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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 352
by | September 23, 2011 | 50 Comments

EPISODE 352. Broadcast on September 18, 2011.

girlfriday: Wow this viewer’s tour is lasting forever. Not that I’m complaining, because it’s adorable. But the boys are on their best behavior because of all the elders, so there’s less misbehavin’ afoot.

javabeans: I think I read that they decided to add the fourth ep when all that Kang Ho-dong stuff went down. Not that they had to scramble for material, I’m sure, since there’s just so many people.

girlfriday: Yeah I’m still torn up about the fact that the viewer’s tour is the last thing we’ll see Ho-dong do on 1N2D.

javabeans: It’s sad that they decided against a farewell trip, but on the other hand, I can’t imagine that it would be a happy trip and not a depressing one anyway.

girlfriday: Yeah, I understand his decision to stick with his retirement and not come back for the farewell, but even if it WERE a cryfest, I feel like it would somehow… help me move on? Hahaha.

javabeans: We’ll all have to move on. Sadly, probably much sooner than later.

girlfriday: *sniff* BUT I DON’T WANNA.

javabeans: Man up, woman!

girlfriday: *pouts* Okay, so we land in Busan and they go from the plane to another row of buses, and I’m wondering if we’re gonna spend the whole one night and two days in transit. Ho-dong and Shi-kyung end up sharing a bus with their teams, and they play 3-6-9 and the perfect pitch game with Grandma 90. She’s better at those games than Tae-woong!

javabeans: (Not that that’s hard. Hee.)

girlfriday: Grandma 91 Kim Sam-soon tells Ho-dong that her team captain Shi-kyung is purty (So. Cute.) and Ho-dong makes a point of saying that he’s rather average, and that he’s 100kg. Shi-kyung’s eyes widen, “What kind of ballad singer weighs 100kg? I think sometimes you think I’m one of your wrestling hoobaes!”

javabeans: Haha. At first I was trying to figure out which of the 20-something ladies she meant, until she clarified she meant Shi-kyung, haha.

girlfriday: And then he sings (kind of to prove that he’s not just a random pretty captain to Grandma, which is awesome).

javabeans: But it’s totally all the 20-something ladies who swoon.

girlfriday: And when he ends with “Grandma, I’ll love you,” everybody swoons. It’s a one-line all-kill.

javabeans: And then it’s Pimp (Grand)Daddy’s turn to sing. Actually it’s not the singing itself that’s hilarious, but the way he delivers the performance.

girlfriday: Ha. It’s the upturned expectations. He totally pulls the rug out from under everybody when he announces an upbeat song and then sings it like… well, like something a 100-year old grandpa would sing.

javabeans: The buses pull into the basecamp, and the teams separate into their rooms. You can see everyone having fun mugging for the fixed cameras, kind of fiddling with it like it’s a toy. The younger teams play games, and then they cut to the 90-year-olds’ rooms, with sageuk music playing in the background and the captions written in that formal ancientspeak. I love how most of the other groups are in summer camp mode in their little rooms, and the 90s room has staff to set things up, make things comfortable, serve, etc., in this huge room.

girlfriday: I like that the teens, 20s, and even 30s groups are doing… the EXACT same thing. It’s pretty funny that once you’re at camp, whether you’re 10 or 39, you play the same games.

javabeans: Shi-kyung slips out to a convenience store to buy ice creams for his team with leftover lunch money, and even buys an extra one to give Na PD. I love that smile on Na PD’s face, like half-pleased and half-abashed, like, “This isn’t how it works, you know!” And then Shi-kyung jokes, “That’ll be 800 won!”

girlfriday: Hahaha. I love how immediately Na PD’s face falls. Like it was the first time anyone’s ever been nice to him, and then his heart got dashed into a million pieces.

javabeans: Dinnertime! Man, this footage makes me hungry. Aw, the little girl has training chopsticks! I don’t think I’ve ever seen or used those, and now I’m wondering how I learned.

