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Running Man: Episode 74
by | January 1, 2012 | 49 Comments

It’s the Christmas Special on Running Man this week! What happens when the Running Men get superpowers? It’s Survival of the Fittest – who will be the ultimate superhero?

EPISODE 74. Broadcast on December 25, 2011.

Merry Christmas Running Man! We meet up with each of our cast members who receive a special invite to a RM Christmas party at a secret location. It’s a couples-only event, so find a date!

They’ll need to procure one by sharing a pair of gloves. Simple math tells us that out of 7, one person will be left out. Which means there be lies, betrayal, and broken hearts up ahead. Approach with caution!

Ji-hyo mentions that she’ll have to pair up with Gary – it is Monday, after all. Say Ji-hyo, you look mighty pretty today. Is it for Gary, perhaps?

As soon as Jae-suk reaches for his phone to dial, there’s someone already calling. It’s Kwang-soo, who tells him he’s nearby and that he’ll pick him up. Must be the new ‘do or the glasses because Kwang-soo really does look like Harry Potter.

Kwang-soo wonders, “Should it be this easy?” The quick answer? No.

Jae-suk sees that Ji-hyo’s called him too, and gloats at his sudden popularity. But when he calls her, he gets a busy signal.

That’s because the Monday Couple are too busy acting cutesy with each other over the phone. They agree to meet where she last betrayed him (In a previous episode, she’d abandoned him to join another team). My fingers are crossed for more Monday Couple moments today.

When Kwang-soo fails to show, Jae-suk checks in on him, but this time detects the wariness in his responses. Climbing into a taxi to meet him half-way, he again wonders if he’ll end up alone.

Meanwhile, Haha calls Jong-kook, who picks up in delight. Confirming that they’ll pair up together, he picks up Jae-suk’s call on the other line. Haha tells Jae-suk that he’s seen Min-jung just now, to which Jae-suk tells him that she was on a bus earlier, both referring to posters of Min-jung.

Oh, these two, fighting over such trivial things. He lies to Jae-suk to set a sneaky switch to leave him hanging.

Only that plan backfires when Haha draws him out to Hongdae. He flubs, giving away his own position in a nearby coffeeshop and ends up coupled, reluctantly, with Jae-suk.

Gary waits outside, coffee in hand with a worried look on his face. Would Ji-hyo betray him again? But thankfully, she calls to tell him to turn around, and there she is, smiling. She excitedly runs out to give him a hug to his genuine and pleasant surprise.

Choding Haroro whines in the car that he has to go and asks the taxi driver to pull over at a rest stop. It’s such an absurd request that Jae-suk asks if it’s the first time he’s heard of such a thing, to which he nods.

So Jae-suk’s left waiting for a while with the meter running until Haha finally shows up. He quickly apologizes, slams the door, zooms to… Jong-kook’s car and waves good-bye. HAHAHA!

Jae-suk throws up his hand in defiance to show him their shared gloves and Haha yells back, “These [lifts linked gloves] are the real ones! Those are the ones given by my coordi!” Those evil little elves…

The Easy Brothers, who have chosen each other, don’t make the betrayal any easier. Kwang-soo, amused: “You seemed so arrogant earlier…” But Kwang-soo still tells Jae-suk where the mission location is even though he’s solo.

Off to KINTEX at Il-san for our final mission. Each couple is led inside to a cozy, intimate Christmas party whilst Jae-suk is stuck outside in the bitter cold until everyone else arrives. He even asks for a small table to accompany his lonely chair for his own Christmas party of one.

But Jae-suk maintains his pride the best he can, insisting that he’s warm, and slaps on a fake smile that makes me giggle while the others laugh joyously inside.

The way the Easy Brothers think really cracks me up. They arrive dead last, fumbling over their pair of gloves. It takes a quick turn for them to realize the stupidity of their mistake, looking at the detangled string in surprise.

All the couples rub salt into Jae-suk’s loneliness – even Suk-jin tells him this is the result when he pays too much attention to the guests than his own members. Oof.

Everyone gets a personalized Christmas gift and Jae-suk exacts his petty revenge against the others by deliberately hitting Kwang-soo as they open their presents.

Mr. PD introduces the sequel to the Running Man: Survival mission and instructs them to open up their mission cards. Jae-suk asks, “This power…” and the rest of them stare at him: “Powers?!” Jae-suk stutters in response, but it’s too late – the cat’s out of the bag.

Haha figures, “Today, we’re like Wolverman/Wolviverman?” Jae-suk: “It’s Wolverine.” I’m a little disappointed Haroro. Shouldn’t you know your comic book heroes?

