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Lee Min-ho nekkid
by | May 25, 2011 | 187 Comments

javabeans: Usually you don’t merit a shower scene in a premiere episode till you’ve pulled army duty, but I guess everyone’s willing to make exceptions for Lee Min-ho.

girlfriday: Can you believe it’s someone’s job to cover Lee Min-ho’s naked back with makeup scars?

javabeans: “Wait, I have to make PERFECTLY SURE these are in the right place! Hold still! I’m not done inspecting!”

girlfriday: *gets handsy*

javabeans: “It’s for the job! I take my work very seriously.”

girlfriday: *gets more handsy* *slaps uncomfortable Lee Min-ho back into place*

javabeans: Is it at all inappropriate that all I think about when I hear the Korean title is…

girlfriday: Shitty Hunter? Yes.

javabeans: Pffft. Yes it’s inappropriate, or yes it’s shitty?

girlfriday: I guess we’ll find out tonight!

Via Hankyung


187 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Merewen


    • 1.1 Dara

      NOW tune in SBS live already!!! NOWwwww

      • 1.1.1 Hara

        Yes! i’ll be watching City Hunter today before Best Love.

        • Hara

          Oops! sorry, i mean Shitty Hunter!

          • maria

            yeah, stick to the PROPER title,man. 😛

    • 1.2 SpongeBob

      Since when did Javabeans and girlfriday, both turn a porn commentator?

      • 1.2.1 Kiara

        JB and Girlfriday = naughty girls.

      • 1.2.2 sweaty hunter

        After you!

    • 1.3 Rose

      Is he really naked? down below?

      • 1.3.1 pieroot

        alas….no…see *panty* line!!!!

        • Melissa

          *sad face*

  2. Nina


    • 2.1 Sylvia

      Looks like whoever did the scars got distracted. 😉 Not that I blame them, but I’ve seen more realistic scars in Halloween make-up kits…

      • 2.1.1 jyyjc

        I feel the same. It looks like little thin pieces of rubber are glued on his back.


    one word……….. WOWZERSSSSS! =P.

  4. Nih Nih

    Ha ha ha! Shitty Hunter! well found. The title fits!

    • 4.1 TgM4

      LOLOL…i kno its a perfect title…cant wait to hear someone say it like that in d series itself…dat would be hilarious. I have high expectations from this drama from a ridiculous, logic-less, plot-less angle…I want to see how shitty it gets! 😛 But i doubt it, if they are gonna show LMH nekkid, its gonna be difficult for me to stay away from this drama…ACK! Perv thoughts forming in my head!

  5. fuzzy_14


  6. Peppy

    o.m.g… *droools*

  7. Lee Min Ho's darling

    LOL Shitty Hunter!
    btw, where can I watch Shitty Hunter? 😀

    • 7.1 ibbunmino

      maybe it would be up within 6 hours from now @ viki.com … I’m also waiting it… can’t sleep till it’s up… =(

      • 7.1.1 Saima

        so, i was trying to watch the CH teaser vids on viki….n it showed me the dreaded msg : “not available in your region”…i was like “#$%#$%#$%#$%$%#%$?!!” 🙁 ….but, i guess this show’ll get subbed pretty quickly on other sites…..Take that, viki!! j/k

    • 7.2 Park Min Young

      ViKi will be the fastest.

      • 7.2.1 frillyobject

        If you read chinese, the sub will most likely be out soon in an hour.

        • Jolly

          at 11 am? where do u watch it?!?

          • ilikehim

            In chinese sub? There are lots..
            You can try natnatvip.com or 33md.com. But with 33md you have to use I.E. and dl some player.

        • Jolly

          but they still aren’t up! it’s 12 already where i am.. i can read chi subs perfectly, but cant seem to find any up that are accessible from the states till around 3 at the earliest usually

    • 7.3 MINOZ lover

      now available on ViKi!! http://goo.gl/FS9oK
      yey~~ now subbing!!! >_<
      it would be up within 1 hours!! Plz~~~

  8. Akosirhenz


    Love the new title ,
    yeah right it feels more fit
    <3 Love Javabeans and Girlfriday

  9. ...

