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The Musical: Episode 8
by | October 28, 2011 | 47 Comments

We’re halfway through the series! And the plot is pushing along because it’s a showdown between the scrappy Chungdamdong Gumiho versus the well-funded Count Monte.

Most importantly, Goo Hye Sun has finally given me a reason to cheer for her just a bit as the main character and one-half of the drama’s main coupling.

The cast is still back at the restaurant, worriedly wondering where their director Gu Jak is since they’re about to start a second round of rehearsals. Poor guy – he’s sniffling through soju at a riverside pojangmacha with his great pal Jae Hee. Too many things had happened at once – he had gotten Kang Hee and 4 million to produce his play; he had Jae Hee to write his score; he got Eun Bi for free and she turned out to be great. If only good things came in small doses, maybe he wouldn’t have lost it all at once.

They share a couple more drinks, and then Jae Hee is ready to leave. Gu Jak isn’t, so he asks for money to pay the bill. Jae Hee throws him a few bills. “Taxi money!” Gu Jak reminds him. Jae Hee throws his entire wallet at him. “Ok bye!” Ha – I love that this is all a habit for them.

Yoo Jin is deep in thought in the office when Sang Won comes up to express his relief that Yoo Jin decided to take on Count Monte. But Yoo Jin isn’t an idiot. He knows that Sang Won could have told him about Count Monte two months earlier, rather than sitting on it for the “right time.” He knows that Sang Won has ulterior motives – perhaps to protect his marriage? The bottom line is Yoo Jin doesn’t care about all that; he only minds when others use him for their own personal goals, and he doesn’t like it.

Sang Won tries to throw it back on Yoo Jin, saying that he just followed Yoo Jin’s decision. But Yoo Jin won’t take that crap – he wonders how much Sang Won would sacrifice to keep Kang Hee. Perhaps, he’ll give up a business partnership? Sang Won: “Probably everything.”

Good for Sang Won – hope that eases his guilt. Bad for Yoo Jin – he practically feeds his guilt by watching Eun Bi’s audition tape. Even worse for Ra Kyung – she’s up all night in her office and has not heard a single word from Yoo Jin. She doesn’t have the guts to call him either.

The cast of Chungdamdong Gumiho are in the middle of practice when suddenly the lights go up and Gu Jak interrupts with his own ending of Eun Bi’s solo song. He does a spread eagle on the stage and announces to everyone that Chungdamdong Gumiho is over. No one believes him, until Gu Jak says that Yoo Jin chose to do Count Monte instead. Eun Bi dashes out of the restaurant.

Eun Bi first tries contacting Jae Hee, but he’s passed out. He may not have money, but he spends the rest of his night in a private room at a high class bar, drinking himself to a stupor. Worried, she hurries over to his house and knocks on the door, but no answer.

So she camps out on his stoop for the entire night.

The next morning, Eun Bi wakes up to hear Jae Hee stumbling home, singing. He’s so surprised to see her there that he calls out “Do Hwa!” rather than “Eun Bi!” Aww… and he sighs contentedly when he falls into her arms.

Eun Bi drags him up to his room so that he can sleep on his bed. She then gets a call from Yoo Jin – he wants to meet her before he has to break the bad news to the whole cast.

They meet in his office, and Eun Bi is rightfully angry with him, thinking that he’s so insensitive to other people’s dreams to crush them so suddenly. But Yoo Jin had hoped she would have understood how hard it was for him to get to this point. She’s the only one in that production who knows about his family. He hoped she would have understood that this switch was necessary, and also forced upon him.

Instead of looking at it from a more objective point of view, Eun Bi stubbornly believes that if you are passionate about something, then that’s what you should do; the extenuating circumstances do not matter. Dreams are much more important than money for her, and she even (perhaps naively) believes that everyone must think that way. Yoo Jin challenges her with this: what about the money that’s needed to make those dreams come true?

Since he insists he won’t regret this decision, Eun Bi wonders why on earth he called her out separately to tell her the news. Yoo Jin: “Because…you paid the biggest price?” She mockingly thanks him for his consideration, which angers him as well. She storms out of the office, and does not see Ra Kyung standing outside another door, who’s heard everything. She too wonders why Yoo Jin called Eun Bi out separately to tell her the bad news. Ra Kyung had come by to give Yoo Jin some homemade food so that he can gather strength before delivering the news. He can tell it’s going to be bad, and she wonders if he’s worried about her. Or…if he’s worried about someone else?

