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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 14
by | December 13, 2011 | 177 Comments

Well the poop’s out of the crapper, wouldn’t you say? Secrets come out, minds get blown, and deals get put on the table. Everyone faces the big question before them: Is love simply a luxury for the young and naïve? Or is it something worth sacrificing everything you’ve got, for just one shot?

EPISODE 14: “The Difference Between Makjang and Soonjung”

Chi-soo and Eun-bi get in one good snuggle before they hear some familiar voices downstairs. Eun-bi recognizes it immediately: “Isn’t that… your father?” This is why rooms should have doors, people!

Daddy Cha sits down at the kitchen table with Kang-hyuk, and asks straightaway if he’s “Yeo-jin’s son.” Not grasping what the connection is, Eun-bi wonders how bosses Choi and Cha know each other. Chi-soo comes up with the answer: “Well they’re both bosses…” Ha.

But downstairs they keep going. Daddy Cha: “Did you know that Chi-soo was my son?” Kang-hyuk: “Yes. Did you know about me?” Daddy Cha says no, he just found out and came straight here. Kang-hyuk: “Then… did you know about me and my dad when you married my mom?” Daddy Cha sighs, “Yes.”

Upstairs, Eun-bi’s eyes widen. Chi-soo falls back and covers his eyes with a big sigh. Kang-hyuk asks why, and Daddy Cha answers solemnly, “Because even like that, I wanted to live with her. I had to have her, even if it was only half of her.” That’s so sad. Not sympathy-sad, but pathetic-sad. Kang-hyuk asks, “So… were you happy then?”

He sighs again, but says it was enough for him, because he has Chi-soo now. Upstairs, Eun-bi turns to Chi-soo, and it’s written all over his face that this is no surprise to him. He tries to stop her, but she storms right out and asks them directly what on earth they’re talking about.

They’re surprised she was home, but then their jaws really drop when Chi-soo marches out right behind her. Dad stammers, asking what he’s doing here. Chi-soo: “We slept together.” Eun-bi literally slaps her forehead. Ha.

He says they slept squeezing each other tightly, and Kang-hyuk protests that skinship isn’t allowed until “decisions are made.” Then Dad turns to Kang-hyuk: “Do YOU like Yang-yang too?” Oh dear.

Eun-bi tries to wrap her head around what she’s just heard – so that makes Chi-soo…

And then suddenly the strings of makjang go crazy, as Ba-wool pops out from the bathroom: “That makes Chi-soo Kang-hyuk’s son!” Hahahahaha.

And then Hyun-woo pops out from his room: “No, that makes them brothers who share a mom!” Ba-wool gasps, “WHAT? But… if they’re brothers, and they both like Eun-bi noona, then what?”

Everyone looks at Eun-bi and at each other uncomfortably. This scene is so awesome. It’s an example of what makes this show so clever – it’s in the comic handling of the tone that takes a commonly makjang plot point and then turns it on its head.

Once the initial shock dies down, Eun-bi sits in a room with Hyun-woo and Ba-wool, the latter of whom is reeling from the news more than anyone. And then Hyun-woo remembers, “But… what was Cha Chi-soo doing in your room… Oh.” Hee.

Dad sits the two brothers down, and asks Kang-hyuk if he came from Japan specifically for this reason. For this awkward family reunion? He assures them that his mother’s last request was for him to stay away from Cha Sung, and he’s only here to protect Eun-bi and the ramyun shop.

Dad turns to Chi-soo and asks why he’s here then. Chi-soo: “To date. And I was doing so well too. Daaaad, why’d you have to come now?” Pffft. It’s so like you to only think of what base you would’ve been on if Dad hadn’t interrupted with his birth secrets and whatnot. Exasperated, Dad calls his secretary to haul Chi-soo off, and they leave.

Eun-bi asks Kang-hyuk how he could’ve kept this from her. Chi-soo is Chi-soo, but he should’ve told her. But he says that he wasn’t ever planning to tell her – he was just going to look in on Chi-soo, just once, to see what kind of person he was.

She still thinks he could’ve told her. Kang-hyuk: “How? If I told you, it’s obvious I’d stop being a man to you, and just become Chi-soo’s hyung. So how? How could I tell you? I’m just now trying to go from being your guardian to being a man… so how could I tell you?”

He turns to go, his giant shoulders practically down to his knees. Without turning back to face her, he adds, “Yang Eun-bi, I’m not a pillar. I’m a man too.” Aaaaaaaaaack. That breaks my heart.

At home, Dad tells Chi-soo that it can’t go on – what, does he think someone like Eun-bi could live at Cha Sung? Or can Chi-soo live in a place with no beds? Chi-soo balks that he’s not living with her; he just wants to date her.

But Dad says dating leads to the other stuff, and then asks if Eun-bi feels the same way about him. Is she as crazy about Chi-soo as he is for her? Chi-soo stammers, “She will.” Aw, puppy.

Dad says it’s no use, trying to teach a lion how to love grass and flowers. You’re born with these traits, he says, and it’s not something you can learn. He says that Kang-hyuk was born with it, making him right for Eun-bi, and not Chi-soo. Well by your logic, then Chi-soo could be born with it too, since they share a mom, yeah? Not that your logic is… logical, of course.

Eun-bi runs into a pair of ajummas in the morning, who laugh as they tell her that they heard a hilarious rumor that Eun-bi is living with four guys, including a husband and a lover. She cringes as she laughs along.

As X-files music begins to play and Eun-bi’s face turns to horror, the ajummas laugh, “Next thing you know, they’ll be saying you’re caught between two brothers from different mothers, fighting over you!” HAHAHAHA. They walk off, laughing at how ridiculous that is, and Eun-bi horror-laughs in their wake.

Chi-soo shows up behind her, musing that she looks pretty when she laughs first thing in the morning. She looks down to see a suitcase in tow. Omo. The rest of the boys file out of the house, just in time to see Chi-soo arrive.

