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Flowers strike back: Moon/Sun edition
by | February 1, 2012 | 94 Comments

girlfriday: Well, this is an idea gone awry.

javabeans: Is…that…who I think it is? Well, that’s embarrassing.

girlfriday: Someone took “flower boy” way too literally. Those pants are just… wow.

javabeans: Look, just because they’re called “flower boys” doesn’t mean you have to represent every part of that etymology, in picture form.

girlfriday: But then what would you do with that trunk full of your grandma’s old hats that she used to wear to the Kentucky Derby?

javabeans: The easy answer? Bury them with her. So is the new name of this drama just going to have to be DayGlo Moonflower?

girlfriday: I think so. It’s still within the hippie parameters. Sunflower Raindance Moonshine and all. Er, wait, that’s a different thing. Moonshine just gets you drunk.

javabeans: Which is what the art directors must have been on this shoot. Although I say: King Hwon and his posse would never have been caught dead in this carnival getup.

girlfriday: It’s like a craft supply store threw up on them.

javabeans: And then they took pictures as evidence, should the need arise.

girlfriday: Blackmail’s a bitch.

javabeans: At least they’ve got the moon on their side.

Via High Cut


94 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    They did an awesome job ! I can think about those eps as a whole drama!

    • 1.1 iZzie :)

      drama title: Wall Flowers.

      Very living room-inspired. Floral decor, check. Wallpaper, check. Couch fabric, check.

      Looking at them makes me want to get a hot cup of choco, grab a book from my shelf, and then spend the entire afternoon curled up in my reading nook. 😉

  2. Dangerousgoods

    Looks like some people took the F4 concept to a new stratosphere >_< The guys still look pretty though~ I feel the urge to rewatch episodes 1-5 again!

  3. riin

    I have just one thing to say: Oh My God Jesus CHristmas!!!

    • 3.1 Mystisith

      My thought exactly…. Ahahahah !!!
      First pic without the flowers hat is OK.
      For 2nd and 3rd, did they pick up the clothes on the street an decided to make the worst combination ever ?
      High Cut can do very nice pictures, but here… I will suggest they tried to get our attention by shocking us.
      Yeah. Blackmail or stupid bet. One or the other.
      Poor cute kids… * Throwing a blanket at them to preserve their pride *.

      • 3.1.1 Shukmeister

        This is why you should never allow Mary Poppins anywhere near the liquor cabinet.

        • jay-z

          ahahahhahahahahahhhhahaah! *wipes eyes* good one.

    • 3.2 KDrama Fan


      • 3.2.1 KDrama Fan

        Someone been drinkin’ too darn much.

  4. Fasiris Fay

    hahahahha this is awesome!

  5. Ace

    1st pic: cute…
    2nd pic: everything below the neck’s bad. ahjumma pants?
    3rd pic: okay, except for the shirt…or is that a blouse?

    • 5.1 MsGB

      I was just thinkin the same thing for pic 3!!!

      In any drama, everytime the guy and the girl get stuck out in the boonies but it magically starts raining or even though they’re lookin in front of them they never seem to see the puddle they’re about to step in. Those pant show up. Never fails. No one ever goes pantless!
      (Darn pants!!!!)

      Pic 4 i dont know what to say……. i prefer this fit over the barbershop quartet in pic 1! (i guess i do know what to say!)

  6. come2noona

    My first reaction…

    Well, HOWDY Miss Minnie Pearl!

    Soon followed by…

    They sure are cute though. I wanna take them home and make them cookies…silly hats and all!

  7. alexandra...

    Enough Already…let these boys be men!!

  8. Raitei

    Ah…at least they’re cute? >.<

  9. redfox

    I know a person who actually dresses like that, he is an artist and he drives a car painted in grafiti that has a radio on the roof that constantly plays “Don´t Worry, Be Happy!”
    actually now I start to think the definition “flower boy / man” goes well for artists… Naive type of artists.
    although I was a flower GIRL once, and it meant carrying roses in a wedding till your hands bled dry, and there was nothing hippie-romantic about it for a 5-year-old (you see, flower girls and boys had to be very young and very cute and no one cared about the sadistic outcome…

    • 9.1 Pitch

      “he drives a car painted in grafiti that has a radio on the roof that constantly plays “Don´t Worry, Be Happy!” ”

      That´s amazing.

  10. 10 Kiara

    My dear ggrand-mother would love those hats for spring. I prefer them in street clothes with no make up.

  11. 11 JoAnne

    Such cute boys…such a wierd idea.

