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Opening day for Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
by | July 16, 2009 | 29 Comments

Jang Nara arrives with father and brother

For the next ten days, the city of Bucheon, not far from Seoul in Kyunggi (Gyeonggi) province, is hosting the 13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, or PiFan. (Like Pusan International Film Festival, the film festival has kept the old spelling and acronym although the city names are now romanized with the “B” instead of the “P.”)

PiFan is a genre film festival, focusing on thriller, mystery, horror, and fantasy selections. This year the festival screens more than 200 films in eight categories that include Family Fanta (fantastic genre films appropriate for families), Ani Fanta (animation, one of the festival’s main categories), World Fantastic Cinema, and Fantastic Shorts. The Retrospectives portion comprises a “City of Romance” subcategory, screening Hong Kong movies from the ’80s, as well as “Eroticscape,” featuring Korean urban erotica from the ’80s.

The festival opened on July 16, its red carpet walked by celebs like Jang Nara, Lee Jong-hyuk, and Gu Hye-sun. PiFan will close on July 26.

The opening night was hosted by actors Lee Jong-hyuk (Rivals) and Jo Eun-ji (Forever the Moment):


Jang Nara (Sky and Sea) made the event a family affair and brought father Joo Ho-sung and brother Jang Sung-won:


Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers):


I get that fashion models often wear the most offbeat outfits, but Lee Young-jin (of Yoga School, Antique Bakery and also Uhm Tae-woong’s ex) is hitting all the wrong notes, imo, from the pink heels to the gold skirt and the severe face.


The ladies from the latest film in the Memento Mori horror series, Suicide Pact, are, in order of the first pic below: Oh Yeon-seo, Sohn Eun-seo, Yoo Shin-ae, Song Min-jung, and Jang Kyung-ah


I like the how the shirt’s lines match with the bowtie on the very tall (190 cm!) Kim Heung-soo (I Like it Hot, Life: Special Investigation Unit):


Kim Shin-ah (A Tale of Legendary Libido) wears a pretty pink puff of a dress:


Two of Korea’s lauded veteran actors Jo Jae-hyun (New Heart) and Ahn Sung-ki (Divine Weapon, May 18), wave together:


Jeon Sae-hong (Baby and I) is pushing it with her transparent dress (classy!), so it’s a good (?) thing she’s got all those hairballs stuck to the front to provide some coverage (although you can see the bra cup through the dress in some shots).


Jeon Hye-jin (Family Honor) and the very cute fourteen-year-old Joo Da-young (Private Eye, Great King Sejong):


I think it’s the hair that gives Chu Sang-mi (City Hall) a particularly bobble-headed look, like Kristen Chenoweth:

Via Hankyung,

29 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Samsooki

    Everybody looks so good!

    I think the fantasy part is actually thinking that these people are real. LOL.

    I mean, sometimes I think, man, wouldn’t Jang Nara be cool to be close friends with. But then, I bet maybe close to 100,000 distinct individuals, maybe more, probably think the same thing. Jang Nara can’t have that many close friends, hehe.

    In the end, I see these pics and I think, good for them – they look great and they are living their dreams. But they are so far from being real flesh and blood people to me. I mean, they ARE real people, but not in reverse, and by virtue of mutuality, neither they nor I are actually real. I am merely part of the faceless masses that cheer them on and buy their CDs (or DVDs, etc), and they are bright figments of my imagination.

    (oh, and I still think that Jang Nara did a good job in My Love Patzzi even if nobody else agrees with me).

  2. asianromance

    love how great everyone looks (except Jeon Sae-hong) and they all wore outfits that look distinguishable from one another too! Gu Hye-sun’s hair is at a good length now!

  3. ee

    ooh. would’ve have been awesome to go. some of my relatives lives in bucheon.

  4. kate

    Gu Hye-sun seems very down to earth…

  5. Snikki

    Jang Nara is so pretty! Like a porcelain doll. And speaking of porcelain… GHS’s skin is so flawless!

  6. jing

    jang nara’s brother is looker too..he should try joining the industry..I hope he can act or sing…

    • 6.1 bjharm

      he can not sing..believe me I have heard him, he does act, but like most celebrity siblings he very much overshadowed by his little sister. He did a few supporting roles before Nara struck her stride, then pretty much disappeared. I read he done some roles in China in ancient drama.
      there a video around on youtube of an family interview when Nara was sixteen, with father son and daughter, it showed a few of his roles, some kind of school based drama, but even back then it was pretty clear little sister was the one everyone was interested in. Nara said in the past she felt very guilty, but has got over it as her brother such a wonderful strong person. And yes he was the type of big brother that uses there little sister for wrestling practise..:-) Also anyone who think Nara had ‘touchups’ only has to see brother and sister together to forget such silliness.