    LOL… their trying to bribe us…

  10. 10 sweetstar

    Love the convo. *drools*

    • 10.1 Rovi


      As @Sponge Bob above said, “Since when did Javabeans and girlfriday, both turn a porn commentator?”

      This site should be renamed “Javaporn” or “Pornbeans” when JB & girlfriday cover things like these (and their ICCOYM & ICCOMYM group…)…

      • 10.1.1 Jomo

        They need a new tag for faster access to these types of historical documents.

        • Rovi

          I can imagine…porn…hahahahaha XD!

        • Viola

          Jomo, I second that notion! I hope they have a different tags for these back and forth between JB and GF articles! They are always so so hilarious!

          • Rovi

            Then let’s submit a notion to JB & GF regarding new tags whenever they get a bit “wild” & “loose” with hese kinds of things…

            I propose:
            -tag:ICOMYM whenever, well, the guys featured are much much younger and many noonas have “inapprop. crushes” on them…
            -tag:shower whenever, well, there are featured shower scenes, or whatevs…they should’ve done that during “My Princess” days…

            out of ideas…:P

          • viola

            Rovi, I am all for the shower tag! JB and GF please consider adding the “shower” tag on these posts! Pretty please!

  11. 11 QT

    He already done shower scene for his previous drama ryt? Boys over flower & Personal taste if I’m not mistaken

    • 11.1 ck1Oz

      True but he was a boy then…he’s not now.He’s a Noona killer ‘drools’

      • 11.1.1 QT

        totally agree 😀

      • 11.1.2 aznative

        He must’ve been 21 or 22 when he filmed BOF (2009); he will be 24 this June. When a male transitions from a boy to a man is a matter of opinion I guess 😉

        • Jomo


  12. 12 So-In-lurve


    I m so gonna watch it now!!!!!!
    lee min ho…what r u????????

    U r super natural!!!!!!
    can’t stop *drooling*…….

  13. 13 KDrama Fan

    I wonder how many women see those shots and say’Oh those scars. Poor Minho. Let me kiss them better for you.’

  14. 14 Linda165 ♥ Minho

    My boy’s been working out ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Are you guys seriously complaining about a shower scene? Really?

    • 14.1 kaigou

      I think the only complaint is that the shower scene isn’t 57 minutes long.

  15. 15 Linda165 ♥ Minho


  16. 16 rero_rero

    for guys there is porn…
    for girls……………..shower scenes 😛

    • 16.1 Hara

      LOL! so true

  17. 17 Thebelovedvampire

    OMOOOO I burst into a laughter reading “shitty Hunter”, HAHAHA

    Well said, LOVE U GIRLS, ur Blog is just the BEST & u two are just indescribable <3

  18. 18 come2noona

    Well…. GOOD MORNING!!! to me. 🙂

    hehehe… shitty hunter…..

  19. 19 Jomo

    I’m sad that we can’t see the Speedo that’s not really there.
    I wanted to compare the quality of LMH’s to The Hand Towel’s.
    I guess I’ll just have to imagine…

    • 19.1 Viola

      Jomo, there is only One Speedo of Power and Mr hand Towel isn’t giving it up! It’s his secret to eternal youth. 😛

      “One Speedo to rule them all/ One Speedo to find them,
      One Speedo to bring them all and in the darkness bind them/ In the Land of Dramas where Showers lie’ 😛

      But to ascertain whether or not the Speedo of Power has changed hands, I am hiring The Kidnappers again!

      • 19.1.1 gingganggolli

        ….you totally rocks in your comments. I hope kidnapper appears asap and give us the pleasure of your plots.