    • 11.1 Shukmeister

      Hope none of them are allergic to bees.
      Clearly they aren’t allergic to bad couture.

    • 11.2 iZzie :)

      the more I look at the pics, the more I feel like going berserk.


  12. 12 Phem

    Oh my shizzuss! Im Siwan is so gorgeous!
    And Lee Min Ho! Waaaaah! <3

  13. 13 Ah Ra P.

    my mouth was hanging open, like :O. but I love the brother-ly feel on the 1st pic 😀 the four of them are back together, yeay! 😀

  14. 14 Phem

    Oh my shizzuss! Im Siwan is so gorgeous!
    And Lee Min Ho too. I love flowerboys!

  15. 15 Koreandramasrock

    My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrggh!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16 stars4u

    Flower boys wearing flowers

  17. 17 BellaMafia

    Totally jail bait!

  18. 18 Geneva

    Reminds me of that horse in The Aristocats.


    In other news, Yeo Jin Gu needs to grow up faster so I feel less creepy about finding him so charming.

  19. 19 Cynthia

    Why is the Easter Parade so early this year?
    And why does S. Korea fashion insist on feminizing their men?

    Those flowered pastel pants are identical to the ’70’s wallpaper I thought would look so cool/retro in one of the bathrooms. Nope. It just looked ’70’s. Like those failed pants.

    • 19.1 Shukmeister

      @ Cynthia – LOLOL! All they’re missing is a peace sign and a doobie.

      • 19.1.1 Cynthia

        And a leather vest with LOTS of fringe!
        And dirty feet. Really dirty feet.

        • YY

          The problem here is not the boys, but the flowers which make them look too feminine. So the trick is to make them look hard and macho and trendy. I propose the
          flowers be torn off at once, and replaced by one of the following:

          1. A tree, preferably with lots of thick foliage and NO flowers.

          2. Roots: choose those that are gnarled and coated with a layer of thick soil for an added ‘dirty’ appeal

          3. A live SMALL animal, preferably a skunk or squirrel. Skunk hats would look really attractive with those daring black and white streaks, while a squirrel’s bushy tail, arranged carefully to hang over one side, would make such a bold fashion statement. Roosters are also very striking with the myriad of colours displayed in those magnificent tail feathers.

          Note: Live animals are preferred for that ‘lively’ look….just let skunk, squirrel or rooster imbibe soju before being mounted/draped/coiled onto/around hat. Animals will be intoxicated for the duration of the shoot and can be returned to their natural habitats at the end of the shooting session.

          • Cynthia

            LOL – I vote for the good ole standby “drunk as skunks” headgear with LOTS of rooster feathers!
            To quote Rachel Zoe, “I die”

          • Little Lulu

            LOL. You amused me to the bone!

          • iZzie :)

            😀 YY! LOL!

            Foliage… reminds me of the Men of Still.

            Roosters… why not use turkeys instead? Bigger feathers, no? While we’re at it, why not peacocks? (Oh, right. We should avoid color explosion.)

          • Cynthia

            True, that.
            Peacocks = Girly

  20. 20 kewbie

    HAHAHAHA…it’s Boys UNDER Flowers this time.

    Thanks for posting this. I needed a laugh…and a smile. 🙂

    • 20.1 Pitch

      lololol @ Boys under flowers.

  21. 21 lessaofpern

    OMO OMO I’m loving it!!!! I needed a good laugh today 😛

  22. 22 thiramek

    WTH is with that flowery pants? its like my mother’s flower bed. lol

  23. 23 thiramek

    on a second thoughts, i think that pants looks like ahjuma pants. lol

  24. 24 Honey


  25. 25 Noelle

    I’m embarrassed for them. Ya know just in case they didn’t know they should be.

    Good god… those flower pants.

  26. 26 Banu

    hahah love the title.. I hope they all have bright futures ^__^

  27. 27 Aly

    the first picture was fine, but then I saw the solo shoot and was shocked. Don’t know any appropiate words for them…

  28. 28 Bluefyre

    Oh boy….
    I hope they show those pictures to their children and grandchildren someday 😀


    Hey, at least they’re getting good pay for it right?

  29. 29 Pitch

    Lol, aw. Poor kids.

  30. 30 Amberscube

    i hope they got paid really well with this.

    Flowers everywhere. They are so ready for spring.

    Floral pants? I cant believe my eyes. I would not even dare wear it. LOL.

  31. 31 milkmustache

    Pardon my language: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?

