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49th Grand Bell Awards
by | October 30, 2012 | 87 Comments

‘Tis the season: Awards time is upon us! And beware of the massive photo-dump that awaits you.

Here we are with the red carpet of today’s (er, yesterday in Korea) 49th Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Awards), one of the big film ceremonies of the year. Coming up later this year is another of the big ones, the Blue Dragons, while springtime is host to the Baeksang Arts Awards. Not to mention all the year-end broadcaster awards for dramas, music, and variety television programming.

Phew. That’s a lot of congratulating. Then again, Chungmuro and dramaland are prolific beasts, with lots and lots of material pumped out every year.

You wouldn’t know that from this winners list, however, seeing as how it was heavily skewed—crushed, dominated—by one film. Just take a look for yourselves:


Best Picture: Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King
Director Award: Chu Chang-min (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Actor Award: Lee Byung-heon (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Actress Award: Jo Min-soo (Pieta)
Supporting Actor: Ryu Seung-ryong (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Supporting Actress: Kim Hae-sook (Thieves)
New Actor: Kim Sung-kyun (My Neighbor)
New Actress: Kim Go-eun (Eun-gyo)
New Director: Choi Jong-tae (Hand In Hand)
Actress, Short Film: Choi Ji-yeon (Woman)
Special Judges Award: Kim Ki-duk (Pieta)
Film Advancement Achievement Award: Kwak Jung-hwan, Go Eun-ah

Screenplay: Hwang Jo-yoon (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Popularity Award: Lee Byung-heon (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Cinematography: Lee Tae-woon (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Lighting: Oh Seung-chul (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Editing: Nam Na-young (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Music: Mogg, Kim Joon-sung (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Planning: Im Sang-jin (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Art Direction: Oh Heung-seok (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Visual Effects: Jung Jae-hoon (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Sound Effects: Lee Sang-joon (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)
Costuming: Kwon Yoo-jin, Im Seung-hee (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King)

See what I mean? It was basically a Gwanghae massacre, with only a few non-Gwanghae nominees able to steal in there to claim trophies. Yet despite the big (huge, enormoriffic) night for the movie, its lead star Lee Byung-heon wasn’t around to accept his award—he’s off in the States busy with filming. Sort of anticlimactic to have the face of the film absent, perhaps?

On to the red carpet!


This was basically Kim Go-eun’s big come-out party, I think. The 20-year-old took the lead role of Eun-gyo in the melodrama Eun-gyo, which was her debut role, and earned lots of praise for it, culminating in a New Actress award here. I had wondered whether she’d lose out to more high-profile actresses, but the word of mouth has been solid for her film and you know she’s good when she’s nominated for her first movie in both New Actress and Best Actress categories. It’s always nice to welcome a promising new talent; I’ll be keeping an eye out for her future roles.

Jo Min-soo was one of the very few entries to sneak past the Gwanghae wall of awards, and nabbed Best Actress for her role in the darkly dramatic Pieta. I love Jo Min-soo, who can be feisty and commanding at once.

Speaking of Pieta… What will Kim Ki-duk make films about, now that he can’t complain that he never wins any awards? The whole basis of his experimental piece Arirang was a diatribe on how he’s unappreciated in his homeland… but you don’t bring your country its first Golden Lion at Venice and then get ignored for that. In fact, I’m betting that the Grand Bell Awards created that Special Judges Award just to give him some recognition, since Gwanghae was going to run away with all the big ones, including Best Director for which Kim Ki-duk was also nominated.

Im Soo-jung was nominated for her movie All About My Wife. She didn’t win, but she still looks like a queen. I love the deep blue of her gown and the shape and silhouette; we don’t see Im Soo-jung out much so it’s nice that when we do, she’s rockin’ it.

Her All About My Wife co-star Ryu Seung-ryong was actually nominated twice in this Supporting Actor category, and I’d wondered if that would split his vote. But when one of those movies is Gwanghae, you’re golden.

Uhm Jung-hwa was another nominee for Dancing Queen, which earned lots of money at the box office and laughs for her meta-hilarious turn as an ajumma who turns into a pop star. Her glitzy golden shimmer seems perfect for her, as K-pop’s eternal glam queen.

Hwang Jung-min seems like he’s on these lists every year, doesn’t he? There’s no way he was going to win for his heartwarming comedy act in Dancing Queen when all his rivals were up for big dramatic pieces (the other Best Actor nominees were Kim Myung-min, Ahn Sung-ki, Choi Min-shik, and of course the winner, Lee Byung-heon). But that’s the thing about being Hwang Jung-min; he’ll be back on this list in no time.

Choi Min-shik also seems a fixture on nominee lists. He was up for his crime film Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time, which was another of the year’s big movies.


Well, that dress is a winner. Suzy has made something of a habit (a signature? a statement?) of wearing all-white to just about all her awards appearances. Here she is rocking short white party dresses at this year’s Baeksangs, last year’s Baeksangs, and last year’s KBS Drama Awards. Normally I’d say I’m sick of white and that she needs a new gimmick. But I’ll make an exception for Suzy since this one’s the first full-length formal evening gown of the bunch, and she’s here representing a movie where she became a symbol of first loves everywhere. Pure, fresh innocence is the whole theme.

