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I Do, I Do: Episode 3
by | June 9, 2012 | 76 Comments

Tae-kang will have to put his money where his mouth is with the knowledge that working under Ji-an’s heel might be his sole shot at making it in the shoe design industry. Tensions run high as the pair constantly bombards each other in the workplace. How long will he last before he gets booted?


Tae-kang takes the stage as the Shoe Reform Contest Grand Prize winner. Ji-an grudgingly presents his award and the two have a silent back-and-forth as they both tug at the award towards them.

It’s only when the photographer calls for a photo op do they slap on a fake smile to snap the photo.

In the safe confines of her office she orders him not to go through with the interview. Just because they don’t list the qualification doesn’t mean he’s qualified so he can save himself the humiliation of failure.

Tae-kang retorts that he’ll worry about failing or not thankyouverymuch since he’s serious about his job search. He finds her concern strange – does she have feelings for him?

Clocking her reaction, he eyes, “I thought that night meant nothing to you. Why are you overreacting like I hit a nerve?”

For another moment he eggs her on and then she knocks him over the head in response. Heh. She gets all Momsy and they both get up into each other’s faces. Ji-an raises her hand for another hit when he grabs her wrist in defiance.

He maintains a firm grip as she orders him to let her go. When the other hand flies towards him, he catches that one too. She struggles in his grasp until he overpowers her and pulls her towards him, bringing them into close proximity.

Tae-kang barks, “Have you ever seen this strong a bean?” Ji-an tries to wrestle out of his grasp and he finally yells, “Let’s… be honest with each other for a minute!” He repeats his question if that night meant nothing to her, awaiting her answer with expectant puppy eye this time.

They stand there, gazing into each other’s eyes, faces inches from each other… and then she knees him straight into his family jewels. HAHAHA. You totally deserved it. Ji-an quips, “This is my answer. Got it?!” Omg, so satisfying.

Ji-an rejoins the party, acting as if nothing happened when a pleading voice calls out to her, “Noona!” It’s Tae-kang whose voice breaks, “How can you just leave like that? Were you that ashamed of me? Is this really the end for us?”

It’s doubly hilarious because he limps towards her, unable to walk properly because he’s still reeling in pain. All Ji-an can do is to stand there paralyzed, her mouth agape at his dramatic farewell act.

Tae-kang allows a single tear to fall from his eyes, placing something in Ji-an’s hand. Then he painfully hobbles towards the door. Ji-an opens her hand to reveal a button and then reaches for her shirt.

At the same time, a mischievous smile spreads across Tae-kang’s face. He whispers, “Who do you think you’re messing with?” before exiting.

Na-ri and her uncle come bearing flowers to visit Madame Jang (Oh Mi-hee) at an art gallery. The air is tense between her and Na-ri, who is eager to please, and talks of the company imply that Madame Jang has more faith than Ji-an. Na-ri does her best to get on her good side, calling her “Mother” since they’ll be family soon.

(To clarify the relations, Madame Jang is the new stepmother soon to be married to Na-ri’s father, the company president.)

Tae-kang gets called in for his interview and his eyes grow wide when he sees that Ji-an is among the panel. He gets through the initial questions fine until they hit a snag about his lack of postsecondary education. He boldly answers that he didn’t attend university or a trade school and is self-taught at his craft.

Rather, he believes in his role model’s (Ji-an, to be exact) quote that, “Equal opportunity should be given to those who dream to be creative employees regardless of their academic abilities and work experience.”

This is where Ji-an steps in to agree with those words. Tae-kang breathes a sigh of relief, thinking she’ll support him. But then she drills him with fashion trend questions which he clearly has no knowledge of. He sweats and then she delivers her final blow, “Do you know what ‘imitation’ means?”

With a sigh, he answers, “Knockoffs.”

The interview panel reviews their candidates and Na-ri opposes the others’ choices citing that they’re not spirited or original. Her choice: Tae-kang.

The others are hesitant at his lack of experience and education but Na-ri bolsters that he’s proven himself by winning the Reform Contest and other famous designers didn’t have any formal education either like Jimmy Choo or Ferragamo. What if Tae-kang is the next Jimmy Choo?

Na-ri slyly adds that she believes in Ji-an’s choice since she plucked him out of the initial eliminations after all. Tossing her previous words back at her that “Professionals are not born but made,” she insists on Tae-kang and the higher ups agree to hire him.

The two women sip tea outside the office. Ji-an’s suspicious, rolling her eyes at Na-ri’s supposed friendly overtures. She recounts a tale when she was younger and gotten herself kicked out for working at a shoe factory. A kind unni took her in but she later found out that she had ulterior motives.

Ji-an learned through that experience, “Even if there are fakes in the world, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” With that, she slaps down the money to repay her for the spa treatment and drink. She advises Na-ri to use her heart not her head to win people’s hearts.

Na-ri reminds her that she’s aware that Madame Jang will support Ji-an but warns that the ultimate decision is left to the Chairman, her father. She should choose carefully which side of the line to stand behind.

Ji-an doesn’t skip a beat at this – the company would long have gone bankrupt if Ji-an abode by Madame Jang’s every whim. If she chose a side, did she think that Ji-an would be in her shoes as VP by now?

If Na-ri intends to lecture others about staying in line, she can go and tell it to the kids at the neighborhood daycare center, “Those kids are rrreeaallly good at it.” She gets up and storms out. What an awesome smackdown.

At the restaurant, Tae-kang and company throw a mini party in celebration. Dad beams with pride at seeing his little boy snagging his first job and Choong-baek laughs, “If people didn’t know any better, they’d think he got it because it was talented!”

He continues that it was pure luck that Tae-kang won since all he did was strip the shoe of everything but the shoe itself. Once he meets Dad and Tae-kang’s stern unamused glares, he changes his tune, “Luck is a talent too!”

They toast to the new chapter in Tae-kang’s life.

Dad and Tae-kang drunkenly wander through the neighborhood, singing on top of their lungs. They realize that they’ve strolled into their old neighborhood and decide to pay their old house a visit.

The sight of it brings back pangs of guilt and Tae-kang apologizes that he shouldn’t have sold it just to get Dad out of jail. Drunk Dad looks at the situation with the glass half full. He doesn’t mind living at the jjimjilbang and houses will come and go.

At his son’s vow that he’ll earn money to buy the house back, Dad declares, “Even if no one in this world believes in you, I believe in you!” Awww. They hug and stagger back home all the while arguing who should piggyback whom. Gah, you two are so adorable.

It’s no surprise that Tae-kang races to work after a late start. Dad hilariously just stands there trying his best to make sure he eats a bite. Adorably, Tae-kang is so giddy on his first day that he excitedly greets everyone he sees.

