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Oh My Lady: Episode 12
by | May 5, 2010 | 58 Comments

That’s pretty much the face we all make when looking at Ye-eun, isn’t it?

This is actually the first episode that I connected with and made me feel for the characters. It’s a little late, and I don’t think I would have made it this long if I didn’t like the two leads’ interactions with each other (and, of course, with the kids). But now that it’s here, it finally feel like Yay! Now it’s a real drama! It’s like we’ve been lacking a crucial piece of the puzzle till now.


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Kae-hwa admits to Shi-joon that she is living with Min-woo, but insists that they don’t have a “strange relationship.” Why can’t she remember the tried-and-true “I’m his maid”? Goodness knows it’s been used in many a kdrama, and these guys are in the entertainment biz so I’m sure they’ve seen a few of those in their day.

Anyway. She feels miserable and sorry toward Shi-joon, not able to defend herself beyond that. As Shi-joon drives home, he recalls Yoon-seok warning him not to trust Kae-hwa, which indicates that tiny seeds of doubt have been planted; it’s up to him to decide whether to nurture them or decide they’re rubbish.

Reporter Han immediately gets on the phone to his editor to ask for the whole front page of tomorrow’s paper. Scoop!

Kae-hwa trudges back to the apartment wearily, and Min-woo approaches (clearly having waited for her) to say she’s a terrible liar who was practically announcing to the others that they live together. They bicker a bit, but Kae-hwa just isn’t up for it because she is so preoccupied with what has just happened. She worries over how to explain everything to Shi-joon — she can hardly tell him the full truth about Min-woo’s child, but she doesn’t have a ready excuse, either.

Jung-ah requests a talk with Shi-joon, who silently takes a seat across the room — as far from her as possible — which strikes me as a douchey thing to do. I know, he’s the victim of adultery so I have been cutting him some slack, and the one who cheats doesn’t really have a leg to stand on. But it would be nice for him to be more cooperative — if he wants to end it, then end it. If not, then not. But he’s being passive-aggressive and that’s just making it worse.

She tells him, “I want to let go of you now” and suggests divorce, as it’s been years since they’ve acted like real spouses. Living like this is meaningless: “I’m tired of the husband who doesn’t even get angry that his wife had an affair.” After she walks out, he seems to react — shock? hurt? — but it’s only a very tiny crack in his perma-cool facade.

I wish I could find this relationship interesting because there are a lot of tensions and dynamics at play here, but alas I’m not compelled by any of it.

Now, THIS twosome, on the other hand…! I love that Ye-eun is getting more assertive and proactive, as she goes up to Kae-hwa to request a signature for a teacher’s note. However, Kae-hwa is busy at the moment, so she toddles over to Min-woo and holds out her notebook. Min-woo signs, and tells her to brag to all the kids that Sung Min-woo gave her his autograph.

(I had expected this signature to play a bigger role in the plot, but was a little let down that it doesn’t. At least for now.)

Although he still refers to himself as Ye-eun’s “oppa” (which shows that he identifies more with his star status than his parental one), he fixes Ye-eun’s sock in a vaguely fatherly gesture and calls her adorable, which has Kae-hwa smiling. This also convinces her to keep Ye-eun’s existence a secret from Shi-joon, even if that makes him upset with her — if she keeps her mouth shut, that solves a lot of problems for other people.

None of our main characters is immediately aware that the story of Min-woo’s living situation has made the front page of the tabloid paper, which features a (barely) blurred photo of Min-woo and the headline “Top star Mr. S, living with older woman!” While it doesn’t name any names, the story identifies enough details that anyone with half a brain could figure it out. Even Yura! (Sorry, that was uncalled for. She’s not dumb — just shallow and smug, which is about ten times worse.)

Shi-joon appears unperturbed so Producer Eom assumes that he must have not heard the news and enlightens him. Already word is spreading quickly, but Min-woo sits at home, blissfully unaware, watching West Side Story (and thinking it’s not all that — he is convinced he can do just as well). Hilariously, he starts singing along to “Maria,” but as he doesn’t know the English lyrics, he just “ya ya ya”s it. Oh, you. I love it because it’s one of those things that’s true to life but that we’d all be embarrassed to admit we do, like singing in our cars to songs we only half-know. (You know you do it!)

