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Oh My Lady: Episode 11
by | May 2, 2010 | 53 Comments

Little feetsies! He’s thinking, “How can such a teeny little thing cause so much trouble?” And I’m thinking, “Boy, just wait until she learns to talk back!”

This drama isn’t moving as quickly as I’d like it to, but I do think it’s picking up ever so slightly. It probably helps that there are more Min-woo/Ye-eun scenes today, which have always been the highlight.


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Shi-joon escorts Kae-hwa out of the room (by the wrist, natch) while Min-woo stays behind to confront his manager. He asks, is Yoon-seok still doing shady stuff like this? He used to leverage Min-woo’s weaknesses against him when he was a newcomer, but I’m guessing Min-woo’s been too wrapped up in his star life to care much about how his manager conducts business these days.

He tears up the contract Kae-hwa was forced to sign, and warns Yoon-seok to back off. If he does this again, Min-woo will reveal everything and make sure Yoon-seok is ruined with him. He storms out, and he must have been expecting Shi-joon and Kae-hwa to be waiting for him because he looks chagrined to find that they’ve already gone.

After stopping to allow her to calm down, Shi-joon asks Kae-hwa what that was about. Kae-hwa can’t tell the full truth because Ye-eun’s existence isn’t for her to reveal, so she gives him a vague half-truth as an answer. She says that Yoon-seok doesn’t like Min-woo doing the musical and has been messing with Min-woo’s scheduling, so she argued with him. Yoon-seok hadn’t taken kindly to that and made her sign a contract saying she’d stop interfering.

Min-woo’s detour to rescue Kae-hwa means he has stood up Yura, who figures that he’s not coming and leaves the airport annoyed. She’s certainly not in the mood to indulge the pesky Reporter Han, who sides with her by saying sympathetically that Min-woo was rude to stand her up. Of course, she doesn’t like hearing that from him and insists that something important came up at the last minute.

That night, Min-woo is in a subdued mood, and he apologizes for Kae-hwa having to go through that nasty encounter because of him. In addition, he also asks her to forget all his awful words and actions, meaning with regard to giving Ye-eun to an orphanage. Kae-hwa softens at that, and thanks Min-woo for apologizing.

Jung-ah has heard that the company got their investor onboard, and just when she was about to insist she would help. She congratulates Shi-joon, and for once it’s nice to see these two actually talking instead of just angsting at each other.

I love this moment of awkwardness as Min-woo walks out of his room to see Ye-eun sitting quietly, just staring at him. Thinking to try engaging with her, he musters the nerve and kneels in front of her. It takes him a moment to figure out what to say, and he only gets out her name before Kae-hwa, not seeing the exchange, calls Ye-eun to eat. Min-woo quickly turns away to avoid the embarrassment of being caught. Aw, we won’t think less of you for being a good father!

Kae-hwa’s a little uncertain as she brings up the matter of the musical re-starting its practices, since Min-woo had said he would quit the last time. She’s therefore relieved when he agrees to go to whatever rehearsals are scheduled.

It also gives her the little push to press her luck with him, and Kae-hwa presents Min-woo with a contract to sign. While it’s not meant to be legally binding, it’s for her peace of mind to ensure that Min-woo will (1) throw himself into musical rehearsals without goofing off, (2) be on time to all rehearsals, and (3) dedicate his body to the success of All That Love. After he signs, she adds a postscript: “If I don’t keep this promise, I’m not even a man.” Although Min-woo protests at the unfairness of altering a contract after he has signed, he smiles when he reads the amendment, amused at her pluck.

Shi-joon meets with Yoon-seok to find out more about the encounter yesterday, since he can sense that Kae-hwa didn’t tell him the full story. Yoon-seok merely offers up non-answers, saying that if he and Kae-hwa know something else, it’s something they’re not at liberty to disclose. He warns that Kae-hwa seems much more innocent than she is, however, and tells him not to trust her too much. (Shi-joon doesn’t give his words any weight, but I think they do come back to him later in the episode.)

Min-woo throws himself into rehearsals, performing with much more dedication than he has done in the past. His effort wins favor with Jung-ah, who likens him to West Side Story‘s Tony, and he wins more points by having smoothies delivered for the rest of the cast. Kae-hwa is duly impressed.

What’s cute is that Min-woo has no idea who this Tony dude is, and goes out to buy the DVD for West Side Story just to check. Haha.

