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Operation Proposal: Episode 10
by | March 10, 2012 | 65 Comments

This episode rocked my socks off. Baek-ho finally makes his declaration, Tae-nam steps it up, and Yi-seul gets a worthy rival where it’s one tense filled moment before a cat fight bursts. ‘Cause this is kdrama-land. You need a love square to even everything out.


Baek-ho revs up to pitch the riskiest ball in his life, and Yi-seul waits with great anticipation in her eyes. He throws it, and it cleanly knocks the bottle from its post.

Yi-seul smiles (in relief?) and Baek-ho excitedly confirms that he hit his mark. She walks up to him and flicks his head, saying that he should reserve his magic for the tryout than wasting it on a joke. But if you thought she was being harsh, she turns away with a small smirk.

“It’s not a joke,” Baek-ho calls after her. “And I’m not kidding around. I’m going to pass this test, so instead of being my friend and my manager, will you date me for real?”

Tears start to form in Yi-seul’s eyes as she takes in his proposal and she answers, “No. I don’t want to be just your girlfriend.” Dejected, Baek-ho hangs his head.

Yi-seul continues, “Like now, I want to be your friend and your manager…and…” She pauses, smiling, “… your girlfriend.” Baek-ho can hardly contain his giddy excitement and instead of hugging her, he rushes to the car to grab his training gear.

There’s 8 hours until his test so he’s got to be in tip-top shape. He runs on the beach, practices agility exercises and strength exercises. Just make sure you get back to the field on time too Baek-ho!

Meanwhile, Chae-ri gets a call from the deadbeat while she runs with Tae-nam by the Han River. She gets called out to eat but declines the offer since she has ‘work’ to do (Aw, are you hinting that you like hanging out with Tae-nam). Not surprisingly, petty boy hangs up.

It tugs at her and decides to leave, but Tae-nam calls after her, recalling Baek-ho’s words. “Don’t go.”Chae-ri reminds him that it was him who said that she should see it through to the end, and now he’s flip-flopping on his words.

With a confident and serious tone, he confesses:

“Truthfully, yesterday, last year, three and five years ago, I wish you didn’t go to him. You’re not just any woman, Chae-ri. To me, you’re a symbol of my youth. I know – you’re a flower I can’t have. But you’re the one I admired since my youth. Even though I couldn’t have you, I thought it was enough to see you happy from the sidelines. But I don’t think this is right. This is not making you happy.”

Falling to his knees, he breaks, “Don’t be a girl who gets called around. Don’t meet guys who’ll use you and curse you. Please don’t get involved in a relationship that will make you cry. Don’t go. Don’t go, Yoo Chae-ri. Don’t go to someone like him ever again.”

It’s earnest and heart-breaking and before Chae-ri can respond, her phone rings again. Thankfully, she ignores it.

Chae-ri tells him not to get any wrong ideas by thinking things will change between them because she’s going to listen to him. She instructs him not to kneel in front of anyone else…’cause it won’t make a difference since he’s so short.

Wiping his tears, her words effectively gets Tae-nam to smile, saying he’ll just wear shoe lifts instead, and they happily run down the path together.

HA – who knew that being a pitcher could also mean you could be a neighborhood hero? A couple of thugs snatch Yi-seul’s purse and zoom off. And Baek-ho, who takes the world’s fastest bathroom break, returns just in time. He aims straight for the guy’s head, and both guys topple over on the bike.

And Yi-seul gives Baek-ho a thumbs-up? Stopping bad guys = good. Giving bad guys a concussion = questionable.

Baek-ho tosses the keys to Yi-seul to drive, and she balks when he starts taking off his clothes (rawr?) in the car. She stammers why he has to change in the car, and he argues that he can’t arrive all sweaty to his tryout. If she’s uncomfortable with it, she can quit being his manager.

She stutters no and tells him to get changed right away. And I don’t blame her for sneaking glances in the rearview mirror while she drives. The best part is that when he’s done, he declares that he’s going to take a catnap in the car and that she should keep her eyes on the road. HA.

She swerves the car in response.

Jin-won pulls Yi-seul aside, having heard that Baek-ho will also be trying out for first string. He hopes that he’ll do well, to which Yi-seul assures him that he will.

He interrupts her when she brings up the previous night, and admits that it wasn’t a mistake; he made his thoughts, feelings, and intentions about her clear ever since his confession at the amusement park.

So he neither regrets telling her nor has any thoughts of taking his words back. Hm, interesting – I guess this means that she rejected him that night.

Yi-seul apologizes and Jin-won picks up on the message, asking if that means she still can’t give him the answer he wants. She answers truthfully, “Yes.”

Jin-won assures her that she needn’t feel sorry about it, and placing a hand over his chest, reminds her that she’ll always be in the corner of his heart. He gets up, saying that they have to cheer Baek-ho on for the most important moment in his life thus far.

Baek-ho gets called to the mound, and his friends adorably cheer him on from the sidelines. But Yi-seul is nowhere to be found.

