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Yoo Min joins IRIS as a Japanese spy
by | November 2, 2009 | 26 Comments

IRIS is adding more foreign spies to its roster: this week’s episodes will see the introduction of Yoo Min (aka Fueki Yuko) as a Japanese spy named “Sato Eriko.” The role has Yoo Min playing the agent interrogating Hyun-joon (Lee Byung-heon) after he is arrested in Japan. Recognizing his formidable talents, she entrusts him with a secret mission.

Of her role, Yoo Min said, “I’m extremely happy and thrilled to be greeting Korean viewers again after a long while in such a blockbuster drama with such outstanding actors.”

Yoo Min is a Japanese actress who debuted in Japan (in the 2001 film Hotaru) but enjoys greater popularity in South Korea; she is fluent in Korean and has endeared herself to viewers with her lovable, innocent image. (I recall watching her participate in the old X Man variety show and found her very charming, and her occasional Korean flubs were embraced by viewers as adorable.) She’s been active in both Japan and Korea; her Japanese credits include dramas Attention Please and Hotelier. On the Korean side, she has acted in dramas All In (notably starring Lee Byung-heon), My Family, Stained Glass, and Bad Housewife, although she sheds her former image to transform into a cold agent for IRIS.

She makes her first appearance in Episode 7, which airs this Wednesday.

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26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jm126

    Nope, still not good enough for me to watch IRIS. Or even get through the 2nd episode

  2. rubie

    Thanks javabeans for a surprise IRIS update, appreciate it very much.

  3. samsooki

    Not that I can tell all the time between Japanese and Korean individuals, but Yoo Min (Fueki Yuko) looks… korean?

    IRIS is going to be one of those dramas that ends up on my DVD shopping list. It might be good to see online, but like You’re Beautiful, it will definitely end up being bought.

  4. langdon813

    I’m going to have to buy IRIS too since watching it online doesn’t seem to be possible anymore. I wish I hadn’t started watching it at all now, because I was left hanging with this horrible cliffhanger at the end of Ep 4 and no way to know what happened! I don’t want to be spoiled though, I just want to watch it. 🙁

  5. MEIKO**** ^-^

    I agree, i too, will have to wait until a DVD comes out ( along with You’re Beautiful! hehe)…….

    oh well……

    am not really disappointed that i cant watch IRIS online… UB has been keeping me up and about the whole week! ^-^

  6. heejung

    She looks like a korean/japanese version of Jessica Alba in that second picture! Weird.

  7. kitty


    Actually, she looks very Japanese (especially in that first picture) to me and I was originally surprised when I first heard of her as Yoo Min, then realised her real name is Fueki Yuko. She looks pretty in her IRIS get-up.

  8. gaby

    yoomin! i used to love her in Apgujong Jonggabjib, but i havent seen her in a while.

  9. mishane

    What? Who was she on Attention Please? I don’t recognize her.

  10. 10 Anonymous

    she was the mean flight attendant.

  11. 11 Jacq

    I’m almost caught up on IRIS. I think initially it was boring for me and it picked up from episode 4. Still I adore YAB and am wayyyyy more interested in YAB than IRIS, which is just ok for me.

  12. 12 zashibear

    She was in ALL IN too right?

  13. 13 glitzyglam

    @8 OMG I USED TO LOOOOOVE THAT SITCOM! I miss it so much!

    I haven’t seen Yoomin in anything in a while! She seems to have been pretty absent from the Korean scene.. I can’t exactly imagine her doing this role, but we’ll see! It’s always nice to see stars give shots at different types of roles (:

  14. 14 Molly


    I thought she looked Korean too at first. Now that I’ve stared at the picture for a few minutes, she looks a bit more Japanese…

    Like you said, IRIS would be a great purchase. It’d definitely look much better on the TV than on the computer…and the thrills and chills would increase tenfold. Where do you usually purchase drama DVDs from?

  15. 15 [email protected]

    Daym, she got h3ll@ skinny.

  16. 16 Chen

    OH I KNOW HER!!! SHE WAS MISS APRIL or MAY in ATTENTION PLEASE!!! right? that’s really awesome!!!

  17. 17 omo

    IRIS is going to be aired on KBS World on 11 Nov. All is not lost as it has been pulled from almost all streaming sites. Will definitely check out the 1st few epis just to see what the hype is all about. Not really an obsessive fan of LBH and definitely not a fan of KTH…so we’ll see.

  18. 18 Kobe


    Yeah, she’s lost that cute “chubby” babyface she had back in All In and Bad Housewife, but I guess that happens to a lot of actresses. It’s the opposite with men, who’s faces seem to become quite bloated as they get older (western men anyway).

    @samsooki: “Not that I can tell all the time between Japanese and Korean individuals, but Yoo Min (Fueki Yuko) looks… korean?”

    That’s because all Asians look alike!

    No seriously, Yoo Min actually looks very Japanese to me, but that’s only because I’ve seen plenty of Japanese nature documentaries and am familiar with the way Japanese actresses look 😀

  19. 19 pabo ceo reom

    I remember her on those old Xman days too 😀

  20. 20 Agent Darwin

    Hehe…it looks like my guesses are coming into places!! Yeah!! Japanese spies!! Is TOP a Japanese spy too? What say you?

    It is a pity that the scriptwriter did not write anything about the Chinese spies who backed the North Korea, it will be even more intriguing!! It may be in the pipeline?

    BTW, I still think KTH’s role is redundant in IRIS!! It is better to write her off in Episode 5/6 when the car exploded in Budapest!! Why is she still sticking around in IRIS?

  21. 21 anna

    I was look at this and there’s the banner of Jung Il-woo on top.. wow, they strangely look alike. LOL

  22. 22 BD

    Yoo Min is a total cutie pie (based on her appearances on X-Man).

    I, too, initially thought that Yoo Min was Korean (granted, most Koreans and Japanese can pass for either).

    On the flip side, I initially thought that Ayumi (Sugar) was Japanese due to her anime-shaped eyes.

  23. 23 iciviuja

    I always thought that she’s a Korean who lives in Japan.. ^^; or maybe even a mix of both sides. nvm.. i always like her. she’s good.

  24. 24 Victoria

    Does this mean that IRIS will not be subbed????? I have been watching without the subs, but it is a little bit confusing in places.

  25. 25 kirara

    I was wondering when she’d shows up!

    I really need to get going with IRIS.. so many great actors and actresses in this show.

    Thank you for posting!

  26. 26 lisa

    with s2 is still putting out subs, they may not be as fast as vikki but they are outstanding, with song translation and everything. they have subs till ep 6 and will likely release 7 by end of the week if their track record stays on target.

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