Uh-oh, that’s it. The Dam of Insecurities has broken. She heard what he said to Eun Bi, and though it shouldn’t be a big deal, but whenever something has to do with Eun Bi, she can’t help but get jealous like heck. She hates being this insecure, and she hates him for making her feel this way. Though she feels bad for the cast and crew, she’s secretly happy that he canceled Chungdamdong Gumiho because now at least he and Eun Bi won’t see each other.

He takes hold of her hand, and apologizes. I want to say it’s sincere, but I highly doubt that his (mixed) feelings will go away so easily. After all – when he’s being his most sincere, he would usually say more than is necessary.

Ra Kyung then goes to find Eun Bi to apologize, and to say that it was a very difficult decision for Yoo Jin, so she hopes Eun Bi will understand. Oh – so because you’re no longer insecure about your boyfriend, you’re feeling strong enough to face your “rival” and apologize on your boyfriend’s behalf?

Eun Bi’s still stewing in anger, so Ra Kyung asks for her to understand one point at least: Yoo Jin was sincere in his apology, and just because he’s rich it shouldn’t diminish his sincerity. Ra Kyung then goes back to her car and sighs with a smile – she’s done a good enough deed (to ease her conscience?). Now, Yoo Jin and Eun Bi won’t ever have to see each other again.

Jae Hee finally wakes up with a terrible hangover, and finds Eun Bi waiting in his kitchen with soup prepared. Since she’s now unemployed, she’s taken on a community service job by helping him get over his hangover. Ha!

It also means she’s missing the meeting where Sang Won, Kang Hee, and Yoo Jin face the cast of Chungdamdong Gumiho. Sang Won tells all of them that they can join the production of Count Monti, and those with roles don’t have to go through the 1st and 2nd rounds of audition. Despite this new opportunity to take part in a large scale, high-profile musical, everyone’s still feeling conflicted about ditching Chungdamdong.

So Yoo Jin stands up to remind them that they can all take part in something truly remarkable, and set the example for this musical’s worldwide performances, all because they have Kang Hee. Then the music for Count Monte blares through the speakers, and everyone’s faces change: they become awed at the grand splendor of the music. And then to lay on the guilt – Kang Hee stands up to say that any musical actor rejecting Count Monte is a fool.

Back at Jae Hee’s home, Eun Bi brightly says that Jae Hee can sell the musical to someone else in the future. As for her – she’ll just audition again if she gets a chance. Jae Hee grumpily reminds her that the role of Do Hwa is solely – only – for her! He’s going to get the musical made – and made a lot sooner than expected. Eun Bi doesn’t believe him, so he takes her hand: “We said we’re doing this together. We’ve got to go to the very end.”

After his shower, he comes out to find Eun Bi asleep on his sofa. Gently, he pats her head. He’s SOOOO in love with her. He carries Eun Bi to his bed, and then sits next to her. And leans in! And – and! He kisses her forehead!! And she’s still asleep! And so he aims a little lower. 5 inches… 4 inches… 2 inches… So! Near! the! Lips! and Eun Bi shifts her body more comfortably.

Jae Hee backs off, and laughs at himself for his momentary loss of sanity.

He goes to the restaurant to find Gu Jak, who’s sleeping away his drunkenness. How to wake him up? Ask him to go play pool. HAHA! Jae Hee has a surprise for Gu Jak – he’s found an investor!

His friend is the chairman of a pharmaceutical company inherited from his father. Read: he’s rich with plenty of money to burn. This friend is so happy to hear that Jae Hee is asking him to invest in one of his works that he’s willing to pay the $4 million. However… he does have a certain condition for such a steep price: he wants them to cast his idol star.

It’s too good to be true. TOO GOOD to be true – so Gu Jak finds a “psychic” stall outside the building and quickly asks for a reading. The reading? It’s all bad! Gu Jak laughs gleefully – of course it’ll be bad! It has to be! Poor guy – he’s gone from superbly depressed to superbly happy. He immediately starts texting everyone – Chungdamdong Gumiho is back on!