We cut to Yi-seul praying by herself in an empty corner of the stadium, and footsteps echo down the hall towards her. As Yi-seul rises to hear the news, Baek-ho’s uniform falls to the ground.

A reporter asks how Baek-ho feels to have finally made it to the major leagues after years of being in the industry. Baek-ho answers that he’s thankful that he can play the sport; that once you’ve lost something precious to you, you have a vigilance to hold onto it. He vows to be a great player.

Yi-seul runs in to catch the tail-end of the interview and Baek-ho waves at her. But the photographer asks to take a picture and flash, it’s back to the future.

We’re back in the middle of spring training, and the team is on Jeju Island. Baek-ho excitedly jumps in the middle of their run, happy that he’s remained on first string. His hoobae looks at him in confusion – it’s freakin’ cold here and they were almost going to go to Hawaii.

Undeterred, he recalls his confession to Yi-seul and thinks to himself, ‘Did I really do it?’ Throwing his hands up in the air, he shouts, “It worked!”

Only he finds that Yi-seul is still with Jin-won and his face falls. Tae-nam and Chae-ri meet up with him – they’re here to check out wedding venues and arranged it so they could see their friend.

Baek-ho blusters, “W-w-wedding?!” and they say yep, is he surprised that they’re getting married before Yi-seul and Jin-won are? Those two do everything by the book, and for them, they agree that if you’re going to get married, you should just do it – clean and simple.

Tae-nam mentions that it’s funny that they’re all back here again, given what happened three years ago. This was the place where Baek-ho and Yi-seul broke up because of another woman – doesn’t he remember? Tae-nam gives Baek-ho a cute pat on the butt before the couple leaves.

Baek-ho sits in the lobby, taking in the blow that he and Yi-seul didn’t last after all. He imagines Yi-seul’s façade waiting for him alone. He’d been in another part of the hotel, drinking. Someone rip the bottle from this man’s hand. Hasn’t he learned that there have only been negative consequences whenever he drinks?

So Yi-seul had traveled on her own, and while hiking, she met Jin-won serendipitously. Baek-ho wonders if fate tore them apart or if she and Jin-won were destined to be together.

The thought bothers him during practice, and afraid that the coach might lecture him for having an off day, his baseball hyung suggests that he take a walk to cool off.

He spots a sign directing him to a workshop Yi-seul is leading. Just outside, he wonders how even though he confessed and became a pro baseball player, the other things have changed in his life.

But one thing remained the same – the fact that he and Yi-seul are still apart.

Unable to sleep, Baek-ho runs outside when he hears Yi-seul singing out loud. They walk together for a midnight stroll. She muses that this place gets better with memories and he immediately apologizes, thinking of the past.

She says that she said it lightheartedly and before he can bring it up, she cuts in that she’s grateful he stood her up three years ago, or else she and Jin-won would have never gotten together.

She continues that he should give up on the sliders and the other pitches that are too strenuous for his body. The baseball advice and lecture isn’t what Baek-ho wants to hear nor what he wants to talk about and he finally bursts, “I don’t want to hear that from you!”

Yi-seul is shocked at the sudden outburst, and Baek-ho apologizes, alluding that the advice isn’t what he’s talking about. The sentiment registers in her head, but she apologizes for trying to give him coaching advice and promises not to do so again.

Still reeling from Baek-ho’s burst of anger, she sends him off to bed and bids him goodnight.

Baek-ho broods by the seashore with a bottle of soju in his hands. But before he brings it to his lips, he has second thoughts and tosses it into the ocean.

Smart boy. Took you long enough that alcohol and you are a bad combination.

“What you really want to throw is yourself, not the soju bottle.” The Conductor pipes with his own bottle in his hands. He notes that Baek-ho’s expression is different today – he shouldn’t be shooting those killer eyes at his lifesaver.

Then, Baek-ho falls to his knees, pleading for the Conductor to help him. The Conductor doesn’t flinch and Baek-ho launches into how he doesn’t get it: how can he mess up every time? Question of the Day, buddy.

He doesn’t understand himself – does the Conductor have meds that can make him smarter? PFFFFFFFTTTTT.

The Conductor reminds him that it’s not easy changing destiny and Baek-ho has it especially hard because he’s trying to change someone else’s heart. Baek-ho pouts that it’s too difficult. There, there.

Does that mean Baek-ho’s giving up? He immediately says no he won’t – he’ll do it right this time. He confessed to her, she even said she’d be his girlfriend…

The Conductor hands him another vial and Baek-ho notices that he didn’t pay yet, which is when he unearths another signed ball. The Conductor tells him that unlike someone else he knows, he came prepared.

The Conductor teaches that no matter how well the game started, that doesn’t mean you’ll win. Everything rests on a good finish and it’s never over until the last pitch. “Don’t forget it. If it starts off easy, it’s more reason for you to stay on your toes.”

With that, he disappears.

Baek-ho reflects on his memories with Yi-seul and reminds himself that they were lovers once. He was Yi-seul’s boyfriend, and she was his girlfriend.

