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Oh My Lady: Episode 13
by | May 7, 2010 | 70 Comments

The drama is stepping things up, which is a good sign since I thought the last two episodes were already a marked improvement. Despite his relative inexperience, after seeing Choi Siwon act in Hyang Dan three years ago I was expecting him to be decent. But I wasn’t expecting him to carry the show, which he pretty much is doing. (Which is no insult to Chae Rim; I’d just like to see her doing something that actually makes use of her talents.)


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After Min-woo makes the announcement that he and Kae-hwa are dating, he smiles at the press, gets up, and walks out coolly.

Kae-hwa is flabbergasted, Yoon-seok is disgruntled, Reporter Han is suspicious, and Yura… well, let’s just say she was gripping her drink so hard I was hoping that the smoothie would burst all over her. But her vexation is almost satisfaction enough. She gripes that his comment should have been about her, not Kae-hwa.

Kae-hwa is more resigned than touched by Min-woo’s grand gesture, and tells Bok-nim that although he was probably thinking to save her, he just added fuel to the fire. Bok-nim asks if it’s true, to which Kae-hwa retorts that she’d be crazy to date such a rude young’un like Min-woo. (Her friend’s response? Everyone else would think HE’s the weird one for dating Kae-hwa.)

Bok-nim comments that the announcement felt sincere, and Kae-hwa mutters that he’s an actor: “When did that lousy actor learn to act?”

This also means that when Kae-hwa arrives at work, reporters and angry fans bearing anti-Kae-hwa signs are haunting the sidewalk. Kae-hwa decides to go for it and heads toward the door with her head down. When a reporter calls out her name, she ducks and says she’s not Kae-hwa, but the denial convinces nobody and she is accosted for an interview.

When she finally manages her way inside, she finds the others regarding her coolly, assuming the rumors are true. Kae-hwa can’t deny them, and Jae-hee is back to being snippy, annoyed at the inconvenience this poses to them all.

Kae-hwa apologizes to Shi-joon and promises to take responsibility for this scandal, although she’s not sure how. He asks if she means to write her resignation, and comments that quitting over a personal matter is even more irresponsible. He instructs his staff to power through and get back to work, and Kae-hwa is relieved that he doesn’t seem terribly ruffled by the gossip.

Byung-hak, on the other hand, comes in to lecture them all for their unprofessional behavior. When he addresses Shi-joon for the lax way he runs his business (letting an employee run amok and date his star), Kae-hwa grabs him and takes him to the roof for a private talk.

He asks if she really did blackmail Min-woo, because that makes more sense to him than a romance. At first I wondered whether I’d have to rescind the positive things I’d said in the previous recap, but I think this is in character. He isn’t angry or accusing, but incredulous.

Kae-hwa becomes so annoyed at his high-handed behavior that when he asks if she’s really dating Min-woo, she declares, “He says I’m beautiful!” Haha. That just makes Byung-hak burst into laughter, although he soon stops when she gets a phone call from Min-woo. Kae-hwa doesn’t answer the call, but it’s enough to make Byung-hak uncertain.

Back in the office, Jae-hee also has a hard time accepting the news and asks what Kae-hwa’s secret is, unable to picture them together. Jin-ho decides that Min-woo must have unique (read: eccentric) taste in women.

Shi-joon’s unperturbed demeanor can be attributed to the fact that he knows Min-woo’s announcement was merely a PR ploy, and now he expresses his disappointment in Min-woo’s tactic. Did he really think that would solve things? In reality, it has increased problems for Kae-hwa, who’s now being harassed by the media and his fan club.

Min-woo asks what he should have done — in the moment, that was the best he could do. Shi-joon says that Kae-hwa’s not used to the attention and cameras, and cautions him to take care that she’s not hurt further.

For the first time ever, Min-woo defers to Shi-joon and asks for advice on what he ought to focus on for this musical — what’s the most important thing? This is his first time acting without Yoon-seok, and he has to make sure he’s successful. This is one more step in Min-woo’s growth as a person and an actor, and Shi-joon answers that he ought to concentrate on the solo — if he can pull that off properly, he’s halfway to success.

Byung-hak’s threats to pull his investment have just been bluster, but now Eom tells him to withdraw his funds — is he going to put his money into a project where is ex is dating the star? Byung-hak actually gives a pretty mature response, saying that that’s a matter between the two single people, but I’m not too hopeful that he’ll stick with his more noble thoughts.

He asks what would happen if he did take back his funds, and Eom answers that not only would the company be over, so would Min-woo’s project and his ex-wife’s job. What better revenge is there? (Except… let’s not forget that you cheated on her, so even using the word revenge is ridiculous.)

But perhaps it won’t be such a big issue even if he takes back his money: Jin-ho looks online, and the news is starting to trend well for them. People are commenting that if Min-woo’s dating Kae-hwa, she must have other qualities if not her looks (you know, since Chae Rim is such a troll). Interest in their musical is skyrocketing and opinions of Min-woo are rising. Jae-hee even gets an email from someone interested in sponsoring the musical. All this gives Kae-hwa some relief that the scandal is no longer a burden to the company.

