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Vampire Prosecutor 2 begins filming
by | July 25, 2012 | 118 Comments

Huzzah! Woo, is it hot in here? *Fans self*

This may be the first K-drama sequel I’m this excited about (or excited at all), but who could resist the sexy, stylish, cleverly scripted, and skillfully shot paranormal-procedural Vampire Prosecutor? Season 2 has been buzzed about almost as soon as Season 1 wrapped (or, in fact, before that), and now it is almost upon us. (This fall!) And now we’ll have to make do until then with the one tantalizing, all-too-short preview clip below.

Thanks be, all of our main cast members are back for more — because who could replace Yeon Jung-hoon as the sexiest badass bloodsucker in dramaland? Lee Young-ah is back as his prosecutor teammate, which is great because I thought their dynamic was very fun to watch — a little cheeky, a little flirty, with a little bit of raw connection in fleeting moments — and would love to see it develop further. And yay for Lee Won-jong, coming back as coarse cop Soon-bum, ready to resume the bromance with his vampy best buddy.

Gaaah. So. Sexy.

Most of the promo clip is pretty self-explanatory, but there’s one bit of copy that piques my interest (even more, I mean): as the hands holding wine goblets converge, we get the tagline “Cold blood, meet bad blood.” Hmm, could that have to do with the new Big Bad in town? Last season gave us a season-long running arc that culminated in a Vampire vs. Vampire face-off, and this season promises another showdown. Week to week, our prosecutor team will continue solving cases and kicking asses. And continue being cheeky and adorable too, I presume. I hope.

The first season boasted a pretty awesome directorial flair, so the one thing that has me nervous is that the director has switched: instead of PD Kim Byung-soo who went on to direct Queen In-hyun’s Man, we’re getting PD Yoo Sun-dong, whose credits include Quiz King and Death Bell 2. I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m definitely disappointed because PD Kim is awesome, but I’m hoping that since Season 1 had such a distinctive style and mood, the new director will do his best to continue it. This is a pretty buzzworthy sequel — the first season had impressively high ratings numbers, hitting 4% which was at the time the highest ever on cable, and still among the top performers — so I can’t see the producers throwing the project to someone they didn’t have faith in. *Crosses fingers and prays* The writers have stayed on from last season.

Vampire Prosecutor 2 began filming last week and will premiere on OCN in September. *Marks calendar*

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118 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Betty

    Cool cool cool!!! I love this show. I can’t wait for season 2! Yay!!!!

    • 1.1 Betty

      Oh and the last picture of Yeon Jung-hoon is so awesome *drooling*. And Lee Young-ah is not bad either with longer hair. Can’t wait!

      • 1.1.1 mtoh

        I see, we may have glimpse of new villain as well!

    • 1.2 im_eve

      1stly, rawwwwrrr.
      2nd. what if the cold blood is…the bad blood! venom spidey activate! hehe tho a new villain is much welcome if dine right but i would like the inner conflict to be delved into deeper..esp in regards to lya’s character πŸ™‚

  2. crazedlu

    yes yes yes! cannot WAIT. so.. good looking… droolage.*

  3. mtoh

    Ooooo, my, my….hands are shaking, heart beat to fast… brain non function…It’s good that I’m sitting…oppa September..awwwww…but you look so fine!

  4. canxi

    Awwwwww yeaaaaaaah. So excited for this season! Our leading lady looks so different with the longer hair style. Almost didn’t recognize her but she’s still cute and am hoping her relationship with VP develop further too.

    Now, the director switch is dubious though, I must admit. But he worked on Quiz King? That makes me a little less nervous as I really loved that movie. Very smart and very hilarious.

    • 4.1 Mystisith

      I saw pics of that actress and she’s a beautiful woman! I’m happy they stopped uglyfying her (like in season 1). I guess her character has a man to impress now. Rawr!!!

      • 4.1.1 swui

        yeah…so happy they ditched the bowl cut. She looks much more mature and fitting to her prosecutor role now…

      • 4.1.2 canxi

        I second that rawr!! And while I didn’t mind the kokeshi doll bob on her, like swui said, she does look way more mature and am totally loving it. πŸ™‚

        I’ve missed them so much, I can’t wait to see them again! T.T

      • 4.1.3 Jackie

        Yoo Jeong-in (played by Lee Yeong-ah) was not uglyfied. She believed that look made her like a serious prosecutor. I think she started questioning her style after the coroner and her had the argument about dressing for the workplace.

