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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 326
by | April 9, 2011 | 96 Comments

How do you take an uproariously funny show about six adorable grown men acting like children, and up the cute factor? Give ’em enormous teddy bears, that’s how! Add in some sneakiness, lying, backstabbing, and botched subterfuge, and we have the next generation in delivery racing. And while newbie Uhm Tae-woong is still pretty green to the whole every-man-for-himself mentality of 1N2D survival games, he’s managing to catch on…sorta.

EPISODE 326. Broadcast on March 20, 2011.

[Note: I’m using the episode numbers tagged on the video files. It seems there’s more than one way to number 1N2D episodes, but I chose this because it seemed simplest, for the purposes of locating the appropriate file for download.]

javabeans: So, the teddy bears. So ridiculous, and pretty much the perfect way to humiliate all six adult men in one fell swoop. For this episode, Jong-min was first to arrive and pick out a mysterious box for an “upgraded delivery race.”

girlfriday: The delivery race is a game where each member is entrusted with a different item to be kept safe/clean/intact/unmolested to the destination. Only the first to arrive with his item unmarred is the winner who gets to sleep inside, along with one partner. (It’s a staple of the show that every night some members get to sleep indoors while others have to sleep outside, even in the freezing cold.)

javabeans: I saw the flashback montage. Looks like they can get pretty vicious with the sabotage.

girlfriday: It’s the best game EVER.

javabeans: This time, the mission was for each member to deliver his box from the studio to Ulleungdo — meaning, three men take one boat, three men take another, and one ferry ride later, all six complete a footrace to their final destination.

(Ulleungdo is a remote island to the east of the peninsula. In Level 7 Civil Servant, Kim Haneul used it numerous times as an excuse when she went on her spy missions, telling her boyfriend Kang Ji-hwan that she was going to Ulleungdo — the implication being, “Don’t call me, I’ll be out of range.” In Coffee House, Kang Ji-hwan goes to Ulleungdo when he’s off the grid for two years writing a new novel, which is set on the island. Basically, it’s way the heck out in the middle of nowhere.)

You can tell Tae-woong is still easing into things, because when he got to the starting point and the PD asked why he thought he was here (meaning: What do you think your mission is?), he answered, “To do 1N2D!” Sooooo cute.

girlfriday: Like a little kid.

javabeans: Oh! And then, when the rules were explained to him about needing to keep his package safe, he asked so innocently, “Why wouldn’t it be safe?”

girlfriday: HAHAHAHA. It’s like he’s new…to the world.

javabeans: Cue flashbacks to stealing, tripping, sneak-attacking, and ambushing fellow members.

girlfriday: It’s a game that brings out everyone’s devious side, as they scheme and make backdoor deals, and then promptly betray each other at every turn. The last time, Ho-dong had a raw egg as his package, and Jong-min ATE IT in his ramen.

javabeans: That’s awesome. It’s like adding insult to injury. And eating it too. I guess it was a new development this time that everyone had to carry the same (monstrously sized) package.

girlfriday: And what a brilliant idea to make it both cute and unwieldy. I love each of their reactions when they open their mystery box to find a ginormous teddy bear, all groaning, “I should’ve picked the other one!”

javabeans: Then, each member lied to each other when they phoned in to see what everyone’s respective packages were…except Tae-woong. Sweet, pure, gullible Tae-woong.

girlfriday: I love it because that’s such a banjun for 1N2D; it’s a given that they’re all going to lie. Except he doesn’t know how to. YET.

javabeans: But on the other hand, it worked for him in the second half, because everyone just assumed he’d fall for their lies. And he wasn’t THAT dumb.

girlfriday: Yeah, it’s a good thing he doesn’t fall for every single trick in the book, ’cause otherwise I’d feel too bad for him to laugh (sort of). He really is Uhm “Soon-doong” though, which is I think the best nickname for him so far (meaning “innocent”). He just says what he means, and means what he says.

javabeans: Can we talk about how scary-smart Ji-won was in this one? You have Jong-min strapping his teddy bear to his back with a huge pink blanket—not conspicuous at all, eh?—and Ji-won cleverly stuffed his into a neat, compact backpack. And then later, he was workin’ some major telepathy by accurately predicting the other team’s situation perfectly, based on ONE measly text message Tae-woong wrote.

girlfriday: He is a genius strategist. Sometimes it’s scary. I think Seung-gi says it in this episode, but the recurring thing with Ji-won is that any team with him on it fears nothing, because even if he loses, he will ARGUE his way out of anything.

javabeans: Especially compared to Jong-min, who was desperately trying to be sneaky, but foiled by his own ineptitude. Like, he’s got this huge mutherfuckin’ teddy bear on his back, and he’s insisting, “My package is this book! No, this umbrella! No, this neck pillow! I swear, it’s not the teddy bear!” He was the craftiest, but also the least successful at being crafty.

