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Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 9
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Here we are, almost half way! I know how much you guys have waited for this(so sorry for the delay!), so with no further ado—onto the recap!!!

Btw… I just love the capture above!

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As an angry Yoon-hee begins to turn away, Sun-joon stops her and tells her to let him first explain—but even before he gets the chance, Yoon-hee spits out in hurt and bitterness, “I’m so greatly indebted to you…if I had known, I would’ve at least been more obedient.”

Sun-joon tells her not to act childish, “You needed money then, and I had it. You can pay me back from now on. What’s the problem?”

Yoon-hee: “You should have said something! You should have… said something.”
Sun-joon: “And what if I did?”
Yoon-hee: “Then I probably wouldn’t have taken it! I might’ve kept using ridiculous loans… but I wouldn’t have taken your money.”
Sun-joon: “What kind of foolishness is that?”
Yoon-hee: “That foolishness is what people call pride. That pride that you’d die to protect…why can’t I have it? Did you pity me? Up until now, I was just powerless and pitiful to you. So you thought I’d take any helping hand offered to me. Right?”

When Sun-joon can’t answer, she delivers the final blow: “You have no right to criticize Ha In-soo—no, you’re worse than him. At least he knows that he’s a bad guy.”

Both are left in a daze after the confrontation, but Yoon-hee makes a stop at Hwang’s store to collect work—she’ll even write the love letter she refused earlier.

She returns home in female attire and wordlessly hugs her mom. She asks Yoon-hee if there’s something wrong but she tearfully answers that she’s just glad to be home. The family shares a quiet dinner, albeit hesitantly at first—the food In-soo had given Yoon-hee sharply contrasting with their usual meals (plus, they feel apologetic for the burdens that Yoon-hee’s had to embrace for them).

At the Moon household, Guh-ro is rewrapping his wound when his father comes in with medicinal herbs and fresh bandages. However, Minister Moon’s concern is accompanied by admonition—Guh-ro should distance himself from Kim Yoon-shik.

Guh-ro: “Why? Because he’s a powerless Nam-In who won’t help me rise in ranks?”
Minister Moon: “When are you going to stop rebelling against me?”
Guh-ro: “When are you going to stop living as a Noron’s puppet? That day, I died with my older brother. When you protected your position with the silence of your own son’s death, you lost both sons.”
Minister Moon: “With that power, I’m going to protect you. Hanging out with Kim Yoon-shik is too dangerous. Minister Ha thinks he is the Red Messenger.”
Guh-ro pauses: “What do you mean?”
Minister Moon: “Kim Seung-hun. The man who sacrificed himself trying to protect the Geum-deung-ji-sa with your brother—he’s Kim Yoon-shik’s father.”

Dun dun!

Speak of the devil, Yoon-hee asks her mother what she so loved about her father. “He never even bought you a silver hairpin, but you chose him over your own family. Didn’t you ever regret it?”

Her mother answers that she does regret it: “After I sent you off to Sungkyunkwan, I regret it every day. If I hadn’t turned my back on my family, I wouldn’t have had to live as such a shameful mother.”

Sun-joon, on the other hand, is paying the consequences for his earlier actions with Hyo-eun—the two have been betrothed. Wedding preparations will be made as soon as Sun-joon leaves Sungkyunkwan. Sun-joon looks slightly troubled but Hyo-eun is on Cloud 9 at the news.

Outside the Kim household, the real Yoon-shik joins his pensive older sister outside. He asks her if everything is really okay and Yoon-hee reassures him with a smile that everything’s peachy. “From now on, I’m going to try even harder. After all, I have to live up to your name don’t I?”

Break is finally over and everyone’s busy showing off their new toys—Hae-won’s got a bejeweled ink container, Woo-tak’s got a flashy new spectacle chain but the King of Extravagance, Gu Yong-ha himself has got them all beat. A golden mini figurine of the Chinese royal palace! He’s waited a year for this baby and you can tell how much he adores it by the way he pets and coos at it.

Guh-ro’s looking around campus for Yoon-hee when a mysterious pair of feet stealthily approaches the dormitories.

Yoon-hee is about to walk past Sun-joon when he stops her(why the wrist grabbing?! Argh!)—he has something to say…and something to hear. Yoon-hee flashes a forced smile and tells him that she overreacted before… “You don’t need to worry about it anymore, because I’m ok. I promise to pay you back slowly.” Sun-joon tries to tell her that’s not what he meant but Yoon-hee plays dumb and continues, “Oh yeah, I forgot to say thank you. Thank you for everything.”

As she walks away(not before a brief pause), In-soo calls out at Sun-joon, “Hey brother-in-law. I hear there’s an exchange of wedding talks.” Sun-joon explains that it’s all a big misunderstanding but In-soo sarcastically replies, “You know less about your father than me. Whatever your father has set his mind to, not even the King himself can change that.”

Alone in an empty classroom, Yoon-hee writes the love letter for Hyo-eun(to Sun-joon) but her thoughts get the best of her and she messes up. Guh-ro’s still looking for her and when he finds her walking outside, he begins asking if she knew everything…but even before he can further question her, something goes terribly wrong at the school: there’s been a burglar in the dorms.

Everyone’s valuables are gone, including Yong-ha’s beloved figurine. Oh, this does not sit well with him (I love angry Yong-ha). The thief’s even gone through the school’s medicine supplies.

An emergency meeting is called and every student is asked of their whereabouts at the time of the robbery. Everyone seems to have an alibi except Yoon-hee, who at the time was alone in the classroom writing Hyo-eun’s love letter, but of course no one can prove her claims are true. It doesn’t help that Byung-choon points out that Guh-ro was looking all over for her but she was nowhere to be found.

Things make a turn for the worse for Yoon-hee when the school assistants run back with news that they’ve found the culprit—Kim Yoon-shik’s identification slab. It was found at the local pharmacy where the culprit sold off all the stolen goods.