As luck would have it, he ends up in the same elevator as Ji-an. He witnesses her Medusa face firsthand as she lectures a subordinate.

Once she’s gone, an employee gossips that he’s heard that one of the newbies is actually Ji-an’s boyfriend. Another contradicts him that he’s just a boytoy. HA – I knew that fake confession was going to bite you in the ass.

The rumor mill continues to churn throughout the company (one speculates if he works at a host bar, a place where women frequent for young and attractive company. The female equivalent is hostess bar.) and Ji-an’s team gripe about adding a high school graduate to their staff.

The meekest (whose name we learn is Da-in) speaks up on Ji-an’s behalf; the previous rumors were false so perhaps this one is too. She runs out upset when the other workers inform her that she’s likely to be cut when the rookie comes in.

She shoots Tae-kang death glares as they pass each other.

Tae-kang is adorably earnest but is utterly confused when everyone clamors to work when Ji-an arrives. To say that he’s ruthlessly hazed on his first day assigned to do menial tasks would be an understatement.

So it’s heartbreaking when he calls Dad to let him know that everything’s fine and that he’s super popular at work. He consults Dad about heel types (his descriptions crack me up: wide like a brick = wedge, pointy like an ice pick = stiletto) only to be scolded that he doesn’t know the basics after working at a shoe store for most of his life.

The kicker? Tae-kang: “What are these numbers ’36, 37,38′? It says one-half on some of them.” Dad: “Those are shoe sizes you moron!” Pfft.

One of his sunbaes who we’ll call Weasel Boy, catches him at the tail end of the call and chastises him for not being finished yet. He digs that all Tae-kang had to do was match the shoes according to their sizes.

In a patronizing tone, Weasel Boy snerks that it must be nice to have the director, Ji-an, watching his back since they’re more than “close friends.” Tae-kang looks perplexed at this to which Weasel Boy hilariously thinks that he’s being glared at. He downplays it, adding that he’s not in any type of relationship with Ji-an.

Tae-kang catches the elevator at the last second and his face grows dim at the sight of Ji-an. She asks if the work is manageable to which he replies that it’s not that much different than at a knockoff shop.

She offhandedly dismisses his job that even a part-timer could do it faster and better. Tae-kang excuses himself that he didn’t want to off-put anyone by showing off on his first day.

Ji-an is amused at his confidence and figures it’s enough to last for about a month given that he knows nothing about the industry.

It’s not like he’ll be asking for her help and she remarks, “Why would I catch a fly with my own hands? That’s filthy.” There are plenty of other people more than willing to kill it themselves.

That ruffles his feathers and Ji-an mocks him in a singsongy voice that flies have an incredibly long lifespan… of 3 months. Tae-kang finally raises his voice and she immediately snubs his insubordinate behavior.

Tae-kang vows defiantly that he’ll stick to the end and stick close to Ji-an like her personal fly. Oh if you only knew the half of your words.

Suddenly Ji-an doubles over in pain. He thinks she’s joking at first but steps forward to help when he realizes she’s not. Ji-an pushes him away and coldly tells him to mind his own business.

Ji-an mulls over Tae-kang’s words about if that night meant nothing to her when she’s interrupted by a phone call. The caller addresses her as “Bride” and introduces herself as a wedding planner. Ji-an: “What? A wedding?”

Cut to Eun-sung who picks up Ji-an’s call… and then hangs up at the next moment. You and your petty revenge you manchild. Was setting up fake wedding plans a part of your brilliant little scheme? (And he has her saved as “Menopause Ji-an”)

Eun-sung has this huge grin on his face when Ji-an marches to him in front of the hospital. He can barely get a word in before she spits out, enraged, “What are you? A perv? A psycho?” Does he have nothing else to do but play pranks at his age?

“Your parents came.” An answer which stops her in her tracks. He explains that SHE claimed she liked the arranged date so her parents came to visit their supposed future son-in-law to see what he was like. They’d already seen a fortune teller before their visit and were informed that the two were soulmates in heaven.

Baffled she asks why he didn’t tell her before. Eun-sung: “You didn’t pick up your phone!” Ji-an: “You could have texted me!” Truer words. It’s the 21st century – get with the program, man.

Ji-an assures him not to worry since she’ll explain the situation to her folks. He stops her to ask what story she’ll spin for them – that they both put on a show because neither wanted to get married?

It’s a perfectly sound plan to her but he guffaws – what about his reputation? That’s something she could care less about. He follows Ji-an into her car asking why she’s not willing to compromise and settles in despite her attempts to get him out of the car.

But her master plan to confront her parents gets foiled as her parents happily greet them. Eun-sung snaps into the perfect son-in-law to be, much to Ji-an’s ire. She grits through her teeth to ask what he’s doing and he retorts, “I’m greeting them.” Heh.

Dad’s houseguests marvel at Eun-sung and compliment Dad on a fine catch. The topic of children naturally comes up in conversation and they wonder if Ji-an is past childbearing age. Oh if you only knew.

No matter because Eun-sang merrily takes her hand and says that just being with Ji-an makes him happy enough. They force the couple to sing a song (Eun-sung agrees readily) and Ji-an squeaks the first few lines when she notices Dad’s bright smiling face. It brings tears to her eyes.

Ji-an continues to keep an eye out while Eun-sung regales the older men. Mom comments that it’s the happiest that she’s seen Dad in a while. Ji-an thinks back to happier moments with her father as a child and her hand slips, giving herself a cut.

Good thing there’s a doctor in the house as Eun-sung patches her up. Mom plays off Ji-an’s annoyed expression but Eun-sung chimes in, “She might seem annoyed but on the inside, she probably already fell for me.” Death stare from Ji-an.

Once Mom leaves, Eun-sung peruses Ji-an’s vast array of awards and comments that Dad must be proud of her. Her glare remains unfixed and he apologizes, explaining that he was just rolling with the punches. She asks, “How could you do that? How can you make people laugh so easily?”

Ji-an vaguely recalls that she once made Dad laugh too. But it’s been too long and now it became difficult. No matter what she did, be it awards, promotions, or gifts, it was harder to make Dad happy. So she gave up and accepted it as a part of his character.

Eun-sung listens patiently and adds that he can’t make his father laugh either. He figures that it’s easier to make strangers laugh than family.

Poor Tae-kang continues to get outcast at the office party by his coworkers who are busy jabbing about who is to inherit the company next. He steps outside when he overhears someone in the stairwell.