They note the bags and wonder why he looks like a rich kid who just ran away from home… and then their jaws drop. “You’re not…” Chi-soo puts his arm around Eun-bi, “That’s right. I’m living here. I’m going to eat grass with my Yang Eun-bi.” Eeee!

Inside, Eun-bi tries to talk some sense into Chi-soo, but he refuses to go anywhere. He reasons that Dad’s too mad at him for him to return home, and besides, don’t they take in runaways, like on principle? And he’s a runaway brother at that, so…

Kang-hyuk is the first to cave, and tells Chi-soo to unpack. Eun-bi looks over at him like he’s lost his mind, but already Chi-soo is two steps up the staircase, toward Eun-bi’s room. Kang-hyuk grabs him by the waist and drags him back downstairs. Heh.

Ba-wool runs out from school in a panic, and Hyun-woo tells him to slow down, but he’s like, “How can I slow down when I know that Cha Chi-soo is living in that house? What kind of makjang is this?” Hyun-woo smiles, “It might be makjang to others, but to Chi-soo, it’s soonjung*.” Ba-wool gapes.

At the store, Eun-bi is stuck between the Brothers Petty, who I’m pretty sure are enjoying their rivalry more than anything, not that they’d admit it. Eun-bi sneaks off, and then wonders why they have no customers today.

It’s because Daddy Cha has moved onto Phase 2 of his plan, since the convincing Chi-soo ship has sailed. He’s launched a free ramyun stand just outside the school, to steal all their business, and has his secretary tow Chi-soo’s car away for good measure. Looks like Daddy’s not a complete softy after all.

Or at least, his secretary isn’t, because he cuts off Chi-soo’s cell phone, every VVVIP credit card, and even access to his bank accounts. All frozen solid. Chi-soo screams bloody murder, but it’s no use. I love that he’s cut off.

Kang-hyuk goes to see Daddy Cha, who asks for his help in putting Chi-soo back in his rightful place. “You can’t play the hyung and the man at the same time.” He adds that Kang-hyuk and Eun-bi make a good picture, and if it were something he’d known earlier, he wouldn’t have held his wife here like that.

Dad: “You and I both know all too well, that if you pass soonjung, you can turn into makjang.” He pleads with Kang-hyuk for his help, and says that if Chi-soo doesn’t come out of there, he’ll have no choice but to proceed, handing over his plans for the Cha Sung takeover.

Eun-bi walks home with a bag of apples, accidentally dropping one on the street. It gets smashed to smithereens by a car, and it gives her pause, as she remembers Daddy Cha’s words that there’s one thing that can’t get hurt in all this: Chi-soo.

Kang-hyuk walks through the streets lost in his own Chi-soo dilemma, and then comes upon a cheering crowd outside a batting cage. The slugger steps out, and it’s Eun-bi, surprised to see Kang-hyuk there.

They sit down to chat, and he takes her hand in his, noting that it’s cold. She awkwardly says thank you, and he says with a tinge of disappointment, “You say thank you to me a lot… but you never say it to Cha Chi-soo. When I hold you hand, it must not be hot, but just… thankful?” Aw, poor buddy.

Eun-bi: “Thankful… and warm.” He asks, “And Cha Chi-soo?” She thinks about it for a moment, and turns to answer…

Only to find Kang-hyuk plugging his ears like a giant man-baby. HA. Apparently he realized how very little he wanted to hear your answer. He tells her he’d rather not know, and gets up to go first, announcing that he’s going to be the bad boy today. Okay, Onion.

At home, Chi-soo does the potty dance in front of a vacant bathroom. Hyun-woo and Ba-wool wonder why he won’t go, and Chi-soo whines, “There’s no bidet!” Oh you princess.

Kang-hyuk arrives outside the shop, and ponders Daddy Cha’s deal from earlier that day: he’d promised that if Kang-hyuk could get Chi-soo away from the ramyun shop (meaning Eun-bi, naturally) then he’d make sure to exclude the shop from the new development plans.

He sighs to find Chi-soo sitting outside, waiting for Eun-bi. He asks about Chi-soo’s heart, his true feelings for her: “How long do you think your heart will last?” But Chi-soo counters matter-of-factly how on earth he’s supposed to know such things. I do love that he’s so realistically young in this sense.

Chi-soo: “All I know is, right now, if I can’t see her, I think I’ll go crazy.”

Chi-soo asks if he happens to know where Eun-bi is, and he lies and says no. But then he stops as he turns to go, and closes his eyes with a sigh. “She’s at the baseball field by the school.” Aw, are you choosing to be the hyung, or trying to be both? I seriously find this relationship to be more moving, where Kang-hyuk is concerned, because you can see his struggle to be the better man.

Dong-joo and Coach walk out, and for the second time that day, he tries to hold her hand and she rejects it, frantic about where they are and who will see them. She reminds him that she’s engaged. He asks why she kissed him then. “Did you play around with my pure heart (soonjung)?”

Dong-joo: “I’m in my twenties. You’re in your thirties. Purity is something for those who have nothing to lose, and nothing to claim responsibility for.”

Chi-soo finds Eun-bi still at the batting cages, and drags her out, all shouty and indignant over how she hasn’t even considered that someone is waiting for her at home, and how he’s lost everything – his phone, his cards, even his car.

He asks if she knows how much he’s sacrificed to be with her, and she surprises him with her answer: “Were you not prepared to lose this much?” She tells him that if he’s for real, then he’ll have to prepare to lose even more, to subsist on ramyun and have nothing. “I’m seriously considering everything that I have to sacrifice right now. So do me a favor, and do the same.” I love it when she schools him.

She returns to the batting cage, and leaves him speechless. He watches her for while and then turns to go with a heavy sigh. She finally looks back and finds him gone.

Ba-wool gets up with a start, finding his bad boy ignore-So-yi routine unbearable. He struggles with the urge to break his silence and call her… when he gets a text from her that says that they should break up. Ha. Don’t try to play the player.

