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What’s up, folks? I’m actually (probably) on a plane as this Open Thread posts — I’ll be on a trip for the weekend so posting will be a little lighter, but be sure to check back ’cause I’ve got some goodies planned! Hehe. Gotta love delayed blog-posting functionality. Er, I mean supa-sonic time travel, yeah that’s it.


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155 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Vicky

    Wow, I have to say, I’m more than excited for Kim Bum’s upcoming drama!
    Truthfully, in Boys Before Flowers, he was alright.
    There was obviously /some/ potential there though.
    I just hope he adapts well to his new role as a hardcore thug. (Okay, it’s just stealing money..but c’mon, KIM BUM AS ONE OF THE BAD GUYS?! Even if he does become “good” later…)

    Yep, definitely looking forward to September!

    On a side note, after the “great debate” over 200 pounds, the movie, I decided to see for it myself.
    It was a great, relaxing, and enjoyable movie to watch.
    The underlying concept, however, was…not so good. Like many others, I agree the movie should just be for entertainment purposes only.
    I have to say, I loved it!

  2. langdon813

    I’m officially on board the Binnie train!

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never seen MNIKSS (hangs head in shame) but I’m up to episode 6 and can honestly say (to Samsooki, heh heh) that it’s all clear to me now! I picked this one because I was in the mood for something fun and boy, did I get it. I literally laughed like a crazy person until the wee hours of the morning.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  3. BBFan

    Hey guys TGIF!

    Right now I’m watching Jumong. At first I was skeptical and didn’t want to commit myself to a historical drama especially one that is as long as this one. I find short comedic dramas are a great way for me to escape from the everyday. However, Jumong is really well shot and the story and characters are really compelling. I am not familiar with Korean history, but so far, this drama is worth 2 thumbs up and 5 stars.

    Have a great weekend everyone, and happy drama watching!

  4. lovenyc52

    @langdon813 – it’s ok. i have yet to watch MNIKSS as well… It’s one of those I know I should watch (like Full House… um ya haven’t gotten around to watching that either….) but there are just so many dramas currently playing that I just can’t find the time! One of these days…I will.. I swear…

    I randomly decided to pick up Brilliant Legacy last night – after Javabean’s post about how ratings were so good they decided to extend it, I thought I’d take a look to see what all the fuss is about. I actually like it – mainly cuz of Bae Soo Bin. I’ve never seen any of his previous works, but the second this man came on the screen I was hooked and watched 3 eps straight… we’ll see if I stay with it… 28 eps is a pretty darn long run…

    Happy Friday to all!! :o)

  5. heejung

    last of finals to be wrapped up next week. YESSS
    i finished my final project the morning of the day it was due. i scare myself sometimes… and yet, i have never handed in a project late. 😀

    story of a man 18 was INTENSE !!! and the shin-eunsoo scenes were SOO adorable!! they’re so cute!!

    sigh. SAT tomorrow. -_- must sleep…

  6. Kender

    Summer is finally here for me! I’ve made the grueling 15-hour car trip home from university with my father (which automatically makes any journey even more trying), and am happily settled into my room at my parents’ house. My cat has forgiven me for abandoning her and has practically glued herself to my side ever since I got back, and the dogs continually pester me. It’s very cozy.

    Also, I’m still jobless. I applied to as many places I could think of (with the exception of Kohls, where I refuse to work ever again), and no one has called me back. I’m not terribly surprised about this, since there’s such a shortage of jobs to begin with and I’m only going to be home for 2 months anyway. Still, my father is angry and yells at me to go job-hunting everyday, but I just remind him of the state of the economy and how I can’t really take any more blows to my ego by applying at places I know I won’t be accepted.

    So, instead of working somewhere, I’ve devoted my time to (a) learning how to cook things I’ll actually eat (an epic task, because I’m probably one of the pickiest eaters on the planet), (b) baking up a storm for my brother and parents, (c) writing, and (d) going through all of the dramas I watched way back when I first started watching them.