Shi-joon takes Kae-hwa with him when he goes to check on the construction of their stage, but as it happens they are early. To kill time before meeting with the crew, they stop for lunch, where Shi-joon orders for them. Kae-hwa is a little hesitant at his choice, but rather than protest, she goes along with it and winds up sick from the lunch.

They stop at a pharmacy to get something to settle her stomach, and she admits that this was what she had been eating with her husband when he told her he had another woman. She thought she had gotten over it by now, but this proves that it still bothers her. What she’s angriest about is that Byung-hak had never apologized for hurting her, and she felt belittled that he didn’t even see fit to say that.

She apologizes for burdening Shi-joon with these personal thoughts, saying, “I know I’m not an impressive person…” but Shi-joon contradicts her. She is, because she’s sincere and therefore lifts people’s spirits. Therefore, she should remember to value herself.

Kae-hwa receives a call from the teacher that Ye-eun is starting to come down with signs of a cold, and will have to go home. However, she’s at the set with Shi-joon overseeing the construction, and can’t go to pick up the girl. She therefore asks Bok-nim for the favor, and her friend is only too happy to comply, since this means she’ll get to meet Min-woo in the flesh.

As they pull up in the parking lot, Bok-nim casts a wary glance at Reporter Han, who has again taken up residence waiting for signs of Min-woo. Although he thinks that Ye-eun reminds him of the girl Min-woo was with, it’s a good thing for everyone that he’s not too bright and doesn’t connect the dots.

And of course, we can imagine how fluttery and giddy Bok-nim — a professional, thirtysomething doctor, mind you — gets to come face to face with Min-woo.

She puts aside her fangirliness enough to speak with him for a moment regarding the girl’s care, and gives him advice on bonding with her. For instance, it’s important for the adult to apologize if he has wronged the child, and to make sure not to lose his temper when the child makes mistakes.

Keeping that in mind, Min-woo gives this bonding thing a try, telling Ye-eun that he’s sorry he messed up her paper animals, and for thinking mean thoughts. In response, Ye-eun takes out her origami book and points to a picture. She wants him to fold the animal for her.

Min-woo gamely gives it a go, only he’s not very skilled and he’s certainly not very patient, and soon the ground is littered with crumpled origami paper.

Then, he feeds her spaghetti and pizza (oh, dads), and she accidentally knocks a plate of the noodles to the floor. Recalling Bok-nim’s words, he holds back his temper and forces a smiles to say that it’s fine. And then she knocks over the milk.

Ye-eun isn’t intentionally trying Min-woo’s patience, but I’m going to say this is a good sign that she feels comfortable enough to bounce around freely, knocking things over carelessly. Min-woo follows her around to right the damage she makes, but she’s a fast little thing. When he finds that she has puts onion ring chips on everything, Min-woo clamps a towel in his mouth to keep from yelling, but she just sticks her tongue out at him. LOL! Little girl totally knows she’s got him wrapped around her little finger.

Finally, he settles her in bed and reads her fairy tales (on his e-reader — that doesn’t have quite the same old-fashioned touch of bedtime stories, does it?). After he goes through several, they both fall asleep, and this is the scene that greets Kae-hwa when she comes home. Needless to say, she’s extremely gratified at how far they’ve progressed.

In the ensuing days, Min-woo goes through more training sessions; his vocals are already pretty good, but his acting starts out laughably bad. It’s the same overacty stuff of Episode 1, but to his acting coach’s surprise, he soon improves substantially, having learned how to tone down his deliveries to sound sincere.

I was tempted to leave out this scene, as it does very little in this episode, but I’ll include it because it’ll probably factor in at a later date. Jung-ah’s man has been admitted to the Broadway Dance Center in New York, and while she’s thrilled for him, he reminds her that at the outset she said they could go together. He figures she never really meant it, and her expression shows us that she’s sorry to disappoint.

Byung-hak is proving to be a big(ger) pain in the neck, bringing along his sister-in-law to meet with The Show Company for a role in the musical. The girl is pretty haughty, and Byung-hak says in his careless way that surely they can put in a good word with the director to satisfy their investor, no? It’s not only the request that is grating, but the crass way in which it is made that has the Show Company employees grimacing at Byung-hak’s nerve. Shi-joon tries to diplomatically decline responsibility for casting, but is forced to accept her resumΓ©.

Kae-hwa is not having this, and she grabs her ex aside to scold him for his brash behavior. He’s such an arrogant douchebag that he acts like he’s their savior — as he is the one paying her paycheck, isn’t it her place to help her ex-husband’s wife’s younger sister’s debut? Coming from the adulterer, he sure has a skewed idea of propriety, eh?