Yura bursts in to the office wearing her bitchface to confront Kae-hwa, and has the nerve to ask the employees to step outside to give them privacy. (Jin-ho doesn’t mind because she’s hot. Sigh. Boys!)

Kae-hwa is surprised that Yura believed the press conference, saying that her dating Min-woo makes no sense — he was misguidedly trying to help her against the blackmail claims. Yura is appeased, but is still suspicious of Kae-hwa and Min-woo’s relationship. Without giving away the issue of Ye-eun, Kae-hwa explains that Min-woo’s going through some difficulty that she’s helping him with.

Kae-hwa gently suggests to an impatient Yura that perhaps she should try to ride this out quietly, since Min-woo will appreciate being given space. That way, he can come to her when he’s ready, and since Min-woo likes her a lot, Yura should trust in him and wait. Her fears assuaged, Yura is much friendlier now; she sees Kae-hwa’s point and decides to give it a try.

Min-woo is busy at rehearsal when he gets called in by Yoon-seok, who wants him to renew his contract. Min-woo thinks Yoon-seok has got some nerve, but the latter casually pulls out the DNA test results as a silent threat, “suggesting” that he’d better renew.

Min-woo isn’t cowed and tells Yoon-seok to do as he pleases. In any case, he will only stay with him through the duration of his current contract, and adds that he’d prefer to end their relationship on good terms.

Unable to get through to Min-woo, Yura harangues Tae-gu into calling him to the smoothie shop. Min-woo knows she must have been shocked at the press conference and apologizes for not calling her back, expecting her to be upset with him. She is, but she keeps Kae-hwa-‘s advice in mind and affects an understanding tone. She tells him she’ll wait until the problem can be resolved and he can talk about it with her, hoping that easing off the pressure will earn her his appreciation. I think he is relieved, but he’s still distracted and excuses himself early, leaving Yura disappointed.

Tae-gu tut-tuts over Min-woo’s odd behavior, saying it was only recently that he was all in a bother to find Yeon-hee — and then he remembers he shouldn’t say that and has to quickly make up an excuse. He tells Yura (who knows Yeon-hee is the girl Min-woo dated after Yura rejected him) that he couldn’t forget Yeon-hee and wanted to find her again. This, of course, does not ease Yura’s already tense nerves.

At the end of the workday, the crowd is still gathered on the sidewalk outside the office, which keeps Kae-hwa from being able to leave. She tells Shi-joon that she’s still here because she has work to do, and although he understands her real reason, he doesn’t interfere. (He can’t help because he’s on his way to a business dinner, but tells her to let him know if she needs help.)

Reporter Han slips inside dressed as a cleaning lady, startling Kae-hwa, who tries to shove him outside when he pesters her for a story. Just then, Min-woo calls her, which piques the reporter’s interest. (He grabs her phone and sees the display, assuming that “Awful Acting” is Min-woo, lol.)

Min-woo is calling from just outside, having seen the crowd gathered on the sidewalk. Naturally she doesn’t want to answer the call in front of the reporter, but there’s no way he’s going to leave with this juicy tidbit dangling in front of him — so he grabs the phone and answers.

But that means that on Min-woo’s end of the line, all he can hear are sounds of struggling between a man and a woman, as Kae-hwa tries to wrest the phone back from the reporter’s grasp.

Hero time! Spurred into action, Min-woo drives through the crowd and parks right in front of the door. Naturally this attracts attention, and as he gets out of the car, camera flashes light up and the fans go crazy.

Kae-hwa has managed to grab her phone back, but Min-woo sees Reporter Han harassing her and shoves him aside, then leads her out of the building. (I love that he thinks to grab her purse for her, which is one of those small gestures that indicates intimacy.)

Shi-joon has returned to the office after dinner in time to witness the scene. His smile indicates approval at Min-woo’s gesture.

His own personal life, however, is just as troubled as Min-woo’s public one — he arrives home to find Jung-ah waiting to present him with divorce papers. He asks why she’s in such a rush; she answers that she doesn’t want to drag this out. She requests, “Just pay me as much attention as you do your employees,” which is a veiled reference to his interest in Kae-hwa.

In the car, Min-woo asks, a little anti-climactically, “So how was your day?” Kae-hwa is exasperated at his impetuous behavior and asks what he was thinking, lying that they’re dating. He says he couldn’t just let her be seen as the bad guy and points out that they can always announce later that they split amicably. He apologizes for causing her trouble, though, which mollifies her.

She’s surprised that he went to rehearsal today, and impressed with his answer that he has to work hard if he doesn’t want to be embarrassed with the musical.

They pick up Ye-eun and head home, but when they pull up to the building, there are more people waiting in front. Kae-hwa urges Min-woo to go inside alone, as she and Ye-eun can spend the night in the jjimjilbang. While Episode 1 Min-woo would have taken the suggestion in a heartbeat, now he thinks for an alternative and suggests going for a drive.

