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History of the Salaryman: Episode 16
by | February 22, 2012 | 82 Comments

A nefarious evil has overtaken Chun Ha Group, leaving Yeo-chi missing, Bang drinking, and Woo-hee practicing extremely unsafe driving methods. This episode was a great example of controlled chaos, as each of our characters goes through some kind of shakeup to their world order. There’s more than enough cute to go around, even as we find ourselves wondering whether the eye of the beholder really can turn a deer into a horse, or vice versa. Especially if the beholder is someone so warped anyway. That’s right – Gabi, I’m looking at you.


Woo-hee’s trying to put the pieces together regarding the insulin case with Chairman Jin. She remembers that his doctor blamed himself for the dose being too strong, and that Chairman Jin wanted her to analyze the insulin he was taking. Why?

Finding herself outside of the stockholders meeting, she peeps inside via an opened door. Her eyes fix straight on Mo Gabi, who is announced to be the new Chairwoman of Chun Ha Group via the false will she wrote. Everyone is reeling from the shock, but those executives Gabi has won over begin to sing her praises while influencing other executives to accept. Soon enough the whole room is applauding the announcement.

In the crowd, Bang asks Jang Ryang what’s going to happen now. Jang Ryang: “The game’s over.” Gabi takes the stand to introduce herself, and Woo-hee remembers how Chairman Jin’s lifeless hand fell out of the blanket… C’mon, Woo-hee! You’re this close! At least she places a call to the medical center to do some further investigating.

While Gabi starts dressing herself like a proper chairwoman for her upcoming inauguration ceremony (I know, things move fast this episode), she muses on how Yeo-chi is going to become penniless. She sure doesn’t seem that torn up about it.

Yeo-chi gets a rude knock at the door and finds herself unable to keep some ruffians out – and those ruffians come with repossession stickers to put on every last thing Yeo-chi owns. The scene of Yeo-chi’s possessions being repossessed is intercut with Gabi’s inauguration scene, only going to show what Gabi is gaining at Yeo-chi’s expense.

Gabi assures all those gathered that, as the new Chairwoman of Chun Ha, she will go hand in hand with them toward a bright future. You know, all the nonsense you’d expect her to spout. Hang-woo looks like he’s the only one not buying what Gabi’s selling, and the handshake they’re forced to share is tense. She is bathed in praise and flowers for killing the Chairman. Of course, no one present knows that.

On the way to Yeo-chi’s apartment, Bang sees the men leaving and knows something is wrong. When he goes inside he sees all the repossession stickers while Yeo-chi sits in the middle of her living room, looking small and alone. She doesn’t know what to do.

Bang goes straight to Woo-hee, who’s acting as his only contact from within Chun Ha. It’s nice that she’s always willing to pull double agent duty for him because they’re friends, with an easygoing relationship between them that’s always enjoyable.

She informs him that Chairman Jin made a personal investment in a company that went belly up, which surprises Bang. He wasn’t aware that Chairman Jin was making other personal investments besides the one he made in Paeng Seong Enterprise. But Woo-hee explains it like this: in order to make the investment, Chairman Jin put up collateral, and all the shares of that company went to Yeo-chi. Now that the bank is calling for liability, Yeo-chi’s number is up. As for how much she owes, Woo-hee says that even if Yeo-chi sold all her company stocks it wouldn’t be enough. So in the end, Yeo-chi even loses her house.

Something seems fishy about this whole ordeal. Yeo-chi meets with Gabi, the latter of whom feigns worry until they’re alone together. Then she rips Yeo-chi a new one, chiding her for calling her ‘Director’ Mo and not ‘Chairwoman’ Mo.

Yeo-chi is taken aback at first, wondering why Gabi is suddenly acting high, mighty, and mean toward her. To top it all off, Gabi throws a small pile of bills at Yeo-chi and tells her to never show her face at Chun Ha again. Proving that she’s way more keen than most people take her to be, Yeo-chi collects herself and asks, “How did you manage to hold back all this time? A person doesn’t change over one moment. This is your true self, right? How hard it must have been for you to put on that fake look in front of Grandpa day after day.” Oh. Burn.

Gabi defends herself vehemently, claiming that she only received what she deserved by working under Chairman Jin for so many years. Yeo-chi fires right back, saying that no one forced Gabi to work and that she’ll always be ‘Director’ Mo in her eyes, no more and no less. For that matter, something rings false about how Chairman Jin gave everything to her.

In response, Gabi slaps her.

Later, Yeo-chi gets to overhear the public opinion of other employees in the strategic resources department, and it’s mostly negative. They might acknowledge that Yeo-chi was treated unfairly, but whether she deserved it or not is another matter.

Hang-woo encounters her in the hallway, and offers some advice. She should first look into the company her Grandpa invested in first to see if it even exists. She must find out who the president is, as well as why Chairman Jin invested. Nice. Hang-woo is on her side. Yeo-chi accuses him of just pitying her, but he merely replies that Gabi is a mutual thorn in both their sides. But, “Baek Yeo-chi, you, you’re really frustrating. Your ignorance of worldly matters is to the point of being pathetic.”

He’s trying to toughen her up in order to fight back. We don’t know whether his words have any effect or not quite yet.

Poor Yeo-chi. Alone in a home that’s no longer hers, she talks to a photo of Grandpa Jin and sobs. She doesn’t know the truth, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Bum-jeung, meanwhile, overhears a conversation Gabi has with her minion. Though we could have guessed already, it’s said plainly that Gabi was the mastermind behind Yeo-chi’s poverty, causing all Yeo-chi’s equity to go to the creditors who worked for her. Through a roundabout method made to evade suspicion, all of Yeo-chi’s equity goes to Gabi. Now that Bum-jeung knows all, will it change anything?