A shocked Yoon-hee insists it wasn’t her, but the murmuring has begun as everyone looks at her with accusing eyes. In-soo smirks while the rest of the Jalgeum Quartet share looks of disbelief. In-soo steps forward and reprimands Yoon-hee for her shameful act—not only did she steal from her classmates, but she also stole medicines that belong to the poor citizens. “You dare try to sell that medicine for money?”

Sun-joon cuts in to protest—“Yoon-shik has a sick brother and he probably used the medicine for him.”(Uh… so we’re assuming she is the thief?) He proposes that the best way to find out is to send someone to her house and get the facts straight…but of course, Yoon-hee can’t have anyone snooping around her household for fear of her secret getting out.

Her refusal only buys her more suspicion and In-soo asks permission to run a student trial—to everyone’s surprise, King Jeong-jo arrives and volunteers himself to be the judge. He announces that this will be his examination for the students.

It’s an outrage, according to Minister Ha but Minister Lee reminds him that the King is not one to act without thorough calculations. “This may be a greater test for us than the Sungkyunkwan scholars.”

Alarmed, Minister Ha asks, “Are you saying that His Majesty personally got involved…in order to protect Kim Yoon-shik?” Minister Lee only nods in reply.

“Kim Yoon-shik… you’re expelled,” the King announces, to the delight of In-soo and his minions. But Jeong-jo continues, “That is, if you are the real culprit of this robbery.” His test is simple: those who believe Kim Yoon-shik is guilty, prove it. Those who believe Kim Yoon-shik is innocent, prove it.

Despite the Headmaster’s protests, King Jeong-jo remains resolute—“Do you think that these students deserve to be given a proper test? If Kim Yoon-shik is indeed the culprit, then this school has nurtured a thief. You, Headmaster, and the rest of the professors and scholars have no right to teach and uphold the laws of this land. But if Kim Yoon-shik is innocent, those who deem him guilty are also undeserving to uphold the law. That is why I’ve chosen this as my test to you.”

Jeong-jo gives the Sungkyunkwan scholars 2 days access to the city’s government office as the status of an intern in order to investigate the case.

After the king’s departure, In-soo reinforces to Yoon-hee that she will in fact be expelled—she simply won herself 2 more days till then. He’s going to prove her guilt, along with the rest of the Sungkyunkwan scholars. Even Yoon-hee’s classmates can’t help but prove her guilt—they believe her innocence but can’t bear to receive failing marks.

It’s just the Jalgeum Quartet left, but Sun-joon begins his interrogation: “Did anyone see you in the classroom during the day?” When she answers no, he continues, “What happened with your ID?”

Yoon-hee asks him if he’s doubting her but he goes on, “Why didn’t you let someone check your house? Didn’t you know that was the easiest way to prove your innocence?”

Guh-ro cuts in, “Can’t you see that she’s being framed?”
Sun-joon: “So what? What does your blind faith change about the situation? Kim Yoon-shik is still just a shameful thief who dropped his ID at the pharmacy.”
Guh-ro: “What…are you saying that since this is the King’s test, you can’t receive failing marks for believing in Yoon-shik?”
Sun-joon: “Of course.”

Guh-ro’s fists are about to fly but Yong-ha stops him—“Since we’re the only ones who believe in Yoon-shik, we should all just get along.”

“All of you stop it,” Yoon-hee begins. “I didn’t steal anything… so I’ll take care of it.”

Sun-joon: “How are you going to take care of it. Did you say he’s been framed? You’re going to need evidence rather than words to convince me.” Agh you devil’s advocate, you!

Guh-ro’s determined to get that evidence, but first, a confrontation with In-soo. He’s sure that this is all In-soo’s doing, beginning with the medicine that he supposedly gave Yoon-hee as a gift…it was always his plan to use that medicine to frame her. In-soo simply scoffs at the accusation, “This is why I can’t be kind to poor people. They always stab you in the back for your kindness. I can’t help that his cheap upbringing turned my grace into vendetta. That’s why I’m warning you to be careful too.” Fists are about to fly again, but Guh-ro is stopped by the threat of making matters worse for Yoon-hee.

Yoon-hee is looking up references to help her efforts, but when she sees Sun-joon doing the same she tells him, “If you’re helping because you pity me, then you don’t need to try so hard. If you feel sorry for me because there’s no one who believes me, then I don’t need your help. So, instead of worrying over getting failing marks just…”

Sun-joon: “Do you really think I’m worried over failing?”
Yoon-hee: “You’re the one who was interrogating me because of your suspicions.”
Sun-joon: “Do you really think of me that way? Is that why you refused my help? Was I just a Noron boy who only cares about his grades to you? I never suspected you in the first place. Like you said, I never start anything that’ll fail. If you’re going to get hurt over some questions, then what are you going to do by yourself in front of the King? Listen well, Kim Yoon-shik. Even if we go to the government office, no one will be on your side. So if you’re going to prove your innocence, you’re going to need to prepare yourself well.”

Professor Jung expresses his doubts over his students’ abilities to prove/disprove Yoon-hee’s innocence… not necessarily just because of Yoon-hee’s case, but because the King’s real objective is to find the Geum-deung-ji-sa. The king is testing the students in order to find the one he can entrust the task of finding the Geum-deung-ji-sa.

Our Jalgeum Quartet set out the next day to investigate in their adorable intern uniforms—all except Gu Yong-ha who refuses to be homogenized. He argues, “How can anyone think up brilliant ideas when they’re stripped of their identity?” Besides, Yong-ha doesn’t need the uniform since he has his trusted companions to go to the government offices for him. Yong-ha’s determined to find the culprit—not for Yoon-hee’s sake, but for the sake of his beloved figurine. Oh Yong-ha, you silly boy.

Guh-ro reassures Yoon-hee—afterall, Yong-ha’s grown up in the market district and he probably knows where to get the inside scoop.

