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The Musical: Episode 7
by | October 21, 2011 | 60 Comments

Wahoo! We left the retreat!

Life becomes so meta for Ock Joo Hyun here, as Kang Hee even considers a role on “Count of Monte Cristo,” a role she had already performed in Korea. And then she even sings the song in the episode. I felt gypped they didn’t put more of the song in.


“When the World was Mine” (The Count of Monte Cristo) – Ock Joo Hyun [download]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Yoo Jin puts it out there that “Chungdamdong Gumiho” may not get made, which scares Eun Bi for a bit. If he abandons the project, she just might die! And it’s not because she’s the lead or anything; she gets a thrill out of being in a musical production, practicing, dancing, singing alongside other musical actors and actresses. It’s the experience of creating a show together that she also hopes Yoo Jin will enjoy.

On the ride back to Seoul, Kang Hee shows off her mad English-speaking skillz, yo. She calls up Frank and thanks him for considering her to headline the Korean production of “Count Monte.” Once she hangs up though, she informs the car of some slightly worrisome news: the Japanese are lobbying heavily for the rights to the production, so they need to act quickly if they want to snag producing rights throughout Asia.

Back in Daegu, Jin Young serves up breakfast for his wife. She thanks him graciously, and then starts wondering where her mother is. She starts to treat him like a stranger, which hurts him more than he can bear. They visit the hospital, and the doctor informs him that Sun Hee’s condition is getting worse. He should put her in a facility, especially since his own health is declining, but Jin Young stubbornly refuses. When they get home, Eun Bi’s grandmother is the one to put Sun Hee to bed, as she has begun to fear Jin Young and not recognize him.

After practice with the band, Jae Hee gives Eun Bi a lesson on love at a cafe. He tries to describe to her what love is, but it’s clear that Eun Bi’s more passionate about musicals than she is about an actual guy. He tries to impart some wisdom: love for a person can be more painful than joyful, and is not as romantic as what she sees onstage. Eun Bi: “Is that worth it then? There are other things that can make you feel alive. Like wiping a dead body.”

Haha. Jae Hee gives up and lets her eat the wonderful desserts on the table. I love that he’s holding desserts as hostage for lessons.

Gu Jak finds it odd that Jae Hee would go to such lengths to teach Eun Bi how to love. In fact, ever since Jae Hee went to Daegu for her, he’s been acting somewhat strange… could it be – he likes Eun Bi!? Jae Hee vehemently denies it, but Gu Jak isn’t going to just drop the subject. Suuuuuuuure Jae Hee likes Eun Bi for her acting and singing, suuuuuuuuure! He notes that Eun Bi can get plenty of practice by being in a love triangle with Yoo Jin and Ra Kyung; he’s got glasses – he can see the sparks between Yoo Jin and Eun Bi.

Yah – Gu Jak, go wipe your glasses. It’s a love square, with Jae Hee in one corner.

Yoo Jin heads off to meet with one of the investors from Amour Fund. Mr. Park Jae Hyun informs him candidly that rumors are spreading about Yoo Jin risking a big musical with a rookie actress. Yoo Jin assures him that Eun Bi is just as talented as Kang Hee. But Jae Hyun thinks Yoo Jin is acting out of character by opting for a musical production from scratch, rather than importing an already-successful one. Ha – as if Yoo Jin needs more reminders about responding to Frank’s offer…

As for Sang Won, he doesn’t really care which musical they do first; the only thing he will consider is whether or not the musical will allow Kang Hee to shine or not. If they can do “Count Monte,” it’ll be great for her career. If they do both, it would be ideal. The only way to do that is if they do “Count Monte” first and then “Chungdamdong Gumiho” the following year.

It’s the first day of practice since they returned to Seoul, and Eun Bi wakes up bright and early, super excited. She arrives at the practice room first, and greets her reflection in the mirrors: “Hello Do Hwa (the gumiho). Pleasure working with you today!”

