Dramabeans Podcast #3
by | October 16, 2010 | 137 Comments

Time for another podcast!

In which javabeans and girlfriday discuss:

  • Our recent trip to NY Comic Con;
  • thoughts on dramas we didn’t personally recap, such as I Am Legend;
  • and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which we love;
  • and Dr. Champ, which we like;
  • Runaway, which we like a little less;
  • and Daemul (meh).

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“상상웃음” by Hooligan
“찾았다” from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST
“Comeback Madonna” from the I Am Legend OST
“유생들의 나날” from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST
“찾았다” from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST
“자운영” from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST
“Perfect Your Love” by M to M from the Dr. Champ OST
“Running and Running” by MBLAQ from the Runaway Plan B OST
“Oran-G” by Mayday from the Runaway Plan B OST
“Radio” by Trans Fixion


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137 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. decoderblue

    YAY! Off to listen now :) Really curious of what you think of the dramas you don’t recap….

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      I was waiting for the third installment! yay :)

  2. Dainereader

    I love your podcast. Its good you have another one..

  3. estelle

    Omo our idols! Weee~

    Off to listen now! 😀

  4. polycolor

    I’m so glad you like Sungkyunkwan.
    I thought you hated it.

  5. 12Dose12

    O.M.G. Am I really hearing your voices??? My first time to dl your podcast. Cool! Now I’m finally putting voices to the goddesses. Cool! I’m happy!

    • 5.1 Anonymous


  6. sajor

    ok.. i’m writing while hearing your voices.. and all i can say for now is you guys must be cute

    • 6.1 sajor

      oh no, why does it need to refresh all..hehhe.. so it just meants i can’t do what i planned to do/

      • 6.1.1 v

        lol.. i listen while opening a separate windows in case i have the urge to comment… but the problem is i want to comment on everything they say… -_-“

        • sajor

          :) yup yup, i have that urge also.

  7. v

    hehe… listening to it right now! i still gives me some weird feelings listening to you guys… haha…

    • 7.1 v

      love the su ae picture btw…hehe. at first… i was like, why soo ae?? haha.. duh.

      and don’t worry about what you recap… i’m sure the majority of people understand.. glad u like skks as well!

      • 7.1.1 v

        ok… last comment or i might spam this thread… haha
        anyways.. i had a heart attack (literally) when we will come back first played…
        and then i rewinded the thing a bit and forgot it would play again and had a second heart attack the second time it played…
        i have a weak heart.

        • v

          ok. i lied…
          but in a way, i agree with both gf and jb about skks…
          i LOVE jaeshin but i agree, yoon hee and sunjoon are perfect for each other.
          jaeshin can have yeorim. (but that’s just my love for bromance going wild.. kk)
          last comment for real. i hope

          • v

            lol gf… i’m not going to hit you… just saying that kim so yeon is awesome.. XD

          • v

            don’t worry.. you guys were so funny and awesome during this podcast!! i had a blast for 45 minutes!
            i’ve got ton of questions but it’s like they are all floating in my mind i can’t form anything coherent… -_-
            Again, thank you! and love you girls!

          • holey moley

            yup kim so yeon is beyond awesome…

  8. miss_procrastination

    I loved your thoughts on Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I adore the drama. I’m normally not a second lead fan but Jaeshin is epic win. His longing stares, his quickness to defend, and his glorious beauty are just some of the reasons I love him. Then Sun Joon has quiet calm that can make the knees go weak. He’s honest, morally righteous, and wonderful. His inner turmoil dealing with his sexuality makes me want to hug him. Yoonhee has strong beliefs and stands by them. She is awesome. Yongha is the best. His adoration of Jaeshin makes me giddy. Bromance! All four of them round out a glorious cast!

    I love the contrast and the vying affections between the audience and Sun Joon & Jaeshin. The balance between Yoonhee & Sun Joon is wonderful. And the four characters together makes rainbows and unicorns in Asian drama land!

    I LOVE the drama. Thanks for deconstructing the drama with your Asian drama wisdom!

    • 8.1 anais

      “His longing stares, his quickness to defend, and his glorious beauty are just some of the reasons I love him. Then Sun Joon has quiet calm that can make the knees go weak. He’s honest, morally righteous, and wonderful. His inner turmoil dealing with his sexuality makes me want to hug him”


      “the four characters together makes rainbows and unicorns in Asian drama land!”

      So well put!

    • 8.2 maria

      wow, that was so freakin well put! an i don’t just mean technically- i mean that was descriptive masterclass. :)

      i loooove the joseon 4, and i must thank you for putting into words the very reasons why they are awesomebeans. 😛

      i love jae shin the best– you’re right– his longing stares and his quickness to defend just totally bowl me over. 😛

  9. Lolly


    An another podcast :)

    I can’t wait listen your discuss… :)


  10. 10 annie

    this is so much fun~ listening to you two is just as exciting as reading your recaps 😀

    by the way, i adore the sungkyunkwan love <3 i could just sit here and listen to a sungkyunkwan scandal podcast for like…hours.

    oh and im curious on what JB and GF thinks (if the rumours floating around are worth any thing) about an 'open' ending for SKKS?


