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I Am Legend: Episode 7
by | August 27, 2010 | 49 Comments

The above screencap comes from one of my favorite scenes in this episode. I love that this drama focuses on all the girls in the band; while Ah Reum still needs some more development, I’m sure we’ll get there after this week’s episodes – which were great in keeping up the momentum by the way! This was the first time I watched two episodes from this series back to back. If this series ends in 16 episodes, then it’s mighty high time that the series got to where it was by this past week. If it ends in 20, I’m mighty hoping that they don’t drag it out.

No, Seung Hye did not see the obvious black car parked in front of the house, and she did not see her ex-husband with his jaw dropped to the floor. Seol Hee is not the least bit surprised, and when she says, “From what I know, they’ve been together for quite a while,” it seems that she knew about the affair but was choosing to turn a blind eye to it.

The housekeeper asks Ji Wook if the party has been canceled. What party? Ji Wook and Seung Hye quickly figure out that Seol Hee has been snooping around, and with a male friend. Seung Hye has a light bulb moment, and she privately asks the housekeeper if it was Tae Hyun who was with Seol Hee, showing him a picture of the two together. The housekeeper confirms it. Not good.

While Seol Hee returns to an empty, dark apartment to wallow by herself, Tae Hyun sits by his sleeping son’s bedside and strokes Noori’s hair.

Kwang Yul suggests to Soo In that the girls should try out some local gigs. It might bring in the extra income they need. However when Soo In brings up the possibility of the Madonna Band going to the broadcast station and getting on a show, Kwang Yul shoots her down – is she crazy? Who’s gonna wanna watch a bunch of ahjummas singing?

Back from her little getaway, Seung Hye storms into Tae Hyun’s apartment accusing him of getting involved into other people’s affairs. Wow hypocrite. She admits that she was in love with Ji Wook before she met Tae Hyun, and since she loves him, how can it be shameful to want him? She’s a true Camilla Parker Bowles. Seung Hye even turns it against Tae Hyun: “If you had given me half of what you gave to your music, then I wouldn’t be obsessed with Lawyer Cha.” Oh no you din’t girlfriend – you just made me wanna give you a cyber-slap.

Seol Hee wants to meet up with Park Ki Chul, but the phone number she uses has already been disconnected. Turns out he’s living quite poorly, but changes his prepaid cellphones every so often. Ji Wook manages to reach him first and arranges to meet at a cafe. he offers Ki Chul money, but Ki Chul scoffs. If Ji Wook really wants to compensate him, then he should write a public apology first. After that’s done, they can talk. Ji Wook asks for some time – as a representative for his law firm he can’t just do things without the other lawyers’ permission. But then he asks if Seol Hee already has the incriminating CD. Park Ki Chul laughs – so that was the real reason for the meeting? Ask Seol Hee.

I’m surprised Ji Wook can control his anger and hasn’t sent hoodlums after the dude.

And then it’s show time! The documentary airs on television and the Madonna girls get together to watch. Despite the heavy focus on Ran Hee, the girls giggle and clap their hands in delight when they see themselves in the background. It doesn’t matter if they’re the stars or not – THEY’RE ON TV!! Of course, MoaE also sees it on the TV at the spa, and she’s embarrassed as heck; reporters are even calling the house. Ran Hee is watching it in a private bar room with her manager and getting a lot of calls. (It’s kind of sad though, that she celebrates with her manager only all the time.) Tae Hyun joins the party later – only to tell them that he is breaking the contract agreement with Ran Hee, and won’t write any more songs for her.

Of course, when the documentary reaches the part about their failed stage debut, the girls become somber. Soo In brings up the possibility that they can become a professional band – Kwang Yul is willing to help them get another local gig, which could legitimize them. Hwa Ja shushes her – Seol Hee still has her trial to worry about! And everyone has other lives. But Seol Hee agrees – it is a good idea. They love to perform, and no matter what to do, they can only do their best with their lives. So they might as well go for it!

First up: the name. Ah Reum wants a new name, but Hwa Ja won’t let go of Madonna. She breaks out into “Like a Virgin” and shakes her body.

Ah Reum: “Madonna really made a comeback…as a fat woman!”
Hwa Ja: What did you say!? How can you not tell the difference between fat and glamour!?