Without needing to eavesdrop, Jang Ryang is already well aware that the company Chairman Jin invested in was a sham. Bang doesn’t understand how that makes sense, and Jang Ryang explains that it was a company that only existed on paper. But unlike Jang Ryang, who seems to think that Chairman Jin could have been conned, Bang is sure that this was all a calculated plan to bring Yeo-chi down. If Chairman Jin was planning on giving everything to Gabi, why would he have bothered with successor training for Yeo-chi?

He’s sure there must be a conspiracy. (There is, Bang! There is!) His attempts to get in touch with Yeo-chi fail, and even when he goes to bang on her front door, she doesn’t answer.

Gabi has caught onto the fact that certain executives have been talking ill of her – so in order to nip that problem in the bud she uses a method Chairman Jin taught her about striking first. All the executives engaged in such talk find themselves on the receiving end of a text message that says they’re fired – and when they protest, they’re forcibly removed from the meeting room.

Now everyone knows she’s playing for keeps, and that all their jobs are at her mercy. Hang-woo is the only one nonplussed. She idly asks about a horse painting on the wall… and executive So Ha kindly corrects her. That isn’t a horse, he says, it’s a deer.

Deer, she says? To her, it looks like a horse. She challenges anyone else to tell her what they see in that painting, and all the scared executives hastily affirm that yes, that deer in the painting is clearly a horse, just because she says so.

Hang-woo finally stands up, disgusted with everyone’s behavior. Have they all gone mad? He points to the painting and tells Gabi, flat-out, that it’s a deer. She chooses not to fight him on this one, and merely smiles as he stalks out of the meeting.

Bum-jeung, who’s been looking like a man on a ledge for most of this episode, tries to take some action to assure his job position for the future. He comes upon Gabi in her office and greasily grabs her by the waist. (Creeps. Me. Out.)

He doesn’t seem to understand that Gabi had only been using him up until now, and since she is no longer in a position beneath him (in both senses of that phrase), she doesn’t need to cater to his affections and treats him coldly.

She informs him that he’s as much at risk during the coming personnel reorganization as anyone, and has to prove his competence. He looks very confused by the end of their conversation.

Even though he’s received the cold shoulder all of a sudden, that doesn’t seem to change Bum-jeung’s feelings for her. When Hang-woo meets with him to discuss dethroning Gabi, Bum-jeung doesn’t want to hear it. He claims that the strategic resource team is there to protect the chairwoman, and that he won’t sanction a revolt. Hang-woo calls him out, now believing the rumors about Bum-jeung and Gabi’s relationship. Knowing when someone is being had, Hang-woo tries to warn him against trusting Gabi – she’s not as pure and noble as he thinks. His words fall on deaf ears.

Woo-hee finally arrives at the bar Hang-woo called her from, surprised to see that he’s been drinking so much. Because she owes him for all the times she’s been drunk on his watch, she offers to be his designated driver so that he can drink all he wants.

He at least admits to feeling a little bummed out, which is why he’s drinking, but that he’ll put his trust in Woo-hee to take care of him.

Cut to: Woo-hee driving a thoroughly sloshed and passed-out Hang-woo home. She tries different methods to get him to wake up, all the while making me worry because her eyes are clearly not on the road. Especially when she gets in close enough to look like she’s about to steal a kiss from Hang-woo like he did to her – but while driving… and she crashes the car into some road construction. Okay, that’s pretty hilarious.

Cut to: Hang-woo wearing a neck brace in the hospital, while Woo-hee’s gotten away with only a minor head wound. Ahaha! The look on his face! This is an example of perfect comedic timing all around.

Woo-hee feels terrible, but any attempts to make things better – like spoon-feeding him porridge – go horribly awry when the porridge is too hot. (I seriously cannot stop laughing.) They bicker, it’s adorable. In a very serious yet funny tone, Hang-woo says, “What did you say yesterday? You said you were going to escort me home safely. Is this what you call safely? Do I look to you like I’m safe and comfortable?!” He immediately feels sorry for throwing a temper tantrum once she starts crying because of it, since she’s already riddled with guilt on top of hurting her knees and losing her car because she can’t afford the insurance.

Yeo-chi has officially gone missing, and Bang has taken up the mantle of searching for her. With only an unflattering handphone picture to go on, he begins an intense search mission to find even a trace of her. But she remains absent from all her usual haunts.

He comes across Gabi shopping in Yeo-chi’s favorite department store, and levels a look at her before disguising his ire with a cheerful demeanor… only he keeps calling her Mo Gaji (meaning ‘neck’) and keeps correcting himself. “Mo Gaji… oops, sorry, Chairwoman Mo Gabi.” Of course, he isn’t sorry. She thinks that Yeo-chi might be gone because she was upset, to which Bang replies, why would she be upset? She just had her Grandpa’s company stolen from her, who gets upset about things like that these days? Ha.

Once Gabi leaves, Bang sincerely wonders aloud whether she has a tail hidden under her dress.

As for Yeo-chi, we find her as a drunken mess, wandering down a dark street. She saves a schoolgirl from being bullied and still seems to have her spunk, even though she’s staying in a run down motel. Two shady-looking men seem to be keeping an eye on her, though, and take notice of the fact that Yeo-chi has well over a dozen soju bottles piled up outside her door.

They report this to Gabi (they’re her hired minions, apparently) and claim that Yeo-chi is crippled by her alcoholism. Satisfied, Gabi tells them that they need not follow Yeo-chi around anymore.

But Yeo-chi, well aware that men have been watching her, waits until they drive away to resume her real work. She’s got a laptop, a phone, and a stack of papers on the phantom company Grandpa Jin never invested in. So the whole drunken persona was a ruse to fool Gabi, and it worked.

Yeo-chi: “Mo Gabi, you thought I’d just go away without a fuss, right? You shouldn’t have messed with me.”