    • 4.2 diorama

      Yeah, I was suuuuper disappointed to hear that the director’s not coming back, because I loved the visuals in VP1 and QIHM.

      But the main thing is to keep the same writer – does anyone know about that?

      • 4.2.1 canxi

        I have no idea but I hope so. I feel like the same writer should have more story ideas to fill up another 12 episodes, though.

        As for visuals, I’m sure they’ll stay slick and cool. Have you ever seen Quiz King? It’s a great comedy/procedural movie and there is a pretty cool slow-mo crash scene that is just awesome. If he’s bringing that to the VP2 table, then I’ll be a happy camper especially since we know VP loves the slow-mo ahaha~

        • canxi

          Wait! looks like I confused movies. Which sucks because Quiz Show Scandal (the movie I’m talking about) also goes by Quiz King. *Siiiiiiigh*

    • 4.3 pipit

      Thanks God! This is the best news ever! Our vampire looks scary hot in the first picture. Love it!

      Looking at the picture of the female lead makes me very happy. Our VP needs to see how yummy she is! The bigger the temptation is the better.

  5. UJ

    funny story abt the second last pic…when it was released it spread like wildfire among the cassies assuming it was Jaejoong (KT from Dr. Jin), later on we came to know it was from Vampire prosecutor lol :p
    i haven’t seen the first season of the drama but i think i will check it out once my exams are done πŸ˜€

    • 5.1 gala

      Yeah… It looks like KJJ. And KJJ has always been likened to a vampire. Lol

    • 5.2 Arhazivory

      You HAVE to watch it.

    • 5.3 mtoh

      I’ll go with, MUST watch. πŸ˜‰

      • 5.3.1 Uj

        ah yes i will definitely watch it guys!! currently i am a bit preoccupied with my exam prep T_T

    • 5.4 roseltv

      Is it him though? Also looks like Yong Hwa from CNBlue.

  6. dugeundugeun

    Oh no! PD switch…? But I LOVED the directing in VP and Queen In Hyun’s Man.

    Not many dramas do sequels, and when the good ones get a chance to have a Part 2, I’m excited and yet not so excited (Dream High 2 was, um, disappointing). The promo looks awesome xD

    • 6.1 diorama

      Did anyone notice that the teaser looks a little more …. gimmicky? I mean, there’s way too much makeup on YJH’s face, and that red-flame background…I dunno. I kinda preferred the understated vampiriness of the first season. I really really hope this new director is just as good as the last one.

      • 6.1.1 asianromance

        That’s what sort of threw me off about some of these teaser pics – seems like they’re going more for a summertime horror angle rather than dark and gritty.

        I hope the sequel can live up to the first season!

    • 6.2 canxi

      But Dream High 2 was really rushed D: I think even JYP admitted that. It was also weird because it was a drama that really didn’t need a sequel.

      VP on the other hand NEEDS one. There are so many questions left unanswered. Am I gonna ave to re-watch that show? Probably will. But, I’m nervous too :S There’s something about the word “sequel” that fills everyone with excitement and dread,lol.

  7. Farhana

    *drool* he lookin might smexy with blue eyes!! *Q*

  8. Daisy

    Omgsh is this the first sequel with same storyline and same cast? Yayayaya I’m so excited! I love love vampire prosecutor! πŸ™‚

  9. Arhazivory

    I…I….I….*brain overheats and melts*



  10. 10 meecheellee

    Can’t wait!! AIEEE!! *fangirls* Moar teasers. MOARRRRR.

  11. 11 DarknessEyes

    dang it, now that I look at Lee Won Jung all I can picture him as was the mean dad from Equator Man. Whyyyyy TT_TT

    but apart from that,
    OMG. That clip was WAYYYYYY to short!!! T_T

  12. 12 Tammie

    Frankly couldn’t get in to the first season. However… after watching “Can Love Become Money”, I’m willing to take the leap of faith, if only to drool over YJH. I really need to work on not being so shallow.

    • 12.1 kirst3n

      LOL. Hooked on that drama too.

    • 12.2 pipit

      I LOVE Can Love Become Money! Just love it! YJH has become my latest obsession.

      • 12.2.1 jomo

        Slowly but surely being subbed, tooooooo slowly!
        Can you watch on dramafever?

        • delicatecloud

          Yes the drama is on dramafever and it is also very very very slowly…subbed there as well.