He runs right into her trap… at a church? Hahaha. It’s time for some old school drama meta. She prays, asking for forgiveness for her sins, now that she’s realized how wrong it was to date Ba-wool, and Chi-soo, and that oppa she knows (heh). She says she’ll break up with Ba-wool as the price.

But Ba-wool shouts, “NO!” and kneels at her side, crying as he confesses his sins, for ignoring her text messages. Hahahaha. He says that he left his post at her right side, and that he didn’t know how precious she was to him.

Her trap totally works, of course, and I’d be madder if it wasn’t also an indication that she likes him back. She makes him promise not to do it again, and then puckers up for a kiss. Ba-wool gulps nervously, and then goes in eyes closed, nearly missing her lips. But they kiss, and bells ring. Aw.

At home, Chi-soo and Kang-hyuk fight over who gets to check up on Eun-bi, only to have Hyun-woo discover her lying on the bathroom floor, passed out. Did she FAINT from constipation?!

The doctor comes by, and then Hyun-woo points at both brothers, reiterating the doctor’s orders: “Teacher has to rest, so no one, under any circumstances, is to enter her room!”

Cut to: both boys, lying on either side of Eun-bi. HAHAHAHA.

Neither of them can sleep though, and Kang-hyuk asks why Chi-soo likes Eun-bi so much. He doesn’t really know, and asks Kang-hyuk the same, and he says he doesn’t know either, but adds that he likes that she’s healthy.

They have a tiny bonding moment as they name all of Eun-bi’s healthy traits, like her arms and her appetite, all minus the constipation of course, which they call out in unison. Heh. That stirs Eun-bi awake, which they don’t notice.

Chi-soo says, “I don’t know about anything else, but it’s because she’s the first woman who looked pretty while crying. Because of you, I don’t like women who cry. Because my mom would hold a picture of you and your father, and cry, every night.” *sniff*

Kang-hyuk: “Well, at least you got a crying mom. I only got to have a sick mom.” Aw, you pair of puppies. Chi-soo breaks the saccharine just in time: “Are you trying to say that you’re more pitiful than I am?”

Kang-hyuk: “Why, do I look it? Will you give me Wifey then?” Ha. Chi-soo decides to stake his claim, and wraps his leg and arm around Eun-bi. Kang-hyuk won’t be outdone, and does the same.

Well THAT doesn’t look wrong or anything.

Eun-bi opens her eyes, and calls out, “Hyun-woo-ya!” Heh. Hyun-woo runs in, and she directs him to move these things aside because they’re heavy. He tries, but they won’t budge.

Ba-wool skips home on cloud nine, and then hears strange snoring coming from Eun-bi’s room. He pokes his head in, and finds all three boys lying there, sandwiching Eun-bi. She cries, “Ba-wool-ah, will you remove these Makjang Brothers?” Hee.

He gripes at the display, calling them a soonjung posse, and then… joins them. Ha. Eun-bi sighs, wondering what country she saved in her past life, using the phrase that means she’s lucky, but in the tone of, “what’d I do to deserve this?”

In the morning, Kang-hyuk sits in the corner, looking on as everyone else sleeps, with Ba-wool and Hyun-woo snuggling off to one side (aw) and Chi-soo clasping Eun-bi’s hand.

Eun-bi murmurs something in her sleep, and Kang-hyuk leans in close to make out the name… and it’s Chi-soo’s. He sighs, hit pretty head-on with the evidence right in front of him. “You sleep with Cha Chi-soo, and now you’re dreaming about him too?” He lets out another sigh and hangs his head, as if knowing the answer to his own dreaded question.

And then, in the sweetest little gesture ever, he covers Chi-soo with a blanket before heading out. Awwwww.

In the shop, he looks over Daddy Cha’s proposal, contemplating what to do. Meanwhile Chi-soo wakes up with bunny ears and dying of thirst, and wanders into the shop looking for water.

He finds Kang-hyuk’s water and gulps it down, and then notices the proposal sitting on the table. He flips through it, face growing grim.

Chi-soo: “What is this?”

Kang-hyuk: “This shop, traded for you.”

(This time, as the credits play, Ba-wool illustrates the very complicated Choi/Cha backstory via potatoes and stick figures, to a very confused Hyun-woo. Hee.)


I really love the drama meta in this writer’s arsenal, and it gives me confidence when an episode is titled, “The Difference Between Makjang and Soonjung,” because we know that hanging a lantern on makjang makes it… not makjang. (*Makjang is the over-dramatic use of clichéd storylines like birth secrets, used time and again in dramas for the sake of plot twist. Soonjung means purity or innocence, and is a genre of comics about pure sweet innocent love.)

The thing that the title and the episode illustrates is that the difference is a matter of tone. It’s actually something that’s hard to explain, like the reason why something might be a melodrama (Thousand Day Promise) but not makjang. Because it’s a difference of tone, and it’s the treatment of the elements, not the plot points themselves, that makes something one or the other. Hence the parodies in this episode, with the overwrought music and the gasping and the kneeling in a church to confess one’s sins. It’s all borrowed from the drama clichés of yesteryear (though sadly, still in effect in more dramas than we care to admit).

The drama is basically saying – we know it’s makjang to have them be half-brothers, but we’re not going to let it BE makjang because we’re going to do the opposite of every drama ever. We’re going to make fun of it, and have them be cool about it, and have funny Eun-bi sandwiches. What it does is strip away all the would-be dramatics, to get at the heart of the emotions in earnest – the soonjung, or the purity of heart.

I feel like Kang-hyuk’s true love story isn’t with Eun-bi, but with Chi-soo. He’s the one who needs a hyung and a pillar, and I think that’s Kang-hyuk’s impulse, despite their so-called competition for Eun-bi. It did break my heart when he told her that he isn’t a pillar but a man, and I really felt for his character for the first time in this episode, because he hasn’t really shown anything besides a desire to protect up until this point. But when he asks to be seen as a man, it just about killed me. I wished in that moment that he’d chosen to be more selfish, before Eun-bi’s heart had boiled over for another man.