Yoon-seok, who is hounded by the press, drops by Min-woo’s place to show him the newspaper. Is this what Min-woo meant when he said he’d ruin them both?

I appreciate that while Yoon-seok may be a controlling manager, he’s not a full-on, evil cackling supervillain (unlike, for example, dude in A Star’s Lover). He looks genuinely rattled at this, and orders Min-woo to stay home. In no time the lobby fills up with journos and photogs, eager for more fuel to toss on the gossip fire.

Yura is thoroughly out of the loop but accuses Reporter Han of writing false reports. He says he had a reliable source, which piques her interest, but she’s left to wonder who that could be.

I’ve never cared for Yura scenes, but the pouty look on her face (when her phone calls to Min-woo go answered and she is turned away by the security guard) just makes my day. Aw, the little princess didn’t get her way. Boo. Hoo.

Nobody’s having a good morning (well, except maybe Reporter Han), but things are the worst for Kae-hwa. She has left the office briefly to drop by the store, and on her way in she finds a crowd of reporters on the sidewalk outside The Show Company. One reporter asks if she works for them and knows who Yoon Kae-hwa is; when she answers that she’s the one in question, they go wild.

Not only do the reporters swarm madly like ajummas at a bargain sale, indignant fangirls (+1 for continuity!) start pelting her with eggs. Shi-joon arrives as she is being assaulted and comes to her rescue, shielding her and whisking her off in his car.

Shi-joon shows Kae-hwa the newspaper article, which badly shakes her up. She can tell immediately that she’s the one in the story, which paints the relationship in a lurid light. What will Min-ji think?

Shi-joon asks if she can tell him what’s really the issue between her and Min-woo. Unable to confide in him, she can only say, “I’m sorry.” He asks what she’s going to do — if she can’t defend herself with the truth, then there’s no way to fight the rumors. Even in the midst of her problems, Kae-hwa worries for Min-woo’s welfare, since he will be more affected than she will be.

Swooping into damage control mode, Yoon-seok calls a meeting with the now-smug Reporter Han. His plan is to spin this off a different way to save Min-woo, so he pretends to be amused with Reporter Han’s misguided article — doesn’t he know he missed an even bigger story?

Yoon-seok says, “We’re actually the victims. Do you know how frightening Yoon Kae-hwa actually is?” With this added info, Han gets to work on another article, painting Kae-hwa as a blackmailing opportunist.

Noooo! (And also, what are you smoking? Who would believe sweet Kae-hwa being an evil mastermind? Well, I suppose this IS the internet era where facts are so often irrelevant…)

Min-woo impatiently calls Kae-hwa, but as her phone has been left behind in the office with her purse, she doesn’t have it with her. When Yoon-seok comes by again, he assures Min-woo that the matter is taken care of, and advises him to get his rest. Yoon-seok takes this opportunity to remind Min-woo that in hard times like this, he’s always here to help out. That’s like spitting on a man who’s on fire and calling yourself noble for moistening the flames.

Kae-hwa apologizes to Min-ji for missing her in-class talk, which has Min-ji pouting and hanging up on her. (Man, if I hung up on my mother at that age, I’d’ve been whooped but good. Kids these days.)

She then checks in on Min-woo using Shi-joon’s phone, relieved to hear that he’s fine. She assures him that she’s also fine, and Shi-joon’s presence is a big help. (He grumbles, “Who said I wanted to know?”) She apologizes for being embroiled in a scandal with him and causing him embarrassment, admitting that she’s scared.

After they hang up, Min-woo vents his annoyance at why Kae-hwa is with Shi-joon. Doesn’t she have any other friends? I love when Min-woo gets grumpy while refusing to admit he’s jealous.

Things go from bad to worse when a television news report goes out based on the misinformation supplied by Yoon-seok — now Kae-hwa is called a blackmailer who strong-armed Min-woo into joining the musical. She is accused of threatening to use a car accident from his newbie days against him and misrepresenting it as a hit and run.

Kae-hwa and Shi-joon see this report while eating lunch, which upsets Kae-hwa all over again. She steps aside to call Bok-nim to take care of Ye-eun — which Shi-joon overhears. Left with no choice, she confesses the truth.

