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Lee Soo-kyung juggles two cable shows simultaneously
by | November 29, 2011 | 51 Comments

First things first: Man oh man, Jae Hee, it is so good to see you back!

But moving on to Lee Soo-kyung: IS SHE CRAZY??

Lee, you may recall, recently took a leading role in cable sitcom You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here — that show on the yet-to-premiere cable channel MBN that touts itself as the “Korean Friends.” That show has begun shooting and will air as a daily sitcom for 120 episodes, making its broadcast run about six months long. And yet, here comes the news that she as also taken on a leading role in another cable show, the Channel A drama Color of Woman.

Color of Woman is a Monday-Tuesday drama that premieres on December 5; You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here is a daily sitcom that premieres on December 5 also. What in the what? How on earth is Lee Soo-kyung going to headline both? Has she found the door to the fourth dimension and learned how to function without sleep? Or did she manage to figure out how to work that cloning machine, nixing the possibility of evil clones? ‘Cause that is some craziness right there, folks.

Color of Woman held its production press conference on the 29th, which is where these photos come from. The cast made do without Lee Soo-kyung, who was too busy shooting the other show to make it. Yeesh. I’m not surprised.

Color of Woman stars Jae Hee, and recently replaced Eugene (Creating Destiny) with Yoon So-yi (Warrior Baek Dong-soo) when the former’s sister was involved in a serious car accident that shook the actress up badly.

The drama takes place at a cosmetics company and showcases the fierce rivalry between two careerwomen, and depicts a “frank and bold romance.” That means sparks will fly as Lee Soo-kyung and Yoon So-yi face off in a showdown. Or many repeated little showdowns. Lee Soo-kyung’s character is free-spirited and possesses an appeal that’s simultaneously sexy and pure — sort of what has marked her own image for most of her career. She’s honest but not a pushover, and harbors lofty ambitions, which includes using her looks and wiles to snare a perfect husband and move up in the world.

That makes her the opposite of Yoon So-yi, who wants to succeed purely based on merit. Jae Hee plays the supposedly perfect chaebol man, which’ll make him a likely target for Lee, only he’s being set up to romance Yoon So-yi instead. Shim Ji-ho (Frozen Flower) rounds out the cast as a warm, gentle character who gets involved in friendships and potential lovelines with both ladies.

Via My Daily, TV Daily


51 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. yuoi

    OMG, it feels so good to see press photos of Jae Hee finally :`]

    • 1.1 otchosais

      I agree!!! I MISS HIM SSSooooo MUCH! 🙂

    • 1.2 Cam

      YYYEEEEAAAA!!! \^__^/ Meeee 2 tooooo ! ! ! !

  2. Leona

    SHe has been cloned!!!!
    There are ppl in Klala land that end a project and start another… but it looks impossible to work on both

    However cable drama are 45+45 min while mainstream dramas are 70+70 min. Do the math

    • 2.1 kate

      on to that…most sitcoms are 20-30 minutes! so I can see how she’d manage to do both at the same time~

      • 2.1.1 kate

        also, it’s not like she’s the main female, so she wouldn’t be as overworked~

  3. Cynthia

    Lee Soo kyung is either really brave or just flat-out nuts in attempting to film these together. That, or she has the stamina of an ox.

    One thing for sure, if she collapses from exhaustion she won’t be able to lay the blame on anyone but herself. Who knows? Maybe she’ll sail through the next several months just fine.

    • 3.1 Raine

      Or maybe she’s going through somethign and trying to keep busy? In either case, cloning would be the best option. Or that time turny backer thingie Hermoine has.

  4. Julianna

    DANG! That’s gonna be intense for her unless she has really found the door to the fourth dimension…Anyhow, GOODLUCK!

  5. ingridine

    I really love Lee Soo Kyung very much ! She’s a soooo good actress !
    I can’t forget her in Daemul, Soulmate and Loving you a thousand times !

    Thanks for the news! fighting Soo Kyung !!!