The cast goes through rounds of warm ups in choreography and voice, and practice one of the musical ensembles centering around Bok Ja’s character. Kang Hee practices alone in her own practice room, singing the solo her way, while Eun Bi practices the solo in front of everyone else, belting it the “Kang Hee Way.” It’s not the greatest, and there are mixed reactions from the crowd, but Eun Bi doesn’t mind. She’s enjoying the experience now, and no longer afraid to make mistakes – and that’s the attitude Jae Hee encourages.

Since the workshop, Ra Kyung’s mind has been uneasy, as she can’t shake off a latent fear that she might be losing Yoo Jin. It’s visible enough that her coworkers are wondering if something is wrong with her, and if something happened at the workshop. They review the footage that she shot, and see that she mostly filmed Yoo Jin as if hoping he would look at her and acknowledge her. Rather, he’s busy staring at the crowds dancing. We know he’s concentrating on Eun Bi, but her coworkers can’t figure it out.

On the other hand, she still has Joon Hyuk on the side, checking up on her to see if she’s OK.

Unable to contact Jae Hee for a “chat,” Kang Hee meets up with Yoo Jin for drinks instead. She wants to know why he’s taking so long in accepting the offer for “Count Monte.” Yoo Jin wants them to convince Frank to wait until “Chungdamdong Gumiho” is over, and to give them the rights to perform in Asia. She’s curious as to what has changed within him, that made him think of this method, but then refuses to hear his answer. After all, he might not even be able to explain how he truly feels right now.

Jae Hee heads home quite late, and finds Kang Hee hanging out right outside his door. He freezes, and she’s impressed; he’s been ignoring her and her calls lately that she thought he’d walk right past her. It’s a line uncharacteristic for Kang Hee too, as she rarely loses control of herself. She’s even jealous of his relationship with Eun Bi, and that’s something new coming from her.

And then, she leaves with a puzzling statement about him feeling more comfortable soon. Kang Hee calls up Grandfather right away – asking for dinner with Yoo Jin and Ra Kyung and him.

The next day, Yoo Jin surprises Ra Kyung with a day-long date. From morning, when he gets her breakfast, to evening, they’re going to be together. Ra Kyung is super excited that he remembered about her simple wish, and suggests they head to the zoo together.

Gu Jak and Eun Bi are also at the zoo because she’s asking him for some character help. Though her character Do Hwa is a nine-tailed fox, she wants to know what kind of fox it is. Trust Eun Bi to be super scientific in analyzing her character, whereas Gu Jak doesn’t really care. A gumiho is just a gumiho!

Jae Hee arrives in time to hear them talk about writing up a song that introduces the legend of the gumiho. He came to the zoo because Gu Jak called him over, knowing that Jae Hee only ever thinks about Eun Bi. (Everyone with me now: OOOOooooOOOOhh!) At least Jae Hee offers more help in character analysis.

Ra Kyung and Yoo Jin then bump into Jae Hee and Eun Bi. While Yoo Jin wants to just walk away and pretend they never saw them, Ra Kyung quickly drags him up to them to say hi. They all grab a drink together, and Jae Hee snarks that Yoo Jin must go on dates too.

Turns out, Ra Kyung and Yoo Jin are high school sweethearts! I can’t believe Yoo Jin would have had a high school sweetheart; I’m barely adjusting to the idea that he must have been a softie before working in the family company. After some light teasing, they part ways. In the car, Yoo Jin wonders if Ra Kyung perhaps had some insecurities, or regrets dating only one person her entire life. He finds it too weird that she coincidentally wanted to go to the zoo and look at the foxes, and that they should meet Eun Bi and Jae Hee there.

He’s a sharp lad. Ra Kyung in fact knew that Eun Bi was going to be there because Joon Hyuk had called her earlier that day, asking if she wanted to go to the zoo with him to look at foxes. (Joon Hyuk’s pretty aggressive; I would think he’d know about Ra Kyung and Yoo Jin’s relationship.) Ra Kyung later admits that she wanted to show off that they were dating to Eun Bi, especially since she thinks he didn’t want to give up “Chungdamdong Gumiho” because of Eun Bi.