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        I agree…no matter what I can’t get over the fact Chi Soo is in HIGH SCHOOL. What can a kid know about their heart at that age…and he even acknowledges that too

        • Seanshine

          I understand where both of you are coming from with the fact that Chi Soo is still in school. But that doesn’t mean that he is stagnant. People grow, and though he is only a teenager that means she shouldn’t love him? OMG, what am I saying?? lol But seriously, I know of men who are over 30 and still don’t know diddly squat when it comes to women’s feelings. Until.. they meet the right woman to teach them. A man can date a woman for seven years and never marry her. Breaks up with her and dates another for six months and marry. No one knows, who, when or why people love the way they do, they just do. So if Eun Bi likes this 19 year old boy and is okay with growing with him. I say why not! 🙂

          At first when I found out that the young hero was TOO young, A High Shcooler, I wasn’t buying it. But I came to understand where the story was going and the characters as a whole. I like this drama cause it’s from a different point of view of love. It really shows how everyone loves differently.

          • zodd

            Your forgetting he’s 19, he’s old enough by then to know the differences between crushes/flings and love. Anyways it can happen in real life. Heck my sister who’s 4 1/2 year older than her husband was dating him when he was still a senior in High School. Three years later they got married.

          • teefah

            For me the real problem is not that Chi-soo is 19, but the fact that he is such a child. You do have the moments where he seems mature and realistic, but I don’t think he is fully aware of the possible repercussions of his actions. He is just living in the moment, just like a 19 year old would. I really don’t see Chi-soo and Eun-bi together, unless the writers come up with some drastic time jump at the end haha.

    • 2.2 CoffeeWithCinnamon

      I kind of have the “noble idiot martyr” fear after this episode… I really hope this drama can escape that. There are few tropes I hate as much as “step aside and watch me sacrifice myself”.

      On the other hand, if this show is as smart as it seems so far, maybe they can play that right and turn it on its head.

      • 2.2.1 riin

        It’s either Chisoo has grown enough to know what being a noble idiot is.. or he is the Chisoo we know and does a completely different thing.
        I hope that he stays himself in this matter 😛
        Cause I agree with you.. the noble idiot thing is the device I hate the most. there are only a few dramas that have used it the way I can accept that behaviour (I think MGIAG was one of them)

        • CoffeeWithCinnamon

          I love MGIAG like nobody’s business, but it still annoyed me a little there… This drama is different though. NI syndrom will look ridiculous here.

          And this situation can call for idiotism from anyone. I mean, Eunbi being all noble, KH being all noble… yano, Chicken being all noble or something=))) As long as they don’t touch my girl Soyi.

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            Yep. Soyi’s awesome. I don’t get the hate for her.

      • 2.2.2 Cruelsummer

        I think your answer may be in the preview for ep 15…Ugh. If they’re truly going the “Noble Idiot” route, I hope it only last for like one minute before they realize how stupid it is and then commence to making out for the remainder of the episode.

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          We can only wish.

          Oh noble idiots, how come you aren’t extinct by now? Because you should be.

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    I think the Crazy Rooster is the cutest part of the last few shows. His happy dance coming home from the kiss was sooooooooooooooo adorable.

    I guess I like KH, reluctantly, his “slow and steady wins the race” strategy is being replaced by “stick a fork in me, I’m done.” He still could have leaned over and kissed her at the batting cages, but…did not? Because he knew he would be rejected? Still…do…not…understand…31 year old man…not…kissing the yeoja he loves…Oh well.

    Things seemed to have moved from boil to simmer in the last few episodes with CCS/YEB. I guess this means he HAS won her heart, but reality intrudes, and NOW what do we do? I do like the cuddling, I admit. I wish YEB would be a LOT less passive with her affection for him. Will we see this boiling pot ever attack the caviar — EVER?

    Oh!I have to say we did call the reason CCS hates to see women cry was because he mother cried over a photo of not just another man, but a man and her own son.

    I do like that YEB is the means to heal what must be an extremely painful memory for the boy. He may be selfish and spoiled, but no kid deserves to feel that about his mom – the person who is supposed to put you at the center of the universe. How do you trust the world when you were abandoned like that?
    Poor sad baby living high in an office building somewhere between his bed and his bidet.

    I have no idea where this is gonna end next week. NO clue. Open ending? Time jump? Meet up with the fortune teller again, a la WUF? ( I would like that.)

    • 11.1 Amber

      He still could have leaned over and kissed her at the batting cages, but…did not? Because he knew he would be rejected? Still…do…not…understand…31 year old man…not…kissing the yeoja he loves…Oh well.

      Well this is the man who likes to lay down and sleep at the drop of a hat and thinks taking his clothes off for sex (or anything else for that matter) is such an annoyance he really can’t be bothered…so lack of kiss is no big surprise to me.

      wish YEB would be a LOT less passive with her affection for him. Will we see this boiling pot ever attack the caviar — EVER?


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        I definitely agree with you on the final statement.

        When Ba Wool explains in an early episode why she has to remain awesome “…you’re my hero!”, I thought she took that to heart to behave the way she wanted to and now how she thinks society would want her to act. Now, she’s just a pale pale imitation of the bold chick in the red volleyball uniform.

        Please please bring us back our sparkling agressive silver pot!!!

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        I switched it CCS + YEB after this ep.