Determined, he drinks…

Well, this isn’t a half-bad moment to return to… only that the lips he’s kissing isn’t Yi-seul’s. He lurches back as soon as he realizes, staring at the strange doctor woman he’d been locking lips with moments earlier.

She calmly explains that people call it a kiss (no kidding Doogie) and spews about how the body reacts and changes when people kiss each other. Like how serotonin flows and their heart rate increases.

He asks as to why they were just kissing and she retorts that it’s because she likes him. It’s not the first time she’s told him and she asks, “Then why do you play baseball? Because you like it.”

She says that though there are a billion reasons why someone could hate one another; there isn’t a reason as to why people like each other. This girl could write her own manifesto. She suggests that Baek-ho call her by her first name, Yoo-bin, and that she prefers being called, “Bin-ah.”

I know that this is the girl that will drive a wedge between Baek-ho and Yi-seul, but man is she a hoot.

Yoo-bin drops by afternoon practice, demanding to check on Baek-ho’s ankle. It’s a sprain, and she advises that he rests. Baek-ho barks in response, as does the coach, and Yoo-bin asserts her position as the team doctor. Coach relents.

A younger player taunts Baek-ho about how he caught Yoo-bin’s eye. Does he feel like Park Chan-ho because the team owner’s daughter fancies him? He makes a jab at Baek-ho for squeezing into the team and Baek-ho loses it, ready to rip him a new one.

Coach stops the brawl before it begins and sends them to do drills as punishment.

The others arrive at the hotel and Chae-ri teases that it must be like a honeymoon for Yi-seul and Tae-nam. After 15 frustrating years, she must be so happy. Yi-seul argues that it’s not like that and Chae-ri just smiles, seeing her best friend happy makes her happy as well.

The girls leave to go have fun leaving poor Tae-nam to take care of the bags (and he lifts them all at once, ha).

Yoo-bin tracks Baek-ho in the cafeteria, ignoring his protests that she should leave him alone. If she did, she’d be fired as a doctor for being negligent to her players. She slips in that she looks after the others too, but her heart is hers to give.

Asking why he doesn’t like her… is it because he’s interested in her? Wait what? Can’t follow your logic here, girl. Baek-ho explains that he’s focused on baseball, noting that she has no idea how hard it was for him to get to this place.

She says she only wants to help, but Baek-ho clarifies that he already has someone else who does and leaves. Good thing you didn’t waver there, but I don’t think it’s going to stop Yoo-bin.

Yi-seul surprises him during practice, teasing that his curveball is more powerful than his slider. She’s here to make sure he doesn’t cause trouble at his first spring training camp, as his agent. And of course, he’s doing a great job, she says with a smile. Cute. His face darkens at the mention that everyone, including Jin-won, is also in attendance.

She hands him a uniform to sign as a souvenir of his first spring training camp. When he gets embarrassed, she tells him to do it or she’ll make him, and he readily complies. Yi-seul tells him that they never know – it could sell high at an auction one day.

The idea makes Baek-ho think aloud, “Maybe I should give the Conductor my own autographed baseballs,” which perks Yi-seul’s curiosity. He quickly dismisses it, but that’s another slip, Boy Who Leapt Through Time.

The ladies chat in the clinic after a rogue ball hits Yi-seul square in the back. Yoo-bin thanks her for saving “my Baek-ho,” an endearment that doesn’t go unnoticed. She’s heard that Yi-seul and Baek-ho are childhood friends, and that Yi-seul is like a maternal manager to him. She’s impressed by the fact that Yi-seul took a hit for him (har har).

Yi-seul scoffs, “Like a mother?”and Yoo-bin nonchalantly addresses that she’d very much like to get close to Baek-ho. Yi-seul might not always be there to prevent him from getting hurt, but she can take care his wounds if he does. She challenges that a doctor wouldn’t settle to be a sports doctor for just anything – but rather she saw something worth doing it for.

Yoo-bin may come off like a dunce at first, but she’s quick on the uptake. When Yi-seul asks why she’s being told all of this, Yoo-bin figures that this must mean that Yi-seul’s not in a position to hear her declaration of war, i.e. Baek-ho’s girlfriend.

Finally, she throws her gauntlet: she challenges Yi-seul for Baek-ho’s heart, fair and square.

The challenge still weighing on her heart, she silently takes in Baek-ho’s worried words over her. He calls her reckless, but she tells him that she saw it first. Baek-ho pulls the “But I’m a man and you’re a woman,” card and she counters that he’s a player and she’s someone who protects the players – wouldn’t he have done the same for her?

Yi-seul: “I don’t want to see you ever get hurt again.”

Jin-won compliments Yi-seul on a job well done, but when he pats her on the back, she flinches at the touch. She dismisses his concern about if she’s severely hurt by telling him it’s an ‘honorable injury.’

Baek-ho’s distracted during his team meeting, but he perks up about news of a talent show, and the player who gets first place will be granted a wish. Yoo-bin watches him write his wish and she jots hers, “a date with Baek-ho.” Why am I not surprised?