girlfriday: So…not crafty in the least. Heh. It kills me that he insists it’s not the bear…while the other person is carrying THE EXACT SAME BEAR around. So, I’ve got a bear, and he’s got a bear, but yours is NOT the bear? Hm. Not the brightest bulb, this one.

javabeans: I guess Ji-won’s genius has a limit, though, because he was the first to be disqualified. Even though Su-geun would have been out first — if only he hadn’t whimsically strapped his teddy bear in with the seat belt. Hee.

girlfriday: Seung-gi sneak-attacked Ji-won while he was sleeping, but then did you notice that as soon as they made the deal to gang up on Jong-min, when Ji-won discovered that Seung-gi’s bear was easier to steal, he switched gears at a moment’s notice? And someone please tell me how I’m not supposed to squeal at the fact that Seung-gi gets TICKLED out of his bear?

javabeans: Isn’t it funny how four people were eliminated before they even arrived at the island for the race? Two of them were eliminated before they even got to the ferry.

girlfriday: Last time Jong-min was eliminated before leaving the studio.

javabeans: Snerk. And really, the only reason he survived this one was because he desperately reminded his teammates that he was their only hope for sleeping inside that night. If they took him out, then the winner would be from the other team. Although, I cracked up every time he begged for mercy, appealing to them by saying, “But…we’re singers! We’re all singers!”

girlfriday: Haha. It’s a function of how they tend to divide up the teams—sometimes it’s OB/YB (Old Boys / Young Boys), and sometimes it’s Comedians/Singers.

javabeans: Ahh, that makes sense then. ‘Cause I was like… Uh? So you’re singers?

girlfriday: Now they have a new team though, with Actors/Comedians/Singers ‘cause Seung-gi swings both ways.

javabeans: Rawr. I noticed that the young boys were a lot more cutthroat than the old boys, especially when they were on their separate boats to Ulleungdo.

girlfriday: Well they have Seung-gi AND Ji-won, who are both sly little foxes.

javabeans: And Jong-min, the not-so-sly attempted strategist. The old boys were way more laid-back on their boat ride. Although two of them did get their bears stolen on the boat. But I doubt the OBs would have come up with that crafty text-messaging scheme like the young’uns did. (The YB team convinced Na PD to let them use his phone, and then pretended to be him while texting the writer on the other team to find out info.)

girlfriday: That was GENIUS. I love that Na PD went along with the wager and actually let them use his phone. I think they scared him a little.

javabeans: So it’s not common that the boys impersonate the PD to weasel out info from the staff?

girlfriday: To the point that they imitate his word choice to fool the writer into giving away the OB team’s teddy bear status? That’s a new level of crafty.

javabeans: It was so hilarious when the writer called Na PD back to confirm, and he had to lie on the spot but was TERRIBLE at it. “Uh, how’s this team doing? Uh, er, they’re…all safe. Oh, the thing I said before? I-I-I was wrong about that.”

girlfriday: He cracks me up. How can an evil genius be so bad at lying? Na PD is actually one of my favorite characters on the show because he’s such a ball of contradictions, and he’s a great fourth-wall-breaker. It makes the whole thing more REAL when he participates, whereas when it’s just the six members looking out at the cameras, it can get stagey.

javabeans: It was pretty smart that both teams came up with the same strategy, though: Two eliminated players protect their one viable contestant from the other team. Seung-gi and Ji-won at least tried to run interference for Jong-min, but Tae-woong’s teammates FAILED HIM. They didn’t even try to help him beat the young boys in that race to the lighthouse.

girlfriday: They just couldn’t keep up with the Uhmforce. He was like the freakin’ Teddy Bear Terminator. I mean the protecty kind, not a teddy bear killer!

javabeans: Yeah, here’s where I think Tae-woong finally displays some major advantages. He may not be the smartest, but damn the man is in shape. He could’ve run the whole way and more, I think. And his second-fastest competitor would be gasping in his wake. It’s almost a shame Seung-gi was disqualified early, because a race between him and Tae-woong might’ve been pretty interesting. They would probably be matched for speed, but Tae-woong has the edge on strength. And Seung-gi the edge on smarts. Ahhh, too bad.

girlfriday: It’s nice that Seung-gi’s finally got some competition for the physical games again, ‘cause he’s pretty much the winning horse in anything involving speed or hand-eye coordination (except strength games, of course, where everyone loses to Ho-dong). Now Tae-woong’s gonna put ’em all in the ground with his action-school moves.

javabeans: Oh man, and how I giggled when they brought out the theme song from Last Match [hit 1994 basketball drama starring Jang Dong-gun and Shim Eun-ha]. I notice they played a lot of Uhm Jung-hwa hits, too, for Tae-woong’s scenes.