Of course – everyone thinks he’s just being delusional now. Heh.

Meanwhile for Yoo Jin, he’s sorting out the expenses for the American staff of Count Monte, and he is spending a lot less than the liaison would like. It’s a certified hit – so can’t he be a little more extravagant with the accommodations? But Yoo Jin is being very conservative – it could be a big hit, or it can be a big flop due to cultural differences.

When Bok Ja gets the message, she calls up Eun Bi for confirmation right away. Just at that moment, Jae Hee comes up the stairs to his bedroom and confirms that they got the funding. Eun Bi hangs up right away – what if Bok Ja found out they were together! (She doesn’t know she came to cook for him?) At this hour?! (It’s the afternoon…) Jae Hee teases her for feeling weird about sleeping on a guy’s bed, and she starts running to take off his bedsheets so she can wash it.

Jae Hee: “By the way, there’s a new toothbrush in the cabinet…” Eun Bi: “My breath smells?!!?” She runs for the bathroom, and he yells after her that she can use his towel – or new one on the sink. So while he fixes the bed (and smushes his face in the pillow she used to take in her scent), Eun Bi washes her face and contemplates using the new towel. But she looks at the white towel hanging on the side… and then we see her putting it back in its place.

She’s accepted him!!!!!!!!

Eun Bi gets ready to leave, but Jae Hee cries foul – she won’t give him a reward?! Doesn’t she realize that he worked all night to make sure he can make the musical happen for her!? He swoops in for a kiss, but Eun Bi shies away and closes her eyes. Jae Hee: “Until you want to give me what I want, I’ll wait.” Eee! He’s so sweetly persistent!

Yoo Jin is having a meeting with the Japanese representative when he spies his cousin Jae Joon arrive at the restaurant. As soon as the representative leaves, Jae Joon pounces: Yoo Jin doesn’t know a word of Japanese, relying on a translator, and yet calls himself a businessman? Tsk tsk! He’s really just here to start a fight, and makes a low jab about Yoo Jin’s father abandoning him. Since it’s in the genes, no wonder Yoo Jin easily abandoned the musical people too… Yoo Jin bites his tongue instead of responding to these insults against his character, and it riles up Jae Joon so much that he screams, “I hate you more and more every day!!”

Not that Jae Joon can do anything about it – he’s tried sabotaging Yoo Jin before and always failed. Pathetic.

Yoo Jin storms towards his car and throws his Spider-Man toy against the car window. It quickly falls down the side, and as Yoo Jin drives away, his wheel runs right over it. SYMBOLISM!

Joon Hyuk meets with a famed lighting director to try and get him to join their small musical. Though he’s pricey, Gu Jak orders Joon Hyuk to get him at whatever cost. He’s suddenly on a spending spree, now that he’s well funded. Along with Jae Hee, they go check out this idol star that the chairman wants in the musical. It’s so obvious that this chairman has a thing for her, and they probably sleep together even. I mean – she coos and acts cute with him, and he pinches her cheeks. Ick.

Jae Hee can tell immediately that this girl is a bit of a ditz. Not to mention, she speaks in so much slang, and she’s only doing this because idol stars who do them end up becoming even more famous! Yeeeaaaaa… no. Can someone get them out of this deal please?!

Sang Won returns home to his wife a little worse for the wear. He’s completely puzzled; in so short of a time, most of the people who signed up for Count Monte gave back their advance payment and said they were going to do something else. He can’t believe that they all would have found work so soon elsewhere. And yes, Go Eun Bi is part of that group not joining them.

HMMM – looks like Kang Hee has an idea about what’s going on…


Hee – is it too spiteful to just glee over the fact that Count Monte might have just lost their entire cast? Not that it’ll be hard to replace them, but it’s a nice setback.

