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Romance Town: Episode 16
by | July 6, 2011 | 59 Comments

Aggravation, then satisfaction. Tearing my hair out, then putting it back on my scalp. This drama has been so badly titled now; it really should have been called ‘Maids’ because that’s all this drama is about. Or they should have called it ‘Money Town’ or ‘Bread and Roses,’ because where the hell is the ‘Romance’ in this drama!?

So. Will Hyun Joo get off the plane with Hwang Yong? He asks her to trust him instead of trusting money.

That gives her a flashback of when her husband yelled at her for giving birth to another son (dude, it takes two to tango!), and for being a useless wife. He throws her out for a richer woman and takes the kids, which leads to Hyun Joo becoming a maid. She cries, wondering how on earth she can trust a man when she’s always been so mistreated. She debates: trust the 7.5 billion Won in her account, or her new master?

Hwang Yong steps away to call Soon Geum. He wants the police called off. He doesn’t know if he can get Hyun Joo to get off the plane, but if the police arrive, he’s going to stay on that flight and become a fugitive.

Everyone in the airport rushes to the arrival gate to see Hwang Yong and Hyun Joo get off the plane. Hwang Yong’s men cheer like little boys at the sight of their boss, while Soo Jung scowls at Hyun Joo. But they’ll have to wait for another day to confront her. When she returns to 1st Street with Hwang Yong, Hyun Joo bids Soo Jung and Da Kyum good night with a smile, as if nothing happened.

Soon Geum and Gun Woo arrive home very late, much to Yoon Joo’s distress. She’s annoyed that she has to wait for so long to get fed, and wants Soon Geum gone. Though Tae Won said not to fire Soon Geum, she can’t take it any longer. Tae Won joins them, and scolds Soon Geum for being more irresponsible as of late. He’s always thought she was the best maid, obeying all the time, being good with San, and eating their leftovers – basically, he makes her sound like a dog. With little choice, Soon Geum meekly says she won’t make this mistake again.

Soon Geum finishes the chores late in the night. However, when she tries to enter her room, the door is locked. She goes up to Gun Woo’s room, where she nearly catches him looking at the real lottery ticket. Gun Woo quickly hides it behind his back, and she demands he hand it over. Afraid that she means the ticket, he runs around her, jumps on his bed, and quickly throws the ticket under his bed. But all she wants is the key to her room, as she knows he locked it.

Gun Woo wants her to stop being a maid, and start being his roommate: “Let’s have an ‘accident.’ Let’s create another ‘San’.” HAHA. Sweeeet. Soon Geum thinks his father will commit murder before a baby is born, but Gun Woo insists this is the only method that will work against his father!

Soon Geum turns off the lights. (WHOO!) Gun Woo waits for her expectantly to join him, but there’s no one. He feels around for the lights and turns it back on. Soon Geum arrives in his room, this time carrying San. She lays the boy in between them on the bed, causing Gun Woo to call the sleeping kid a complete rascal.

Though Soon Geum is having a hard time because of his father, Gun Woo begs her not to leave just yet. Leaving would mean Tae Won wins this battle. She wonders aloud what her mother would think of Gun Woo, and he replies that she’d probably hate him. But it would be good if she hated him so that the two of them could struggle together, and love each other even more fiercely.

The next morning, Young Hee arrives to have a word with Tae Won. However, they’re interrupted by Yoon Joo, who’s noticed that the maid’s room is locked. They wonder if she already left, but go up to Gun Woo’s room to check. Yup – they’re in the same bed! And San is in the bathroom, so he’s not around to make the scene look a little more innocent.

Yoon Joo quietly wakes up only Soon Geum, and Tae Won orders her to go make breakfast, refusing to listen to her claims that nothing happened. Once she’s out of the room, Tae Won flips Gun Woo on to the floor.

Gun Woo thinks he’s done nothing wrong since he already said he wanted to live with Soon Geum, but Tae Won slaps him hard across the face. He threatens that Soon Geum will be in a lot of trouble if they try any more tricks. Gun Woo yells that Soon Geum is a lot stronger than he is, and they will both win against Tae Won. He silently adds that only when Tae Won accepts Soon Geum for the poor maid she is, will he then give back the lottery ticket.