(The song: “마지막 승부” (The last match) from the drama soundtrack. Download)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

girlfriday: Oh, no you di’n’t. I LOVE 마지막 승부! Must… resist… urge… for tangent…

javabeans: How hilarious was Jong-min, who kept begging Tae-woong (his main competitor) to stop for a mutual rest? “Hyung! Let’s both take a 5-minute break. I swear we’ll just rest.” Like that was gonna do anyone any good but himself. I love the captions that pointed out that Tae-woong kept saying okay, and then kept running anyway. And Jong-min was left crying, “Hyung! Wait! Let’s rest! Hyung!” The only time Tae-woong finally paused was when his poor cameraman asked for a break.

girlfriday: That’s actually a common problem, ’cause sometimes the guys will outrun their VJs when their competitive drive takes over. Everyone has an adjustment period with that too, and I think Tae-woong still has to learn that on a variety show, winning off camera is… NOT WINNING.

javabeans: That must be why every time it happens, the producers draw attention to it, sorta hanging a lantern on the problem. (“Tae-woong runs so fast his VJ can’t keep up!”) Better to “write it in” to the storyline (so to speak) than to leave viewers dissatisfied, eh?

girlfriday: It cracks me up that while everyone else strapped, bungeed, and stuffed their bears to keep them safe, the winner just carried his along like a big kid. I just love that the boys were running all over Korea with those giant teddy bears in tow. I think Ho-dong got attached to his, taking it out on a date.

javabeans: I think he got FRISKY with his.

girlfriday: But my favorite thing was Tae-woong’s confession that he loves Ho-dong. He so sweetly refused to believe that his hyung would betray him. “Ho-dong-ppa!”

javabeans: Heh. I noticed how everyone was quick to suck up to Tae-woong at the end, hoping he’d pick them to share his shelter for the night. But I knew he’d pick Su-geun, because he was so cute that morning when he ran into Su-geun at the station. He whispered, “I missed you” like he was embarrassed to be caught on camera being so sincere. And then they promised each other that they’d be each other’s besties if they won. Plus, it was totally worth that look of surprise on Ho-dong’s face when he didn’t get picked. That’s what you get for making assumptions!


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  1. bunnymino

    YES, Ji Won is scarily smart!!

    • 1.1 Ani

      But he’s awesome like that. I can’t wait for jb to get confused when he starts sleepwalking on the show, or when she notices he sleeps sitting up. HAHAHA. Although jb loves the hotness from Uhm (which, oh man, it is well deserved), and fri loves Seung-gi’s cuteness (because who wouldn’t fall for that cute dimple of his, I know I wasn’t spared), but Eun Cho-ding has always been one of my favorites. But I love all the memebers. 1n2d would never be the same without them. HAHAHA.

      • 1.1.1 Alvina

        I know!!! It’s always cracked me up that Eun Cho-ding was so scary cunning. (he was talking about his sleep walking during this week’s KBSW run of Happy Together)

        I soo lurrrv this show and the commentary makes it that much better. I can just imagine them talking over the scenes like a director’s cut XD

      • 1.1.2 chuachumill

        he did sleepsitting up rite…!!!like…everyyytimeeeeeeeee!!lolx

  2. jandoe

    another cute episode. wish i’m watching this like i used to!

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    I can’t describe how excited I am that you guys started recapping 1n2d!!! I am a die hard Seung Gi fan while my friend (who just started watching) is Tae Woong fan. Your conversations mirrors the ones we have every Sunday! Looking forward to more awesome recaps 🙂

  4. Kay

    Thanks for the caps ladies! I haven’t followed 1N2D, but I’m living the dream through your recaps :). Do you know if any subgroups sub this?

    • 4.1 jymoon89

      Check out They have links to all of the episodes with subs. Enjoy!

    • 4.2 Ani

      No one subs it, but there are many sites online where people records the subbed versions from KBS World, and than they post up.

  5. swui

    lol I saw this episode yesterday…no thanks to u two I’m starting to follow TWO varieties now (running man being the other). But I wanna watch how Uhm is going to assimilate himself into the group and you know, turn “evil” and be more “open” in front of the camera.

    Hwaiting blackhole Uhm…LMAO

    • 5.1 AnitaLotti

      As much as I would like to believe in the innocent newbie Uhm I think that might be a “prop device” for the show. I mean who would not be clever enough to watch at least some old episodes if he is going to take part to know what it is all about? As far as I can see all variety shows in Korea should be tagged with a BEWARE-sign for the participants and who would be innocent enough not to know that?

    • 5.2 djinni

      yeah as much as i love 1n2d, running man is my crack.

  6. Nokcha


  7. rainerust

    Oh I’m SO glad you’re still recapping this! One of my fave moments was how Seung-gi was trying to distract UTW and succeeded – right up to the moment that UTW realized that Jong min was gone. Then he became like, Superman. It was so freaking scary! And hilarious! And awesome. I love how earnest he is, totally. Ji-won was awesomely funny too – it is quite scary how he managed to figure out what the other team’s situation was like just based on message and he was totally even like, “UTW is going to win.”!!