girlfriday: I’m sure you learned the same way I did — the hardcore way, where your parents tell you to eat with your chopsticks or starve. Korean people are a little obsessed with proper chopstick usage. It’s nothing short of barbaric to use them improperly, for some reason.

javabeans: I know! I have a cousin who holds his in a weird grip, and he gets flak for it, every single time. It’s part wonder, part disgust.

girlfriday: Yeah it’s the kind of thing my grandma would see and be like, what’s wrong with his parents? Like it’s an affront to civilized dinner tables.

javabeans: So does 3-year-old Ha-eunie have uncultured hippy parents then?

girlfriday: Or maybe the etiquette police has finally loosened up. After a few centuries.

javabeans: I guess my utensil upbringing really stuck, ’cause part of me is thinking, “How will she learn if you just give her a toy? Might as well just give her tongs and a shovel. Do you want her to grow up thinking she’s going to be coddled forever? Do you want her to fail at school and life and become an artist or something?”

girlfriday: *facepalm* I’m thinking the exact same thing! Sigh. I guess that means our grandmas win?

javabeans: The grandmas always win. In the thirtysomething group, Na PD asks which guest is Tae-woong’s year, and when he sees it’s a woman with two children, he gives Tae-woong more grief: “What have you been doing with your life, hyung? You’ve led an empty existence.” But then it backfires on him, when the woman next to him asks, all surprised, “Wait, you’re his hyung?” As in, Na PD looks oooolllllld.

girlfriday: Well that’s what happens when you replace your heart with a lump of coal. You age faster. It’s the price of being an evil mastermind.

javabeans: Omg I love Shi-kyung. He talks to the Kim Sam-soon granny, who had written his name on her hand, but now it’s washed away. They go through a few tries of getting his name right (“Sohn…Sam-ryong? Ah, Sohn Shi-kyung. Oh, Sung Shi-kyung?”). “It’s okay if you don’t remember…” “That’s right, when you’re old like me you don’t have to remember.” “….Kim Sa-soon grandma.” So cheeky.

girlfriday: Hahaha. He points out that they made a drama with her name in it, and she’s like, “Yeah what the hell were they doing with my name?” She swears just like the fictional character! Maybe it really WAS based on her.

javabeans: There’s some downtime while the staff prepares for the evening event, so time for more games and personal talents. Are they all going to perform at the mini-concert? Somebody in the 20s group even brought a violin.

girlfriday: The 20s group visits the grandmas and grandpas, and performs a mini concert. Wow, they actually have someone who can play the gayageum?

javabeans: She plays and sings in the pansori style, and of course the first grandperson to stand up and dance is our resident pimp daddy, showing the younguns how it’s done.

girlfriday: It’s pretty cool, just to see these two age groups interacting in this way. What luck to have someone who can entertain the elders. It puts a huge smile on Shi-kyung’s face.

javabeans: Although he’s the one who totally counts himself out as the team leaders all practice their “twist” number. Aw, Shi-kyung, if Dog Feet Tae-woong can do the twist, I’m sure you can too.

girlfriday: O.M.G. Hyun-moo! Is that dancing? You give new meaning to the term Dog Feet.

javabeans: Ho-dong: “If you’re not trying to be funny, this is a big problem!” The guys all convene to try to teach him, but it’s as hopeless as teaching Tae-woong how to play soccer. Or school games. Or multiplication.

girlfriday: I’m DYING. How can he be so bad? It’s so hilarious to watch everyone attempt to get through to him somehow, but none of it works. It’s almost funnier to watch Ho-dong’s face, just slack-jawed at the badness.

javabeans: It’s actually not that funny at first, but the longer it goes on, it just gets so absurd. It’s the Simpsons rake joke. One rake, eh. Two rakes, meh. Three rakes, yawn. And then you pull out and there’s Sideshow Bob stepping on like three dozen rakes, and it’s hilarious.