Finally I can joyously put my hands up for some progress on the Eun Bi front! It was nice to see Goo Hye Sun hit the more emotional beats when she cried over the end of Chungdamdong Gumiho, since I don’t think her “angry” expressions transferred over so well when she was with Yoo Jin. My favorite moments were when she took care of Jae Hee during his hangover because after trying to avoid a personal relationship with him for so long, she’s finally accepted that he’s more to her than just a mentor. It’s not an outright declaration of love, but she’s getting there slowly. I’m glad she still resisted to Jae Hee kissing her, because that would have been really fast, but her small act of using his towel instead of a new one shows that she’s willing to share herself more with someone else. She’s totally disregarding Kang Hee’s feelings at this point, which for me, is close to a statement of self-worth. Though a couple episodes back she had said she wasn’t trying to change herself for Kang Hee, she was always taking Kang Hee’s words into account. Now she is showing that her loyalty to the man who’s always helping her is stronger than her loyalty to the idol that made her who she was, and inspired her.

As for Yoo Jin driving over the Spider-Man, I found two things interesting: 1) He seems to carry that toy everywhere. 2) He seems intent on destroying Jae Joon. My interpretation may be totally wrong here, but I initially found that Spider-Man to be the one last remnant of his happy childhood, and that he was angry it had all been stripped away from him. Now, I find it more of symbolizing Jae Joon and how much he wants to crush his idiotic cousin and trample the dreams of his manipulative uncle. If he took control of the company, he would be redeeming his father’s name in some way, and he would have more power to defy his grandfather and do what he wanted.

But the toy can also represent the old, cold, calculating Yoo Jin who did everything ruthlessly and quickly. He’s developed a heart, and now feels greater guilt when he’s forced to cut his losses. By driving his car over the toy (intentionally or unintentionally), it’s like saying “Screw you Old Yoo Jin. I’m going to follow my heart and instincts and support Chungdamdong Gumiho.” Or perhaps, that’s just what I really want him to do.


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  1. Programmer ahjumma

    errmmm hard to get sometimes is a hot thing …sometimes a boomer…. lets wait another long week for the next ep

  2. shiloh

    wow., first here., thank you for the very quick recaps., Godbless! appreciate it., such a good drama.,

  3. doublen

    i really like the plot and male leads of the drama (oh, Park Ki-woong!), but I really can’t stand Gu Hue-Sun. I just don’t find her acting appealing, so couldn’t watch the drama.

    • 3.1 doublen

      Thought, thanks for the recap, it helps to be informed!

    • 3.2 ohwell

      seriously? again with the GHS acting thing? let’s just talk about the drama. drop the anti GHS thing. *sigh*

    • 3.3 MJ

      Hey doulen,

      You are so hilarious.

      I guest you are on the bandwagon of people who really cannot stand Koo Hye Sun’s acting appeal , so you cannot watch the drama.

      I guess you will probably need to fast-forward the scenes of the drama if you see Koo Hye Sun as Go Eun Bi interaction with the other characters since Koo Hye Sun’s acting appeal does not suit your viewing pleasure.

      The bandwagon of people who really cannot stand Koo Hye Sun’s acting appeal please go to dramabeans.com/page3 – look for Ji Jin-hee joins Gu Hye-sun in aviation drama by javabeans | October 22, 2011 | 145 Comments

      By the by other names for Koo Hye Sun:

      1. Koo Hye Sun
      2. Gu Hye Seon
      3. Koo Hye Seon
      4. Ku Hye-Sun
      5. Gu Hye-sun

      Ku Hye Sun (Korean: 구혜선, born November 9, 1984) is a South Korean actress. An admirer of Leonardo Da Vinci, Ku also dabbles in directing, writing, illustrating, singing and composing. She is best known for her role as Geum Jan Di in the hit TV show Boys Over Flowers.

      I am backing myself up on her name just in case you are thing that I have the wrong actress you were dishing about.

      • 3.3.1 Ahjumma

        Grant it Koo Hye Sun is versatile and there are a lot of people who thinks she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread … that she can act, sing and do everything but there are also those … such as myself … who thinks she is a lousy actress and I also don’t think she is that great a singer. This drama happens to be the lowest watched drama in Korea. Nationwide it’s less than 5% of the population. It’s not even rated in Seoul.

        • Bluefyre

          The points you bring up don’t matter.

          Apparently SOME people enjoy it at least. It IS a good drama whether ratings say so or not. Nothing can change that.