    Ahhh..1N2D is currently my fave crack…

  8. soysauce

    LOLOL, reading these recaps make me wanna go watch the whole show.
    *must resist watching. must go do annotated bibs*
    Now I kinda wish you guys had recapped the original Family Outing. That would’ve been hilarious!

    • 8.1 kay

      omg that would be too awesome for words. i was just watching some episodes yesterday. such an awesome cast 🙂

    • 8.2 Ani

      Nah, because Family Outing just started going downhill after Savage Girl Yejin and Chunderella left.

      • 8.2.1 soysauce

        Hence, I said “original”. The 2nd season & afterwards aren’t as great.

        • Ani

          The second season was officially when they changed the whole cast. They still count after Yejin and Chun Hee left (somewhere in the 50s) the official first season because it was still the same thing. But I can see why people would call it season 2, even if it is unofficial.

  9. shu

    no where to watch this with eng subs?

    • 9.1 SM

      You can find the eng subs at
      They will post eng sub from KBS world. However, this ep with eng sub has not been aired in KBS World yet. KBS world only aired the lastest ep is the first part of UTW first appearance.

      • 9.1.1 Ine

        KBSW is 3 weeks behind the airings in Korea, for future reference. 🙂

  10. 10 asianromance

    thank you for the recap!! Kept a smile on my face the whole time! and the teddy bears are super cute!

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    i JUST started watching this.. and i don’t know why i didn’t watch any eps sooner. this show is absoFREAKENlutely THE BEST thing i have seen in a very very long time. so funny! the first ep i watched was the initiation of Uhm Taewoong.. and then i went off to find earlier eps.. and i have got to say.. MC Mong is freaken hilarious! gawd. i’m gonna be so addicted to this show it’s not gonna be easy trying to squeeze it into my life. good thing my baby boy sleeps a lot right now. 🙂

    • 11.1 flowertc

      yes,the old 1n2d with MC Mong and KimC was much more interesting,it was crazy funny with soep soep brothers

      • 11.1.1 Alvina

        ahhh, old school 1N2D was brilliant and it made me soo sad when MC Mong left; he has his issues though so I understand.

        But, even if you go waaay back to the days when Noh Hong-Cheol was there, it was still a brilliant show.

        I havent been this excited about catching a variety show every week in recent years since the X-man/SGB days 😀

  12. 12 mud


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      you can find kbsworld subbed 1n2ds eps on soompi..but you must register first..its free~ the latest subbed episode is ep we need to wait for the newer episodes~

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        am-addiction has them from KBS world too.

        I haven’t checked aja-aja.

        • mud

          Thank you hitsugaya and ck10z!

      • 12.1.2 kara elayne

        Or you can go here: you just need to register though but it is updated frequently.

  13. 13 lime9

    one of my fave moments was at the end when everyone wanted to know why khd wasn’t chosen and utw revealed their promise early on and then utw’s final kicker of “Hyung, what did you do?” to khd was priceless

  14. 14 chau

    Where can i watch this with english subs?

  15. 15 Ine

    Yeah, Jong-min really is developing this little conniving streak. I love it. It makes him SO much more interesting that the awkward laugh-y moron he’s been for the past 20-ish episodes.

    And, seriously, what’s UP with Ho-dong and his charm? He’s SO endearing in a way that could be strange and creepy if it were anyone else. LOVE IT.

    Also, thanks for starting to recap these. I can’t convince any of my friends to watch 1N2D so I’ve had no one to squee with for the past 4 years. Camaraderie FTW =D

    • 15.1 rumba lumba

      meh. i dont like jongmin at all. earlier, he’s always the “omg im so emo ill try my best always” kind of an attitude. i mean, i feel bad for him, but to always mention it back then drove me nuts. just do your job and get better at it. no point in whining whether or not you’re falling behind.

      and now he’s just trying too hard. on the past episodes he’s just there laughing. he can even blend well with the guys. he’s just awkward. Kim C was awkward, but at least Kim C was funny and had memorable episodes (Kim C as Sandara Park, anyone?).

      i especially hated him when it was Kim C’s last episode and they were going to different tourist spots and he was clinging to Seunggi because he didn’t know where to go. Seunggi was even the one who asked for directions for him. that was just….uh…..pathetic.

      it’s just that he tries too hard to be funny. he has to be more natural. look at the other guys Sugeun, Seunggi, Jiwon all have their charms. they’re funny but they don’t try to be funny. even Uhm Taewoong is already funnier than jongmin

      • 15.1.1 Ani

        Jong-min is endearing in his own way. I can see why people would think that he needs to get better, but that’s the thing about Jong-min, his childish personality is something that has never changed no matter what variety show. It makes me think that it’s just how he is as a person, and if a person is mentally like that (I’m not saying he’s mentally lacking, just saying he is for the most part is childish mentally), you can’t change them. I mean, does anyone remember how he cried on the new year episode after they all made it up the moment? It was sweet, how he was afraid he was holding the team back. It shows that, my goodness, this man is just downright innocent in his heart. Of course, he ruins that childish image by being sneaky. HAHAHA. But that’s something you expect from 1n2d.