Woo-hee is upset to find herself folding Hang-woo’s sweaters and doing his chores like a maid instead of a secretary. A beeper (like the ones you see in a restaurant) on the desk goes off, controlled by a button Hang-woo pushes from barely a room away. Ha.

He wants to wash, and Woo-hee immediately acts modest… but if he wants her to help him shower, she guesses she could close her eyes to do it. Giving her some serious side eye, Hang-woo says that he only wanted to wash his hair. (Woo-hee fail.)

He holds his neck up while she washes his hair, but as usual, he’s crabby the whole time and critiques everything she does. It’s sort of cute. Okay, pretty cute. But they get interrupted by a phone call from Bun-kwae – he needs her help staging an intervention for Bang, who’s been drinking himself into oblivion the past couple of days.

As it turns out, Bang is pretty torn up about Yeo-chi’s vanishing act – but according to Bun-kwae, the nail in the coffin was news that a woman fitting Yeo-chi’s description jumped to her death in the Han River a few days ago.

That’s why we find Bang drunk as a skunk and looking like he’s had a million better days. He hallucinates an image of Yeo-chi in front of him, when in reality it’s Woo-hee and Bun-kwae. He’s worried out of his mind that Yeo-chi will never survive – and he knows from firsthand experience that she doesn’t do well when she’s outside her home.

Bang worries that she’s off somewhere, starving to death, and we cut to see Yeo-chi stuffing her mouth with a chicken leg. In voiceover, we hear Bang worry that her mouth is too small and delicate to eat most things… and we cut to see her stuffing her mouth with noodles. Ha. She’s doing everything she can to build up strength to beat Gabi – even jogging – while Bang looks like the more pitiful one.

Lucky for him, Shin bursts onto the scene to tell him that he’s found Yeo-chi. When she gets a knock at her door she covers up all evidence of her being functional, like her work station, and lays out all the evidence of her being an alcoholic. Smart girl.

She wasn’t expecting Bang, so she’s utterly surprised when he barrels his way through the door to pull her into an embrace. Since he’s only heard the news that she’s a raging alcoholic (the news she wants everyone to hear), all the evidence in her room points to her ‘addiction.’ Of course, he’s the one who’s actually suffering from an alcohol addiction, as proven when he takes her out to eat and can’t stop shaking. He’s a mess.

Yeo-chi’s competence keeps going unrecognized as Bang continues to think that he has to take care of her. He decides that he’ll take her on a jog next…

…Only, it looks like he’s dying while she’s absolutely fine. Ha. All the problems he thinks she’s having are problems he’s having, although she seems pretty unaware that he’s suffering from severe alcohol withdrawal. Either way, she’s helping Bang rather than the other way around.

Hang-woo is unhappy to find out that Woo-hee left him to meet with Bang. In return he wants her to stay until he falls asleep, and asks her to sing a song for him. She gets soft lighting as she obliges, singing a soothing melody until her voice cracks. I don’t quite know why this scene happened.

She finally gets a call back from Chairman Jin’s doctor, which Hang-woo answers first on her behalf. He gets to hear the doctor say that the insulin prescription was switched, and catches on fast. Once she’s off the phone, he asks if Chairman Jin was murdered. She replies that she doesn’t know the details, but something dubious went on.

He wants her to tell him everything she knows, and to leave nothing out.

Bang takes a reluctant Yeo-chi back to her apartment, because she knows all her things were sold off at auction. Imagine her surprise once she steps inside to find that all her furniture is there, absent of red stickers. Bang tells her that he bought all her things back from the auction for her. Aww.

She wonders if he’s doing this out of pity, and Bang honestly replies that buying a house out of pity would make him a crazy person. He did it because Chairman Jin invested in him (and I’m sure, at least in part, due to a crush.) He’s even gotten her car back.

Yeo-chi thanks him, and she means it. “I won’t disappoint you no matter what,” she says, and that’s exactly what Bang wants to hear. (Cute. Nation.)

Acting on Woo-hee’s information, Hang-woo goes to Chairman Jin’s doctor to confirm the facts. Even the doctor has a hunch that the insulin was switched and that Chairman Jin’s death was a murder – but he believes that Yeo-chi should be told. Hang-woo says he’ll tell her when he’s sure, even though he knows that Gabi killed Chairman Jin and fixed the will. He just lacks proof.

Meanwhile, Gabi gets an unfortunate houseguest in the form of Yeo-chi, who’s dressed like a homeless person and acting like a crazy person. Yeo-chi has staged this spectacle so that everyone in the Chun Ha lobby can act as a witness, as she miserably throwing herself at Gabi’s mercy. She doesn’t want money, but begs for a job instead.

To anyone that doesn’t know Yeo-chi has been fine and well – like everyone else – the sight of her on her knees is shocking. Hang-woo happens upon the scene of Yeo-chi begging Gabi for a job in the lobby and looks deeply perturbed. Because everyone is watching and taking pity on Yeo-chi, Gabi is forced to offer her her old job back. Score one for Yeo-chi.

Even Bang doesn’t seem to be aware that the whole drunken act was a fake, as he later vents his disbelief at Yeo-chi’s situation to Jang Ryang. Interestingly enough, Jang Ryang says he received an amusing call earlier, leading me to believe that he might be the one Yeo-chi kept in touch with. Either way, they both decide that something needs to be done with Gabi, and Bang leaves the planning to Jang Ryang.

After ‘accidentally’ bumping into Gabi at the gym, Jang Ryang stays nearby to witness her receiving a disturbing call. Someone has tipped off the press to the bogus company she set up to ruin Yeo-chi, and we can already guess that Jang Ryang was behind that.

When she returns to her office she receives a fax with huge black lettering that reads: “Insulin! Jin Shi-hwang’s murderer is none other than you!” Also included are instructions to go to a certain hotel room to find out who sent her the message.

Next thing we know, we see her walking down a hotel hallway. The door she knocks on opens to reveal… Bang.