But Ah Reum’s comment strikes a chord with Seol Hee – how about they name themselves ‘Comeback Madonna Band’? It reverberates with everyone, and they bring their hands together in a circle to cheer. But Ah Reum – keeping the group young – says they should try a move that’s more “idol” like – and hence, the birth of the “palm cheer.” (Or the “High Five” cheer. Or the “In Your Face” cheer. Whatever you want to call it.)

And guess who is waiting outside the studio for Seol Hee to come out? Tae Hyun asks her to get in the car, and he gathers enough courage to admit that Seung Hye is his ex-wife. (Thank goodness it comes out now, instead of dragging out that secret.) Seol Hee is shocked, because it means he knew more about her than she had realized. She thought he was probably just pulling her leg because he thought she was pathetic, but Tae Hyun insists that he didn’t think that way. He was worried about Seol Hee because he knew exactly how vicious Seung Hye could be in court.

He also tells her that he had no idea about Seung Hye’s affair until that day. He was blind sided too, and instead of thinking that he was honestly helping her, he managed to look like a fool. Tae Hyun apologizes, especially for getting involved with the case, but Seol Hee says it’s her fight to win.

Ji Wook prepares for another meeting with Park Ki Chul, but this time he’s brought police as backup. Park Ki Chul doesn’t show up for a while, and so Ji Wook goes to the bathroom. There, Ki Chul assaults him. He knows about the cops, and so negotiation is officially off the table. One of them is going to have to die for this “nightmare” to end. He runs off, and the police can’t track Ki Chul down.

Before Seol Hee goes off for trial, Jin Bae gives her one last piece of advice – to prepare herself mentally for court. She can easily lose if she lets her emotions get in the way. Outside the courtroom, Ki Chul calls her with an eerie message: he’ll take care of everything, so she can live the rest of her life happily.

Ki Chul’s way of “taking care” of everything means driving a massive truck and causing an accident as Ji Wook heads to the courthouse. It’s an attempted murder gone completely wrong, as Ji Wook gets out of it with just a few scratches, and Ki Chul is hauled off to jail. The trial is postponed for a later date, but Jin Bae realizes that Ki Chul’s evidence must be solid if he were this crazy to pull this stunt. He’ll have to visit Ki Chul in jail to try and get it from him.

We get some comic relief in the form of Hwa Ja and her husband. Duk Soo comes in asking for some money so that he can try investing in a business, but Hwa Ja refuses – he lost a lot of money before, and she won’t let him do it again. He tries to sweet talk her and cuddle, but Ah Reum comes in at that moment – and Hwa Ja pushes her husband away, sending him flyyying over the cushions.

Ki Chul is completely reluctant to speak with Jin Bae, since for all he knows, Ji Wook could have sent Jin Bae to get the evidence from him. Although it will take a while to get Ki Chul to trust him, Jin Bae has also taken over Ki Chul’s case. When Seung Hye hears about this, her eyes grow wide in fear. She immediately calls Tae Hyun to see if he introduced Jin Bae to Seol Hee. He did, and he is now hanging up because he’s too busy to talk to the ex-wife.

It’s the date of the trial. Seol Hee’s first witness is Seung Hye – and it’s the battle of the women. Seol Hee asks if Seung Hye had a ‘colleague’ relationship with Ji wook, and Seol Hee says, “I don’t understand the question.” She does admit that they’ve been friends since college.

Seol Hee states that Seung Hye goes to Ji Wook’s apartment quite often every week. Seung Hye easily brushes it off witht he excuse of work, but Seol Hee points out that if it’s about work, why not meet at the office? Why meet at 10pm? “Instead of working at the office, working so often at his apartment is really strange. Like making dinner in the master bedroom instead of the kitchen.”

Oooh – well, “spooning” was definitely involved. Seung Hye turns pale at the implication.

Seol Hee also points out that at the country house, the two of them acted like a married couple. She has a statement from a maid that the two of them went to the country house every month and acted like a lovey-dovey couple. Unfortunately, Seung Hye also points out that the maid has since been fired, and could be spreading lies as a form of revenge.

Meanwhile, Jin Bae is still working on Ki Chul to get the evidence. Ki Chul’s mouth is sealed, so Jin Bae gives up. Just as he’s about to leave, that’s when Ki Chul decides to trust Jin Bae. He gives him the evidence – the CD.

Jin Bae calls Tae Hyun – can Tae Hyun take the evidence to court? Well… it’s a little awkward to barge in with his ex-wife involved…but he’ll find a way to let Seol Hee know. Tae Hyun calls Ah Reum – can she go over to the courthouse? I love how the three of them call each other and team up to help Leader Jun Seol Hee – it’s a great frantic scene as they try to rush to the courthouse before the trial ends.