As the trio begin making plans for investigation, Yoon-hee spots a teenage boy filling his knapsack as he walks the streets. They make eye contact but almost as an act of defiance, the boy continues his thievery. The fruit lady catches him and cries “Thief!” and a hoard of city guards come running after him.

Both Sun-joon and Guh-ro reach to push Yoon-hee out the way, but Guh-ro is just a little quicker and he holds her in a protective embrace. Sun-joon, who was pushed the other way, looks at the two with a complicated gaze—but we all know he’s just jealous. Guh-ro on the other hand, is holding Yoon-hee without really holding her. Oh yeah, and of course the hiccups are back.

Yoon-hee spot Woo-tak’s spectacle chain around the boy’s neck, and with that information Guh-ro quickly takes off after him. Sun-joon and Yoon-hee(who are still a bit awkward after the fight) go to the government office as planned, only to find that the guards play games and sleep all day. And when they finally do decide to work, they go around the marketplace terrorizing the poor merchants who don’t have a license to sell.

The injustice committed by the guards are witnessed by all four of the Jalgeum Quartet—Guh-ro lead to the market street after losing the boy by running into Yong-ha, who’s been doing his own private investigation in the back-streets. It’s a sobering moment for all of them as they see for themselves just how corrupt and unjust the current system is. Even when Yoon-hee confronts the chief of guards, he retorts that he’s simply upholding the law.

King Jeong-jo and Professor Jung are observing the four as Jung makes the observation that it seems that the quartet are one step closer to finding the bigger thief. I’ve got an inkling that there’s much more meaning behind the King’s assignment. He wants them to learn “Fury—fury against oneself for being so helpless against the corrupt world.”

Back at Minister Ha’s estate, the leader of the legal merchants is busy complaining about the King’s efforts to regulate prices. He’s also looking for ways to allow the lower class citizens to sell products legally. This is all disadvantageous for the higher class merchants but Minister Ha reminds him that the Noron are backing them—so what is he complaining about?

Along with a bribe, the merchant leader asks Minister Ha to attend the merchants’ “meeting” and repeat his reassurances.

The Jalgeum quartet are at the local tavern drinking their anger away—actually mostly Yoon-hee—when Yong-ha explains that it’s the legal merchants who are paying the guards, so of course they’re going to work to maximize their profit… and that profit is going into the pockets of the Noron faction.

When they spot a couple of drunk guards walk in, they’ve got mischief on their minds. Sun-joon—who half-assedly protests—writes the word “thief” on the guards’ face and Yong-ha cries “Fire!” The guards awake, and the adorable quartet flee. Ah, youth and friendship.

Of course, the merchant meeting is not so much a meeting as it is a party and the quartet make plans to infiltrate the estate—there’s a list of transactions that they must find hidden within the storage of the estate. It’ll prove that the products that the guards destroyed today are actually being taken to the legal merchants and being sold again to the people for a higher price.

Yoon-hee volunteers herself to go, since after all, this is her mess but both Sun-joon and Guh-ro protest at the danger and volunteer themselves. Yong-ha suggests that all four should just go, hand-in-hand—“We’ll meet here at Hae-shi(9:30-10:30pm)”

This is actually Yong-ha assisting Sun-joon’s ploy to get Guh-ro and Yoon-hee out of the picture—and with only a note, the two are off to the merchant’s party. Sun-joon explains, “It’s safer for one person to look for the list. Yoon-hee’s not quick minded enough, and Guh-ro’s fiery temper…”

Yoon-hee and Guh-ro go after them—she can’t stand to feel indebted again.

In-soo takes a breather outside and spots Sun-joon creeping towards the storage. When he sees Yong-ha amidst the gisaengs, his suspicions grow stronger. He asks Yong-ha what he’s doing here, to which he answers, “I’m here because I’m the son of the household that leases out land to the merchants. And you? Ah, yes yes…I forgot that the merchants and the Noron were one family, right?” In-soo isn’t fooled and asks his father to secretly call some guards over—they’re going to have to teach their future in-law a lesson.

Guh-ro tries to stop Yoon-hee—times like this, it’s more helpful to stay put. Yoon-hee is worried too…just as they worry for her, she worries for them. Guh-ro begins to tell her that he’ll go instead, but when they overhear a couple passing guards talking about a fool attempting to break into the estate, Guh-ro tells her to go and warn them—he’ll stall the guards as much as he can.

Yoon-hee arrives in front of the estate but is denied access—that is, until she sees the gisaengs enter and has a brilliant idea.

The guards arrive at the estate and are beginning their search—if they don’t find him, the merchant warns, the Noron won’t be safe either.

Sun-joon, who just found the needed list, is getting a little nervous. The doors begin to open, he grabs the nearest candle stick, only to find Yoon-hee dressed as a beautiful gisaeng.

He’s shocked—she runs into his arms.



Finally, the friendship between the Jalgeum Quartet are in full bloom. Oh yes, I know the Jalgeum Quartet was already beginning to form a unit by Episode 7, but I feel that this was the first episode where they actually become real friends. They care for each other, take sacrifices for each other, and best of all, they horse around. I think that’s what excites me most about this drama—not the adorable romances or the political/personal angst (which I love too)—but the story of friendship. It’s exciting to see them grow, and like I’ve mentioned before, I’m so glad that this drama started them out hating each other. It makes such the greater impact.

There’s a lot of substance in this episode. We now know what exactly happened to Guh-ro’s brother and where all his anger stems from. We also know (although we’ve had an idea before) that the king never moves without a deeper, ulterior motive. It appears that he’s giving Kim Yoon-shik a chance to clear his name, but in fact his real goal is to find the “real” thief, meaning the upper classes, and also find a means to make trade easier for the lower classes. I don’t want to say “use” with it’s connotations, but he’s essentially using the Sungkyunkwan scholars to push his honorable cause. Plus, he’s testing the quartet if they’ve got the guns to handle the assignment he’d like to give them.