        • Viola

          awwww Thank you gingganggoli! Smooches! 🙂

          • gingganggolli

            welcome! awesome blog we’ve got here.

      • 19.1.2 maria

        girl, let us know ASAP. this operation needs to commence like, N-A-O. 😛

  20. 20 YY

    I spy with my little portruding eye black speedos in the last pic. He must have borrowed/stolen them from the Towel. Cos I have this strange conviction he normally showers nekkid. Am I weird or what?

    • 20.1 Viola

      *eyes YY suspiciously* How do you know how he normally showers?! First the Kang Ah clones and now this? This is NOT the way to get over Grandpa’s death!!

      • 20.1.1 Viola

        I am choosing to ignore Siwon’s ab shaped birthday cake….

    • 20.2 MJP


      I see the speedo in the last pic too.

      • 20.2.1 Jomo

        Viola, YY, MJP!

        While it absolutely isn’t the ONE Speedo, any speedo allows a lower and more complete view of the REST of LMH.

        Don’t want to see the tip, want to see the iceberg, or whatever…

        • Viola

          Jomo, so the speedo Lee Min Ho is wearing is one of the lesser Speedos? Like, “Nine speedos for mortal men doomed to die?” Nooooooooooo!!

          In all the random promos for City Hunter, was there one touting this drama as a Melo? Does he contract a deadly disease from all the time parading around in the open air in nothing but a speedo?!!

          • Jomo

            We need to find photo’s of the rest of the Lesser Speedos…hmmmm, that will involve heavy research.

            It’ll take hours, perhaps days, scanning half-nekkid pics of gorgeous K men.

            Who would volunteer to do that?

          • Linda165

            Where do I sign up? 🙂

  21. 21 YY

    Where’s the cute white boy? I’m getting upset now.

    • 21.1 Viola

      What cute white boy YY?

      • 21.1.1 MJP


        Maybe she means Kim Jae Won? They keep calling him white in Can You Hear My Heart. At least, that is what the subbers are writing.

      • 21.1.2 YY

        There was a Cute White Boy in the earlier pics released of City Hunter. He was standing next to LMH. He was cute and white and a boy-guy. I harboured hopes that he would be part of the cast. I think I’m wrong. So I’m upset.

  22. 22 ck1Oz

    Brainy you mean you gave me LMH before JB.Gasp 🙂

    I feel so honoured.It has a post all by himself on viki,way to tempt us sitting on the fence with too many May dramas.

    Sigh…Lee Min Ho.Sleep.Lee Min Ho.Sleep.

    Er…any suggestions?

    • 22.1 zakuropanda

      Lee Min Ho! Although I’m sure you were leaning that way already 😉

  23. 23 Thatgirl

    *Heart pounding out of control* -Sigh- Only Lee Minho can get me going….. x)

  24. 24 ibbunmino

    phew… so sexy back… sexy shitty hunter :DDDDDD

  25. 25 appie

    LOL they’re trying to seduce rating out of us =D

    • 25.1 moonymeia

      *like* 🙂

      • 25.1.1 Viola

        moonymeia!!! I missed you soooo much! *glomp* 🙂

    • 25.2 Viola


  26. 26 azir

    I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 27 malta

    Choco abs in the mirror?…no teasing show!

  28. 28 tegami

    His torso is five miles long!


    • 28.1 coconana

      *Proceeds to consult Google Maps for driving directions*

      • 28.1.1 Viola

        I can predict with almost certainty that you will be driving south. 😛

        • bianca


  29. 29 purplesheesh


  30. 30 jodasg

    Yah!!! it was my first reaction when i saw the photo before even reading the article. Ha ha ha I guess the producers seriously see that wed/thurs slot is competitive enough to warrant a hot bod in order to secure ratings.