    The first drama I decided to rewatch was Prince Turns To Frog. I had a discussion about it with someone on one of these open threads a month or so ago, and I mentioned how I didn’t remember anything about it at all, and that this is the reason I thought it must not have been that good. Well, I just want to say to that person I had the discussion with, you were right. PTTF is freaking awesome, and I have no idea why I couldn’t remember it. It’s got all the right mixtures of romance and angst and cheese and cliche and awesome, along with a healthy dose of attractive Asian men. (Ming Dao, do want!) I’ve been remembering bits of the plot slowly, usually right before they manifest in the drama, so obviously I haven’t forgotten it as completely as I’d thought. I’m glad I decided to rewatch it.. I think I probably appreciate it more now, even if it’s still a pretty long 30 episodes. (I just finished episode 27, so I’m almost done!)

    Next up on my list is Magicians of Love, also starring Ming Dao and his 183 Club posse. I remember this show being cracktastically AWESOME, and I’m excited for the cheese. Warring hairstylists? Yes please.

    After that, I plan to rewatch Kimi wa Petto, a large number of Kimura Takuya dramas, and Devil Beside You. Then I can start catching up on all the more recent dramas that I haven’t had a chance to watch yet. Or maybe I’ll find even more older dramas to rewatch. The possibilities are endless when you’re unemployed for two months..

    In other news, I’m going to miss Story of a Man. D: This show is so amazing, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once the awesomeness ends. I’ll still have Strike Love and Brilliant Legacy, but it just won’t be the same without the darkness of the black hole that is Do-woo’s soul. :/

    Random: Last night, I had a dream that I was a member of the 1 Night 2 Days cast with Lee Seung-gi and Kang Ho-dong and the rest. (There were still only 6 of us, but I don’t remember who was missing.) Our challenge was to go to some rural village, teach the inhabitants the Thriller dance, and then bring everybody to Seoul to dance during Thrill The World. ( ) It was pretty freaking AWESOME, because we all had costumes and stuff. I was a zombie bride, and I think LSG was my zombie groom. XD

  7. nileey

    I’m looking forward to a shopping trip with my mum tomorrow! Need to buy a pair of shoes!

  8. Alvina

    have fun on your trip javabeans! ^_^
    wow. I feel so stupid now. I’m now upto episode 8 of the drama Sons of Sol Pharmacy (that’s the latest on KBSW I’m guessing) but since the beginning the character of Eun-ji bothered me because she seemed so familiar.

    *slaps forehead*

    She’s the same girl from the taiwanese My Lucky Star!!!

    All in all though, I’m enjoying this drama and have fallen in love with all of the brothers. Only complaint, the character of the lawyer still annoys me. Hopefully, as I get to later episodes, I’ll find her character more likeable.

  9. langdon813


    Funny! Full House is actually one of the first Kdramas I ever watched. Because Rain is hot and I’m shallow like that. I’ve been eyeing Brilliant Legacy as well but so far I haven’t taken the plunge. Right now I’m watching Story of a Man, Strike Love, Time Between Dog and Wolf (sort of half-heartedly, I’m only on ep 4 or 5), MNIKSS, and the Tdrama Black and White. I just finished What’s Up Fox, which was pretty cute. Recently I tried to watch 90 Days, Falling in Love Days, but the subs were not very good and OMG, it was depressing.

    Who needs sleep anyway?

  10. 10 mie

    i’m going on a trip, too! and i’ll be glad to leave s. cali because the clouds look ominous today. all thunder and lightning.

    i’m very disturbed by the news that lee chun-hee (aka. chunderella on “family outing”) may be another celeb like joo jihoon and is being tested. i hope, cross my fingers, it isn’t true.

    as for dramas, all i have to say is TRIPLE. TRIPLE TRIPLE. <3

    oh, and since this is an open thread, just wanted to comment that someone said lee seunggi’s character in brilliant legacy was not a jerk because he has some hidden issues. but actually, he does! something about seeing his dad die. and there we have it, no male character in a k-drama is ever a jerk without a reason. which, of course, allows for him to turn into the charming prince once the girl “heals” him.