Shi-joon finds it rather hard to believe that she is just taking all this abuse to keep the secret about Min-woo’s child. She answers that she has to protect the girl, and because she is so honest and honorable, she even concedes that the blackmailing charge is correct — she agreed to take care of Ye-eun on the condition that Min-woo take the musical. Kae-hwa apologizes, feeling awful that the company got dragged into this, and suspects that Shi-joon is furious. He confirms that he is, and although she assumes he’s angry with her, we can deduce that his ire is directed elsewhere.

Min-woo also sees the report and yells at Yoon-seok for accusing Kae-hwa of blackmail. In fact, it’s particularly insulting because it had been Yoon-seok who had used the car accident against him. Min-woo defends Kae-hwa as honest and sincere, and points out that she has been raising Ye-eun all this while.

Yoon-seok finds Min-woo’s reaction strange, asking whether Min-woo would prefer to reveal the whole truth. He rationalizes his strategy by saying that nobody knows who Kae-hwa is anyway, so what’s the harm in dumping just a little more on her, if it saves him?

Min-woo can’t even finish the phone call and hangs up, yelling into the air in frustration.

Soon afterward, his friend Tae-gu drops by with a disguise to make him look like a deliveryman. Wearing a motorcycle helmet and delivery jacket, Min-woo is able to avoid being recognized and makes it to his car, which is when he gets a call from Shi-joon, who demands a meeting.

And now for an unexpected highlight: Byung-hak bursts into the office furiously, looking for Kae-hwa. I was expecting him to start badmouthing her right away, but instead he accuses the company of corrupting her — it must have taken a lot of bullying to force such a nice lady to such extremes.

Aw! I thought he was going to come out as the typical arrogant ass he has been, but he is actually defending Kae-hwa! He even asks suspiciously whether this is actually the company’s fault and if they’re using Kae-hwa as a scapegoat. If they continue to torment Kae-hwa, he will withdraw his investment.

So he did have a heart after all! Just not much of a brain. This surprise reversal makes this scene rather hilarious, even as he’s being misguidedly rude.

Shi-joon calls Min-woo out to the river, which has me ready to crack a joke about a gangster fight, only he actually DOES clock Min-woo in the face. Omo! (Not the pretty face!)

Min-woo had referred to himself as the victim (because the news reports were calling him that), and although he hadn’t meant it seriously, his use of the word has Shi-joon fuming. How dare he call himself the victim when an innocent woman has taken the brunt of this scandal in order to keep his secret? “I don’t care about your personal life — but you should have the bare minimum of conscience!”

Shi-joon tells him, “Yoon Kae-hwa must really be dumb. Even after I found out the truth, she was worrying about the likes of you.” It doesn’t matter if this is Yoon-seok’s doing, because Min-woo is just as complicit in it.

Min-woo is bothered by that charge, as though Shi-joon has confirmed what he’d been feeling about himself.

Shi-joon reminds Min-woo that he’d said before that he has grown up now, and that Shi-joon had better not look down on him because of his age. He issues a challenge: “So let’s see you acting like an adult.” Min-woo should step in and handle this incident.

Min-woo asks where Kae-hwa is right now, and although he has used her name before, this is the first time in many episodes (since they established their housekeeper-landlord dynamic) that he uses her name rather than calling her “ajumma.”

Kae-hwa can’t go back to Min-woo’s place so she has come to the all-night sauna, which is where Min-woo finds her. Wearing a towel on his head to mask his face, he sits next to Kae-hwa, who ignores the creepy stranger and moves to a different room. He follows.

He scoots up to her, and whoa there stranger, you’re getting mighty close — even for a friend! Then he grabs her foot to prevent her from leaving, to which she reacts instinctively and clocks him with a pillow. Ha!

He asks if she’s okay, and after first faking that she is, she admits that she’s really not. How does he handle all his scandals? She’s worried Min-ji will see the photos and read about her mother being labeled as a blackmailing stalker.

Min-woo tells her that as the more experienced one in the world of scandalmaking, he’s here to advise her.

Kae-hwa believes she shouldn’t feel unfairly accused, since the blackmailing charge is correct — he accused her of that at first, too. Min-woo levels with her, saying that the gossip could take a more unpleasant turn. The internet will overflow with comments so negative that they’ll make her want to jump into the river. However — and this is key — a few days later things always quiet down, funny enough. He advises her to endure it for now, because it will pass.