When Kae-hwa’s stomach grumbles, she blames it on Ye-eun (ha), but that is soon followed by the grumbling of Min-woo’s stomach, so they stop by a convenience store for cup ramyun. The cashier sneaks curious looks at her, so Kae-hwa says everyone’s been telling her she looks like Min-woo’s girlfriend. How funny, right?

The trio heads to a park to eat, which is when Min-ji calls to ask if her mother is dating Sung Min-woo. Kae-hwa’s about to explain, but Min-ji says she’s thought it over and decided that Min-woo’s not so bad after all, which throws Mom for a loop. Min-ji has decided that maybe he’s not as sleazy as she originally thought.

It’s clear she’s saying this to ease Mom’s concerns, so Kae-hwa explains that they are friends, but they’re not actually dating like everyone says.

Kae-hwa turns back to join the others, pleasantly surprised to see Min-woo is feeding Ye-eun. Aww!

He asks if she was talking to her daughter, and rather than fluff his ego by repeating Min-ji’s words, Kae-hwa tells him that Min-ji doesn’t think he’s all that great. In fact, she said her mother is wasted on him. Haha. Min-woo banters back that her daughter’s got no taste in men, but ruins the effect by asking, “Did she really say I’m not that great?”

At her store, Yura catches her employees surfing the internet and oohing over Min-woo’s latest news. Peering at the screen, she sees the latest photo of Min-woo ushering Kae-hwa out of the office, which gets her insecurities flaring again. The employees (who have presumably borne the brunt of Yura’s snobbishness in the past) enjoy poking at her pride now, saying that they thought she was dating Min-woo — didn’t she even call him her soulmate? Their knowing looks and giggling add insult to injury.

Yura hurries to Tae-gu to demand he call Min-woo (since she can’t call him, given her promise to back off). Before he can, Tae-gu gets a call from Yeon-hee, who confirms that she’d sent Min-woo her child to raise. As Min-woo had never confided the reason he’d been so desperate to find Yeon-hee, this is news to him.

Both are shocked, but Yura soon recalls the signs that Min-woo was hiding something from her, and it starts to add up. She warns Tae-gu not to tell Min-woo anything or breathe a word of this to anybody. She’s going to tell him herself.

Still killing time, Min-woo practices running his lines, then looks at the backseat to see the other two fast asleep. He covers them with a blanket, smiling at the sight of a sleeping Ye-eun, then lingers to brush a lock of hair out of Kae-hwa’s face.

He ignores Yura’s phone call, then drives to a hotel and tells Kae-hwa to spend the night here, as he’s made reservations. He tells her to call if she has any problems (just look at the expression on his face!), then heads back home… where he finds Yura waiting for him.

Late that night, Jung-ah comes into the living room to see Shi-joon drinking in the dark. Clearly he isn’t dealing with the divorce news well, although he hasn’t bothered (till now) to actually talk to Jung-ah about how he feels about it.

Now he asks for an explanation, and she says that he seemed so far away and alone that sometimes she’d thought he didn’t need a woman. Furthermore, he can’t think of anything else while he’s working, but he works 365 days a year, which leaves no room for her. She knows there’s no excuse for the affair, and can’t forgive herself for it either. Hence the divorce.

Min-woo lets Yura inside, where she sees signs of Ye-eun’s presence, like the origami animals (now on proud display) and her teddy bear. He speaks first: “I think this is as far as we go.” He’s going through things right now and can’t treat her well, nor can he hold on to her. So he’ll let go.

Yura tries to contain her shock and fishes for an explanation, trying to steer him into confiding the truth. Instead, Min-woo falls back on the musical and his schedule, saying that he doesn’t have time for anything else.

Min-woo: “Till now, I think I’ve just gone with the flow. After I started being called a star, I just did as people told me to do, since I lived well enough that way. But now I don’t want to live that way, doing what people tell me. I want to live thinking of the things I want to do.”

His phone rings, and he steps aside to answer. It’s Kae-hwa, who asks Min-woo to bring them Ye-eun’s pajamas and dolls because the girl is unable to sleep in these strange new surroundings. As she is annoyed that Min-woo is answering this call when he ignored hers, Yura eavesdrops and hears him confirming the hotel room number.

Therefore Yura takes her cue to leave, but waits in the parking lot in her car, fuming all the while. When Min-woo gets into his car, and follows him all the way to the hotel, where she keeps herself out of view while he makes his way up to Kae-hwa’s room with Ye-eun’s toys.

Yura can’t make out who answers the door, but when it swings open, she does notice Ye-eun’s little hand tugging on his pants. (Which is ADORABLE.)

Min-woo steps inside the room, where Ye-eun presents him with a drawing, and by now he’s learned enough to praise her for the effort. He compliments her drawing, but guesses wrong (“A monkey? A puppy?”) which makes Ye-eun frown. Kae-hwa surreptitiously points to the teddy bear in her hands, and he guesses right.