  11. 11 Samsooki

    @1, Vicky

    I didn’t find 200 lb to be a relaxing movie, lol. I was on pins and needles for certain scenes, like right before Kim Ah Joong wears the red suit and goes to the birthday party (and you knew the other woman was going to wear the same suit)and also when she announces to the crowd that she was the overweight person in the picture. For some reason, I get distressed at seeing people get embarrassed, even in fictional movies and dramas. It’s a little strange because I don’t get embarrassed easily if at all for me, but maybe I do a psychological transference so I get anxiety only when other people are embarrassed…

    @3, langdon813 –

    That’s great! I am happy you like MNIKSS! 🙂

    Episode 6 – the calories of a kiss, the calories of love… one of my favorite episodes, I really hope you enjoy it. But Episode 7 is a killer episode. There are so many moments where I sort of wish time could freeze. Oh, and Episode 8 is great too. Actually, so are the rest of the episodes. In fact, you can probably finish the whole series tonight if you wanted to.

    …now I feel a little bit bad. Obsessing over Kang Ji Hwan in Hong Gil dong made me forget about Binnie even for a little while…

    I wonder what would happen if you put both Binnie and Kang Ji Hwan in the same series, going after the same woman…. Lee Da Hae, and you made Kang Ji Hwan the darker character with more edge to him, and Binnie was his scruffy self ala Snow Queen…. who would LDH choose?

    Who would I choose? Don’t make me choose!

    In My Girl, putting Junki against Dongwook was pretty easy to make a choice, I never felt that LDH should end up with Junki (unni! lol, what a great scene). But if you put both Binnie and Kang Ji Hwan in a drama together… one good, one more evil-ish, and then see who wins…

    Scruffy Binnie > smooth, evil-ish KJH.

  12. 12 mzpakipot

    @samsooki (re: CM kiss scene)
    what made me cringed is their age gap, though I shouldn’t be judgemental about it coz i haven’t seen the whole drama (i stopped at 3 episodes) . I think it would have been better if they didn’t kiss. A hug should been a better one.


  13. 13 Snikki

    Anybody here from Milan, Italy?

  14. 14 asianromance

    @Kender. Prince Turns to Frog is awesome!!! it’s my 2nd most fave taiwanese drama-after Fated to Love You, also starring Chen Qiao En- love her!! (and Ethan Ruan at times did look like Ming Dao too with his thick brows.)

  15. 15 Samsooki

    @6 Kender –

    Are you looking for a summer job? Maybe you could start with craig’s list for your area…. if not that, then go to the local university / community college and go to their employment office, There will be bulletin boards full of stuff for college kids to do for the summer.

  16. 16 Kender

    @ 14 asianromance – I never finished Fated To Love You.. The first episode was cute, but the second and third didn’t do anything for me, so I dropped it. I heard it got a lot better towards the end, though, (my Chinese language professor loved it, and she and I have pretty similar taste in dramas) so I may have to give it another chance later.

    @ 15 Samsooki – My mother works at the local university, and she’s been keeping her eye out.. If there were any jobs I could do, she’d tell me about them. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  17. 17 jinkzz

    watched 7 Grade Civil Servant ( aka My GF is an Agent) at MPark4 in k-town LA… it was so much fun to watch, i laughed until my stomach ached…Ji Hwan was uber hawt and his expressions were hilarious, good chemistry with Ha Neul.

  18. 18 B.B.

    JB. Safe trip, hope its a great break. Mr Samsooki will keep us in order for you…hehe

    @ 6 Kender.

    Welcome back home for the summer……
    PTTF, and Magicians of Love, Angel Lover, I remember more as I have the 183 Club music on my PC, playlist + a couple of cracking desktops…. Sam Wang. Yup, yup.

    Like you I have yet to get to MNIKSS, its there on the watch list somewhere. Promise. Everyone talks about it, so it must be good (as with Full House, have seen) along with several others much talked about. They just get lower with all the newer – Must See – ones piled on top, as in open page and they are now on the 2nd or 3rd page. Always on the drag even with movies.