They’re each led to a different room, directed to drink a bottle that contains their new abilities. What the… is this Alice in Wonderland or are we getting all Secret Garden up in here with the CG effects? In any case, they down its contents, and our RM heroes are born.

Time to introduce each of our superheroes:

  • Haha (Time Controller) has the power to reverse time to one hour prior once;
  • Jong-kook (Sixth Sense) can sense the others if they’re nearby;
  • Gary (Duplicator) has 4 other Garys to create diversions;
  • Ji-hyo (Mind Controller) knows everyone else’s abilities plus another secret power…

  • Jae-suk (Space Controller) can move everyone else to a different location once;
  • Kwang-soo (Death Note) can eliminate one person by writing their name on the Death Note;
  • Suk-jin (Phoenix) has 3 lives, with the added rule that the same person cannot tag him out again.


Jae-suk walks around, amazed with the aesthetics of the building when a noise draws his attention and a distant figure catches his eye, “Gary?” Then, there’s another Gary, and another one, a sight that completely boggles his mind.

They’re his copycats, creating a ruckus and being a distraction. They’re so good that the Running Men have a difficult time at first trying to keep track of his replicas, let alone the real Gary who is equally confused. Hehe.

The other boys try to guess each other’s powers and they notice Jong-kook’s earpiece, claiming that there’s someone’s instructing him. He denies it, but follows up with, “Ji-hyo’s coming.” Yeah, way to blow your cover there buddy.

Ji-hyo turns around before Jong-kook can rip off her name tag and he sizes her up, trying to figure out her power. When she tells him that she’ll trade her freedom for knowledge of someone else’s ability.

He figures it out, “She knows everyone else’s powers.” Man, you can’t get anything past this guy!

So he cautiously asks if it’s safe to take out Suk-jin and she smiles in return.

Jae-suk gathers everyone together and comments that everyone’s apprehensive because their superpowers are unknown to each other.

So he proposes to team up to eliminate the obvious choice: Gary. He won the first Survival game after all, and his power seems most useless as of now. Using his Sixth Sense, Jong-kook pinpoints the real Gary, but thanks to his minions, he slips away.

Jong-kook catches up with Suk-jin who oddly flaunts his invincibility, daring Jong-kook to eliminate him. He catches a whiff that something is off and they dance around until Ji-hyo rips off his name tag. One life lost.

Suk-jin tries to play it off dramatically, but Ji-hyo says, “But oppa, you have another life.” Secret’s out for both Suk-jin and Ji-hyo.

The swarm of Garys finally slow down and the Running Men corner them. In a last ditch effort, the real Gary pleas for his life, but Spartakooks pulls away his copycats with ease. And so, Gary’s out.

Kwang-soo warns the others that if he lifts just one finger… and Ji-hyo instructs them to steal his pen, which catches him off guard. Since he can only write down one name, both Jae-suk and Ji-hyo follow him.

Jae-suk taunts that he can’t possibly write anyone’s name down now that he’s cornered, but Kwang-soo’s one step ahead of them – he’s got everyone’s name written down and all he has to do is choose one.

And the Death Note falls onto Jae-suk: “You wrote it [already]?” HA.

OMG I love that all the Garys have followed the real one into jail. Jae-suk complains that he didn’t even get to use his own power though he found it to embarrassing to shout out, “I wield power over space!”

Kwang-soo joins them ’cause you can’t beat SpartAce. Gary berates him that he should have written down Jong-kook’s name since he’s the only one who they can’t beat and the truth of that realization finally settles in.

Haha runs into Jong-kook who tells them that they have to take out Suk-jin. If either of them are eliminated, Suk-jin will win automatically since Ji-hyo’s tagged him out once already. Thus, no one else to take him out.

But Suk-jin is harder to take down than Haha initially thought, and Jong-kook runs to save him in the nick of time. In the end, Suk-jin is eliminated.

But guards go right back up again, now with only the three of them left. Haha points out his earpierce. Jong-kook: “I’m listening to music.” Haha: “Who?” Jong-kook: “Turbo.” Hahaha. He even dances to an oldie to prove his point, but ends up looking like a dork anyway.

With the SpartAce closing in on him, Haha has no choice but to shout his phrase, which sets the clock back one hour. Ji-hyo: “I told you not to say anything!”

Now with one hour gained, the Running Men strategize a new gameplan to eliminate the weakest link: Suk-jin. Jong-kook and Jae-suk head out to track him down.