It’s Na-ri who sounds desperate for her father’s companionship and her heart sinks when Dad passes on the dinner invite. This seems like a common exchange since Na-ri does her best to hide the obvious disappointment in her voice.

Soon, the staff looks over to see Tae-kang talking with another employee who’s been stuck at entry level for 15 years. Tae-kang’s been getting the 411 on Medusa and scans the room, setting his eyes on another lonely soul.

Tae-kang plops down in front of her and comforts her about how hard it is to be an intern here. Since they’re both new, he’ll share some advice. There’s one name that elicits fear in the company’s eyes: Yeom Na-ri.

Na-ri scoffs as he rattles that as long as VP Yeom is on their side, they can get away with absolutely everything. Then he inserts his foot in his mouth by mentioning that she’s a pain in the ass if you get on her bad side.

He points to another employee identifying her as the VP and Na-ri doesn’t correct him. He drags her to the dance floor and proceeds to dance to T-ARA’s “Roly Poly.” (It’s extra funny with the meta reference to T-ARA’s Eunjung on We Got Married.)

He twirls Na-ri around until the music awkwardly dies down and an employee calls Na-ri by her title. Tae-kang stutters, “Vice P-president?” Well, this isn’t awkward or anything.

Tae-kang self-inflicts himself upside the head and apologizes profusely, bowing at the waist.

Eun-sung invites Ji-an up for a drink after she drops him off. She gives him a thumbs-up in response and excuses herself on her cut thumb.

She lingers for another moment and then mutters, “You can… call me sometime.” You can tell that he’s suppressing a smile as she tells him that they can keep up the act and yunno, go on some dates too.

He gives a hearty laugh, “Are you proposing to me right now?” She says it’s no such thing –it’s more like an alliance. In exchange, Ji-an’s not required to introduce herself to his family. HE can be the one to talk marriage to their parents and HE can be the one to–

–and then Eun-sung shuts her up with a kiss on the cheek. Omo!


Well well, Eun-sung, that’s certainly one way to grab a lady’s attention. Whatchu gonna do next – give her a surprise backhug? I like the rapport that he has with Ji-an. He presses her buttons but is genuine in his actions, even if his words claim otherwise. His adoration for her is clear as day and right now, I have the classic signs of Second Lead Syndrome. Dang it, is there a doctor in the building?!

Okay, I have to mention this. I found the scene where Tae-kang pulled Ji-an close to him both awkward and cringe-worthy. I personally find no romantic sentiment in a man, be it young or old, using force to get a woman to answer his question. It enraged me to no end that he didn’t let her go when she was clearly telling him to and then he kept her there close to him. It doesn’t justify her trying to knock him upside the head but he was also incredibly infuriating in that moment. I got flashbacks of a scene in Secret Garden and then I wanted to jump into my screen to give him a well deserved slap. You can say that I wanted to be the one to kick him where the sun don’t shine.

On a different note, we’re certainly taking our time for Ji-an to realize that she’s pregnant, let alone by Newbie Tae-kang. Given her situation, it makes sense that she doesn’t know yet despite some signs of morning sickness: her doctor pretty much said that her womb is virtually inviable and she’s on the older end of the childbearing spectrum. I can’t wait until she realizes that not only is pregnancy a possibility but that it’s happening right now.

Then there’s the inevitable “I’m pregnant” news to deliver to the father of the child… only that he’s too busy trying to learn the difference between one heel and the next.


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  1. CupCake

    It’s here. Yay. Thank you. I love this drama.

  2. niKai

    I haven’t watched this. A little wary. But recaps always make dramas seem more interesting. Maybe I should give this a try now that I’ve concluded Queen In Hyun’s Man.

    • 2.1 Sue

      ive been waiting for eng subs for QIHM all day, do you know a site that has it?

      • 2.1.1 Paloma

        Try dramacrazy.net

      • 2.1.2 TamTam

        You can watch it free on Hulu, a lot of commercials, but beats Dramacrazy and their unreliable links which usually have commercials anyway.

      • 2.1.3 Kim Yoonmi

        viki.com also has it if you get it in your country.

      • 2.1.4 jastinel

        kimchidrama and ionair

        • Sue

          I need English Subbed sites guys! Thanks for the suggestions though. I watched ep 15 on dramacrazy, ep 16 isnt on there yet

  3. Ani

    Hm. I wanted to watch this and read the recap. But so far marathoning Leverage in preparation for the new Season seems like so much fun.

    Oyvay. Maybe it’s a good time to break from kdramas and come back later for a kdrama marathon. Anyways, here to share some Park Gun-hyung love. <3

  4. manal

    thanks for the recaps,,
    i really love it ,, it’s been fun ride so far

  5. Starchild

    The best scene is when he called her Noona. I literally was crying because I was laughing so hard.

  6. clover

    I have no idea where this drama is going. And quite frankly, I’m ok with that.

    After watching the first episodes it occurs to me that this is the first drama in a long time I’m not ‘stressed’ about. No time skipping Joeson Princes and/or scholars, no rushing to prevent a war with your enemy/future-queen-to-be. Can’t remember the last time I was able to sit back and enjoy discovering who the character is versus how the character fits into the plot.

    Right now Park Gun-hyung is just the most unexpected joy of the show. He seems to be a mature version of Jung Il-woo. You can’t help but smile every time he walks onto the screen. Plus he has such great chemistry with Kim Sun Ah.

    Of course Kim Sun Ah is doing great as well. She seems just so unflinchingly work driven and totally unaware of how empty she is. Kim Sun Ah plays hurt so well, but who knew she could pull off being the bitch boss? At time you want to hug her, and at times go off and file something before she puts her stilletto in your spine.

    As for Lee Jang-woo he’s doing young well. That may not sound like much but knowing how to play youthful is hard for someone who is young. It’s amusing to watch his character stepping a toe into the ‘adult world’, where he’s finding out that everything you say and do are filed in real life FaceBook, a.k.a your workplace.

    Well so far this ride seems to be taking the scenic route, and I’m not minding the scenry.

    • 6.1 luvs

      I have seen the first 4 parts – there is nothing much to analyze….. just watching it for the shoes and clothes..
      there are better dramas such as..
      Unexpected You- I feel this drama deserves a spot in dramabeans. It does not need to be analyzed, just needs to be enjoyed. It’s a family drama and it is realistically portrayed.

  7. Stacy

    Question: how old is Ji-an supposed to be? I can’t recall.

    I’ve watched all 4 episodes and I’m really liking Kim Sun-ah and her character. Her journey to becoming a mother is what I’m interested in, more so than the romance aspect.