Just then, the doorbell rings. Kae-hwa goes to answer it… and opens the door on a very shocked Yura.

And then, Min-woo steps into view carrying Ye-eun.


Byung-hak’s surprise defense of Kae-hwa in the last episode got me thinking about his character, which I hadn’t bothered to do till now because, frankly, the side characters in this drama aren’t really that deep.

Byung-hak has been talking big this whole time, but he doesn’t really mean it, which suggests that he just likes the ego boost of being the investor. I see him as a harmless inconvenience in the big scheme of things, even if he does end up taking back his money. He reminds me of the ex-husband in Last Scandal — albeit a much more likable version — in that he’s a weak, weak man who has been married to a strong woman whom he has grown to dislike because she is proof of his weakness. Oh, he’d like to tell himself his wife is a pushover, but underneath her meek exterior is a spine of steel, and he knows it. It’s probably been emasculating to live with someone whose very existence as a competent and hard-working person casts your own incompetence into stark relief, which is why both men remarried weaker women who made them feel good.

I did particularly enjoy the numerous instances of Yura’s stinkface in this episode, if just because she’s such a boring character otherwise. Alas, Yura’s still pretty toothless and she’s not nearly as fun to hate as In-hee from Personal Taste. I wish Park Han-byul would approach her characters with more gusto, because I think she could be hilarious if she actually had some fun with her villains. In Fantasy Couple, for instance, for the most part she was dull, but in the rare moments when she treated Han Ye-seul as an equal adversary, she was pretty funny. Being pretty is fine and all, but she’ll never get more interesting roles by coasting along by merely being pretty and boring.

Anyway. It’s nice to see Min-woo growing up and bonding with Ye-eun in obvious ways. He’s not even trying to hide it now, as he did before, and he didn’t betray any fear when he basically told Yoon-seok to go shove it. He was even mature about it, saying he’d prefer to keep things friendly between them.

Things seem to be building for Min-woo to claim Ye-eun as his own, both privately and publicly, which takes the sting out of Yura and his friend finding out the truth. In fact, I wonder why they didn’t find out earlier, which would have introduced tension and given us more plot. Don’t get me wrong, as a viewer I like knowing that those two idiots have no sway over Min-woo, but it seems like a missed dramatic opportunity.


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  1. ghian

    ouch .. it’s been a long time since i visited dramabeans ! i’ve missed so many recaps! i hope i can read it all now ! :((( i love OML ! :((

  2. ghian

    Oh , I did’nt notice that i was the first to comment hehe :))
    i love siwon and chae rim :))

  3. Melissa

    the little girl’s sooooo cute!

  4. lals

    Is it just me, or is the bridge that Shi-joon and Min-woo meet under the same one that was in that episode of Personal Taste with Chang-ryul and Jin-ho? I only saw each scene once, but they seemed really familiar (or maybe all bridges look similar to me, I don’t know).

    For me, this drama is fun and undemanding. I almost like the fact that I don’t really feel any chemistry between the leads (don’t get me wrong, they’re both great actors, but there’s just no SPARK, ya know?) because it lets the story develop along other lines that are usually neglected in kdramas only focused on romance (like Ye-eun!!! She’s so adorable).

    The plot’s moving along nicely; I can’t wait to see what they do with the rest of the episodes. Thanks for the recaps! =]

  5. Lady of Spice

    @4 Lals: Yeah I thought the same thing when I saw the bridge.

    Although I do have to disagree about the chemistry between Min Woo and Kae hwa. I definitely wish there was a little more development on that front. It’s clear that Min woo has begun to have feelings for her but Kae Hwa doesnt seem to be making much progress on that end. I want them to progress more because I don’t want the ending to seem as if they’ve just been thrown together for the sake of giving us a happy ending.

    Although I enjoy this drama because its cute and undemanding it’s really taken a long time for it to build up and now that we’re so near the end. I’m wondering if we can still have a satisfying conclusion.

  6. mina

    I really love how Min-woo grew as a father and a better individual but I’m really quite distressed on how they’re going to play out the romance when there’s only 2 episodes left. I think an extension here wouldn’t hurt anyone(w/c i doubt.) But if they do leave out the Min-woo=Kae-hwa romance open I wouldn’t have any objection because I find myself quite content on Min-woo’s growth. (I’m a bit greedy so i still wish to see a HEA!)

  7. maria

    WHEE! it’s really getting good, huh? man, i’m following so many of your recaps nowadays, that’s it’s literally like christmas everyday. LOLs!

  8. zigzag

    Hmm. Does anyone else think that the romance or romantic tension is starting a wee bit too late in this drama? Especially on Kae Hwa’s side? If it really is ending at ep 16, then that leaves 2 eps for her to begin any remote romantic feelings for him and for them to reach its peak.