        • Len

          Yes, WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!??! I hate this kdrama thing where the second lead almost never gets a kiss. Honestly, if KH had gotten all up in her face like CCS always does, just layed one on her ONCE she’d be on him in a second. Had KH and YEB kissed, had YEB KNOWN what kissing KH felt like, I would be at ease. Even if she hated it, and felt no spark, at least then I could feel satisfied that there was no hope for them and she could truly only love CCS. This way, she’ll never know and neither will we (the KH shippers 🙁 )

    • 11.2 Seanshine

      I totally agree with you. What’s gonna happen in the end has me clueless as well. I hope she ends up with a ‘Matured’ Chi Soo. Not because of the drama cliche,(handsome young Kat with money) but because he seems to have a more sincere reason. Hyuk is protecting her for what reasons??? I still haven’t gotten the sense in that?:( He wanted to protect her and didn’t even know her just doesn’t fly with me. On the other hand, Chi Soo I feel got to see her for who she really was and grew to love her. This makes sense. Just because two people may have a similar lifestyle doesn’t mean that they are intended to be together. Life doesn’t work that way.

      If it’s gonna be and open ended drama, I can’t say I wouldn’t be a little disappointed. But I do know that every since Chi Soo has been trying to prove himself I’ve been rooting for him to be more mature and grow up in each episode thus far. I like his character. He’s brassy, egotistical at times, but at least he goes for what he wants. That’s commendable. Unlike his ‘Hyung’, or should I say his polar opposite, who sits around all mopey. 🙁

      • 11.2.1 Seanshine

        Forgot to say.. Thank you Dramabeans Team for the recap! 🙂

      • 11.2.2 K

        @Seanshin: Now that you’ve mentioned, one aspect hasn’t been resolved yet. WHY IS KANG HYUK PROTECTING EUN BI?

        What is his relationship with Eun Bi’s father? Is it only because Eun Bi’s father treated him like his own son? Or is there something more to that? Remember Eun Bi’s father, Chi Soo’s father, and CS/KH’s mother all had the same favorite song, right? Or did I just miss it?

        • Shukmeister

          Good pickup. Did they ever really talk about Eun Bi’s parents?

  12. 12 Niki

    I really REALLY love Jung Il Woo….but i fell in love with Kang Hyuk instead of Chi Soo in this drama. T_T

    There’s something so appealing bout a protective and considerate man, who’s also crazy bout the heroine and loves her coz she’s spunky and has a ‘sexy-temper’ and not coz she’s helpless and just pretty-to-look-at. Hahahaha….

    Kang Hyuk for the win but i know that’s not gonna happen here. It’s ok, babe. This noona here will gladly be your rebound!!

    • 12.1 linkyo

      My boiling hearts has been reduced to simmering heart for FBRS. ChiSoo is getting better, but still, he can’t beat Kang Hyuk’s position in my heart. LOL. I mean, Kang Hyuk, with all his traits, POSITIVE traits, eg. not taking advantage of EunBi—(oh yes, I really want him to kiss, hug and do stuff with EunBi) but woah! A M.A.N. at 31 and he has a considerable amount of SELF-CONTROL not to….you know….. not to….do it….. is really much accepted, appreciated and respected in my eye.

      So, if this story is not going to make EunBi end up with Kang Hyuk, I’ve accepted it already. LOL. Can I have my own Kang Hyuk? *pretty pleaseeeee* ;D ;D ;D

      • 12.1.1 dom

        THIS! although everyone is in tow for the CS-EB ship, my heart breaks at Pillar the most! He has more restrain as a 31 y.o man, a hyung, a protector, a panda and a pillar.. he regulate his sexual tension with push-ups!!

        I felt that this character has plenty of room to explore. Well the writing is skewed to CS more than EB or KH…
        I wish the writer will give us a bonus episode about KH.. please hear my plea dear DramaGOD..

      • 12.1.2 Niki

        Oh yes! Sexual self-control and keeping his hands to himself is such a charming and irresistible characteristic. It sooo….makes me want to do the jumping on him instead…*ahem*

        Aneeways… i’m still devastated over the fact that poor Kang Hyuk might not get the girl. Sigh…..why do girls prefer bad boys? I mean look at this hunk….this highly protective, sensitive, considerate, adorable and irresistibly sexy pillar-shaped panda that’s the epitome of what a man should be. I mean…isn’t this what all girls dream off? Why not him?? Sigh…..we are our own worst enemy.

    • 12.2 meanrice

      Oh me too. I really wanted her to end up with Kang Hyuk. Realistically, their pairing would make for a longer more satisfying relationship.

  13. 13 MJP


  14. 14 MJ

    First of all – THANKS! to GF and JB for the recaps. So speedy and wonderful!
    Second, this is the first time I have felt frustration with the story, and felt sorry for Kang-hyuk. The writer has drawn a more enjoyable character to watch in Chi-soo, and good god has Jung Il-Woo knocked it out of the park. But, I really saw the struggle of Kang-hyuk in this episode – he is trying to be the bigger man, but is losing to the more passionate boy. It just feels that the meat of the story was left to the end – and now I’m nervous as to how they are going to wrap things up.

  15. 15 Noelle

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    Who will he hear bells with?

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    doesn’t KH putting the contract in front of Chisoo mean that it’s up to Chisoo to chose to keep the shop or Eunbi?

    WHY ARE THERE ONLY 2 MORE EPISODES LEFT? I was hoping for more.

    My heart bleeds a little for KH for him not to get the girl and now potentially loses the last remaining thing about her that ties her to him… the shop. T_T

  18. 18 ping

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    • 18.1 snow

      i’m inclined to agree with you here. chi-soo puts me off.

    • 18.2 red

      Agreed! Kang Hyuk can do better than Eun Bi.

    • 18.3 Mj

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    • 18.4 linkyo

      yes. Agree. EunBi can have ChiSoo whatsoever. Kang Hyuk is a respectable man and very agreeable; and he deserve better. Kang Hyuk deserve a lady who is committed to him.

    • 18.5 dom

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  19. 19 Z

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    • 19.1 MJ

      Agree! Poor, poor panda. If the writer had spent just a bit more time fleshing out his character, then I think there would be even more second lead shippers out there. I was just thinking that it must have taken a lot of strength for KH to come back to Korea and help out EB – even if she didn’t want his help or encourage his attentions.

      Don’t make a Ramyun Shop 2 – have KH and CS go to Japan together and bond and make that the follow up series. That would be hilarious!

