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Cha Tae-hyun carries a heavy load in Hello Ghost
by | November 28, 2010 | 27 Comments

Ouuuch. I know there’s movie magic involved and that the three adults clinging to Cha Tae-hyun‘s back are probably aided by an additional tool of some sort, but that can’t be easy. But I suspect that Cha’s character in the upcoming comedy Hello Ghost finds the mental burden a lot heavier than the physical one — he gets stuck with four ghosts and has to find a way to get rid of them.

The premise is this: Cha Tae-hyun has failed to commit suicide several times, and although he is revived from the latest attempt, he dies for a few seconds. He wakes up in the hospital, bummed at his failure, accompanied by a strange man… whom nobody else can see. Somehow he gains three more hangers-on, and he has to deal with their quirky personalities while trying to get rid of them. There’s the pervy grandpa, the weepy woman, the obnoxious meddler, and the kid with an outrageous appetite.

But the kicker? The ghosts can somehow control his body — or maybe it’s the fault of some cosmic connection. But if a ghost smokes, he smokes. The ghost eats, he eats. And so on. Consulting with a shaman leads him to the conclusion that they need him to do something for him, and he is advised to go along with all their whims.

Here’s the preview:

The story’s pretty familiar if you’ve seen the (awesome, hilarious) Robert Downey Jr. movie Heart and Souls, where the spirits of dead people have been tethered to the lead character since he was a baby. However, there are enough differences that I think this movie has the potential for some truly hysterical bits, buoyed, of course, by the comic stylings of Cha, who does the hapless hero better than practically anyone.

The movie opens on December 22.



27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. obivia

    Can’t wait. CTH is peerless when it comes to this kind of quirky humor. So lovable. The rest of the cast looks great, too!

  2. pine287

    I think there is an extra set of legs in that photo, so probably not even photo shop but someone physically helping carry the load?
    excited also for this quirky humor of CTH.!!

    • 2.1 Ani

      Naw, I noticed that too, but I think it’s a person walking past them (as seen in the trailer).

  3. Ani

    I remember Heart and Souls! Oh CTH makes for an awesome amount of laughs. X)

  4. JokwonCTH

    I LOVE this guy…no one can surpass him in humor 🙂 im looking forward to it!!! <3

  5. yayaya

    He’s awesome. I love all his movies.

  6. Cam

    LOLOLZ at this first picture, aigooo! O_o

    What a crazy-comedy movie is, lolz. (SMH) ^__^

  7. mzpakipot

    there’s a lot of feet on the ground! lol CTH never dissapoint! funny man,

  8. Bumblebee02

    LOLOLOLOL! ^____^

    It’s very HILARIOUS!!! (It made me so laugh when I watch this trailer!)

  9. nine

    AAAHAHAHAHA! this looks like it’s gonna be a good one. only Cha Tae-hyun can pull something like this off. haha

  10. 10 Pansy

    Heart and Souls is one of the movies my family loves to watch over again. and this looks like its going to be a great movie to.

    • 10.1 Pansy

      ohhh thats the little boy form Wish Upon a Star! i loved him in that drama

      • 10.1.1 luliqz1

        yeah Parang is back

  11. 11 Mushi

    Which actress plays the female character in this still?

  12. 12 so_in_love88

    Wasn’t there a scary movie based on this? Like… a man’s been having back pain for so long, and when he looks at the mirror there’s a woman’s ghost sitting on his shoulders.

    and it reminds me of this movie with Ricky Gervais…

    • 12.1 so_in_love88

      Got it! It was Shutter. 😛

      and the Ricky Gervais film where he dies for a couple of minutes and when they bring him back he can see ghosts is called Ghost Town. 😛

      • 12.1.1 tiq

        and there’s another horror movie in my country,the ghost (child) who hold one leg of her mother, her mother’s being limp for the rest of her life,,so scarry,,

  13. 13 Ben

    thank you jb,

    You could spot some extra legs from the pictures, camera don’t lie !!

  14. 14 aX

    Oh, hilarious! I can’t wait to watch it! 😀

  15. 15 Rizzy

    Love Love CTH so much! 🙂 I am sure this movie will gain popularity just like his other movies 🙂

  16. 16 Lovely Heretic

    LOL. I love the happy-go-lucky beginning with the immediate bipolar-like switch to suicide. This looks hilarious.

  17. 17 Porcelain

    Omg… I already love the trailer… if there is anyone that can pull this off… Its Cha Tae Hyun…

    The shaman aka the PS doctor in 200 pounds beauty aka the butcher ahjushi in Coffee Prince… I am so there already… I enjoy his comic timing a lot… hahahahaha…

    Can’t wait….

  18. 18 Anonymous

    the listening of heartbeat photos remind me of Tarzan which I find really sweet

  19. 19 Apple a day

    This reminds me of Heart and Souls (robert downey jr movie) , in the sense that the lead character has ghosts following him.

    • 19.1 Apple a day

      duh …my comment was already mentioned in the article. I made a comment before reading the entire thing. lol! sorry for the waste of space. : )

  20. 20 hapacalgirl

    Yay Parang is back =)

    Isn’t that ghost woman the woman from I am Legend?

  21. 21 Endroine

    omg this seems so funny xD the make up thing bwhahaha.

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