        • pipit

          Hmmm….. I know the sub is extremely slow. But I bought a whole CDs with strangely a relatively good sub. I don’t know where they get it though.

  13. 13 DAEBAKMusic

    Wow he is so sexy right there in the last picture!!
    He is hot and his wife is cute, make the best couple!!
    Wow she look so different with long hair!! Can’t wait!!

  14. 14 Florentine Lily

    Yes! Yes! YES! I’m so excited. Unfortunately, Im going to have to wait till winter-break to watch it. Arrrghh…School!

  15. 15 Blaumauss

    thank youveeeeryyy much javabeans, for the amazing news and the sexycool pics.
    Ok, the news are not new news , but with a deadline it sounds more officially. They can not take it back from us now, can`t they???
    And I have the feeling, itΒ΄s the first REAL second season (you know, same cast, same writer etc. like first season) of a k-drama. I know, itΒ΄s not the first second season ever, but k-drama-sequels are damn rar somehow. If this sequel gets high ratings too, then maybe, maybe we will get more sequels of other dramas. I hope so. (City Hunter Season II – where are you????)
    Okay. The summer is hot, the autuum seems to be be getting hotter: I am waiting for your return – sexy vampire prosecutor. *Marks calendar also*

  16. 16 Mystisith

    OK. Let’s be clear ladies: Vampy is MINE!! He was, he is and he will be.
    Forever, until death do us apart.
    If someone has a problem with that we can go explain ourselves outside…
    Now, let me drool over that man, cold blood and everything. Miam, miam…

  17. 17 toystar

    Yes! happy dance!!! Loved VP soooo sexy!

  18. 18 becca_boo


    Vampy-Cop Bromance FTW! And yay for no more bowl-cut! By everyone, that means goofy intern Dong-man is back, too, right?

    Until I’m proven wrong, I’m just going to operate on the assumption that the new PD is awesome, too, because I don’t want anything to bring down my excitement for this one.

    Yay for VP2!!!

    • 18.1 becca_boo

      Just watched the preview (it wouldn’t load when I was here before), and is it just me, or does this season look more vampy than the last one? I could get behind that, as long as we don’t lose the cheek.

      Eee! So. Excited.

  19. 19 Do-ra-ma

    I’m excited. The first season was one of my favourite dramas from last year. The “bad blood” in the teaser may refer to this apparent new rival that our prosecutor is going to have. I assume he’s also a vampire, but if he’s also a man of law that’d be doubly more interesting. Can’t wait for September!

  20. 20 Yay


  21. 21 trotwood

    HURRAH. Bringin’ smexy back!!!

    Anyway, where is Dong-man? Are we going to go through interns here like they do in Bones?

    Who is the last guy? Does anyone know about the role he is going to play in this new season?

    • 21.1 hpn88

      MTE! Where is the cute/bumbling intern – he’s part of the team! Bring him back too

    • 21.2 Alexandria

      Dong Man will also be in the second season. ) He posted a picture of the script on twitter.

      • 21.2.1 trotwood

        This is a relief. I wanted the whole team back; they need a young innocent as part of this team of veterans. I know the female lead is supposed to be new, but how “new” can a person really be when her father is a leader in the Korean mafia!

        Whenever, I need a smile, I go back to the team picture at the end of episode 10 (see opening screenshot of dramabeans recap http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/12/vampire-prosecutor-episode-10/). This makes me remember how funny the show was, as well as how I enjoyed them coming together as a team.

        • Alexandria

          RE: I know the female lead is supposed to be new

          The female lead is the same, they just changed her hairstyle.

  22. 22 reallycool

    Lee Young Ah looks really different here. A lot older looking 0,0

  23. 23 Whatsthescenario

    OH MAH GAWD!!!! I can’t wait for this!!!!!!

  24. 24 skelly

    Nooooo! I wonder what PD Kim is doing instead?

  25. 25 Noelle

    HELL YESSS! I totally and completely geek’d out over this show. I did math for this show. MATH. If thats not love than what is?

    So I’m guessing the dude in white is the antagonist? Any word on whose playing him? I can’t tell.

    • 25.1 Noelle

      P.S. Is it just me or does that pic with the hands look like a face-hugger?

      • 25.1.1 Mystisith

        EWWWW… Now that I look at it, yes… Hugs and kisses of Vampy are fine, but clingy aliens are not my thing. *shudders*.

  26. 26 malta

    Yeah!!!! Yeon Jung-hoon! He’s so awesomely awesome!