And the trial is turning favorably towards Ji Wook. Seung Hye interviews a former coworker, who confesses that Seol Hee was not the best worker and looked like she was only trying to seduce Ji Wook. Then Seung Hye brings out her wild card: a witness in the form of Mother of all Evil – who is crying fake tears into her stupid handkerchief.

MoaE is a wonderful actress. She blames herself for all of Seol Hee’s faults and wild ways, because she indulged in Seol Hee as if she were her real daughter. She says she felt bad that Seol Hee was an orphan at a young age, and she did have some high expectations from her daughter-in-law.

MoaE: It’s true I thought you were lacking to be Ji Wook’s wife. But as soon as you became part of my family, I wanted to make you my beloved daughter-in-law. That is why I wanted to teach you the things you lacked. But truly, like my own daughter, I wanted to teach you how to become someone who lives under our roof with our status…
MoaE:…But how can you be this cruel? You know how much we treasure you. You knew, but how could you? How could you? *SNIFF SNIFF*
Kaedejun: Oh get a room – for you and your precious tears.

The judge turns to Seol Hee – does she have any last words? Seol Hee is too shell-shocked, but she knows that she still has to go on with the trial. She tries to compose herself for her final statements, when suddenly Ah Reum hurries into the court room. She hands a note to Seol Hee.

Seol Hee: Excuse me, can we have a break for a moment?

Seung Hye stares, and then turns quickly to Ji Wook. Seol Hee’s eyes blaze and she glares right back at Ji Wook.



Oh my goodness – this episode really zoomed by. Even as I recapped it, it seemed a lot shorter than all the other episodes. The divorce is coming to an end!!!

Ji Wook’s mother – she is the most annoying character in the WORLD and I love her for it. The actress Cha Hwa Yun is great here; I last saw her in Angel’s Temptation where she played the weak wife and Bae Soo Bin’s mother. She was frustrating there too because she was fainting every other half-hour… huh, she’s really got a niche going on there. But anyways – evil mother! I wanted to slap her so many times, if only the computer screen and the Pacific Ocean weren’t in the way…

My favorite scene though is when Tae Hyun sits by Noori’s bedside after he finds out about Seung Hye’s affair. It’s a very quiet and understated scene, because that is when he realizes that his little boy’s mother is quite a piece of work. I interpreted that scene as his desire to shield Noori from that truth, and it’s touching that his first thought after the discovery goes to his son, instead of wallowing in self-pity and loathing.

Episode 7 may not have seemed like it moved along very far in terms of the case (after all, it’s just more back-and-forth and incriminating Seol Hee). However, I found it very integral in laying the groundwork for episode 8. It tied up loose ends with Park Ki Chul’s involvement with the divorce, and everyone is aware of the truth. It’s also the episode where Seol Hee grows a spine. She’s been confronted with the truth – a truth she probably denied during her five years of marriage – so she has no choice but to harden her heart a little more, if she wants to win.


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  1. jm126

    She’s a true Camilla Parker Bowles.

    YESSSS. Nice comparison!

  2. 84myriam


  3. all4movies

    My worst fear? That Noori is Ji Wook’s son!!!

    • 3.1 Jae

      Oh dear lord! The horror….gahhhhhhh!!!!

    • 3.2 phoebe

      arghhhhh that’s really possible! DX
      esp considering Seunghye said she’s been friends with JW since college..:O

      • 3.2.1 Kelela

        This is a twist that may happen. It won’t end good for Seung Hye even if she thinks she’ll get Ji Wook. Will MoaE accept a child that was born out of wedlock because of an affair? Will she accept that her son wants to make a relationship with a woman that cheated on her own marriage when he cheated on his?

        The potential for MoaE scenarios are huge! Even as a B story.

    • 3.3 Dele

      that is exactly what I thought too, I hope they don’t do that to TH or Noori.

  4. LeMonS

    See…my thoughts when Tae Hyun sat at Noori’s bedside after he found out about (evil) Seung Hye’s affair is:
    1) How long has the affair been going on? (we know how long she’s been in love)
    2) Is the boy really his?

  5. emeldy

    I know many will hate me for saying this but i gotta admit I find SH soon to be ex-husband Hot. I hate his character…. but he’s a damn good actor. I cannot wait for him to get a main lead character. I am so impressed by him i am planning to watch his old works.