But as soon as they start walking, the speakers boom Jong-kook’s elimination. And Kwang-soo jumps gleefully with the Death Note in hand, “I took out Jong-kook by my hand! I did it!”

He must be running on extra adrenaline or something because he gets the courage to reach for Ji-hyo’s name tag next and rips it off. Only she says coolly, “You’re out.” Huh?

That’s right – her secret power is that the first person who attempts to eliminate her gets shackled into jail himself. This means karma’s a bitch and Kwang-soo’s headed straight into the lion’s den. Kwang-soo: “But Jong-kook hyung will kill me!” Um, yeah he will.

Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime event: The Capable One, sitting alone, in jail, stewing. This is pretty awesome.

It’s too bad this image is short-lived because Kwang-soo arrives soon afterwards, his head hung low. Hahaha, I love the added touch of the ‘Godfather’ soundtrack here – it’s so appropriate. And no, Kwang-soo, I doubt that adding that teeny heart on the Death Note will do much now.

Gary sends out his troops to find Suk-jin with a “roll, roll!” (how resourceful!) which makes his second elimination an easy one.

Now it’s just the matter of Haha, who’s hidden somewhere. Jae-suk steps up to the plate with his awkward and embarrassing, “I wield power over space!” causing the Monday Couple to burst into laughter.

He orders Haha moved in front of him with his back for a prime elimination position. You can imagine Haha’s surprise being dragged because he’s been hiding for the majority of this mission.

Haha tells Jae-suk that if they’re eliminated, it’ll be down to the Monday Couple just like last time, so Jae-suk lets him off. The captions read: “Enemies one minute, allies the next.”

Meanwhile, the Monday Couple are busy strategizing their next move. Ji-hyo mumbles that she’s out of powers now and Gary looks to his copycats and says, “We have to protect Ji-hyo.” Awww.

And they actually huddle around her! But their efforts are futile as Haha rips off Ji-hyo’s name tag and Gary tears off Haha’s moments later.

A short while later, Jae-suk slithers through the pack of Garys to reach the real one, who notices at the last second. It turns into a battle of man vs. man.

Gary and Jae-suk both reach across each other’s backs to tear off the nametags… and by a mere second, Gary pulls it off of Jae-suk’s back, which makes him the Ultimate Running Man Superhero!

Back together again, Mr. PD reminds them that the victor would receive a prize of their choice. Some are pretty hilarious, like Jae-suk asking extra name tag and Kwang-soo to be a spy, but it’s Gary’s wish the staff will grant.

Gary looks at the staff in disbelief – will they really meet their end of the bargain? He’s won a trip to Europe (awesome!) and he guffaws, awestruck. He reaches for Ji-hyo in celebration and murmurs, “Wanna go together?” Keke.

Now I wish this was real.


49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    Hot couple however Song Jong Ki will steal the bride

  2. lil

    Of the 74 episodes, that was THE BEST SO FAR ! The episodes without guest are always the best ! Guest are only in the way…
    Seeing them all together reminds me of the good times when they’re not cut in 3 groups ….
    I hope that one day RM turn like infinity challenge, without almost none guest and only them ! RM cast DEABAK !

    • 2.1 schnooks

      agreeee!! i found the ones without the guests more entertaining as well

    • 2.2 cranky

      the multiple Garys actually reminded me of the time they did multiple Gil on Infinity Challenge…

      • 2.2.1 Kirito

        Haha I thought that too! And omg, Gary’s clones were so funny! I was laughing my ass off in the Suk Jin hunting scene 🙂 Gary summoning his clones with his “Lololololol” was hilarious. He was commanding them along with the Naruto bgm and when they signaled to each other when one of the clones found Suk Jin I just died~

    • 2.3 lazyG

      YES amazing episode, but the first part where they competed to make couples didn’t seem relevant.

      • 2.3.1 Melissa

        Haha, true, but it did make for good laughs… XD

  3. sjkwifey

    Monday couple jjang!! Loving their moments in this episode 🙂

    • 3.1 sjkwifey

      Also congratulations to Running Man for scooping so much awards at the SBS Entertainment Awards especially to Yoo Jae Suk who finally got the Daesang :D. I’m glad the show is starting to get the recognition it deserves since it has been an amazing show from the start. Here’s to another year of Running Man awesomness and hopefully more awards!!

  4. amymoon

    awesome episode…what a brilliant idea to give them superpowers 🙂 i like all of their superpowers

    it’s good that Haha reverse the time 1 hour earlier…all of them get the chance to play again…hehe

  5. ...

    loved this episode. was so cute and funny!