      • 15.1.2 Alvina

        Ditto Ani.

        It must be even worse for JongMin considering that he WAS one of the original, only to be replaced, and the show became so much more famous after that.

        I think he’s just sticking to his character from the past, when the funny, slapstick gagman was “in” and he hasnt changed his character since he came back from the army.
        I mean, it’s a delicate balance wanting to be someone different to adapt to the current industry but also wanting to stick to something that was soo successful for him before.

        And then, when he rejoined the show, he recieved sooo much criticism (which was pretty harsh for someone newly returned without a stable place in an industry where he was pretty successful… Noh Yoomin anyone? Just think if… Boom didnt have the same popularity after he comes back. It’s like that)

        It’s hard to believe that his on-screen character is his off-screen character but it would make sense (given the above).

  16. 16 J

    thanks for the recap!

    though i’ve already watched with chinese subs, it’s still fun to read your comments :))

    • 16.1 swui

      I watched the chinese subbed ones too…a lot more quicker…..and I always read dramabeans later…sometimes the translation differs a little from here…but hey…no need to be serious lol. I think the subs are pretty good already.

    • 16.2 ivey79

      if I may ask, where do you guys get chinese subs? Have been following the show for years and would love to get my mother on it, but she would need chinese subs. she really shouldn’t miss out on such an endearing show! thanks!

      • 16.2.1 J

        i usually download from this chinese 1N2D subs forum: (u need to be a member before u can download the subbed files.. u can register as a member on the 21st every month) they usually finish subbing and upload the file on tue nights or wed (chinese fansubbers are really fast!) ^^

        if u want watch online, try and search 两天一夜 with the date of the episode u’re looking for.. for example, if u’re looking for this bear delivery ep which was aired on 20th mar 2011, u search 两天一夜 110320 🙂 hope this helps yup!

        • ivey79

          thanks for your help. I will try that out! i don’t really read chiese so i gave up navigating tudou, but I will try it again. =)

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    haha. i hope there will be seungtewoong moments. haha!

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    Ji Won watches way too much Survivor. I can’t believe these 6 adorable men + 1 genius of a PD Na can make me laugh and cry equally hard. I watch re-runs and my sister can’t figure out why I can cackle so much.

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    you just gotta love these guys! they are all so friggin’ adorable..and hilarious!

  21. 21 bloghopper

    hahahahahahaha. so cute that hodong and the bear sitting on the bench. he’s big but with a gentle heart i think. i’ve watched 1n2d eversince it was shown in malaysia in 2007 or 2008 without the subs, never fails to crack me up late at night.

    i still remember one episode where they have a special episode aired, in a utopia setting; building their own tents, playing football just to crash the other team’s tent made from plywood, bridging instant noodles to trade with the eggs. the funniest one were uncountable, there’re too many to recall. 🙂

    it was sad that they have to cut mc mong screen time from the summer episode when they go backpacking by foot last year; documentary mode. that episode was the most memorable so far.

    btw, i watched both the unsubbed version and the subbed version; sometimes kbsworld cut out the funniest scene from the original, for last friday, there’s no pant changing marathon part on that episode. utw was really enjoying that game. hehe.

  22. 22 blue_skye

    1N2D is so hilarious, it’s the perfect show that balances originality, comedy and real human emotions (i.e. tricking each other). It’s the most ideal break from studies :DDDD
    thanks jb and gf for the insanely funny recaps!

  23. 23 Ani

    I had no choice but to read this recap. Why? Because from the looks of the last recap (when I waited to read it after 1N2D was aired with subs on KBS World), they would cut a lot from 1N2d when they air it in the States. Sucks. So. Bad. I’ll have to see if reading the recap first will ruin my enjoyment for when I actually watch the show. If it does, that I will have to go back to reading the recaps after watching.

    As for this, I love this game. I love Ji-won. I think he’s the cutest out of the guys, and the fact that he has these weird sleeping habits and sleepwalking makes him seem even more hilarious. I love that as smart as he is, he doesn’t win as much as he should. (I’ve never had the urge to call anyone oppa or to follow that trend with fellow fans, but with Jiwon, the urge is so strong that I have to fight it loike crazy.) Thumbs up for mentioning the beloved Jongmin-Hodong-egg scene. That was the episode where Jongmin really did a good job of backstabbing and taking sides. HAHAHA. I love that jb was confused about the whole singer/comedian thing. It’s such a running thing on 1N2D that it never occurred to me that other people new to it would get confused.

    • 23.1 Alvina

      It’s soooo frustrating when they cut scenes for the KBSW run. I am indebted to them like crazy for having the brilliant sense to have an overseas channel (YESSS ENGLISH SUBS!) but I hate it when it’s for shows I love (which is basically everything KBSW and then a few—QoM World Cup episode anyone?)