    • 5.1 jossy

      OMG me too!! I’m having 2nd Male Lead crush.. lol the gu

    • 5.2 jossy

      OMG me too!! I’m having 2nd Male Lead crush.. lol the guy exudes manliness.. unf unf.. 😀

    • 5.3 yen_nguyen

      I think he is the main lead in IAL from the very start. I always believe that the story is about SH and his husband.

      • 5.3.1 llama

        actually i’m pretty sure the husband’s the main lead. if you look at the search IAL via naver, the official site puts seol hee and jiwook tgt. if he was the 2nd lead, it’ll be seol hee, taehyun THEN jiwook. that’s how i figured out who was the female lead for coffee house too. heh

    • 5.4 missy

      it would be really thrilling if they get back together. i mean after the divorce trial, he will realize that he is in love (again) with SH. then he will pursue her in every possible way.

      TH and SI pair will be great too 😉

    • 5.5 hairband

      Haha isn’t he Jumong (in Jumong)?

      • 5.5.1 oi

        yes, for the part he got an award

    • 5.6 danni

      So it’s not just me 🙂 Yeah, Ji-wook’s a total jerk, but he’s compelling when he’s on screen. It’s weird to have 2nd male lead crush on such a guy.

  6. cheanne

    Thanks. Been waiting for this. I am excited for your recap of episode 8. More power.

  7. h311ybean

    Dang, there was no kiss in the obvious black car like I hoped 🙁 but despite that, I loved this episode, too! At last we understand why the band was promoted as the “Comeback Madonna Band.” Ah-reum trying to put a fresh spin on things was so cute.

    I must admit that I am not at all a fan of Ji-wook (Tae-hyun totally blows him out of the water, even with the Beatles haircut), so I loved watching Ki-chul toying with him and YAY for the evidence. I couldn’t understand why Lawyer Go first telling Seol-hee not to take it, then turning around and getting it for her, until I read the recap, so thanks Kaedejun!

    I also hated MoaE *grrr* and Seol-hee’s gold lame hoochie mama “suit” at the postponed trial. When I first saw her second outfit, I was glad to see that she had put on something sedate for once… then she stood up and her skirt was gone :-p Oh well, she’s getting there!

    Looking forward to the recap for Ep 8!

    • 7.1 oi

      “then she stood up and her skirt was gone ”
      you had me LOL

    • 7.2 oi

      “then she stood up and her skirt was gone ”
      you had me LOL

      I don’t understand why Park Ki Chul tried to kill Jiwook. Why not just use the DVD? Simple and easy, no?

      • 7.2.1 h311ybean

        Glad you liked that :-p (Now I’m assuming that Seol-hee dressed like that when she was working at the legal office and trying to snare herself a lawyer, so as objectionable as we all find it, it’s still her idea of business attire.)

        Re: Ki-chul, I think at the time, Seol-hee hadn’t agreed to use the evidence, and he *reallyreallyreally* wanted to get his revenge on Ji-wook – and when you’re as angry and obsessed as he is, you’ll do anything. He had to land in jail for the lawyer to get the idea that the evidence was serious stuff and think of using it.

  8. saranga

    i thought what seung-hye told taehyun was that ji-wook was someody she should have met- not really did meet- before she met taehyun?? and that if he had given her even a fraction of the passion he’d poured into his music, she wouldn’t be so obsessed with ji-wook. correct me if i am wrong! does that still make her a camilla? lol

    • 8.1 saranga

      so basically i guess what she’s telling taehyun is that she’s hoping that ji-wook will give her the kind of attention and love that she wanted from taehyun, but never got, and hence why they divorced.

  9. Marie

    I’ll go for an ending match of Seol Hee and Tae Hyun…

    • 9.1 h311ybean

      Me, too. Unless the show’s writers are going to throw us a curveball in later episodes, it’s obvious at this point that he at least feels more of a connection to her over all the other possibilities.

  10. 10 paperdolls

    thanks very much for your much-awaited recap. love it as always. Can’t wait for recap of Episode 8. again, thanks a bunch! YOU’RE TRULY GREAT!

  11. 11 paperdolls

    Just wanted to point out a small typo error with the word “spooning”? Could you have meant “snooping”? It was just a very minor one anyway, and I noticed it because I love reviewing your recaps.