    I like the doctor well enough, but his antics don’t sit well with me. On the one hand, you could say that he’s trying to break down Ji-an’s resistance towards a relationship/marriage, but it strikes me as manipulative and that pisses me off. Then again, if he tried to continue seeing her using standard protocol, he probably wouldn’t have much success. So I’m kinda torn.

    Tae-kang, on the other hand…I can’t decide if I like him or not. I liked his earnestness and soft heart in the first episode, but since then there have been only a few scenes where his over-acting didn’t get on my nerves. I really really really hope he tones down and grows up, otherwise I’m gonna have a difficult time rooting for our OTP.

    • 7.1 ilovemandoo

      She’s supposed to be in her late 30s (same as the doctor). Nari is in her late 20s, and Tae-kang is mid- to late 20s.

      I agree. I really liked Tae-kang in the first episode, but I’m not sure what to make of him and the characters after 4 episodes. I don’t feel like I can connect and empathize with any of them that well, apart from Ji-an.

    • 7.2 MJ

      Jo Eun Sung (played by Park Gun Hyung) is an Ob-GYN doctor who used to date Hwang Ji An (played by Kim Sun Ah). Some thing must of had happen to have their relationship in the past dissolved. Therefore, the doctor is trying to jump-start his relationship with Ji An once again. I believe he is gun-shy of commitments; thus, he remains single. I like how Park Gun Hyung interpretation of his character Jo Eun Sung with his funny acting bring laughter to his scenes. I would love to see the 2nd male lead get together with the 1st female lead; yet will not happen… not written in the script.

      Park Tae Kang (played by Lee Jang Woo) is …. I have no words yet…

      Ji-an age is in her late 30s or you can say she is thirtysomething.

      It’s probably listed in under the heading Related Post in bold black fonts listed above Comments from the beanut Galery for I Do, I Do Episode 3 Recaps.

      • 7.2.1 rearwindow

        Ji-an and Eun-sung dated before? Where did you catch that? It seemed like they were meeting for the first time in their arranged date in episode 1.

        • aya

          i don’t think they’ve date d, ep 4 it seems like they started dating but i think because she’s pregnant Doc is going to jump ship and break it off.

          • rearwindow

            Ok, I thought I’d missed a major plot point. Glad to know I’m not losing my memory! Hehe.

        • zsa

          no they didn’t…you didn’t miss anything…that’s his character description in the book ‘I do I do’ but obviously the drama has made some adjustments…the matseon was when he met JA for the first time…

  8. angryparsnip

    Just saying for me….
    The ick ick ick factor is way too much for me.
    I understand that this is the whole premise of this story and every one here loves loves loves Lee Jang-woo but…Kim Sun-ah looks 30 and he look like round faced Justin Bieber at 15 … plus the wink wink nuge nuge awww he such a sweet little cute knockoff thief. Gag me with a spoon !
    Ick Ick Ick
    Love Love Love Park Gun-hung he is a cheeky little devil. Kim Sun-ah and him have a great chemistry.

    I think I will just keep up with the show by reading the recaps.
    Thanks so much to evey one who does the great recaps !

    Proceed with the Lee Jang-woo love…

    cheers, parsnip

    • 8.1 skelly

      ITA, angryparsnip. I am not keen on this pairing at all. He’s got this chubby little-boy face, the cutie-pie expressions that I really detest, and a bad case of over-acting. I get nothing out of their “relationship” – no affection, certainly no respect, and no common ground to work from. I don’t see any “chemistry” between them at all – just anger and awkwardness.
      If a baby is expected to bring this couple together, I will just shake my head, because that is one of the most old-fashioned – and dangerous, if people actually believe it works that way in real life – tropes around.

  9. brad

    I like the two main characters here the most of any korean rom com i’ve seen. It definitely helps that it’s the woman who is the rich one and that she’s strong and icy like that.

    Lee Jang-woo has such nice lips and I love what he does with his shoes & socks.

  10. 10 beggar1015

    This is probably the first time I’ve really had Second Lead Syndrome. I’m so pulling for Ji An to sweep Junior aside and get with the Doctor. I’m just not feeling anything between Ji An and Tae Kang at the moment. Sure, in the first episode they had potential, but it seems since then they’ve barely spent any time together. What time they have been in the same room they’ve been bickering. Besides the baby, there’s really no reason for Ji An to be with Tae Kang.

    • 10.1 rearwindow

      Same here. Eun-sung has much better chemistry w/Ji-an than Tae-kang. He just seems like a better fit for Ji-an. Also, he doesn’t strike me as a typical 2nd lead. He’s much more complex & fiery. If I hadn’t known right off the bat that he was the 2nd lead, I would’ve pegged him for the drama’s hero (I guess aside from the lack of screentime in episode 1). I don’t suppose there’s any chance of the writers changing the OTP at this point? 🙂

      • 10.1.1 MeeisLee

        I’m a little late, but I completely agree. I want Ji An with the doctor and I like seeing Tae Kang put his foot in his mouth with Na Ri. She seemed a bit amused after the karaoke misunderstanding. I think this is the first time I’m having true Second Lead Syndrome. I normally fake out eventually, but I’m not sure I will this time. We shall see.

  11. 11 Carina

    Am I the only one who really doesn’t like the Doc’s methods? Seeing as how everyone here seems to really root for the guy…

    I’m not overly fond of Tae-kang either, but what made ME want to jump into the screen and slap someone was when he sat down in her car, refused to get out again and basically manipulated her into seeing her with her parents, and that’s all while he knows full-well that she has no intention of getting married. He’s basically pushing her into a situation where he knows she might get buttered up enough to agree to marry him, when he knows full well that she doesn’t want to for herself. At best, he’s sort of pretentious, thinking that deep down there she must be open to marriage and must be coming around and will learn to be happy in a marriage with him, which just sort of makes me ick because wasn’t he in the same boat as she was just a while ago? And at worst, he’s flat-out manipulative.

    So yeah, I’m really surprised to see that other viewers respond so well to his methods. Am I really the only one? I don’t think Tae-kang is perfect either but I can stomach him a lot better. Flawed as he is, at least he seems sincere.

    • 11.1 Mystisith

      My 2 cents:
      – The Doc loves her sincerely. He tricks her to help her with her social phobia, not to use her.
      – Seduction is a manipulation game by definition. With a leader and a follower.
      – “In love and war everything is fair.”
      -Ji-an is perfectly able to defend herself if she doesn’t want to have him in her life. But all the lights are green: She takes him as a confident, she let’s him kiss her, she tells him to call her back. And Ji-an has played with his nerves quite often too.

      • 11.1.1 Carina

        I don’t think the doctor loves her, since I don’t believe in love at first sight or anything and that true love takes time. I do think that he really likes her and is obviously really smitten with her.