Tae Won realizes that it’s only a fight if he continues opposing his son, so he decides to play along. He yells for Soon Geum to not be a housekeeper anymore then, which is of course still a joke.

At the Hwang Residence, Hyun Joo is preparing a feast for breakfast. Soo Jung comes by, but is maddened by the fact that Hyun Joo treats her as if they’re friends again. Hyun Joo says they should just split it all equally, but Soo Jung refuses to do so: Hyun Joo’s now got a man in her life in the form of Hwang Yong, which is better than money.

Hyun Joo pushes Soo Jung, angry that Soo Jung was probably the one who suggested she get nothing, and feeling absolutely betrayed. It breaks out into an all-out food fight, where they throw vegetables at each other. (It’s hilarious how Hyun Joo stops Soo Jung from throwing side dishes that belong to Hwang Yong. Actually, I wonder how they did this scene without breaking into laughter.) Zar Lin and Hwang Yong enter the kitchen to see it in a mess, and Zar Lin hurries to separate them. Hwang Yong on the other hand mourns that the rice and stew are getting overcooked.

Later that day, Hyun Joo goes to the bank and requests the 7.5 billion be withdrawn in one single check. The banker tells her to keep the check’s number so that if a thief steals the check, she can simply call the police with the check number, and the money will be put on hold and stay with her.

She calls up all the maids to meet at a restaurant, and arrives with Hwang Yong. Soon Geum arrives late, having had to finish all her responsibilities before being able to leave. She wants to get it all over with quickly, so she suggests that they split it all 5 ways and make it simple. Hyun Joo is so happy to hear that Soon Geum was on her side the entire time.

More fighting. AISH – I am at this point more frustrated than Soon Geum over their stubbornness; she waves a napkin around in frustration, I would have thrown a glass across the room. I’ll cut to the chase: Soon Geum declares that Hyun Joo will give them back all the 7.5 billion, and the four of them will give Hyun Joo an amount that is equal to how much they value their friendship with her. A compromise leads to all the maids pitching in to give Hyun Joo 1 billion Won.

Well, better than nothing – aaaaaand WE HAVE A DEAL! THANK THE LORD!

Later that evening, Hyun Joo writes down the check’s number in her book just in case, and then goes to meet the other maids in Soo Jung’s room. Before she hands over the check, she wants her 1 billion share first. The maids are all aghast – how can they give her the money they don’t have? Da Kyum (that sly one) suddenly remembers that Soon Geum still has her wealth. She can give the 1 billion to Hyun Joo first, and then the maids will pay her back later.

Aiyoo – so petty. But Soon Geum brings her black bag over, which has all 1 billion. Satisfied, Hyun Joo holds out the check, and hands it over to Soon Geum first. Soo Jung practically drools at the sight of it, and the three maids ask to hold the check just once. They can sleep together in her room, holding the money. Soon Geum simply hands over the check – they’ll just split it evenly tomorrow. It’s big of her to still trust those maids.

Soon Geum helps Hyun Joo carry the bag home, and thanks her deeply for everything she’s done. She’ll never forget what Soon Geum did for her.

Da Kyum dances home around Young Hee, so happy that she’s wealthy again. She asks that he sell her the courtyard, and he tells her to just buy the whole house. Da Kyum offers to let him keep the maid’s quarters for himself, which makes him feel worse than he already feels.

Soon Geum serves some tea to Tae Won in his office, and he begins to ask for her “advice.” He talks about the judge’s ruling where he’ll have to pay 3x the tax he owes, but uses all these legal terms that Soon Geum has no idea what they mean. It’s Tae Won’s way of making her feel even less qualified and more stupid. He also says that he’s looking for a daughter-in-law who can bring in a dowry of $10 billion Won because of his current debt.

Oh if only he told Soon Geum this several weeks ago!

