i didn’t know that KB and LMH could sing…we’ll have to see with those two :)

  49. 49 cullenhale

    the top picture of this post, reminds me of how much I adore F4 and how much I’m going to miss them once the series is gone…

  50. 50 kayla

    woo i was waiting for that acoustic version of i’m stupid – so glad not to be disappointed! best news of the day

  51. 51 xiaoSxin

    i am listening to BBF ost part 2 and the F4 special edition right now.. so far i’m loving the new songs!!!

  52. 52 chajjye

    @3 yoonah: nap? i think they need a hibernation period more like it! :)

    i personally like anything with J and Jisun in it. but in t-max’s wish you’re my love, J was just a background singer……..and that really really sucks.

    sorry to digress but i really think que sera sera songs beat the rest hands down. 😛

  53. 53 Roxy

    Sigh….. Wish Gu – Hye san was doing a song too ! I so badly want to hear her sing.

  54. 54 Peeps!

    Oooh! Not bad!!!
    Hyun Joong’s “Song preference different from band’s preference” kinds of reminds me one manga and one movie… Heh. But seriously, that guy CAN and somehow has the same song preference as me… Well, a part of it anyway.
    I like Soothing songs, Song that make sense and aren’t too sexual and stuff… Oh, I LOVE JAZZ and the occasional song in the rock and pop genre.
    I HATE songs that don’t make sense… (Case in point: The stupid chinese song where the two words ‘对呀’ (dui ya) are repeated over and over again… I mean… EXCUSE ME????)

  55. 55 Peeps!

    Eh, come to think of it… Korean songs are quite nice. (And I don’t even know what in the world thay are singing / the lyrics mean.) Actually, I’ve found out that I like songs that are not in English more. I don’t know why. They just sound more… romantic? With more feeling? I don’t know.
    Maybe, as ‘Granmere’ in ‘The Princess Diaries’ says, : English is so ‘vulgar’!
    Don’t know. *Shrug*

  56. 56 bof

    javabeans do you know where I can get the original soundtrack for “Thing called happiness”? The one sung by Jo Seung-woo? Thanks!!!

  57. 57 Imee

    I love this cover by KHJ.He and Goo Hye Sun could make a perfect duet together.They have the same type of voice (very sweet and soothing) and sometimes their looks complement each other. They both have flawless complexion. Hope they will consider having GHS also plus a duet with KHJ similar to a Ji Sun /Alex duet.

  58. 58 ank

    I hope GHS will also sings.

    She has a nice voice, I love the theme song of pure 19 which she sang.

  59. 59 sakurakiss

    hi, I have listened this songs and are beautiful, but I want to know if the Hyun-joong’s acoustic will go out or not…Do you know?thanks

  60. 60 reverie

    oh…how I still truly wish the released the DVD with new song!!!
    this one is nice…..
    *bad music director…..(sorry….but that’s how I feel)

  61. 61 lhen

    kim joon is from t-max so he can sing too…..so as kim hyun joong is from ss501 (leader)…the two members of f4 are singers…..i hope lee min ho and kim bum can sing well on thier special edition album….so… figthing !!!!

  62. 62 lhen

    i also hope for BOF season 2….hehehe
    like in taiwan version they have 2 season as well as the japan version…
    maybe at least next year after the cast get their full rest and other appointments are done…. 😉

    but i think this is not going to happen….

  63. 63 baegopayo

    I wonder what it would be like if Goo Hye Sun & Kim Hyun Joong were to sing a duet? I think that would be pretty awesome..Cuz I love both of their voices…it’s so soothing to listen to ^^

  64. 64 lovenyc52

    @62 Ihen – BOF is already divided up into “seasons” 1 and 2. The first 12 episodes represented season 1 (when they’re all in high school) and the rest is season 2 (F4 has graduated HS and are in their 1st year of university). They just combined the 2 seasons into 1 season without the year-long wait inbetween. If you notice in the japanese version, it’s split up the same way in terms of timeline, but they actually divided it into 2 separate seasons. Hope this helps! :o)

    This has nothing to do with the BOF OST 2.5…. but with drama soundtrack music in general… now everytime i hear a saxophone version of a theme song or whatever… i just imagine yi-jung playing it HAHA.. i can’t help it.