There is just a little thing that bothers me about this drama. I’ve felt that Sun-joon has, from the very beginning, treated Yoon-hee much like he would a girl. I don’t mean the way he treats Hyo-eun and other obvious females, but I mean in the general sense that his vocabulary is always more tender. And the wrist-grabbing: it’s a simultaneous Oooh! and Eeek! reaction from me. I love it, and yet there’s a part of me that is puzzled—especially because he wrist-grabs so much even before he sees her as a gisaeng. I dont know, just a trivial thought.

As for In-soo… I think he’s so complex, it’s hard for me to figure him out. I know there’s a lot of you out there who believe In-soo lost the archery competition on purpose, including my partner, and I can totally see how it would appear so. But there’s a part of me that refuses to see him that way. His reactions after the tournament seem to tell me otherwise. Plus, look at the way he looks at Cho-sun. It’s not so much tender loving care as it is a burning desire to possess her. I don’t know. This is just my opinion and I think the creators probably made it to be so ambiguous so we would have these debates. All in good fun.

I agree with red_pill and her curiosity towards Kang-mu. There’s something there… and I hope we’re not all just imagining it.

Now if only Yong-ha’s story would elaborate. I’m dying to know his story.


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    Seriously, they should get an award: Best BROMANCE Performance in a drama ever.

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    My reply to your comments: I understand that Sun-joon has treated Yoon-hee like a girl, but so did Guh-ro, even before he found out. I think she has a certain quality that makes people want to protect her- or prey on that perceived quality, a la In-soo. She’s badass, but always seems to be getting in trouble. Plus, even without people realizing it and even with her huge shoulder chip, she still somewhat acts like a girl, with her kind ways and general thoughtfulness, which might illicit that unconscious response. However, Sun-joon’s attitude could be bias on the writers’ part rather than an actual character trait or product of the drama; it’s hard to say.

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      I may have mentioned it earlier, but the fact that he shot a 5- the exact amount that would allow Yoon-hee to win, and then only by shooting 10- makes me think it was on purpose, on account of his pride, and he is a good enough archer to pull it off. His reaction would have been evenmore pissed off if it was accidental, I think. I agree that it doesn’t match with his character as we know it, but I think it speaks to unplumbed depths that maybe even he doesn’t know about yet, either. And I think that is veeeeery interesting.

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        Resounding yes on that one. Wrist-grabbing makes me quite angry. Plus there’s another dynamic whenever somebody grabs a gisaeng. I was reading up on them (on Wikipedia) (don’t judge!) and I didn’t realize they were actually slaves of the government. I thought they were sort of like Japanese geisha- which I guess were also slaves in a way- and it’s interesting, but it really gets my goat.

    • 12.3 Dara

      Umm…reminds me of my school days. I was in one-gender school once, whenever I encountered with a friend who seemed petite and gentle, I would automatically become gentler and politer, afraided that I might hurt the person unintentionally.

      SJ, with his upbringing, I would think he has that in his nature like when he’s with his dad/mom he turns even softer and politer. But again I don’t know Korean so I might not get the effects of words he used with YHee.

      The wrist grabbing caught my attention too but I just thought its the writer’s dramatic purpose.

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    this reminds me of MGiaG when Daewoong grabs Miho’s wrist, then slides his hand down to hold hers. *swoooooon* I miss that show already. SKKS, you have 11 more episodes to give me cute romantic moments – get on it! lol

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        I wonder why SJ is jealous over JS (or vice versa for that matter) but Yong Ha can sometimes even hug Yoon Hee in front of them but it doesn’t elicit same reaction from either SJ or JS?

        This epi is the start of J4 friendship. Agree with you about the friendship. That is also why I love the series.

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    • 16.11 jubilantia

      I love how Guh-ro turns into a knock-kneed, hormone-ridden awkward 14 year old boy whenever he’s around Yoon-hee. Or any girls at all. It’s a great way to show how affected that “Crazy Horse” attitude of his is.

      I’ve been trying to figure out exactly why I think he’s so hot. The face he presents to the world is that intense, angry-at-everything, I’ll-take-you-down sneer. But on the flipside of the hair and the attitude and the lips (mmmmm), he has this honest, endearingly clumsy vulnerability.

      That first discovery scene nearly killed me, because you could almost see the words about to come out of his mouth: “OF COURSE DAEMUL’S A BOY! Totally a boy. Why would be not be a boy? In conclusion: boy!” We’re starting to see the attaction dawn on Sun-joon (poor guy), but because his character is more reserved, it doesn’t have the same quality. Mickey is doing better, and I’m still rooting for him and Yoon-hee all the way, but that’s partly because I’m half-hoping Guh-ro will leap out of the screen for me. Heh.

    • 16.12 Anonymous

      I DID!!! ;D

  17. 17 LadyIgraine

    and the Joseon quartet was invented 🙂

    • 17.1 snow

      Yes, I also noticed those scenes since my eyes are always on JS haha… JS is oh so adorable!

  18. 18 lain

    Thank you so much for the recap, cassie.opeia.

    This is probably my favorite episode, mostly because of the scene in the tavern and the storage room.

    I agree with your opinion on In-soo. I also think he didn’t lose the archery competition on purpose. However, I do believe that his feeling for Cho sun is pure, at least in the beginning. Cho sun’s obvious and continuous rejection is probably what triggered his crude attitude, but that just shows how deep his love for Cho sun is.

    About Sun-joon, I think the tender treatment for Yoon-hee is not solely on his case, but in general. Everyone around her seems to treat her that way even though they’re not aware that “Kim Yoon-shik” is in fact a female. This includes Jae-shin. His protective behavior towards Yoon hee already appeared even before he discovered the truth, though not too visible. I think it’s because Yoon hee, as Yoon-shik, couldn’t completely eliminate her female aura.