  9. Jewels

    Thanks for the recap. This drama is slow but steadily gaining momentum. I have already watched episode 14, and with only 2 episodes left, I feel that it is close to impossible for Kae hwa to have romantic feelings towards Min Woo.

    I’ll keep watching and I am hoping for the best.

  10. 10 uhmm

    You know, I always wondered…. “What if the mother of Min-Woo’s kid comes back??”

  11. 11 bjharm

    well A lot of the older girl younger man dramas have ended on what is really an open ended story line. My Name sam likely the most famous of them, but there are others. So two episodes to go, they may just leave it as is, but with a ‘Chance’ for them to get together..after all both have a child to look after

  12. 12 JAM

    Agee with @5 Lady of Spice. We definitely need more progress on the romantic angle between the leads. Did someone say there’s only 1 more week to go?

    Also, I’ve got a few gripes to make – firstly, what happened to the carpark at Min-woo’s apt? Can’t they go there instead of running away at the first signs of the paparazzi encamp at his doorsteps? The scenes between Jung-ah and Shi-joon, for the past few scenes, its more like someone walks in, Jung-ah gives a speech and someone walks off. What happened to dialogue!!! Argh!

    Last but not least, I love the hero scene! sigh….and he remembers her purse! SIGH!.

    Thanks JB for the wonderful recaps!

  13. 13 Sorcy79au

    I still think it was rather silly of MW to walk in front of the doorway with YE if he’s trying to hide the fact that he has a child…

  14. 14 Ace

    Thanks for the recap!
    I just watched episode 14 and I’m wondering how they can tie things up with only 2 more episodes….

  15. 15 Thu

    Truthfully, from what we have seen so far. The relationship between Min Woo and Kae Hwa is just friendly. I like it, but I don’t know if I’m going to like it progressing into a romantic relationship.

    I agree about Park Han Byul. She isn’t bitchy enough to hate like In Hee. I think she’s a empty space character and very annoying… but eh.

  16. 16 Jasmin

    Seeing Min-woo acting like a real father makes me swoon. He literally melted my face off. Min woo taking on his role as a father is so darn hot that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I really have to give props to Choi Siwon. He has really surprised me. Although, I found his charming in Hyang Dan, he has really exceeded my expectations for this drama. OMO! Just thinking about him makes me want to instantly faint. Totally a fan now. I might actually have to take the time to listen to his Super Junior stuff or watch their videos. LOL!

  17. 17 Laica

    Thanks for the recap! OML is the first kdrama I’ve watched raw as it aired, and I’m surprised at how much Korean I’ve learned in my year of drama-watching. Your recaps help to clear up the details that I have a hard time understanding. πŸ˜€

    This episode was really good… and 14 is even better πŸ˜‰

    Lol @ your description of Yura’s “stinkface”. I admit I wasn’t as bored with her this episode if only because it’s kind of fun to see her not getting what she wants.

    I agree that the romantic development has been slow, which is a shame because I think these two would have chemistry if the writers gave them the chance. Still, Minwoo’s development as a person and as a father is where this drama really shines, and I find it very satisfying. So while I usually hate open-ended rom-coms, I think I could live with it if OML ended that way (I’d still prefer HEA though).

    You’re right, CSW is really carrying this drama. This is my first time seeing him in anything, and I’m very impressed with his acting. He’s so natural and so FUN to watch! I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I found out he was an idol. Although the fact that he is a huge star, playing a huge star, probably makes this an easier role for him. I’m sure there’s some overlap with his real life, like not being able to go anywhere without being recognized. Still, huge props to him for pulling it off this well!

  18. 18 reluctantbutaddicted

    I’ve been wondering about the mother of Ye Eun, too. And I’ve been thinking she’s maybe at least 2-3 episodes of tension–maybe wanting to reunite with Min Woo after he’s already fully developed feelings for Gae Hwa and while she’s just developing them for him, making her feel he should go back to Ye Eun’s mother when he doesn’t want to.

    There is definitely something between Min Woo and Gae Hwa already, but it’s mostly on his side, which I think is reasonable. She’s older, has experienced the break-down of a relationship, and when she met him, he was still pretty immature. She wasn’t bowled over by his looks, which is what he’s coming to appreciate about her. I like them both.

    Thanks for keeping up the recaps on this series, JB. It isn’t as intense as Personal Taste or Cinderella’s Sister, but I do really like it, and I’m glad you do.

  19. 19 j-star

    isn’t the papparazzo the same guy as the papparazzp on YAB and the assistant of Mr Han in PT?

  20. 20 danni

    @5 Yeah, I thought the same thing when I saw the scene between Shi-joon and Min-woo and wondered if the writers had caught Personal Taste the week before and decided, “Hey, that looks good, let’s put that type of scenery in this part.” It just seemed weirdly coincidental.

    It’s kind of sad that Choi Si Won is the entire drama (whenever anyone else is on, it’s kind of boring) even though Yura, though not someone I’m hating on, is becoming hilarious to watch as she realizes she’s getting pushed to the side and her frustration cracks me up.