          In all my 10 years of k-drama watching experience, none have driven me to tears as much as this has. Bit odd. But I’ve figured it’s probably the subject matter (my current career path) and the emotions involved that’s close to my heart.

          This drama is probably geared toward people who enjoy music for itself and the emotions that come with it as well as the process. And that’s a small amount of a specific population.

          There’s a reason I watch it whenever I feel discouraged with practicing or have no want to practice.

          • Birdie

            It is interesting that being in the same field, you can relate to it. The very fact that a musical actor like yourself thinks well of it speaks for itself. I do not have a musical background and I am enjoying it. It is a good quality drama,well-written with a good cast. Too bad that the drama is shown on a Friday night , has to compete with popular variety shows and only once a week, which leads to a low rating. Of course we all know that high ratings does not equate to high quality.

          • Ahjumma

            @bluefyre. Just because you say it’s a good drama only makes it so to the people who like it. It’s a fact to you and others like you but not for people who don’t like it.
            This section is to rave or rant…. so you rave and I’ll rant!

          • BambooBreeze

            Ratings do matter or else there would be none and it matters to everyone in the production. Just saying.

        • bluemountain


          Don’t blame on only GHS for the poor rating. See the link below for the reasons.

          The Musical Has Low Viewership Ratings? But Is a Good Drama

          Also this link,

          The Musical Sold to Japan for 1.2 Million USD


          Included in the above article, “Goo Hye Sun has been popular in Japan due to her prior work in “Boys Over Flowers”. ” You said GHS was lousy. Ironically, she gained more love in Asia.

          If you still don’t like her, you can watch another drama instead. Or be open-minded and stay focused on the story and other actors/actresses’ performance. From my personal point of view, the Musical is a very good drama. I really enjoy it.

          Thanks for the recap, kaedejun!

          • Sammiblu

            I saw that before and I think it’s just excuses and I love music, play the guitar and sing. I don’t think that GHS is the sole reason for the lousy ratings. The drama as a whole is poorly written. I can’t convince myself to like her as an actress when I don’t think she is. Different strokes for different folks. Not everyone likes foie gras. Not everyone likes opera.

    • 3.4 ghsno1fan aka tru t

      Ok this ‘I don’t like ghs acting’ line is getting tired and boring.no matter how many times ppl say it it won’t make them hate her even more or make her fans hate her.her fans believe she is one of the best actresses ,damn she has awards to prove it,definitely the industry and fans (who matters) think otherwise and others think she is just bad.can we all let it lie for progress sake???we know not everyone will like her and don’t expect it.she however remains the most talented amongst her peers

      *that ghs power will not let up*

      • 3.4.1 nn

        i mean i wouldn’t her acting is suck .. but you cant call her a good actress either..

  4. Fabmari

    Gu Jak is the most interesting character in this episode. He is so funny.

    Really wonder how they will kick out the idol from the musical. I can’t stand her!!!

  5. lasorda

    I think it’s coming along quite nicely but am anticipating for a few more bumps in the road when Choo So Young’s character shows up. I’ve always enjoyed seeing her act, but it looks like she’ll probably come out on the losing end to another one of Goo Hye Sun’s characters like she did in ‘Pure in Heart’. As for Hye Sun, give her a role to play and she’ll nail it. You want kooky, she’ll give you kooky. You want happy, she’ll give you happy. You want tearful, you’ll end up sharing a cry with her…

    Thanks for the recap, kaedejun!

  6. Birdie

    Thanks for the recaps,KD. I like the pace of this episode. The production company having to make financial decisions on a proven successful musical abroad over an untried local musical is realistic. Getting idols to star in musicals to increase ticket sales is also realistic.

    Yay. Eun Bi does care for HJ as he is the first person she thought about when she heard of the end of the musical.

    Goo Hye Sun’s acting when Eun Bi was trying to hold back her tears while talking to her friend was amazing. Those emotional bits was done really well. That bring me back to Pure 19 and the King and I where there were some great emotional bits from her, too.

    The only gripe I have is I do wish they show Eun Bi rehearsing other songs as well, as it is a little repetitive to show the same song over and over again. Look forward to the next episode.