    • 5.1 hmi4

      oh, is that who she is? I wouldn’t have realized until you said “Soulmate” and something in my brain clicked haha. I like her too, and now I’m looking forward to this show. I don’t dislike Eugene but since I hated Creating Destiny so much I shun away from everything associated with it.

  6. Danna

    Umm…yeah she is definitelt crazy…at least one of them is bound to be on live shoot so god bless her…damn Jae Hee!! Looks like the army sure did him some favors there…well other than him, to be honest, I find this plot synopsis rather boring…i’ll still try and catch the first episodes though…for JH and YSY…God Dec 5.will be crazy eith mr trying to catch at least 3 dramas with this and Padam Padam

  7. Birdie

    I am surprised that the production company of Color of Woman will agree to that. How did she manage to convince both parties to agree to letting her do that?

  8. dulcedeleche

    psh. that is just physically impossible. Unless one of those drama’s is all shot pre-production? if it’s live-ish shooting…NO way in hell can she make it.

    Why would they even cast her knowing all the risks the scheduling itself could pose?

  9. john

    I really have to respect Lee Soo Kyung’s work ethic. What a woman.

  10. 10 aardvarksmile

    Is it only me, or Jae Hee looks different? I can’t precisely tell what it is, but I barely recognized him. Is it because of his time in the army or what…

    • 10.1 Midori

      It looks like his face filled out, not as many sharp angles.

      • 10.1.1 anais

        Isn’t the army supposed to do the opposite? Create angles?

      • 10.1.2 sleeplessinwgtn

        I think the filling in made him more handsome; he’s not as thin as before.

  11. 11 PL

    Time turner. BAM.

    • 11.1 Ace

      My thoughts exactly.

      Or maybe, loan sharks are after her.

  12. 12 Venus

    WAIT WHAT!!! That is just beyond CRAZY!!!! wait do she has a twin we don’t know about?..I mean I can’t even began to comprehend how she is going to be able to carry this off!!..Unless she is Superwoman…

  13. 13 Noelle

    How is she going to do this? My mind has officially been boggled.

  14. 14 luv_KimRaeWon

    oh jae hee..good to see u again…

  15. 15 Narae

    i feel like lee soo kyung’s character is much more interesting than yoon so-yi’s character…. meh

  16. 16 doublen

    If she agreed to do so, means that she can handle it. Possible one of them has started shooting already, and have some footage to show. Besides, I kinda feel that if everything is ready to go (script, most of all), shooting will go way more faster. Hope she will do great! Career woman 🙂

  17. 17 lenrasoon

    omg it’s soo good to see Jae Hee again.

    and to Lee Soo-kyung i don’t even know what to say, does her agency hate her? how is she going to handle this i have NO ideia tbh.

  18. 18 Laica

    Love how you put the “fighting” pose picture of her on top. She’s going to need all the help she can get.

    I’m surprised she agreed to do this – she has enough experience shooting dramas to know how crazy it will get. Maybe dailies are less time-consuming? Good luck to her, anyway. I’ll never complain about more Lee Soo-kyung on my screen, because I love her. Just hope she won’t be endangering her health.

  19. 19 anais

    I love Yoon So Yi. I love Edwardian inspired garb. But Yoon So Yi in Edward garb at a press conference with no one else dressed in a complementary way? 🙁

    • 19.1 aardvarksmile

      I was wondering why nobody praised her outfit. I love it to poieces. I love YSY to pieces, too 😀
      Maybe it was supposed to stand out without being flashy? Or to give a taste of her character’s old-fashioned belief in hard work rather than trendy outfits.
      Anyway, I’d like to get a blouse like hers 😉

      • 19.1.1 anais

        She looks lovely in it, but I just wish the setting were different.

        Anyway, I’d like to get a blouse like hers

        I know. Isn’t it lovely? So classy.