There’s a mix of players from a sick beatboxer to Coach salsa-dancing. Oh, my eyes. Then Yoo-bin prepares a dance and heads straight for Baek-ho, who sits uncomfortably. By the door, Chae-ri and Yi-seul look on disapprovingly.

BAHAHAHAHA – this might be the most EPIC thing I’ve ever seen. Baek-ho puts on a show of the Wondergirls’ “Nobody” with Chan-wook and Tae-nam dressed in glitzy gold dresses and shades.

Chae-ri wonders what on earth Baek-ho wagered to resort to such embarrassment. Unable to stand it any longer, she joins in, which gets the crowd riled up in excitement. Aww Chae-ri – you luff your friends.

Hilariously, Chae-ri drinks in the attention from the boys in the pool in her swimsuit (as Tae-nam desperately tries to shield her), but Yoo-bin’s entrance gets practically a standing ovation and she sends death glares her way, knowing a kniving witch when she sees one.

Baek-ho spooks Yi-seul by dragging her away from her work via putting his hand over her mouth. It provokes her temper, citing he sure has a twisted taste and nearly storms off until he tells her she should at least see what he won first. HA – men doing girl idol dances is always a winner.

Yi-seul opens it to read, “24 Hour Break.” Baek-ho looks at her and requests, “Give me your time tomorrow.”

She protests that they’ll all hang out, but he says, no – just the two of them. “Don’t ask or argue about what we’ll do tomorrow. Just do as I say.”

They walk back to the hotel, and shift uncomfortably seeing a nearby couple making out under the moonlight. He tells her not to be late tomorrow and she reminds him that he’s the one always late.

Baek-ho thinks to himself, “This time I won’t be late. I won’t ever be late again. I won’t ever let you go.”

This scene however is observed by Yoo-bin. In her darkly-lit room, she peruses photos of Baek-ho on her computer screen and vows, “Just because I met you later doesn’t mean I love you any less. I won’t lose your heart. To anyone.”



I found this episode to be far more enjoyable than the last, though I admit, it’s really the second half I found myself dying of laughter and cringing at the screen. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

A couple of note-worthy characters this episode. Starting off with Tae-nam, I mentioned earlier that I didn’t know where his blasé attitude about Chae-ri’s suitors came from. After some thought, maybe the vast number of exes and suitors over the years and constantly being passed over led to this dejected and defeated mood. I loved his earnest confession to Chae-ri that though he might not be her ideal man, he wants to see her happy. And sometimes that means not being content with seeing that girl get hurt over and over again. I wonder if he realized in that moment, and for Chae-ri as well, that he could be that man to make her happy. And to his credit, by the time he’s confessed his feelings to her outright, she’s already warmed up to him, waiting for him to confirm it.

Call me sadistic, but I’m thrilled that Yi-seul now has a rival. I know that I’ve been shifting the blame to Baek-ho, but he’s the only perspective we’ve been able to pry and pick apart. So for someone to challenge her ‘childhood love = forever’ perspective is a nice change of pace. It’s unfortunate, however, that Yoo-bin is portrayed so animatedly and possesses potentially interesting layers as a character whereas Yi-seul is painted as your classic heroine with a stubborn temper as the only flare.

Yoo-bin comes off as an air-headed beauty, but that girl knows what she wants even if he’s someone else’s man. She understands her boundaries, but she has no qualms whatsoever about overstepping them. She creates a formidable foil to Yi-seul – both are well-off daughters who are stubborn, but their approaches are vastly different. It’s refreshing that the gauntlet’s been officially thrown down and Yoo-bin has made her motives clear.

I’m not fully gung-ho on the whole Baek-ho and Yi-seul must be together camp, but if Yi-seul still wants to fight for Baek-ho, be it for love or friendship, she’s got a new enemy to face.


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  1. Farhana

    omg im first! hehe never am! XD

  2. ck1Oz

    I started downloading this this week thinking I was going to keep it to watch later… gee whiz. Now I am on to ep 10 and dying for ep 11.

    Talk about an unexpected surprise. It’s good much better than I thought. This is even though I have absolutely no idea who the 2 leads are and never watched them before.

    • 2.1 jomo

      So glad you joined in!
      What do you think – will he win the girl and does he deserve to?

      Maybe you will take a peek at Warrier Baek Dong Soo and see YSH in his mane of glory next?
      He is incredibly awkward and cute as BH in this show -especially compared to his cool, confident and deadly Una in WBDS.

      • 2.1.1 Belle

        Uuuunnnaaaa!!!! …miss him …kyaaa!!!

      • 2.1.2 the50-person

        Oh yes he IS deadly. His looks are enough to kill 😉

  3. dany

    Sounds like an interesting episode, thank you!

  4. PassionFruit

    yay! thank you, this episode was a bit of a surprise. LOL at baek-ho singing nobody, that just made my day 🙂

    • 4.1 dbsklove

      lol i was hoping yoobin would lose interest in him because of how he looked when he was dancing it.
      AND i only realised that the “girl backdancers” were his friends halfway through the song LOL

  5. Quiet Thought

    Can’t find a proper cast list, but . . .

