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Running Man: Episode 68
by | November 20, 2011 | 44 Comments

EPISODE 68. Broadcast on November 13, 2011.

Somewhere in Songdo, two spies walk in to receive their mission… Suk-jin and Kwang-soo? These two look just as confused as I do. Mr. PD sets them down and delivers the news they’ve been nearly a year and a half to hear: today, they’re the spies. They hug, speechless and Kwang-soo says excitedly, “I’ve seen this on TV! I’ve seen this on Running Man!”

I worry though, because they read over the card carefully and they’re dumbfounded as to what it means. So Mr. PD explains slowly and clearly: There are two missions before the final one, and they must help the cast succeed in those missions, lest their identities be revealed.

But this information doesn’t crack into Dumb and Dumber‘s brains, and end up asking the same questions over and over again. Mr. PD nearly explodes in frustration, before describing the entire mission again. Yes, I’m sure your previous spies have never been this dense.

Mr. PD reveals the hints to them: one with the Chinese characters of “Spy” and another written, “EASY.” Once he reveals that it stands for their names (Lee = Ea, and Ji = Sy), Kwang-soo’s left in awe and amazement at the brilliance of the Running Man staff.
Henceforth, the two are entitled to a new nickname: the Easy Brothers. There’s a reservoir of good puns in there somewhere.

Little do they know that two figures are watching them…

Time to join the others for the opening and the Easy Brothers remain relatively silent as the cast jokes around until they hear their mission: There are two missions before a final mission, and can pick up necessary items along the way.

The hitch is that they have to travel shoulder-to-shoulder to the missions, a little awkward for Kwang-soo who’s nearly 190cm tall. It’s refreshing to see the cast working towards a common goal today; all that back-stabbing can sure tire someone out. Oh wait, that’s today too. Sorta.

They arrive to their first mission: They have 5 chances to pass ten rounds of following the PD’s orders while lying on the ground. And when Ji-hyo lies down, she’s surprised and annoyed at Gary’s arm pillow. His excuse: “Sorry I thought it was Monday!”
There go through a practice round that consists of choruses of calling, “Kwang-soo, get up” in succession and then “Jong-kook, get up… not.” Cheap shot, Mr. PD. The Easy Brothers scream the loudest but their object isn’t morale – it’s not to get caught.

They fail the first round and it ends up being an argument over technicality, and Ji-hyo contests that she didn’t technically get up. Mr. PD offers to call out his orders faster, and the cast contemplates it for a moment and realize that’s not a better deal.

Round 2 and this time they’re a little better until the last call is, “Handsome guy, get up.” and Gary rises, essentially failing the round and rousing everyone’s ire. The next round is Haha’s fault, who feigns a stomachache and then coughs. Before their final chance, they need to determine who will be “Handsome Guy” and they universally appoint Ji-hyo.

They succeed on their last try, and the cast erupts in relief, moreso for the Easy Brothers. The cast stuffs their bag with some necessary items and head out.

Next stop is a water taxi, and everyone climbs aboard. Their next mission is for six members to flip a coin on a cast member’s belly, with 3 chances to complete it. Gary looks to Haha for this honor and despite his protests; Haroro ends up on the table, his flab to flip.

Haha gets fairly creative with his pot-belly, sticking it out deliberately at first, and then sucking it in to help steady the coin as it falls. It’s a brilliant plan and the cast chant his name, until Jae-suk fails their second time around. Suk-jin steps in to show him how it’s done and gives a few smart slaps to Haha’s belly before he wriggles in pain.

Down to their last chance, it’s up to Jae-suk again and he flips… and loses. Which means that a clue is handed over to the cast. They’re initially surprised and perplexed at the clue, “easy.” The Easy Brothers smile in relief. Then, the Capable One suddenly steps in and the spies hold their breaths.

Thankfully his rambling theory about the levels of the games is far off from the actual clue, but Ace Ji-hyo slyly replies, “I think there’s a criminal amongst us.” Spot on, Ji-hyo but now it’s time for the final mission!

Each member is dropped off individually at different locations of the shopping mall and they read their final mission card: Pop the balloons to reveal a clue, but more balloons will replace every incorrectly popped balloon. The members step inside to reveal hundreds, if not thousands of balloons hanging around every corner and the cast is beyond stumped – where to start?

Meanwhile, the Easy Brothers reveal their mission: Eliminate the Running Man members via spraying their name tags before they discover all the clues. They only received one sprayer at their meeting and when they ask why, Mr. PD explains: “It’s crazy expensive.” HA!

The Easy Brothers grow more nervous by the minute, the sounds of popped balloons adding to their anxiety. Suk-jin locks onto Gary as his first target, but he misses his opportune moment. Kwang-soo is the only one tall enough to grab the balloons on the ceiling and after he grabs one, Haha says, “Okay, now just do that 300 more times.”