    Good Luck with the cooking.

    Long distance shopping trip tomorrow……. mmm shop till I drop.

  19. 19 Paula

    I just finished watching Boys Over Flowers the other day! 🙂 I really enjoyed it, but it was a roller coaster of twists and turns, they just had a lot of different plots and subplots involved in that drama, its crazy looking back and thinking about everything that they had!!! I had started watching Hana Yori Dango 1&2 along side of Boys Over Flowers, then as subs for BOF slowed down, I just focused on HYD. I enjoyed both, and I can’t really pick one over the other. Some plot points were almost identical, some things were drastically different. In some instances, I like the way that HYD portrayed certain things, in other instances, I preferred BOF. But overall I’d have to say that I am more accustomed to KDramas then JDramas (HYD has only been my second JDrama, Nodame Cantabile was my first). Haven’t tried Meteor Garden and I don’t think I really want to. I downloaded the first episode, but it was such a low quality that I was immediately turned off. Sorry, but I’ve now been permanently spoiled on 700MB+ versions of my dramas! 🙂

    Now I have no idea what I want to follow next!!! Maybe read some reviews and see which ones are being talked about the most! 🙂

    But I think I may try Job Well Done, because I really like Chae Rim.

  20. 20 Yinnie

    I’m so loving Brilliant legacy atm. So sad it got extended too.
    I don’t get how Han hyo joo can pull of such a weird hairstyle. >.<

  21. 21 Samsooki

    Oh, we started Last Scandal of My Life (마지막 스캔들) last night. I had a very difficult time making the decision to go with Scandal, because Choi Jin Shil is no longer with us, and for some reason, I think watching her drama is a little bit instrusive… it is like a small window into her life right before she passed, and even the title makes me sad.

    But, wow, I was totally shocked by the first episode. Choi Jin Shil transformed into an ajumma? I was floored. Is that what all of the current stars of today will look like in 20 years?

    (still, I like the drama a lot after seeing the first two episodes- the potential is there.)

  22. 22 mehreen

    I’m torturing myself by not reading the second half of JB’s Story of a Man Ep 16 recap….because the subtitles aren’t out properly yet….OH…The….Suspense. :/

  23. 23 langdon813

    @ 11, Samsooki

    I definitely hope to finish MNIKSS tonight…in fact, since I work from home, I’m hoping to get to it a little sooner than that! 😉 I’m going on a road trip tomorrow to see Coldplay (yay) so the rest of the weekend is shot until late Sunday afternoon. Sad really, how I have to decide what activities I’m willing to participate in based on my reluctance to step away from the laptop. 12-steps, anyone??

    Also, I know exactly what you mean about being distressed; it makes me physically uncomfortable to watch people being embarrassed yet I don’t really get embarrassed often myself. I thought I was the only one!

  24. 24 MEIKO**** ^-^

    hello Everybody! ^-^

    I watched that last week, and the first episode seemed dragging to me but good thing a continued…, coz surprisingly, this drama is really hilarious!!! Continue watching it.^-^

    have a good day everyone!!!

  25. 25 Max

    Hey everyone,

    I adore the Dramabeans index for kdrama. It is really easy to pick out the good kdramas from the ones that are less successful.

    My question: Is there a site that does this for korean movies? I can follow reviews in these threads but it can get a bit overwhelming.

    I would love it if the dramabeans site could have a index guestbook for different movies/kdramas. It would make it easier to see the peer reviews that are found in the threads. But, plan B is to find another site that would provide that….any thoughts?


  26. 26 all4movies

    Working my way through Gourmet and I hope to re-watch Jumong.

    The summer is here and it’s sizzling hot.

    Have a great trip to all those lucky people who are travelling this weekend!

  27. 27 Mel

    Hey readers! I just wanted to say T.G.I.F!! WOOT! Have fun this weekend!

