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Yoon Eun-hye and Kim Hyun-joong in fall fashion
by | August 15, 2010 | 113 Comments

Kim Hyun-joong and Yoon Eun-hye in an adorable photoshoot for Basic House, featuring shirts from ManToMan in a campus-inspired couple look.

This is the pair’s second shoot for Basic House, and this time they were more natural, and reportedly more at ease with each other in the shoot.

Too cute for words.

Via BNT News


113 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kaedejun

    WHOA! there is no way they’re the same height. i wonder what trickery they used for the second photo to look the same height!

    • 1.1 row.an

      i don’t think it’s trickery. it looks like KHJ was slouching, and YEH was wearing realllly high heels…

      • 1.1.1 czakhareina

        look at his legs its hunched up while hers are straight and i think she wore heels.

        my fave pic would be the 1st & 3rd pics..
        he really is PRETTY…

        • Mphn17

          She wore heels as she usually does but even without it YEH is tall 168 cm I think. πŸ™‚ I think 5’5″ is tall b/c well.. I’m short at 5’1″. Haha. Even taller is KHJ at 5’9″. No trickery, just heels. πŸ˜€ They look sooo adorable together. πŸ˜€

    • 1.2 therainhouse

      I was like, whoa, did he shrink?

      They put too much gloss and makeup on him. He looks like a doll.

  2. moana

    i don’t think KHJ was really there. his expression is the same in all three pics. they used a cardboard cut-out of him . . . oh wait . . .

    • 2.1 Sere

      can’t unsee that now! :///

    • 2.2 Kathy

      lol, I agree. You can totally see the difference in experience between the two of them.

      • 2.2.1 pumpkinattack

        Totally agree. I was thinking that she looks way too “mature” for him… and that could have been what I was seeing.

        • J

          I think that what Kathy meant was that Eun Hye has much more experience than Hyun Joong in the modelling world as we can see in these pictures…She always has different expressions which makes it diversified while KHJ has the same expression in all of those pics.

    • 2.3 what is

      ahahhaha!!! that was brilliant! I read your comment, and I scrolled up. You’re right!!! Too funny!

    • 2.4 ...

      omg!!! too true… haii… and i was thinking they looked cute

      • 2.4.1 jang

        so true he was not there in person.total photoshop!!!!!!

        • bla

          it’s not photoshoop.
          he’s really there.

          it’s just that he doesn’t have any expression, only smiling.

        • bla

          and what MOANA said was sarcasm. obviously..
          oh ppl….

    • 2.5 yen_nguyen

      OH, that’s why the second pic looks weird.

    • 2.6 Hannah

      i was gonna object ’cause people seem to be not letting the expressionlessness go as it’s mentioned in every post of his but i scrolled up and loled.

      it really is identical. oh, KHJ. can’t unsee.

      it’s gotten to a point where that sameness of expression is like an amazing skill in itself.

      • 2.6.1 moochi

        you guys are so funny
        i don’t want to be mean, but he really needs to stop smiling the SAME WAY.

        btw YEH looks good =3

      • 2.6.2 chi

        LOL me too! I didn’t even notice till I got to the comments. Even the angle of his head is exactly the same. >_>

    • 2.7 moana

      lol, i dig this new site design where the comments seem like threaded conversations. i’m glad others can see what i could see. poor KHJ–only a few expressions in his toolbox. there’s even the same line on the right side of his face between his nose and mouth!

      i actually like KHJ–he was my first sundbae crush (BOF was my first K-drama). hope he breaks out of his rut in PK. and yes YEH looks fabulous!

    • 2.8 Ter

      BAHAHAHAH thats true. Sad. And YEH is such a natural model ^^

  3. kay

    cuteness overload

    • 3.1 poo

      yeah totally….cuteness overload!!! ^_^ My most fav pair! They should really do a drama together

      • 3.1.1 eee

        I totally agree–I love both of these actors and think they’d be sooo cute together in a drama!

  4. Sere

    OMO, what is this? I’m warming up to KHJ!

    The photoshoot is too cute!

  5. mindy

    omg 3 pics with the same facial expression :-)) is he really an actor kekekekkeke

  6. miss_procrastination

    gosh, they are two good looking people.