  20. 20 Roxy

    Aww I wanted her to be the lead. I have a very soft spot for her since Soulmate <3

  21. 21 Quaggy

    I’ve loved Lee Soo-kyung ever since The Lawyers of Korea. I’m glad she’s joining the cast, but not if it means she collapses from exhaustion! It’s crazy enough when an actor tries to pull double duty on two shows over here, but in Korea with their liveshoots, how is it even possible? You think maybe she knows something that we don’t? Like her character from You’re Here X3 suddenly dies or gets introduced and then disappears for three months?

  22. 22 miss unknown

    wait, so who’s the female lead in this one?! Lee Soo-kyung or Yoon So-yi ?! I love Lee Soo-Kyung, but man, she’s crazy…I’m pretty sure this drama will turns into a live shooting, so how the heck will she manages to do 2 shows at the same time?! aigoo…

  23. 23 anotheraddict


  24. 24 MJ

    Call her crazy to be doing 2 different dramas.

    Hope she doesn’t get her lines crossover (ex: says her character’s lines for the Color of Woman on the set of You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here vice versa – saying her character’s lines for You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here on the Color of Woman.) that would be very funny.

    Hope she doesn’t get a burnout. Lack of sleep. Lack of an appetite…weight loss. Running around from studio to studio doing 2 different dramas pure craziness.

  25. 25 mellowyel

    mmm Jae Hee. He just oozes cool, I can’t even. I might need a minute….

    Crazy woman is crazy. I want whatever she’s using to shoot two dramas at a time – a time travel machine, a time turner, a clone, or just extraordinary stamina and will power. If she’s actually just crazy though, I think I’ll pass.

    • 25.1 Jomo

      He is so masculine, and handsome and sexy in black.

      Why Shim Ji-ho is carrying a dead crow on his shoulder confuses me, though.

  26. 26 foraredrose

    Rawr Color of a Woman production should NOT have agreed to this…

  27. 27 zsa17

    Awww…I love Jae Hee and Lee Soo Kyung…Jae Hee would’ve been great with Eugene too,,,…

  28. 28 jenny

    awww this is so cutee

  29. 29 Alyssia

    The producers are even crazier to let her do this! How can you fully focus on your role when you’re playing two of them. You’re not going to give your best into that role.

    There are so many actresses out there and yet sometimes it looks like they are lacking actresses.

    I love her but man..does she need money or something!

  30. 30 Cammaynn

    GOOOOD LORD!! (shakes head) O_o How impossible……
    …that can’t be possible for Lee Soo Kyung WILL do that for this drama…ALSO like other drama EQUALS to TWO! Are you crazy ‘obsess’ dramatic person or what? (sighs) Aigoo….I will pray for you, Lee Soo Kyung, do your well & stay strong….be careful for your precious health, okay. (thumb-up)

    My JAE HEE!!! 😀 Whew, Isn’t it hot here? (fan my hand) Ah! I am haaaappy to see this handsome actor Jae Hee (these pictures of him) to made my heart….so…m.e.l.t…

    Do your beeeest for this drama, you all, Hwaiting!!

    (stares at LSK & pauses)……Aigoo, for goodness’ sake……. (walks away)

    • 30.1 Nickin

      HAHA!! You’re really cute when you type this comment so comical.

  31. 31 River

    Two at once? She makes me feel lazy. -.-

  32. 32 matinsoleil

    Ooomo Jae Hee O_o i’m so happy to see him and more sexy than ever. Thanks! I actually don’t know if i’m more excited by the drama or the fact that i’ll see him in a lead role! Anyway i can’t wait!!!

  33. 33 neener

    just can’t wait to see this!!

    one is ENOUGH, two is TOO MUCH!!!

    hope she can handle it….

  34. 34 mjfan

    I miss Jae hae sooooooooooooooooo much , great to see him again……

  35. 35 canxi

    I’ve only seen Jae Hee in 3-iron but that was sooo good, I’ll gladly watch him in anything else. And he didn’t even talk in that movie.

  36. 36 zoshua2009

    I love LSK – I think she is one of the best korean actress who really know how to act.

  37. 37 cbcyber

    I love Lee Soo Kyung too ^^ She’s best actress^^

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