  28. 28 stella

    hey everyone.

    its been a long week for me, more so because last week was a short one. im glad the weekend is here but the weather in ca is whack…I wish I was leaving for a trip but nope gots to wait until next year, agh.

    right im watching 소울메이트 & its fab. I think I love the idea of each person having a 소울메이트. I hope to find mine soon~

    have a great weekend everybody!

  29. 29 mishane

    Wow, I’m late to this one and I probably won’t hang around long as today is an early day for me (one more hour of work!)

    @ 10 mie:
    –oh, and since this is an open thread, just wanted to comment that someone said lee seunggi’s character in brilliant legacy was not a jerk because he has some hidden issues. but actually, he does! something about seeing his dad die. and there we have it, no male character in a k-drama is ever a jerk without a reason. which, of course, allows for him to turn into the charming prince once the girl “heals” him.–

    Yes. I’m loving Shining Inheritance (just finished episode 9) but I was really annoyed when they started introducing the idea of there being a reason for Hwan to be a jerk. Why can’t a jerk just be a jerk? Why does there have to be some hidden angst issue? I know we all know some spoiled brats in our lives, who are just that, spoiled brats. No underlying issues. They were spoiled growing up so they stayed spoiled. But no, they had to give him a reason.

    I honestly think it would have been much better if he didn’t have the dad issue because the ‘healing’ process would have meant a whole lot more.

  30. 30 mishane

    Also I’m probably the only one who didn’t fully enjoy MNIKSS.

    I mean, I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t love it. KSA’s character was just kind of annoying, shrill, and I thought she would be more of a kick ass woman but she just kind of turned into every unmarried, older woman trying to find a husband. It was kind of disheartening to watch.

    And Hyun Bin’s character was no prince. He was spoiled also, and I never got his appeal. He was juggling these two women, made KSA feel like shit most of the time, and didn’t really have much of a spine either.

    I rated it a 7, and on a good day an 8. To be honest, hearing secondary girl speak English bumps it up a point.

    This is why I don’t want to watch Coffee Prince yet (and it’s been sitting on my HD for over a year now). I watched MNIKSS after I heard all the hype about it and it didn’t impress me. Coffee Prince has TWO things going against it: (1) I’m not a big fan of Yoon Eun Hye and (2) It just has sooo much hype, which means more room for disappointment.

  31. 31 epyc

    Any City Hallers here? This is THE drama of the moment for me and will shape up to be an all time favourite if the rest of the episodes continue to be as intense and fun. Love the unique storyline, excellent OST (Horan’s song is among the best), great acting from the leading cast topped by the sizzling chemistry of Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won. I also love the whole troop of KSA’s friends with the pub bunch kind of like Bridget Jones’.

    This is my first time watching CSW and got totally blown away. He’s someone who can play Rhett Butler, Heathcliff as well as comical roles. What a shame that he doesn’t do much drama. Will have to look for his movies.

  32. 32 b020

    @29 – I am the same, I really didn’t love MNIKSS. I thought KSS was vulger and not all that great of a personality. And yeah, why would you want to be with someone that makes you feel bad about yourself? To me, she was nothing more than a whiny, desperate to get married, delusional(anyone who thinks she was ‘fat’ is delusional – most people wish they could be as ‘fat’ as her) woman that didn’t know what she wanted from herself or others around her. I only gave it a 4 but with Henney in it, I gave it a 5.5.

    As for Coffee Prince – the first time I watched it, I swear I was watching Goong part 2. Same character, same funny faces, sigh. Only good thing about CP, besides the ost, were the supporting males.

    Currently am watching an older drama, Happy Together with Lee Byun, Song Seung Hyun, etc. And I’m impressed with the cast and can’t wait to see how the show unfolds.

  33. 33 Samsooki

    @30 epyc –

    Is it really that good?

    Can you compare City Hall to other dramas you’ve seen?

