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Murder mystery pauses for a kiss scene
by | July 30, 2009 | 17 Comments

The Yoo Seung-ho movie 4교시 추리영역 (Fourth Period Murder Mystery) has weathered director changes and an actor dropout (Kim So-eun), and is set to open in theaters in two weeks. In this recently released still, Yoo shares a screen kiss with his co-star Kang So-ra, who was brought in to replace Kim So-eun.

In the film, Yoo plays “Han Jung-hoon,” a top high school student who’s also popular with the girls. Fourth period at school is gym class, but when he stumbles across a dead body in an empty classroom, he becomes the main suspect. Thus the race is on to find the real culprit before the period ends and the situation grows more dire.

New actress Kang So-ra plays a student who avidly reads mystery novels. With her remarkable reasoning skills, she aspires to one day become a detective and becomes Yoo Seung-ho’s helper. Upon finding him in the empty classroom with the bloody corpse, she’s the one who suggests that they find the real killer within the hour. The movie is touted as unfolding in “real time,” meaning that the last 40 minutes of the movie correspond to the remaining 40 minutes of the class period.

This is Kang So-ra’s first leading role, and she admitted that she was nervous about shooting the kiss scene, which her character initiates and was completed after many NG takes that erupted into a “sea of laughter” on set. However, she says she was more concerned about being hated by Yoo Seung-ho’s many noona fans, given his immense popularity. At 19 years old, she’s also three years older than Yoo, who turns 16 the week after the movie releases.

Fourth Period Murder Mystery releases in theaters on August. 13.

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17 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. din

    yoo seung ho’s only 16?
    dang! he has this manly vibe to him that makes him so attractive <3
    so i'm guessing i'm joining the many noona fans of his. hahaha.

  2. asdf.

    gosh he’s cute.

  3. asianromance

    he’s growing up to be handsome and hot!

  4. xoxo13

    It could have been better if Yoo Seung-ho lip locked with Kim So Eun…. stupid schedule!!

  5. elaineD

    i lovelove the first picture. haha (:

    if she were kim so eun, i would be happy and sad cause’ i would happy knowing that maybe kim bum is jealous(unlikely, but still!) and sad know that kim so eun is with someone else (when she should’ve kissed KIM BUM!).


  6. goal

    i like kim so eun better…. it stinks that she is not in it… oh well…

  7. WysteriaMagnus

    For some reason, the school uniform that Kang So Ra wears in the image above look more flirtatious than any behind-the-scene images of Kim So Eun for the same film before she dropped out of it. Is the production going for a different direction or did they initially had Kim So Eun in the role so they can built on her innocent/cute look as Ga Eul from Boys Before Flowers?

  8. penn

    WysteriaMagnus – I noticed that too!

  9. penn

    16……oi. LOL.

  10. 10 goh

    Seung Ho’s getting a lot of kiss scenes these days eh *grins*
    He’s growing up so nicely. I’m looking forward to this movie!

  11. 11 Rin

    Yoo Seung Ho oppa! I can’t believe she got to kiss him ><"

    "However, she says she was more concerned about being hated by Yoo Seung-ho’s many noona fans"

    Wait.. so she's not afraid of being hated by the younger female fans? Hmmph.

  12. 12 capricious

    for some reason, the first pix actually gives off a sweet vibe. hahah. i just like the picture.

  13. 13 blee

    I dont care, i like kim so eun

  14. 14 Kei Lin

    Could’ve been Kim So Eun unnie…:(
    O well, makes it even more obvious that the directors or Bummie & Unnie’s agencies only want them to be together!
    And they only want Bummie to be Unnie’s first REAL kiss!^^ (because in Unnie’s recent drama, she had her first kiss with Yoo Ah In, which is okay, it’s just a simple kiss, but still! It should be Bummie!^^)

  15. 15 ooooooooooh

    thats one sexy kiss…especially since its SH

  16. 16 ghEm_27

    woahhh….thatz a wonderful kiz ha..

  17. 17 ghEm_27 are u..’after that BIG KISS?!joke!!

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