When Yura calls, Min-woo hesitates to answer, feeling uneasy that she would still be spitting mad over their ruined vacation weekend. He apologizes to her and explains that he felt so bad that he couldn’t call her. Yura’s looking pretty peeved at first, particularly as he explains that his reason for skipping out was because Kae-hwa ran into trouble. He clarifies that the problem arose as a result of her helping him, and he therefore had to help her out.

But Yura is savvy enough to know that throwing a tantrum isn’t going to win her any brownie points, so she goes the other way and puts on a false front of understanding. And she’s successful in that, because her graciousness brings Min-woo back to his bashful self (urg, dummy) and he promises to explain these things to her in the future.

In the mood for a different kind of date, they engage in a game of racquetball at the gym, after which Min-woo drives her home. He’s visibly tired but chivalrous enough to know that the gentlemen ought to escort the lady home, although it’s obvious he’d rather not have to.

Yura brings up what a nice guy Yoon-seok is, since he seems quite considerate of Min-woo and even arranged for the vacation. Praise of the evil manager has got to be the oddest thing she could say after what just happened, but she can’t know what just went down so Min-woo doesn’t react. She suggests heading to dinner, but overrides his selection and opts for a salad bar — so he can maintain his physique — and therefore he barely hides his relief when she gets called in to work at the last minute.

No surprise that he then calls Kae-hwa, bored and hungry, and invites himself along to her office dinner. (Not that they mind; they consider it quite generous of him to show up, and he declares that tonight is his treat.)

Things get a little awkward when Jae-hee and Jin-ho suggest that their next round should be at Min-woo’s place, which makes Min-woo and Kae-hwa wide-eyed and nervous. To turn down the suggestion might appear rude (and even if not, it would kill the mood), so they fidget uneasily, trying to handle this appropriately. Shi-joon lets him off the hook by saying they don’t have to go, but after calming his initial reaction, Min-woo agrees and invites them over, and shoots Kae-hwa a look instructing her to go with it.

As they head out, Jae-hee angles for an invite to ride in Min-woo’s car, but Kae-hwa hurriedly claims the spot. As she is the most junior employee and supposedly not very acquainted with Min-woo, this is not quite the thing for her to do, but Min-woo and Kae-hwa have bigger concerns and they hurriedly leave. Hehe.

Speeding home, Min-woo and Kae-hwa clean up the place to make it presentable, hiding all traces of Ye-eun’s presence. There’s a bit of a hiccup when Kae-hwa reflexively answers Jin-ho’s question of where the bathroom is, but that’s easy enough to laugh off, saying she just used it.

It’s a little stranger when Jae-hee goes into the kitchen looking for cups and plates and Kae-hwa immediately points out where they are. Catching herself, Kae-hwa explains that all kitchens are laid out in the same way, which isn’t quite convincing, but thankfully that mostly goes forgotten and Jae-hee is soon drunk anyway.

However, then it’s Min-woo’s turn to slip, as he makes requests of Kae-hwa that seem, to an outsider, quite presumptuous. For instance, it’s quite natural for him to ask her to fetch things for him or open his bottle, and Kae-hwa responds promptly. Neither catches themselves before Shi-joon’s quizzical gaze.

Shi-joon approves of Min-woo’s newfound work ethic, and smiles to see that he’s watching West Side Story. (Min-woo covers up, embarrassed to cop to it, saying that it’s an old DVD.) Shi-joon even offers to lend him DVDs of a few more musicals to help him, but he cautions Min-woo to watch how he talks to Kae-hwa, as she is his employee.

And just for fun: I love the little faces Min-woo makes at Kae-hwa throughout the night. The third one above comes when Kae-hwa is particularly solicitous of Shi-joon, which clearly Min-woo finds unnecessary. No, not jealous of her attention at all, is he?

The ruse gets inconvenient when Shi-joon offers Kae-hwa a ride home, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to keep up appearances. At least she has kept up the habit of requesting he drop her off at the subway station, which makes the return walk home less of a burden.

While in the car, Shi-joon offers her an employee loan — indicating she’s going to be promoted as a full-timer — so she can set up her own place and live with Min-ji. She thinks that’s way too generous of him, but he calls her quite pure (a direct contradiction of Yoon-seok’s charge earlier that she’s more sly than she appears), and tells her that she has the ability to cheer him up.