      • 19.1.1 Jessie

        Yes! And Kang Hyuk will meet a very nice Japanese girl suited for her there! So the romance will be centered to KH and the new girl and the hilarious stuff will be provided by the half-brothers! :))

        • Shukmeister

          “Ramyun Shop 2: The Udon Connection”

          • dom

            Ramyun Shop 2 : boiling the onion

          • fushunlyn

            That’s a really good title!

      • 19.1.2 pag

        ya they should totally, the best thing about this drama is that they have spent so much time on each and every character making each of them so wonderful and interesting i love each of them i want to know each of their story but it is quite hard to gather them in just 16 episode so just like you said i want ramyun shop to have many many follow ups each drama showing story of each of these character or how about lots of movies each unfolding the story of each of these characters in each of them…this is the first drama where i didnt’ have to skip parts cause they seemed unimportant or i just hated the character……i am gonna miss flower boy ramyun shop i hope lee ki woo would frequent himself in dramas or in movies and it took ages for him to play a drama like fBRS……

  20. 20 Abbie

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    I hope the ending means that Chi-soo will step up and be a man and not a manchild.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

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    Anyway I am so hoping there won’t be any kind of open ending next week, I want my Chi Soo/Eun Bi happy ending hahaha.

    • 21.1 Laya

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  22. 22 Sam

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  23. 23 minhe

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    • 24.1 sally_b

      re: “doesn’t this drama make you want to buy a big fluffy sweater”

      …actually, due to the massively broad shoulders of LeeKiWoo (Kang Hyuk)…I have thought about how nice it would be to wrap myself in one of his sweaters (like a blanket!) and sniff the collar…several times/non-stop.

      I’m totally smitten with him. Come to Noona.. KiWoo ♥

      • 24.1.1 Shukmeister

        I hear ya, sister!

      • 24.1.2 linkyo

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        • gaga

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        ok. i am officially blushing. and i have an overactive imagination. 😀

  25. 25 fugitiveruns

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    knoe why KH is letting go??

    he’s got another one.. me! hahahaha



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    Only 2 more episodes left..arghh!

  27. 27 Fiercediva

    I was hoping for a Y Su Mama Tambien moment there when CS and KH were flanking Eun Bi, but I guess that’s too much even for cable. 😉 I also do not get how Eun Bi is supposed to not be a lion/carnivore herself with her temper, strength, impulsiveness and lack of girl-game finesse. She was even upset the others went out for meat without her and we always see her chomping down the chicken feet (maybe that is why she is really constipated, but I digress!) Surely a woman who would throw an important school match out of a flash of anger is Chi Soo’s equal on the impatient, immature level regardless of who is chronologically older. Oh well, I hope that the end doesn’t go out with a whimper instead of a bang!

  28. 28 kbap

    Originally I was worried because of the makjang elements, but this show really does surprise me every time with the twist of events (well, not really twist but how the situation was handled). *shudders at thought of how badly Myung-wol the Spy turned out…

  29. 29 isabelle

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  30. 30 harlow

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  31. 31 Sonia

    Eun bi is such an utterly useless character in this drama that it amazes me… I wish there were more dramas with strong female characters who can stand their own ground, instead of all these female leads with heart of gold but nothing else to show for. ughhh

    • 31.1 alua

      Agreed! I can’t quite warm up to her – mind you, I’ve only been reading the recaps, not watching, but Chi Soo and Kang Hyuk are characters I can appreciate (especially the latter), but Eun Bi… just not much substance there at all.

  32. 32 Lahlita

    I blame Eun-bi. This is all her fault. I do. not. care. how confused she thinks she is. She is 25 friggin’ years old. When I was 25, I was holding down a job AND a house (a house that I bought with the money from my job, like a boss). I was also curing cancer, restoring the ozone layer, cleaning ALL THE THINGS, and I was only dating one guy. ONE.

    This heifer … whatever. Can Chi-soo date Hyun-woo since Ba-wool is taken yet again? What’s going to happen now? Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is leaving a lot of plot to the last two episodes. Not a criticism, just an observation. I have absolutely no idea what the plan is now, or how the writers are going to wrap this up. That bit of unknown should be exciting but I’m mildly apprehensive.

    Anyway, Goddess Friday, thank you for the recap. Now I know what was going on since while watching it raw I kind of missed … everything.

    • 32.1 Lahlita

      I guess in Eun-bi’s defense, she has made it clear that she’s hot for Chi-soo. If nothing else, she has at least spoken the words out loud, even if the my-heart-is-a-hot-noodle-pot speech was made in a moment of reproachful panic. That’s something, I guess. Yeh?

      • 32.1.1 tarianantatoer

        I really think she just tried to suss out her feeling, to be fair she did feel something for KH too. He used to make her nervous, not anymore tho, that lukewarm feeling subsided as the dongseng keeps boiling her pot. Eunbi knows that KH is the more reasonable choice. But she knows Chi-soo and her is all about soonjung. That is why GF questions are very spot on. And many yeoja friend I know will ignore the soonjung and take the KH safe road. (LKW is ♥ tho)

        • linkyo

          >>And many yeoja friend I know will ignore the soonjung and take the KH safe road. (LKW is ♥ tho)<<

          True! I totally agree with you. I mean, the soonjung with ChiSoo is just… I dunno, chemistry. But with KH maybe it won't be boiling, but it will definitely be safe and comfortable and LONG LASTING. 😀

    • 32.2 Cloie

      Yeah, I get the same feeling. I’d been married for 3ish years at 25, I’d graduated from college, we’d bought house, a car, acquired a dog…..yeah. 1 guy. at a time. MAKE A CHOICE. And yet I cannot not watch. It’s probably good for my kid and husband’s sake that I’m watching this as a simulcast. Otherwise I wouldn’t stop and wouldn’t sleep for a few days…

      that being said, thank you girlfriday for filling my FBRS crack needs. I trolled around dramabeans reading random archives until I saw it posted 🙂

    • 32.3 Ani

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  33. 33 Cruelsummer

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    There’s only two episodes left and I’m gonna need Eunbi to get some fire in her hide, so that she can:

    1) serve a couple of volleyballs upside Daddy Cha’s head to knock some sense into him.