    Sun-joon, however, based almost his action on his logic. He probably subconsciously felt “Yoon-shik” is a female, but since what he saw on the surface is a male, so he treats her like one.

    • 18.1 lain

      *based almost all his action*

      He probably subconsciously felt “Yoon-shik” is a female, but since what he saw on the surface is a male, so he treats her like one –> I meant that Sun-joon treats her a bit rough compare to others.

  19. 19 rayray

    i think him treating her like a girl is a subconscious act of the character…or a response/outcome of his attraction to her which intensified a whole lot after he saw dressed like a gisaeng. Speaking of that,she looked so prettty! hehehe but ofcourse it didnt make sense how,where she got the clothes and how fast she managed to put on the makeup and that elaborate hairstyle..but then again its a drama hahaha

  20. 20 Chantal

    thanks for the recap cassie. I love this episode but something is bothering me. Where did Yoon Hee get the clothes and how could she change into the gisaeng dress with all the hairdo, make up and everything so fast.It seems a bit illogical for me since she only had a little time to do that.

    • 20.1 lain

      Yeah, it bothered me, too. At first, I thought she asked for help from the gisaeng, but apparently not. I think the writers forgot to find an explanation ^^

    • 20.2 cassie.opeia

      I think all we can say about that is, it’s a drama. =/ Ah, the magic of kdrama.

    • 20.3 Lee

      It get’s explained in the next ep.

  21. 21 red_pill

    Good job, dear. <3 The top screencap is priceless.

    • 21.1 cassie.opeia


  22. 22 katz

    Thank you for the recap! The story really gets going from this episode and I totally LOVE Sun-Joon’s shocked expression at the end when Yoon-Hee appears in female garb.

  23. 23 Purpleclouds

    I suspect one of the real gisaengs helped out with Yoon Hee’s disguise thanks to Yong Ha somehow…??? In real life, how can you not smell the scent of a girl? It’s so different. Love SKKS.

  24. 24 Lee

    I think he’s softer to her cause he respects her and she may be firm but she’s rarely been out of line or degrading to him, plus I think he sees her as a friend and doesn’t want to lose that.

  25. 25 :P

    SKKS! i cant watch it anymore cuz of watchful KBS but this recap was awesome THNK U!! omg omg omg J4 mansae! so yong ha is frm a merchant family? ahh he didnt want to lose his ‘identity’ with his hanbok LOL. kekekekekek this ep is amazing, its already halfway OH NO

    • 25.1 Nory Ellis

      I don’t know if he from a merchant family. I do know that his family is landlord that owns a lot of shops that the merchants rent. It seems that when he crashed the party at head of merchant house, there weren’t any reference that any family of his is among those merchant present. I could be wrong though.

  26. 26 Marinajati

    thank you for the recap, i’m getting more and more interested in this drama, looking forward for the next episodes…yoon hee absolutely beautiful in gisaeng outfit^_^

  27. 27 kit

    i absolutely ADORED this episode. well, this one and the next. as you said, the Jalgeum Quartet are really bffs 4 eva now. Their friendship puts a smile on my face, and they’ve all got such differing personalities but what brings them together i guess is that desire within for a better place, truth, all that kind of good stuff that most people of the higher class seem to forfeit in their greed (well, yong-ha wouldn’t admit to it, but heh). And seriously, I was fanning myself more than the gisaengs when all four of them just walked down the street.

    On a more serious note, I’m loving the King here. Some of the deeper stuff is coming out, and oh man, I am loving it. Political intrigue and corrupt nobles are always needed in a historical drama, and the cast here is superb.

    Thank you for the recap!

  28. 28 Lotte

    Am I the only one who DOESN’T find the constant wrist-grabbing the slightest bit romantic? If anyone tried that with me they’d be getting a slap! That’s one of my biggest gripes with k-dramas in general – this perpetual hero taking physical control of the heroine trope. I remember watching Cinderella’s Sister and losing count of the number of times Eun-jo was being dragged somewhere against her will. Hate hate hate it.

    That aside, I am really enjoying this drama. I agree that the highlight is the burgeoning comraderie between these four completely different people. They have brilliant team chemistry. And I’m getting slightly desperate to find out more about Yong-ha – there’s obviously so much more going on with him under his carefree playboy surface. And for me the real love story is totally his epic crush on Jae-shin!

    • 28.1 Annie

      I bet he has a dark past

      • 28.1.1 Mars

        “the real love story is totally his epic crush on Jae-shin!”

        Haha! I sort of ship this? I’m not really reading Yong-ha as straight, and the show isn’t really convincing me (even with his lady killing ways *cough*Handsome Bob*cough*). I mean Yong-ha is constantly invading Jae-shin’s space and Jae-shin isn’t bothered, like it ain’t no thing. So, I see your points, and I like it is all.

        • Alexis

          In ep 11 or 12, Yong Ha actually spoke of the fact he was “confused” abt his affections for Jae Shin previously.

          • Lotte

            Yeah, loved that! I kind of read it as Yong-ha crushing majorly and Jae-shin being vaguely aware and fondly exasperated – like in episode 4, when he turned the invasion of personal space thing on Yong-ha and got all up in his face…just saying: flirting!

            Do we know when Jae-shin’s brother died, i.e do we know if their friendship pre-dates his death? Because in my head, Yong-ha’s playfulness is partly about him trying to bring out what I’m imagining was Jae-shin’s more mischievous side that he’s repressed since his brother died. But that’s just my interpretation!

    • 28.2 budsdiana

      “And for me the real love story is totally his epic crush on Jae-shin!”

      Now thats a great way to look at it. Like a lot here I love their bromance and when you put it that way, I can live with that!!

      Everytime I see YH on screen i always look forward to ….what will he be wearing this time. He is soooo cute when he delivers his line and his actuations when
      he is scheming about something….or provoking any of the 3 actors.

      He loves to put his arms over the shoulder of anyone of them…. and it is sooo endearing even though sometimes he is mocking them.