Soon Geum says confidently that he’ll never find a daughter-in-law with that amount of money. If he is successful, then she will willingly quit. However, she knows that he’s criticizing her lack of knowledge and refuses to buckle. Only when she can no longer take it, when all has been said and done, and he still continues to insult her, will she leave. When her love for Gun Woo is not enough, she promises to walk out on her own two feet.

Tae Won smiles – the maid is going to be quite the worthy opponent.

Soon Geum cleans up Gun Woo’s bookshelf in a depressed state, which is how Young Hee finds her when he comes to return some books. She confesses that she’s having a hard time because of Tae Won, and he tells her to take care of herself first. She shouldn’t submit to being treated as less of a person just because of love. Gun Woo emerges from his room and tells Young Hee to stop yelling at Soon Geum. However, Young Hee just keeps going – this time, yelling at Gun Woo for being as selfish as his father, liking girls but not knowing what love means. He tells Gun Woo to let Soon Geum go if he truly loves her, and then leaves angrily.

Gun Woo knows Young Hee is acting like that because he likes Soon Geum too, but he thinks his friend is also right. Soon Geum: “But I like the self-centered Gun Woo though,” and she warns him never to break up with her “for her sake.”

Da Kyum returns to Soo Jung’s room and wants to look at the check again. On the back, there’s Soo Jung’s signature and her ID number already. She did it only because she wanted to “own” a check for 7.5 billion Won. Da Kyum and Zar Lin do too, so right underneath hers, they sign their own names and add their IDs.

The next morning, Hyun Joo goes over to deliver a plate of fruits at Hwang Yong’s office. She overhears his conversation with his daughter Joo Won though. Joo Won wants Hyun Joo fired, as she feels uneasy over the way Hyun Joo looks at her. She thinks Hyun Joo is only after her father for his money. However Hwang Yong likes Hyun Joo’s cooking, and he knows that she doesn’t like him just for the money. He admits feeling sorry for lying to her on the plane about needing her at home, but he had no choice then. Joo Won just wants him to hurry up and get married – perhaps with the lady he gave the pen to!

Hyun Joo is disappointed and angry that she was lied to. With that, she takes her bag of 1 billion and gets into a cab.

The four other maids go to Hyun Joo’s bank to have the check split up and put in immediately into new separate bank accounts. But now they also have to pay back Soon Geum the 1 billion. Soo Jung says that they’re supposed to pitch in a total of 1 billion to Hyun Joo, but not everyone is going to give an equal amount. Soo Jung values her friendship at 50 million won, Da Kyum at 30 million, and Zar Lin at 20 million. Since Soon Geum values her friendship at up to 2 billion, she’ll be OK with “donating” 900 million, and just getting 100 million back from the ladies, right?

EVIL. BITCHES. Excuse my French.

The banker returns, and needs their IDs to create a bank account. For Zar Lin, he also needs her foreign registration card, which she left at home. So she calls up Young Hee for help.

Soon Geum informs Hyun Joo of what happened over the phone, and that just incenses Hyun Joo even more. She calls up the police, wanting to report her stolen check, but she doesn’t have the check’s number on her. So she calls up Young Hee for help too!

Young Hee locates the ID card, but can’t find the numbers Hyun Joo is referring to, so he brings the entire notebook and meets her at the bank. Meanwhile, Soon Geum is absolutely disgusted as Soo Jung spins the situation around – the maids didn’t take her money, but Hyun Joo did for wanting that 1 billion.

The banker processes the payments but then gets a phone call, which stops him from handing the ladies new bank books. Young Hee arrives with Zar Lin’s card, and she quickly runs back to the banker. Hyun Joo grabs Young Hee aside before anyone else sees her.

The banker hesitantly hands back Da Kyum and Soo Jung’s bank book – but suddenly the police arrive! He informs them that the check was just reported as stolen, and so the three maids are thieves; Soon Geum is not involved in this.

Hyun Joo had gone to the bank and asked for the 1 billion in the bank to be deposited into her account. As for the 7.5 billion? It can go into Soon Geum’s account. YAYYYYY ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD!