Oh Big Nose Hyung, you are the King of Awkward Acting. Kwang-soo points out his slip, “Watch your backs…” stating it draws unnecessary suspicion.

Suddenly, Haha shouts that there’s a guest, pointing to a crowd of people strolling into the mall. More people means more time for our two spies…

In another part of the mall, Kwang-soo ushers Jae-suk to a secluded room and prepares to spray him, but Jae-suk turns around at the last second, mid spray-reaching (it slipped into his pants), and casually tosses, “You’re not…the spy right?” Jae-suk notices his shocked reaction and rolls with it, questioning his every move. He suggests eliminating Kwang-soo and the latter gets defensive.

Ace Ji-hyo is popping balloons by herself when she discovers something in the balloon – a clue “soo.” She runs to share it with the rest of the cast, and Suk-jin immediately thinks, “It’s ‘soo’ for Kwang-soo!” Um well, crap.

Well that should be the least of your worries because Haha suggests it could be “Choi Min-soo.” The Easy Brothers yell that Min-soo’s back to get them, all the while smiling to divert attention from themselves. To make it worse, Jae-suk wonders if the hunted order is the order they got dropped off…which means he’s first. Yikes!

Suk-jin manages to squirt Gary successfully this time, but we see him loitering around. Just then, someone approaches him, grabs him and tears off his name tag. Wait, is that Su-ro and Ye-jin?

That’s right. They’ve seen everything – from the Easy Brothers receiving their mission to following the cast to the mall. Their objective is to eliminate the cast members in the order the Easy Brothers have marked, which basically demotes the boys to lackeys of the true spies.

Haha inadvertently finds another clue “jin” and who is the first person he calls for? Jong-kook. Meanwhile the Ace and Yoo Hyuk deduce that it must be “Ji Suk-jin” and “Lee Kwang-soo,” their suspicion radar now on full alert.

He ends up telling Kwang-soo that it must be Su-ro and Ye-jin to put his mind at ease, but fails to realize he’d already figured it out. And drawing out the plan to a T is the Capable One, who catches on that there must be an alliance between the Easy Brothers and Su-ro and Ye-jin. He figures these out too quickly.

The true spies voice their complaints about their minions – they keep running around together, creating suspicion. But Kwang-soo sprays Jae-suk and Ji-hyo with ease, but whispers why the crew isn’t taking them away.

Likewise, the first person Jong-kook hunts down is Haha when he finds the next clue, “pal.” But the following clue, “ro” confirms Jae-suk’s suspicions that indeed, the guests must be back, and Kwang-soo is left speechless. It does little to shift the doubt from Kwang-soo retorts to Jae-suk’s longing to rip his name tag: “You’ve been doing that for a year and a half! ‘Let’s just rip off his name tag’ ‘He seems strange’ ‘He’s acting awkward!’ I’ve been awkward for 27 years!” Point taken.

Ji-hyo gets a clear shot of Su-ro and shares it with the rest of the group. Now Jong-kook breaks it down for Kwang-soo: he’d been given a mission, but Su-ro is here and he’s flustered. Kwang-soo confirms that the only person who has been taken away is Gary, but what about the others?

Well those others are about to be taken care of because soon after, Jae-suk walks right into the true spies’ direction and Su-ro eliminates him fairly easily. And when Jong-kook turns out Big Nose Hyung’s pocket (and finds the sprayer), Suk-jin sprays it into his mouth to distract him, and targets Spartakooks. And Haha is the last to be sprayed.

The Easy Brothers hug in celebration – Mission Complete! Or so they think because as soon as Kwang-soo is alone, Su-ro appears. And before Kwang-soo is hauled off to jail, Kwang-soo says, “But I’m the sp—” and they cover his mouth.

He arrives to jail in complete disbelief, jarred from his recent capture. His hyungs explain that he and Suk-jin’s were simple pawns in this game. Jae-suk asks, “What are you today?” Question of the day, Jae-suk.

Haha is sent down to draw out the guests and they bite. So Jong-kook rushes downstairs, with Ji-hyo yelling directions from overhead. But she should be watching her own back because Ye-jin sneaks behind her and eliminates her.

Now only Spartakooks and Big Nose Hyung remain. Jong-kook calls Suk-jin, who has a hard time believing that Su-ro and Ye-jin are here. As soon as he hangs up, however, Jong-kook is easy pickings for the Best Capable One, aka Su-ro.

Suk-jin is still confused, even after he meets up with Su-ro and Ye-jin, who take him out fairly quickly. Once everyone is gathered together, the entire clue is revealed as, “Su-ro and Ye-jin’s bracelets.”With an all-kill, the guests are declared the winners!


