Dramabeans Podcast #2
by | July 3, 2010 | 83 Comments

Here it is, Dramabeans Podcast #2!

Wherein javabeans and girlfriday discuss:

our favorite rainy-day dramas;
our thoughts on oppa and noona;
Coffee House;
shipper wars;
love triangles, as used in Boys Before Flowers;
and also as used in Dawson’s Creek;
Bad Guy;
and a comparison of Road No. 1 and Comrades.

Among other rambly things.

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Also: If you have questions for us, leave them in the comments below and we’ll keep ’em in mind for the future.

Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“나의 이름을 불러줘” (Call my name) by Cloud Cuckoo Land
“She Is” by Clazziquai from the My Name Is Kim Sam-soon OST
“미안해야 하는 거니” (Do I have to be sorry?) by As One from the Delightful Girl Chun-hyang OST
“날 닮은 그대” (You resemble me) by Dynamic Duo from the Bad Family OST
“Bonbon au chocolate II” from the My Name Is Kim Sam-soon OST
“This Is Not a Love Song” by Nouvelle Vague from the Soulmate OST
“누나의 꿈” (Noona’s Dream) by Hyun Young
“가시꽃” by Jung Yeob from the Bad Guy OST
“바람이 되어서라도” by Hwanhee from the Road No. 1 OST
“Say Goodbye” by Park Yong-ha

(We recorded this before Park Yong-ha’s passing so we didn’t get a chance to discuss it, but I wanted to at least feature one of his songs here.)


83 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. xiaoSxin

    Another podcast!! Thanks so much!!! I’ve been waiting for the next one for a while now.. you guys are great!

  2. jt


  3. pinksoysauce

    Omg! Thanks; these are so fun.

  4. birdscout

    Can’t listen to this now as I’m at work, but can’t wait to listen to it later! Thank you, both!

  5. yellow

    I have yet to listen to these but so excited to be able to do so! later when m in bed hehehehe! before I matured into a drama enthusiast. I was a Dawson’s Creek fans a big dawson’s creek fan! gotta listen to you gals SOOOOOOOOOON!

  6. aberdeen_angus

    Woooo! I was wondering about the podcasts when GF was introduced officially and now here’s #2! Yay, thanks, girls!

    *off to listen*

  7. dannaluk

    OMG..I have the same rainy day drama…Choon Hyang was not aonly my first Hong drama ever but also my first kdrama…so i always go back to that drama whenever Im feeling down…lol

  8. Christina

    Yess!!! I was waiting for another one. Awesome~

  9. Maceknits

    Can’t wait to listen!

  10. 10 maria

    man, the kim sam-soon ost songs are just taking me back– great start, ladies! 😀

  11. 11 supah

    Man, PYH’s Say Goodbye is going to haunt us for a while.

    That was a wonderful 40-odd mins there, thanks GF & JB!
    Loved and agreed with probably all opinions that were tossed about.
    I loved the idea of a ‘rainy days’ drama list, must compile such a list for myself.

    Haha! ‘War dramas, oh woe, dramas!”?

  12. 12 Observer

    Er…dramabeans, can you ladies be a bit more focus, rather than keep rambling, giggling and speaking so s….l….o…w…..ly!! You lost the my attention in the first 3 minutes and am falling zzzzzzzzzz…….^____________^V

  13. 13 Selli

    OMG, you have a cat?! =D Awesome, and so cute ^___^

    I loved this podcast too, I could listen to you two talking for years 😉

  14. 14 eianv.e

    I have been waiting for a new podcast!! The last one was very enjoyable, I’m listening to this one right now 😀

  15. 15 oh! tht! chick!

    is it just me or is any1 else experiencing problems with the podcast…its good untill up to the 17th minute ( and damn tht’s where the CH discussion starts 🙁 🙁 ) after which the audio keeps dropping….

    ok to whatever i heard yaaay new korean swearwords could always come in handy!! and rainy day dramas..i thought coppee prince would have topped the list….but hey looove mnikss too so not complaining…i stopped watching delightful girl after abt ep 10 i think….think when i got to it i had pretty much watched sooo many dramas tht have a similar storyline tht i was hmmm boring… my raining day dramas are obv CP and MNIKSS and goong as well <3 JJH in it!

  16. 16 doozy

    Thanks for another treat, javabeans and girlfriday! An entertaining listen, as usual.

  17. 17 Amg1

    @JB, @Girlfriday. You Ladies rock the house once again, Thank you for your hard work!!!!!
    @oh! tht! chick!, the discussion is set in “stereo” so one lady is in different channels (Right JB, Left Girlfriday) check your settings that may solve your problem.

  18. 18 myra

    Haha, you know, about cursing in korean, I actually use ‘issekiya’ and ‘shibal’ a lot in my conversations with my siblings (but of course not with my mom or dad they would kill me and not with my friends either), but I don’t think they’re too harsh(?) I don’t know, may be because I take it more like a joke, and just for fun. I mean I can use that words whenever we’re having a casual convo and also when having a fight.