Kae-hwa brings Ye-eun in and comes back to the messy apartment, where she starts cleaning. (Min-woo hasn’t lifted a finger, to her chagrin, and she’s quick to give him the job of taking out some trash.)

Meanwhile, Shi-joon thinks back to his conversation with Min-woo and looks at a couple of DVDs he has in his glove compartment, deciding he’ll lend them to him, and I’m sure we all see where this is going…

Complicating matters is the fact that Reporter Han, still camping out in the parking garage, finally decides to give up his pursuit of Min-woo gossip. He’s finally willing to concede that he may never get a story, and gets up to leave, which is when Shi-joon pulls up to the building.

Kae-hwa steps out into the hallway to take out some trash, just as Shi-joon steps out of the elevator and comes face to face with her. Ruh-roh!

She’s caught red-handed, and there’s no use trying to talk her way out of this. They relocate downstairs to avoid talking in the hallway, and Shi-joon guesses that she lives here with Min-woo. I have to say I greatly dislike that half-sneer on Shi-joon’s face, because he’s not angry at her for lying, or hurt or betrayed or even shocked. (Not that he’d be right to feel those emotions either, but at least we could understand them. I’m thinking he’s reminded of Yoon-seok words that Kae-hwa’s not as innocent as she seems, and is judging her accordingly.) No, it looks like downright disgust, and that just smacks of… superiority? Douchey condemnation?

Kae-hwa has no choice but to confirm this as true, and says, “It’s true I live here, but…”

And Reporter Han gets his scoop after all.


I find this cliffhanger pretty lame, just because the very next sentence could very well be “I live here as his housekeeper,” which is not only true but perfectly believable. Plus, all along we have been reminded that she’s a common ajumma who would never be mistaken for Min-woo’s date anyway, so in this case I think the resulting scandal would be relatively toothless. The only way this “shocking reveal” would actually be threatening would be if there actually were some romantic business going on that would give a scandal a hint of realism.

But whatever, because airtight logic isn’t this drama’s charm — that would be the burgeoning relationship between father and daughter, of course! It’s nice to see Min-woo taking initiative to talk to Ye-eun, and now that the episode with Yoon-seok has blown up in the manager’s face, it seems like Min-woo has turned away from the orphanage idea. (He also tells Kae-hwa and Ye-eun separately that he’s sorry for thinking “mean thoughts,” which suggests he’s no longer thinking along those lines.)

I do think it’s a very good thing that there are plenty of cute and comic beats in this drama, because otherwise the plot is creeping along at an immensely slow pace, isn’t it?


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  1. lals

    LOVE the father-daughter moments in this one! =]

    I can’t say I really liked the montage of improvement in Min-woo’s acting; I would have much preferred to see his actual progress rather than being shown that he was bad one moment and great the next. But all of his scenes with Ye-eun more than make up for that.

    Thanks for giving me a delightful break from AP studying! =]

  2. onigiricchi

    Thanks for this! It’s so adorable! πŸ™‚

  3. Mel

    JB. Thanks once again, can’t wait for. Ep 12 recap.

  4. anna

    Only 4 episodes left and it feels like this is going nowhere. So slow.. how many eps ago when they last kissed?

  5. eiko

    Aaahhh….this has got to be one of the cutest dramas out right now and it’s such a nice change from the heavy, round about stressed out stories of late! It wouldn’t win an academy award but who cares…..because we’re having fun!

    Thanks JB…..good job!

  6. xiahkixiri

    omggggg ye eun’s face straining on the toilet is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. *squish* really lol at the e-reader also. where’re the fairytale bright pictures? wae(re)? wae(re)?

    i agree with lals on the acting point. hard work is great but really, it came out of absolutely nowhere. guess we can go with it, though.

    i actually think this came at just the right time – the last 4 episodes were slow, 11 finally picked up the pace again for which i’m hugely grateful. the (interesting) thing is, the otp are definitely attracted to each other, but they’re not in love. the presscon in the preview for next ep is a staple of these dramas, but usually by then they’re already at least in some serious like. the good thing is, if they were already in love, that would mean the writers would slip in screwy cliche angst like bringing ye eun’s mother back. cliche cute is fine and good, cliche angst would screw it all.

  7. mimi

    I agree – only 4 more episodes but we’ve hardly seen any romantic build-up between ahjumma and Min-Woo. We haven’t seen any real indication that he’s got feelings for her.
    Where’s the romance (beef)??

  8. Ace

    Yeah, I’m having fun with this episode! I don’t really think at all when I watch these dramas, I just go with whatever (hey, I watched Full House didn’t I without any questions at all on the improbabilities, hehe).