They get called to dinner by grandfather, who’s already been informed about Frank’s offer for “Count Monte.” Kang Hee lets drop that Yoo Jin isn’t sure about taking on the project just yet, which makes Grandfather question his motives. Kang Hee: “But this is the first time he’s actually felt some affection for the people he’s working with.” Oooh she just keeps on fanning the flames. Yoo Jin is already glaring daggers at her, but she just makes Yoo Jin look worse for being more emotional than rational.

With little choice, and greater pressure, he makes his decision.

That same evening, the cast gets their scripts for the musical, and Eun Bi glows with happiness. Jae Hee hands her a pen, and she marks her book – her very first script! – with her name. As the cast sings and drinks, Jae Hee gets a call from Yoo Jin for a late night meeting with Gu Jak. They hurry over to his office, only to be greeted with bad news.

“Chungdamdong Gumiho” will be postponed until next year, and they will keep the same cast – unless those actors want to go to “Count Monte.” But Gu Jak is crushed – “Gumiho” was his pride and joy, and he isn’t of high caliber enough to go on “Count Monte.” Of all people, it’s Yoo Jin who tries to appease his hurt feelings while Sang Won and Kang Hee just stare. Kang Hee coldly wonders if Gu Jak seriously thinks “Gumiho” is better than “Count Monte,” and Jae Hee finally understands Kang Hee’s parting words. She knew this was going to happen, and so he gets up pissed off.

Gu Jak runs off first, and Jae Hee finds him crying out on the building steps. Poor guy. They have the cast, the script, the production plan, the music, everything! All they’re missing now is the budget.

Jae Hee gets up… all they’re missing is the budget!

Dun dun dun!!!!


Yeah! Produce the musical yourselves! That’s more fun, more scrappy, and more awesome! I’d love to see Yoo Jin find out and be all torn up about it. Kang Hee can just go and play Mercedes in “Count Monte,” and her husband will be happy because she’s far from Jae Hee.

This entire episode seemed to be about acting out of character. For Yoo Jin and Kang Hee, they both act out of character by showing that they actually have a heart. For Jae Hee, he acts out of character by showing interest in another woman besides Kang Hee; a focused, intense interest. And for Eun Bi? Well, she doesn’t really act out of character, so she’s still pretty stagnant in that regard. (Sigh*…) I find it interesting that both Yoo Jin and Kang Hee have gotten to where they are by displaying a more selfish, business-like exterior, and yet Jae Hee wears his heart on his sleeve and manages to be just as successful. You can’t even say that “Businessmen are different from artists,” because Kang Hee is an artist as well.

I usually end up rooting for the person who is more outgoing and emotional to eventually triumph, and therefore am more invested in their story. If I follow that credo, I would be rooting for Jae Hee and Eun Bi, and wish for Yoo Jin and Kang Hee to die a thousand deaths. However, it is not the case in this episode. I’m hoping Yoo Jin will act against his rational mind and choose to help “Chungdamdong Gumiho.” I love seeing him struggle; it’s like he’s discovering emotions for the first time and doesn’t know what to do with them, and so he falls back to his “default personality” – which is, to act like a robot and make calculated decisions like he’s always done.

I also really appreciate the moments where we get to see the A-capella group sing, or the musical cast just get together and sing and dance. It just reminds me that I’m watching a drama about musicals, especially when we get enveloped in the lives of the characters.


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  1. dangerousgoods

    Thankyou for the recap! <3

    • 1.1 dangerousgoods

      Oh! First :DDD Btw, kaedejun, I absolutely loved your recaps of Romance Town, along with your joint recapping of Prosecutor Princess 🙂

      • 1.1.1 The brown H

        I’m rooting for yoo jin and eun bi. God i love yoo jin. *scream*

        I like Ra Kyung too, I pity her actually. How can she get stuck with that emotionless Yoo Jin? Oh well, if i were her, i’d get stuck too. I’m stuck already actually. Damn.