    2)direct some of that heat ChiSoo’s way. That boy has put in some work in the “rawr” department so she needs to step up her game.

    I just love this show. I can’t believe they manage to pack so much heart, humor and tension into 45 minutes. This is the first time I’ve been truly sad to see a show end.

  34. 34 Alvina

    I dont know if it’s finals stress or what, but I literally cried.

    I CRIED for you Panda!!!!
    You’d better get a good ending with a sweet girl 🙁

    • 34.1 Alvina

      Also, I love that Crazy Chicken is hugging our Panda. Makes me happy. And Hyunwoo?! Cute.
      I’d dig a manhwa of this series 😀

      • 34.1.1 Ani

        Bawool definitely has the manhwa face. I mean he’s so this but with a rounder face and shorter plus younger. I love that he slept hugging our Panda because I seriously wanted to hug the big giant.

        P.S. Did you think of his Outrageous Women character Rookie when he found Eunbi at the batting cage? Because I did. At least there’s a show out there where he wins the main heroine’s heart. X/

        • Alvina

          omg, yes and yes!!! The curly hair, the facial expressions… straight up, manhwa character.
          And, I cant believe that you remember Outrageous Women; I actually had to look it up and then remember that I watched it because of Lee Ki Woo haha.

        • Raitei

          Domyouji Tsukasa? That’s a manga character, though. Manhwa characters tend to look a bit more elegant with shoujo eyes (even males), in my opinion. Or I might just be heavily influenced by Hwang Mi Ri.

          That aside, I gotta say I keep crying for Kang Hyuk. If they don’t give him a sort of happy ending and hint on future romance, I’m so going to hate Chi Soo forever. Lol.

          • Ani

            I know it’s a manga character, but it was my way of pointing out how cartoon-like his face is. And an even more subtle way of pointing out what I’ve been saying for a while now: that he looks like a younger Matsujun in some ways – which maybe ain’t so subtle after all. XD And if you compare manga and manhwa these days (or maybe the last decade or so), they are really similar in style at times. It’s all about the bishounens I tell you. All about the bishis.

  35. 35 Angelica

    Gahhh, I cannot believe this drama is coming to an end. You expect something to occur but have it spun it a totally different light. I really wonder how their going to end this….

    Dear Lord, Ba Wool… his conclusions crack me up.

    On another note, my heart is simply breaking for KH.. for once he’s showing his emotions. Then you have another puppy you’d want comfort. I cannot imagine how CS must deeply feel. To despise the sight of a crying women… because it reminded him of how his very own mother abandoned him… crying over another man and the son they had together?!?!?! o.O

    I don’t even know where to start. I’ll just have to wait impatiently…

  36. 36 Xaris

    Your posts help me tide over until I get to watch with subtitles. You are my lifeline to sanity. Thank you!

    I’m just sad because we all know that it won’t be Kang Hyuk with Eun Bi. Besides, its too difficult to go from “guardian” to “lover” – until now, he acts much like a protective father. I still wanted to dream though.

    In my opinion, the “Kang Hyuk” Vs “Cha Chi Soo” debate is as compelling (and makes more sense to me) than Edward VS Jacob — at least this time, the girl doesn’t drive me insane.

    KANG HYUK all the way!!!!!

  37. 37 Carrie

    I love this show, I really do. The fact that they had to bring in all that nonsense of secret births/different moms resulting in surprise surprise*- half-brothers is just so unnecessary.
    Really, where do they come up with all these terrible parents? A dad who clearly has not cherished and held on to mom and allowed his parents to get in the way of the marriage, a mom who LEAVES her own child to go to another country where she MARRIES another man-has another child and then LEAVES not JUSt the dad but also the CHILD to another country to come back to her own child just to die of cancer. seriously? O.oOOo

    I have to give it to the writers though for making this twist in plot so hilarious. Doing so was a very smart move in wake of the silly makjang move.

    Oh, and whatever happened to the feisty and spunky Eun-Bi? She’s so PASSIVE now 🙁

    Boy, there’s just so many loose ends hanging around and with just 2 episodes left, I wonder how they will wrap up satisfactory, or at least to my satisfaction. Haha

    • 37.1 MJ

      Maybe it’s not so much passiveness as the fact that she’s so tired from hitting baseballs for hours. 🙂

    • 37.2 Werefoxter

      well, for your consolation, my parents are much worse, so it is quite plausible to me. if leaving avoided being a mom who twists everyone around her finger cause she is sick, or becoming a nagging bitch (cant eat what you eat, you are so annoying, you are growing thats son wrong etc I seriously think she would rather not speak her mind / nag but leave. she also did not want to continue crying in front of chi soo- which would hurt you more – honesty and decisiveness or pity mixed with obligation when the heart is not in it?

      on a different note, nothing to do with the post above: age difference – so what. lots of lolita stories out there, why would it be awkward the other way around? there is age difference between most people we´re not all born on the same day. teenager? Student? well, there are gays and trans-gs and aliens in the world whats wrong with a student? plus Eun bi is not like some old lady for god sake she is quite young y´know.

  38. 38 otchosais

    i am excited and scared at the same time
    to know the ending next week…

    oh drama gods, i dont want to have an open ending..