girlfriday: Yeah this is 300 rakes.

javabeans: Shi-kyung: “If you’ve learned to dance from ME, that’s really humiliating!”

girlfriday: What puts me over the edge is when Ji-won and Jong-min, the real dancers, turn Hyun-moo’s wrong dance into a new dance altogether.

javabeans: I was just gonna say — do you love them being our Greek chorus?

girlfriday: They’re killing me.

javabeans: And then Ho-dong steps in to say that if Hyun-moo really can’t get it, they’ll all do it the wrong way, aka, Hyun-moo’s way.

girlfriday: Finally Shi-kyung has to puppet-man him, like stand behind and hold his arms and swing them in the right direction. He starts to do it on his own… but then they tell him to stop and start again… Aaaaaand it’s right back to the Hyun-moo dance! PFFFFFT! I’m crying right now.

javabeans: I wonder if Tae-woong loves having someone around who’s worse than him. He’s dying. (Then again, so is everyone else.)

girlfriday: Even Tae-woong couldn’t be this funny if he tried — there’s something just inherently hilarious about the way Hyun-moo moves, like every limb is on a half-second delay. And dyslexic. After a little more practice, it’s time for the big show.

javabeans: Aw, they’re gonna make the grannies sit in the rain? Well, there’s a tent up, but it’s raining.

girlfriday: They don’t seem to care when Hyun Chul shows up onstage. I guess he’s like the gradma’s version of an idol star? Hehe.

javabeans: You think they were trying to get someone who would appeal to everyone, and skewed too safe? But they wanted someone you could sing along to, like at all those concert programs. And the older people seem to be having fun.

girlfriday: And then Jong-min takes to the stage with Koyote, which gets the other half of the audience all riled up. Aw, I love to see Jong-min so confident and energetic onstage. It reminds me that he has that other side to him. He’s like a different person when he’s dancing.

javabeans: It’s funny that way. I remember when I first started seeing Jong-min on variety shows, and being like, “That’s the same guy who’s in Koyote?” Now it’s like the reverse, what with Koyote’s hiatus (Jong-min’s army duty, Bbaek Ga’s brain tumor) and 1N2D’s popularity.

girlfriday: Next up is Ji-young’s salsa with Hyun-moo. I’m already chuckling in anticipation. How come the worst dancer has more dance routines than anybody else?? I’m nervous. Wait… what is he DOING?

javabeans: Not any salsa I’ve ever seen. More like…the Roger Rabbit. I thought the So You Think You Can Dance-ish highlight reel of their rehearsal sessions would have prepared me for this, but no, it did not. He flaps, he slips, he falls! I’m crying. Naturally, they replay the sequence a hundred times, from every possible camera angle. And if you’ve seen this show, you’ll know, there are A LOT of camera angles.

girlfriday: I really didn’t think it was possible to laugh this much from one man’s very limited dance skill set. And then, due to the rainy slippery dance floor, they call for a re-do. Okay, this time I’m at least expecting some dancing to go on…

javabeans: Do you love how vehemently Hyun-moo is blaming the slippery dance floor, while Ji-young is standing there in four-inch strappy heels?

girlfriday: I know! But then the jig is up, because they wipe the floor and start over… and he does the same dance all over again, no better, just less falling.

javabeans: Considering what we’ve seen tonight, I think that’s a victory.

girlfriday: Yeah that is a man who is NOT in control of his own body.

javabeans: It actually looks like he’s a comedian parodying how bad he is. I think it’s even funnier because Ji-young’s so good. Not that he needs anybody present to make him look terrible. But she’s awesome, and he’s like Big Bird, so….

girlfriday: As a performance it’s a letdown after last year’s duet with Ho-dong, but as a comedy routine, they should take that on the road.

javabeans: They’ve had the performances for the senior crowd, for the thirties crowd, and now…the young crowd. Idol band BEAST makes a showing, and the screaming is nonstop. Hey, there’s that pretty boy chef from My Princess.