    I really liked the scene where Ye-eun snubbed the annoying reporter and Ye-eun & Min-woo’s faces when the little girl had to go to the toilet…hahaha!

    I think the reporter was expecting a scandal so he jumped to all sorts of conclusions when he heard Kae-hwa’s living with Min-woo. And aren’t paparazzi’s like that? No intention of finding the truth…just a whiff of something scandalous and off they write about it…

    Anyway, that little girl is sooo adorable!!!

    I’ve watched ep 12 which had a better cliffhanger than this – can’t wait for your recaps on that dramabeans! Thanks for the hard work!

  9. kaedejun

    sigh* thanks for putting this up! it’s completely made a could-be-stressful evening into a far more happier one, and thanks to little Ye-Eun and her tongue sticking out!!!!!!!!

    it’s too cute to see the father-daughter act like they’re just getting used to each other, when behind the scenes the two of them are tight buds!!!

  10. 10 sl

    after episode six i’ve been slightly bored. but i’m suring in the coming episodes things will HAVE to kick up. more ye eun and minwoo, and more minwoo and kaehwa, and more kaehwa and minji. everybody else can go um.. yeah(:

    javabeans do you know if chae rim was at jang dong gun’s wedding? i didn’t see any pics of ehr and i’m sure she was invited..

  11. 11 LeMonS

    Hi all. First, let me say that I love the show. I do. But the pace is killing. I fear that we are going to get to the final episode and everything is going to be rushed/crammed carelessly into that one final show, when it could have been better paced throughout the season.

    The romance, if there is truly going to be one, isn’t really there. By now, our two leads should be fully vested, right?!? I don’t feel it. It is starting to piss me off.

    Thank goodness for daddies and their little girls!

  12. 12 Kelela

    I love this show. With its cliches and quirks, it just works.

    Plus, Si-Won and Yu-bin are ADORABLE together.

  13. 13 Sobia

    Thank you, JB! I know the plot has been moving a bit slowly, but episode 12 really pushes the story forward. I think you will enjoy it…

    While I am a great fan of Minwoo’s physique, and encourage its preservation, Yura’s request that they eat at a salad bar was just totally ridiculous. It’s an interesting way to contrast her with Kae-hwa, who is constantly feeding Minwoo. I think one of the main things I have learned from this show is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s how KH snagged MW – the food she makes him always looks so delicious. =-) KH just knows how to take care of him.

    There’s a scene in this episode that wasn’t recapped that is totally unimportant, but I liked it anyway — it’s when Kae-hwa and Jung-ah are talking in the car, and the motorcyclist dashes out in front of them. Jung-ah starts apologizing to the guy, but KH is brave enough to point out that they had the right of way (although she doesn’t do such a hot job convincing him, and it’s cute to watch her lose confidence as the motorcyclist shakes her conviction). I think this scene demonstrates how Kae-hwa is assertive and not afraid of conflict, while Jung-ah shies away from conflict and is not as good at communicating … And is much like her pent-up husband in this respect, which explains why their marriage is so troubled right now. Both of them suck at communicating. If the two ever learn to really talk to each other, maybe there is some hope for them…

    Also, I loved Minwoo in this episode. He made his apologies — to both Kae-hwa and Ye-eun — just when we see how much a genuine apology means to Kae-hwa in showing respect. She never got one from her husband, but Minwoo’s a better man. And KH definitely seems to be realizing that in this episode, I think.

  14. 14 pabo ceo reom

    I hope they pick up the pace too!

  15. 15 sleeplessinwgtn

    Loving the father-daughter interactions. Little girls can truly twist their dads aroung their cute little fingers.

    This is making up for the much awaited but yet undelivered lovey-dovey scenes between Si-won & Kae-hwa.

    Thanks for your recaps.

  16. 16 animedork101

    I know kids will be kids, but… Ye-eun was cuter when she wasn’t making a mess… Or is that all kids in general? Anyways, at first I thought it was okay for these two main character’s relationships to creep considering they don’t have anything much in common except for being parents, but now it really is dragging too much. My head is screaming “Skinship! Skinship!” Okay, no it’s not. But the turtle won’t always win the race you know? Great screencap!

  17. 17 head/heels4kdrama

    Thanks for the recap JB!

    True, this drama is kinda slow and they have only 4 ep to go. But I think they love each other already though either one realize/acknowledge their feeling it yet. It would be too dispointing if they won’t even go there… I hope not.