  6. mary


    this episode sounds hilarious. the superpowers are perfect!

    gary is really silent but deadly! but i love the jail scene best when the capable one was the lone prisoner.hahaha lots of RM firsts in this ep. 🙂

    thanks for the recap!

  7. gg

    ahhhh the last photo was so cute!!!!! one of the best episodes ever!!

  8. Nokcha

    Great episode! Thanks for all the caps. Enjoy reading them after watching the show.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Fresh Lemons

    I have to give the writers of the show a lot of credit. When I first heard about the episode I thought about that it may be a bit cheesy since they were going to use super powers but when I saw the episode, I was proven wrong. I don’t think anyone could have pulled out this idea of figure what powers to give to the cast and also how would they actually work so I really have to give credit to where its due and that’s the writers.

  10. 10 citrone

    Thanks for the recaps letting us have fun over RM once more.

    If there is a guest the attention and camera is always on that person. So I feel we miss a lot of RM moments. Guests can sometimes pull it of but the most hilarious moments are always the RM moments (Especially Monday-Couple moments 🙂 )

    I just wish we have more 1X8 or 1X9 more….

  11. 11 LeiDiAngelo

    The Running Man Hunting used to be my favourite episode … adn then, this Awesome Episode came along ! On the side note, if Haha didn’t use his power, he will be eliminated by Spartakooks and Spartakooks will eliminate Ace Ji Hyo only to find himself and Ji Hyo could’ve won ! No wonder, she didn’t help Haha before. Anyway, Gary is so sweet in this episode from begining up til the end ! I really wish to see the Monday couple in WGM !

  12. 12 anna

    It’s like Suk-jin has at least 5 lives and still couldn’t stay alive until at least the very end. LOL Oh big nosed hyung, how sad.

    • 12.1 Kiki

      LOLOL, I agree XD he had like, six lives (3 per round) but he still ended up getting eliminated.
      sigh, at least he tried XD he could’ve won because of the “only one person can rip per life” rule…haha

  13. 13 zodd

    Loved this episode. Wish Ji Hyo had won though. So close.

  14. 14 lialeah

    I wish they have a round three. Truly one of the best episodes so far!
    I love how Gary and his LO LOLs protected Jihyo and the Monday couple interactions were the cutest! Had me squeeling
    That photoshopped wedding pic was shown at the leesang concert btw

  15. 15 Lee Bebeolli

    This episode kept me laughing throughout. I loved Haha’s betrayal towards Jae Suk. That was too funny/clever.

    I can’t believe Gary won AGAIN, and too think that his super power was the most USELESS. Look who’s laughing now Jae-Suk! LOL

    Running Man is the BEST!

  16. 16 alwaesboo

    i felt running man was getting a little boring and was a bit skeptical about this episode with all the super powers, but i LOVED it. probably one of the best ones so far. I wasn’t sure how they’d ‘give’ them the powers, but it was executed very well. haha!

    This episode was so well thought out. each power boosted the weak links – the easy brothers, and the 1h reversal of time was awesome. It gave the members the opportunities to use up their powers! I thoroughly loved the episode! This is one ep which i think everyone should watch 😀

  17. 17 daisy

    I wonder how it was like filming this episode rofl XD DEATH NOTE

  18. 18 girlfriday

    This was by far the best way to change up the usual nametag game. I died laughing at some of the superpowers, and especially at Jae-suk’s reluctance to shout his superphrase.

    And I love it when Gary wins at stuff.

  19. 19 Cynthia

    LOL – this episode really allowed the core members to do what they do best – being sneaky and really working with the theme, without the distraction of guest RM. They know each other so well by now that the PDs really have to come up with new and challenging ideas. This SuperPowers RM really showcased how funny and SMART they all are – (not withstanding the fact that the Easy Brothers can be total idiots at times. Two mittens on one string and they can’t figure out how to get untangled?! Pffft.).

    I love it when Gary wins – he’s so sweet and is always, no matter how many betrayals from her, trying to protect his Monday Honey. And seeing all those Gary clones running around was hysterical – when they started hooting like a troupe of monkeys, calling each other – well, it was just comedy gold.

    We’re back to idols next show – watched it raw, Siwon is doing a turn. All is good.

    Thanks for the terrific recap, appreciated as always!! 🙂

    • 19.1 Lilian

      I loved it too! Monday couple ….. =)

  20. 20 mademoiselle

    One of the best. HaHa’s power changed everything. I really love this episode. Congrats Running Man! 😀

  21. 21 cherrios eater

    I loooved the Gary’s! hehe that was a funny and wonderful idea! Also, Jong-kook sitting alone in jail was hilarious!