In the jail cell, Soo Jung wails uselessly over why she had to be so greedy (yeah, why?), asking for death to come soon (yes, please!), and apologizing to Soon Geum for her wrongs (pfft, just shut up now, yeah?).

Now on to a very random but pivotal plot point: Jang Chi Gook comes out to the kitchen with a splitting headache, missing Hyun Joo. Suddenly, he collapses on the floor.

Hyun Joo and Young Hee go out for a drink in a form of mini celebration. He asks if she’s going to leave 1st Street now, but Hyun Joo now has a purpose. She wants revenge on all the households of 1st Street, and Soon Geum is with her on this. The other maids? They’ll be sentenced to about a year and a half in jail. She wants Young Hee’s smart brain to help them use the money the best way possible for revenge. After all, doesn’t he want revenge on all those rich people who refused to give him a single cent?


YEAHHHHHHHHH! I can’t believe how happy I am over the outcome of this episode. I suffered, I tell ya, watching the screaming and arguing go back and forth. I understand everyone had a good reason for their arguments, but honestly I just wanted Soo Jung to SHUT. UP. So there you have it – money issues resolved! Well, the lottery money at least.

On top of that, this drama has now veered towards the darker side, where Hyun Joo wants revenge on those families. Somehow I imagine her tying up everyone in a dark room and sharpening her knives over them. Hehe. I am curious what mind games they would play on the rich folks, although I don’t know if Young Hee is up to this task per se. I’m not too sure if Soon Geum is going to be all up on this revenge scheme as Hyun Joo makes her sound like she is. Like many, I’d rather see Soon Geum playing house with Gun Woo. But if she is up for this revenge scheme, then they should get Gun Woo in on it too, since Gun Woo has some serious beef against his father as well.

They can all buy Young Hee’s house, dress up to the nines, and Soon Geum can show up at Tae Won’s front door as the daughter-in-law with a dowry of 10 billion.

This drama has recently been trying my patience with its rocky, roller coaster plot lines week after week. I’ve been hanging on because I personally want to see the maids receive poetic justice, but I was hanging by my fingertips – until the end of this episode. I hope this drama can just be smooth sailing from here; we’re nearing the end of this ride, so it’s only natural that we pull in safely to a stop, right?


59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Yoori

    I agree, where is ROMANCE in ROMANCE Town? The story totally took a different route from the beginning or at least what I thought it might be about! I’m sort of disappointed and aggravated! Its totally about the maids and the darn lottery ticket while the male lead[s] are taking the back seat. I WANT ME SOME ROMANCE!!!

    • 1.1 LK

      I actually like the drama as it is. I don’t find that Gun Woo and Sun Geum have that much chemistry and the actor that plays Gun Woo is kinda awkward in this kind of role. He was much cooler in “Sign”! I like the interactions between Sun Geum and Young Hee better. But I know it won’t go to that route. I like the complex story of the winning lottery ticket and all that. It makes the storyline much more interesting than just a love story between a poor chaebol and a rich maid.

      • 1.1.1 mrmz

        totally agree!! But I don’t really have a problem with the Gun Woo/Sun Geum coupling but what works for me is that I like most of the characters of this drama and their reaction to this whole money issue. Somehow the whole story makes sense to me from where it started to where it got

  2. ohemgee

    where is the love?!!!

    • 2.1 ohemgee

      also, i am sooooo looking forward to hyun joo’s revenge…and for the 3 greedy maids to spend some time locked up and reflecting on their poor behavior. i can see young hee helping grow their wealth too and all of them sticking it to the chaebol heads of 1st street!


      soon geum and gun woo are so cute. i find their love so pure, and as much as i want them to fight his father tooth and nail, i love that they still maintain their respect for his parents–as wrong as they are.

      one last thing–hwang yong! what’s with the lying?!! though i understand why he did what he did (to get her off the plane and keep everyone from getting into trouble with the law), i totally sympathize with hyun joo. i think he truly has feelings for her though.

      yay RoTo!

  3. ajewell

    They should have called it EASY STREET. That would’ve been ironically delicious. πŸ˜‰

  4. Cynthia

    Ok – could this drama get any more confusing?! Romance Town? No. Crazyville? Yes.
    I wanted a scorecard in the beginning, still need one now.