This was a great cliffhanger, because it made me think back on the rest of the episode for the pieces of this puzzle – namely, how did Bang come to this conclusion?

There’s a chance Woo-hee may have told him, but it seems unlikely that Bang would realize what Woo-hee and Hang-woo have been working for an entire episode completely offscreen. The more likely option, and the one I’m hoping is revealed to be the truth next week, is that Hang-woo joined forces with Bang. Aside from Woo-hee, he’s the only one who knew about the murder, and seeing Yeo-chi kneeling to Gabi might have been the final straw. It works on a couple of levels, because his only fellow cohort in Chun Ha, Bum-jeung, seems to no longer be on Hang-woo’s side. Who else does he have to turn to if not our hero?

We had some good character moments this episode, but not without a little filler. To say things have slowed down at all is inaccurate – really, the plot this week moved lightning fast – but I do feel like some of the remaining scenes that didn’t directly serve the overarching plot came off as a little unnecessary. Sure they were fun, but there came a point where Bang’s alcohol addiction seemed like a darker version of a soju CF (I say this only because of the slowmo shots the soju was awarded and that the brand was recognizable.) Even that isn’t so bad, but Woo-hee’s singing scene just left me baffled. Why was that there, and why was it given such importance? If that bit was taken out of the episode, it would change nothing – which is a pretty big indicator as to when something is extraneous. Still, it was nicely extraneous, and these are relatively small gripes to have.

As for good news, ratings have been steadily climbing week by week. A two-episode extension is currently being discussed. More Bang can’t be a bad thing, right? Right? (Speaking of, today’s epilogue was cute. It mirrored a past epilogue where Yeo-chi saw a doctor for lovesickness, only Bang is seeing a hypnotherapist and channels Yeo-chi as he imagines what she’d say if he confessed his feelings – and there’s a lot of censoring involved. Hee.)


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    Yay! You are early, Head!!
    Thank you!!!!

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    Yes Thanks once again for the recap and being quick this week to recap as well!

  3. Ellie

    Thanks for the speedy recap! I really loved this episode.

    First, we had Yeo Chi and her fake drunken master routine. I have to admit, she had me fooled into believing that she was reduced to a spiraling alcoholic. I should have had more faith in Jesus Christmas! Even Yoo Bang didn’t have faith in her survival skills. When I found out that it was all an act, I was fist pumping in the air. Yeo Chi, you are as awesome as they come.

    Second, Yoo Bang loves his Yeo Chi (although it came through hypnosis) — the epilogue was classic when he began cursing like her.

    Third, bring it on Mo Gabi! This is going to be an awesome fight.

    I was also a bit confused about how Yoo Bang knew about the insulin, and like you, I’m hoping that it was Hang Woo that contacted Yoo Bang. I want to see the guy redeem himself, but I still can’t push away the nagging feeling that he’s in it for his own interests.

    • 3.1 bjharm

      It could just as well have been Woo-hee as she knows he trying to help Yeo-chi or it could have been Mr Spy in Hang Woo camp that over heard something and told Yoo Bang.
      On Hang Woo, it clear he starting to feel uncomfortable with the way things have affected Yeo-chi, in that he seeing himself in her when he saw how she reacted on hearing on grandfather death.

      • 3.1.1 iLLusiOnEr

        My hunch is Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi don’t know about the insulin yet.The first fax came either from Hang Woo(90%) or Beum Jung(10%), the second was from Yoo Bang in regards to newspaper article and in due course comes to know about the insulin or Mo Gabi will know there is someone else who knows about the insulin and she’ll think of Woo Hee.By that time she already told Yoo Bang about it.All of that cover 2 eps next week.heh

        • ay

          That was exactly what I was thinking, iLLusiOnEr!

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    I swear, this drama is completely nuts. You can never be ahead of the plot : It’s like trying to catch a bunny which jumps and goes through right angles. It’s also really a women’s drama. They lead the dance even when they don’t intend to, stomping some male feet in the process.
    Yeo Chi fooling everyone with fake alcoholism : My kind of girl, and totally a prank i would play to test loyalty of ” friends “. Proves how bad are people at judging others.

  7. ahjummabunny

    This episode had me laughing almost so suffocation. It was quite good. I had only one little qualm, mo gabi showing her true face and ruling with fear didn’t seem true, or too soon. But I managed to explain it to myself- she has already won the game according to her, it doesn’t matter what others do, she already has won so she can act like that. I was a little disappointed when the yeo chi alcoholic scene started but then I started to notice that there was too much evidence. I’m pleased that these writers write such resilient and self motivated women. I’m even a bit happy with mo gabi getting the chairman seat she wanted.

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    Was hoping for for romance, but there wasn’t too much in this episode…but I still enjoyed it.

    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

    • 8.1 Liam_H

      Wasn’t much romance. I thought there was a lot. YB/YC are really starting to build towards something. So are WH/WH, it was quite obvious Woo Hang enjoyed playing up his injury just to have her company around.

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    This drama is a perfect 10 in every way
    After HOSL i dont think i could sit through a sub par kdrama ever again ‘
    i dont want this to end

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      I totally concur

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    She certainly her grandfather blood alright, playing up a perceived weakness so her opponents let down their guard, grandpa his blindness and she her drinking. The scene at the end reminded me so much of a like scene from Successful Story of a bright Girl, and used for the same reason, to get back in the company they had owned so to set up a comeback/revenge

  11. 11 subject

    I believe that those two last episodes were full of romance and cute moments cause we heading to a HUGE war between our leaders to Mo Gabi. therefore, I don’t care if Woo Hee keep singing to Hang Woo.