    Female doctor with pony and overbite, whips open white lab to reveal a bare midriff . . . only she dances instead of pulling twin handguns out and opening fire. Same actress, inside joke, or both?

    • 5.1 jomo

      What is the show where the girl did that?

      • 5.1.1 Quiet Thought

        ‘Killer Girl K’ . . . final episode. The scene’s a complete hoot. She’s doing the scientist thing, trying to drug up our heroine in the lab, and when that doesn’t work, she whips open her white coat and opens fire, bare-bellied and wearing tower heels.

  6. Jules

    I can’t help but think that, if nothing he does ever changes their relationship and she always ends up with Jin-won, well, maybe that’s how it’s meant to be.

    Thank you for the recap! 🙂

    • 6.1 jomo

      I hate to say this, but I agree. JW is a sweet, smart man and really good with YS.

      As long as BH and YS remain friends. If BH feels at the end that he has done everything possible to win her and still did not, and BH realizes that YS happy is the most important thing, it would be a nice finish.

      I feel like the CR/TN parallel story is hinting at that, too.

      • 6.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Didn’t happen in the original series, won’t happen here. ^_^

      • 6.1.2 aoiaheen

        NO!!! I want my Una to get the girl this time!

        Yeah… but JW is quite a rival. I just want BH to be with YS because he has nobody as family except for her and her family.

        If he doesn’t get together with her, he loses much more than just her.

        • jomo

          OKOKOK I have it.

          YS picks JW. BH feels sad and alone, and we all cry.
          Fade to black…
          Fade to white…
          Then, the Conductor removes the mask he has been wearing this whole time, it’s DongSoo!
          And he, says, “Una, I have been waiting for you this whole time.”
          And they go kill Chorip and we all live happily ever after!

          • aoiaheen

            hahaha! DongWoon for the win!

            And someday I will forget that drama. Someday! but the way things are going, I might be an old old old lady when that happens.

          • Belle

            Yay! …liking your version already! …specially that Chorip character…arghhh!

          • HeadsNo2

            This comment is made of win. Pure, pure win.

          • cherkell

            ::gets down on knees and clasps hands together::

            Drama Gods, are you listening to Jomo-san? You want to make a million DongWoon shippers happy as happy can be? MAKE. THIS. HAPPEN!! 🙂

            “Baek-ho tosses the keys to Yi-seul to drive, and she balks when he starts taking off his clothes (rawr?) in the car.”

            LOL I was thinking the same thing… until my inner pedo-ajumma reared its ugly head and beat those thoughts down big time!!

          • the50-person

            *claps in approval*

        • Belle

          Completely agree! YSH should get the girl this time….geez writers…please…let him get the girl!

          • Istayedoutallnight

            I don’t get JW, he knows Baek Ho comes first with Yi Seul, and for some reason don’t get the manliness either. Don’t know whether its the actor or the character – he just seems bland, and a bit condescending to Yi Seul, like all the time, which I guess makes sense since he is her superior at work but still…. Baek ho on the other hand sparkles when talking about Yi Seul.

  7. Karen

    Wow this episode was awesome and it definitely made up for all the dragging we’ve had in te past episodes

  8. heino

    yippee! have watched the episode with subs but i was waiting for the recap 🙂 haha thanks for the recap!

    actually, i really like the development of the show. i don’t feel that it is as bad as some others have thought and i think the show will wrap up the characters well in the 16 episodes. just a guess though – i think that as much as baek ho tries in his time travel, the show will always show him as separated from yi seul in the future/present. the ultimate decision for the outcome of the relationship still lies with yi seul. so now that yi seul has a competitor in earning baek ho’s affections, i am glad that she could perhaps grow a bit. after all, baek ho is doing a lot of work to make himself a man worthy of yi seul. it is time for yi seul to do her part!

    lol also, will baek ho ever find out that the conductor is his father!? if it is a noob question, i am sorry. i didn’t watched the japanese version so i am watching the korean one with fresh eyes 😀

    and where did jin gu disappear to?

    lastly, tae nam rocks! i love his confession to chae ri and i love that we can see changes in chae ri’s character. no longer the selfish (?) person in the future, but a person that can stand up for her friends and herself (when tae nam scolded her back to her senses, that is).

    p.s. i found that i have been rambling a bit in my comments. yup so sorry!