girlfriday: I was just gonna say, I’ve never seen these guys before, but then I recognized that kid. I love that original idol boy Ji-won is backstage dancing their routine along with them.

javabeans: Ha, a grandma in the 70s group is a BEAST fan, even if she gets Lee Ki-kwang’s name backward and says her favorite is Lee Kwang-gi. Ho-dong asks if he’ll give granny a hug, and she runs into his arms like a teenager. It’s so cute.

girlfriday: The fangirl inside never dies.

javabeans: And of course you can’t correct her, or embarrass her, so Ho-dong keeps calling him Lee Kwang-gi, and leads granny in a cheer, “Lee Kwang-gi fighting!” Finally Ki-kwang corrects her, and she’s all, “But Ho-dong, you said it with me!” Then it’s Shi-kyung’s turn for the mic, and it makes me wish everyone else sang live too, like him, because it’s just so much better. Even if notes get missed, you just can’t compare with live.

girlfriday: All the women go starry-eyed, and for good reason. Aw, the grandmas and grandpas all wave their hands proudly for their team captain.

javabeans: Do you love the twin dorks backstage, with Seung-gi miming playing the violin and Hyun-moo lip-synching along, all faux-passionately? And then for the part I’m sure to rewind a dozen times, the Shi-kyung / Seung-gi duet.

girlfriday: Here we go…. Bromance Duet Time! What, no quip from Shi-kyung about Seung-gi coming out dressed like a prince again? He’s sure to gripe about that later. They didn’t pick a song everyone could sing along to, but there’s a whole lot of soulful staring into each other’s eyes, as promised. Well I’M a happy camper.


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  1. Jennifer

    Hmm… I want to watch this but don’t have time for all these episodes…. Anyone have advice on whether I should pick a random episode and start watching from there or just start from episode 1?

    • 1.1 Shu

      Just start from the start of viewers tour three?

    • 1.2 djes

      Oh you don’t want to watch this from ep was like 4 years ago!!
      Just pick a random episode, and enjoy the ride!

    • 1.3 Yuki (the one who fangirls A.N.JELL with her mom)

      I watched from the episode where Tae Woong joined and thought it was a pretty starting point. (It’s also the first episode that jb and gf recapped ^^)

      • 1.3.1 Lordj

        i started with episode 27… episode where Seung Gi started.

        • kimchi

          me too….from ep. 27 ^_^

      • 1.3.2 U.K.Chick

        Where can I find subbed episodes…I’m not from the States :/

        • Amy

          Try here, they subbed from ep 27

        • almondherb

          You can download from 1n2dfansubs. They have all episodes there – starting from episode 1. 🙂

  2. Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap! Ho-Dong will be missed.

  3. myweithisway

    So good!

  4. Why would you.

    I was enjoying reading the recaps until I read this,
    “Do you want her to fail at school and life and become an artist or something?”

    With the word ARTIST italicized. Seriously JB? Seriously?

    • 4.1 girlfriday

      Here, let me google that for you.

      • 4.1.1 djes

        OMG dying….hhhahhahahahahah.

        I’m gonna use this line ( and links ) for future reference. Thanks GF!!

      • 4.1.2 Lahlita

        Holy Christ! How in the name of all that is winning did I make it to my fourth decade without knowing about Let Me Google That For You? That is so full of pwnage, I can’t stand it!

        Win. Pure. Unadulterated. WIN.

      • 4.1.3 Ace

        LOL! Love it. Hahaha!

      • 4.1.4 Cynthia

        OMG – you are SO bad!
        🙂 🙂

      • 4.1.5 wonbinlover

        Omg i’m cracking totally going to use that.