        As for the rest of it, just because the love and war quote is popular doesn’t mean I have to agree with it.

        What I find most uncomfortable about his antics is the part where he used her parents to get through to her. It just seems very calculated: he knew exactly that by getting close to her parents, she’ll start to think that she should marry him to appease him and be a good, filial daughter — and that’s exactly what ended up happening. I don’t believe for a second that she’s sincerely romantically interested in him at this point, though she obviously doesn’t dislike him; her whole opening up to him seems very much motivated by her seeing how happy he made her parents, which seems to me like exactly what he was playing at.

        Also, the entire way he went about it is quite inexcusable in my opinion: he insisted on going along with her to her parents (after being repeatedly to get out of the car), and then reveals to her that he’s already calling her parents father-in-law and mother-in-law and that he basically made the arrangement to marry her behind her back, which is putting her onto a spot. In this situation, it was really difficult for her to burst her parents’ bubble by saying that she’s not interested in marrying him because her dad’s friends were there, which means she would have humiliated her family in front of them, and then when she sees her father so happy she further can’t bring himself to say anything against it.

        So the way it seems right now is that he’s buttering her up to marry him not because she wants to, but because she’s been put in a situation where it’s really difficult for her to say no.

        And why does he do this? I don’t actually think it looks like he doesn’t care about her feelings, and is convinced that she’ll come around to like him for real, that she just has a social phobia and problems and would be better off and happier in the long run with him. Which is pretentious, because he’s making decisions for her he has no business making. It makes me massively uncomfortable in how patriarchal it is to make the assumption that a woman who is alone and career-oriented must be yearning for a husband deep down and will be happy in the long run if only she agrees to give it a shot.

        On the other hand, I like that Tae-kang, while immature and in need of a lot of development before he can be a good father, isn’t playing any games with her. He tells her outright that that night meant something to him.

        And then leaves it up to her to take it or leave it.

        Just how I see it.

        • Mystisith

          I’ll keep reading the recaps here and I already saw ep4: I’m curious to know what you will think of it. It’s just the start of the story anyway. Btw, I absolutely hate men with an aggressive dominant attitude (few cases of domestic violence in my family), but here I just feel no threat: I sense Eun-sung like someone playful. Not manipulative in a twisted way. I guess we will have our answers in the next eps. 🙂

          • zsa

            I agree, JA doesn’t need to be saved from the doctor, she needs to be saved from herself and that’s what he’s trying to make her see. since he knows that she doesn’t necessarily hate him, he’s trying to woo her…I’m starting to love TK at ep4, I think there’s potential for beautiful chemistry together, our OTP…

        • rearwindow

          On paper I do see how the Dr’s behavior could come across as a bit manipulative and degrading to Ji-an, but in the context of their characters and their relationship, I read things quite differently.

          I don’t think Ji-an is one to be pressured into doing ANYTHING that she doesn’t want to do–and Eun-sung understands this about her. She’s not your average meek kdrama heroine who will be coerced into marriage (or anything, for that matter) when she does not want it for herself. I take Eun-sung’s behavior not as an attempt to control her or manipulate her, but as a (successful) attempt to challenge Ji-an out of her complacency and to show her that he’s as ballsy as she is. They’re evenly matched, IMO. She’s repeatedly tried writing him off and spinning the situation to her parents so that he comes across as the bad guy, and by acting the perfect son-in-law, he’s showing Ji-an that he won’t just be put in a box, like she’s done to all the other men in her life.

          I think the key thing to remember here is that (as per their conversation in episode 1) neither of them takes marriage very seriously. That is one of their main bonding points, and the reason that I am able to see Eun-sung’s actions in this episode as an extension (and deepening) of their flirtation rather than an act of aggression or manipulation. I don’t think either of them views marriage as even a remote possibility at this point (though I don’t doubt that Eun-sung will be singing a different tune in a few episodes), and they both know each other’s feelings on the matter as well.

          And while Ji-an initially held back from wailing on Eun-sung for the sake of the guests (not, IMO, for her father’s sake), I think she found herself liking the companionship during her (usually difficult) visit home more than she anticipated. I definitely didn’t read her opening up to Eun-sung out of obligation to her parents. To the contrary; I think she found herself genuinely liking the glimpses of sincerity that she could see in Eun-sung (and that he was able to show through–and in some ways because of–the ruse).

          • malta

            Just because you don’t believe someone will succumb to the pressure to do ANYTHING they don’t want to doesn’t mean its ok to ANY kind of pressure on them you want. Even though Ji An thinks for herself it’s obvious she feel the pressure of her parents happiness played up by Eun Sung. I think his feelings are genuine, but his methods are wrong.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          I agree. In a relationship men should respect boundaries (women too!). If she says get out, then he should get out rather than acting all cunning and then sulky about it.

          Boundaries make for a healthy relationship.

          He had ways to not make it go forward several times… so I really don’t like him much…

          If he wants her to like him, then he should respect her space and win her in a respectful manner and be honest with her–I think the honesty really gets to her faster than this backhanded business.

        • Rice

          I just want to say that you are awesome, and that I agree with everything you said.

          If the doctor respects her, he will let her make her own choices, instead of manipulating her into making ones that favor his desires.

          Also loved this quote: “It makes me massively uncomfortable in how patriarchal it is to make the assumption that a woman who is alone and career-oriented must be yearning for a husband deep down and will be happy in the long run if only she agrees to give it a shot.” It’s frustrating that single older men get a more positive reputation as bachelors, whereas single older women are labeled as the more pitiful and unattractive “spinsters.”

          • Kim Yoonmi

            Agree. The other side is also repulsive. Men who have lots of sex are “studs” while women are “harlots” and “whores.” Talk about a lose-lose situation there.

            I do like the fact that she owns her own sexuality throughout this. Ji-An doesn’t come back from the one night stand sobbing–she’s an adult about it and expects the same.

            Despite that, I do dislike the idea that all career women must be really “difficult” and “lonely” and somehow that getting a man will “fix it” so I hope they don’t go that route… that’ll make me drop it. I rather have the conflict of her being “lonely” be not fixed by the baby or the man, but by her own hard efforts… which would be the harder writing path to take, but I think far more rewarding for the viewers…

    • 11.2 Emily

      Nope, not the only one. As I posted in my comment below, I find the doctor sly. And I agree that he comes off as pretentious too. You describe it really well- he’s really pushing her into a corner and its not OK. :/

      • 11.2.1 Stacy

        “…he’s really pushing her into a corner and its not OK.”