    And I have to comment on the screen capture of SG putting San to bed while Gun Woo looks on. Is it just me, but between his bare legs and man-boobs, isn’t he looking kinda wierd? I’m laughing while typing this, and apologize to his fans on this site – but really, how unflattering IS that pic?!

  5. imoan.naomi

    I think this show suffered from having too many characters. Trying to flesh out storylines for all these stereotypical “maids” and “masters” just bored me to tears. A maid who becomes a millionairess is an interesting enough plot without all this other fluff obscuring the drama.

  6. chachacha

    I like the series but it lost some steam it had at the beginning for me….

  7. Lacey

    The beginning of the drama was addicted to watch but i think around episode 6? I lost interest, the drama didnt much romance after that it was all about money. Which is fine but the shouldnt call this a romance comedy it should be a slice of life comedy type drama instead.

  8. Lana

    wow…i thought this was the last ep… how long is this drama anyway?!?!

    • 8.1 spazzy06

      Romance Town will end with 20 episodes.

  9. spazzy06

    Did this drama’s screenwriter forget about Gun Woo wanting to re-hire Halmoni? Even if he did change his mind after falling in love with Soon Geum….shouldn’t he at least follow up on Halmoni? Why she keeps disappearing on him, isn’t he curious?

    While I am enjoying all the drama with the money, the unresolved issue with Halmoni bothers me a bit. Romance Town is too short to have dropped storylines…

    • 9.1 LK

      I agree, I want to know what happened to the Halmoni as well. Either they dropped that storyline after Gun Woo has finally found her phone number or they completely forgot to wrap that story up. Especially since they decided to give Halmoni a disease, I don’t understand why she’s suddenly out of the picture…. I really liked her character so I’m sad that she doesn’t have a bigger role in the story.

  10. 10 LK

    I don’t care that there’s little to no romance even though the title suggest it. This drama is getting better and better! I absolutely hate the 3 greedy maids, URGHHHH! Sun Geum and Hyun Joo (even though she was a bit selfish as well) ftw!

    By the way, why is it that the recapper calls the foreign maid “Zar Lin”? Isn’t her name “Thu”? Or did I miss something?

    • 10.1 mrmz

      Totally agree with you!! love the direction this drama is taking!!! very interesting! I don’t think this drama has too many characters, but just enough and managed to keep them interesting (at least for me)!!

      • 10.1.1 mrskimchee

        agree with you both!!!
        i do want more romance..but i enjoy watching all the characters as well..that it made up (sort for) the lack of romance here….
        I just hope that they’ll focus more on romance towards the end..or maybe extend 2 episodes just to romance them up πŸ™‚

  11. 11 crazedlu

    what the heck happened to this drama? o_O’ i’m sticking it through though. i really, really want to know what happens to the maids.

  12. 12 mskololia

    I enjoyed this little ditty. Oh, bring on the revenge of the maids and our poor playboy next door.

    Thanks kaedejun. πŸ™‚

  13. 13 Revy

    The last 10minutes was the best. Oh man i can’t wait for the revenge plot to unfold. I really want everyone on 1st street to bow down to Soon Geum, Hyun Joo & Yung Hee also i hope the maids don’t get anyone money

  14. 14 lynn

    too bad only 20 episodes, i could think of a few more twists πŸ˜‰

  15. 15 Nokcha

    Other than the screaming maids, which took way to long to sort out that they were so greedy, I’m really enjoying this drama. I like the ensemble cast, the story revolving around such a large sum of money to bring out the worst in everyone, rich and poor alike, and that romance has taken a back seat. I think it’s more of a study on human nature and how people are influenced by money. I do agree it was miss titled.

    • 15.1 seattlebabe

      i agree with you .Its really all about money and how they can get at it as easy and as fast as possible .First was through gamble , stock market (both same to me), depriving others as tax evasion ,getting dowry (altho minimal),snaring a rich person ,getting money from inheritance , shark loaning ,winning the lottery (major). Other issues are peripheral . Love ? I don’t really see it . Though I’d like YH and SG better than her with GW.