  19. 19 maria

    OMG your “~~~oppAaaaAAaa~~~” is just giving me 10 minute lols! i keep rewinding! WAHAHAHAH!! i imagine it with the pouty wiggle thingy. LOL

    and thanks for explaining swear words (brave, btw. *high fives*) i was totally wondering why ki hoon and the mom was calling moon geun young the same thing. LOL thanks for that!
    i love what you guys said about self-preservation and participating in the dynamics that make or break that .. it truly IS an “adult problem” and it’s only adults who participate in a *dance* that ultimately hurts the very thing they wanted to protect. it’s crazy, and i hate being an adult just for it. i mean, it makes for good television, certainly, but demmet, i am not in television, now am i?!?! and GOD i CANNOT think of dong-wook as a consolation.. my GOD WOMAN, just give him to me PLEASE. you’re right aabout the plot solidying and taking a proper trajectory, anyway. so seriously? just… if dong wook is gonna be any sort of “consolation”, just give him to me. PLEASE. everyone deserves to be number 1, right? //coffee house rant over. LOL
    the dawson’s creek-veronica mars comparison is.. just… i can’t even. you”re right about the lopsided triangles, but at least it makes sense why the writers went the way they did in v.mars, even though how it played out ultimately ran a different end from how it was set up– coz Logan-Veronica was EPIC, MAN. EPIC. the last minute dawson-joey-pacey thing was just…. it felt forced. there, i said it. whatevs, point is: ………IS THERE NEVER GOING TO BE A VERONICA MARS MOVIE, PLEASE!?!?!? (wow, this podcast is getting me worked up, lol)

    bad guy for me feels… raw. like i’m not getting the BAD GUY feel from it (bad BOY, yes. ultimate bad guy, NO), mostly coz the title itself sets you up for expectations, and i don’t know whether it’s the pacing or the characterizations, but i feel like even though he’s still at the evil machinations phase, that nothing TOO BAD is ever really going to play out. …i’m not saying that’s what’s gonna happen, i’m saying that’s sort of what it seems to me: a generally happy ending kind of story. but.. yeah, that’s just me.

    but yeah, i really enjoyed this! THANK YOUUU jb and gf! this is always fun— i actually broke out some popcorn and soda and got comfy for this. LOL! 😀
    “no flowers for you!” LOL — HAHAHAHA priceless.

  20. 20 magichouse

    Thanks for the podcast, very enjoyable.

    haha “kill your babies” that’s a saying i didnt know about until now, you can just feel the pending awkwardness. definitely shouldn’t be used in general conversation.

    im disappointed Mixed-up Investigative Agency wasn’t mentioned as a rainy day favourite 😛 i always seem to be going back to watch that crazy awesomeness.

  21. 21 zinaa


  22. 22 javabeans

    oh man that stereo business shoulda been fixed — but i must’ve dropped it back to stereo from mono. i’ll fix it.

  23. 23 LeMonS

    Okay, saving the podcast to listen to on my flight to Korea!

  24. 24 Nhu

    I love your podcast. I really do!

    Love the additions and changes you made. The music levels are much better, and the (loose) structure of the podcast helps organize it. Nonetheless, there’s still that fun vibe to it – like the listener is eavesdropping at a bar or something. I find it very enjoyable! It would be AMAZING if you could turn this into a biweekly or monthly thing.

  25. 25 CW

    With Coffee House, the only confusion with the love triangle is in the way the story was set up. In traditional rom-coms, you have the:

    The couple does wacky things together (check)
    They fall in love (???????)

    So there’s a certain expectation viewers have with the way the characters were introduced and how the story will unfold.

    However, there’s this entirely different plot going on and logically, it looks clear where this drama is heading… but you just can’t forget that this is a rom-com and somehow, the whole “falling in love” part with the other pairing just might happen. You don’t know how. You know when. But the possibility exists. Plus it doesn’t help there’s a novel that ends differently. lol.

    And that’s the same thing the shippers for that pairing are banking on. So when they watch the story, gestures that would normally be considered romantic are now considered platonic… just to keep that other door open.

    I actually think the director doesn’t think the lead couple is confusing at all. lol. Perhaps the viewers are just stuck in certain rom-com conventions that it’s hard for us to think outside the box.

    I do agree with JB’s opinion of the Dawson Creek soulmate thing. The Dawson-Joey thing was just lame as hell. So they had to end it with Pacey.

    Well, this is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to so I don’t know if this is the usual length but it felt long to me.
    Can you play the short clips in the background instead of inserting them in between the rest of the podcast. In my opinion, it sort of interrupts the flow. Actually, towards the end, it was fine. But at the beginning, the spoken parts were too short for so many clips. Perhaps the clips should be shorter? Just very short (5 second? lol) snippets.
    Your voices are beautiful but perhaps a bit too soothing? lol. Good for easy listening radio however, I felt that you guys could have upped the energy.

