Kang Ji-hwan raises a glass to Cafe In’s first show
by | October 18, 2010 | 37 Comments

I’ve been mentioning Kang Ji-hwan‘s musical for a while, and Cafe In has finally lifted the curtain on its Tokyo Globe Theater run with its opening show on October 16.

The following are photos taken from that first performance, which features Kang in a comic-melo performance playing two roles: as a playboy sommelier, and as a friendly date coach. Kang received a standing ovation for his performance, and gave fans a little something extra with a prepared encore number.

This production of the musical will put on 23 shows and runs through November 7. More than 20,000 theatergoers are expected to attend the performances in Japan; meanwhile, Cafe In will run in Seoul through the end of the year, starring SS501’s Kim Hyung-joon in the lead.

Via Star News


37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Fasiris Fay

    lookin good KJH! 😉

  2. Nanci

    Oh, what a beautiful man.

    • 2.1 rockee

      here, here! Now if only we can see his musical show without having to go all the way to Japan.

    • 2.2 diane

      Yes, he truly is.

  3. Ani

    Even on the prettiest people I always hated those big aviator-type shades. But in that photo above, I gotta applaud the guy for pulling off the look, especially since I have such disdain for big shades – seriously I have no idea why; maybe it was because someone made me watch Empire of the Ants at such a young age (I’m talking to you cuz)? Seriously, big bug eyes gives me the creeps. Or maybe it’s because it’s such a shame to me that people so willingly cover up their awesome features behind such humongous objects. Anyways, looking good hot stuff! Looking good.

  4. B*

    wish i could watch it! too bad is a theater

  5. CW

    Werk it, Ji Hwan.

  6. rainbowcolorrs

    i love him

  7. Sweet

    ONly wish I could see this.
    BTW are you guys goning to keep recapping Runaway because I really want to read the caps!:)

  8. secretflavors

    Oh man not only is he hard-working and good-looking he can sing and dance. Now that’s a true actor.

  9. v

    how i want to be there… huhu…
    it sounds awesome!!
    of course… it’s kjh after all.

  10. 10 birdscout

    I would give up my fourth-born to be able to watch him perform in person!

    • 10.1 CW

      lol. That’s deep. I guess you’re planning to stop at three (kids)?

      Anonymous @11, I think there are subs… which is kind of odd in a theatre.

      • 10.1.1 birdscout

        haha. Yup, I kinda cheated because I already have 3 kids, and am not planning on anymore! LOL But, seriously, how awesome would it be to be a part of that audience to be able to watch K!J!H! perform live?

  11. 11 Anonymous

    he looks great. out of curiosity, how does the audience understand what he’s saying? are their subtitles somewhere or do they just get the gist through the context?

    • 11.1 Rina

      They probably have some sort of electronic board with the subtitles. That is what they did when I watched this Japanese play. I can’t remember what else they did.
      It was very different from watching a play in your native language or one that you’re fluent in.

  12. 12 Cam

    BRAVO-BRAVO! Keep it up, Kang Ji Wan, of course!

  13. 13 asianromance

    wow he looks years younger! i guess musicals suit him well!

    • 13.1 Rina

      He looks really good! He just keeps getting better with age!

  14. 14 Anonymous

    He is the ‘Hugh Jackman’ of South Korea

  15. 15 jandoe

    he looks fineeee here!

  16. 16 leila8mae

    I really really pray that even ONCE I’d be able to watch him in theater!!

    even JUST ONCE ;D

    I think he’d be more endearing in live performance..

  17. 17 paula253

    Tokyo gets KJW …and Seoul gets Kim Hyung-joon? Life is not fair.

    • 17.1 Marres

      hehe… i was thinking the same thing…..

      oh well… as a kpop boy maybe KHJ is better live?


      Kang Ji-Hwan…… so awesome!

      • 17.1.1 Jane

        Yeah. He most likely has a better singing voice than KJH.

  18. 18 Carinne

    Yeah, I still can’t find how SS501’s maknae can carry all this charisma on his shoulders. o , 0

  19. 19 bobbie

    Stupid question, but is he performing in Japanese?

    • 19.1 paula253

      nope, Korean, hence the subs for a musical, which is odd but those Japanese ajummas want to know what he’s saying!

      no question is stupid. ^^

  20. 20 deannadsc

    KJH looks so at home on stage…showing off his many talents, handsomeness & charisma!!!

    would’ve said..”MINE!”..but we all know he’s JBs’ already!!!

  21. 21 Plan Bi

    Off topic but Wang Lee Hom is another guy who can pull off the aviator shades look

  22. 22 Sere

    So I’m sure someday I’ll go to Korea and Japan. Am I weird that I already know that I’ll plan that holiday around stage plays and musicals featuring celebs? I probably am.

  23. 23 rimiheun

    he’s so swoonsome! ♥~

    • 23.1 paula253

      great term! i’m stealing (the term, not KJW cuz we know whom he belongs to)

  24. 24 viola

    I just can not get over how in the first picture he is drinking with his pinkie extended….. soooo refined! 🙂

    sigh. lucky Japanese fangirls!

  25. 25 Two Cents

    Javabeans, you forgot to say “MINE!” Does that mean he can be mine? 😛

  26. 26 Two Cents

    Javabeans, you forgot to say “MINE!” Does that mean he can now be mine? 😛

  27. 27 maryta

    this man Kang Ji-hwan

    is so sexy

    is so handsome

    is so atractive

    I would like to watch the musical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    fight it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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