      I don’t get it why SG would insist on staying when she has her glitzy apartment and she can get other jobsor go into business with her money .But then there will be no story .

      I hope the scriptwriter do not tie neat ribbons at the end -I hate DK ending with YH specially with her character and bratty stance .

  16. 16 beggar1015

    I admit the only reason I’m staying with this series is the ol’ “I’ve watched it this far, I might as well take it to the end” excuse. Although I did enjoy seeing those maids being arrested after they screwed SG.

    I’m not sure HJ is making such a wise decision asking YH to help their money increase. After all, if he was so smart to begin with, he wouldn’t be broke now, ya know. (I mean, despite the paintings being fakes, when he did have money he should have diversified and invested in other things, not just hinged his entire wealth on artwork.)

    • 16.1 Jomo

      I am wondering, now that the money is in the bank, when the Korean IRS will swoop in and take their share.

      The bank HAS to report large transactions; that is why she didn’t put it there in the first place.

      If they tax her halfed portion, she is out lots of bucks.
      That means plotwise I bet they lose most of the money by the end.

  17. 17 Dara

    Frankly, I really enjoy this drama as it is now, I believe the word Romance (as least to me cuz I don’t know Korean) is about the neighborhood in the whole picture, you think they hate each other at some point, but when someone is in trouble they help each other, like how HJ/YJ, YJ/SG or even GW/his dad, that is Romance (or hearts?) for me. And I do suspect by the end of last episode, we will get the whole answer/idea for this drama. Lately, I don’t find any plots/subplots boring at all and an hour fly by just like that.

    It’s a nice change for me after all the love/angst thing going around on other stations. Though, it’s not everyone cup of tea, but I find myself keep coming back for more, and it made me smile while watching the episode. Money vs Love/heart , this kind of drama, no writer would dare to pull it off, but this writer is so good tied all these characters together in one single episode every week.

    Thanks Kaedaejun for the recap ^^ anxiously wait to see how the story will wrap up, oh let there be a wedding bell and kid at the end, pretty please.

  18. 18 KANGly

    Agree, this drama should have stayed with the title MAIDS, because this is more their story. The romance between the OTP is more of a side story/sub plot.

    I actually like that the story is more about the effect of money on people than on the romance… sorry, the actor who plays gun woo is just not making a connection with me even after 16 episodes. But I do like Soon Geum and Yoon Hee, Hwang Yong and Hyun Joo.

    • 18.1 seattlebabe

      Same here .I get excited when I see YH and SG together . It’s good that he looks gruff and not so slick and SG looks frail ,but feisty and all beauty . GW ? He just looks good overall but doesn’t grab me as a character. Also YH is so off with DK -its really a yikkeees!

  19. 19 Slame

    I am not going to be surprised everyone in Romance Town end up in jail over Tax Evasion

  20. 20 Jomo

    Totally agree with you kd, on SJ being such.a.lying.bitch.

    Also would like to see the BTS for the kitchen fight. I bet the whole crew was there so they could see the fun.

    If that is not possible, I want to see less clothes on GW.

    I am no longer rooting for HG to have a romance, though, if it is with Trophy Wife. I would like him to fall for real for HJ, and maybe in their revenge plot he will see Trophy for what she really is.

  21. 21 amber

    Totally agreed. The greedy maids drive me nut! Good eps.

  22. 22 KDrama Fan

    I think an appropriate title would be ‘Relationships are complicated’.

    I gave up on watching this drama a while back as it was so complicated and now I’m afraid I’ve had to stop reading K’s hard work as it’s too exhausting.

    All the best to those who stick with it:)

  23. 23 jae

    Thanks kaedejun for the recaps! and please-please-please… continue recaping until ep.20! Hang in there, Baby! ^^;

    With so little lovey dovey scene between Soon Geum and Gun Woo maybe the drama title should be: Maids & Money ???

    It’s seem this week episode will give us more highlight about lottery ticket and revenge! Soon Geum Fighting!!!