    SoElmate… fighting! =P

  65. 65 Lena

    I’m just glad they ditched the idea of forming a boyband -___-

  66. 66 Maria

    Could someone that knows korean translate the tracklist of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ OST 2 and the F4 Special edition?

    Boys Over Flowers OST 2
    01 Say Yes – T-Max
    02 With Ur My Love (With J) – T-Max
    03 아쉬운 마음인걸 – A’st1
    04 애인만들기 – SS501
    05 어떡하죠 – 지선 (Jisun)
    06 Love Is Fire – Kara
    07 Love U – HowL
    08 사랑같은 거 – Brand New Day
    09 눈물이 난다 – 이상곤 (Lee Sang Gon)
    10 Cellogic (Cello By 김영민)
    11 다가가다 (Violin By 동요)
    12 낯선 해
    13 사랑을 위하여

    F4 Special Edition
    01 행복이란 – 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)
    02 가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐 – A&T
    03 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Ballad Ver.) – T-MAX
    04 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Dance Ver.) – T-MAX

  67. 67 kimchii

    Wow.. They are really getting everything they can out of this drama with all the OSTs.
    But I’m with Lena (65).. Glad they aren’t forming a boy band.
    I love them and all but that’s just too much.

  68. 68 kt

    Awww! its so sad that Kim Hyun Joong’s Acoustic version of because i’m stupid is not part of the 2nd OST!

    Anyone knows where I can download that song? if u do please do send me a link! THANKS!

  69. 69 daizukun

    @68 sadly, the acoustic version of because i’m stupid isn’t released yet :( i read somewhere..i can’t remember..that it’s going to be on his solo single. apparently, DSP entertainment is going to give all of the SS501 members the opportunity to release solo singles to showcase each of the members voices or something..and the article said that KHJ’s version of because i’m stupid will be on his single.

    hope that helped. when i find the article again i’ll post it on here :)

  70. 70 Ricky Seo

    Actually compared with TW and JP verison , this is the most great F4 team yet . Song is not bad .

  71. 71 jenjen

    i know that hyun joong can sing, also kim hyungjoon from t-max
    but kim bum and lee minho is a surprise.

    i think the video of minho before debut didn’t sound too bad…he has a low tone. kim bum….for all i care can sounds like a male version of sohee and i would still adore him.

    regardless, i think they’re really smart to take advantage of this. a bunch of fangirls are all on it.

    i have a feeling, it’s going to end up like anotther Goong era…haven’t seen a craze over a movie since then.

    BOF does not fail to deliver the entertainment and sadly, it cost the actress and actors so much of their energy and its looks like they’re getting burnt out. well only a few more to go. happy ending or not, i think this is one of those shows to remember. rewatch rewatch rewatch haha, just like goong.

  72. 72 bbf addict

    @70 Ricky Seo i agree with you

  73. 73 mommy

    I love KHJ’s voice and the song’s catchy melody. Makes me feel the happiness that is mentioned in the title. ( He IS a better singer than an actor,eh!)

    How i wish I could also understand the lyrics so I would really love it. LOL. I cant wait for F3’s cover songs.

    thanks so much javabeans! see you on again on monday!

  74. 74 kt

    THANKS daizukun

    that helped a lot! hehehe! I just thought since there has been lots of news saying it would be in the 2nd OST…but guess not! heheheh! but yea! cant wait til KHJ’s solo album comes out then! heheheh! :D:D

  75. 75 DownwithBBFfever

    Wow! This song is so sweet and kinda moving too. To think I don’t even understand Korean. Thanks for sharing!