  22. 22 missyxcindy

    that was a very fun episode. they executed the super power a lot better than I thought!

  23. 23 aramint

    aaa…Gary has Naruto’s kage bunshin no jutsu! and they used the theme song as well! one happy fangirl here. ^.^

  24. 24 Ruthie

    best episode so far….funny from start to the end. enjoyed thos Monday Couple moments. like I always say the most enjoyable moments in RM are when its just them playing. You could tell how much dynamic they have and make it work even if they dont have guests. Im kinda disappoint on their new year episode…i guessed they have too much guest to focused on and the one that they focused on is the one thats boring to begin with.

  25. 25 indy

    Hahaha, love how at first gary & his LOLs seems not very useful, but in the end because of his LOLs he managed to rip Jaesuk’s nametag & win the RM strongest man episode.
    This episode really rocks! RM Daebakk!!

  26. 26 bd

    Great concept by the writers; this is definitely one of the best eps and probably the best one that is game-centric.

    A lot of times, the games aren’t that interesting w/ the more interesting parts being the interacting btwn the regulars and guests – which is hard to do when there’s a lot of running around.

    Some of the funniest moments have been in the shopping tasks or just sitting in the car making cracks about one another, but here, the game was at the forefront and it was highly entertaining.
    Great concept by the writers; this is definitely one of the best eps and probably the best one that is game-centric.

    Ji-hyo is a cute girl, but she really shines when she smiles.

  27. 27 RAWR

    i love the wedding picture. MONDAY COUPLE FOREVER!!!

  28. 28 zank

    not only every monday couple, but also EVERYDAY COUPLE..i hope. monday couple jjang!jjang!

  29. 29 min

    definitely one of the best episodes so far!

    simply love the concept of giving different superpowers to each RM and you get to see their personality thru the used of the powers! credit to the writers for coming out with this special concept. was worried how the superpowers were going to carry out but it was done nicely!

  30. 30 Laura

    great episode , i love it, but not such a big fan of Monday Couple, sometimes it becomes over cheesyyyyyyyy

  31. 31 Ani

    I seriously love the netizens photoshop job on that photo. Gary was so proud when he shared it on his twitter. Hahahaha. Running Man Jjang~ May there be more years to come of love, laughter, betrayal and other crazy shenanigans. X)

  32. 32 Alexis

    I totally LOVED this ep!! I was blown away by all the efforts and creativity put into this ep’s concepts. The powers were really cool and you can tell that so much hard work went into creating and coordinating this ep’s game. Also, after Haha’s use of his power, the true battle begins cos almost everyone knows each other’s powers. That is why the ppl being eliminated are completely different from the 1st round. I guess everyone underestimated Gary’s powers thus, giving him a chance to totally win this. Can’t wait for them to hv another great ep like this one!

  33. 33 Mia

    yeah Monday Couple! Gary is still the ultimate Running Man!

  34. 34 Lilian

    One of my favourite episodes ever. And seeing Jong Kook in jail alone. Classic moment! And Kwang Soo so happy that he was the one who eliminated JK!haha….

  35. 35 Lady Seoul

    This episode was seriously DAEBAK! I REALLY ENJOYED IT SO MUCH! Indeed, majority of my favorite episodes are ones w/o any guests! I’m so happy for GARY!

  36. 36 RM FAn

    running man daebak!!!!

  37. 37 Hippie

    Kim Jong Kook could have win in the first round if not for Haha. 🙂 Kwang Soo is so funny..

    • 37.1 Anoumysunelae

      Even Haha was eliminated and not using the power in the first round, Kim Jong Kook will still lose as when he ripped off Ji Hyo name tag which has reflective power. And Ji Hyo will win ( i believe that’s her original plan) . . . . .

  38. 38 Raptor

    Ace was really thinking wasn’t she? Smart girl as usual.

  39. 39 Kyosuke

    Kwang-soo was rather… naive in this ep.
    His death note should’ve been used as a finishing blow to win the game.
    But nope.
    Instead of letting JK eliminate everyone else while he hide in a safe place, he went for the 1st kill then become useless.

    I guess airtime is important.

  40. 40 it just me

    One tiny detail that interested me. What was that matching-orange-wristband-thingy that both LKS and KJK wore? At first I thought it was something that all casts wore. But Haha definetely did not wearing any. And because long sleves I could only confirm SJH did not wear it in one arm; I dunno for the her other arm, and anybody else. Why only LKS and KJK? Was that a watch?

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