      I was a passing Sechskies fan (BlackKies tehehe), mostly a Eun-Choding fan so I love that you highlighted some of those qualities I look for in every episode haha :D.

  24. 24 giddy

    SO glad you are loving this show–truly my favorite! Can’t wait to see our next episode tom’w night! We get it with subs on cable (KBS America), tho several weeks delayed.

  25. 25 djes

    Unfit VJs are problems in every variety show that involves running.
    YJS’s VJ also couldn’t keep up with him on one episode, and YJS told him to go to the gym with him.
    But on the other side, VJs are useful for games like this!

    Huh I wish I can understand Korean better.
    The KBSW episode is not full, and sometimes the translation makes it lost the fun.

    thanks for recapping!

  26. 26 tonks42

    I just love it when Jiwon and Seunggi are on the same team coz they suit each other well its just that I miss Mongie…

    Its really great that now Seunggi has some rival when it comes to running coz he usually win games which includes running and ofcourse using his brain but his kinda` weak when it comes to playing pingpong hahaha…nobody can beat HOdong…

    Thanks for this recap now I can watch it first and wait for the recap instead of waiting for the eng sub to come out…

    • 26.1 Alvina

      haha, I remember the days of “Marathon runner” Kim C. It’s cool that Seung Gi has a fit rival now XD

  27. 27 Arhazivory

    Haha. Thanks for the recap. I can’t wait to watch it when the subbed ep is out.

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    Love the seatbelt on the teddy bear in the first screencap. This show is awesome!

  29. 29 malta

    I LOVE Tae-woong! He’s so cute, I can’t get over it!

  30. 30 jojo

    JB and GF…thanks for the recaps…OMG, JB, you’re becoming a fan!

  31. 31 suzu

    You’ll get one scary team if you have JiWon and SeungGi a.k.a. DangDing couple team up, one genius strategist with one diligent executor.. JongMin is irritating, but that’s him, either you love him for it or you hate him for it, lol.. I can’t wait for the day where Uhm’s innocence “disappear”.. 😀

  32. 32 Porcelain

    Due to my varieties stanning, I watch way too much varieties for my own good… This which introduce me to a whole world of MCs and gagmen and all the awesome people that makes a program happens…
    My excessive watching lets me fall for Kang Ha Dong and Yoo Jae Suk charms, my fav MCs ever…

    And with Kang Ho Dong… I basically snorted water out of my nose reading the line which said Ho Dong went for a date with his teddy bear and got frisky with it is so win… it make my day!!!

    Ho Dong oppa u r so cute!

    • 32.1 Alvina

      Fellow variety show “STAN” *high five!*

      • 32.1.1 Ani

        Fellow Variety Show Stans in the house. *fist pumps all around* And an extra respect for the Eminem coined term.

  33. 33 Kim

    im really considering watching this…
    im a big Yoo Jae Suk fan and dont really watch too much KHD shows except xman and the occasional Kang Shim Jang but maybe i’ll see if i like this anyway. I never actually found KHD funny before (atleast in KSJ as he’s too loud for my taste) but maybe ill grow to like him here..

    • 33.1 rumba lumba

      1n2d is not scripted unlike Running Man and Family Outing.

      • 33.1.1 Ani

        Running Man and Family Outing isn’t/wasn’t full on scripted. You can’t fake/make up half the things that happens. In RM, they still have to run missions that involves unexpected surroundings and accidental encounters that would be too hard to do on command in the scripted sense. What may be scripted, perhaps, are the roles that the cast has fallen into. The things they say and pull out of their hats are awesome results of ad lib that comes from a realization of what their role/character in the team is. Even me trying to compare it to WWE (where every move is practiced and yet all the pain is real) is too much of a stretch because for RM and FO, they don’t have time to practice ahead of time. You’re just put into those places, and you just understand what is expected of your character. Like The Monday Couple on RM, because they are in that role now, Gary has to act the part and use every opportunity to show that they’re a “couple”, and he doesn’t need a script to tell him that. So the scripted part is the Couple role, the unscripted part are the lines Gary randomly pulls off. XD

        If you wanted to know what’s scripted, that’ll be Happy Together. The writers in HP3 call the guests, ask for stories they are willing to share, the writers type it up, and if the guests forget what they’re going to say, the writers give them the scripts to reread what they were planning to say. They’ve even shown the guest asking for the script. That’s not saying HP3 is fully scripted (because the Host ask questions out of curiosity and the guests will answer accordingly), but part of it is.

        I’m sorry, I just feel that I needed to clarify some of this. I watch more variety shows compared to dramas (there’s a sort of happiness that comes with watching variety shows that I just don’t get from dramas at times), so I’m not saying I’m an expert in the area, but I’ve been watching it long and hard and have made sure that I at least understand which ones seem scripted, which ones aren’t, and which ones just straddle that fence like crazy.

