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Lee Jin-wook joins Han Ye-seul in spy drama
by | May 17, 2011 | 48 Comments

Han Ye-seul (Will It Snow For Christmas?) was cast as the lead in Myung-wol the Spy last month, and now Lee Jin-wook (City of Glass) joins her in the KBS drama in his first outing after being released from military service in March.

The drama will be a Monday-Tuesday show airing in July, and stars Han Ye-seul as Han Myung-wol, a North Korean spy described as a killing weapon who infiltrates the South on a mission. Lee Jin-wook will play Choi Ryu, an elite officer in the North Korean army who assists in her mission and accompanies her into South Korea.

That part sounds rather bland as far as spy fare goes, but for the added tidbit that Myung-wol then falls in love with…a Hallyu actor. What the…? It’s so crazy, it might just work? Like Shiri meets Best Love? Or an IRIS where Kim So-yeon was the lead and Lee Byung-heon played himself (perhaps playing a spy)? Guns, explosions, and romantic press-conference declarations? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?

I have no idea if the tone will be serious, dark, action-packed, or comedic, or something in-between (just as long as it doesn’t try to be everything, a la City Hunter), but I’m dearly hoping for wacked-out screwball comedy. Because that would be awesome.

Han and Lee aren’t my favorite pairing, but from all accounts they’re not the main romantic couple so his character will probably be the helpful, competent colleague type who either stands by as she falls for the other dude, or plays active interference. The other male lead has yet to be cast, but hints are being dropped of a big name being scouted (naturally). The drama plans to wrap up casting soon so it can begin shooting at the end of May.

The director is Hwang In-hyuk of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Iron Empress, but the two writers (Kim Eun-young, Kim Jung-ah) appear to be new on the scene. Myung-wol the Spy follows Baby-Faced Beauty and premieres July 4.

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48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ohemgee

    SO. Random.

    i hope it works because i am not a big fan of HYS.

  2. blueangel

    I like HYS. Interesting. maybe i’ll check this out.

  3. funkypicklez

    kind of intrigued <3
    and lee jin wook = hot.
    the half naked cuz i'm back from the army scene = even hotter.

    • 3.1 Qwenli

      this drama will attract attention because it is the comeback project of lee jin wook. interesting story.
      I know HYS is not the best of her cohort interms of acting but i find her oddly charming.
      Given that it is a spy show, she probably will have to be cold, which will not challenge her so much in the department of emotional acting. so overall, i think with good directing and script this drama stands a chance.

  4. sandy

    she has been in the spotlight lately because of her hit and run thing and the fact that she refused to admit she was guilty made her look bad so her puplic image is not exactly good at the moment but they had to go on with the project i guess

  5. Luna

    Errr..I thought it would be hard for HYS to be starring in a drama b/c of her hit-and-run case. Usually, bad publicity makes the producer want to replace the actor/actress (shrugs). Oh well, not that interested b/c HYS is not a remarkable actress.

    • 5.1 k..


  6. Kay

    Her acting is pretty mundane and monotone to say the least, nothing about her impresses me and I constantly feel like shes trying to use her “prettiness” to make up for the lack of acting – I hope this changes all my perceptions about her..really lol

  7. ahjummabunny

    I’ve only seen han ye seul in two dramas and both times I was underwhelmed by her performance. I don’t know if I’m qualified to say this but she seems always to be an actress acting how a Korean person would, should. That kind of thing is disconcerting. I’m not saying there is an official korean-ness ( I’m definitely not qualified to stay that) but she’s too disconnected sometimes to blame it on scene by scene shooting.
    That being said, I’ll probably watch this drama for the will it snow . . . and powerful opponents memories. although in powerful opponents I was rooting for lee jo.ng hyuk.

    • 7.1 jjbird

      Maybe she comes off that way because she’s actually American.

      • 7.1.1 ahjummabunny

        but to me that shouldn’t matter. actors play characters and we shouldn’t notice that. It just always seems like she’s playing a character, playing a character. I think the beans- blogger-unnies describe their dissatisfaction with her as “not being able to commit” to her characters. But I don’t think that’s it. I’m sorry to de-mystify but these scripts have almost everything the character is supposed to be doing, feeling there is very little ad-lib. If you understand what you’re reading and you’re an actress you should be able to pull it off.