  18. 18 Carinne

    This episode’s highlight is definitely the father-daughter bonding activity. I had to roll my eyes knowing a father will take the easy route and order delivery food, instead of whipping up some superfood to replenish their bodies. Give me a show where the father cooks for his kids… please!!! I’m thirsty for such paternal greatness.^__^

  19. 19 Porcelain

    Thanks JB…

    The lighthearted stuff… Min Woo not knowing who is the Tony dude is hilarious…

    Seriously when MinWoo tried to make contact with Ye Eun and was doing all the adult handshake thing, it was so hilarious… and chasing Ye Eun around was the funniest thing especially when I saw the Shibrows… I split my side laughing…Ye Eun doesn’t seems like she was gonna fall sick if she need to be home coz she has symptom of a cold… And seriously baby girls always win with daddies!

    The serious stuff – thank you for the insight… I was trying to read the face that Shi Joon’s shows when he found out that Kae Hwa was living with Min Woo… I was wondering, if he was upset? Jealous? Disgusted? Annoy? Angry? Thanks for your explanation that I finally make sense of it, but he should be judging her not that he should, is based on his own observation not what Min Woo manager’s have “influence” him to think of.

    The pace? Yeah its kinda slow, but things are gonna pick up! And yeah nosey reporter Han perhaps got the scoop of his lifetime… but I hope this help Min Woo makes his decision of a lifetime as well!!!!

  20. 20 Deborah

    I think the ending for epsiode 12 was kind of similar – somehow it got twisted into something complicated when it could be solved quite easily. Oh dramas!

  21. 21 Natalie

    Thanks for the recap! I agree with everyone who believes the show is slow paced, but still enjoyable. I would have liked to have seen a little more romance at this point, but I have to say I like seeing MW grow as a character and come to terms with being a father as well, and I really like the show! Definitely light hearted and funny!

    @13 Sobia – I agree with you on the whole apology aspect we see in this episode, and about KH believing that MW is a better man! Good points

  22. 22 danni

    I think that if I wasn’t watching OML as it was airing that I would have given it up halfway through because of how slow it is. On the other hand, I’m glad I’m watching it now because seriously, the highlights are Min-woo/Ye-eun interaction, especially in this episode. The plot…eh, it could be better. I was thinking the cliffhanger was lame too because Kae-hwa obviously could have said “I’m the maid” but I think it speaks to the fact that she has some type of loyalty/respect for Shi-joon that she doesn’t lie to him, at least that’s my weird, twisted logic to justify the plot because we’ve seen that Kae-hwa can be manipulative (for lack of a better word) when she wants to be.

  23. 23 brookeeve

    Okay, maybe it’s because I’m old, but I really don’t get how Kae Hwa could possibly be attracted to Min Woo. She seems (to me) to just view him as another kid that she has to take care of. Sure the boy is pretty to look at and he is talented, but nothing about his character just makes me think that Kae Hwa, who has gotten out of a pretty bad relationship with a selfish man, is looking to jump into another relationship that will end up the same. And Shi Joon doesn’t seem to marketable to me, either, as even if he does end his marriage he doesn’t seem like a real candidate for a relationship either because he’s going to need time to re-establish and rediscover himself before a relationship with anyone is even viable. I really like the characters in this drama but I’m not believing any of the romance at all. To me, Kae Hwa’s relationship with Min Ji is the most important relationship in the entire series.

    Of course, it could also be because I’m a 30-year-old mother who needs some practicality to her romance.

  24. 24 Lady Kildragon

    Someone on the Soompi board pointed out that Min-Woo invited everyone to his place after Shi-joon stated that they (employees) could go celebrate at a bar. I think that makes the most sense of why he invited them since he doesn’t want Kae-Hwa hanging around Shi-joon any more than necessary.

    I really enjoy watching Min-Woo’s jealousy come out in small ways and he’s not even aware of it. I’m like this series though I would probably start getting bored if they went any slower. I could do without Yoora now; I’m amazed that Min-Woo doesn’t see how shallow she is and can you imagine how she would be with Ye-Eun? I think she would be a terrible stepmother.

  25. 25 brookeeve


    Wouldn’t it be sexy if a father in one of these shows cooked for their offspring? I could just watch that and drool.