      • 4.1.6 U.K.Chick

        Ouchhh lol

      • 4.1.7 almondherb

        OMG. I’m dying here. You go girl, GF! 😀

      • 4.1.8 SweetiePie54

        Bravo! **applause**

  5. bakedshrimp

    Loved this episode, haha even though there were no English subtitles with it 😀

  6. tomo

    Last quick check before heading off to bed, and yay, a 1N2D recap! Thanks JB & GF!

    Replayed the Hyun-moo practice dance session maybe ten times. Could not stop laughing. He was just so horrible, and it didn’t seem staged. So funny that Sung Shi-kyung, of all people, the ballad singer, was trying his best to teach him. Seung-gi’s imitation, as well as Ji-won and Jong-min’s coordinated shuffle, of Hyun-moo’s left feet missteps had me cracking up.

    And the 70 year old grandma BEAST/Lee Ki-kwang fan was so cute and awesome. 😀 As is LKK himself, such a cutie-patootie. I’m sure the teen LKK fangirls were hyperventilating with jealousy at the grandma for stealing 2 (or was it 3?) hugs from him, haha.

    But as an aside, Seung-gi has been sporting some questionable fashion lately, what with the Michael Jackson jacket last time, and then this jacket with the weird flapping slit. Seung-gi-ya, I like it better when you stick with clean-cut standard-preppy!

    I think I may dig up the Hyun-moo DANCE FAIL video to watch one more time before calling it a night. 😀

  7. djes

    I also didn’t know that Na PD is younger than UTW! I know he’ll be younger than Kang Hodong, but, Uhm Taewoong is young!!! I even always think he’s younger than Sugeun!

    So, fangirl inside never dies, huh? I wonder would I be still screaming at men (boys) with six packed abs when I’m 70…

    thank youuu. will watch it raw and rewatch the KBSW subbed one later~~

  8. Ace

    Ha-eunie is so cute. Where can I get those training chopsticks? Want one for my future niece or nephew (yeah, right!). I know how to use chopsticks, I’m just not sure if I’m holding it the right way. At least I can pick the necessary food when I use it, that’s all that matters right? 😉

    Ah, Hyun-moo. I didn’t think someone could be worse than Tae-woong.

    Sad that this’ll be the last time I’ll see Ho-dong.

    • 8.1 HK

      I’ve bought those types of training chopsticks for my nieces from the Korean grocery stores (like H Mart). I’ve also seen them in non-Korean Asian grocery stores (at varying prices and quality).

      Oh, it seems like Amazon has a bunch on their site. Try the search “training chopsticks.” They have ones with Pororo or his friends (like the ones the girl on 1N2D has), but they tend to be top-heavy.

  9. laya

    Thank you so much for the recap! So cute and funny! [and of course it gets more hilarious because you gals are giving backgrounders. ILY so much.]

  10. 10 Ani


    1N2D I love you. And farewell my beloved guest MCs. Ji-won, I guess it’s just you and me again. <3

  11. 11 chuachumill

    lol sarcasm! spot on!!!hahahahah… so gonna watch dis epi..!!!

  12. 12 ilovekdrama:)

    LEE SEUNG GI. SINGING. must-watch!!!!!! 😀 thank you, javabeans and girlfriday! this is my first 1N2D episode. where do you suggest i start watching from?

    • 12.1 Amy

      From ep 27, I started from that ep and have stuck with 1N2D until now.

  13. 13 etee7114

    Loving this viewers’ tour. Got to bring out them kleenex next week. Thanks JB and GF.

  14. 14 Arhazivory

    Hehe. That was good. Thanks ladies~

  15. 15 ann

    Im sure gonna miss 1n2d when it goes off air my sundays will never be the same, I usually watched it raw and then turn to english subbed episodes on mondays. However these days, when I watch the subbed version it really pulls on my heartstrings knowing that the future episodes will not be the same again. 🙁

    I also started watching mainly because of Seunggi however I’ve grown to love these men. And I even watched the very first episode when its not yet called 1n2d but Are you ready?

    Thanks JB and Girlfriday for doing these recaps for us.