    Two things who made me jump off my chair where both connected to Yeo Chi. the slap she got (If i was in her shoes, I would automatically slap back) and the fact she become an alcoholic (those writers fool me again!) – BUT now, after lots thinking, both scenario seems weird enough to accept as a fact, cause everyone who addicted to HOTsm knows how strong and powerful are the characters here. that’s makes the difference between most of k-drama and HOTsm.

    I’m counting the days till Monday and hope to see a smart, dramatic and fearless fight of all our 4 leads with Mo Gabi (that bit**!).

    once again, HeadsNo2, great recap. you’re awesome!

    (btw, Is it just me or someone else also think that mustache really turn Yoo Bang to super sexy?)

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    I simply love this drama! It’s awesome and entertaining, it has the same storyline of typical dramas but the actors just do it right! I love Yeo-chi and the fact that she kicks butt, loved her ever since she channeled the kill bill suit, too funny! She’s by far my favorite character, so different from the typical kdrama leading lady. And I truly hope (praying) that it was Hang-Woo who called Bang!!!!

    Let’s beat Gabi!!

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    I’m also so excited that this drama on viki.com is getting translated within a day of airing. It’s feeding my addiction even more. Shows how much people are loving this drama, I hope.

    I do understand why they had the singing scene with WooHee, the camera softens and shows her in a warm glow, even though her singing was terrible. Showing how much HangWoo is liking her more and more. It was a little too long. But a nice quiet moment for WH/HW.

    And I’m so excited for next week’s episodes. I think JangRang is the one that knows everything.. I think YeoChi is relying on him as well as HangWoo telling him his revelations as well. Looks like HW is about to switch sides… so exciting!! And love love YooBang falling into the deep end when all the time thinking it was YeoChi who needs the saving. Like before, YeoChi is the one helping him out, but let him believed he was helping her. This time, she could get her self some Knight in Shining Armor moments instead of WooHee always stealing her thunder.

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    The only thing I can probably say right now is – thank you once again for the amazing recap!
    And as always on Wednesdays for the past 2 months I’m left with the hunger for more Bang, Yeo Chi, Woo Hee and Hang Woo and I simply can’t wait for the next week episodes.

    /crossing fingers that the extention will take place; I see enough place for the show to fill those 2 extra hours.

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  18. 18 HK

    I generally like this drama, but I’m getting frustrated with how it’s handling the HangWoo character. I feel like it’s trying a little too hard to redeem him. I mean, remember when he used WooHee and then left her in the fire to die?! And now he seems to like her, and we’re supposed to find that cute? There’s just something unsavory about it. And because of the characters’ history, I found his kissing her when she was sleeping creepy. I know it’s supposed to part of his not admitting he has feelings for her, but his using his position to get a hug from her and kissing her while she’s sleeping seems too controlling and manipulative.

    I also didn’t like how HangWoo found out about the insulin. First of all, answering someone else’s private phone (even if that person works for you) is so rude and such an invasion of privacy. Second, the doctor just starts talking about switched insulin without confirming who he’s talking to? And then presumably, WooHee just tells him about her insulin research? (Although we don’t see this happening on-screen, HangWoo’s later meeting with the doctor leads me to think she told him all.) Why would she not think that he might have taken part in the scheme with Mo Gabi? It’s entirely possible since he was in cahoots with her before Chairman Jin’s death (even though WooHee might not have known that). If WooHee so readily trusts him after all his suspicious acts, she really is an idiot who deserves to be with someone who nearly killed her.

    Sorry for the rant. I really do like the drama, but the HangWoo-WooHee interaction drives me nuts. And I still don’t really understand her feelings towards him. She treated him dismissively until she found out he was a Stanford-educated financial wunderkind. So she’s just seduced by his position and money? That makes me less sympathetic towards her character.

    • 18.1 bjharm

      lol same thing, really he done nothing as yet to as you say to redeem himself from his past actions, and though he didnt plan to leave her ie he said he would come back and let her out, but the fight with Bang lead him to just thinking about his own escape and it was up to Bang to get her out, otherwise she would have been toast. Plus there also the death of the bad son, while he had nothing directly to do with it, it was his scheming that at leat made it possible, so he has to share some of the blame.
      As for Woo Hee yes its made clear she is both very smart and very silly at the same time. Plus she never hide really that because of her family she very much into money and position but even though she chases after it it has never stopped her from helping others. there a difference in chancing after power and money and doing it by stepping on others to get there.

    • 18.2 hunnybunz

      Ohhhhh I understand how you feel, aint it like a push-and-pull feeling, like how the characters who don’t justify themselves are the ones pulling you back from giving the show a perfect ten?

      Actually, I think it started from the part where Hangwoo “left WH to die” in the fire…. and continued on since that clog in your heart was never justified. Looking at it from another point of view, for viewers who never took that to heart (like me), they were able to move on slowly and embrace HW’s changes that tbh I already forgot about the fire scene!

      IMHO, HW was kinda misunderstood about being cold-hearted to let a lady whom he had at least spent a night with to just burn in the fire because – he did not. At that point of time, any “villian” who is human would be more concern about running away first, after the near-death fight with YB (whom he very much wanted to get rid of) and losing the precious vials that he sought to salvage (and even got burnt)….. its not that he didn’t care abt WH, its more like, she wasn’t on his mind at all!

      *IF the show showed HW going back to save WH even after getting injured by YB and burnt by the fire, it would be kinda out-of-place/weird/unnecessary, leaving YB with nth to do? Or both of them saving her and forgetting about the fight? HW was about to get exposed!*

      After his escape, the show doesn’t show us his remorse about leaving WH there, because they just expect us to shift our focus to YB being the one to save her, and to further put HW in the bad light at that point of the show. However,

      • 18.2.1 ahjummabunny

        I don’t think woo hee is ignorant of hang woo’s original intent or his actions. I don’t think anyone in the company or the big execs are ignorant that he is responsible for the torching of the lab. I think it’s a case where they believe he’s on the side of chun ha or they have him in their grasps to do their bidding. The case that everyone keeps bringing up about woo hee and the fire: I’m sure he intended to let woo hee out and it was only that he and bang-i got into a fight. And even if he didn’t I’ll give him credit for all those drunk woo hee piggy backs and for taking care of her when he found out she was being harassed at work. I always remember that guy who is so shocked when she says she hopes to never see him again.