    The good:
    The chemistry between you guys was good. No awkward pauses.

  26. 26 janna

    I don’t think I have any rainy day dramas… I rarely go back and watch things, but I do go back and listen to certain songs from shows. (I started to laugh listening to the Hyun Young song, oh man it’s so ….)

    I felt watching Triple was like watching a Japanese “human drama” in a way, because the story didn’t come on too strong. But even those dramas have some sort of family relationship or social status issue to bookend it all. Triple just had no substance.

    I haven’t watched the war dramas, I feel like movies do it better. It’s not about special effects to me, it’s just the pacing. Also, if Road No. 1 is just about one guy… blah. A war show is better suited to be a certain unit or team of members and their stories. The clash between peoples backgrounds, but working for a common goal sort of angle.

    Well, I really liked this podcast. I hope it becomes at least bi-monthly or something, have a good weekend you two!

  27. 27 ilovekimchee

    I loved the podcast!
    I liked what you said about the director being the most important part of a drama. Whom do you think are the best kdrama directors?What about writers?

    Also, I don’t know if it’s my mic in particular, but at times one of you guys would sound far away.
    Thanks again! 🙂

  28. 28 Miky

    jajja i would’t have dreamed of finding the cover of Dragostea din Tei (Hyun Young – Noona’s Dream)in here jajja,Didn’t know they made aslso an korean version of the song

  29. 29 Chuck

    I have a question: what happened to the actress who played the young Jang Geum in Dae Jang Geum? She was so bright and adorable. But I don’t follow K-Dramas as obsessively as some, so I haven’t seen anything of her since then.

  30. 30 Sarranghae

    For CH — can we consider it really a love triangle when the lead (JS) is not actually torn between 2 woman yet??

  31. 31 Cyclic

    Shiba (It’s pronounced Shi-bal) is the Korean F word btw. A “hard” cuss word.

  32. 32 annieee

    it’s such a joy listening to you guys! thank you!
    and thank you for talking about two of my fav dramas: kim sam soon <3 <3 and soulmate!

  33. 33 Keeley

    I haven’t a chance to listen to the first podcast yet but I’m really enjoying this one 😀

    You guys are very entertaining and well spoken. I also like how you break down your subjects so the discussion sounds very complete.

  34. 34 okdubu

    LOL “what were we talking about?”

    loved this too 🙂

  35. 35 me:]

    I love your podcasts. They’re always so funny and interesting despite the fact that i already have an idea of your answers/opinions based on your entries and things that i’ve read on this site. And you guys can express yourselves and your ideas so well, but i probably could’ve guessed as much from your writing. Although i do know some people who speak plainly but can write eloquently.

    I dont agree with the criticisms offered by other commentors. -_- Some are quite rude and sound pretty condescending.

    I think the music clips in between topics are a good pause (of GOOD LENGTH), and a good break for the audience to reflect or just to appreciate the mood that the music brings.

    i felt that the amount of energy in your voices was just right. I don’t really know how much more energy “CW” expected you guys to put in without squealing. And i wouldnt say your voices are soothing, but rather textured. And it sounds like a lively, fun discussion to me. You guys kept an upbeat energy the whole time.

    i also had no problem with the length because if you’re enjoying the discussion you won’t think it’s long at all. And those weakass complainers can just pause and come back to the rest later can’t they?! Frankly i like having a long podcast so i can just let it play and lie and listen on my bed without having to move.

    was i too defensive?
    its cuz you guys are just delightful!

  36. 36 okdubu

    WOW just finished the podcast, and the new yks/sjs/khn drama just sounds HORRIBLE lol i’m gonna steer clear of that.

    park yongha’s “say goodbye” o m g ;________________;

  37. 37 jt

    im done listening to it and the OPPA thing caught me off guard. i was sleepy (not that it was boring, it’s 5am in the morning) until that moment came. now i know why korean men loved it especially with that tone. i think the podcast rocks. i dont care about the giggling, rambling and slow talk as what i’ve read above..

    best comfort drama i think is SOULMATE, because for some reason it is 12 episodes and it is so funny and refreshing.

    about the curse words, i never thought that there is a hard and ok curse words. from the country i live, if it’s a bard word, you receive the same degree of punishment. and that is intense pain in the ass.

    i’ve read positive comments of Comrades already from MisterX’s twitter and he/she added that it could possibly be the drama of the year. so i was not surprised at all. but boy oh boy, is Road Number 1 really that bad? i was planning a double dose of war dramas to MAN me up. i think im goin to pass road number until there will be positive comments. so tonight will be Comrades all the way. plus the subs are pretty fast!

    it was a good 40 minutes.