  16. 16 cranky

    I guess if they are ending things with the viewer tour, it would be a fitting end to the show… With all the warm and fuzzy feelings, it’ll be a nice end to everything.

    Re chopsticks. I swear we chinese are the same! At least my family does the same thing. Even I do the same thing to my younger cousins when they hold chopsticks wrongly. I guess grandmas DO win everytime.

  17. 17 strawberryfieldsforever

    it sin’t 1n2d without the cute, the sweet and the crazy—and the bromance! great episode, great recap! 😀

  18. 18 mmmaggie

    KANG HO DONG FIGHTING! I totally teared up a little as singer Hyun Chul kept yelling that during his song. *sniff sniff*

  19. 19 Lorlena

    I just read some random article that Na PD wishes that Super Junior Eunhyuk joins 1N2D… Well that would be different…

  20. 20 leddik

    Wow. Shi-kyung can really sing. I think my mouth dropped when he started and stayed that way a good five minuts later. Love the duet. I felt like there was more souldful staring from Shi-kyung though than Seung-gi. I’m afraid he might get his heart broken cause of that. I wouldn’t mind comforting him though 🙂

  21. 21 Trixie

    I literally had to pause the video from that Hyunmoo dance scene… I literally couldn’t stop laughing & I seriously could not breathe!

    Hahahaha…. I was pretty shocked that neither girlfriday nor javabeans doesn’t know B2ST knowing that you girls are my go to gals when I have anything Korean-related celebrity news hahahaha…

    Anyways, as always, thanks for the recaps!

  22. 22 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

    Just wondering, Javabeans and Girlfriday, watching the Seung-gi and Shi Kyung duet, didn’t either of you feel MORE THAN EVER, how much you WANT to MARRY Shi Kyung? Or Seung-gi? I sure did, if I were not married to the love of my life already…Hehehehe…

  23. 23 hipployta

    Sounds like a great episode. I’m a B2uty so I’ve been waiting for Beast to appear on the tour. How can you not know my boys? Ahem…love Hyun Seungie (since Big Bang), Doojoon (since Hotblood), Dongwoon, Junhyung (the Shinee one too), Yoseubie, and Gi-kwang. What song I wonder because that doesn’t look like the Fiction or Rainy Days formations

    • 23.1 tomo

      “Beautiful” 🙂

  24. 24 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap.That is if I can type through my tears.Why did I rewatch the dance?You know how difficult it is to laugh quietly late at night.Tears absolutely streaming tears.OMG what is he DOING? I can’t even dance correctly after seeing him.

    On another note…can someone anyone find Sung Shi Kyung and UTW a girl each?They are adorkable.

    Back to the dance…epic 🙂

  25. 25 olsen

    “The fangirl inside never dies.”
    So true 🙂

  26. 26 Kira

    GI KWANG!!!!!!! <33 ^_^

  27. 27 charitee

    lol about the chopsticks comments and how hardcore koreans are about using them properly. i was in korea this past summer and was staying with a(n awesome) host fam and like my 13 year old host sister got fed up with her chopsticks and started using her spoon and her dad was pissed. he pointed to me and was like, “even SHE (aka me) can do it, why can’t you? you’re korean!” and then he proceeded to make her transfer dry mung beans from one small bowl to another for almost an hour and then timed her and then timed me and everyone else in the family. SUPER HARDCORE.

  28. 28 Abbie

    So funny!

  29. 29 blueyuan

    “the fangirl inside never dies.”~~~ i strongly agrees!

    hyun moo’s dance ~~~ hilariously epic!

    seungi & sikyung duet ~~~ nostalgic!

    by chance anyone knows what song sikyung sang? i just melted with that voice!


  30. 30 Lanie

    I really, really love this episode. its so funny, entertaining and their are all good in their respective numbers. I love the duet of Shi-Kyung and Lee Seung Ki. I like the set when they parted it make me cry also. I enjoy this episode , nice idea.

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