        • hunnybunz

          @ahjummabunny this! yup, I wanna direct what I just said to whoever keeps coming back to the fire. It was a total misunderstanding which shouldn’t be the culprit in feeling a little let-down by the show/character T___T;; and your last sentence, its already solid proof of his undying devotion to his sexy chief secretary :>

      • 18.2.2 hunnybunz

        oops, no idea how the However got there :>

        Still, I’m not a HW fangirl but I’m just offering my thoughts because whatever you have mentioned, it never crossed my mind before! What I REALLY felt was the show naturally fed me what was a reasonable growth of characters and relationships. That’s when I realize how initial impressions of the individual characters actually affect each viewer differently.

        Another thing, the insulin-doc phone call which HW intercepted, was actually meant as a light-hearted flirt on his part… He thought that she had another Doctor Choi who was woo-ing her, and the show wanted us a cutesy scene of him being a little possessive here to emphasize his crush. He quickly gave her back the phone, so I didn’t really felt it was rude.

        • HK

          I think what bothers me about HangWoo’s character development is that I feel like I’m seeing instances of lazy writing. Like the whole insulin phone call . . . I feel like the drama writers wanted to take the story to where HangWoo knew about the insulin switch and would perhaps help uncover Mo Gabi as the villain, but the singing/phone call scene was just a very clunky way to transmit the information to him. (Even if we accept that he’s arrogant enough to answer someone else’s phone without permission, who is going to talk about the serious crime of switching insulin without verifying the identity of the person on the line?) I know these too-coincidental relays of information happens in dramas a lot, but I was just hoping this drama would stay away from such cheap tricks.

          And the fire thing . . . at first, I was ok with the fact that HangWoo left her in the fire. He was supposed to be a dark villain who was very focused on the revenge in the beginning of the show. And like someone else mentioned, his willingness to ruin Bang’s life by letting him take the fall for the murder of Chairman Jin’s son shows that HangWoo is not one for remorse and conscience. I was ok with that. And even his initial interest in WooHee made sense because she pricked his pride by ignorning him in the beginning.

          But the recent overload of cute HangWoo-WooHee moments make them seem like fanservice. I wonder if the drama writers had intended to take his character in this direction in the first place, or if they did an about-face with the character because fans liked the idea of a HW-WH romance. If the former, I think the writers could have done a better job in setting up his character in the first place by not making him so dark. Like maybe we could have had him show some doubt and hesitation at taking actions like setting a whole lab on fire and framing an innocent person for murder? I don’t know if it was the writing or the acting, but I got no sense in the earlier episodes that HangWoo thought he was doing anything wrong at all. (And it’s ironic becuase he’s behaving in the same way as Chairmain Jin did — ruining other people without remorse to achieve one’s own goals.) Without that character setup, I just can’t buy this cute infatuation for WooHee.

          Oh well. What can I do? I’ll just enjoy the rest of the episodes and cringe a bit at the HW-WH moments.

  19. 19 John

    Heads, thank you again for the quick recap.

    Kudos to the folks at viki for their work on subbing too.

    Woo-hee’s driving…

    As I was watching this I thought, “Girl, you better watch where you’re going.”

    Crash! Lol.

    Much love between Bang & Yeo-chi.

    Bang demonstrates it in deeds, he just hasn’t professed it to her directly in words.

    Gabi needs to go to jail. Can’t wait until next week.

  20. 20 msr0466

    WOW!! as always….a quick and awesome recap..cheongmal
    kamsahamnida!! it is only me?? but after viewing each and every episode….how come it’s not complete without reading your recap as well?? guess I’m also addicted to this website too….

    **** come fast Monday ****

    • 20.1 taro_milktea

      No, you’re definitely not alone. I have to come here and read HeadsNO2’s awesome recaps after every episode.

      Kudos to HeadsNo2 and Salaryman team!!

  21. 21 Brenda

    Thanks so much for the recaps =]

    I love love love this show.
    Yeo Chi has grown up so much; it makes me so proud of her =D

    I love that, even though they don’t know it, all four of our main characters are on the same side now. I can’t wait to see them all working together to bring Mo Ga bi down !!!

  22. 22 NZEEBA

    Ok guys,

    Pardon my ignorance but since I do not follow this series except when reading the recaps, I am a little confuse. Were is the romance? To be more specific, who is interested in who among our four main leads? I see Bang interested in Woo Hee and she in the other guys. The other guys appears to be interested in Yeo Chi or maybe Woo Hee….don’t know.

    Anyone care to explain?


    • 22.1 ahjummabunny

      watch the show!

      • 22.1.1 dancinfff

        ahjummabunny is right! This isn’t something that can be explained with words. You won’t regret it (:

        • harimsam

          yess that’s totally true !!

    • 22.2 hunnybunz

      For starters,

      ~Starting of show~
      ・Bang ♡ Yeochi. (puppycrush @ the 1st ep, w/o knowing who she is)
      ・ Yeochi ♡ No-one, in fact hates Bang.
      ・ Woohee ♡ No-one, but offered herself at Bang, in order to obtain Eternal Youth.
      ・ Hangwoo ♡ Toyed with Woohee for exterior motives.