  27. 27 kirst3n

    Omg, yey!

  28. 28 momosa

    Did he put on weight? Or is it because he’s seated, or too much shiny make-up or hair too curly?

    He is somehow less sharp compared to before….

  29. 29 Moozy

    ❀❀❀ What else can I say but I Loike !!! πŸ’—

  30. 30 beggar1015

    New season: Yes

    Last sceencap: No

  31. 31 Sajen

    hooray for a season 2

  32. 32 MEalways

    Very good!
    I was like waiting for years (literary, eh?), for the sequel.
    More to the love of good Kdramas in 2012.

    Keep on going….

    And however will recap this at dramabeans, I thank you from deep of my heart – in advance.

  33. 33 nozomi05

    sooo excited!!! I can’t wait for this drama to start.

    I don’t like the hair that Yeon Jung-hoon is sporting on the teaser pics and I guess everyone agrees that Lee Young-ah looks so much better with the longer hair.

    I hope that Dongman will still be around!!

    This sequel better be good!!!

  34. 34 aiya_rani

    the sexiest vampire ever…:D

  35. 35 Lise

    Oh yeahs!!! C’on dramagods dont forget TEN as well, u left us hanging remember?!!

  36. 36 stars4u

    Finally!!! it’s here! (well, almost)

  37. 37 all4movies

    Hmm, judging from the last picture of the Vampire prosecutor, it has a more glamorous than edgy feel. I hope they don’t lose the edgy, dark vibe that I loved.

    I don’t think pink lipstick looks good on men, even Vampires.

    • 37.1 Ennayra

      Lol! I’m hoping the lipstick doesn’t make it into the drama. πŸ™‚

  38. 38 ShamiHeart

    I think the bad guy might be Kim JaeJoong….?
    idek, just guessing..

  39. 39 lenrasoon

    “Quiz King” was well directed imo so i’m actually looking forward to what PD Yoo Sun-dong will do to give this second season his own touch.

  40. 40 anais

    What is that horrendous mop on his head? πŸ™

    The vampire prosecutor’s appeal was in part due to the character’s clean lines, lines that suggested a certain sharp, no-nonsense ethos. That curly mop top – what vampire prosecutor has time to maintain such a coif. And coif it is.

    • 40.1 PurpleJam

      yah, in comparison, I prefer his Season 1 sharp and clean line look, hence focusing on his sexy guyliner eyes which will make me faint!!! But anyway, glad that Season 2 is coming very soon … still with Yeon Jung Hoon as my fav. Vampire character *drooling*

  41. 41 Bengbeng

    i wonder who the villain is, is he the one in white shirt holding a goblet of bloodwine? He looks like one of the vampires in vampire idol, the tall lanky one who is also i white christmas. I forgot his name.

    • 41.1 Ennayra

      Oh I know who you mean – Lee Soo-hyuk – the guy who played Yoon Su aka Angel in White Christmas. I didn’t watch Vampire Idol, but I read the first episode recap on here. Our vampire prosecutor would totally crush him, lol.

  42. 42 jabberwokcy

    the hair and the eyes, is too much girlie, no? feels like he just came back from some undercover assignment as a lady, and just took off his wig. πŸ˜›
    not loving it.
    but i love L young ah’s hair. purty….

  43. 43 Diweni

    OOO he is so sexy .. i can’t wait for Lee Young-ah

  44. 44 jomo

    not thinking
    can’t waiting
    heart beating
    breath baiting

  45. 45 Cassandra

    Waaaah!! I couldn’t help squealing and I scared the crap out of my niece. Now I just need to hear that Special Affairs Team TEN season 2 is in production and I will be the happiest drama fan evaaaar!

  46. 46 lovedramas

    WOW – fanning self is right. I had no idea!!! I am waiting until after the 2nd part airs so I can do a marathon.


    So hot!!

  47. 47 ZOBear

    oooo I can’t wait for this one. I just…when his eyes turn blue….and the…Hmm. Sexy sexy man. I can’t even form sentences. *sighs*

  48. 48 pamela

    cant wai! love him! great actor!!!

  49. 49 bishbash

    is that young ‘un on the team back as well? he’s too cute to go missing from the team!!

  50. 50 Ennayra

    Ah! Sexiest vampire ever to grace my screen. I actually squealed while watching the trailer, and then at the end, I yelled “again!”

    Thanks for the good news. And I’m so happy that all of the cast could return. I really really really hope the same team of writers are behind this one. *prays

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