    I mean, I know they’re incredibly good-looking and all, but what’s with that flower pants? And the ones in their hair? That’s just messed up and awkward. I feel bad for those poor souls that had to wear that.

  32. 32 Aya

    r these fo’ real?
    apart from the offending 1920s fashion and no socks style from 2008, you’ll publish flowers and pastels at currently 7°F / -16°C in korea? good job HighCut

  33. 33 ilikemangos


    i absolutely adore these guys, despite their silly costumes.

  34. 34 canxi

    Rather than the flower pants am I the only one who notices how short his arms look? What happened??

    • 34.1 meri

      Ewww you’re right I didn’t notice at first. I’m assuming they are lost in the sleeves but it still looks weird!

    • 34.2 Cynthia

      Urk! It’s like where in the hell are his elbows?!

      • 34.2.1 iZzie :)

        He lost it somewhere in those clothes. Along with his dignity.

  35. 35 Emily

    This makes me think of those old family outing ‘fashion’ shows…? Either way, lol. gotta give them points for coming up with something different though XD

  36. 36 Tha

    Is it bad if I don’t hate it?! Because I dont…

  37. 37 EJ

    You know you’re getting old when all the new/current idols/actors are younger than you…. ~ le sigh….

    other than that silly opinion, I absolutely loved their performance in the show!!!

  38. 38 Marj

    Oh man, I should’ve taken caution after reading your conversation and avoided scrolling down further than Im Shi-wan’s face -.- Hot damn he’s pretty, and hey, I actually thought the hats were cute but those pants?! Nooo.
    Still, it’s nice to see them together again. I have a soft spot for pretty boys that come in groups of four now XD (although park min-young’s character was never a boy – ahh well)

  39. 39 alua

    The first and second pics are so random that they kind of rock. I mean, they must have totally been cracking up wearing these kind of hats and pants, no?

    That’s what I would do if someone would dress me up that way – do it for the fun of it.

    Pic 3 – just a somewhat weird style. But there are people that run around like heck. Heck, there are people that run around the way these boys are dressed in pic 1 and 2 – at least my neighbourhood of London where people wear just about anything.

    • 39.1 alua

      *run around like THAT. uhum, fingers faster than the brain…

  40. 40 Nhu

    Well, they flower wreaths are kind of hilariously literal… And I’m sorry about the ajumma pants. But King Hwon… kind of really really hot. I love his pouty lips. Rawr. Grow up quickly so it’s not strange!

  41. 41 RaeD

    The second pic is the best..i just straight out laugh in public.. haha.. :p a flower boy wearing a flower pants with a hat with flower is just too much..

  42. 42 nuri

    Well, they looks like they’re having fun.

    Ps: anyone else feels that Si Wan looks younger than the rest of them? Even 10 years younger Yeo Jin Goo.

  43. 43 Claudia

    The 2nd picture made me LOL! My goodness! Did that guy slept with the photographer’s wife?

  44. 44 Taber

    I don’t care what he wears the actor in the second pic is so damm talented. I think I watched every drama he been in but he caught my attention with Giant and held it with Roots and now Moon. He incorporated true natural talent! I forget how handsome he is and totally captivated by the character he bring to life. The thing that makes me so much of a fan girl is that out of so many characters none of them has been the same or even similar, he displays a wide range and nails them all with true natural acting. Its quiet impressive for such a young man he truly is per genius and I which him continue success in the future…

  45. 45 tessieroo

    That last pic Jin Goo looks like he’s saying “JUST TAKE THE DAMNED PICTURE ALREADY!” These are the kind of photos you take of children. (and yes, some of this group of 4 are still children) I’m guessing the older ones will soon have a photo shoot with lots of guy-liner and ripped jeans? (with possibly no shirt?) Just to help them get over the trauma of this shoot, you see. 🙂

    • 45.1 Mystisith

      There, i’m torn : Innocence ? guyliner ? What to choose ???

  46. 46 Ana

    Worst fashion pics eva.

  47. 47 Carinne

    The boys are sayin’, “no matter what, we’re still getting paid right?”

  48. 48 Ana

    Coming back to look again like someone staring at wide scale disaster pictures taken from a helicopter who cannot believe just how really bad it is.

  49. 49 EvilTwin

    You would have to be very VERY confident of your masculinity to be caught wearing these clothes…UNLESS you’re not really masculine to start with..bwehehehe

  50. 50 Fiercediva

    Wow! Gibson Girls from the waist up and old men on the golf course from the waist down!

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