        That’s EXACTLY it. I know that when dating there’s push and pull/manipulation on both sides. And I don’t think the doc is doing it in a mean way – he means well, cause he’s truly interested in Ji-an and wants to pursue a relationship with her.

        But when they walked up to her parents’ house and he suddenly became all “son-in-law” with them, I honestly got mad at him. And I fully expected Ji-an to rip him to shreds the first chance she got. She didn’t though, but even still it came across to me that she was giving in more for her father’s sake than for her own.

        • Carina

          It was really difficult for her to say no at this point after seeing how happy her parents were. It seems like they’d had a rocky relationship for a while now, and then it got really difficult for her to say, “Oh no wait, this guy is actually saying he’s going to marry me when I never even agreed to it, it’s all just a big misunderstanding!” and see her parents’ faces drop and their relationship go back to the distant place where it once was.

          I understand why she didn’t rip him a new one, but it sort of made me a little sad and angry. I know so many girls IRL in Korea (where I lived for 3 years) who are about to marry a guy they don’t even love just to make their parents happy. It’s Korean culture I suppose, but I just can’t get over my Western point of view that what your parents want shouldn’t be the only motivation behind agreeing to marry someone or not, because you’re going to be the one stuck with them for life (or at least a good portion of it) and not your parents. At the same time, I can also understand why in Ji An’s particular situation, it was so very hard to stand up to this. Sigh.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          And then added the “Bow line” which was totally unnecessary. That’s where he lost me, because he was doing it on purpose rather than being caught in the moment and finding it awkward to withdraw. I could forgive him a tiny bit if he was in that sort of situation… but he wasn’t.

    • 11.3 malta

      I don’t like his methods either, but I think his feelings are sincere although inexplicably abrupt. He didn’t really know anything about her till he went to her parents house this episode so I don’t know where these strong feelings come from a man who was so adament about staying single that he lied on his matseon… that being said I do think he’s cute.

      I can’t believe Ji An didn’t bring out a can of kick ass on him when when he kept basically lying about their non-existent relationship when they visited her parents. I guess Ji An must have been so happy to see her father happy she didn’t say anything, but really I think it’s a Korean (Kdrama) thing.

      I have to say though Ji An’s Dad is disappointing. He is really backwards in his thinking, but I guess it’s because he’s old. He should at least try and accept his daughter’s choices in how she lives since she is really a stellar person. She’s awesome, but it’s still not enough. It just reinforces the belief that a woman without a husband and child is somehow a failure. This is a very hurtful belief and Ji An has suffered from it because she hasn’t been able to give those things to her father so that he feels she is doing well in life. I would be hella mad at my Dad if he started grinning ear to ear (foolishly IMO) because I brought a man home when he normally wouldn’t be smiling. That’s messed up. Love and accept your children. I mean, what if Ji An was actually a failure, for real, for real?

  12. 12 Emily

    I’m kinda rooting for Ji an to end up as a single mother. I find the doctor rather sly… his whole charade with her parents made me uncomfortable. And Tae kang is just so very young, which was only highlighted in an almost uncomfortable way in this episode.. I do not see the connection or the reason for Ji an to end up with him, apart from the obvious. :/ finding that with this drama there are some bits I find boring or skipping over, yet some bits I just adore. Mostly I just love ji an and am going to keep watching to see her story play out.

  13. 13 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    I think that IDID just might be my favorite of the current crop. I’ve finally come to like KSA after a long spell of not being able to take her in anything after MNIKSS, until SoaW.

    Jang-woo is just adorable, enhanced by the fact that I love him as Eunjung’s virtual hubby in WGM – and that meta reference to Eunjung’s T’ara Roly Poly was priceless – he danced that for his Mom’s exercise group in WGM – hysterical!

    In this early juncture of IDID, I’m finding the lines between the OTP rather blurry. I can totally see Ji-an winding up with the doctor and call me crazy, but I’m seeing Tae Kang in a match with Na-ri. Maybe because they’re all age appropriate? And, I’m not finding the doctor all that manipulative – I think he’s got a good read on Ji-an’s character and is happily pursuing her for marriage. It’s obviously working, watching her soften in her attitude towards him and agreeing to date him.

    As for the ‘grabbing’ scene with Ji-an and Tae-kang, I’m not finding it offensive. She went to smack/slap him, he stopped her and held on when she repeated the violence with the other hand. Was he supposed to stand there and take the slapping? Immobilizing her momentarily for the scene was appropriate and it amped up the awareness between them.

    • 13.1 Stacy

      “As for the ‘grabbing’ scene with Ji-an and Tae-kang, I’m not finding it offensive. She went to smack/slap him, he stopped her and held on when she repeated the violence with the other hand. Was he supposed to stand there and take the slapping? Immobilizing her momentarily for the scene was appropriate and it amped up the awareness between them.”

      I completely agree. Plus it let us see that Tae-kang isn’t so beta after all. He’s just never had a reason to tap into his inner ‘alpha’ 😀

    • 13.2 la dee dah

      I agree with you about the “grabbing scene.” I would have been very mad at Tae-kang if Ji-an had turned around and tried to leave when Tae-kang questioned her, and he grabbed her and wouldn’t let her go.

      BUT (a big BUT), she hit him in the head instead, he was surprised by that and even asked why she hit him, and what does she do, she says how can he stare him in the eyes and puts him down as a kid and tries to hit him again. If he had threatened her or something like that, I could see a slap to the face as appropriate. But his questioning did not warrant the hitting at all! Just because it’s a woman hitting a man doesn’t make it okay. If he had let go, odds are that she would try to hit him yet again (because the way the scene was going, that seems to be what she does to him when he says anything to her). Sorry if this opinion offends anyone…

      • 13.2.1 Mystisith

        Agree. The violence is not acceptable both ways and Ji-an is quite “physical” when she’s upset. If my boss had thrown water at me and grabbed me by my collar and hit me, I would sue in the minute. Man or woman the same.

  14. 14 everriell

    Thank you so much!

  15. 15 jowest

    I agree with you, the doctor is too pushy and manipulative. The way he acts sometimes is childish and selfish. But despite that you can tell that he sincerely likes her and puts effort in trying to win her over.

    As for Tae Kang, despite being young, he sometimes is the most mature person. He is arrogant, but admits when he is wrong. I like how honest he is with Ji An and she with him. Their words resonate with each other. He tells her the things she needs to hear but doesn’t want to hear. The two leads do need to spend more time together in order for us to see why the writers picked these two as the main couple.

    Do you think when we find out Ji An is pregnant, the doctor will say it is his and offer to marry her so she doesn’t have to face the title of “unwed mother”?