Kae-hwa brightens slightly at that, but we can see that Min-woo doesn’t feel great about what he has told her. It’s not that he’s lied, but he recognizes he’s taking the easy way out by leaving her out to dry and just telling her to “get through it.”

As if on cue to contradict Min-woo’s reassuring words, nearby ajummas start gossiping about the news and calling Kae-hwa names.

Min-woo calls her name to divert her attention back to him, and says, “Just keep looking into my eyes.”

He takes her head into his hands and stares straight at her as he thinks (but does not say aloud!), “I’m sorry. For making you encounter all these things because of a guy called Sung Min-woo, whom you wouldn’t have known if you’d stayed in Yoon Kae-hwa’s world. For not being able to tell you anything other than to endure, I’m sorry.”

After Min-woo leaves, Bok-nim brings both girls to the sauna. (I hadn’t even noticed before that the girls have the same hairstyle.) Kae-hwa apologizes to her daughter for missing the talk at school today, but Min-ji is in a much more understanding mood now — Bok-nim had explained to her that her mother’s job is unpredictable and busy, and that work had come up.

The girls have already bonded (over stickers!) and go off, leaving the adults to talk. Bok-nim has been constantly checking online for photos of Kae-hwa, but oddly enough they haven’t surfaced. Someone must have erased them.

Kae-hwa says miserably that she’ll have to quit her job because she feels so bad to have dragged the company’s name into the scandal. Bok-nim speaks hotly in her defense — Min-woo ought to take responsibility, not her.

That thought is not lost on Min-woo, who calls Shi-joon to ask for a meeting, his mood solemn.

They meet at an empty restaurant (it’s a busy night for meetings, isn’t it?), where Min-woo admits that he tends to live his life the same way he always has, which is why he finds it difficult to suddenly change direction. He’s afraid, after he’s been taken care of and managed all this time — he’s uncertain of how to go it alone.

Shi-joon gives him some wise words: “People don’t attempt things because they have confidence. After the fact, they develop confidence for having done them.” He adds that everyone has fear, and it doesn’t go away after one, two, or a hundred times — you just develop an ability to prepare yourself.

The tone is nice here, understated and friendly. Min-woo is showing Shi-joon some maturity by being honest rather than posturing as the Big Star, and Shi-joon respects him for it.

In his apartment lobby, Min-woo prepares himself mentally before facing the reporters, who quickly recognize him and swarm around. Min-woo announces that he will give a press conference tomorrow morning where he will reveal everything — but he has a condition. Erase all the photos online of Ms. Yoon, and back off from her. Although he’s a public person, she’s a private citizen and there’s no reason that she should have to suffer because of unconfirmed gossip. (Decisive Min-woo = sexy!)

Yoon-seok gets wind of his statement and calls, angry that Min-woo has agreed to a press conference. He warns him not to do anything strange, but from the way Min-woo broods that night, we understand that he’s preparing for some kind of big gesture.

In the morning, Min-woo takes his place in the conference hall and faces the reporters, who are dying of curiosity. In the sauna, it’s Ye-eun who first recognizes Min-woo on TV and points to get Kae-hwa’s attention.

Min-woo first apologizes for causing disappointment with the recent gossip, and explains that he will clear up some misunderstandings. Namely:

(1) He chose to act in the musical. Nobody blackmailed or pressured him into it. (2) The car accident really happened. However, she never tried to use that against him, and he was never blackmailed. (3) Ms. Yoon has absolutely nothing to do with anything. She is an honest, just person.

Though surprised, the reporters accept his explanations. But Reporter Han (tenacious bugger) persists that Min-woo must have some relationship with Ms. Yoon — she has been seen coming and going from his place frequently. So what exactly is the nature of their relationship?

Min-woo probably didn’t expect this question, so he pauses to think over possible answers while everyone waits with bated breath. And after a few tense, anxious moments, he finally decides what to say: “She and I are dating.”



This episode was more fun to watch all around — and not just the last part where Min-woo says they’re dating — because of two reasons. (1) I finally felt that the writer/producers were bothering to give us some real plot after treading water for a while, and (2) Min-woo showed marked development.