  7. γ…‹γ…‹

    κΉ€ν˜„μ€‘λ³΄λ‹€ μœ€μ€ν˜œμ— λ¨Όμ € λˆˆμ΄κ°€λ„€ λŒ€λ°•…

    • 7.1 xiaoSxin

      can someone translate this in english? I was able to read it a but no comprehension.. that’s how fluent my Korean is.. LOL!!

      • 7.1.1 brookeeve

        you’re one up on me, dude

      • 7.1.2 lily

        ummm….. this may be totally wrong (my korean’s not exactly the best) but here goes:

        Yoon Eun hye is first before kim hyun joong in (something) success.

        or something like that

  8. Scarlett

    his expression never changes. ZOMG! I wish him all the best in Playful kiss and with SS501. I believe he’ll pull it off!

  9. Jacq

    Soooooo cute!!!!! Luv them!!!

  10. 10 crysalide

    I agree, what’s up with KHJ and 3 same expression. YEH has 3 different cuteness overload smile! they look the same age when it’s 2-3 years apart

  11. 11 leila8mae

    Yoon Eun Hye’s beauty radiates through and through!! β™₯

  12. 12 Rita (Tarits)

    Yoon Eun Hye looks so beautiful while of course KHJ is the pretty boy that he is! Good photos. I love Yoon Eun Hye!

  13. 13 kimjandi

    i hope they do a drama together. they look good together!!! luv them!!!!

    • 13.1 rouby

      Yeah,,, I agree with u,,, I hope they have drama together,,,,

  14. 14 blahblah

    super cute XD

  15. 15 dzigh

    LOVE the third pic!

  16. 16 miniejungle

    cute!!!! πŸ™‚ YEH is getting prettier and so is HJ!

  17. 17 muzik130

    why does she get all the hot guys? not fair lol! ^-^

  18. 18 J

    I love these pictures! Kim Hyun Joong has the same face expression in all the pics lol…but he is still adorable. Yoon Eun Hye <333

  19. 19 LadyIgraine

    YEH’s legs are so long! I remember in “Coffee Prince,” the episode where she wore that short dress, her legs where long and skinny.

  20. 20 rantqueen

    The inner immature teenager inside me is itching to say , “NOO!!!!! KHJ’s body belongs to JSM and JSM only!!!!”

    BWAHAH! xD and PK didn’t even start yet!

    Anyways, YEH looks gorgeous as always and KHJ looks cute too <3

  21. 21 Ri

    YEH looks amazing! :))

  22. 22 Grace

    YEH is so gorgeous! They will make a good on screen couple πŸ™‚

  23. 23 :D

    kim hyun-joong looks like a lesbian!

    • 23.1 kay

      LOL you’re kinda right. a very pretty one

      • 23.1.1 Hannah

        how do you look lesbian, i don’t even know lol

        • pumpkinattack

          Wear cargo pants?

          • Hannah


        • Taber

          There are ways but never with a man.

  24. 24 shiningmoon

    They look really cute!!

  25. 25 hbfrack

    they look cute together… YEH is such a beauty πŸ™‚

  26. 26 cinderella

    Looking at all the pics, Kim Hyun-joong only has one expression of his face…. but with Yoon Eun-hye there’s so much variety.

  27. 27 ann

    Wow….their so cute!!!

  28. 28 yl

    Love. those. shoes. Not so sure about those socks though, lol.

  29. 29 A

    Er… maybe KHJ wasn’t actually at the photoshoot. They just photoshopped his face onto all those photos. heh.

  30. 30 yen_nguyen

    I think YEH is not there, too, just photoshop.

    • 30.1 bla

      lol. i think you’re not there, too, just photoshop.

      there’s plenty of pictures of this photoshoot (not only 3) and they were there.

      there’s even a video of the photoshoot -_-

  31. 31 sandy

    she is cute he is weird

    • 31.1 Hannah

      idk i loled

  32. 32 niKai

    it does look photoshopped.

  33. 33 Anonymous

    KHJ looks gorgeous. thanks for sharing girlfriday.

  34. 34 ais

    They look good together. And nice to know they are more at ease now.. I remember during the first photoshoot somebody asked KHJ who is his fave member of Baby Vox and he playfully said, he likes FINKL better.. hehe! he’s really funny at times.