    • 6.1 fmv

      i wish there is a “like” button that i can just hit at your message.

      thanks for the recap Kaedejun. i love GHS acting…

    • 6.2 Telenovelera

      Ha! Your last comment made me giggle because I’ve been thinking the same thing every episode. Actually, what I’m thinking is, “Will people in South Korea pay to see a musical with just one song?”

      • 6.2.1 Birdie

        The musical has more than 1 song. It is just Dol Hwa the lead character that Eun Bi has only 1 song. LOL

      • 6.2.2 Anime1234

        That’s what I’m talking about. LOL

        Also, I don’t know if it is the intent or the infamously exhausting Korean filming schedule, but her singing after she is chosen is not improving anymore. It sounds less clear like she is tired or trying to imitate Kang Hee too hard. That pure heartfelt rendition that Yoo Jin repeats for himself is still the best. Or maybe we are just getting tired of that being the only song from her…just an idea.

    • 6.3 eigramkim

      i definitely agree…

  7. cv

    Thanks for recap! 🙂

    Love GHS’s acting but for the character here, kinda ditzy-I was hoping for a stronger herione who knows her own mind and won’t let others influence her. Oh well, just have to wait and see how it turns out. hehe

  8. Sean

    Am really into this musical drama… cannot wait for ep 9 to be subbed.
    Nine tail Gumiho, fighting!!!!! 😉

  9. Telenovelera

    Oh, Ra Kyung… yes, insecure girlfriends are very, very ugly. Still, I feel for you. Get some therapy, though, because that s**t will get old. Soon.

  10. 10 Random comment

    Totally shipping Eun Bi and Yoo Jin! ok, so, not so much in this episode…but. yeah. kdrama newbie here, so here’s hoping that the second pairing can make it.

  11. 11 Noelle


  12. 12 Czmych

    I´m so happy to see Jae Hee being a bit more forward and active as he had been getting tad boring for the last few epizodes (even with all his unbearable cuteness). Now, with Yoo Jin showing new dimensions of himself too, I´m looking really forward to the next episode.

  13. 13 stee

    Gu Hye-sun’s acting was a lot easier to watch in this episode — much more subtle and natural. I also like that the Eun-bi and Jae-yi love line is progressing slowly, because they’ve made the character EB so naive and childlike in some aspects that it would be weird if she was suddenly all in and ready to reciprocate JY’s romantic attempts.
    I hope the idol thing won’t blow up into a huge problem, I have a bad feeling that she will be so horrible that she would potentially ruin the musical and when they want to ditch her, the investor will pull out…

    Oh and much less Kang-hee in this episode, I enjoyed not having to see her arrogant and conniving face so often!

  14. 14 nothing personal

    Same with Birdie’s comment, loved that scene of GEB with Bok Ja. The way she was trying not to cry while talking about how hard HJY and Gu Jak had taken it after the Gumiho’s cancellation/postponement. Then Bok Ja asked her how she’s doin’ and the tears can’t stop falling anymore. Then I started crying too.

    People, that’s GHS acting so naturally, so beautifully…oh well, to each his own. Some people just can’t stand her but definitely, more people by the hundreds and thousands even are loving her and admiring her for all her talents and “tics”.

    The Musical, fighting. KDJ, thank you for the recaps.

    • 14.1 Bluefyre

      She got me at that moment too!


      It was the same with her in the stair scene after she asked Baek Kang Hee’s autograph.. It’s odd that my tears are more stingy than normal whenever they fall while watching The Musical. Maybe it’s because I empathize so much with it and the emotions involved *sigh*

  15. 15 Mina

    I think it’s important to note that Yoo Jin is actually fluent in Japanese. After his cousin mocked him, Yoo Jin’s translator came back and said he was nervous translating for Yoo Jin whose Japanese is better than his.

  16. 16 geenah

    Jae Hee is adorable but for some reason I’m rooting for EunBi and Yoo Jin. Hope the second lead will get the girl in this one, like in Hotelier and Queen of Reversals. And I really think Park Ki Wong is a good actor. His facial expression changes accordingly. Everytime he smiles, it’s a complete bonus.