        • Ani

          I think for Family Outing the following articles is a good example of what scripts are for. According to the PD, it is a good way to have a form of flow in the process:

          Here are some good discussions concerning scripting in Running Man:

          And although I love 1N2D, it too is plagued with rumours of being scripted:

          In the end, it’s all speculation at times. So it’s a opinion thing, and you kind of have to choose who you believe. Or, you just watch what the shows, and enjoy them for what they are.

        • Ani

          HAHA. I just posted links about how all the variety shows are scripted in some way or another (including 1N2D), but my won’t be shown until jb or fri looks at it (it says it is awaiting moderation). I think I just posted too many links on it. So please, wait to read what I posted before discussing any further with me. My apologies.

        • rumba lumba

          uhhh…..there was a controversy back then saying Family Outing was scripted to the very last detail i.e. how one person would address another as ‘oppa’ or not or something like that.

          of course, not all of Running Man and Family Outing are scripted. but almost all of them are.
          why is that? they all have those predictable games. i mean, a durability/strength game who do you think will win? yes, it’s Kim Jong Kook. big deal. they always capitalize their strengths, which make those shows bleh in my opinion.

          as opposed to that, the only script 1N2D has is if they’re introducing game mechanics, their missions, the places they visit, or the local food that they eat. you can tell because the writers will put up their scripts and KHD will read it before doing a mission or a game or whatever. apart from those, the jokes, the comments, or the mistakes they make in the game are not scripted.

          with Family Outing, it’s easy to tell which parts can get scripted. the talent show for choosing sleeping places, the games, etc.

          also, RM and FO had those fake couples which are irritating as hell. i mean, seriously? it’s been done to death. and to top it off, it’s just fake. why would they waster 10-15 mins of a show teasing them even if everyone knows it’s fake? it’s okay if they tease them for a couple of times. but to do it all throughout the show, every week, for the whole year? uhhhh…really?

          the difference is that in 1N2D, if Seunggi’s character is a Heodang (i.e. helpless), or Jiwon as Choding (i.e. Elementary kid), it’s because they have those personalities within themselves. they don’t have to fake it. Seunggi didn’t get his nickname because the PDs or the writers told him to. he got it because as he was doing the show, he showed a side of him that makes him a Heodang. same with Jiwon, same with Taewoong. they have their own characters, but as Sugeun said in an interview, it’s the side of his fellow members that are not visible to the public. it’s part of them. and that’s what makes the show not scripted. Jiwon or Seunggi don’t need to force themselves to play something that they’re not. and they don’t stick to those characters as well.

          also, 1N2D do the Bokbulbok games (i.e. game of luck). it does not depend on who’s strong, who’s smart, who’s fast, who’s big or who’s small. it all depends on luck. that’s why you don’t see Hodong or Seunggi always sleeping inside. on the other hand, if you put someoen like Hodong in Running Man, viewers would automatically know he’ll most likely lose the race and whatnot.

          • rumba lumba


            there you go. you now see to what extent FO was scripted.

            “The scripts were highly detailed to the point that it not only had lines for each cast member, but also included the specific game settings, how each member address each other, their reactions, expressions, positioning, etc. The detailed script seems to be making a mockery of the reality setting that the program was set out to be from the beginning.”

          • Ani

            That’s one of the links I posted above, but I never really went into how much of FO is scripted. True that the couple thing is scripted, but I’ve mentioned that part already. As for the personality thing with Seung-gi, the same can be applied to RM. Song Ji-hyo got her nickname for being Mung Ji-hyo (blank/confused) and Song Ji-yok (abusive) because that’s her personality. You do realize that all variety shows are scripted in some form or another right? As for 1n2d games, just because it is a game that depends on luck doesn’t mean that it can’t be practiced – which is just an existing counter argument that many can apply to your argument about winning games. Scripted or not, RM has it’s unpredictable outcomes and crazy hijinks and reaction that you can’t make up – why else would the PD and filming crew be so desperate to make the One Chance games harder lately? Because they never expected for the RM cast to actually win all the time. They’ve been upping the difficulty level because it just isn’t that easy to stage some of the things the cast have to go through to win – and my goodness they win when KJK is in charge.

            As for the FO link, I think it is important to know that that episode was a really early episode of FO, when things was starting out and that it is important to note the line saying “But others felt that even if its a reality program, a base script is needed for things to flow, so it’s not really important.“.

            We can discuss it all we want, but I’m a fan of all these shows(FO, RM, 1N2D, HP3, IC, QoM, etc.) and the reactions are real, the antics real enough, the bonding and chemistry between the cast is down to earth real. You might wanna deny it, but the arguments that work against FO and RM work against 1n2d as well. And the arguments for 1n2d being unscripted works just as well at defending the possibilities of RM being unscripted. You do realize that even 1n2d is plagued with rumors for being scripted right? It’s the price that comes with working in the business: the accusations, the speculations, and when all is said and done, when the show is long behind us, the outing of whether it is scripted or not from the production side and how that affects our enjoyment of the show is all up to the viewer. The possibilities of 1n2d being slightly scripted won’t kill my love for it. My love for the bond of the FO cast won’t be ruined by a base script if the family feeling was real to the viewer (and you can’t act that stuff out when not everyone on the crew is an actor – and being Beanies, we all know that not everyone can act). And it could be the same for RM.