Min-woo has been pretty appealing thus far due to the light-hearted script and Choi Siwon’s charm, but he hasn’t actually developed that much. He’s more thoughtful and considerate now than as that spoiled star in the beginning, but he was never outright rude or mean — not like Rain in Full House, or Jang Geun-seok in You’re Beautiful. He was just shallow and selfish. And he’s still generally shallow now (just not as much) and selfish (though better than before).

So the fact that he makes a real change in this episode is a huge step forward, and my response/attachment to the show grew accordingly.

(In contrast, I find almost all the other characters to be very static, which is too bad. Kae-hwa is a saint so she hardly changes at all, which may be the point for a drama like this where she’s the steady and warm influence on the hero, who is the one who changes, but I wish we saw a little movement on her part too. But in any case, she is played by the very winning Chae Rim, who I think makes it work.)


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    The only thing that took me by surprise was Shi Joon’s fist. I was and am still confused on what made Shi Joon think it is ok for him to clock Min Woo…… hmmm.. at least Min Woo is growing up and learning a lesson from this……. but still………

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    I guess this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Yura, unfortunately. It never is, I’m learning, at this point in the plot when the possibility is so tantalizingly near (I remember how I longed for Yoo-whatsername in YB to disappear). But one can hope, eh?

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    I feel like a big baby, but the part where MW held KH’s ears in the sauna and telepathically apologized to her (or was it a Vulcan mind-meld? whatever it was, it was cute) actually brought a few tears to my eyes — he was totally feeling her pain, in a moment of great difficulty for both of them. It was absolutely lovely. I love how attuned to each other these two characters are, particularly in down moments, and how willing they are to take care of each other (and others–from them, the love spreads out to Ye-eun, Shijoon, etcetera).

    This was a fantastic episode, very fast-paced. But it was also kind of surreal — because poor KH loses all semblance of a normal life and is forced to seek shelter in the sauna, and MW makes this interesting meandering journey during the night– to Shijoon, to KH in the sauna, then back to Shijoon — while he considers what he has to do to make things right. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but the whole episode kinda felt epic and awesome, like a hero’s journey or something. I loved it. =-)

    And yes, damn did he look good in that last scene!

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    i actually connect more with this drama because of everything stated above. although PT and CS sound better in theory, the theory gets lost somewhere during the execution. sometimes it’s stellar, sometimes it’s strange. like grandma’s lasagna vs. smoked duck ravioli. if you ain’t a chef, don’t attempt the latter.

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    I’m also a little frustrated with this drama because I thought it was a great set up and the writers just kinda let float. I seemed as if this drama could have gone in so many different (better) ways and it didn’t.

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    i also facepalmed when she didn’t just say i’m his maid, nor did he at the end – that was the reason she met him at all in the first place! but the episode was so generally charming that it was okay to move on from that.

    i must say, although there is definitely physical attraction going on, and jealousy on min woo’s part, they’re definitely not close to being in love – he’s only just managed to act like a grown-up. i’ll find it amazing if they can believably manage to make them fall in love in four episodes. and then another presscon scene? or is this setting it up so that they can fall in love later and then just carry on? hmmm.. it’d prob be a LOT more difficult for him to do that if min woo was an idol/singer, as per IRL.

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    Ep 12, awesome!!!! This episode galvanized the audience, and the internet was abuzz with how this episode did justice to this show!!! I love how MW has totally given into his devotion to GH/KH and no doubt to EY…. MW’s jealous outburst are no big deal to him but don’t we just love how he’ll totally shut himself fr GH/KH at these times. SJ, is being seen as a possible third party in this love triangle but not to me. SJ has become the 2nd BFF for our GH/KH…Love the bonding between “oppa” MW and YE..

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    great recap to start my day! Thanks so much JB ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. 29 cheekbones

    “…..like singing in our cars to songs we only half-know. (You know you do it!)”

    Hahaha….! I definitely do it ! I sing along to Jpop and Kpop songs without knowing what the words exactly are. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for the recap ! I’m glad you hang on to this drama.

  30. 30 doraemon

    Epi 12 is the best (so far……) !!!! And the best of all is the last press conference scene, Si-won carried it so well and he is sooooooooo good-looking in that suit !!! He is absolutely charismatic through out the whole episode !