    • 10.1 annie

      oh and BROMANCES = A+ hehehe

      (seriously i would be happy for jaeshin to break his heart over yoonhee if we just get some yeorim-guhro~)

  11. 11 cingdoc

    Dear JB & GF
    Thanks…definitely something fun for me to do this weekend :)

  12. 12 lei

    listening right now. i love your SKKS discussion!!

  13. 13 kaedejun

    ROCK STARS!!!!!! 😀

  14. 14 UJ

    i haven’t tried sungkyunkwan scandal yet…but i will since you guys love it…i really want to see the comic con pics…it would be awsm if u guys would upload some 😀

  15. 15 seirrah

    i cant believe i’m hearing your voices.. i love it..

  16. 16 John

    poor jaeshin….placed into the ajusshi role…

    SKKS and Kim So Yeon talk. This is awesome.

  17. 17 diadda

    Java and Girlfriday fangirling over SkkS. LOL!

    I rarely get to actually hear others fangirling over dramas the way I do. Now I have some idea of what I sound like to my co-workers who don’t watch Kdrama.

    Thanks for the podcast.

  18. 18 xiaoSxin

    Another podcast!!

    Thanks JB, GF. It is fun listening to both of you discuss SKKS. I started watching SKKS because of the recaps and the lively discussion of Moony faction vs. Yummy faction vs. Smarty Faction on every OT.

    Let’s just say the energy of the people here while gushing and ranting about everything SKKS was contagious! Now I am addicted! This reminds me somewhat of the time Tamra Island was airing and people keep rooting for TEAM PARK KYU!!

    Now, I can help but support Moony!! Love him!

  19. 19 holey moley

    skks and dr. champ talk is love…i’m with girlfriday with the jaeshin love, but not with that one comment about kim so yeon..hahaha (wink wink)…

  20. 20 blueangel

    I just finished listening to your first 2 podcast and I have to say i love them. I was just going to ask you guys to squeeze in sometime for a 3rd podcast when you guys posted this.
    I can’t wait for the next podcast. Keep up the great work!!

  21. 21 bleu

    Funny, when I listen to your podcast..I sort of want you two have an open line (be it in form of emails/phone/SMS whatever) where we the listeners can actually ask questions/comments about the particular topic/s you two are talking about. It doesn’t have to be like a long discussion/argument over the phone things but listening you two tackles funny/weird/cool/nice comments or questions from the listeners would so cool!!

  22. 22 Daniaa

    oh girlfriday and javabeans, why are you guys giving me another chance/opportunity to fall in love with you guys??

    *imitates seon joon*

    this cannot be, this cannot be, this cannot be.


    haha. i can’t love you guys more than i already do, can i?


  23. 23 potensvita

    this is my first time replying, and usually, I don’t reply as I dont see the need to. But this time, since it is a podcast which is kinda of on the personal level, I crawled out from my hiding corner.

    I was downloading to find out what are your thoughts about SKKS drama ….. and I really think that the whole four fits into one whole picture.

  24. 24 van

    oh 1st time hearing your voices, it’s good to hear actually the voices behind the writers who gives the best recaps..and it’s cute you are actually amazed people ask u for autographs, i mean i would!
    can you make a podcast for A drama after it ends?give your final thoughts about it? i mean just pick the best like SKKS (which is just like the best drama ever!) that would be fun!
    forget about those dramas you don’t like such as CS or bad guy, although i find it for some reason some bashing and ranting about those would be really fun too!
    keep up the good work!

  25. 25 christina

    Ooo~ YAY! I love these podcasts! And I love Sungkyunkwan Scandal & Dr. Champ too!

  26. 26 xiaoSxin

    I think JB, GF, you have a pretty difficult task of doing the end of year reviews this year. There are a lot of interesting and discussion worthy (not necessarily good) dramas that aired today.

  27. 27 Jen

    This might be a strange comment, but I have a really hard time distinguishing Korean names from one another because the way I think a name is pronounced sounds completely different when Korean speakers say it. Boy, did I have a difficult time trying to distinguish the names of the characters you two were talking about. I had an even harder time when you were referring to certain actresses. I listened to parts of the podcast over and over just to get the names. Haha.

    Out of curiosity, how many hours a week do you two individually spend on watching dramas? I don’t even do recaps and I can tell you that a whole lot of my free time is spent watching dramas or reading about them. It amazes me that you two even recap as many dramas as you do in such a small time frame. It’s much appreciated, btw. You have no idea how grateful I am to be able to turn to your blog when there aren’t subs and I need my drama fix.

    I have to also say that I love music in your posts, Javabeans. I listen to the music while reading and once a song is over, I’ll scroll back up to replay the song just because it really sets the mood for me. I’ve even cried reading some of your posts. That’s not to say that I don’t love Girlfriday’s posts as well or that I’m any less grateful for them, but the music is just an added bonus. So, thank you!