44 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Zeyy

    Thanks you for the recap!!!! I love this show soo much!!! :):) your efforts are much appreciated!

    • 1.1 Zeyy

      oops I meant ‘thank you’*, lol at the typo 🙂

  2. shaz81

    thank you, I read every week and always forget to say thanks.

  3. nesreen

    thank you

  4. Cynthia

    Thanks for another terrific recap!

    How funny was it that D & D still get totally screwed over – and to see them not understanding the missions with the PD was beyond funny. Good thing the PD didn’t have a baseball bat.

    Ye-Jin’s move in getting Ace Ji-hyo was super sneaky and brilliant – it’s not often the Ace gets surprised like that.

    And once again, the cast is petrified that Choi Min-soo is after them. I can’t wait until next week when he really IS after JS aka Grasshopper! Epic!!

    • 4.1 Ani

      I know right? Let the hunt begin.

  5. Ani

    Aaaw, can we get a full on Family Outing guesting episode? Please? Hahahaha. Someone needs to pari up Ace Jihyo and Savage Yejin. XD

    • 5.1 Cynthia

      And mudflats. Seriously, we need mudflats.

    • 5.2 purplesheesh

      I actually prefer Ace Ji Hyo with Hyori 🙂

  6. anna

    HAHAHAH omg, Kwang-soo’s confused face when it was revealed that the Su-ro and Ye-jin are here is epic! I rewind that part over and over again. Poor Easy Brothers, so trusting. Have they learn nothing from Gary?

  7. izzie g

    Thanks for the recap Gummi. I haven’t watch this epi yet, but reading ur recap still gives me an adrenaline rush I need to face my Monday blues!

  8. Lys

    I spilled my drink when Suk-jin used the spy weapon as a breath freshener spray.

    • 8.1 mika

      I KNOW!!! I LOLed so badly!!! 😀
      Admittedly, it was quite ingenious for Suk-jin 🙂

    • 8.2 K

      That was easily the best part of Sukjin’s faux spy life. 😀

    • 8.3 amos

      i was dying of laughter but i wish they were the real spys lol

  9. Julianna

    I shall start watching when 1N2D ends…

  10. 10 Claire

    RM just keeps getting better and better 🙂

    • 10.1 Claire

      oh and thanks for the recap! 🙂

  11. 11 neener

    thanks for the recap!!

    can’t wait to watch this and the next episode!!!!!!

  12. 12 madhavi

    I was literally rolling on the floor laughing for 5 minutes when suk jin sprayed his mouth with the uv spray!

    • 12.1 zodd

      Yeah that part got me off guard. lol

  13. 13 min

    arh! finally the hide and seek is back and this time round with 2 fake spies… wonder the easy brothers are really showing their true talent or faking for the sake of variety show effect? they are so transparent and jae-suk and capable one can easily identify them as the spy…

    still miss the bell though…

  14. 14 sPark*

    Haha Poor Easy Brothers~ They should know to question the staff when something is too good to be true. I love how Choi Min Soo’s name frightens everyone (this week’s was pretty epic btw). I think Ye Jin getting Ji Hyo was pretty awesome; I was quite surprised. Jong Gook continues to surprise me with his ability to piece together clues and whatnot.

    Btw I’m still wondering if Gary knew what was going on during his time as the “spy.” They never revealed it, but I guess the consensus is that he was tricked until the end lol

    Thank you for always doing recaps 🙂 I understand everything in the show, but I like reading recaps just to relive key moments.

    • 14.1 Cynthia

      Right?! Gary’s spy time ending was like waiting for the other shoe to drop – and it never did. It’s not like the PD staff of RM to dangle an ending like that.

      Just watched the next episode with CMS chasing his “grasshopper”. It was beyond hysterical. And, I must say, Choi Min Soo cleans up nicely. Shaved, nice clean shiny hair and HOT biker leathers. He was kinda rocking a Johnny Depp pirate/biker vibe. Sexy – and ruthless. 🙂

  15. 15 anonymous

    Go Kwang-soo! Onestly he did really well. I mean Big nose ajusshi really took out just Gary. Too bad it was all joke 🙁 I kind of root for Kwang-soo , i really cant standy looking at hom being so patethic. But from what saw i think he´s got some hidden potencial

  16. 16 railyn

    Kim soo roo is really he best in variety game show.. hahaha!! daebak!!

    I miss the Family outing season 1!!!

  17. 17 Akikisetsu

    Thanks again! I think it would be nice if we have ace ji hyo, park yejin and lee hyo ri as the chasers. Them 3 against the guys, they would totally chase down all the guys until the end.^^

    • 17.1 Katherine

      That is what I would really like. I want a girls team that can dominate all the men and you can’t get any better than Lee Hyori – Song Ji Hyo – Park Yejin ^^. If that ever happened it would be an awesome episode.