    Certainly a much better actor than Min-woo :}

    Si-won and Min-woo, fighting !!!

  31. 31 Anon

    As a fan of CR, this what makes me frustrated:

    (In contrast, I find almost all the other characters to be very static, which is too bad. Kae-hwa is a saint so she hardly changes at all, which may be the point for a drama like this where sheโ€™s the steady and warm influence on the hero, who is the one who changes, but I wish we saw a little movement on her part too. But in any case, she is played by the very winning Chae Rim, who I think makes it work.)

    They should have maximized the opportunity when they hired CR. This drama is just too easy for her.

    Nevertheless, Chae Rim is very charming, what I like about her portrayal is she make a saintly character charming and not suffocatingly annoying. I usually get annoyed when the character is uber good/sweet, but whenever its her, I dunno why, but it is somehow bearable and adorable. Case in point, OML and AAE. She’s doing a great job portraying this role, the way she talk, the voice, her movement is just downright fit to her character, she is indeed very winning.

    And aside from Min-woo, the characters here haven’t shown anything. They spend too much time on the fun things that they sacrifice the development of the story.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the cuteness, but it makes me frustrated that not much is happening. They seem like all are in a limbo, except for Min-woo.

    Thanks JB for the recap.

    And yes, Min-woo is just too hot in his black suit.

  32. 32 h311ybean

    Hi! Long-time lurker, first-time commenter. (And I have had “bean” in my online nicknames for a while now, too!) I really enjoy your recaps and have learned a lot about Korean culture from them!

    I, too, noticed that Min-ji’s hair changed over the course of the series. I imagine that her dad didn’t have the time or patience to maintain the (kind of fussy) curly hairstyle that Min-ji initially sported. Also, I must say that Min-ji is a great kid. She’s not as cute physically as Ye-eun but I love her spunk.

    This is my first time watching a Kdrama that was ongoing (instead of having the complete series available online), so it’s interesting waiting with bated breath alongside the rest of humanity for the next installment!

  33. 33 JAM

    Finally! the show picks up speed a little. I’m sorry to say that I’m getting tired of everyone else in the show except for Choi Siwon and little Ye-eun. I wasn’t familiar with Choi Siwon to start with and watching this show because of Chae Rim but like what JB says, she’s this saintly thing and I’m getting bored with her character. Bring back Dal-Ja!

    On the other hand, am surprised at how much I like Siwon’s Min-woo – esp when he talks aloud to himself. ha! ha! He cracks me up when he does one of those. And little Ye-eun… sigh… I wish I could keep her myself. ๐Ÿ˜›

  34. 34 mimi

    I’m enjoying this drama and I really hope they show us the final product of the musical!
    But show us some LOVE, writers/director! Skinship or whatever. Some indication that this is actually a romance and not a documentary.

  35. 35 ILOVEYOU

    thank you so much java beans for recapping! agree! after apisode 10 i was like emotionally attached. and now even more!!!

  36. 36 chajjye


    Love your recaps JB! (Too bad you didn’t put a picture of Yeeun grinning so happily when her dad cared for her. I thought that scene was so beautiful.)

    And yes, Siwon is smoking hot in this epi. I concur 200%. I melted when I saw him in the black suit (which on his twitter he posted a pic of himself wearing that suit and acting goofy…lol)

    I love the last scene I really do. I love how he paused, thought long about it, and finally gave a small smile. It’s like Minwoo has seriously grown up and come to make a decision — “I think I love her!” LOL. (*cues Byul’s “I think I”)

    Some has argued that possibly he was just saying it for hype. But of course many disagree. Cause if he had went through all the trouble to make sure Kaehwa doesn’t get anymore publicity (delete the pics, etc, which is what Minwoo had requested Shijoon to do I think) he wouldn’t have said anything much other than she’s the housemaid. But for drama’s sake, someone’s gotta confess.

    Regarding the static characters..honestly, my eyes was on Siwon and Yubin (Yeeun) so I didn’t notice much (shallow! shallow! shallow!). But yeah, if it weren’t for Chaerim who holds this well, I would have been thoroughly annoyed. But also perhaps because Kaehwa, unlike other heroines, doesn’t have an objective or a dream in life (unlike Song Hyekyo’s character in wanting to write a movie), other than being an able woman to provide for Minji and herself, so there isn’t really room for her to grow? IDK.