  24. 24 Christy

    I wonder what’s so romantic about all this money hulabalooo, LOL!!

    But hey I’m really enjoying this drama. I love the superb acting from the cast and the crisp cinematography. Great episode ending.

  25. 25 holly

    please don’t stop recapping!!!

  26. 26 Abbie

    This show is really starting to try my patience. Money money money! I am so sick of MONEY! This is so annoying! I can’t stand this show anymore. I think I’m gonna quit. Maybe. Where is the freaking ROMANCE! It is in the bloody title! *sigh* *exasperated headshake* I give up. Seriously. If it is to be a choice between enduring MONEY for five more episodes or whatever, or giving up the drama itself, Dudes, I’m giving up the bloody drama.

  27. 27 asianromance

    i wholeheartedly agree with your mini-rant abt the title. While I’m bored by the GW and SG romance, having a title that doesn’t fit the drama irks me.

    This drama has jumped the shark. the first 4 episodes were amazing and I could have never imagined going “wtf” in every other scene like I am doing right now. In the beginning, the characters had hints of being layered and being more than what they were. Now they’re all caricatures. What happened to the maids who threw Zar Lin a party when she was wearing her ao dai being all depressed? I get how this drama is abt how money can make people be horrible with one another, but I feel like there should be some story too. Why are Da Kyum and Soo Jung so in need of this money? They’re maids (Da Kyum to a nice master and Soo Jung to a barely existant one), not indentured servants. Are their lives so horrible and poor? Hyun Joo should just take her one billion and save that money for her kids to go to college. Don’t waste it on revenge.

  28. 28 anon

    its called romancetown because of the love for money

  29. 29 MJP

    Thanks Kaedejun!

  30. 30 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks so much for this…

    Now I understand that Hyun Jo’s kids are with her ex-husband and his rich wife. I was actually puzzled why she is not with them…

    Anyways…am dying for Hyun Jo’s revenge…but at the same time, I still want her to be with Hwang Yong. Even he is a gangster…he still is cool…:))

  31. 31 hamsandwich

    I have to say, all the rigamagole with the money is actually refreshing in the drama world- rather than all the “drama” come from a love triangle or something I’m totally into all this backstabbing. And now we’re going to add revenge too!? awesome.

  32. 32 Isabella

    Greedy Town? Backstab Town? What about that!

    Anyways, Im actually happy about what Hyun Joo did, I know that in the end she wont end up very well if she goes thru with it but honestly im dying to see her pull one over that snobby Yoon Joo.

    Im curious about how she will “revenge” on Hwang Yong though, because she feels betrayed but he is a smartass, smarter than Young Hee so i dont see her pulling one on him.

    As for Soon Geum being on her side… I dont think she vocally said she wanted in, but that Hyun Joo assumed since SG was the only one who stood for her for all the maids so now she wants to revenge Soon Geum (she is smarter than Soon Geum) and I can tell you, only with the help of Hyun Joo will she be able to bring Tae Won down a few notches…
    I wonder how Young Hee will feel about this…

  33. 33 sugarpunch

    i really hate the fighting over the money. it’s so upsetting but i agree, realistic. sigh, but now everything is money money money and friendship and relationships seem so small beside money. πŸ™

  34. 34 Rovi

    “Soon Geum can show up at Tae Won’s front door as the daughter-in-law with a dowry of 10 billion.” -> just what I was thinking. HA~!

    In all fairness, actress portraying Soo-jeong is so lovable in her greediness she’s so hated. Good job with her acting.

  35. 35 momo

    This episode was a roller coaster…

    Actually, I like dramas that focus more on plot developement than just romance. When the character’s background, their job, other relationships are developed. Otherwise the romance can be redundant. At least for me…

    However, I understand your flustration about the ROMANCE. I feel the “love plot” between OTP was not that well created and developed. Their love for each other was acknowledged too easily and too soon (imho)…thus shifting the tension somewhere else…

    Maybe it was the writer’s intention. So she can focus more on the parent’s disagreement, money, greed and … revenge?