        That being said I do sometimes find her solo scenes enthralling.

  8. JayCee

    My heart almost stopped when I saw the tag on this because I’ve been rooting for Song Seung Heon to be cast as the male lead on this. Although… I really probably shouldn’t. It’s nice to see lots of prettiness on screen, but there needs to be some solid acting talent supporting the pretty. And while I think very few can top SSH on the eye candy scale, I’ll have to admit that he’s going to need supporting actors with solid acting chops to shoulder the drama. Just finished watching Last Scandal (where an actor plays a top star) and I don’t know if I can bear to watch another actor playing the role of an actor. Jung Joon Ho did an amazing job in Last Scandal. Watching Greatest Love right now and I’m not too impressed with Cha Seung Heon’s protrayal of a star.

    • 8.1 ahjummabunny

      It’s CHA SEUNG WON!

      • 8.1.1 scorpia469

        haha lol thank you
        if you’re going diss CSW you better get his name right

        • ck1Oz

          I am just to stand back and wait for CSW’s City Hall fans to descend.Oh man it’s not going to be pretty.

          I have to say though if you’re not impressed with CSW’s acting…

          • Qwenli

            moral of the story is not to bring in other actor/actresses if they are not mention in the article!

      • 8.1.2 Linda165


  9. mars

    This looks like it could be good! I am a fan of spy stuff. But, um, can someone clue me into this whole City Hunter is “trying to do too much” business? I’ve the reference made a handful of times but I’m still lost.

    • 9.1 mellowyel

      check out the promo materials for the drama – the trailers and the posters all seem to be giving off different vibes – dreamy and romantic, yet dark and action-packed, and still funny. too much going on to get a read on exactly what the tone of the drama is. not a good sign, if you ask me.

  10. 10 sushi

    uuuum…. HYS as a KILLING machine?

    I cannot imagine it

    • 10.1 Laica

      I can, somehow. She does robotic so well.

      • 10.1.1 jcl

        lol, I’m not a fan of her but she does seem like a very sweet person offscreen. I thought the hit and run was not a big deal, she accidentally hit a parked car in her complex but I don’t think she did any vehicular damage or manslaughter.

        I liked LJW in Alone in Love but then I watched a few eps of some series where he played a plastic surgeon and yeah, not a fan.

        Let’s see what these pretties can do!

        • Qwenli

          I cant help but have to jump in to clarify about the accident. I saw the video of the accident (it was captured on security camera).

          I dont think she hit a vehicle. She was turning into a tight parking lot and a man was standing at the side. Her car didnt even hit him, it was the side mirror of the car that hit the side of the man. I am not sure how fast she was driving, but the injury shd not be too severe unless the man has other health issues.

          • sandy

            the point is she didnt get off and say she is sorry thats the scandal

  11. 11 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for this post JB.

    The first thing I thought when I saw Lee Jin-wook’s photo was ‘Good morning!’. Waking up to that definitely helps the day.

    The idea of a North Korean spy killing machine in SOuth Korea sobered me up though.

    Then you made me laugh with the idea of this North Korean spy falling for a Hallyu star.

    Lord, please let this be a comedy poking the mickey at North Korea.

  12. 12 ...

    … HUH? prize for most random pairing of two ideas ever to hit kdrama. when i read the bit about the hallyu start literally made me stop and reread. haha! ad least it has our interest peaked and us talking about it!

  13. 13 bee

    Umm. Please let this be a comedy that’s just ridiculous enough to work. Also, can we also please have lots of references to Kim Jong-Il’s supposedly huge collection of movies and stuff from all over the world? kthx.