    I’m interested, but I’ve not heard much about reviews or tv ratings or percentages or anything, so I’m worried that people aren’t liking it…

  34. 34 b020

    Ooooh – one comment about Happy Together and other dramas. Can someone please explain to me why there is such a heavy emphasis on blood relations? In Happy Together, the childrend from one family refuses to acknowledge the kids from another family even though they were all united in a marriage of their parents because they weren’t blood. I keep seeing this theme of blood relations being more important or places an obligation on each other in dramas – East of Eden was another one, High as the Sky/Wide as the Earth – the main guy was made to feel obligated to donate marrow to the half brother of the mom who abandoned him by the uncle who refused to let him know where his mom in the first place. Can someone make sense of this for me?

  35. 35 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @ JAVA-B
    I read MAX(24)’s comment and i have to put in my thoughts about your blog too. I only have to say I love your blog site! My guy friend (the korean who thinks he’s one of the cutest korean guys…urg!) also share similar thoughts! We think your site is very user friendly…, clear, clean and concise, without too much background colors or ads or columns that may disturb eye focus. Other blog sites take my focus everywhere at the first glance and can get confusing and tiring….too much for a millisecond of a glance! Your discussions, and news are written well too. And am glad you have well-behaved(hahhaaha) commentators! Thanks JAVA-B!

    Hey! I know what you feel! I have my MNIKKS un-opened yet… I have been hearing that it is a very popular series, good one… that wasnt really my first impression…and i dont wana be dissapointed (especially since i bought the DVD)…’s still there waiting patiently for me to start watching…
    But Coffee prince…I loved it from the first ep to the eps nearing the end…(i didnt like the end) and i didnt even know who YEH is at that time! Hope youll enjoy it!

  36. 36 xiaoSxin

    Open thread yay!

    about 2 or 3 open threads ago, i shared with everyone that I am going to New York by myself. I want to give all the readers in this great blog (especially the people who addressed my posts) a whopping THANK YOU!!!!! I am here in New York, it’s my last day and I am having a wicked time here!!!

    New York is absolutely fun!! There is something for everyone!!!!! I will definitely come back here since 4 days is not enough for me to roam around and discover this great city!

  37. 37 Samsooki

    @35 xiaoSxin –

    I just saw your post! Cool beans! I’m in one of the tall office buildings above you! I waved, but I don’t know if you can see me through the glass. 🙂

    I hope you got to see a musical! Please give us a recap of what you did and what was fun and what wasn’t!

    Be safe!

  38. 38 cecee

    does anyone know where I can watch Queen Seon Duk with English subtitles? I have seen the first two episodes and I am compeletly hooked!

  39. 39 k-lover

    @ cecee: Try, they have most of the korean dramas subbed!

    Oh yeah I’m graduating today! Whoohoo! 🙂

  40. 40 B.B.

    @ Samsooki

    Re – City Hall. Recommended, easy watch, well paced, even the nasties are comically so. Well fitted cast of supporting actors. Some really wonderful bits of non actor film art generously scattered throughout, well fitted OST.
    Cha Seung Won has that look that replaces words, beware his words are not wasted, wit that has me in fits but is so sharp.
    Kim Sun Ah not a lady lady, until it suits her. Determined to stand for others rather than herself. Witty and a bit of a clown.

    Think, both Mr and Mrs Samsooki will enjoy.

  41. 41 Samsooki

    @37 cecee –

    What episode is Queen SD on right now? It’s a 50 episode drama that premiered May 25, a monday tuesday gig, so I am guessing maybe there are only 4 episodes aired so far?

    Viikii has the first four eps for streaming, not sure about the subbing, and I am not sure if viikii is a good site to go to, as it might be like the website mysoju, which has apparently had issues because it links streaming sites that have ripped off other people’s subs, or something like that.

    BUT, the super awesome and renowned Heavens Subbing Squad (of which our very own JB is a staff member and active translator) has the first 3 up and subbed:

    Check out their website if you have a chance!