    • 15.1 Carina

      Ohhh, good call, on that last point. I can totally see that happening, and it probably going to. He’s obviously not going to be put off by her pregnancy and stop liking her, because then his role would become superfluous to the story, but he’s probably going to keep relevant to the story by offering to be noble there.

      What I’m curious about is at what point both of the men are going to find out about her pregnancy. My guess is that TK is going to find out first, then have a massive freak-out over it and leave Ji An heartbroken. Then the doctor finds out and offers to accept her anyway, while TK grows more responsible and mature and comes to the decision that he’s going to take responsibility for his actions and not be like his mother.

      Why isn’t it Wednesday yet? LOL.

  16. 16 July

    I wasn’t too sure about this drama, but I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Like clover mentioned it is nice to be able to watch a drama and not be completely stressed out about it—though I’m not complaining.

    I love the Doc and definitely have Second Lead Syndrome. I’m a bit perplexed as to which love interest I should root for. I like the Tae Kang and see that he is developing feelings for Ji An, but I’m not feeling their “love” just yet. Anyways, thanks gummimochi!

  17. 17 TamTam

    I find the doctor to be incredibly sweet, as you’ll see in episode 4… but no spoilers here. While he’s a little manipulative, so is the leading lady. But they both have heart, and he has whole lot more chemistry with her than her one night stand, the puppy. Maybe the puppy mature into someone better later on, but I gotta say, I stopped caring about him after the doc made that move. He ain’t playin’

    This really frustrates me because the leading couple seemed forced together because of the baby. They have no emotional connection to each other at all other than being co-workers and a one-night mistake. Whereas we’re seeing the connection between the doctor and Ji An develop and nurture into something more and it’s not because of their circumstances, but it’s a result of his courtship, of him really taking an interest in her as a woman despite her shortcomings.

    But also, it’s kind of predictable… we saw this a mile away because it’s a typical Korean drama plot. Yet I still want to watch to see if the doctor gets the chick, knowing that he won’t.

    • 17.1 Cynthia

      Nice comment – one that I pretty much agree with, with the exception of the following; I think that JA and TK DO have an emotional connection (albeit one that JA doesn’t want to face or acknowledge but knows that they do have sexual chemistry). TK is attached to her because she was (and is) his first bedmate – he gave up his virginity with her – and who isn’t attached in some way to their first? Plus, he makes a point of reiterating to her that their night meant something to him, even if she denies it did for her. They’re connected.

      • 17.1.1 TamTam

        True, I see your point. I’m just not buying into their chemistry but I guess that’s different than saying they’re not connected emotionally. 🙂

  18. 18 tessieroo

    It must be just me but I can’t stand the snerky, nasty co-workers. WTF? Nari & uncle are nothing but cliches.
    And I guess I’m also the only one who doesn’t care for the doctor? LOL!
    Interested to see where this goes and how long it takes.

  19. 19 Rovi

    Yay~! And LOL at T-ara reference, pfft~! More way to poke fun if there was a character named Eunjung here…XD

  20. 20 jastinel

    Thanks for the recap gummimochi, I`ve been waiting for this. After reading your recap, I became more interested to watch this drama. I also love the doctor and I think peoples assumption about him would change after watching ep.4. or may be not, but I like him so much. I`m loving KSA as Jiany, she bring out the best in KSA.
    KSA was stunning in every scene in this drama.
    With TK, I would agree that they need to spend more time together. I`m sure it will happen when TK get to know the news that he will be a father soon.
    I saw this movie of JLO, “the back up plan” and in some part of this drama, i want the doctor to be like the main actor in JLO`s movie, that he accepted the situation and he took the responsibility to be the baby`s father cause he love Jiany so much. But in the end I alos like TK to end up with Jiany…I think someone here have the same thought. I want to see KSA being pregnant and deliver the baby and be a mother in this drama, that is what I`m anticipating in this drama. KSA is really doing a great job on this.

  21. 21 donnapie

    Personally, i think the reason most followers of this drama are rooting for the doctor is due to the fact that Ji Ahn and him are given more spazz worthy scenes where you can really see the beginnings of romance and attraction blossoming rather than with Tae Kang.

    It’s not a matter of Tae Kang and Ji Ahn being a mismatch to each other nor of their age difference being too wide apart because i bet that most of you also saw that chemistry between them which was so palpable during the first episode when he stood there in the rain with that big ass umbrella shielding Ji Ahn, but rather because they are not given much scenes or opportunities wherein they can tap into that sizzling attraction towards each other once again.

    That aside, i love how realistically the writer is developing their arc of the story.

    Of how Ji Ahn hides behind her coldness to forget the embarrassment of letting her guard down by sleeping with somebody who is normally out of her league when she’s sober, of the regret that Tae Kang probably has over the fact that should Ji Ahn not just be somebody unreachable and unattainable he could have pursued her to take the relationship to the next level, thus the bickering and the defenses they put up when they are so much as within touching distance of each other.

    I bet that moving forward, we can all see the bigger purpose of why the writer had written the story in a way that the Doctor shines at first with Ji Ahn rather than putting more emphasis on the Tae Kang-Ji Ahn storyline.

    Personally, i think it’s to reiterate the fact that just when you think things are going in your life the way that you’ve planned, something will happen to throw a wrench in all those plans (Ji Ahn with the potential new relationship with a price catch and the promotion and Tae Kang with a new job that would give him a promising future) and it is normally also just like how love is where you find it in the person that you least expect to find it.

    • 21.1 skelly

      I have to say, even in the first episode I didn’t really feel much between Ji An and the kid. He’s a kid, he acted like a kid, (I’m not sure why, but his face reminds me of the little boy in the movie “Up”) she acted like an adult, and putting an umbrella over someone’s head just doesn’t equal “chemistry” to me. I don’t see these two as drawn toward each other so much as thrown together by circumstance and sticking together out of boredom, inertia, or perhaps a little misery-loves-company. And I am really, really tired of this drama trope where bickering becomes love. In real life, bickering only becomes more bickering, and people who detest each other at the start usually continue to detest one another for as long as they have to deal with one another. Just once, I would like to see arguments solved in some other way than with a kiss or a slap.

    • 21.2 zsa

      I for one see a potential for chemistry…adding to the fact that it is already there, just subdued. Not all love stories are about that burst of attraction and much less at first sight. What I love about the dynamic with TK is that JA doesn’t allow herself to feel anything for him because she doesn’t do ‘love’ much less ‘love with younger man’ or ‘love with unestablished’ man. However, love is also not about reason, it’s abt feelings…and right now it’s TK’s feeling that needs to be enough for the both of them until she realizes…

  22. 22 Carinne

    I seem to have caught your happy virus gummimochi for second lead syndrome.