  38. 38 Stephen

    You guys are awesome!!! Very entertaining and insightful and I completely agree with everything you said, especially the veronica mars bit lol..

  39. 39 kiwichan08

    Awesome!! I was waiting for this!!

    I love listening to you guys. I love hearing your thoughts on dramas.
    haha when javabeans said “opppaaaa~” I couldn’t help but laugh. It was just too cute >.< If I was guy, I'd buy you whatever you want XD

    For those who said they think it's too long, you must not listen to podcasts much cause 40-50min. is nothing. I listen to Harry Potter and kpop podcasts and they last from 1-4 hours.

    I cannot wait for the next podcast!!

  40. 40 CW


    You seemed hurt by my comments and I definitely wasn’t trying to be rude. I thought they wanted feedback but reading it, I guess they wanted questions? My bad. I will know better next time. I listened to the entire thing even though I’ve never seen Bad Guy or any of the war stuff – so I found it entertaining overall. It was simply my opinion with no intent to offend.

  41. 41 lovenyc52

    yay! love your podcasts 🙂 thanks!

  42. 42 Nhu

    Guess I’ll weigh in on the few criticisms so far.

    Length-wise I think you’re hitting the right spot. I’m an avid podcast listener, especially of “gabfests” (term from the slate magazine podcasts, which discuss topics in depth like you do). Theirs is about this length too. Also, yours come out less often, so the longer length is appreciated. I mean, podcast length definitely varies, but there is no way that indepth discussions can be had if it was shorter. And like another commentator said, if you find it too long (which I did not) pause and come back later.

    The songs were PERFECT transitions from one topic to the next. No complaints there. And in case you want to “structure” the podcast any more, I say don’t. I love the breezy, fun vibe mixed with intelligent articulate responses. It will come off stilted if you suppress the tangents and diversions. Maybe its because all the podcasts I follow do this but I like having all the personal asides that you mentioned you cut out while recapping in the podcasts. I mean, that’s what friends discussing dramas sound like together!

    And I did not feel any lack of energy between you two. You guys sounded like you were having a lot of fun, which was great. Some podcast hosts sound like they’re in a stuffy hot room being tortured. If you do sound “serious” discussing dramas… Well, isn’t that the attitude javabeans and girlfriday had always called for? I love that the podcast reflects your philosophy. Taking dramas for what they are, and discussing them without condescension or frivolity in an entertaining manner.

  43. 43 curiouscat

    love the podcast! you girls rock! i like the insert songs especially the song by as one. i just love that song ~ tugs at my heart. thanks jb and girlfriday! your discussions are so fun and lively, can’t wait for the next one.

  44. 44 mtong

    just wanted to say really enjoyed your podcast 😀

  45. 45 yoyo

    omg where can i download these songs! i loved the one from delightful girl choon hyang!

  46. 46 yoyo

    seriously just figured out i could make myself cry on demand while listening to that song so beautiful!

  47. 47 ltahk

    Would love to hear you guys talk about your favorite kdrama actors and actresses.

  48. 48 winnie

    Thanks for the podcast! It’s so much FUN to listen to. The “Oppaaaa” part was hilarious, and I laughed so hard when javabeans joked about how Mo-nae would react when she finds out about Gunwook and Taera. “Unni, WTH?” If it doesn’t sound exactly like that in the show, I will be severely disappointed.

  49. 49 Rossi

    Another fun listening! Thank you for this treat.

    I don’t know about others but at parts I have problems with your voices glitching and fading out. But other than that, it was awesome as usual.

    My questions:

    1) If a giant cheese attack Korea and well all other places that can store K-drama, which two dramas will you save?

    2) This question is more of a creepy nature so please don’t answer if you’re uncomfy with it. But I was wondering where did girlfrday come from. Other recappers seem to be readers of your blog b/c I could recognize some of the names in comments. But girlfriday just sort of pop out of nowhere in all her awesome sauce-ness with “The woman who still want to marry” and I always wonder about that.

  50. 50 hanjanman

    Thank you very much for Podcast 2! I kept on laughing throughout. Will have to download it so I could listen to it again together with Podcast 1. Great job again JB noona and Girlfriday. And thank you for teaching me how to swear in Korean, lol!


    Why are there far too many coincidences in Kdramas? I could understand it being used in makjang dramas but even those I consider ‘cool’ dramas, like Story of a Man(rest in peace Park Yong Ha) and Iris, used the boys(friends or enemies) falling for the same girl’ coincidence device. I must be a certified Kdramaholic because, even after watching about hundreds of Kdramas now, I still fall for it time after time! My favourite would be the utter outrageousness of East of Eden wherein the babies of sworn enemies are swapped at birth and both boys(enemies) falling for the same girl when they grew up! I watched all 56 episodes of it, believe you me.

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