  42. 42 epyc

    @ 32 Samsooki

    City Hall is, for a start, geared for a more mature demography – those over 20 and above. It is definitely the right vehicle for Kim Sun Ah as a 30-something, happy-go-lucky civil servant working in a regional City Hall, who enters a beauty paegent to get the prize money for paying credit card debts caused by a good for nothing ex-boyfriend (named Hyun Bin!) However, the paegent is a farce put up by the Mayor and other corrupted councillors for money laundering. KSA’s character through all sorts of funny scenarios won the paegent but didn’t get the money. This then leads to her one woman crusade to fight the council and eventually joins the race for Mayorship. Cha Seung Won plays an amibitious politician who sees the potential in KSA and wants to make her one of his political capitals. The dynamics between these two characters – to use and not to be used/to love and not to be loved – are the most fascinating aspect of the first half of this drama. CSW’s character is intriquing and one hopes that the rest of the drama will show him in full light..

    The storyline is quite unique in comparing it to other dramas. I love RomCom and my first K Drama is MNIKSS. Since then, I have watched several dozens of other KDramas with half of them that I can’t finish. MNIKSS is still my favourites together with My Girl but Coffee Prince is top of my list. I would rate City Hall among these if the second half remains as good. (The Writer/PD team was behind the Lovers series and hence, the doubt from many people but I really like CH so far.)

    It is quite true that the chemistry of KSA and CSW is the best element here but the side characters have over the past 12 episodes grown to be likeable too. The first half is really hilarious and the romance is intense. Let’s hope the second half would not turn into fully melodramatic.

    Want a taste of it, see fan-made MVs:

  43. 43 doozy

    Happy Friday, all!

    J dorama fans,

    I’m new to the world of J dorama and have recently finished watching Kekkon Dekinai Otoko and Hotaru no Hikari, both of which I loved. Do you guys know where I can find high quality video downloads with quality English subtitles for these two shows? Also, do you have any other drama recommendations? Much appreciated. Thank you!

  44. 44 passingbytime

    @ 33-b020, you raise an interesting point.
    About all the “drama” regarding blood relations in dramas:
    The way I understand it, it is simply for the drama: exaggerating little things that some cultures view as sacred, forbidden, taboos, etc. Just like all these dramas about older women finding love in younger guys.. I think it is a big deal not because it does not exist in the East somewhat “conservative” society, but because people themselves like to gossip and make a big deal out of it…

    As for east of eden: towards the ending, it frustrated me the way the mother was going back and forth in her trust for her second son whom was actually the enemy’s son. But I think it was more than a reference to the blood relation. I think there was more emphasis on the “evil” blood ties rather than the “blood ties” themselves, so I was not bothered a lot and it-the evil factor- was great for the “drama”.

    But I am sure there is more to it ( the role blood ties play in K dramas/ Eastern culture) than I am aware of.. Hopefully someone with greater insight of the culture can enlighten us ^_^. Thanks.

    I am also one of those who watched MNIKSS fully, but not because I liked it. At first it was interesting but then I got annoyed with the characters, and the way the story unfolded was not to my liking. Nevertheless, I was new to K dramas so I completed it, but I would never go back to watch it ever again. Now, I am more cautious about my K drama choices, which means fewer dramas for me to watch as I am very picky. I wonder if anyone else is like that? ^_^.

  45. 45 asianromance

    @epyc. *raises hands* I’m also watching City Hall! Cha Seung Woo’s character is driving me nuts (in a good way)- he’s stoic and devious and you never really know what he’s thinking! He’s a bit amoral. Pit that against Kim Sunah’s sometimes wacky but always honest and blunt character- fireworks!

    @samsooki. I’m not sure if you can compare it with other dramas. But what really got to me about the drama- besides the wonderful acting and chemistry of course- is the story. I really like stories where the downtrodden rises up against the conspiracy. I think Mirae (Kim sun-ah’s character) is a bit like hong gil dong (though it is a stretch). Mirae was a low level servant who unwittingly stumbles (after being used and screwed over by the corrupt city govt) into running and becoming the mayor/heroine of her city (i’ve only watched till ep 10…at this point, she is just campaigning). Hong Gil Dong didn’t suddenly decide to be a hero. Someone tried to frame him and in searching for justice for himself- he ended up helping a lot of people and realized his calling. though….I don’t think Mirae will ever be as confident and consumed by passion as Gil Dong.