  31. 31 absothe

    OMO I can see the red mark on his back where girlfriday slapped him LOL

  32. 32 Ryalred

    Ha! love this site
    – gives me something to do at work which is unfortunately snigger like a 12 year old
    ‘shitty hunter’ – *snigger*

  33. 33 rob

    i can’t believe what you’re posting

  34. 34 SheGoesPretty

    Ay mi Dios….*slaps back to reality* Ouch! That kinda hurt. ;P

  35. 35 garcia_marina

    aha some cat pawed his back…maybe that’s a female cat…meowwwrrrrrrrrrrr

  36. 36 Venus

    NOW that what we called an incitive to watch “Shitty Hunter”… 😀 OMGGGGGGGGGGGG LMH is just HOT I mean HOT doesn’t even began to describe this man…..
    he has a beautiful back **DROOLSSSSSS****…..

  37. 37 pohonphee

    Now it is not random anymore

    It is shitty hunter

    I can see the relationship now, teehee

    No complain from now on guys! 🙂

    Thank JB and GF

  38. 38 ann

    will you be recapping City Hunter?

  39. 39 mcalkdrama

    yo yo yo *mind goes blank*

  40. 40 Not Linda165

    Apparently my comments are not welcome anymore 🙁

    I knew I shouldn’t have hit on KJH, and now I’m banned from live from this blog.

    • 40.1 Not Linda165

      Oh look, it went through…. mwahahahaha

  41. 41 Daniela

    Thank you. Im totally awake now :D. I want that job.

  42. 42 ahjummabunny

    I know I’m in the minority, but I think city hunter might be quite interesting. anyone see it yet? I’m interested in fangirl replies.

    • 42.1 Linda165 ♥ Minho

      Me! Me! I’m a fangirl! I’ve been stalking Viki’s page. The episode is up and is already 7% translated 🙂

      • 42.1.1 aznative

        It’s at 22% at 2:30pm Mountain Standard Time (USA). There are some pretty busy subbers at Viki. Thanks guys for your hard work.

        DramaCrazy has the first episode also, but not subbed.

  43. 43 Celexa

    Just the right sugar for my morning cup of coffee!

  44. 44 carling


  45. 45 kaciemom

    OMG, his cute dimples in the back just above his speedo – Wow!

  46. 46 mars

    Ha. I’m crossing my fingers for this drama even though all signs point to dud (hopefully it’s just a horrendously put together marketing campaign) but I guess LMH showering sexily ain’t too bad of a takeaway.

  47. 47 fran

    @ahjummabunny just finished watching the 1st episode (streaming live on the SBS website) and I must say it’s quite good.

    Top-notch production qualities, a decent script (it’s already building up the “hunter” side of LMH’s character with some chasing scenes in the jungle…) Frankly, I am pleasantly surprised.

    Can’t wait for the recap. Hope the show will be able to keep up with the fast pace it set in that 1st episode.

    • 47.1 come2noona

      Good news!

    • 47.2 Alvina

      Same! I really liked it.
      I mean, I still resent that they call it “City Hunter” despite not being ANYTHING like the original (it’s to bait the fans, I know) but, it’s pretty good 😀

      And they kept elements of the original as well, despite the darker themes.

    • 47.3 Ann

      I just finished watching the first episode too! I thought it was awesome! I really enjoyed it! Normally, I think first episodes of most dramas are boring because it’s like the intro to everything, but I really enjoyed this one; it was fast paced and action packed and had a variety of different elements. 😀 I can’t wait for the next episode!

  48. 48 Hanjae

    My interest in watching this drama was ZERO until I saw this. Hmmm.

    I think I’ll be tuning in tonight after all.

  49. 49 bleu

    This what I call “lovely”. SUCH FUN! *channeling Patricia Hodge of Miranda*

  50. 50 Cynthia

    Please don’t bother me.
    I’ve got myself wrapped around his wet self like a python.

    After that hot makeout scene from Lie To Me last night and now Lee Min Ho in his shower this morning, this is shaping up to be a mighty fine Wednesday!

    Thank you, Kdrama land!!


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