    • 27.1 KT

      I have that same problem. When JB and GF said “Sungkyungkwan” it took me awhile to figure out they’re talking about THE drama. I’ve always pronounced it “sung-kyung-kwan”, but it’s more like “sungk-yung-guan”. Go figure!

      Love your podcast JB and GF. It makes me appreciate all the recappers even more. You guys are awesome!

  28. 28 Kuging

    OMG. I cant believe im hearing you girls..

    :) i smile whenever some1 of u giggles ..

  29. 29 Jen

    BTW, I feel the same way about Dr. Champ. I seriously go into it every time not expecting much and then feeling surprised by how good each episode is.

    As for Runaway, I couldn’t even watch the entire first episode because it was so boring to me. I wanted to get into it, but I just never could. And, this might be blaspheme, but that was how I also felt when watching Green Rose. I couldn’t get past the first episode even though I love Go Soo. I’ve tried watching the first episode five times already.

  30. 30 Ariel

    Come on guys if I was there in NY I would definitely get your autographs, I’m your fangirl through and through. Your awesomeness in recapping just makes me enjoy a series more. Your insights makes me think!!! and for someone to make my brain work to delve deeper into a drama now that’s just genius. By the way both of you sound great, can’t wait for the next podcast.

  31. 31 yumi

    JB and GF,
    Hey, I’m listening to your podcast now!
    Love your thoughts on Sungkyunkwan and Dr Champ.
    And the music too!

  32. 32 zig


    Regarding Sungkyunkwan – don’t you think the romantic tension has always been a little forced between Sunjoon and Yoonhee? At least at the first few episodes before he saw her in gisaeng get-up. Whenever he spoke to her his tone and gaze would soften and there was quite a bit of wrist-grabbing and shoulder-touching and cheek-stroking going on. All done very sweetly too might I add. It just felt very strange and forced because the writers were obviously doing it knowing that the audience knows that Yoonshik is a girl and that Sunjoon is the lead and therefore it is sweet to have him stroke her cheek and have romantic music playing in the background. But come on, Sunjoon is no Yeorim and Yoonshik is no hot ten-year best friend. It felt very engineered. Jaeshin, another hot-blooded male gave Yoonshik not a hoot until he saw her bathing in the moonlight, right? So why is it okay for Sunjoon to be so tender and sweet to Yoonshik at the start?

    • 32.1 mellowyel

      Was rereading the recaps and remembered your question so came back to offer an answer. Sunjoon hasn’t ever had a real friend. He sees straight through people who are nice to him because of his status and calls them out on it, so he can’t even enjoy that superficial friendship. Yoonshik, however, likes him for who he is, not how privileged he is, and that endears him to Sunjoon. Also, since s/he’s pretty, and Sunjoon clearly has no experience with girls, we could assume that he’s treating her like he would a girl except he doesn’t realize it. Finally (and on a more general note), I’m only just beginning to understand that Yoonhee is just that likeable of a person. She’s the plucky underdog who everyone wants to see succeed. She’s also smart, and kind to boot, so people are drawn to her. But because she’s a girl/ tiny compared to her classmates, she can’t always take care of herself, requiring Sunjoon (and Jaeshin) to step in occasionally to be her protector. They probably started out thinking of her as their little brother, with platonic affection and big brother-y protectiveness, which then changed as things went on and feelings got involved.

      This whole ramble was inspired solely by the episode 5 recap, where everyone’s concerned for YS after the incident with In-soo, and where SJ and JS do a double wrist grab on her. I cringe, every time I see that scene, and the whole thing had been bothering me since I started watching, so I hope this makes sense to you, cos it (kinda) makes sense to me

  33. 33 dit

    LOL, that’s what I thought about Cha Yeryun. She’s so freaking dull. She makes it SO easy to root the main lady character.

  34. 34 strawhatz

    um…just wondering what about playful kiss and joseon x-files?

    and as for sungkyunkwan, i think this is the first time i like the second male lead better than the male lead…..i was originally watching sungkyunkwan for song joong ki as i have never watched yoo ah in in anything before…however midway i began liking jae shin more…i love whenever he’s with yong ha…they’re the reason i watch lol though i like jae shin more than yong ha now

  35. 35 djes

    AH,why this comes out when my internet connection is beyond crappy! TT__TT
    I’m envy to all of you who already finished hearing the podcast, because this is what I was waiting for after I saw JB & GF’s pictures.
    I want to hear the podcast and imagining to sit together with you gals!
    (oh damn i sounded too creepy )

    I guess I have to make my poor laptop works overtime again tonight to dl this. :(

  36. 36 jemz

    wow! i thought you were koreans..
    but it seems you’re americans..

    • 36.1 Linda Lovett

      They’re Korean americans (Koreans born or who grew up in America)

  37. 37 shim yeon

    Love the music and your thoughts on SKKS and Dr Champ, which are both dramas i personally like a lot!

    I’ve downloaded the podcast so i can listen to them when i’m on my way to school..fangirling about SKKS now..giggles

    Thank you so much!

  38. 38 peachys2sleep

    YAY! I love these podcasts! =D

  39. 39 mskololia

    thank you jb and gf for the wonderful podcast segment. i may email a request for joseon x-files.

    i would be watching skks if it were not for the b4 comparisons made early on. my preferred viewing is a period drama in kland so i may watch it this winter.