  36. 36 fan

    Loved this ep. Money running in full circle and everybody in danger!
    I love all these vulnerable characters and their story, but you are right – where the hell is the β€˜Romance’ in this ‘Romance Town’ drama?

  37. 37 yong in

    This drama should have been “The Lottery Ticket”, lol. where’s the romance in Romance Town?

    • 37.1 seattlebabe

      The title should be” Easy Money Easy Go”

  38. 38 tweetiepie

    This is a drama I enjoy reading recaps of not watching I am still glad I dropped it, alas it started off so well…but I hate it when all you can think of is how much better you could have written the drama given the excellent premise….

  39. 39 ingridine

    Thanks Kaede ! it’s a pleasure to read your recap every week

    Everyone …i quite don’t understand why you want romance at each episode ! even if i love SG/GW love story.

    RoTo is not a traditionnal rom com in K-land ! Now after 16 episodes you still don’t understand!

    With RT, i have the feeling that i’m watching a long movie of Hong Sangsoo (like ha ha ha!)
    and all actors are formidable !

    Just take you time !!! and appreciate ordinary moments of ordinary people ! not a cinderella’s or a super hero story !

    and…Jun Gyu Woon i love you ! he’s so cute in the right/left scene

  40. 40 abc123

    I stopped watching this drama when the other maid start finding out about the money. Can’t stand those greedy characters. Sadly, they do exist in real life.

    Thanks for the recap!

  41. 41 Stephanie

    Is this the new standard of melodrama? Making you cry in frustration instead of pity for the female lead who has birth secrets and terminal illnesses.

  42. 42 anna

    Correction, EVIL, GREEDY BITCHES! Ugh! Honestly, I would be incredibly happy with just 1 billion won or 1 million USD. Half would go my parents for retirement, the other half I could use for myself. I don’t like living like I want to be rob at night so I could live a comfortable life with that amount for a long time πŸ˜€

  43. 43 sleeplessinwgtn

    This is very refreshing for a Korean drama. Admit not that much romance but I think exploring the topic of money beint the root of all evil is good. Love, friendship, loyalty all go out the window when there’s money at stake. Sad but very realistic. And the desire to get back at others… revenge. And I love how it show the impact of money even on those who never have much of them. Typically, the fight is between moneyed people… this time it’s between those who have nver had much ot them.

    Looking forward to future episodes. How many will it have, by the way?

    • 43.1 Dara

      This drama will end next Thu at 20 episodes, can’t wait!
      The Princess’s Man will replace this one ^^

  44. 44 mariolawpanda

    Hahahaha. I really don’t mind @kaedejun’s writing, because I obviously can’t do better, but what is with the “Now on to a very random but pivotal plot point:”. Made me laugh. ME: “No, that old man collapsing seriously was not any part of the plot and would be of no use to the story whatsoever.”

    I do love the drama. I love that Sun Geum’s all righteous and loyal. Ever since the episode with Big Ajumma’s 50-50 split with Sun Geum idea, I was ready to bind her on a stake and burn her. Because she was so greedy all throughout the money issue, I really didn’t feel any connection to her crying at the church with the self-pity going on. Tss. I could’ve cared less about her not being the “pretty one” with nothing good happening for her.

  45. 45 JiHwan

    My goodness. These maids are so petty and disgusting. I feel sick watching how low they’ll stoop for money.

  46. 46 Plan Bi

    I didnt like this genre. If they wanted to make it darker, make it really dark, not half and half

    They premised it as a rom com but there is so little romance in it, where is the skinship between the 2 picture perfect leads? I don’t take to this genre and still prefer the conventional rom-coms and makjangs.

    They were better off with the original title Maids – which I read was dropped because of its derogatory connotation

    Some alternative titles
    Maids & Money
    Maids with Money
    Crazy Maids

    Btw, I don’t think it is gonna end like that with the maids in jail ( i know it is their come uppance). I feel there will be a twist involving the money since there are 4 more eps

  47. 47 iynn512

    can’t agree more with the title maids/money town/breads and roses.

    but compared to soojung, soon geum irritates me a whole lot! can’t believe her stupidity.

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