      • 6.1.1 Shama

        It’s so hard to find some of his dramas and movies. Any idea where I could watch some of his work? (currently watching syndrome)

  7. langdon813

    Awww….doesn’t Mrs. Perky Evil look adorable?

  8. Shay

    I really really like Chu Sang Mi’s dress. It’s like the perfect color.

    Jang Nara looks amazing 🙂

  9. Lucille

    Why do they all look like they are wearing the same black shoes?

  10. 10 Gia

    Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers) have a weird fashion style.

    sorry girl

  11. 11 fizzle

    My my, Lee Jong Hyuk is looking dapper 😉

    Okay, how does Jang Nara not age? What is she, like, 30? Why does she still look 12?!

  12. 12 maria

    I liked koo hye sun clothes. I think she looks pretty wearing black because she has a very fair skin.

  13. 13 Muffin

    Jang Nara looks even younger than she did in Wedding!

  14. 14 Rin

    Jang Nara looks adorable! & I would totally wear her dress too ><
    Kim Shin-ah's dress is pretty cute too :3

    @Samsooki: I like Jang Nara in My Love Patzzi too (: or at least that's what I remember from a few years back when I saw it.. haha.

  15. 15 shereen

    Gu Hyesun is so pretty, ever!!!
    To #10(Gia), I don’t think GHS fashion style is weird!!!
    Go see an EENT Dr., perhaps you have a wrong vision.

  16. 16 sophia

    jang nara looked so pretty!!! 😀

  17. 17 Tha

    I really like Nara in Patzzi and SBright Girl and Wedding. I wanna see her back in more dramas!!!

  18. 18 loveydovey

    i’m not sure i like go hye sun’s outfit but jang nara looks adorable and so does the girl from city hall!

  19. 19 bjharm

    Well Nara never seems to age much, losing five kg has made her face take on that pixie look she had when she first become a pop princess back in 2002, perhaps that why My Love Patzzi comes to mind to many when seeing her.
    She tends to put on and drop weight depending on how hard she working/stress levels, this time around it certainly done her looks no harm!
    Her brother acts, has for a long time, both in korea before the family went to china and also in china..does those ancient setting dramas I think.
    I seen a chat show from way back before 2000 [1996?] when Nara made her first CV at 16teen, she was there with her daddy and big brother and they showed clips of the brother acting in school setting drama. It odd that while he the older sibling that all the times I seen him you would think he was the younger one very quiet.
    I heard him no he not a, they do look every much alike though same nose same chin.

  20. 20 yvhsien

    Go Hye Sun and Lee Young Jin both need some tips from fashion experts. GHS’s ensemble is plain boring and does not become her. She could do much better with that flawless skin. And LYJ – I hope the reason for those pairing is because she’s color blind?

  21. 21 Chasa

    Vote to GHS, so much cute

  22. 22 CyNurse

    Jang Nara is so pretty! And I hate to say this but Gu Hye Sun’s outfit is horrible.

  23. 23 oreos

    the little girl Joo da young is from the movie Crossing no? I think she played Joon’s friend whose family is punished for making connections to the world outside of North Korea.

  24. 24 jessi

    Jang Nara is as pretty as ever and her brother is hotXD … i hope that Nara would star in another K-drama.

  25. 25 yuri

    i like goo hye sun eonni’s style but not for that moment…i mean…it was too much simple…i like her but i thought she should take a fashion stylist cuz now she’s more and more popular…
    i always support her…hwaiting eonni!!!

  26. 26 kimchii

    Kim Shin-ah’s dress is LOVELOVELOVE.
    Joo Da-young looks so cute!

  27. 27 Anonymous

    I’m having a serious problem with the length of Jang Nara’s dress. Its a great dress….with TIGHTS(*although then it would be a little too cas. for the runway*).

    And I don’t want to sound like a biotch…but her knees look…AGED. she needs to slap some moisturizer on those puppies, or get knee-botox or something. And a new dress.

    but her bro is cute. I see the resemblance.

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