  40. 40 Memei

    Yeo-rim is the puppet master who gets a sick pleasure from playing the three. Hahahaha

  41. 41 yue

    just started to watch fugitive:plan b and see the same actor as the one playing the director in gumiho and I have to laugh haha even if this role is supposed to be serious, I will never be able to take HIM seriously ever again after gumiho..this voice alone just cracks me up XD

  42. 42 katz

    Really enjoyed the podcast! Thanks, JB and GF!

    I found myself nodding and agreeing with your comments on the various dramas (well, at least the ones I’ve watched anyway).
    I started off liking I am Legend but my interest waned after the divorce case and I think the story became really weak when the writers tried to cover too many angles with too short a time. I did keep up with the recaps though (thank you, kaedejun!).
    And I am totally in love with SKKS. The four leads play off each other so well and there’s a good story in addition to the 4 beautiful characters! And I think it’s a good thing not recapping it so you get to relax and enjoy it a bit more!
    I do like Kim So Yeon as an actress. She really isn’t the best-looking actress around but she really owns the screen. She does do a good job being smart yet bumbling because sometimes I’ve to remind myself that she was that b**ch in All about Eve.

    And you both did say lots of interesting stuff! :) Always good to hear about what both of you thought about the various dramas. I also appreciate all the guest recapping that goes on because I get to read about what others think and do some fan-girling (in the case of SKKS)! It really isn’t easy getting round to so many dramas and I can’t imagine putting in all that work into the recaps so thanks to all the recappers!

  43. 43 mellowyel

    omg I was just thinking “Wouldn’t it be awesome if Dramabeans did another podcast?” LOL Thank you!!! Off to listen. P.S. Have you thought about publishing the podcast on iTunes or another site where we could subscribe to it?

    • 43.1 mellowyel

      just finished listening – it was awesome! The SKKS discussion was really fun. I agree with GF(?) in that I find the fact that Jaeshin is your typical hero-type interesting because he’s the second lead – he’s definitely a hero, just not of this story. And also that he’s not even a perfect hero – he’s brave but constantly gets injured, he puts others before himself, almost to a fault, and he’s kind of lost in the murkiness surrounding his brother’s death and the Geum Jeung Di Sa. I feel like even if he DID end up paired with Yoonhee, he’d have to adjust his priorities. I mean, she is a priority for him, but not his main priority and that kind of keeps him as a protector as opposed to a love interest for me (though I LOVE when she makes him smile – it’s absolutely adorable). He helps her when he can, but can’t be there for her in the same way Sunjoon can because of his other emotional hangups. He’d probably be the one to push Yoonhee away because he’d worry she’d be in danger if they knew who he was and that they were together (a la Spiderman shunting Mary Jane because of his “enemies”, lol) or go do something important for his cause leaving her alone. Despite the fact that he likes her, and there is a chemistry between them, I just don’t see them ending up together. I know he’s going to break my heart in the coming weeks though, so I’m getting my tissues ready. He’s already warming up to the fact that he’s not the one she likes.

      I think it’s a testament to the awesomeness of the writers, both of the original novel and the drama, that despite Jaeshin being the hero guy, we root for Yoonhee/Sunjoon. They came together not just because of a mixup with the entrance exam, but also because they see in each other someone they can learn from and depend on – possibly in more ways than they realize right now. And it seems believable and real, as opposed to the less believable “we live/ have been thrown together, we happen to like/ end up liking each other, turns out we’re perfect for each other” that we see in dramas like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, You’re Beautiful, Personal Taste, etc. I like romances that give us reasons WHY they’re meant to be, instead of just telling us. And despite all this, I wouldn’t call this a romance drama because there’s so much more to it! (More than I should talk about in this one comment, lol.) And that’s what keeps me watching every week. I didn’t watch from the beginning but recaps drew me in, and now I’m an addict. Story of my life.

      Thanks so much again!!!

  44. 44 Lily


    I really wanted to hear what the two of you thought of SKKS because you guys didn’t recap the series!

    Thank you so much!

  45. 45 Mawiie

    Thanks a lot for the podcast!
    To be honnest I haven’t seen any of those dramas that you’re talking about (although I do plan to watch Sungkyunkwan once my mid terms week is over), i just like to listen to your comments. Keep up with the hard work!

  46. 46 sugarpunch

    oh!! i love 찾았다. i admit, i am a fan of dbsk, and now, JYJ. but their voices are really quite nice:) heard them sing live today and they sang this song too! really really nice.

  47. 47 asianromance

    Thank you for the podcast! I can’t believe after all those recaps you guys do that you’re still treating us with a podcast of your opinions! And that you’re watching all these dramas on top of the dramas you watch to recap. That means you’re like watching at least 8 hours of dramas each week- not including the rewatching you have to do in order to do a recap.