  2. V

    Thanks for the recap!!

  3. myweithisway

    *sigh* trying to resist the temptation of Daniel Choi and Park Ki-woong but it’s so hard!

    • 3.1 tomboy26

      Don’t resist .. it’s more fun just going for the ride and sighing whenever they’re on-screen 😀

      • 3.1.1 carpetfibers

        Is it bad that I’m kinda okay with having an OT4? With Jae Hee, Yoo Jin, Eun Bi, and Ra Kyung? I think they should all get a house together and just be beautiful. Together. And stuff.

        • WM

          I have never thought that about any drama before…until now. Now I’m thinking you have the right idea.

  4. sam

    Thanks! Can’t wait for ep 8.

  5. Yer Vang

    Thanks, 🙂

    • 5.1 Yer Vang

      It would be soooo cool is yoo jin and eun bi ends up together 🙂

      • 5.1.1 sam


        • kdrama addik

          oh im torn, i love it when eun bi and jae hee are together and acting all cute but when yoo jin is with eun bi he looks so happy and like hes discovering all these new colours in life that it makes me want them to be together as well! ah its like jan di in boys over flowers, everyone was torn between gu jun pyo and ji hoo! lucky girl goo hye sun!

  6. Yer Vang

    Thanks, 🙂

  7. dany

    I am definitely rooting for Yoo Jin, he’s a much more interesting/troubled character. Thanks for the recap.

  8. Lee

    I think that Kang Hee PLANNED the whole thing, she is smart and manipulative. Jae Hee knows she knew what was gonna happen and he’s pissed already I hope that he finds out that she actually made it happen then I think that will definitely push him well away from her. Looks like Sang Won is the ultimate winner right now.

  9. tinyviolin


    I don’t want to sound oversensitive about this but, please don’t say “gypped”….that’s honestly all I read of your post before I stopped.

    Please understand, I’m normally not weird or hyper PC about things, but that word strikes a cord to the point where I will stop, because of my family history or whatever…whatever, I was just so surprised to read it I had to comment.

    I mean, that’s so Jew of you. 😉

    • 9.1 tinyviolin

      Anyway, I know you didn’t mean it maliciously, just wanted to point that out. Feel free to say “cheated” “lost” “heartbroken” or anything.

      I hope this doesn’t spark an argument.

      Thanks for the recap!

    • 9.2 Bluefyre


      What’s wrong with “gypped”?
      I’m scratching my head sincerely… >___<

      • 9.2.1 carpetfibers

        It’s a reference to ‘gypsy,’ and it’s a pejorative term, drawing a connection between gypsies, or rather the Roma, and criminal acts like thievery and lying. It’s just not very nice.

    • 9.3 Menci Ang

      Language evolves. Words that may be perjurative now can in time become just plain slang, then colloquial, then finally part of the formal language. Since I’ve never met a real gypsy in my life I cannot associate “gypsy” with scam/thievery/the like. (Gypsy and Musicality, yes, and I’m not sure I know why.) Perhaps there are others who feel the same and are not bothered by the use of “gypped” in the context it has been used by kaedejun.

      Hi, tinyviolin, I hope I don’t sound argumentative. Am just expressing an opinion. Peace!

      • 9.3.1 carpetfibers

        Perhaps it’s a cultural thing. I grew up in southern Italy and was well used to seeing gypsies everywhere, and during high school worked closely with various welfare groups to ensure adequate schooling and living was provided to the children within the groups.

        I hadn’t made a connection between ‘gypped’ and gypsies until it was pointed out to me by one of the English-speaking welfare workers. Once I realized its historical derivation, I removed it from my vocabulary.

        Certainly no one things kaedejun meant anything badly by using the word; like you said, it’s part of the general vocabulary now. But that doesn’t take away the significance of the word’s meaning to the people associated with it.

        Tinyviolin mentioned a good comparison: the usage of ‘jew’ as a verb meaning to cheat, or swindle. ‘Welsh’ has been used in the same way. Just because a word is part of our vocabulary, doesn’t mean it ought to be.