  9. malta

    Who is this Yoo Bin chick? Go away. I don’t have any patience for her and I don’t think she’s interesting at all. (This drama has already given me enough frustration with our tepid hero, I can’t take another character getting on my nerves.) They haven’t showed us why Yoo Bin suddenly loves Baek Ho so much that she must have him. What kind of connection do they have from which these feelings came about? I think it’s good that Yi Seul has a rival, but I wish it was someone better than Yoo Bin. I find it hard to believe that she’s a female doctor and the daughter of the owner (or whatever) of the team, but she’s ok with being so provocative towards one of the players and dancing scantily clad in front of all the players and flirting with Baek Ho. There are already rumors about her interest in him… Isn’t she worried about being taken seriously? Is she really and “airhead beauty?” She’s a doctor…This seems like an obvious thing to me…

    Isn’t Yoo Bin concerned about her credibility and respect as an independent and competent doctor who didn’t just get her position as team doctor from Daddy so she can chase after some player she likes?…Yoo bin is not a layered character at all (I know we only saw her for 30mins or so, but still) especially in comparison to all the other friends – Tae Nam, Chae Ri and Chan Wook, but also in comparison to the other people Baek Ho has met, ie. his army sergeant and the player he injured. I mean who can believe from this episode that Yoo Bin can sway Baek Ho’s heart. I can’t see it, so basically the most she could do is mess up Baek Ho and Yi Seul’s relationship.

    Also where is my Jin Joo?! TT she wasn’t even in this episode. I hope they give us more of her story with Chan Wook next episode. I need some cute.

    Getting that rant out of the way, I’m glad there is some forward movement. I hope this continues and Baek Ho and Yi Seul can grow as their relationship continues to develop. I kinda feel bad for Jin Won. If you think about it, the universe is actually conspiring against him, giving his rival a million chances to win the woman who quite fairly was his wife already… Kinda sucks.

    • 9.1 Roggy

      Well when you put JW’s situation like that, I agree. Poor guy.

    • 9.2 jat

      LOL that is so true

  10. 10 nuri

    By the time Baek Ho asked the conductor if he have smart potion, I feel like giving him something from Hermione or a punch.

    I understand how he didn’t get Yi Seul the first time around. Because he have that huge ego and pride, even when he knows that he didn’t get Yi Seul the hundred times, he still played around with her?! Telling her to go look for someone who has unique taste! I know its dramaland and its one way of self compliment. but. but. but.

    Well, I love that the plot finally moving and were not dealing with the same issues anymore. Unfortunately, i’m thinking what are Coach’s function in the drama now? I don’t want to lose him.

    • 10.1 jomo

      I like what you said about BH having a huge ego! That makes a lot of sense.
      He claims he loves YS more than anything, and couldn’t live without her, but what we see is he was too worried about how he looked, too worried about being cool all the time, and too afraid to fail so he didn’t try.

      You kinda wonder why the Conductor thought BH deserved a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc, chance. What is it about BH that won the Conductor over? Pity?

      • 10.1.1 nuri

        That’s lots and lots of pity.

  11. 11 Cookie128

    So happy to see recap on saturday~
    Rival is a good thing.But in a relationship, it really hurts when you break up because of somebody else. In such case, might be more difficult to win the girl back. Will see how the plots develop.

  12. 12 jomo

    Thank you for the recap!

    I am not as confident as you about Dr. Yoo-bin’s effect. Yi-seul hasn’t exactly been aggressive in her pursuit of BH, I am worried she will be scared away rather than moved to act.
    YS may noble idiot think and decide, “Oh, I can’t do anything to hurt BH’s chances in this club. Dating the owner’s daughter will help him more than dating me.”

    I do like that Chae-ri seems to be setting herself up as YB’s rival than YS. That makes me happy because I think CR can crush YB!

    This episode made me fall completely in love with Park Young Seo, who plays Tae-nam. Someone needs to find him a leading role in a drama fast. Style him right and he could be as swoon-worthy as Ha Jung-woo and Shin Ha-yun. Neither of whom are as pretty as YSH, but still bring the sexy.

    The odds of a JW/YS final pairing dropped a lot in this episode in my opinion. The declaration that originally won her heart has been batted down, and his follow-up declaration as well. Yes, BH still has NO idea how to charm and compliment his girl, but that could be part of the reason she likes him, right? He doesn’t flatter so when he says something sweet, it carries more weight.

    • 12.1 buttrcup

      Hee, I totally agree on the whole ‘CR crushing YB’ bc she totally could/would/should. (Hee). CR has the backbone of ten strong woman and I love her (Err… except for when she’s breaking Tae-Nam wittle heart) D;

    • 12.2 buttrcup

      Hee, I totally agree on the whole ‘CR crushing YB’ bc she totally could/would/should. (Hee). CR has the backbone of ten strong woman and I love her (Err… except for when she’s breaking my Tae-Nam’s wittle heart) D;

      • 12.2.1 buttrcup

        Aaaaaack!! /fail. Sorry ’bout the double post D=

  13. 13 olsen

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    Phew! I like the change in the characters, the plot, ah well, everything.
    I thought I could cry if I we were to sit through another episode of Baek Ho failing to confess.
    Btw, so happy for Taenam and Chae ri

  14. 14 Quaggy

    Oh, this is much better! I was beginning to get tired with the whole Operation Proposal premise. I think it’s about time that we see Yi-seul fight for what she wants.