    I also think the Sungkyunkwan Joseon quartet beats the F4. Yoon-hee and co. play off each other so well and I don’t feel any one of them is the leader of the group. Though I love Guh-ro to pieces, Yoonhee fits best with Sun-joon- though after ep 13, I’m really pissed off at SJ. Haven’t gotten to ep 14, yet.

  48. 48 Leah

    LOooool, Thanks Girls. I’m always happy to see podcasts by you two!!!!!!!! Keep being awesome!!!!!!! <3<3<3

  49. 49 Ning

    Thank you for doing the podcast, it was amazing to listen to you both.

    I respect how you could view all those probably demanding mails for recaps maturedly, even understanding why a person could behave that way (love how you worded it as “addictive behaviour”, it’s true!).

    And… really appreciate your principle to finish what you’ve set to do, drama recaps I mean. It was not an easy thing, especially with dramas that have sucky latter parts. And yet, it give us who watch the same drama a space to voice out our opinion. thank you :)

  50. 50 chompingoncapncrunch

    thanks for the podcast, really made my day 😀

  51. 51 Gsell

    Wait… I thought we are going to see some paparazzi pictures from Comic Con ;P
    Thanks for the pod cast! Off to download it =)

  52. 52 notoriousnoona

    Thank you guys so much for the podcast! I absolutely love them.

    I also wanted to say that I totally understand the whole recap issue, I never thought you were hating on SS, cause well, its wonderful:) However it was great hearing how much you actually like it.
    It would be nice to have little moments like this at times just to hear your thoughts. And I have agree with you on Plan”Bi” and Dr. Champ, especially pertaining to Cha Hye Run and Kim So Yeon. I really thought it was just me.

    Have a wonderful day ladies. And thank you again.

  53. 53 Rexy

    You two are adorable. Loved you SSK comments.

  54. 54 girlatsea

    They don’t talk about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, right? Because I still haven’t finished watching it and I don’t want to be spoiled..

    • 54.1 lei

      no MGIAG spoilers. go ahead and listen :)

  55. 55 May

    Love you guys.
    Love your podcasts. ><

    keep up the good work!

  56. 56 photos!

    where are the comic con photos, for those of us who couldn’t go??? 😀

  57. 57 asianromance

    As for Cha ye ryun – I liked her in doremifasolatido- that movie she did with Jang Geun Suk (that took like 3 years to be released) and am disappointed that she has been playing these bland 2nd female lead roles. There is just something so quiet about her, I think what she needs to boost her career is to do one of those daily family dramas so that energy can shine through and so that people can recognize her.

    • 57.1 Autumn

      AH! no wonder she looked familiar. She didn’t leave much of an impression to me in doremifasol, but then again, i didn’t like the movie much, even though it had JGS in it.

  58. 58 dannaluk

    OMG…i was also thinking that i sooo love Jung Kyu Woon too despite everything i’ve heard about him in that he sucked donkey balls….and i’m so invested in him getting the girl here…also i kinda wanted to know how u guys felt abt MGIAG (other than that you enjoyed about it) and also PK… maybe next time!….thank you soooo much!

  59. 59 doozy

    Thanks for this lovely weekend present, jb and gf! Glad to hear that you guys had a great time at the NY Comic Convention!

  60. 60 Rin

    I think I’m stupid or whatevers but I couldn’t differentiate who was javabeans and who was girlfriday in the podcast hahah. I swear you guys sound similar 😛
    & hehe SKKS love (: favorite drama right now! PK is ok I guess, lots of cute moments in that one but you guys didn’t talk about it lol. Maybe next time? Oh, and MGIAG too! =D

    • 60.1 Q

      They have very similar laughs >_> I could only differentiate between them because GF’s acoustics are a bit more echo-y (like when you speak in a bathroom LOL) whereas JB’s sound is more filtered. But they both sound so cute XD.

  61. 61 anon

    I loved your talk about SKKS, I also love Jaeshin, probably my favorite second lead ever and definitely my favorite character in the drama. But at the same time I get how SJ and YH is THE couple, especially after reading translated parts of the novel.

    I understand you don’t have the time for recapping, but I hope you both can write a review of it after the drama has ended.

    And yes J4 > F4.

  62. 62 ilukd

    just cannot believe i’m hearing your voice … both of you have amazing and beautiful voice … Thank you for saying wonderful word for SKK .. love you

  63. 63 RICE

    i looooooooooooooooooooooove ur podcasts. so great hearing ur guys’s insights on sungkyunkwan and champ.

    i cant believe girlfriday doesn’t think kim so yeon is not the prettiest. She’s one of the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen seriously! When i first saw her in IRIS i was like..WOW, and didn’t understand why everyone was going gaga over kim tae hee when so yeon was so much more stunning! She is FLAWLESS

    haha nasty hate mail. HAHAHA.