        • Menci Ang

          Interesting language lesson I’m getting here… and for free! Thanks, @tinyviolin and @carpetfibers .

          • carpetfibers

            (I kind of love this stuff. I think etymology is awesome.)

      • 9.3.2 Menci Ang

        Oppss, I have to correct myself before someone else does.

        The correct word is “pejorative” as used by carpetfibers, not “perjurative” that has an entirely different meaning. =///=

        • adoboonplate

          Wow, this is an added bonus. Reading the recap and reviews from KDJ has always been interesting then having to enjoy reading this bit of intelligent exchange from some fans like a sidebar, what more can I ask for.

          This is why I always check out this site. I am able to update and upgrade my vocabulary especially from the younger generation as well as enjoy some light-hearted moments of spazzing over favorite actors and actresses.

          I also just finished watching Episode 8 RAW and it was an epic!

  10. 10 Birdie

    I love it when people act out of character. Eun Bi seemed to have taken a back seat to all the manipulations. I hope we see more of her musical journey and self-discovery.The scene where JH tried to teach EB about love was rather funny esp. when she was disinterested and jokingly said you feel alive when you are wiping a dead body. It was amazing Eun Bi/Hye Sun looked so white and pure there ,just to stress the point. I like the little clips of music and songs in this episode.

    • 10.1 Birdie

      Thanks for the recaps, KD.

  11. 11 Noelle

    OMG DOES THIS MEAN EUN BI WON’T HAVE TO SHARE WITH KANG HEE? Yes yes yes. Maybe now without that bitch riding shotgun Eun Bi will shine and gain the confidence to do her character her way. I’m looking forward to the next episode. Thanks for the recap!

    • 11.1 dee

      Yes, probably it’s more the battle between gumiho and montecristo. Reading this recap, why do I remember comic Garasu No Kamen – Maya Kitajima all of sudden? There’s a part of the story : same first day, two performance in different place by different actor.

      On Maya first performance, there only one person who watch her performance, Masumi Hayami, CEO of Daito, secret admirer and love of her life.

      • 11.1.1 Maku

        That’s Glass Mask right? Love that Jdorama..I can see the similarity in the Musical, the only thing lacking was the age differences.. 🙂

        • Fullday

          I agree. No wonder I felt the similarities from some where. I love the manga. However Yoo Jin is not the main character here to be ended up with Eun Bi. 😛

  12. 12 Sean

    EUN BI vs. KANG HEE !!!
    Let the fight begin!

  13. 13 mysterious

    Ok that last photo of Gu Jak was discusting.

    • 13.1 kdramalover

      LOL, he was in distress….

    • 13.2 fmv

      i laughed so hard on that episode watching at Daniel Choi’s priceless reaction. i think that was superb acting on Choi’s part or both actors parts. they are great actors.

  14. 14 Jade

    Thanks for the recap! I had already watched the ep., but it seems that Kdramas are more enjoyable with a side of your recaps.

    What I liked about this episode, is that although ppl were acting out of character, other characters were calling them out.

    For example: 1. Kan Hee calling out Joo Yin. 2. Gu Yak calling out Jae Hee’s intentions with Eu Bin. Also, bringing out the (obvious) fact of the chemistry and change in the relationship btwn Eu Bin and Joo Yin.
    3. Joo Yin calling Ra Kyung out for the meeting at the zoo. 4. Ra Kyung openly saying that she is jealous of Eu Bin and the effect she is having on Joo Yin. Etc.

    I really hate it when the characters in the drama pretend things are not happening. They seem to be oblivious. The only that seems stagnant as you stated is Eu Bin. I really wish her character would be more honest. Also if she could stop touching her hair, making childish facial expressions (like blowin her cheeks), I would like her a little bit more. I find everyone else much more interesting.