    And besides, this is a asthma-inducing comedy! try not to take big bites or gulps while watching this. And there is also a good amount of seriousness to balance it out.

  46. 46 le

    did you hear the Wonder Girls will be touring with the Jonas Brothers in the U.S.?

    also, do you know anything about the rumor, SBS is saying that a Mr. A was involved in the drug scandal? they showed a blurred photo of a guy winning an SBS Entertainment Award. Netizens found out it is Lee Chun Hee, but anyone could’ve figured it out from the photo they aired. is there any truth to this? i hope this is not true, but it would make it less fishy as to why he left Family Outing only to be replaced by new members who are also actors, so focusing on the acting career isn’t a good reason to leave.

  47. 47 Jihwan

    @lovenyc52, I started Brilliant Legacy too, just because I’m on summer vacation and had nothing better to do but to my surprise, i REALLY like it. I don’t care much about lee seung ki (i really dont understand the fuss about him. he reminds me of my uncle which is not a good thing), but Bae soo bin is such a cutie. I can’t help giggling everytime he comes on screen. I know that he probably won’t end up with han hyo joo since he’s not lead, but i’m still crossing my fingers hopings that maybe just once they won’t have it so that the leads up together and the supporting cast end up alone and bitter.

    @Kender, It’s okay dear, It’s summer and theres alot of jobs openning, just keep looking and hopefully you’ll find something.

    haha, I told myself, I’d read through all the comments on the open thread (for once) but gosh I’m just so lazy.

    Oh and samsooki, I saw you in the Lee da hae thread a couple days ago. It seems like your posts on dramabeans have gained you fame throughout soompi as well. Congrats! 😀

    Well hope you guys are enjoying your friday more than I am!

  48. 48 Luv

    hey guys,
    actually summer holiday didn’t start here in the middle east
    and infact i have my exams after one week and after 2 weeks of exams
    holiday will come ohh and how much am waiting for it although i don’t have any plans prepared maybe i’ll work during holiday or i’ll travel 😀
    as for now although i have to prepare and study for my next week exams which
    i don’t have the mood for it at all, but i still following up with a man’s story (too bad it’s going to end next week :s) and brilliant legacy ,
    speaking of a mans story i really like DW’s character,ES, and Shin and am guessing that in the end DW will probably suicide or be in prison or to be killed lol

  49. 49 Samsooki


    The SBS release of the blurred photo and the subsequent “unmasking,” that Mr. A could possibly be Lee Chun Hee, smacks of something that you would see coming out of the evil characters to populate makjang dramas like Temptation of Wife. SBS: “…but we blurred the face!” Yeah right, nice job. Might as well just put his name underneath the blurred photo.

    As of June 5th, there has been no arrest warrant issued by the public prosecutor assigned to the district case for LCH, and therefore no arrest yet with respect to this. And the police cannot arrest him (or anyone else) without a prosecutor warrant (investigation and questioning are not the same as being arrested and indicted) except in certain cases which do not apply here.

    No jumping the gun, pls.

  50. 50 Samsooki

    @46 Jihwan –

    “Oh and samsooki, I saw you in the Lee da hae thread a couple days ago. It seems like your posts on dramabeans have gained you fame throughout soompi as well. Congrats!”

    I was so surprised. I was talking with bspanda yesterday about what I watched early on and so I wanted to find my one and only post that I did on d-addicts forums (pre-dramabeans), and I find that I was quoted in soompi with respect to the Binnie / Lee Da Hae In Space Jjajangmyun Kimchi Western drama idea, and so I go to soompi and ppl are like, hey wassup samsooki, nice to have you here and I’m like oh my god, wassup. !!

    Now I have to write my Binnie in Space drama series, because LDH fans over at Soompi have been waiting for it. My initial casting idea was to have LDH be Binnie’s love interest, but maybe I will have LDH also be evil and have evil Kang Ji Hwan and evil LDH going up against good guy Binnie and good girl Nam Sang Mi…

    I wonder if LDH has the acting chops to play an evil character…

    Soompi ppl are so friendly, though.