  64. 64 Ladymoonstone143

    I love your podcast and my day perk up on your discussion with SKKS. It feels so good to have something feeding my addiction this weekend…lol

    I totally agree about Jaesin..he is the hero but just the second lead and I know my heart will break because he will not get the girl (hoping there will be a spin off of him..lol) I just love him….his character…his hiccups, which is bad because am not a teenager anymore. I am not obsessed with the actor but with his character. Like i was rooting for Daegil and Oh Ji Ho in Chuno. Probably my taste goes to those kind of eye candy…lol

    I was also totally invested with Bad Guy and CS and the ending was just bleeehh. I was into Bad Guy so much that I have Kim Nam Gil in my dreams and had a marathon with Seondeok the whole weekend. With CS, cried bucket of tears, etc…and when the ending came, I was “wth..” I was so mad that at one point I swear never to watch another drama again..lol

    thanks again for the podcast, I totally enjoy your discussions and you have such lovely voices…and so nice to hear a voice behind the recaps.

  65. 65 jeankaycee

    had a great time listening to your discussion especially about SKK. glad to hear the you guys love them!

    aside from PK, SKK is one drama that i closely follow. they have good story to back up the great characters of the 4 leads. and the excecution of the story as of the moment were done in good taste.

    agreed regarding I Am Legend, at first few episodes i really thought that this drama would be good but damn, in the last few episodes going to the end i felt like where the heck the story goes?

    runaway and daemul got to see few scenes but i guess both of them are not my cup of tea…

    dr champ, havent really focusing on it yet, the drama seem promising, will catch up on it once PK is done.

    thanks again jb and gf! til next podcast!

  66. 66 umalily

    It was great to listen to you guys. It’s as if we are gathered in a meeting of true minds to quote Jane Austen.
    You guys sound like how you write: very literary, intelligent, and eloquent women but fun and our gal pals.

  67. 67 Katie

    I love you girls. :) It was interesting hearing your voices for the first time, and your Sungkyunkwan conversation was awesome. It really is one of my favorite dramas, and although I wish you guys covered it, it is still great that you like it. I can’t wait to see the episode 13 recap! Thanks for all you do! You guys are amazing.

  68. 68 Linh

    Already put it on my ipod <3

    Love these podcasts

  69. 69 Sumee

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW JB & GF..you are such lovely ladies……this is my first time listening to your Podcast..super ..both of you rock !

  70. 70 Lea

    Ahhhh! You’re so pretty! :)

  71. 71 lessaofpern

    @Java Beans & Girl Friday

    We are being throughly spoiled! First, the photos from the Comic Con., then a podcast 😀 (Has Christmas been moved to October?)

    From now on, I will hear your voices as I read the recaps 😀

    I would love it if you gals could do a mini podcast at the END of each of the dramas the DB team recaps. (Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge) 😀

    • 71.1 zig

      did you say ‘photos’? WHERE???

      • 71.1.1 Anonymous

        Does anyone have photos from comic con???

        • Anonymous

          Found some! You can find them in the Oct 8 Open Thread where Viola posted a link :)

  72. 72 Hannah

    I’ve always been curious as to whether this is purely a hobby or if you guys studied film/media in college?

  73. 73 sharingann

    best recaps of the series ever..nice to know the personal thoughts of ppl who actually watch the series. i’m like oo wow. it wasn’t just me who enjoyed this series just much or hated as with bad guy and cinderella sister’s crap ending. not just the series but the exact major moments u mention. esp skks which is so awesum right now. but i’m so scared where they might be going after the next episode which according to the recap is a student council meeting where daemul and gu-roh are being interrogated while garang walks in and says he is the one who is gay. OMG!! did anyone else think the same?

  74. 74 thunderbolt

    Oh god, Sarah, I love you so much for saying you loved Lee Sun-joon (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) from the beginning. ME TOO!

  75. 75 mai

    wow you are so pretty javabean!!

  76. 76 yl

    Thanks so much for the podcast! It was really entertaining to listen to, as usual =)

    Just wanted to say that we all really do appreciate whatever that you guys both choose to recap because I know that recapping takes up a whole lot of time and effort. I mean, just watching dramas alone sucks out so much of my time (which I should be using to study heh) but the amount of dedication you both put into maintaining this site, and churning out recaps is AMAZING. Like seriously, you guys are both so awesomely insightful and witty that I can’t help myself from stalking this site ;P So anyway, you guys recap what you can/like/choose and I appreciate all the effort!

    The discussion on Sungkyunkwan was so spot on with whatever I was thinking. I love that you guys both have different views on the OTP, and I think I constantly flip from one view to the other when I watch it, which is what makes the triangle so fun to watch. And I agree that the quartet is so complementary with all the layered characters.. oh i don’t know how to describe it.. it’s just awesome. Haha. You guys already hit the nail on the head with your discussions anyway, I was yelling “Yeah!! exactly…. mm hm… ” while listening and then like randomly laughing. Luckily no one’s home or they’d think I’m completely off my rocker. Heh.

    Wasn’t planning to see Dr. Champ due to time constraints, but it’s going on my watch list now, for later when I do find some time =)

    My comment’s gotten so long =o Thanks again for the awesome commentary!

  77. 77 cinderella

    My request for the next podcast is Playful Kiss… Thanks!!

  78. 78 misa

    woah! ive been waiting for this third installment of your podcast! and im so grateful that SKKS is included in your awesome talks..worth the wait!

    more power to both of you guys! :)

  79. 79 atikah0310

    HAHAHAHA. Love you guys! HAHAHAHA.