      Why is it that they do scenes where when YH wants to make a point he would put his head/mouth ever soooo lightly very close to the ear of JS or even YS to stress a point. Specially since I am watching it raw (while waiting for the sub) and I can’t understand where the conversation is going, so I would sometimes think is he going to kiss JS. Sometimes you would feel its too close for comfort ….. not that i am complaining, though.

      • 28.2.1 Lotte

        Ah, his clothes! I love how flamboyant he is. And yes, he’s all about the invasion of personal space. I think it’s telling how each of them react to it – Sun-joon looks a bit uncomfortable, Yoon-hee doesn’t really seem to notice (unless he’s casting aspersions on her gender) and Jae-shin just rolls his eyes, bless. That’s why I loved it in episode 4 when Jae-shin turned the tables on Yong-ha and got all up in his face – I kind of read that as him being vaguely aware of Yong-ha’s crush and teasing him a bit, but I do have an overactive imagination!

    • 28.3 jubilantia

      Oh, you are not alone in the wrist-grab hating. Don’t you worry. And it sucks because it’s not characteristic for anyone who does it except In-soo. Jae-shin frequently grabs her shoulders or something, but I haven’t noticed too much wrist-grabbing from him- and mostly it’s because he’s worried for her, and he does it to everyone.

      Also yes with the bromance. Yong-ha says he looooves the ladies but sometimes I’m not sure 🙂 Or maybe he just loves beautiful people in general. Either way, there is definitely more than meets the eye. I love how no one is how they initially seem, even In-soo. Jae-shin’s got a brother (slash “I hate you, world!”) complex, Sun-joon has major daddy issues, not to mention Yoon-hee.

  29. 29 lushtea

    Thanks for the recaps, I’m starting to enjoy this show more and more!

    My thoughts on In-soo losing the competition, I think he purposely missed that last shot because he thought that Yoon-hee wont be able to score a bulls-eye, and that would show Cho-sun that Yoon-hee was not so great afterall. Its all about In-soo showing his ego, which fits into your thought on In-soo’s feelings towards Cho-sun.

  30. 30 love it!

    Discovered this site a few days ago and I am enjoying these recaps. Especially for this drama. I’ve had my own ideas on the characters and development of the plot. It’s nice to hear what other people think. Keep it up and thanx~ ^^

    • 30.1 budsdiana

      Welcome to the awesomeness of DRAMABEANS/JAVABEANS!!!!

    • 30.2 pohonphee

      Welcome…and get ready for more kdrama addiction ^^

  31. 31 marie

    Thank you so much for the recap Cassie, I am loving this series so much but I can only watch the raw, I cannot find it with english subs anywhere so your recaps hepl me understand it. Thanks again, you are a legend!!!

    • 31.1 Q

      :/ dramacrazy.net works fine for me!

    • 31.2 karz

      go to the first page of SKKS thread in soompi.com for subtitles. And GOE;SS livejournal for RAW vids.. 🙂

      • 31.2.1 jubilantia

        Mehanata has got softsubs directly from viikii (with their consent, it sounds like), so they’re up to 10, and 12 (but no 11 yet).

  32. 32 Meyawie

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    love this drama soooo much

  33. 33 Annie

    the first pic is one of the best pic EVER

  34. 34 Annie

    I wont spoil so not going to talk about the love In Soo has for Cho-sun. But I do like it is like more than possessiveness.

    I really like this ep, And Yoon-hee dressing up as a girl. OMG bonus

  35. 35 asianromance

    thank you for the recap! The only good thing that happened to me today! My luck’s been so bad lately, it should be some farcical sitcom episode.

    I love how our Jalgeum Quartet pranked those guards just when things were getting too serious! (And I can’t believe Yoon-hee’s other friends ditched her…that epic archery competition PROVES that miracles can happen and that Yoon-hee is kickass enough to save her name)

    I’m really curious to find out how Yoon-hee got her gisaeng clothes on. I get the feeling that she bumped into Chosun and asked her for help. I love how sometimes there would be an unexplained event (like Yoon-hee managing to sneak back into the school when she missed curfew because of Sun-joon) and then a flashback later on. And they always pick the right moment to introduce the flashback! This series really knows how to pace itself in a way that keeps the audience’s rapt attention.

    I think both Sun-joon and Jae Shin both treat Yoon-hee like a girl. It does bug me sometimes because it would take me out of the story. I would then go “what guy does that to another guy?!”

    As for In-soo, I really hope there is more to him. I just rewatched the first episode (fell in love with Yoon-hee all over again) and I noticed the part where Yoonhee had gone to Minister Ha’s house to pay part of the debt and to sort of threaten him and Minister Ha was all being creepy and like ‘I like your spirit. I will marry you against you will’ …as she was leaving, Ha In Soo was like “Unlike my father, i will not tolerate a second wife”. So does that mean he loves his mommy?? which is a plus. Or maybe he’s a romantic?? Or maybe I’m just reading in too much. But he does look nice and brotherly when Hyo-eun was first introduced in the first episode.

    • 35.1 nycgrl

      He is brainy-er than his dad for sure but he is his father’s son. Both father & son need to possess what they can’t have. The father wants Yoon-Hee though she makes it apparent how little she likes him and In-Soo wants Cho-sun despite her frequent rejections. Neither knows what it means to love sincerely instead their relationship with everyone is about conquering with fear & power.

    • 35.2 kimkim

      “Unlike my father, i will not tolerate a second wife”.

      I’ve read others comment the exact same thing so I’m not merely pointing it out to you, but perhaps this was a mistranslation in one of the subs that’s been going around? I don’t remember In Soo ever telling his father’s manservant this. He told him, “Unlike father, I won’t ever tolerate a second mistake” in ep 1 when Yoon Hee visits Minister Ha’s home for the first time (I don’t have the video with me so I don’t recall the exact words, but that was the general idea what he said.)