            Other than that, don’t you think telling someone something is scripted kind of ruins it for those fans who are new to the shows? It’s like telling a kid Santa isn’t real when they’re not ready to know. Give them a chance to try it out. Let them decide. Sooner or later they’ll be sucked into the whole argument of whether their favorite show is scripted or not. As for now, let them enjoy in full ignorant bliss. It’s a kill joy.

          • Ani

            I read over my post, and I realized I might be trying to fight a battle that could prove to be a stalemate. *sigh* I hate those kind of things. I’m sorry, this all started because I felt it was unfair that you brought up something that Variety Show Padawans might not be ready to know about variety shows. And it is awesome for you to easily voice your opinion, but that takes the fun out of it for them. i mean, I don’t know if I would have given FO a try if a knew from the beginning that somethings might be scripted. So, I’m gonna throw in the towel here, because I suck at debates. I’ll leave that to the politicians, and I’ll go back to coding. Heh.

  34. 34 Jywoi

    I love 1N2D, this episode looks awesome.
    One question: in what other episodes did they do this delivery race? I don’t remember any 😉

    • 34.1 Lin

      as JB mentioned different people tag the episodes with different numbers but i watch all of my 1n2d eps on boosaysharingiscaring and over there the other delivery race was episode 188-189. (the episode where they first introduced the new member is ep. 194 over there)

      • 34.1.1 Jywoi

        Thank you 🙂 I’ll watch it right away

  35. 35 Sammi510

    Thanks again. I LOVE that you gals ALWAYS point out the evil genius that is PD Na ^.^

    • 35.1 lovepark

      That’s probably because Na PD is totally awesome! Lol.
      I loved how he lost to the boys and had to hand over his phone, and when the main writer called him back…pfft!!! He can be adorkable sometimes, and I love the entertainers-staffs relationship because they just make the show that much more real and endearing.

  36. 36 okdubu


    brb downloading

  37. 37 lovin it

    am i the only one who wants the huge white teddy bear?
    theres no age at which one outgrows stuffed animals..right?
    eun ji won is genius! <3
    and i loveeeeeee every character on this show including na pd

    eagerly waiting to download next episode 🙂

  38. 38 zie

    WOW!!!!!! Thanks….. xDDDD

    I can’t wait to watch this episode… ^^

  39. 39 JiHwan

    I’m still waiting for the subs, but I laughed and giggled through out this recap. Love these boys!

  40. 40 Bluefyre

    The Teddy Bears kill me! Too cute!! 😀

    Thanks so much JB & GF! ^^

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    i loveeeeeeee 2d1n!!!!love love loveee~~~!!im so glad u finally recaps dis showw~~love u moree jb/gf!!

  42. 42 Alvina

    This inspired a wave of “nostalgia” so I decided to check out the older episodes again.

    I LOVE whenever they show people not of the 1n2d group (ie, Na PD or the managers). I hope they revisit that soon haha.

    (side note: I was watching episode 175–KBSW run— and JongMin’s manager was HILARIOUS… and Jiwon’s manager was a cutie haha. I cant believe I missed that one)

  43. 43 JiHwan

    So I watched it unsubbed (I’m not Korean) so I didn’t quite understand why they divided into teams, but still attacked their own team mates?

  44. 44 tonia

    Thank you so much for your recaps of this variety show. I can’t wait to see Taewoong with a giant teddy bear. kekeke

  45. 46 neliq

    OMG!! Holy cow! I want to write this note but I’m practically doing it blindly. I am still laughing histerically – my family think I went totally bunkers – I can’t see through the tears.

    I absolutely loooove these recaps. Please, oh please, don’t stop recapping 1n2d. This is the funniest program around, period!! Not in USA, not anywhere else have I seen such a hilariously funny program.

    Thanks Girlfriday and Javabeans for such a great treat.

  46. 47 neliq

    For those asking, go to Soompi, they post links, subs, etc there. You’ll love it.

  47. 48 butterbacon

    i think girlfriday should play battle bears

  48. 49 arina

    I enjoyed watching FO(S1) but for me 1N2D will always number ONE of Korean variety show..the show is so comfortable to watch like you are watching ur friends…i’ve watched them since 3 years ago and even tho i miss MC Mong and Kim C..but Jongmin and Uhm taewoong also have added warmth to the show…hope this show will last for many more years

  49. 50 Cami

    Saw this episode last Fri. over KBSWorld. Innocent UTW was just adorable in the beginning! =) And boy, did he really run FAST! Amazing!

    I want the teddy bear! =)

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