    I’ve been liking the changes that Korean version has made to the basic plot (Baek-ho is a better character, I think) but it’s also highlighting innate concept flaw that malta (@ comment 9) pointed out… the entire universe is conspiring to prevent a wedding that happened naturally. Why is Baek-ho so much better for Yi-seul that Jin-won? Why does he get to go back, not once or twice, but multiple times? Whatever happened to being happy the one that you love is happy?

    But I suppose it could be argued that Yi-seul was always settling because she’d be crazy to turn down someone as perfect as Jin-won. Maybe even in the very beginning, since her parents seemed to have been slightly worried that she would be happy.

    And maybe the whole point of Baek-ho going back was that he could lean to live his life without regrets. And hey, as a fringe benefit, all of his friends had chances to become much happier too!

    All the same, if I were in charge of the script, I would make it so that in the last episodes, Baek-ho realizes he has done everything he could and he can see Yi-seul get married to someone else without regret (not that it still wouldn’t hurt, mind you.) So rather than go back one last time futile attempt to fix things, he thanks the Conductor for all he has done and promises to live without regrets in the future.

    And for those who want their endings outright happy, rather than bittersweet, Yi-seul can overhear something or read something that makes her realize how much Baek-ho has been trying and she’s been running away… And her own regret and desire to fix things causes the Conductor to appear and offer her to send her back in time on the trip Baek-ho turned down. That way we the audience know that when given a clear choice, Yi-seul will choose Baek-ho.

    • 14.1 jomo

      Awwww…I like your ending. Brought tears to mine eyes.

    • 14.2 joey

      This is a brilliant ending!!! Even if the writers decided to marry YS off to JW in the end, this would still make me happy! A part II of the series maybe? LOL

    • 14.3 heino

      wow you should be a script writer! 😀 it will be great if the script writer has thought of that!

    • 14.4 ilovemandoo

      I love this alternate ending!

  15. 15 buttrcup

    Aaaaack! Tae-Nam Thank You for literally tearing my hearts into shreads (This ofc is a good thing bc it’s worth it; Like seriously… FINAAAALLLLY <3)

    Haa, funniest shit ever? The Conductor sayin'; "What you really want to throw is yourself, not the soju bottle." Haaaaaaaaaa, nice! Annnnd OHMYGOSH Second funniest shit ever? Baek-Ho you look totally ridiculous in that outfit but it's totally LOL worthy.

    OH and Yoo-Bin, why you so creepy for -I mean, it's one thing to like a guy, but to love 'em right off the bat is just… (oh wait, I forgot it's k-drama, why am I surprised?) Love at first sight happens on a regular basis right?- xP But anyway I love how she's giving more of an edge to the drama. She's a total badass and I'm going to love hating her, heeeee.

    Oh how I love this drama; I really do, I love it bc not only does it annoy me half of the time but it also intrigues me too. And it's just soooooo enjoyably good <3

    Can't wait till next week. Thanks for the recap hun, loved it xD

  16. 16 aoiaheen

    “This episode rocked my socks off” Yes! I so agree with that. I was getting a little bored with the repetitive theme and BH not confessing his love. but in this episode he does everything right.

    I know JW is cool but BH is just so cute and so normal. That’s how most of my friends are. That’s probably why I’m rooting for him.

    And I love how completely taken aback he is by the doctors kiss “How low can you go KBH?” he scolds himself. I loved him in that scene.

    And the dance! that boy cannot dance.

    I’m soo looking forward to ep 11!

  17. 17 emy

    I really love this episode — even though the “reasons” for why Baek Ho repeatedly fails become increasingly more foolish each time. I’m really not sure he deserves all that more chances over JW, who never wasted a single chance.

    I love BH, and I know there’ll be no drama without all these reasons — but seriously.

    Glad that YS has a rival for a change, even though I dislike the new girl immensely! YS needs to hold onto BH the same way he holds onto her.

  18. 18 kbap

    Thanks for the recap! This episode was pretty awesome, and I’m already glaring daggers at that doctor/thing/woman…
    Oh man Baek-ho can’t dance. Pwuaaahahahaha I laughed my butt off!

  19. 19 cindy

    I want Baek Ho and Yi Seul together, but this doesn’t mean I dislike JW or think he doesn’t deserve the girl! He actually deserves a really nice girl, that can love him back just like he loves her. And the way I see it Yi Seul is not the right person… is just that I feel Yi Seul doesn’t love him like she should and I feel bad for him… yes she does like him, but I’m talking about love here and… I think she loves Baek Ho after all. Like for example, when JW was drunken and their faces got close…. she got nervous, meaning she still has feelings for Baek Ho, also, for JW say to BH if he liked her back he wouldn’t have a chance show us how he knowns that YS loves Baek Ho, breaks my heart.

    If she was really happy in the future with him and had no feelings for Baek Ho anymore – I wouldn’t like the idea of Baek Ho going back at all … because it would not be fair to YS or JW.

    I remember that in the Jdrama he didn’t know she liked him (he never read her letter because she never gave him it and just throw it away) so I thought he was very selfish for going back to get the girl… I felt bad for sensei, he was just so sweet!