    Even though I liked the hero scene, I couldn’t help thinking that Kae-hwa really didn’t need Min-woo’s help since she had just twisted Reporter Han’s arm and got her phone back. Kae-hwa is not to be messed with!

    I’m really curious how this will end since there’s been very, very little romantic development between Min-woo and Kae-hwa, but I think with the way things are heading, it will end in a somewhat satisfactory way.

  21. 21 kaedejun

    ditto to Jasmin – i’m so impressed that he is actually pretty good. i was so ready to brush him off as being typical (because he was from a boy band, and how successful are singers turned actors really? not just in korea but anywhere?!)

    the entire series was slow enough that i couldn’t comment on his acting being great – but that last screencap of him holding Ye Eun is awesome!!!!

    but omo – there’s only 3 eps left!

  22. 22 ILOVEYOU

    thank you for the recaps! i cant watch the drama since vikki is beeing bitchy right now.

  23. 23 Sobia

    Thank you for the recap! I loved the scene in the car where MW asks KH how her day was– that conversation was so much like an old married couple, it was ridiculous. And like a nice old married couple that actually listens to each other and enjoy each other’s company. Even if the romance yet to really be ignited, I still love Minwoo and Kae-hwa as a pair — of friends? roommates? I have no idea how to label them at this point. But people should always be with people who bring out the best in them, so Minwoo should stick to KH like glue.

  24. 24 mmmaggie

    I don’t know the level of Choi Si-won’s fame before this drama, but I assume it’s skyrocketed now! You’re right, javabeans. He is CARRYING this drama.

    There’s been some confusion about the number of episodes of this drama — does anyone know if it’s 16 or 20? How are the ratings?

  25. 25 jun

    Suju comeback on the airing of last episode =)

  26. 26 cinderella

    I would have hoped that Yura found out about Ye-eun after witnessing them in the hotel. I would have LOVED to see her misunderstand that Ye-eun is Kae-hwa and Min-woo’s child…. just to see the look on her face….

    Anywhoo, thanks a lot Java! You’re the best!

  27. 27 bluefire

    I was surprised too, JB. I mean I knew SW could act…but to this extent? O.O Nice! If I didn’t love him already, I would so been in his boat ^^

    Thanks for all the recaps! Love them lots! πŸ˜‰ Keep up the good work!

  28. 28 cheekbones

    Hmm….. I’m thinking that OML would probably end with Min-woo somehow expressing his feelings to Kae-hwa, and she wouldn’t reject him right away. That she would start seeing him in a different light and is willing to try the romantic path with him. After all, the four of them is like a family already. So, they would continue living like they do now while Kae-hwa would slowly develop a romantic feeling toward him. I can accept that…..

    Furthermore, anybody else see that Min-woo often acts like Kae-hwa’s third child ? And she treats him like a child. πŸ˜€ It’s that kind of dynamics.

    Thanks, javabeans, for the wonderful recap !

  29. 29 djes

    With only 2 eps left, I conclude something, I don’t really mind if Min Woo doesn’t end up w. Kae Hwa at the ending. Maybe it’s actually a story about Min Woo matures, and the ‘lady’ in Oh! My Lady! is actually Ye Eun ( like what Shiwon said on his tweet )

    But on the other hand, I guess that we’ll get a time jump in the last episode.

  30. 30 epyc

    Thanks for this recap, JB!

    “(I love that he thinks to grab her purse for her, which is one of those small gestures that indicates intimacy.)” – exactly my feeling!

    OML is not big on dramatic/romantic moments but it is small things like this between MW and KH that give away the very unique and special relationship between the two. The conversation they had in the car after MW’s rescue of KW from the reporters is one of my favorite moments. This is the first time they met up after the sauna scene and the presscon. The first thing MW asks is “how was your day?” Like someone mentioned above, their dialogue is like an old married couple who know each other so well that no pretense is necessary and yet, so intimate. This kind of unspoken intimacy continues onto Ep 14.

    It is hard to pigeonhole their relationship as boss/employee, man/woman, or sister/brother although I tend to agree that MW is more like KH’s third child. We can however see they are equal in this relationship and perhaps, KH has a slightly upperhand. And, MW is such a big jealous guy. So, if things swing romantically in the final two epsidoes, they shouldn’t be too big a surprise. It would be a matter of how they clear up their minds and think deeper what they mean for each other. Nonetheless, I am pretty fine with an open ending for this drama.

  31. 31 Mel

    @mmmaggie Siwon is pretty well known through Super Junior and their sub group Super Junior M (Mandarin) He’s quite impressive here on OML. I’ve been a fan since his stint in Legend of Hyang Dan (with the beautiful Seo Ji Hye… That is only 2 hours long and is currently floating in You Tube.). LOHD is also lite fare, and quite enjoyable for those who are or are not convinced that Siwon is now a bonafide star.

    Bravo Siwon, we applaud you…. Chae Rim and the children for this entertaining rom (?) com… Hoping and hoping that there will be some sign of romance for our MW and GH….