  35. 35 wulanastasiaz

    23.. lol.. i think u’re right.. wwkwkwkwkkk..

    khj looks weird.. his expression is dull..

  36. 36 Selli

    When I look into his eyes, it seems so empty!!! D: Like he hid his soul and his emotions far away, brrrr. He needs to access them to become a good actor! Seriously, I feel nothing when looking into his eyes, while Yoon Eun-hye is obviously present in the moment and radiates, and is not stuck in some other dimension or something XD

    I don’t know why he’s so closed-off, but he should work on opening himself up D:

  37. 37 Sofia

    KHJ does looked photoshopped. Even his hands are out of proportion.

  38. 38 Hannah

    YEH is gorgeous and he’s pretty.

    They look like siblings.

    • 38.1 Hannah

      but YEH should treat books with more respect, how dare she.

      and what’s up with the rise in popularity of black nail polish? suddenly it’s all ~elegant~ i remember when it was only an emo thing to do.

      i was special back then.

      • 38.1.1 s2s

        i wish i was that book.

  39. 39 kopi_adik

    the 1st and last pictures… it’s like they just photoshopped the head to 2 different wardrobes LOL! hope i don’t see the same in Playful Kiss! 1 expression for all emotions LOL! and then paired with YEH, who to me, is an actress who can really model!

  40. 40 pumpkinattack

    Yes… I’ve decided that YEH is in a league of her own when it comes to fashion modeling. If I were a kid like KHJ, I’d be terrified to be paired with her.

    I will throw a party for everyone when she has a truly fantastic pairing… Maybe even one that matches the level of her solo act.

  41. 41 stee

    Yeah, steel yourselves for seeing only one expression from him, folks, I’m afraid that will be the case in Playful Kiss…
    As for the clothes, I like YEH’s second outfit the most, minus the stockings, and KHJ’s jeans on the last photo. Cute shoot!

  42. 42 wikeee

    YEH is so adorable..
    she is soooooooo cuuuutttteeeeeeeeeee!!
    Love her natural looks

  43. 43 omo

    looks like some unnie-dongsaeng pix to me.

    • 43.1 pumpkinattack

      Yes… and that kid is waaaay out-matched. (o;

  44. 44 cali

    Is it just me or does KHJ looks like a pale korean ghost imitation version of himself? It would totally explain the identical expressions in all three pictures!

    Ahhhh YEH is gorgeous~~!! major heart doki doki moment..

  45. 45 yaya

    Omg after all of these comments I can’t stop staring at his fake!face. The first one isn’t too bad but the last one is definately creepy! @_@

  46. 46 diana

    yoon eun hye!!!! and to top it all off..its with kim hyun joong!! wonder if eun hye is going to continue starring in Love Song. is the drama even happening..?

    • 46.1 santaiah

      Yes, YEH will continue to star in Love Song which will begin its shooting on September. They currently looking for the male lead (after the death of PYH)
      BTW what a cute pairing, Basic House is so lucky to have two popular actors as their spokerperson and model πŸ™‚

  47. 47 Cam

    Oh gosh! How adorable they are! ^__^

    Yea, yea, I did noticed that Kim Hyun Joong seem very same when he’s still smiling (each 3 pictures), oh aigoo!

    Oooh, I reallly loovvveee Yoon Eun Hye! =)

  48. 48 mymayflower

    hahahahahhahahahahhahaha i think he forgot to change his face expression ahhahahahahaha …….oh well he’s still cute though πŸ™‚

    • 48.1 Carinne

      I think he still remembers her stating she likes 2PM more than SS501. LOL! It’s all about dominance and competition. That’s what he gets for saying he likes Fin.KL better than Baby Vox. ^ , ^ Keke~

  49. 49 Carinne

    It seems flannels are not going away for another season. I always am a fan of gingham patterns. For the love of sweatshirts… a college life is the best place to be.

    YEH looks like she is having more fun at this photoshoot than KHJ. She sells ‘it’ better than he is. I like the ‘pal next door’ feel.

  50. 50 Maggie Y

    THird pic is the cutest!

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