  76. 76 janie

    hyun joong did say he likes rock…and his dream was to be in a rock band and his company had told him that he would be making rock music…but he ended up being an idol star making pop music instead. but his dream is still to do rock music.

    sometimes i wonder if he feels irritated that he has to make music that is not his style.

  77. 77 Anonymous

    can you post a link to download the ost? starting from the 1st bbf ost. can include eng translation also?

  78. 78 goli

    i love jonpiu i am irani and 42 yers

  79. 79 ʎpuәʍ

    Wow ^^ secretly recording? Ah-mazing. =o I hope they dont tire themselves out @_@ ~! I love F4. <3

  80. 80 kayla

    when is the other songs by the other singers coming out?? and imi still waiting for i’m stupid acoustic version!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please let me know!!

  81. 81 David

    I know Ku Hye Sun can sing ! Won’t there be anything sung by her? There must have been some song that she could have sung ! I heard her sing at least two songs when she did PURE IN HEART – I thought they were terrific.

  82. 82 che

    is there special episodes after the final episodes of bbf? can you answer me…….. tnx

  83. 83 Queen of the Damned

    i don’t know what to say, but these guys are stars in the eyes of the South Pacific.
    i’m a samoan which you probably wouldn’t know my island because its a dot on the world map. i really liked the boys before flowers and there music. its kinda of funny when you listen to music that you don’t understand, but the main attraction is its rhythm. i’m a fan of Korean movies, and thanks to the first movie i’ve watched “Stairway to heaven” im stuck with being excited into seeing more.

    Tofa Soifua (good-bye)

  84. 84 stellar16

    a kim bum fan?
    plss add this account in friendster… http://profilesdotfriendsterdotcom/kimbumislove

  85. 85 wiEkz

    actually this drama came late to Indonesia, and i’m so disappointed.
    but i have watched it by DVD. so i’m glad!!!
    big thanks (again) 4 javabeans for the info. GBU.

  86. 86 marowe

    i always wanted to go in korea and meet this hot stars does anyone want to booked my plane ticket it will really mean a lot to me!!..=))

  87. 87 era

    i love ji hoo!!

  88. 88 era

    0h my g0sh . . .
    ♥♥kim hyung jo0ng♥♥
    hahaha”,,i want t0 travel in k0rea s0 dat i can meEt him . . .

  89. 89 hannah24

    i really love kim hyun joong’s voice and personality

  90. 90 minnie

    i really love this movie very much . . . they show very perfect

  91. 91 ၤf4crazy

    I realli luv this movie..& then also like OST songs..

    totally….I luv lee Min ho…I luv his smile…i want to kiss him…hee hee

    *Lee Min Ho!!! Fighting!!!*

  92. 92 KC

    hi … i like one of the song in the drama … but i dont know the song name
    but i am pretty sure it is a duet .. but sorry again … i also dont know who are the singer
    if anyone know tat song name and the singr, plz tell me

  93. 93 KC

    it is me again … i explain in more detail which song .,…
    the song in the episode 22 when the “Ha Jae Kyung – Goo Joon Pyo’s fiancee”
    she wanted to left and she sat on the plane and looked at the shoe …
    i like the background song
    plz tell me if anyone know the song name and the singer as well
    thank you very much

  94. 94 dontspeak_toink

    i was wondering if the cast of boys over flowers can come visit their fans in the philippines because their drama is a great hit here.. i being a craze ever sice it started.. hope that someone can read my messege so that the can visit philippines..
    i myself would like to see you guys perform.. as well as all the f4 fanatics…
    more power to you Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon …
    GOD BLESS! (~.~)

  95. 95 dontspeak_toink

    when will the OST of boys over flowers be released here in the philippines?

  96. 96 young Ai lee

    I LOVE MINHO!!!!!

  97. 97 Anonymous


  98. 98 SEMA

    I think thıs boys sounds are wonderful and faces

  99. 99 Anonymous

    I LOVE YOU MINHO I am you find me and you call me please

  100. 100 dwi lestari


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