    I wanted to see CS talents as a ramyun king with perfect taste buds mature and have the responsibility of his own..
    not just inheriting CHASUNG..

    the same with EB,, I wanted her to take the teacher’s licensure exam, be a licensed teacher, be able to teach and all..

    as to KH, I wanted him to find happiness of his own..

    but in beneath of what I wish, I still wanted the ramyun store be open and they all stay there together, being happy…

    thanks GF for your great recaps 🙂

  39. 39 bigwink

    My gratitude, as always~

  40. 40 apple freeman

    I am quite impressed that KH is both a good brother and a man. He loves his mum so much and therefore loves his little brother as well. He did promise his mum not to disclose his relationship with CCS, unfortunately, something comes up…….because of his true love appears (even though it is against his rule, not to date a korean). He struggles a lot during the process. He is so mature and always be considerate to others, or respects others.

    Love is something can’t be measured or explained rationally, it is a matter of heart (inner self – wishes, desires, emotion etc) the feelings between human beings. Although KH can’t win YEB’s heart as lover, but he did WIN her respect/appreciation as a good man with sincere heart.

  41. 41 twowin

    whoopwhoop! :DDDD I LURRRVVVV YOUUUUUU for posting this! 😀 reward before going to bed after like, 4hrs of studying XD

  42. 42 Ani

    I freaking love Bawool. He reminds me so much of Matsujun sometimes. But I love that he’s adorable and protective of his noona. I just don’t like his choice of women. Soyi is still so undeserving of him.

    As for Panda? I give him my love and an extra special hug. X)

  43. 43 bigwink

    Ah, I must say. This episode is like a sneeze to me.
    You know, you feel it coming yet it didn’t happen.

  44. 44 cv

    thank you for the wonderful recap. =)I can’t wait to watch it!

  45. 45 Rachael

    I’m going to be “that person”.

    I’m calling sudden cancer (maybe just a scare?) for Eunbi.

    Part of this is with the constant constipation and now fainting. Another part is just because of the latest makjang and soonjung going on. Plus tacking on all the talk about cancer with the mom. Even though if this actually happens it would be one of the most *terrible* endings possible. Just that the constant consipation and now passing out causes my writer senses to tingle in that “showing off the gun in the house” way. Talk about last minute upping the stakes then too. “Can you leave everything behind *and* still stay with me while I’m dying because we can’t afford our bills?”

    Seriously though, the Kdrama denizens have the worst genes ever. There should be a drama that’s a dramedy+parody over how everyone keeps getting cancer and possibly breaking down the fourth wall in the process. Toss in the other makjang flavors and potential hilarity increases.

    • 45.1 Rachael

      D’oh! How could I forget? Thank you for the recap!

  46. 46 tarianantatoer

    At the beginning I watch this drama for Jung Il-woo, but now I love the story more. Thank you GF for another great recap and review, your questions are very spot on.

    I sense Chi-soo will pull a noble idiot action to save the shop. Cue time jump. Kang Hyuk won’t use this opportunity to win Eun-bi over since he doesn’t want to be Daddy Cha II. Chi-soo will come to Eunbi’s side after he has done enough to prove himself to Dad and the rest of the world, by that time Eun-bi is a teacher and doing great with her life. They have their reunion in front of the shop and smooch for 5 minutes (they have to beat the duration of M2F kiss since they won the best kiss). They learn from the mistakes of the older generation and make amends. And Hyung-nim has a girlfriend, cue cameo by famous gorgeous actress. The end. Oh, my Thanks God we have The Sun that Embraces the Moon on Jan 4, FBRS withdrawal is starting to kick in.

    • 46.1 Verónica

      I honestly think that if there’s a show suitable for a time jump, that’s FBRS. In fact I think it’s needed. I somehow can’t conceive Eun Bi ending right away with any of the leading boys because she hasn’t really shown any kind of love for any of them. Yes she’s thankful of the panda, and hot for Chi Soo, but it’s not love, and to me it would be forced if she suddenly ends with any of them in current time. If they do a 5 years time jump or something, with Chi Soo being more mature and panda boy more successful, it would be more “real” for her to choose between one of them if needed. I would also love it if she remains as Chi Soo’s first love, not necessarily as his one true love.

      Two eps left and I feel like there’s a lot to cover in two hours. I truly hope they won’t blow it… :/

  47. 47 TiaC

    Yay! Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    As much as I am enjoying this show, I am still frustrated with it. It seems as though the writers blew their narrative wad during the first four episodes, because once the ramyun shop opened and the boys all moved in, not much has changed in their world, and the problems keep spinning in circles. Cha Chi Soo is the only character who has really changed, while everyone else just seem to keep bumping into each other without really growing from their encounters. So Yi only learned how to keep Ba Wool interested, not what he actually means to her. And what is Eun Bi doing with her life? That sounds harsher than I mean, but still, I don’t know what she wants for herself now that the whole teacher thing seems to be out of the picture. She hasn’t seemed to give her current state or direction much thought, and seems lately to simply be reacting to the advances of Chi Soo and Kang Hyuk.

  48. 48 Helen

    Girlfriday you get this all the time but let me say it as well.. Your recaps are Awesome! I have enjoyed them all so very much! Also, thank you for your comment and explanation of Makjang and Soonjung.

    FBRS is nearing the end, but with so much to wrap up it seems it should be 20 episodes instead of 16. Really though ~ I think I could continue to watch it even if it turned out to be 100 episodes. I just love the dynamic of the 4 boys. I want to know what happens to Hyun-woo. Does his father come back? Are the debts paid? Will So-Yi realize Ba-wool’s worth? Or will Ba-wool realize he deserves better? Eun-bi continues to study, so will she become a teacher?

    P.s. I want to see this boiling over that Eun-bi keeps talking about. She needs to rip down those walls and tell her man how she feels… Where is that tsunami..??. because I really don’t feel it was the land proposal…maybe that was the aftershock. I feel the kiss was the earthquake. Well I can’t wait to see yet I am dreading the end at the same time.

    For those with finals ~ Good Luck!

  49. 49 LeeBebeolli

    …Ba-wool pops out from the bathroom: “That makes Chi-soo Kang-hyuk’s son!”

    That part really made me LOL!

  50. 50 h311ybean

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the “potty dance” (totally love the phrasing, LOL) and the potato/stick figure sequence! 😀

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