      • 17.1.1 Jo

        Would be EPIC. I miss Hyori. She needs to get on this show again. 😀

  18. 18 Claire

    actually kwang soo and suk jin (for me) won this…they managed to eliminate all members…they just didn’t know they are fake spies… 🙂

  19. 19 min

    the next episode, choi min soo is back to hunt the grasshopper!


  20. 20 amos

    I am really mad that they were not the real spys and i alson think they won because they got everyone out

  21. 21 Lee

    I have enjoyed Running Man, but from this episode I seriously think the PDs need to die in a fire and their ashes mixed with shit.

    Gwang Soo and Suk Jin are already the most bullied members of the entire show and doing this to them, even for ‘entertainment’ purposes, is just sickening and utterly disgusting.

    After filming for 2 years, can’t they have at least 1 episode where they can shine? Fuck the PDs seriously. I’m mad.

  22. 22 Sonic

    so funny when Gwang Soo was eliminated he had an epic facial expression at the jail… why am i out? i’m a spy… same with Sukjin… LOL!

    So cool also watching the part where the real spies eliminated the jihyo, haha and jongkook… the members planned it all out to catch the Yejin and Sooro but in the end it all backfired to them Haha was caught by Sooro and swiftly escaped and Yejin just popped out of nowhere eliminating Jihyo and jongkook was like what just happened?! They really looked like real spies with all those moves…

  23. 23 Alexis

    Honestly, it was a little hard to believe that jihyo and jong kook was eliminated so easily. I mean they hardly seem to put up a fight at all. Feels like it was heavily scripted for the spies to win. =.=

    • 23.1 sp

      Well, we can’t expect them to be super human or omnipotent. I don’t think they were “scripted” to lose, they lost fair square, they were caught off-guard. But I don’t consider this a total defeat of RM since they pretty much figured it out quite early on about the whole scheme, mainly by JK and verified when Jihyo saw Sooro. It’s 5-2-2 and the guests are physically strong and had arm nametag, this is a hard mission to begin with. Their final plan sucks, it’s JK’s typical style but it doesn’t always work. I think 3 of them should have stayed together luring the guests out, the guests don’t seem to have a lot of patience anyway. Even that they still might not win as their nametags are easier to remove.

  24. 24 Leia

    To me, Gwang Soo and Suk Jin already did a good job for their mission. I feel so upset to know that it is all just a lie

    • 24.1 sp

      Yeah, I feel sorry for them. They were put in a tough spot and ridiculed, much like an episode where Kwangsoo and Jihyo were threatened by the guests to be their spies only to be discarded later on. It’s a no-win situation.

      But they also didn’t help their own casewhen they chose to ignore the clues and deduction given by other members to conclude they might have been had by production. I wonder how are they supposed to win in this situation. Spray all RM and then help them to oust the real spy?

  25. 25 Joy

    Pretty angry about the “Real Spies” concept. I want an episode with Ji Suk Jin and Lee Gwang Soo as the main stars, not the gullible idiots. And the guests won because of the Easy brothers and most likely because the show was scripted. This episode was absolutely horrible. I hate the production crew.

  26. 26 Feliss

    It was all funny until the real spies came in. My heart sank. They were supposed to have won the mission already!! Absolutely hate the production crew.

    Easy brothers.. I was rooting for them..

  27. 27 Kyosuke

    Don’t like how the last game’s rules are skewed in the spies’ favour.
    Bracelets – Hard to find
    Hints – Friggin hard to find
    Decoys – Making spies job easier
    Tag out order was supposed to be in the order of the Easy Bros mark but ended up being ignored.

    • 27.1 sp

      Yep, the spies had it easy. They aren’t young incompetent girl group members they shouldn’t be given such an easy mission.

  28. 28 Raptor

    They should have looked for balloons of the same colour and clustered/ tied together. Every single one of those clues found were in that manner, but they didn’t notice that fact and carried on bursting balloons any old how.

    Anyway if Big Nose wasn’t acting even at the end, it shows he’s really dumb. Well the show does need a Dumb and Dumber I guess, but after 193 episodes, it’s getting a little tiring to see JSJ wearing everyone else down.

  29. 29 anon

    This episode just made me feel really sorry for JSJ and LKS. They’re always the butt of jokes and they were so excited for this. Granted they were pretty frustrating and terrible, so I understand the production crew, but still. Also, some of the good luck the running man cast had seemed… too good to be true… maybe it’s the editing but they seemed to jump around to conclusions really easily and get it right. Again, the editing is so terrible. They repeat things in slow motion like 7 times each and you can usually tell what’s going to happen so why even bother? It drives me nuts. Not as great as an episode as I’d hoped… :\

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