      • 35.2.1 kimkim

        Btw, that’s also In Soo’s common catch phrase that he often tells his lackeys as well.

      • 35.2.2 torridgirl

        The second wife comment is how is was translated on the episodes that have aired on Hulu.com

  36. 36 wanzhaf

    thank you so much for the recap, been visiting you everyday for this. Looking forward to next episode. I love to see lsj shocked face. The beautiful yoon hee is the beginning of his nightmare….

  37. 37 kara elayne

    The pic above is actually my desktop wallpaper, hahaha! So so cute!

  38. 38 Ani

    On the In-soo topic, I think he just lost his focus. I mean, he’s too ambitious (if that’s the right word) to lose on purpose. His pride wouldn’t have let him lose, so I’m all for his jealousy towards Cho-sun loving Yoon-hee/Yoon-shik caused him to lose focus…. Unless he was paid (or some such thing) to lose for a greater scheme unknown to us.

    • 38.1 kimkim

      Haha, I see that this debate is still ongoing. I don’t think the people (myself included) who believe he scored a 5 on purpose are arguing that he lost the tournament on purpose. Instead, we’re arguing that he scored a 5 on his last shot on purpose in order to show Cho Sun that Yoon Shik cannot score a bullseye to win it for his/her team, YS will cause his/her team to lose, and that this is the kind of man that Cho Sun had chosen. In fact, In Soo was expecting to win the game because he believed Yoon Shik would miss (especially considering what Byung Choon did to the bow). In Soo’s tears was due to his indignation at himself for resorting to doing something like this, and his pride was hurt. He later blamed Byung Choon for “losing the tournament” by not doing his work (making it impossible for YS to win) right

  39. 39 Nory Ellis

    Thanks for the recap cassie.opeia. The first picture symbolize this episode. It’s the start of a great friendship of J4.

    What’s funny about the scene was that the most serious and law abiding one of the four is the one that writes on that guard’s face. And he laughed when they started to run. Playing pranks was fun eh Sun Joon?

    “Fury—fury against oneself for being so helpless against the corrupt world.” …I think this is what the king experience himself. This lesson comes from his heart. Showing how helpless he felt against the system that even though he’s the king he is not able to have progress as fast as he would like to. And hoping maybe this political harmony group will be able to do more than him in the future. Great lesson there from the king.

    I agree with you that In So sees Cho Sun as something to possess. Why I don’t know. It’s not enough to just say that he is spoiled. Somehow I got the feeling that he was hurt big time in the past. I also feels that he is much darker than what he seems now. One thing for sure he is very,very smart, power hungry and controlling (autocratic). He is much smarter than his father. Where will that smartness and anger lead him to?

    Wrist grabbing in this drama is not so bad. Usually they just want the other person to stop in their trail. They never wrist grab and drag the other person away against their will.

    p/s : are we still discussing whether In Soo shoots on purpose last time? Here’s my 1/2 cents 🙂 In ep 7, after that incident they showed Woo Tak’s group talking. One of the room mate (I never catched his name) asked if In Soo’s doing that on purpose. And the old classmate, Ahn, said, “As if,…” I cannot catch the rest because viikii didn’t finish it. But Ahn surely doesn’t believe that In So is that benevolent. This is like the last time when JB recapped Wish Upon a Star, and the lead wrist grabbed the girl and the friend said “how romantic!” and then another side character shows that it’s not romantic at all but hurts when he did the same. This is the writer’s way of airing his/her point. Same here. The writer is trying to convey his/her message through the side characters. That is how I read the scene.

    • 39.1 moonie

      I’m sorry. but what are you really saying about in-soo?

      • 39.1.1 Nory Ellis

        In Soo is a complex guy.

        He seems to love his sister. The only person he have shown his sincere smiles. But… he is still able to use his own sister to further his quest for power by suggesting to his father to have Sun Joon as the family son in law…even before the birthday party of Minister Lee (Sun Joon’s father). If you have family like that I don’t know what an enemy will look like.

        He MAY have a love/hate relationship with his father. The manservant (the one that destroyed YH’s family property in ep 1) in his house seems to be wary of him. He strongly said if he ever got married there’ll be just one wife.

        Characteristic :
        Fueled by anger – where did this anger came from? This is where I feel that he MIGHT have been very hurt a long time ago. No body was born evil. Even In Soo. Hurt can make people do crazy thing.
        Control freak – He rules by fear and intimidation. His father’s son?
        Very smart – Can put his point across against others, even the king. A master tactician. I feel that he is very intimidated by Sun Joon because Sun Joon is as smart, if not better than him, and SJ came from a prominent family too. That is why he is doing everything he can to destroy SJ or at least make SJ bows to him and becomes his follower.
        Will do anything to get what he wants. ‘Face to face’ or back stabbing? Both ways he will use. He is very unsporting.

        What is the extend of what he will do if he believes that the end justifies the means? We’ll just have to see in later episodes. Just as Sun Joon, YS/YH and the gang evolves, so does In Soo. For better or worse? Don’t know yet. I’m just enjoying the ride at the moment 🙂

        • kimkim

          “He seems to love his sister. The only person he have shown his sincere smiles. But… he is still able to use his own sister to further his quest for power by suggesting to his father to have Sun Joon as the family son in law…”

          I agree that he is not above using his own sister. But it’s also true that his sister’s marriage to SJ is good for his sister as well, and I’m sure In Soo’s aware of it. First, he knows that she has a crush on SJ (so in essence, he’s giving his sister her “toy” that she wants), and second, there can be no better marriage (as in moving up in society) for Hyo Eun than marrying the son of the Left State Minister.

          “He strongly said if he ever got married there’ll be just one wife.”

          I’ve read others comment the exact same thing so I’m not merely pointing it out to you, but perhaps this was a mistranslation in one of the subs? I don’t remember In Soo ever telling his father’s manservant this. He told him, “Unlike father, I won’t ever tolerate a second mistake” in ep 1 when Yoon Hee visits Minister Ha’s home for the first time (I don’t have the video with me so I don’t recall the exact words, but that was the general idea what he said.)