      ~2nd quarter~
      ・ Bang ♡ thinks he likes Woohee, bc she offered herself at him first, and they got alot closer after he helped her.
      ・ Yeochi ♡ In the process of falling deeper for Bang.
      ・ Woohee ♡ Entangled in a confusing tease with HW by show
      ・ Hangwoo ♡ Tbh I felt his crush for WH was way more obvious than hers at this point! x

      *The Bang+Woohee r/s has been kinda ambiguous to all of us, I think they’re just really close confidantes of the opp sex, unaware that their true luvs are just so near yet so far :>

      ~3rd quarter, up till previous ep (15)~
      ・ Bang ♡ likes WH (with his normal male hormones) which everyone thinks so too, show doesn’t confirm with us if he’s really into YC, leaves us worrying at the same time >< but theoretically he alrd fell for YC during their beggar days♥
      ・ Yeochi ♡ TEAM BANG ALL THE WAY (^._.^)ノ☆
      ・ Woohee ♡ ☆☼♥**
      ・ Hangwoo ♡ ♥☼☆**

      **The woo2 couple basically stole the show off the past few eps!

      p.p.s The HW and YC teasing was probably nth much, it was completely left right off the bat when the possibility of their marriage vanished.

      ~RIGHT NAO~
      ・ Bang ♡ FINALLY YC
      ・ Yeochi ♡ We all know
      ・ Woohee ♡ Her handicapped boss
      ・ Hangwoo ♡ His secretary-cum-maid

      awwwwwww :')

      • 22.2.1 harimsam

        OMG !! super cute summary you did there!

  23. 23 kyuu

    I saw on a news site that confirmed Salaryman will have the extension, so I think that’s why they are added so much cute filler. I’m not complaining, though, cause I love the Bang+Yeo Chi moments and wouldn’t mind having more of them. On the other hand, with the extension, it could also mean that Mo Gabi’s evil reign of terror might last a little bit longer and watching her being mean to Yeo Chi makes me so mad.

  24. 24 Grinchmas

    After thinking a little about this episode, I like it more and more. The great thing about HotS is that it is a historical allegory but it remains a commentary on modern South Korea. While Mo Gabi became the devil incarnate a little quickly, the motivation was there the whole time. Additionally, it is a nice way to overcome the “poor pitiable person works their way to the top and becomes a benevolent leader” trope seen in K-dramas. Not all people can be Bang and care for their subordinates even when they reach the top. Some, like Gabi, allow power to go to their heads and become monsters that they never were before. This drama definitely highlighted dictatorship in a very obvious way. Not being able to call a deer a deer? Being surrounded by symbols of oppression (anyone else notice the Nazi symbols outside Yeo-chi’s window in RED? Or how Gabi’s secretary acts like her secret police?)? Sociopolitical commentary right there.

    At the same time, there are multiple historical connections. Woo hee’s singing was a little random, but she is supposed to be based on Consort Yu, who was reputed to have a wonderful voice. The fact that she can’t sing but Hang woo loves her anyways is a nice touch. He’s not just attracted to her beauty, but loves her for who she is, cracking voice and all. Its a wrinkle that makes the love story more compelling. And? It’s kinda funny.

    • 24.1 Jaejoongism

      “Nazi symbols outside Yeo-chi’s window in RED”

      Um, just because you think its a nazi symbol it could be something entirely different

      History lesson 101:

      • 24.1.1 Grinchmas

        Yes, a swastika is not only used in connection to Nazism or Hitler. But, pray tell, what was it used for on the building outside Yeo-chi’s room? Was it on a temple or a monastery? Was it being used for luck? It could very well be nothing at all. However, I choose to believe that the producers of this show insist on making every frame count. If they’re going to put up a symbol that has particular connotations, the symbol is being shown for a reason (in this case, to create a particular mood around Mo Gabi’s reign).

    • 24.2 mskololia

      Yes, the red Nazi symbol shook me up a little, and I wondered why it was there. The streets did look desolate too….

      • 24.2.1 ahjummabunny

        I don’t think it’s a nazi symbol actually. I can’t remember which drama it was in but it was pretty popular as a decoration for buildings.

        • mskololia

          Oh, really. Interesting…popular decoration for buildings.

          The symbol was stark and took me by surprise. 🙂

      • 24.2.2 iLLusiOnEr

        read comment #32 below.that’s not nazi’s swastika.search wikipedia for it.

    • 24.3 hunnybunz

      Thank you for mentioning the singing part!

      While seeing others complaining how that scene contributed nth to the show, I myself didn’t thought much of it, although it was a little bothering. But after seeing this post, YES, the show could be telling us that no matter how flawed WH is, HW still enjoyed her company.


      • 24.3.1 mskololia

        I rather enjoyed her off-key singing. These two are adorkable.

        She did what was asked and I feel sorry for her character at times. She needs to learn to read btw the lines…lol

  25. 25 mskololia

    I found this episode to be wonderful!

    Thanks HeadsNo2.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how they uproot Gabi. When she had those execs agreeing with her about that picture, I was like whuh?

    Mo Gabi is stone cold.

  26. 26 Miki

    Thanks again for the speedy recap!

    I read the recaps then if I have some time I watch the episode 🙂

  27. 27 ellie

    Does anyone else think that there may be some significance with the deer painting? It was odd that the camera spent a couple of seconds focused on the painting, plus it gave me the sense of Chairman Jin (as the stag) looking over two young deer (Yeo Chi and ??). Given that Mo Gabi is sharp, I’m guessing that the painting didn’t appear in earlier shots of the auditorium. So, who hung the painting? Jang Ryang maybe? Is it holding a secret….like the will that Chairman Jin mentioned to Mo Gabi before he died?

    • 27.1 mskololia

      Not really.

      Mo Gabi is just full of herself. She could have put that painting up there to make her point and scare the bejeebers out of folks….

      • 27.1.1 jn123

        The deer/horse thing is a famous story from the same period as the other references to Chinese history. The entry for Zhao Gao on Wikipedia gives details. It’s also the source of the Japanese word baka (fool, written with the characters for horse & deer)

        I wondered at that point if this means mogabi = zhao gao? I’d been trying to figure out who she corresponds to, but couldn’t manage it based on her name. Anyone know?