  26. 26 maria

    disclaimer: i am seriously seriously in NO way pressuring you to get the recaps up faster but really just out of curiosity— why are the oh my lady recaps the most updated? do you like it the best out of the dramas airing now? if so, can i ask why? hehe i’m curious because i really banking on your recaps, i haven’t watched any of these, and i’m trying to decide which ones to download πŸ˜› ….or maybe cinderella’s sister and personal taste, to a lesser degree, are just heavier.. do they therefore require more thought in writing up than oh my lady..?

    thanks! πŸ™‚

  27. 27 Porcelain

    @ Sobia- just read ur comments! I agree the way to a guy’s heart is thru his tummy… I think it was after his rehearsal(I got the eps mixed up) and DVD shopping… I love the way Min Woo face light up when he saw the snacks Kae Hwa prepared for him in the fridge… I think its little things like this that Kae Hwa does that touches me a lot and I hope it touches Min Woo too…

    And Yura wanting to eat salad… pfft… as much as I love me some choco abs, I prefer my man well fed thank you…

    ITA on the difference between Kae Hwa and Jung Ah… Kae Hwa may try and fail, but at least she try, while Jung Ah just shy away… Its scenes like this that we see snippets of their attitude towards confrontation and life…

  28. 28 javabeans

    OML isn’t my favorite show airing right now, but (1) it’s super fluffy on plot and therefore much easier to watch and recap, and (2) it airs on Mondays and Tuesdays, and I’m not watching any other M-T shows.

    Personal Taste and Cinderella’s Sister both air on Wed-Thurs, and there’s a lot more to talk about with them. Sometimes it’s tough enough to just WATCH four hours of dramas right away, much less break them down and write them up.

  29. 29 tamu

    thanks JB…for everything…

  30. 30 Anon

    I think the paparazzi doesn’t really see Gae-hwa as Min-woo’s love interest, but he will do everything to get some major scoop. And by putting a little malice on his paper regarding Gae-hwa and Min-woo, then it will surely work. I mean, isn’t it much a major scandal if the top star is living in with a woman as a love interest, and she is OLDER than him. Many fangirls would be sooo heartbroken.

    And I dunno, but I think there’s a diff already regarding Min-woo’s action towards Yoo-ra. Have you seen how bored he was in the car? And how he wasn’t even thinking of her, until she called him. And no puppy eyes around Yoo-ra anymore. He used to be always agreeable with Yoo-ra, but when she suggested about a salad buffet, he immediately disagreed.

    I loved the office dinner too, aside from the father-daughter scenes. Min-woo and Gae-hwa were so funny. They are so comfortable with each other that they aren’t aware that they’re doing it in front of other people. And come to think of it, this episode not only shown Min-woo’s development in his craft but also Gae-hwa with her job.

    Still not sure how many eps is this drama. *sigh*

    On a shallow note, Chae Rim is so pretty in this episode, with her less curly hair.

  31. 31 dannaluk

    it is lsow…even after watching ep 12, i feel like there is no way they can end things in just two more weeks worht of eps?…this may need an extension after all

  32. 32 dannaluk

    ooh i forgot to thank you JB…you’re recps make this drama a whole lot more fun..ive decided to focus on the fun bits and not the ones that make me squirm..so im liking it a lot more

  33. 33 Anon

    Ooopsie, I forgot to say thank you!

    Thanks JB, always fun reading your recaps and thoughts about this drama. πŸ™‚

  34. 34 maria

    thanks, javabeans! i thought one would be better than the others, but with that explanation, you leave me with no other choice than…….to download them all! LOLS πŸ˜€ thanks thanks!! πŸ˜›

  35. 35 mirae

    min woo is really growing into a really cute dad . just needs to shake one that YURA off of him , loose that manager and stop trying to make ye eun call him OOPA .
    lol i was totally loving the faces he kept making all night . haha .

  36. 36 YYMDZ

    Thanks JB for the recaps ! I have been eagerly waiting for it. This is my fav episode so far, like the funny and light-hearted moments between daddy and daughter, like the change in Min Woo both as a person and an actor, and the so subtle ‘relationship’ between Min Woo and Kae Hwa……..

    Can’t wait for your recaps on episode 12, an even better one for those who haven’t watched ……..:)

  37. 37 Sorcy79au

    “Little feetsies! He’s thinking, β€œHow can such a teeny little thing cause so much trouble?” ”

    Haha! He’s lucky he didn’t have to change her nappy when she was a baby…

  38. 38 Jeann

    Yay! OML recap! thanks so much javabeans! I’ve been busy so I stopped watching OML for awhile since the pace has been So Slow, but have been craving recaps since I still wanna know what happens. Thank you!

    FINALLY, some Min-woo and Ye-eunnie bonding scenes! Shall start watching again!