  80. 80 shelly


  81. 81 Molly

    Thanks for the lovely podcast! Will you be doing a recap of Comic Con, and perhaps post pictures? :)

  82. 82 CG

    is there part 2 of this podcast#3? it seems incomplete as the last thing they were discussing was on Runaway and it was cut off abruptly.

  83. 83 Sukispop

    Hi JB and girlfriday,

    I got to enjoy listening to your podcast in its entirety, just before watching the Giants beat the Phillies…so what a great evening this has been!

    I love how your two voices are different, yet they complement each other so well. It was easy to distinguish them, so it was never a problem figuring out who was speaking at any given moment.

    I agreed with so many of your comments about I Am Legend and Dr. Champ. I only decided to watch Dr. Champ because of Kim So-yeon. I didn’t have very high expectations for the drama; to be honest, the premise didn’t exactly excite me…at all. But, I’ve found each episode to be interesting and fun, and Kim So-yeon continues to impress me with what she brings to her character. I think my enjoyment of this drama is due largely to the main characters, themselves, much more than to the storyline.

    But, I hafta disagree with you, fri. *lol* Kim So-yeon may not be the hands down prettiest of all the Korean actresses that I’ve seen in dramas or movies, so far…but she is very near the top of that short list(for me). Her facial features may be just a tad sharper than what some people might prefer…and the hair style she’s been sporting in her two most recent projects(Dr. Champ and Prosecutor Princess) is definitely not my favorite(with those bangs). But, free that pony tail and dress her up in something pretty and/or elegant, and the woman becomes absolutely stunning.

    Thanks so much for the great podcast, JB and fri! I’ve listened to all three, and they’re the perfect companion to reading your recaps! Great stuff!

  84. 84 djes

    finally heard the podcast! It’s fun as expected!
    Oh I wish you’d talk about SKKS for the entire 45mins, then Dr.Champ for another 45mins, and more for pure fangirling. 😀

    Thank you, thank you! I wish I have girl friends like two of you in the real life.

    • 84.1 djes

      ah yes about Kim So Yeon, I like her from AAE days, she played the villain role so damn well. I watched most of her works even if it sucks ( Autumn Shower ), I purposely didn’t watch Gourmet ( I don’t like KRW ).
      And I agree with GF’s comment. KSY in real life apparently is bubbly but smart , saw her once in talkshow “Win Win”, and it was new for me because I used to think she’s calm, sophisticated, elegant kind of girl. But she’s shy and adorable in that show,and somehow more like Ma Hyeri ( minus the ditzyness ). After that, I like her more..and I realized that I like her more than Chae Rim, and IMO she’s better actress than CR too!

  85. 85 Q

    I reckon you two should be the next Hong Sisters and write your own dramas. Then we could critique them >:D mwahaha.

    • 85.1 koreandramalover

      Yes! I agree 100%! Just imagine if that were true – im sure JB and GF would be able write the socks off the Kdrama writers, including the Hong sisters. Hehe…

  86. 86 serenity

    I’m totally with GF on the Bad Guy thing and I’m glad Gumiho followed it and ease some anger I felt from the ending of Bad Guy. I haven’t watched Cinderella’s Sister and I’m happy I get my self prepared if ever I watch it or I’ll become like Javabeans. 😀

    • 86.1 serenity

      By the way I even mentioned that hate for the ending of Bad Guy in the my article for gumiho….hehe

  87. 87 Dele

    I hope Korean dramas and culture become even bigger on a global level thanks to people and sites like yours and soompi, and allkpop. I wish I’d been there to get an autograph from you fabulous ladies.

    Loved the podcast, and I’m hoping for more and some more popculture posts!!!

  88. 88 Dara

    And I thought it’s JB in that pic! Almost fell off, you got me there.

    Thanks for your podcast #3, it ‘s lovely, well organized, good timing with great music. This one is even better than the last.

    Love most gotta be your SKKS bantering, MJS vs LSJ. Sorry GF, I’m with JB here, love garang too much specially in ep13-14. I always fall for righteous/quiet/boring guy, he tends to save you from just about anything.

    I thought what missing from your podcast is the Q&A part. It would be nice say like in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ , where people tune in and just ask your help just about anything. Say ‘…*sob sob*…..JB…whyyyyyy SJ is so stupid, doesn’t know she is a girl yeeeet? or ‘Do you know how Yoon Hee takes a bath in SKK? or ‘ etc. LOL.

    Hope for your nexxxxxt one , please keep coming.

    Btw, I heard it myself in person from LMH that he is currently in the process of preparing himself to be the CITY HUNTER. So I guess it’s coming thru.

    Dang! never knew he is this handsome and hot. Gosh. *drooling*

  89. 89 rainerust

    Your podcasts are improving each time around! Totally awesome, podcast #3, not to mention all the SKKS love going around – I’m always glad to have the DB family around to fangirl with, because most of my other friends, family and colleagues just think I’m strange like that. Sigh.