        • mskololia

          I sit corrected after reading the Chinese Idiom regarding that picture.

          Mo Gabi is a piece of work. She did not even dare to test their loyalties while chairman Jin was alive. No, she waited until he died. A very patient woman.

  28. 28 Christy

    Hahaha, the epilogue was freaking hilarious!! I love Yoo Bang!!

  29. 29 dancinfff

    Thank you for always leaving great recaps! I loved the last line. Like someone said, even though I’ve watched the episode, it’s not complete without reading your recaps (:

    There is so much to say in about this episode, but I’ll only mention a few. First off, I’ve sincerely happy they’re extending the show.

    I’m happy with the way Yeo Chi responded to Gabi when she was telling about how hard she worked. I love when YC told her nobody forced her, which is a kind of reaction I can’t remember seeing in KDrama;

    I’m bad as well, I didn’t have faith in our Yeo Chi and thought she became an alcoholic, I’m like everything worked out and will continue to work out for her.

    I was seriously terrified when everyone was saying the painting was a horse painting. That was a really powerful and scary scene. I bet my english teacher would make us write a paper on that specific scene.

    And yes, hopefully, this will be Hang Woo’s first step into the good side with the door wide open for him. I feel like since the episode just got extended it probably won’t but I’m hoping it will.

    I don’t care what anybody says about the scenes with Woo Hee and Hang Woo. Fillers or not, they’re my favorite part. I loved when Hang Woo picks up the phone and is like “how many men do you have!” And how reckless was she when she was trying to kiss him while driving. I thought something worse was going to happen.
    Thank goodness that nothing of the sort did and we got some Woo-Hang time together.

    This episode kind of change my out view on the Yoo Bang- Yeo Chi relationship. I feel like he’s more of an older brother to her if anything, but since he’s finally developing feelings, hopefully the relationship will get to the same level Hang Woo and Woo Hee’s is.

    I love this show so much. Like, I’m not even joking. Amazing show!

    • 29.1 dancinfff

      Oh my! I didn’t mean to write a freaking essay! I’m sorry it’s so long, haha!

  30. 30 Ani

    I swear this drama is so damn funny. Go Bang GO!!!!

  31. 31 elle loves kdrama

    Thanks for another awesome recap!

    I do wish for Bang and Hang Woo to team up! That way, it will somehow redeem Hang Woo and not keep him as the former”bad guy”.

    I think HOTsm is going to be the “introduction drama” I suggest to my friends to get them addicted! Yup, yup!

  32. 32 fun2watch

    I believe Mo Gaji translates as ‘cut-throat’ in this context.

    The ‘swastikas’ are buddhist symbols in asia, having nothing to do with the nazis. It means she is living accross the street from a temple. Maybe its like a mission in that seedy part of town?

    • 32.1 ahjummabunny

      right I thought so about the symbols! I thought I’d seen them in an older drama with explanation but I couldn’t remember. Mo gaji had me cracking up!

  33. 33 L

    The “pointing to a deer and saying it’s a horse” part is a nod to Chinese history! So Gabi’s historical equivalent is the traitorous Zhao Gao?

    • 33.1 Coolsmurf

      Haha, yeah you are right. Finally the reference is complete!

    • 33.2 mtl

      You’re right!

    • 33.3 lenrasoon

      thanks for pointing this out since i was confused with the meaning of that scene.

  34. 34 niKai

    what happen to the drug that was once the main focus in this drama?

    • 34.1 ahjummabunny

      The drug’s side effects are too severe so it’s being worked on in the lab!

  35. 35 mtl

    “After the sudden death of Qin Shi Huang at the Shaqiu prefecture, Zhao and the Imperial Secretariat Li Si persuaded the emperor’s second son Huhai to falsify the emperor’s will.”

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhao_Gao


    • 35.1 mskololia

      Thanks for the info.

      I hope Gabi does not try to kill YC. 🙁

  36. 36 Nida

    Weird, Usually each HOTsm episode has like 2 or three pages full of comments. But not so much in this episode?

    Okay, I love Jung gyu woon. But I’m not feeling Hang-Woo/Woo Hee relationship. At the start of the show, they were my favorite scenes, now for the first time in this episode, i was more interested in Yoo Bang/Yeo Chi scenes.

    I think my initial problem with Hang Woo is: why does he care what happens to Chun Ha group? Wasn’t it his plan to ruin it? Or did he not think that grandpa’s death will bring the company down? Does he feel sorry for Yeo Chi? If so, Why?

    It’d be helpful if someone shed some light onto these questions…

    • 36.1 Magii

      I think HW’s revenge plan is to steel the Chun Ha group as it is supposed to be his in the first place no to destroy it. He wants chairman Jin to taste how to feel when your company get stolen ( the same thing happened to his father). I think that is why he is angry that he lost the company and somehow sympathetic toward YC who faced what he went through….

  37. 37 hamsandwich

    Such a funny episode! Thanks for the recap!

  38. 38 Nokka

    I feel the same way as you.

    HW + WH. I do not feel like a relationship. But I like the relationship between HW + YC, YB + YC over, I want them to have a relationship of love than this.

    PS. Apologize if you do not understand the language I write. I do not use English.

  39. 39 noha nagib

    this episode was epic ..i felt so sorry for yeo chi at first ..then right now she is like the badass heroine 🙂
    i wanna know what ‘s the song played when she was crying while talking to her grandpa photo ??

    • 39.1 ay

      I’m also desperately looking for that particular song but they haven’t released it yet. Maybe they will next week…

  40. 40 Lilian

    Haha…as always remember to watch till the end. There is more than just the normal preview!

  41. 41 oramylove

    this show is adorable!!! great great show… I love the actors and actresses to pieces… yay for this show!!!!

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