    And for the “—nth time’, those criticizing GHS for how she acts and what not, it’s about time to abstain from The Musical unless you have a masochist in you. Oh well, if a person fails to see the beauty of a SUNrise, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the SUN, it’s those person’s eyes that need a check-up.

  17. 17 laya

    Thank you for the recap 😀

  18. 18 Bluefyre

    Oh my…Daniel Choi!!
    Why so cute in this episode?! Why?!!
    I can’t take it sometimes…*whimper*

    Thanks so much for the recaps! It makes watching The Musical so much more fun! I’m so loving it 🙂

    • 18.1 bluemountain

      I like DC in the Musical too. He is an awesome actor. He has a great chemistry with GHS. I can’t stop smiling at their interactions.

  19. 19 beepbeep

    I really like this drama! Male characters are adorable, female characters are cool (except for Kang Hee, she’s cool too but i cant stand her arrogant-ness and how she uses Eu Bin BAHH). Would it be too much to ask for her to get together with Yoo Jin AND jae hee? Can’t choose who im rooting for ahhhhhh!

  20. 20 Anime1234

    Wow. Yoo Jin steals this episode. Calling out Sang Won over his business betrayal, hoping for forgiveness from Eun Bi for his own betrayal, comforting his GF’s insecurities over his association with Eun Bi, and the facing down his cousin after the reminder of his father’s betrayal, Yoo Jin is now painted into a corner by everyone and the desperation is palpable.

  21. 21 NeeNee

    I really, really loved this episode. PKW’s Yoo Jin was a total scene stealer. People don’t think he has any idea what is going on [well, he did let himself get painted into a corner], but he then proves that he KNOWS everything.

    Plus, totally in love with Eun Bi’s and Jae Yi’s moments at his house. So cute and awkward. Looking forward to the next episode while also not wanting to see it thanks to the previews.

    When will Eun Bi stop letting Kang Hee get to her like she does?

  22. 22 Fatemeh

    thanks for the recap.

  23. 23 marcela

    love love love Yoo Jin. I really wish she would pick him but I wouldn’t stand Jae Hee getting hurt, his love is so pure and beautiful. I’m really torn, can’t she be happy with both? LOL

  24. 24 kai

    I’m so loving this drama. can’t wait for the next episode.
    And for those complainers, watch other drama instead if that will make you happy.

  25. 25 John Cantor

    I like this drama and enjoy it.
    But it’s ironic that this drama has the exact same problem as the subject matter of its story.
    I mean the lead actress really can’t sing.
    They are trying very hard to convince us she can but every time she sings it’s quite painful.
    So out of tune. It’s funny to see the other actors gushing over her performance as they try to convince us that she is worthy of the part.
    Actually she isn’t. Her voice is weak and she wanders of key all the time.
    Note to production staff: Go and buy a plug in called Autotune by Antares. She doesn’t need much tuning, just a little nudge and all will be good.
    As for some of the other singers, well there is no hope for them really.
    But the nasty girl can really sing. Not just because she can hit the notes and with power but because her voice connects with the listener.
    Some things cannot be learned but are a gift for the few.

    • 25.1 geenah

      For #25 – If you are really watching the show you will know that one of the reasons why EB is not as confident in taking the lead role DOHWA is because she herself knows her singing capabilities are inadequate. That’s the way the character was portrayed. She may have gotten better but nothing to jump about. BUT just because she couldn’t sing, doesn’t give you the right to call her NASTY. You know who are NASTY? Those people who do not know enough adjectives that they just fill in their inadequacies with sarcasm. Try flipping the pages of your dictionary, maybe you can find a more appropriate adjective to write. And by the way, do you know what doormats are, they’re the people who have to trample on others to feel good about themselves. It’s about time to check if you are under the same kind..>_<

  26. 26 rj

    Does anyone know who sings, and/or the name of the song which plays as Bae Jee puts Eun Bi on his bed while she sleeps?

  27. 27 John Cantor

    to 25.1 When I refer to “nasty” girl I refer to the OTHER main actress. The one who CAN sing.
    When I say “nasty” I mean stereo typically nasty in a Korean drama way. You know there’s always a bad girl.
    That girl can sing.
    No need to be upset. The main actress knows she can’t sing but she’s still getting cast in some big shows.
    She’s doing alright.

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