    I am so glad that my withdrawal symptoms from this addiction won’t be as bad because our Siwon will be out there with the rest of Super Junior boys promoting their 4th album next Thurs May 13…. Let’s give our boy Siwon a big hand!!!!

  32. 32 sajor

    after watching this and episode 14, i think it would be more credible and believable to have kae hwa and chief shi joon end up together romantically..i just don’t see how kae hwa would like min woo, especially as there are only 2 episodes left..

  33. 33 Kukilas

    Thanks for the recap, JB!

    I do agree that MW grabbing her purse during the hero scene was a surprise. It was a nice touch in showing the level of intimacy between them, but at this point, I really don’t know if the writers will take this in a romantic direction or not. We just have two episodes left next week, since the previews for Coffee House all show a live date of May 17. I don’t know if there is enough time for this to become a romantic happy ever after, or if this will be left open ended. I just hope this does not have a rushed time jump to just show us the happy couple a few years down the road.

    I really hope SJ and JA can reconcile and end up happy ever after as well. For the first time, we get to see SJ at the Dining Table of Disappointment instead of JA, drowning himself in drinks. I know both still have feelings for each other under the surface so I am hoping they get back together too, since I don’t want to see SJ with KH.

    Siwon is doing such a great job here. I am glad we have SuperJunior’s new album to look forward to also since I will be going into withdrawal with the series almost over.

  34. 34 badtanline


    the papparazo in OML is the manager of the post office in Accidental Couple. Changryul’s sidekick in PT and the papparzo in YAB are one and the same.

  35. 35 chajjye


    i love all that small details. the handbag, the feeding, the smile on shi-joon’s face when he saw the heroic scene, the pillow…too many to count!

    i agree with commenters above saying that they are like an old married couple. really, if you think bout it, they know each other so well to know each other’s reaction. like MW when seeing the horde of reporters/fans, the first thing that came to his mind, “ah, she must be huddled up somewhere, afraid to come down”. in fact, i see that as their dynamic. not as a fresh couple, but definitely as a i-married-my-best-friend couple kinda. which i truly appreciate. i think romances need not be all fireworks. i love the familiarity between the two.

    poor MW still can’t truly confess what he truly feels for KH with KH so denying of it…hehe. (I mean, c’mon, that guy props her head properly and brush hair off her face, and answers her call straightaway, he’s really looking favorably in that direction! :D)

    i don’t think MW truly cares what people think already regarding the kid. that’s y he’s more ‘careless’ and such. perhaps the father-daughter bonding has made him braver than he used to be. i think that’s a mark of growth for MW, that he’s willing to risk it all, do what he really wants to do (which is to take care of the kid and be called truly an actor who can act) and prolly that’s y he was so distracted d whole day, trying to figure out what truly is the best move. πŸ˜€ poor yura…nah.

    and i concur 200%, the hero scene is just beautiful, even if KH had the upperhand. LOL. reporter han was like, “what…i’m the one being bullied here. T.T”

    AWWW…our min-woo-sshi has all grown up.

    i’m gonna have withdrawals from this drama. T.T

  36. 36 vero

    Thanks for the recaps! I watch and watch again almost all episodes!

    MW and Adjuma have a connection to the point of not realizing their feelings. MW is a little a bit aware but not sure. Adjuma, in her mind nobody can ever fall in love with her that’s why she cannot realize her feelings for MW. So far she cares for him that’s all. I love to see them with the little cute one! I wish to see Adjuma’s daughter joining the family! But as all other comments, with 2 episodes left, how can they be involved romantically? But Oh my God, they are so cute together!!!

  37. 37 marbleloaf

    yeun and minwoo scenes just take the cake!!

  38. 38 pumpkinattack

    “…you know, since Chae Rim is such a troll…”

    Yes, this really made me laugh! I know that her hairstyle leaves much to be desired… and her lack of low-cut tops and shorty short skirts (ha)… but she’s absolutely gorgeous!

    Indeed this storyline is still quite delightful, in spite of its flaws. Thank you for pointing out the details in their developing relationship. It makes me happy when Min Woo even says Gae Hwa’s name properly instead of his whiny Ahjumma, Ahjumma ~~ I mean… is she his mother? Yuck!

    I always look forward to your recaps and commentary! Thanks, javabeans. ^^

  39. 39 firewife

    I am enjoying this drama, but after every episode I end up with a slightly …dissatisfied feeling. Like eating chicken salad for lunch, when what you really wanted is a juicy hamburger. It was good…it just wasn’t what you wanted. This episode I realized what the problem was. We were 28 minutes into a 56 minute show before KH and MW had any interaction. And this was after the (semi) explosive ending of the previous episode. There just is not enough screen time between the 2 main leads.

  40. 40 Doraemon

    JB, thanks for the quick recap of epi 13.
    Si-won is really carrying the show well ! He’s actually quite talented, can sing, dance and act well. Hope to see him acting in a new drama in the near future. Think I’m going to have withdrawal synchrone after the drama ends πŸ™
    Si-won is so charismatic !!!!