    • 14.1 Telenovelera

      I’m sad to have to agree with you when it comes to Eu Bin’s mannerism and expressions. I’m not sure if it’s a result of reading a lot of comments here by detractors of the actress who plays GEB, but I really have not been able to ignore how poor her portrayal choices seem. Isn’t this a woman well in her twenties? Why is she acting like a tween?! It’s becoming a little irritating, which I resent because I so enjoy this show and everyone else in it.

  15. 15 carpetfibers

    Oh man. I was– and still am to a degree– afraid that we’re going to experience a time jump. I’m hoping it’s going to stick with the foreshadowing and become a Dream High-esque face off between the professionals and the hopefuls. I could really get behind that.

    A time jump, though, that kind of freaks me out. I had, half way through the episode, this awful thought that, what if, the Nine Tails production gets cancelled and Eun Bi returns home, finds out about the sick wife next door, and gets hired as her care-taker.

    Then we flash forward a year, and Yoo Jin learns that Eun Bi’s been taking care of his sick mother, etc etc. Can’t you see something crazy like that happening? Kdrama land has done it before. I’m so concerned.

    Oh! And then, the musical would be revived, because the sick mother somehow would have fallen in love with the music because Eun Bi was singing it all the time. Then the whole troupe is brought back together, but this time Eun Bi doesn’t want to share with Kang Hee. I hope there’s a fight. Kang Hee looks tough, but Eun Bi seems scrappy enough.

    Let me stress, though, that I sincerely hope this is not what happens. Please don’t let this happen.

    P.S: Ock Joo Hyun can sing like no one’s business. God, that was awesome.

    • 15.1 sam

      agree…i hope that doesn’t happen. Anything that crazy will push me over the edge. Good ideas though 🙂 you should consider becoming a Kdrama writer 😛

  16. 16 Menci Ang

    Something about the last scene of Yoo Jin’s parents and Eun Bi’s grandma bothers me. Memory loss in alzheimer progresses from recent to past. Why then is Jin Young as husband erased from Sun Hee’s memory ahead of Eun Bi’s grandma?

    Unless Eun Bi’s grandma is part of Sun Hee’s life before she met Jin Young? As her mother, perhaps? Which makes Eun Bi her daughter?

    • 16.1 Anime1234

      Did they say it was definitely Alzheimers or possibly other dementia? I seem to remember EB’s grandma explaining to RK that they weren’t sure but she was getting worse.

      As for your second paragraph, that would make Yoo Jin her *gasp* baby bro? I don’t think so because that looks like a small town. If Eun Bi’s family is from there, they would have met the mom when she returned with new hubby.

      • 16.1.1 Menci Ang

        I thought of it, too, and have thought of a scenario that is not improbable and that will make Yoo Jin Eun Bi’s older brother. However, let me get to work first; I need the extra cash since the gift-giving season is not too far away. ;))

        • kdramalover

          Perhaps Yoo Jin’s mother had plastic surgery….

    • 16.2 Cynthia

      Menci Ang@ said: “Memory loss in Alzheimer’s progresses from recent to past. Why then is Jin Young as husband erased from Sun Hee’s memory ahead of Eun Bi’s grandma?”

      I think that your perception of Alzheimer’s is too linear. It’s true that the disease erases memory from short term, initially, to long term – but it’s not concrete and the memories can fluctuate for a time. That’s where the confusion sets in until that particular memory becomes totally erased.

  17. 17 Ani


    It’s driving me insane! I just want Eun Bi to develop some emotional/heartfelt feelings for him… is that just too much to ask?

    I REALLY just don’t like the idea of her (possibly) being with Yu Jin… he needs to stay with Ra Kyung… and Kang Hee needs to go live somewhere far off w/ that psycho husband of hers… and leave Jae Hee and Eun Bi alone… as for that creepy assistant director… let’s just make him the Ji Hoo of this situation 😛

    I support Jae Hee and Eun Bi ALL THE WAY!!!