    Even YS’s parents are still have doubts if she is going to be happy with JW, they know how she still loves Baek Ho…

    **********Spoiler about the jdrama*********
    Even in the jdrama until the end YS never admited her feelings for Baek Ho, actually sensei(after they just married!!!!) made her go after Baek/ken because he knew she loved him… It was written all over her face how what Baek said moved her and how she was guilty towards JW/sensei! I felt so bad for him. But because she didn’t want to admit it, her husband had to make her stop holding in and go after her love. Grrr Hope in the remake Yi Seul go after her real love without making JW do that. Poor guy.

    • 19.1 fangirl98

      @ cindy –
      THANKS 🙂 for the spoiler. I was already invested in this drama, now I’m curious to see which ending they go with. I hope Baek-ho & Yi-seul get their “happily ever after” without too many twists and turns….and Jin-won fades off into the sunset! LOL!

  20. 20 Belle

    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

    Liking this drama more & more w/ each episode!

  21. 21 panshel

    “…instead of hugging her, he rushes to the car to grab his training gear.”

    HA, that’s what I thought, too. Yi Seul just said she’ll be your girlfriend — THE reason why you keep going back in time, failing, going back in time again — and you don’t even hug her!?! *slaps Baek Ho upside the head*

    Now we get a villian in the form of this Yoo Bin girl. I hope she doesn’t go all psycho on them.

    I can’t wait for their 24-hour date. The preview for 11 looks delicious! Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  22. 22 halaure

    Omo! Was that a Girl Who Leapt Through Time reference? I love that movie, cheesiness and all, and now I totally see the connection! Heh. Very clever.

  23. 23 Kim Yoonmi

    Here we are heading towards the plotline of the Special with the Hawaii reference (not that anyone caught it????)

    Still frustrated with YS for wanting it to be fate and so on rather than seizing the day. She’s worse than Baek Ho!! She wants the workings of the universe to make decisions for her. Booooo. You *make* fate happen. It doesn’t happen *to* you.

    At least Baek Ho has regrets, she’s just lazy.

  24. 24 HeadsNo2

    I want nobody, nobody but Yoo.

    • 24.1 cherkell

      [snerk] Dammit HN2, you beat me!!! 🙂

      • 24.1.1 HeadsNo2

        Mwa ha ha! XD

  25. 25 Belle

    From Hancinema News:

    Actor Yoo Seung-ho beat Kim Soo-hyeon-I and became the Leonardo DiCaprio of Korea.

    Yoo Seung-ho led the survey that was conducted in Korea with the 3D version of the “Titanic” coming soon.

    The survey was done with the question, “Which actor is most likely to play Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic”?” Yoo Seung-ho took 41% and became the most likely.


    I’m glad he’s playing KBH.

    • 25.1 cookie128


  26. 26 jingelbells

    I loooove this episode but I think I will love episode 11 more! ^^ why every sweet moments have to happen in Jeju? Only in kdramaland! Anyway, I am looking forward that passionate kiss on the floor (preview 11). I think that will change the path of their relationship, makes YS waver more in the present, hopefully! Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin must be really chummy with each other to agree to do that kiss! I can’t wait for Thursday! 🙁

    • 26.1 cookie128

      Agree with every word you say!

  27. 27 rae

    YAY! I’m glad something finally happened! Some conflict other than BH being a total coward about romance!

    I love how his confession effectively changed the future to make him a bit of a hot commodity – zero to two girls in one flash of a camera. 🙂 I hope he keeps on succeeding in his mini battles, even though I know he can’t win the war just yet. It just makes it more interesting for him to go up against new challenges, rather than spinning his wheels over the same old thing.

  28. 28 Annie

    I feel like Yoo-bin likes him so much because she met him in passing during one of his time travelers. Also, the conductor always hints that there are other “customers.” I feel like Yoo-bin is another time traveler and she is traveling back in time to compete for HIS heart.
    I can’t get my mind over the advice the conductor gave: that the second love is the best or whatever the exact quote was.

  29. 29 ava

    Alright! I love how our boy is shaping up! And bringing in a new love interest is a very timely twist to shake things up more!

    Thanks Gummimochi for the recap. I’ve tried transcribing a 15minute interview of my favorite Filipino actor and it was hard. I admire this passion you have for kdramas!

    Again, thanks!

  30. 30 Lilian

    Haha…the Nobody part is hilarious! No doubt he should win =)

  31. 31 mimi

    With this drama,i don’t know how it’s gonna end up,but somehow i’ll still feel okay if she doesnt end up w/ Baek ho,it’ll leave a stronger impression on viewers i think, and the message we’ll get from it is “what is not meant to be is not meant to be OR you can’t change destiny” something like that! But still if they do end up together,i’ll be like “Finally,after all this hard work!!” lol, so i don’t really know,but am sure they’ll end up together! This drama is so different from other k-dramas! 🙂

  32. 32 이슬

    okay seriously 유빈 is 무서운……..
    isn’t she being too obsessive over 백호?
    아니, can’t she tell he doesn’t like her LOL??

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