  41. 41 mimi

    While it’s a cute drama, the writers and director have unfortunately created a friend-friend drama, instead of the man-woman romance it was meant to be. Where are the glances after the slight touches that show interest or jealously, at the very least?? They’ve wasted some good opportunities… 12 hours of it!

    Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day!

  42. 42 mimi

    Oops, sorry. I meant to say 14 hr of it!

  43. 43 Sobia

    I agree with everyone that Choi Siwon is so good in this drama…sometimes you love Minwoo, sometimes you hate him, but Siwon is very good at always making him relateable. I think at age 28 a lot of ppl are like MW, stuck between being children and adults, and unsure if they are liking what kind of people they are becoming. I really like this drama because I feel you are watching Minwoo get his soul back, all because of Kae-hwa’s and Ye-eun’s influence. Although initially I really wanted KW and MW to be firmly in a relationship by the end, I am also fine if the ending is more open-ending than that. I was quite happy just spending time with these two interesting characters. =-)

    But I have to say, in addition to CSW and Chae Rim, the little girl playing Ye-eun really did a lot in making this drama so appealing for me. A lot of shows and movies just use the kid characters as cute props, but Ye-eun is an interesting character in her own right. She reminds me of Mijoo in MNIKSS due to her stubborn silence. But unlike Mijoo, Ye-eun isn’t smiley all the time, she is kind of a sad kid. That’s why it’s so sweet watching Kae-hwa and now Minwoo bring smiles to her adorable face. And I love that Ye-eun says her “first” word when Kae-hwa is trying to convince her to be patient while they wait for Minwoo to come around and love her. Ye-eun seems so wise and patient in that scene, and I like to think that she is agreeing to Kae-hwa to never hold a grudge against her father because he couldn’t bring himself to care properly for her right off the bat. He loves her now, and that is all that matters. And the pants-tugging scene…so cute… she loves her daddy right back.

    This show just melts me. I am definitely going to miss it when it’s gone.

  44. 44 Anon


    Is she his mother?

    LOL he’s a son with malice then to his mother. Err… that came out wrong. :p

    Thanks JB for the recap! Funny! Sooo enjoyed the Yoo-ra stinkface moments too. Such a guilty pleasure to watch her squirm. :p

    My fave in this epi though, aside from the hero scene was the how was your day convo. That was sooo natural, like a married couple. :p

  45. 45 ms kim

    I didn’t like Chae Rim as an actress after her two recent dramas (Spring Days and Good Job). Since Oh My Lady, my opinion has changed. Chae Rim is doing a very good job in this series, actually she is perfect for this role. She reminds me a lot of Choi Jin Shil(Please, Rest in Peace), and hopefully Chae Rim can step into roles left by Ms Choi.

    On the other hand, I cannot stand Park Han Byul. Her only expression is like her having crams during that time of the month. She was the same in Jolly Widow. Maybe she just stick to being Mrs. Seven.

  46. 46 firsttimenewbie

    I love this drama.

    Just the understated-ness of it all really gets to me. The way he just went MinWoo just got out of the car, pissed goes in, and just shoves the reporter (and the purse, hee, grabbing the purse, which girl wouldn’t notice that little tidbit). It’s not because he becomes the hero, but because in that action shows how much he cares for KH. His whole demeanor in even the way he shoved the reporter, pretty angry, and grabs her things and goes out with her–it’s hard for anyone to NOT believe they are a couple. Or rather, hard for anyone NOT to believe that he does care deeply for her.

    And another reason I love this drama
    In the car, where she’s peeved and giving it to him over his announcement:
    KH: What kind of good relationship do we have?
    MW: Well, it’s not a bad (emphasis on bad) relationship.

    For some reason, I am not worried about how they are going to end it. I was wondering how it would be possible before episode 11 and 12. But after 12, I don’t know, I see that a bond has been formed with them first. The attraction was earlier and just sort of left out after that. Which is fine with me actually. It just makes sense for them to have a strong bond first.

  47. 47 janie

    Oh My Gentleman! Sounds like CJW’s acting skill will reach the same par as KMM & SKH hyung in no time ^ ^

  48. 48 xiahkixiri


    okay honest to God question, javabeans: can korean phones not be switched off? really?

  49. 49 splgt001

    @ 48 xiahkixiri – too funny and so true

  50. 50 AuntieMame

    ” … a weak, weak man who has been married to a strong woman whom he has grown to dislike because she is proof of his weakness. Oh, he’d like to tell himself his wife is a pushover, but underneath her meek exterior is a spine of steel, and he knows it. It’s probably been emasculating to live with someone whose very existence as a competent and hard-working person casts your own incompetence into stark relief, which is why both men remarried weaker women who made them feel good.”

    Sad, but a truer word has never been spoken. And, the inevitable question is why these men don’t or become stronger …

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