  18. 18 cha

    It’s great that they add Count Monte as the new conflict. It would be even greater if they add Eom Kijoon or Shin Sung Rok as the cameo since they played the Count Monte Cristo/Edmond Dantes in the real musical.. I’m just sayin’.. But I think that wouldn’t happen cuz the filming is already/almost finished..

  19. 19 clumzy

    Still watching and enjoying this drama.Is it just me but I get affected when seeing Eun Bi cry..acting in those scene really gets to me..GHS acts best when emoting serious scenes..Maybe she should act in a drama more her age.

  20. 20 Christine

    I kinda like where this is going. 😀
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that everyone (most) people are honest in here. Jae Hee is honest to Eun Bi, Kang Hee is honest to Jae Hee and Eun Bi, Ra Kyung is honest to Yu Jin, everyone is honest to everyone… It’s been a while since I’ve watched a drama where the guy/girl doesn’t hide his feelings. So yay 😀
    I also like how they’ve added Count Monte to the conflict 😀 So on top of the love tension square thing, (Let’s see… Eun Bi, Jae Hee, Kang Hee, Sang Won, Ra Kyung, Yu Jin… Okay… um. Maybe like a 6-square?) they’ve also got that Mount Conte vs. Gumiho theme going on 😀

  21. 21 anon

    Maybe we can have a Queen of reversal situation and let Yoo Jin get the main girl…

    Just my wistful thinking. aha.

  22. 22 blabblahblah

    The main pairing isn’t even all that interesting to me actually. I love this because of Park Ki-woong <3

  23. 23 laya

    Yay! Thank you for the recap!

  24. 24 Czmych

    I started watching this drama first of all because of Daniel Choi just to find myself rooting for Park Ki-woong aka Yoo Jin just after few episodes. He has got far more complicated and twisted personality, and is with enough skeletons in his closet to make him really interesting. So do his smile 😉

  25. 25 Suzi Q

    I agree. I was interested in this drama because of Gu Hye Sun and Daniel Choi, but their characters are so boring. Daniel Choi acts the same way in most of his dramas that I have seen, and Gu Hye Sun is irritating me with her childish gesticulations. Do not get the chemistry between these two actors.

    Just love to watch Ock Joo Hyun manipulate everyone. Boy! She can sure do Yoga, and her powerful singing voice is very impressive while Gu Hye Sun’s is lacking in comparison. Gu should stick to acting.

    I hope that the writers do not make Park Ki Woong ‘s character a sibling of Eun Bi. I’m rooting for him to finally find the courage to admit he likes her, but I hope they won’t drag it on and on.

  26. 26 gem

    “I love seeing him struggle; it’s like he’s discovering emotions for the first time and doesn’t know what to do with them…” True! that’s why I’m so drawn to Yoo Jin!^_^ He and Kang Hee is keeping me hooked!

  27. 27 gem

    “I love seeing him struggle; it’s like he’s discovering emotions for the first time and doesn’t know what to do with them…” True! that’s why I’m so drawn to Yoo Jin!^_^ He and Kang Hee are keeping me hooked!

  28. 28 ais

    Lovin it!!!! Thanks for the wonderful recap 🙂

  29. 29 Lady Seoul

    Crazy man. Am excited for this weeks episode 8. Hope they find success in doing the musical themselves so it’ll snap back Yoo Jin back to real life.

  30. 30 Fatemeh

    I just remembered where i had seen Yoo Jin. He was Kim Sun Ah’s little brother in When it’s at night. loved him there. liking him now too.

    thanks for the recap.

  31. 31 Telenovelera

    Thanks for the recap, but also for posting the song! It’s nice to hear how a song sung in earnest by OJH sounds like! I believe it was last episode I was thinking that this woman is a spectacular actress with remarkable command of her instrument. Every time she sings “GEB’s song” she can’t get it quite right — it’s plain to see her interpretation of the song is all about showing off Kan Hee and not rooted in conveying the character’s feelings. Kan Hee’s voice is spectacular and she sings the song well, technically. But she’s missing the emotional resonance that GEB brings to it. I hear it every time. It’s little stuff like that that make me heart this show so bad!

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