    And I like the part where Minwoo (asking Shijoon about it) have decided to grow up from being a top star, because stars or not, they still get the same treatment from Shijoon. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Who else love the part where he covered her ears out of protection? And did that apology in his mind? OMG. If Kaehwa’s not touched or in love, I am! <3

    But I like Minwoo here more than Rain's character in Full House, cause Minwoo, as you said, isn't mean or anything. He's not dumb either, he's just shallow. And that makes his character very relate-able, not over the top.

    In conclusion, I love this episode. It's pure win.

  37. 37 Anonymous

    thank you so much! it is true that the show has a slow pace till episode 12 but it somehow gives me the satisfaction I always expect in a kdrama. Chae-rim is really a winner. Got to give it to her charm! And Si-won rocks it too!

  38. 38 tamu

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  39. 39 Porcelain

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    Ok when MW decoy as the delivery guy with the helmet, someone please tell me did he change in the carpark? I thought I saw him changing out of his pants, where he open his car door… ok totally random pervy moment ๐Ÿ˜€
    And that bad ass rider suit… arf… me likes…

    And the black suit… omona… stop breathing… Siwon stop killing noona! (I am happy I am going to see more of him during Super Junior comeback… YES!)

    And this “like singing in our cars to songs we only half-know. (You know you do it!)” All the time man, all the time, sometimes in the bus/train with my earphone on and people look at me like I am crazy or what mouthing to Kpop or Jpop that I was listening too… The fun part is to look weirdly back at the person who was shooting me weird looks and get off the bus/train!

    The plot so far… only 4 more episodes left… how are they gonna make GH fall in love w MW is beyond me since MW won’t show his jealousy to GH directly while GH seems to hold SJ in such high/favourable position.

    Though I really love and scream thruout the covering her ears at the sauna scene… It was stimultaneously both fierce and tender at the same time… I need more of those… and GH eyes are beautiful the way she looks at him…

    Monday come now!

  40. 40 itsjustme

    Thanks JB!!!

    Finally, the previous episoded had me very impatient for something to happen too and finally here it is…

    I can’t get over how adorbs Yeun is and his interaction with Siwon! Yes, I agree too, decisive Min Woo is hot!!

    I love how this also relates to Siwon’s real-life experience. Suju have their own share of anti-fans and vicious rumors. Anyways looking forward to more adorable episodes and Super Junior’s 4th album release and comeback performance.

  41. 41 Kukilas

    Thanks for the awesome recap, JB!

    I am so impressed at the speed you are cranking these out. I just saw that you had this recap up and Personal Taste Episode 11. You are amazing!

    I really enjoy this series, but am frustrated at how long its taking to develop the romance between KH and MW. At this point, I am even wondering if the writers will take it in that direction, considering that next week’s episodes will be the last two already, and while I see that MW seems to be realizing some feeling towards KH, I do not see that coming from KH towards MW. After the surprising kiss early on in the series, if they do not have a romantic relationship coming on, I wonder why they would have used that kiss as a plot device.

    I also agree with your take on how SJ is treating his wife. He really is playing the cold-hearted man to the extreme. I feel for the wife everytime she is sitting at the Dining Table of Disappointment.

  42. 42 momosa

    …I love when Min-woo gets grumpy while refusing to admit heโ€™s jealous.

    I don’t think it ever crossed his mind that he’s jealous yet. Can’t wait when it actually happens – realising he is jealous and why. With 2 more episodes to go, I suspect we won’t get to see much of love scenes, maybe just some budding love hints. I like this drama very much, so light, fun and warm. If you think ep 12 is good, wait till you see ep 13 & 14, which I’m going to watch again.

    Thanks for the re-cap.

  43. 43 mei

    I’ve noticed lately that i always read your recapped after i watch the whole episodes. it’s kinda funny since i already know what’s happening. but it’s really fun reading all those comments and your point of view. keep up a good work everyone with your recapped! and thanks for providing us with such nice details!