    Lovin every moment and I can’t wait to read moarrrrr from you. Thanks.

  23. 23 shinmirae

    i love the way kim sun ah made hwang ji ann come to life. ksa is a really good actress and i know she can pull off bitch as much as she can pull heartstrings with being the good girl. i am so rooting for hwang ji-ann.

    this is a rom-com!!! finally, one that makes you laugh so hard, shout “oh-no!!!” and cringe like crazy. someone mentioned it and i love the freshness this drama brings. no stress here. no mystery to solve, no life hanging on the life, no time travelling (after rooftop prince and QIHM, i dont think i can look at dr jin time travelling), no body swap problems to solve.

    having love this drama early in the game, i am also very afraid for it. so far, its girl power all around. ji-ann is career woman who rise to the top of the company by sheer talent and determination. no daddy dearest or hubby to make her ceo. why is she lonely??? not because there is no man in her life. its because being career driven (and bitchy boss) have negative effects on her social life, with only one friend in her list. its her parents who have issues with marriage and not ji-ann. now that she is preggers, i hope they dont force her into marriage because that will totally destroy the girl power momentum here. she can totally be a single mother and raise her child well. she doesn’t have to marry the immature tae-kang or choose the most adorable second lead (in the world of adorable second leads). if she does get married, i hope its because she is in love and at the right time. please, dont pull a “fated to love you” stunt on us. no force marriages and divorce agreement that will transform this girl power drama to a cohabitation drama.

    • 23.1 malta

      Oh God, absolutely NO Fated To Love You. Please. Thank you.

  24. 24 mvl

    ok i admit not to reading most of the comments in this recap for which i apologize before making my comments. so i might repeat what others have already said & probably worded better than i’m going to do.

    1st mysoju (surprise, surprise) is doing a great job of having the sub version of this k-drama. they usually not so quick on the uptake. & they’re doing it w/few commercials. i haven’t seen it on dramacrazy which is also a surprise.

    i enjoying this show & this episode so far is a hoot!

    i will agree w/the recapper that the strong arming tae kang does to ji an is wrong. we have to remember it is his 1st time & he was a virgin. this doesn’t excuse his action, but 1 can understand why he is abit overwrought.

    recapper u are doing a wonderful job. & if i wasn’t already going to watch it because it has my girl kim sun ah in it i certainly would w/your recapping. much thanks!

  25. 25 Mystisith

    Just a little precision about the word manipulation: If you know you’re manipulated then it’s not called manipulation. It’s dominance, blackmailing or something else. A person manipulated doesn’t know it and realizes she’s been tricked AFTER the events. It’s far more devastating.
    Ji-an knows exactly who she is talking to with that Doctor. She knows it from the start when he showed her the trick of the mascara for the blind dates. I’d like people to stop seeing Ji-an as a poor victim of a macho. Is she depressed? Yes. She lacks of affection? Yes. But she’s not a princess in distress and she knows how to defend herself. Pitying the character is not adapted in my opinion. It’s like proclaiming she is stupid and needs to be protected from men. It’s condescending imo.

    • 25.1 rearwindow

      Very well articulated. I agree with you completely. I never get the sense that the doctor has control over Ji-an or is pulling a fast one on her. They are both engaging in a game of sorts, willingly, and to make her out as the victim in their relationship seems overly simplistic and is not giving her enough credit. She is a strong, mature, independent woman, just as he is a strong, mature man.

      I’ve seen behavior like his in other dramas where it truly bothered me, where the heroine was actually tricked by the male lead. But this situation feels entirely different to me. They are equals, and it seems very reductive to paint Ji-an as a victim in this situation.

    • 25.2 Fab

      If we have to point a victim it should be the doctor, because he has shown interest in her whereas Ji-in doesn’t give him the time of the day.

      • 25.2.1 malta

        Since when is a man a victim because a woman isn’t interested in him. Talk about guilt tripping women into accepting men they aren’t interested in. As if. Get over it. To be crass. “She’s just not that into you!” Eun Sung is not a victim.

    • 25.3 malta

      The doctor is cute. I think he’s ultimately a good guy, but he shouldn’t use Ji An’s parents to pressure her into dating or marrying him, not because he is victimizing Ji An, but because he should want her to like him and want to date him for him, and should the situation arise, that she should like and want him DESPITE what her parents think.

      How many kdramas do we fans spend rooting for couples who don’t have their parents blessings. The doc should want Ji An to want him for him. Plus what happens if Eun Sung pisses off Ji An’s Dad? Is he going to expect Ji An to leave him because what he had to offer was making her parents happy and he isn’t doing that anymore?

  26. 26 Fab

    Am I wrong in this if I say that the designer of Jimmy Choo is a woman who is highly educated and more?

  27. 27 malta

    Episode 3 was very funny. I think this drama has found it’s stride. I like both the leads. Tae Kang is endearing in his stupidity. I usually don’t find stupid endearing, but he’s just so funny royally messing up all the time. The last scene with him turning Na Ri into his own personal dance puppet was hilarious! And Eun Sung is so cute, I’m kinda falling for him, which begs the question, why is he single? A man that awesome doesn’t stay single that long for no reason. Especially when he can fall for a girl pretty easily as it seems he’s falling for Ji An….skeletons in the closet? I think so.

  28. 28 malta

    Maybe I’m mistaken, but at the end of this episode, I think Lee Jang Woo pulled out Eunjung’s dance move from the We Got Married episode when they went to a club….! I really hope he did, because that is too cute.

  29. 29 asparagusoup

    yayyyy…this episode just solidify my love for dr. and jian pairing…they are just so right for each other…they are on equal footing…and for someone like jian who’s so up in there…the doctor has the ability to calm her down…showing her what she is missing in terms of her relationship with her parents…and i love it that the doctor is a hit with her parents…love it..love it much..

  30. 30 sulyn

    Thanks for the recap. I do love the scenes of the doctor and JA. He has no intention of marriage but is now intrigued by JA and is trying to worm his way into her heart…. hahaha. He’s probably a little too late. JA is already “taken” ….. by that cute adorable boy. But seriously, I do hope that he will have a more matured appearance in later episodes. Thanks again for the recap.

  31. 31 Lime

    In all the recaps picture, the main girl looks so bored and has the same expression. The other girl looks so pretty ( love her in the new tale of giaseng)

  32. 32 Lilian

    Haha….the older guy is just as childish as the younger one!

  33. 33 Stephanie

    What song is Eun-Sung singing? Ji Hyun Woo sang a cutesy upbeat version of it in Fly High and I have been looking for it everywhere.

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