  14. 14 danna

    seems like very actor that’s been out of MS lately already ahas a project under their belt…except for a certain Jae Hee…where the hell are you dude??..I’m beginning to get grey hairs worrying about your career

  15. 15 hermosa5790

    i like her. i think i’m gonna watch this drama. It has an interesting plot: fall in love with a hallyu star? lol, I wonder how on earth she’s gonna tackle that issue. it has similar premise with Kim Ha Neul’s My Girlfriend is an Agent, always lying to Kang Ji-hwan’s character..

    on a side note, City Hunter doesn’t interest me. I don’t know why..it just, just.

  16. 16 ricky the royal highness

    I swear I’ve seen Lee Jin Wook in a drama before.

    Help! Refresh my memory, guys.

    • 16.1 ahjummabunny

      formidable rivals/powerful opponents with chae rim and lee jong hyuk? city of glass?

    • 16.2 gailT

      And “Someday” with excellent Bae Doo Na.
      And “Alone in Love” with the beautiful Son Ye Jin.

  17. 17 thekors

    Questionable plot, and why Han Ye Seul arhhhhh. Newly-single Lee Jin Wook won’t be a strong enough pull factor for me I guess.

  18. 18 kiye

    I hope they go for a lighter take on things, because I’m not sure how HYS would pull off anything near KSY-esque charisma and acting…I adore HYS (especially her actual personality in interviews I’ve seen) but let’s face it–femme fatale? hrms…

  19. 19 YY

    I’ve always felt LJW (didn’t even know that was his name) is pretty wooden. Saw him in Smile Again. Something about his eyes. They’re real fixed and starey. Lee Dong Gun was the lead there and poor LJW just paled in comparison until in the end he became a mere shadow. But I really like HYS. She charmed me in Couple or Trouble. I became a fan and watched Will It Snow for Christmas and was rather disappointed. I think she should play cold rich unfeeling bitch. She’s great at that. I don’t think I’ll watch this though. I don’t like spy dramas. They just don’t work for me. I’m so shallow my mind hurts just trying to comprehend the grandiose country-at-stake plots on the small screen. However if PSH were to be cast as the lead it’d be a different story. So happy….PSH’s going to act in a period drama, check out Ockoala’s blog….yayy yayy yayy Kang-ah= PSH and PSH= Kang-ah One is warm frothy milk and choc chip cookies, the other is tender sirloin steak on a sizzling hot plate…..yum yum

    • 19.1 SpongeBob

      He is always putting up a doggie look. That’s his problem. His eyes are too innocent looking. He needs to cultivate a James Bonds licensed eyes to be successful in this show business. A mere scruffy good look, won’t make him any steps closer to Takeshi Keneshiro.

  20. 20 Jomo

    He looks handsome – that’s all I got for him.

    I loved her in WISFC.

  21. 21 kaos futsal bandung

    uuch, as a man, i admit him as a handsome man.. love your action man..

  22. 22 kaos futsal bandung

    uuch, as a man, i admit him as a handsome man.. love your action man.. especially at WISFC

  23. 23 janyx

    I was actually hoping that Jo In Sung will get the part,but this drama still makes me excited since I haven’t seen Han Ye Seul for a year in a drama.

  24. 24 laya

    Curious about the title… Myung-wol was also Hwang Jini’s gisaeng name, right? Will she be a sort of Mata Hari then?

  25. 25 weissman

    I am hoping for a romatic comdey with an edge (AKA MGIAGMH)

  26. 26 omo_omo

    lee jin wook > drooling 😉

  27. 27 Dara

    The PD -perks me up! But can NK and SK leads have a happy ending?

  28. 28 korluver

    i liked LJW since Smile Again, thereafter Powerful Opponents & glad he’s eligible bach again woot woot that means we have a chance girls! 🙂 Joke joke

    Welcome back LJW — you’re as hot as ever

  29. 29 yui

    a must watch..don’t care about the story..just wanna focus on LJW..haha

  30. 30 DC

    Love LJW and excited to see him back in a drama. And yay for it being on KBS! Thank you KBS World! =D Hehe.

  31. 31 Rjyuggy

    I don’t know why many people criticize her acting. I think that in Will it Snow at Christmas, she excellently portrayed a hopeless and timid Ji-hwan. Han Ye Seul rocks!!!

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