    And you’re right! J4 would own F4, no matter how well BOF is executed, just because of the way the characters were written. SKKS really is one of my most favourite dramas of 2010, although admittedly it’s hard to choose a favourite because 2010 has had quite a crop of dramas that have been quite even.

    By the way, just wanted to ask – is there any way to even the tones/volume of the podcast a little? There were some parts where y’all were fading in and out quite a bit, and I had to turn the volume full up to hear what y’all were saying while your voices were…away(?) from the mic(?). I don’t even know how y’all are recording this but…yeah.

    Can’t wait for podcast #4! You guys are lovely, and it was also great to finally see photos of y’all in RL at Comic Con – once again, thanks for all your dedication in running the site; know that for every hate mail you receive, there’s probably 10 out there that want to tell you how much we love you guys for being the awesome drama recappers you are!

  90. 90 lady seoul

    Ah, I enjoyed this! <3
    My first time listening to your podcast and now i'm going to start watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal!
    Nice way to end my weekend.

  91. 91 Atsirk

    Hahahahaha…your voices make me want to meet you!!!
    OMGosh. I’m girlcrushing on you!!!

  92. 92 twylah

    amazing, having to hear your voices. 😉

  93. 93 Kimmiec

    You guys are so eloquent!! I knew that you two were great writers but I love listening to you talk as well. :)
    Your version of Runaway does sound interesting. I think I’d enjoy watching a drama written by you two. It sounds like it’d be epic :)

  94. 94 nadia

    thanks for the prodcast ,it was really fun . i’m a newcomer in korean drama word and i m already getting addicted . et
    J’adooooooooooore ce site .
    i’m wondering javabeans !!!! Are you into “java” because while i’m listning to your prodcast,i’m trying to figure out an exception in my code so maybe you could help me with that because your reacaps are always very helpful

  95. 95 supah

    Ohh… I loved hearing you guys again! Shame I’m not watching any of the dramas you guys were so passionately delving into. But Daemul. Ha!

    Dr Champ: Have MAD girlie-crushes on both Kim So-yeon and Cha Ye-ryun (so goth), and the latter? I feel bad for the poor girl with you guys saying she’s being wasted in yet another drama. Comparatively, Chae Yung-ahn was very energetic in Coffee Prince and her scenes with Lee Sohn-kyun were also fun (or annoying) at times, never boring. Poor CYR, I know she can do better, there’s untapped potential right there.
    I agree with JB about KSY’s varied roles, she’s lovable in everything, she’s a pro like that.

    Daemul: Go Hyun-jung is amazeballs. She’s SO swept me into this show – heart, spirit! Come what may!
    Still scarred by the WEIRD first episode though, but may forgive if things remain as they have been from episode 2 onwards, which is low-key, understated with more of a focus on atmosphere and weighty characters. Or maybe *gasp* it’ll get better.
    I can understand if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine, so yay. 😉

  96. 96 Anonymous

    thank you javabeans and girlfriday! you put into words the very same things that’s going on in my mind about SKKS. i love that drama especially the four characters and the underlying stories and issues. i only knew about it a few days ago, but now it’s like everything that’s going on inside my head…

    i will be patiently waiting for your next podcast! thank you again :)

  97. 97 Indiannomad

    I loved listening in on your thoughts. I have enjoyed the Sungkungkwan Scandal. LOL @ the “invention of homosexuality”. I think it was only social stigma that kept it under the wraps.

    I like the idea of Sun Joon’s Idealistic, stick with principles, no nonsense existence. Life maybe staid for him and those associated with him but it gives an opportunity to be the observer and knower of truth, which he does with such flair. Jae shin, is adorable for his emotional-quick to anger softie disguised as a tough Guy, keeping the secret and respecting a woman inspite of knowing Yoon shik was one. That makes me want to hug him. Yong ha, now hes the one who knows how to have fun. His brain is on overdrive over pertinent information, which sits well with him. Yoon hee makes me want to go “You Go Girl”. I like the way her character shows such a great inner strength. If half the girls in today’s world had her kind of strength, compassion and genius, maybe our world would resemble utopia…

    Thank you so much… This was wonderful listening in.

  98. 98 lizzz

    OMG! I´m soooo in love wit SJ too!! i know he is boring too but he is just …. unique i wanna marry him … i wanna get old with him XD
    He is like amazing .. really, I NEED HELP

    • 98.1 Nikki

      Ahgggg! I wanna marry him too! Jaeshin gets my Pretty Boy Award, but Su Joon’s got my heart!

  99. 99 J2nt

    Appreciate if u can split the podcast by drama so that it’s easier to follow. Most of us don’t watch all drama covered in a single podcast so it’squite tedious to FF to prefered part
    Further than this, kudo to the idea and effort. You made my day

  100. 100 keunsukfan

    my first time listening to your podcast, and my daughter’s like, “mom why are you listening to couple of girls talking where’s the music?” i’m just so into SKK right now, and was really wondering what you guys thought of it.

    as always, you guys are awesome! like reading your recap.

    agree with GF with Jae shin being the hero but being the second lead.

    keep up the awesome work!!!

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