    • 11.1 h311ybean

      I think it *is* “spooning” – not only does it mean lying together cozily in bed, it’s also a clever pun by Kaedejun on what Seol-hee said about making dinner in the master bedroom. 🙂

  12. 12 dordorMM

    Great recaps, thanks, will recap ep 8 come out soon? Next Monday Seol Hee/Tae Hyun sure will gogogo, yeah!….

  13. 13 namemelydia

    LOL Hwa Ja’s husband flying (seriously) had me in laughter.
    Haaha my first thought, woah she’s strong.
    I also watched the episodes back to back :]

    • 13.1 h311ybean

      I’m not sure if I said it before, but as far as I’m concerned, Hwa-ja is the “muscle”/physical enforcer of the band because of how she is able to manhandle people :-p

  14. 14 oi

    kaedejun, thanks for the recap
    you are so funny

  15. 15 JenMarie

    I am always taking a scrunchie and throwing it at
    Seung Hye and MoaE. And all manner of evil from other dramas…

    Somehow it’s given my family the impression I’m crazy 🙂

  16. 16 müge

    I got a bit bored in episode 7. but I really liked episode 8 so I’m waiting for its recaps;)

  17. 17 Keld

    I kinda tired of the lead character being such a doormat, why choose a courtcase if you are not willing to do anything.

    Even that guy who wanted revenge on her husband was kinda stupid. If you wanted him dead why do it in such a stupid way. Plus if he wanted to destroy the mans life why not just post his evidence on the internet or send it to a media outfit, some stuff just doesn’t make sense in this drama

  18. 18 cecee

    What also doesn’t make sense is that if JW was such a high powered lawyer with a weathly family background why isn’t the media all over this divorce? Wouldn’t that normally be the case? Other than that I am glad the divorce is finally over.

    Thanks for the recaps!!!!

    • 18.1 cecee

      oops sorry guys. I jumped ahead. my bad.

  19. 19 hannahber

    “I wanted to slap her so many times, if only the computer screen and the Pacific Ocean weren’t in the way…”
    you are funny and great kaedejun… thanks for the recaps ^____^

  20. 20 Faye

    Thanks for the great recap!

  21. 21 Ani

    “evil mother! I wanted to slap her so many times, if only the computer screen and the Pacific Ocean weren’t in the way…”

    Hahaha¡ thanks, that make me guffaw, I love the caracters who make you want to kick theirs …ss, they can make you feel alive, and aggressive, jeje… but it is so, so funny…

  22. 22 clover24

    i hate hate hate !!!! what seol hee does with the evidence i wont say anymore but she could have ended it and won a nice bit of allimony but… obviously that would not turn the story how the writers wanted it sooo i’ll have to endure seung hye’s big ego for a few more episodes 🙁 xx thanks !

    • 22.1 korean_panda

      Yeah, i know how you feel. I wanted Jiwook and Seunghye to go down for what they did…but at the same time. I LOVED IT. It really shows character…she could have showed it…and destroyed the both of them but she’s not that kind of person. It would have been out of character if she did do it. It’s also something JW doesn’t expect..so it gets to him and I think that’s important. Besides from an outsider’s pov yeah he should be slapped or something but SeolHee really loves him so I don’t think she could do that to him….Anyway sorry for the rant it’s just my opinion. You can ignore me.

  23. 23 dramagassi

    Wow, it took 7 episodes to finalize the divorce! When I wrote my early review of this drama, little could’ve I guessed that.

    Check out my article @ http://www.koreandramas.org/preview/i-am-legend-may-be-so/

  24. 24 tam

    I thought the moment between Park Ki Chul & Ji wook was priceless… I almost died laughing after seeing Jiwook’s reaction when Park Ki Chul confronted him in the restroom. Brilliant lawyer outsmarted by the people he looks down on… I thought ” this is the way Seol Hee should do things”… like seriously girl! get a back bone!!!… I find her character to be a little fustrating at times but overall I thought it was another great episode!

  25. 25 eunice

    on-screen, seol-hee-ji-wook has more chemistry than seol-hee-TH… even seol hee and ji-wook are fighting in the court, both their eyes spoke volume of emotions… i hope they will get back together and be able to save their reationship….

  26. 26 SangHee

    is this the drama with u-kiss in it ?? ^-^

  27. 27 asianromance

    Yikes! I had totally forgotten to thank you for the episode 7 recap! THANK YOU!! Though I’m not watching the drama, I am still intrigued!!

  28. 28 Alex

    LMAO…@ the Camilla Parker Bowles refrence…great recap

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