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Lee Je-hoon suits up for Bazaar
by | September 24, 2012 | 32 Comments

Old-world glamour is always welcome in my book, especially when you’re looking as dapper as Lee Je-hoon in this Bazaar spread. And with his army service looming (noooo!) we’ll have to start stocking up on Lee Je-hoon goodness now, to tide us over for the next two years.

I love this man. He is such an amazing actor, both technically proficient and able to embody the emotional reality of his characters, whether they’re innocent or cheeky or verging on psychotic, or anywhere in that vast in-between. I’m glad he found such success before his military service, but also a little sad that it came so close to it so that we couldn’t get a few more projects out of him just as he’s hitting his stride.

So after having a phenomenal last year (The Front Line, Bleak Night), Lee has had another good year, Fashion King notwithstanding, with Introduction to Architecture being such a sleeper box office hit and bringing him mainstream notice. Now he’s got another movie, horror-comedy Fortune Tellers (which has adopted the English-language title Ghost Sweepers), set to come out in another week.

Fortune Tellers / Ghost Sweepers is the project at the center of attention in the accompanying Bazaar interview, and he talks about working with Kim Su-ro and improvising their heads off: “As we ad-libbed together, we ended up with scenes and lines that we couldn’t have predicted, and that made everything even more fun.”

Lee is currently busily filming his last movie before hiatus, My Pavarotti with Han Seok-kyu. (He plays a high school gangster with dreams of being a classical singer. How great is that?) He reports for army training at the end of October.

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32 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rabbitsfortea

    Oh dayum.
    Now I’m not too sure if I want him off to army and then back looking even more manly and gorgeous or just keep him away from army forever, because I can’t stand not having him onscreen at ALL in 2 years.

    • 1.1 rabbitsfortea

      WAIT. End of October?! SAY IT ISN’T SO

      • 1.1.1 pabo ceo reom

        Awful isn’t it?! This guy is a. maz. ing.

      • 1.1.2 Rovi

        If he wants, he can tag along with Leeteuk as well. T~T

  2. Danna

    Its a shame that we haven’t been able to see him in a decent drama project before his enlistment….of all his movies the only thing I have left to watch is Bleak night (and fortune tellers)…and that makes me more sad

  3. Mystisith

    LJH was so hot in his white suit in Fashion King… That’s the only thing I want to remember from that show. Will wait impatiently for those 2 movies to air on our screens.
    PS: MS, I hate you. We’ll never get along, you and I.

    • 3.1 kdramapedia

      yes, he was so hot in that white suit! my only reason for torturing myself with FK.

      Lee Je-Hoon, don’t go!

  4. ida

    I SO so so so badly want to see Fortune Tellers! It looks so effin’ great!
    I will miss Lee Je Hoon whilst he’s gone… 🙁
    But hey, we will no doubt get to see his newly sculpted hot bod when he’s back…. or at least we wait in hope.
    haha, superficial things aside, I love him as an actor as well. Incredibly versatile, and creative…
    Love it when actors ad lib, it can add something special to the film/drama piece.

  5. mary

    In the last pic, he looks like Cha Chi Soo reading something about Yang Eun Bi and Sexy Panda: annoyed but smexy.

    Also, army duty means he’s completely legal, right? Yey!

  6. Lemon

    He was great in Introduction to Architecture, really great. To the extent I was actually disappointed when the adult version (Uhm Tae Woong) came on screen. He embodied the strong feelings of first love so well, that I became an instant fan.

    I can’t believe he’s going to enlist already! Oppa nooo!

  7. Alice20

    All I’ve seen this guy in was Fashion King. *bleh* Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So I guess that means he did a good job…?

    • 7.1 cheekbones

      You have to watch his movies…..

  8. xiaoSxin

    Oh no.. I thought he already finished his military service.

  9. Mimi

    Now this is an Actor who has a future in the industry. His acting is that of someone who has been in the industry way longer than it appears. I would say he is better than some of the actors who are top stars now. Sad that he has to enlist soon which means nothing for the next two years argh the heartbreak lol. Wish him luck cant wait till he comes back

  10. 10 canxi

    If any of you guys haven’t seen Bleak Night yet, you totally should. It’s so great.

    I will really really really miss Lee Je Hoon. I think he’s pretty perfect and love his acting too. Hope that when he gets back he gets many awesome dramas and many more movies! Can’t wait to see them all.

    P.S.–where is he in that second picture? Japan? China? I totally recognize the actor on the front of the magazine he is holding from something!

  11. 11 AnotherFan

    I have only seen him in Fashion King and like many others, he became the only reason why I stuck to that horrible thing till the end. I thought he was able to pull off vulnerability really well – and sometimes you need to see that in a guy 🙂 And he’s the kind that, the longer you watch him, the more he grabs you and makes you forget about the others in the show (at least that’s how it ended up for me for FK).
    Really wish him the best and a bright future ahead. Hope the 2-year absence is not going to cost him…

    • 11.1 supah

      Guh. Loved his fudged up character in Fashion King. <3

  12. 12 supah

    He’s not really going the normal route as far as enlistment goes, he’ll be joining Seoul’s riot police for two years. I don’t know how interesting that’ll be for him since it’s not exactly a 1980s Seoul. But hope it’s good for him. And safe. And that he comes back more buff.
    I’ll miss himmmm!

    Oh, the flicks sound awesome, especially the Pavarotti one with Han Seok-kyu, he’ll make a great gangster.

    And I wonder what happened to his other film that’s in the works; Ethics of Fury? Hope they’ll wait for him because that sounded so cool.

  13. 13 hpn88

    say it ain’t so…the end of october? I keep forgetting that he’s 29 and not as young as SJK, YAI, or LMH

    goodbye just as we got to know you!

  14. 14 sPark*

    All his movies so far have been pretty good (or awesome). He has been very wise in choosing his projects. On the other hand, Fashion King… oh my. Well, at least that brought him more mainstream popularity? lolol I wish he had done a better drama that I could actually watch. I will make do with the CFs, radio appearances and movies. I was so sad when I found out he was leaving to the army Oct. 25 🙁 I will miss him dearly for two years.

  15. 15 Enz

    He really stood out in architecture 101. Hope his star continues to rise post army

  16. 16 Maggie

    thanks jb,

    He has big hands (palm), good-luck in military service,
    comeback at age 31, just nice to get more meaty stuff in

    • 16.1 AnotherFan

      Haha.. the big hand/palm comment seems a little random but interesting point 😉

  17. 17 momogi

    oppaaa don’t goooo….
    I’ll miss you a lot….

  18. 18 athena

    The truth I love Fashion King despite whatever others think.I watched it due to Yoo Ah In ending falling in love with Lee Je Hoon..His chemistry with Shin Se Kyung..was the main attraction for me..guess I like drama that have alternative ending..to name a few Bad Guy,I am Sorry I Love You,Feast of the Gods and Fashion King..which all have a not so good ending review..

  19. 19 bear99

    I’m absolutely love him in Architecture 101. His acting was guuuuuddh !!! I love the way he played his character. This ctor not only gorgeous but also know how to act. I respect him for that.:)

  20. 20 Jess

    I fell in love with him in Fashion King (the ONLY reason why I continued the series). I’m gonna miss him when he enlists, but two years will fly. 🙂

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