  44. 44 marshmallow

    thanks for the recaps JB, just love this drama…

  45. 45 zoe

    I think this drama should be named “Oh! My Top Star!” , because there are lots of scenes about MW’s mental, emotional and career descriptions/developments; but very very little of KW’s. ( I have to admit that Siwon performs very well for his first leading drama.)

    I always love the interactions between Chae-rim & Siwon!! Hope to see more of them in the final 2 episodes!! And hope to see Chae-rim cast in next drama very very soon.

  46. 46 firsttimenewbie

    I don’t think MinWoo could have said she was his maid for a couple of reasons.

    1)It doesn’t make sense for her to be an employee at the show company and the maid. We know how it happened, but how could he explain why he ended up choosing the script of her new workplace.

    2) Doing so will take away what he had said before about her being a good and diligent worker of the Show company. In a way, it would reduce the praise he had just gotten as a professional worker. She used his maid position to get him to sign a script, and then get a place at the job, etc etc.

    Why would a maid work at the Show Company? Why publicize that she is or was unqualified for the job? Or the other way around, why would a show company worker agree to work as his maid?

    There’s really no way to explain that. To do so would be sort of adding to the already bad image she had gotten. As she told him before, what she wants to be known as is a good company worker.

    And then, there would still be the suspicions of blackmail. Why would he do that for a maid?

    The whole thing was already a big scandal. There is no way he could have said she worked as his maid, and leave it at that with no questions.

    Then we rewind back to KH’s inability to tell the Chief. Now here, it is a bit more believable that she could’ve gotten away with it. But it would have raised flags that she was living with him. His maids before weren’t live in positions. Neither was she. I don’t think hotel suites would generally have live in maids, especially for bachelors and playboys like Min Woo.

    Remember she wouldn’t have lived with him, if she didn’t have to take care of Ye Eun.

    She could have denied living with him, and just said the half truth, that she initially met him as a maid and decided to continue working as a maid along with at the Show Company. That is a bit of a stretch, maybe it could’ve worked–except for the fact that the reporter probably would latch on to it and try to find out more.

    KH is weird in some ways. Sometimes she can be coy and saavy. But other times she can’t lie her way out of a paper bag. I think the beginning of the episode confirmed the latter with MinWoo telling her not to go outside trying to lie, since she’s horrible at it.

    Maybe she respects and appreciates the chief and was just embarrassed at the situation–what it would look like–or whatever. I don’t know.

  47. 47 taffy

    i’m rather confused by the press conference. the scandal in the first place was that he was living together w/ an older woman, presumably bc they were dating. but after all the hooplah, that is exactly what he admits to in the press conference! how is that any better for him to come forward with? is it only bc its better compared to all the dirty rumors of blackmail etc?

    takeaway PR lesson: if soemthing “bad” is revealed, get even worse rumors started so the truth doesnt seem so bad! ???

  48. 48 firsttimenewbie

    @46 , basically except the manager had managed to make it seem as if she wasn’t living with him, but rather at his place often–going in and out.

    Even after Minwoo dismissed the blackmailing reports/rumors, the reporter for some reason chooses to believe the manager’s assertion that she goes in and out and spend time at his place, thus giving the impression that she might be living there.

    But I don’t understand why the reporter didn’t then dismiss the manager’s spin and go back to what he originally heard in the convo between the chief and KW.

    Also I have a feeling that certain rumors of her being in that house weren’t exactly as innocent as them simply dating. I’m going off translations, but some of the women were saying “what does it mean for a woman to lobby?” and all kinds of other things.

  49. 49 Penn

    Lovely recap. Thank you.

  50. 50 mmmaggie

    I absolutely loved Byung-hak’s crazy outburst at The Show Company. I think too many times in dramas, movies, etc they go so overboard in vilifying the ex that the viewer can’t understand why those two characters were ever together in the first place. Here, you can see that despite Byung-hak continuing to annoy and undermine Gae-hwa, he still holds her in high esteem. I love that the rumors of her being some blackmailer didn’t make him question this person he’s known for years.

    Oh, and the scenes between Gae-hwa and Min-woo…. *sigh!* For once, he has more experience than her in something and can handle the situation better. The scene at the sauna where he put his hands over her ears to block out the gossip was the turning point in their relationship for me.

    Great work, javabeans!

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