    Does anyone think Kaehwa sort of looks like Ye-eun here? πŸ™‚ http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm96/javabeans122/drama/2010/oml/oh2/oml11-00046.jpg

  39. 39 JAM

    Thanks JB, I always look forward to reading your recaps as it helps me to better understand what I’ve already watched. And yes, agree the show is plodding along slowly and I’m actually getting bored at certain points. Love Min-woo/Ye-eun scenes. The little girl is totally adorable!

  40. 40 sajor

    thanks thanks thanks yet again! you’re providing us some good entertainment…
    perhaps you can write your own drama one day, and then recap it also (if you be so kind), then it’s double fun. =)

  41. 41 Moe

    Love the babysitter part! The girl is so lovely β™₯

  42. 42 splgt

    Thanks JB! Hope you are feeling better.
    I enjoyed this epi, the bonding between Min-Woo and Ye-Eun was priceless. Although the “half-sneer on Shi-joon’s face” and his attitude is king of annoying.

  43. 43 irem

    there are three ΓΌber-irritating men in this drama. 1st the reporter, 2nd the ex!, and 3rd shi-joon’s rival. minwoo’s manager is sort of evil but not irritating.

  44. 44 JiHwan

    If I didn’t enjoy the Ye Eun-Min Woo moments so much this drama would probably be too slow for me.

  45. 45 umalily

    I think because of how many few episodes are left and the current pace of their friendlashionship that Min Woo and Kae Hwa wont be getting together at all. sad:(

    I, however, don’t know what Min woo said at the end of Episode 12 so maybe I’m wrong. So can someone tell me!

  46. 46 Sobia

    @45 umalily: Sadly, I don’t think we can tell you what he says here till the episode 12 recap comes out. But it’s good! I’ve been watching on Viikii for English subs: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/OhMyLady#. When they first posted the ep, the last line didn’t get translated — it was torture! But the ep is fully subbed now.

    @27 Porcelain: Because of this show, I’m totally enrolling in a cooking class…;-) Yeah, I really like how all the little moments in this show add up and say a lot about the characters. OML is not heavy, but it’s not pure fluff either.

  47. 47 reluctantbutaddicted

    Thank you!

    Isn’t this drama 20 episodes instead of 16? I’ve been under that impression, so less worried about the romance starting up. But if it’s only 16, it’ll be difficult to conjure up believably. They’re still only buddies, although Min Woo was thinking of her instead of Yura who was waiting for a kiss. There’s a little foreshadowing. But not much since then.

  48. 48 Anon

    @47 only 16 epis.

  49. 49 LeMahMah

    THanks JB!

    Heres an odd complaint thats been bugging me since the baby showed up…..

    WHERES the CARSEAT????? What the heck??!!?!!? What-No- Baby Safety age appropriate Car Seat??? Everytime shes in the back of the car, without even using a seatbelt mind you I keep wanting to see the safety seat, YEs, I know He can’t have one……=P~! But at least put the seatbelt on the kid!!!! =)

  50. 50 chajjye

    someone in the chinese forums analysed this drama and suggested that while Minwoo has always shown to be smitten by Gaehwa (obviously with his jealous rage, which i agree that the idea of seeing Gaehwa going off with the boss for afterparty was more repulsive than the risk of them being uncovered), the part where Gaehwa truly falls in ‘love’ with Minwoo would most prolly be the fact that Minwoo apologized to Gaehwa when he was wrong, whereas her ex (that jerk which has a bit of a twist in Ep12) did not.

    I agree with that person and believe that the fact that Minwoo owns up to his wrong and apologizes to Gaehwa is enough to soften her even more towards him, because it showed how much she yearn for the apology that her ex could not give to her.

    I am very sure that Gaehwa, though not smitten, is warming towards him. If not, she would not have asked ‘What do Yeeun and I mean to you?’ in Ep9/10.

    I don’t care how cliche this show is. It’s fluffy, it’s filled with adorable chemistry and I love how Ep12 churns out. πŸ˜€ It’s only in Ep12 we understood Ep11. Sorta. Because it’s not a cliffhanger actually. We all know where it is going, but the reaction in Ep12 was the key that makes us all understand Ep11 fully.

    And about this episode: I just love the daddy-kid interactions. Shibrows FTW! LOL. Love how he went from “patient patient I must be patient” to “what??? you were playing around?!”

    I love Ep12’s ending. I think it’s just amazing how Siwon played that part with lots of layers. πŸ˜€

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