          • Nory Ellis

            Thanx kimkim. I obviously don’t understand korean so I rely heavily on sub. It seems that what In Soo said to the manservant is what he said to everyone who he thinks is beneath him.

            I also agree on the other reason that In Soo would like to give his sister her new toy. Killing many birds with one stone. He must think that he also can get to boss Sun Joon around if Sun Joon is his brother in law. Ultimately it’s the power game.

        • Rachel

          In Soo is a fascinating character, isn’t he?

          I got the impression that In Soo despises his father and follows him because it is “right”. And his father is the one with the power – for now.

          Like many of the characters in SKKS, In Soo seems to have a strong opinion about what is right and what is wrong. I think he is determined to see that image of right and wrong imposed upon the world.

          I love the juxtaposition of Sun-joon and Guh-ro; they both wish to change the world but they try to do it by different methods. Sun-joon acts from within the framework and Guh-ro acts from without.

          And Yong-ha…? I think he manipulates his surroundings to suit his purposes, thus creating his own little world. The way Yong-ha lives life, the “framework” just doesn’t apply (at least, that’s what he likes to think). And holy bejesus, how does Yong-ha steal every scene he’s in?

          In fact, this whole show has stolen me – lock, stock, and barrel. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this involved in a Kdrama!

  40. 40 Dara

    Thanks for your recap.

    The only person that I think treated YHee accordingly in my book is YHa. Although he is almost certain YHee is a girl, he goes along with her and acts normal. He is an open-minded man when it comes to gender, I love him more and more.

  41. 41 Phoebe

    Thank you for the recap! 😀

    There are many little cute things in this episode. I like how when YHa notices there’s been a robbery in his room, the first thing he mentions is that the thief should’ve at least taken a matching pair of clothes. Lol.
    Oh YHa, I’m dying to know his background story too.

    Then there’s the lovely scene where YHee tries to stop SJ from drinking and SJ gets annoyed, asking why she does that and she balks with such a cute expression. <3

    The scene where YHee meets and hugs her mom makes me suddenly want to hug my mom so much. It's a really touching scene.

  42. 42 SKKSfan

    eeek i was also wondering at Sun-joon’s behavior towards Yoon-hee. if i were him, i would be inventing the word ‘gay’. which is quite disturbing at those times. he doesn’t notice it in himself eh? especially at episode 8 – all the while i was saying, ‘man you are SO attracted to him/her!’

  43. 43 v.

    Thanks for the recap!
    I agree with you about in soo… i don’t think the boy is that generous. and i also agree with what you said about cho sun.
    that said, i loved the friendship in this ep, the highlight point being when they played around with the guards. EPIC.
    mickey improved his acting… by quite a lot from his banjun days. the face he made when he recognized yoon hee as the gisaeng was priceless.
    and yong ha and jaeshin are just too hot. the former being angry and the later in his officer uniform. squee..

  44. 44 Ladymoonstone143

    Thank you for the awesome. I am enjoying this drama a lot…:) This keeps me going on manic Mondays…lol

  45. 45 Sushi

    I don’t entirely agree with you about Insoo. While outwardly he seems to be driven by his desire to possess Chosun, I don’t think that’s his primary motivation. If you watch episode 12, he talks about how he has loved Chosun since she showed up at his doorstep when she was like 10 years old. He seems to genuinely care for her underneath it all. He may be a very possessive and jealous person, but there is more to be seen from him yet (or so I hope)!!

    And for some reason, the romantic subplot is really not drawing me in at all. I’d rather see the four of them getting chummy than seeing the whole Yoon-hee Sun Joon romance. Is it just me or does the whole ordeal seem rather forced?? >.<

    I totally love the screencap you used as the header for the recaps!! 🙂 Must save onto computer!!!

    • 45.1 fadedjean

      Please try not to write spoilers! Some people here haven’t watched up to ep 12 yet!

  46. 46 Teapot

    Thank you for the excellent recap – DB if you are reading you picked an excellent recapper/pair of recappers. I enjoy watching the show with subtitles, but I enjoy even more that something extra that Cassie and Redpill add with their recaps – talented writers both.

  47. 47 Angel

    I understand that you may feel that Sunjoon treats her in a very feminine and gentle manner – not a way that men treat each other. However, you need to remember that she IS female! No matter what, there is a subconcious knowledge that she is female. Also, Sunjoon is starting to like her and being male, it is the natural instinct to protect the thing he loves.

    So that’s really why I don’t mind/understand why he treats her in such a way. Well… that’ just what I think 🙂

  48. 48 Teapot

    I am sorry – I can no longer support the Moony faction. Screw Kim Yoo Shik – I want to keep him to myself 🙂

  49. 49 Akiness

    I have this weird idea about Yong Ha’s story that just won’t leave my head (and it’s probably absolutely completely wrong). Back when that bookseller/cheater guy was telling In Soo’s sister the story about the upper class guy who fell in love with the servant girl and the scandal spread all over the place and they even wrote a novel about it (or something like that). Gah! I don’t know. It just made me think of Yong Ha for some reason. And every once in a while he mentions something about class difference. I’ll just shut up now.

    • 49.1 Teapot

      I kinda think Yong Ha <3 moon jae shin. C'mon, who among us hasn't known a gay guy that set girls' hearts aflutter.

      • 49.1.1 cassie.opeia

        I’m shipping for both suggested plots. Either way, Yong-ha would be/is awesome.

      • 49.1.2 Severine

        Yong-ha & Moony forEVA! LOL, I’d be fine with both plots too, but I just love the bromance between those two. Separately they’re so charismatic, but together they make my fangirl brain explode.

  50. 50 Heimon

    Thanks for the wonderful recap! This drama is starting to grow on me!!

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