I did think Suzy had great chances at taking the New Actress award she was nominated for, given how much of a hit Introduction to Architecture was and how much that boosted her career/reputation/image as an actress, rather than idol singer. But like I said, Kim Go-eun was up for multiple awards and given that she didn’t get Best Actress, it makes sense they’d give her the rookie award instead.

Jo Jung-seok is probably better known on Dramabeans for The King 2 Hearts, but he mostly owes Introduction to Architecture for his newfound fame; it’s where he stole scenes and created catchprases (which earned him the nickname “Napdeuki,” based on a particularly droll scene in the movie where he coaches a hapless Lee Je-hoon on how to win Suzy’s heart). I was so sure he was going to get the New Actor award (he was also nominated for Supporting Actor, but I figured he’d lose that to bigger names). He did not win either, but I’m pretty sure he’s gonna have a big boost in his career in the coming years.

Daniel Choi! So awkwardly adorable. He was Jo’s fellow nominee for New Actor, which is probably silly given Cyrano and all, but again, I didn’t expect him to win for Traffickers. I love him, vaguely Harry Potter look and all.

Kim Sung-kyun is the man who took that award out of their reach, and was another of the night’s double nominees. Actually, triple—he won New Actor for My Neighbor, beating out himself in the same category for Nameless Gangster, which is also the movie for which he was nominated as Supporting Actor. Phew.

Ha, I’m surprised The Thieves is being nominated for awards at all, given that it’s really a fluff action caper meant to be an entertaining blockbuster. I mean no disrespect, since I happen to love fluff action caper blockbusters. But when you break records and become the all-time top box office hit domestically, I suppose some congratulatin’ is in order. If someone from the movie was gonna win, I love that it’s Kim Hae-sook. She’s with the director, Choi Dong-hoon, who was also nominated. She looks awesome in that royal blue, which was a popular color of the night.

I had to look up which film Park Hae-il was here for, because he is one of those actors who is in everything, and nominated for everything. Deservedly so, since he’s awesome. (Love him! I’ve said that enough, I know, but what can I say? I’m just full of love tonight.) He must be here for Eun-gyo. I love him in pinstripes, all confident and relaxed. Sexay.

I haven’t seen Pace Maker, but perhaps the human drama about marathon-running will have to go on my list. Kim Myung-min was nominated for it, but that’s no surprise; it’s Go Ara’s nomination that makes me take notice, because while I quite like her, I’ve never thought her acting was anything to write home about. She’s endearing and has a cute bubbly personality, but if she’s developing some acting chops as well, the world really isn’t fair. I’ve never thought of her as statuesque, but in this gown she’s looking regal and tall.


Ha, it’s Lee Chun-hee (The Thousandth Man) and Jung Kyeo-woon (History of a Salaryman), looking like dapper twins. The thing is, they’re both styled exactly the same, and dressed the same… but why is the effect so different?

Chunderella looks sharp and pulled together, and Jung Kyeo-woon looks… greasy. What happened to his charisma, his charm? Does this just show that every hard-bodied heartthrob is just one oil-slicked hairstyle away from hotness?

Park Bo-young (Wolf Boy)! I love you and you’re talented and adorable and sweet and… you need a new dress. Are you just taking the same one and dyeing it for each awards show? Or did you just decide this was going to be your signature look? Far be it from me to begrudge a girl who sees an awesome piece of clothing and decides to clean out the store of multiple versions, but… surely she can wear a new dress now? I have seen this one so many times. She’s worn a pink version before, at 2010’s Baeksang Awards, and then there’s the white version she also wore. That doesn’t even take into account all the times I’ve seen it on other actresses.

Choi Jin-hyuk (Panda and Hedgehog). Mmm. Sharp tux. Tall, lean lines. A happy smile. I’m happy.


Perfection. This is perfect, right? I can spot no flaws.

Park Shin-hye (You’ve Fallen For Me) is one of my favorite looks of the night, with her perfectly fitted gown that’s flowy, elegant, classy, flattering… just, she looks awesome. Glowy and bright.

Erm, not quite as much a fan of Joo Sang-wook (Ten) with that velvety purple tux jacket. I suppose it’s all right. He’s a handsome man and he pulls it off, but I don’t love it.

I love that for a man who has been in this industry for over half a century (seriously, he debuted in 1957, at the age of 5), Ahn Sung-ki is still rocking that excited just-happy-to-be-here energy. He was nominated for his based-on-a-true-story courtroom thriller Broken Arrow, where he played a man who fights back against a crooked judicial system.

I wish there were photos of Jung Yumi (Rooftop Prince) without the jacket. I was just about to comment on the interesting mix of textures and fabrics with the leather top, but then realized she appears to be wearing separates. I actually like it, though I think there’s weirdness with the slit and the shorter layer underneath it.

The Oohlala Spouses arrive together: Shin Hyun-joon and Kim Jung-eun are no strangers to award shows, and I’m torn on this look. Mostly it’s ’cause I dig his patterned suit with the patterned shirt and bowtie—it’s geek chic, a look for the nerdy sophisticate—and hate everything about her look. The matronly gown, the material, the hair, the accessories. Kim Jung-eun can look adorable and glamorous, but this is not her night for that.

Is this a case of a Monet, and did I just date myself with that reference? I love how Jang Shin-young (Empress) looks from a distance in this bold red gown, but then I look at its features up close and it looks all wrong. Like she tied a huge bow around her boobs. It’s too bad that top part looks so Minnie Mouse, because the her styling and the overall silhouette is awesome. And the shoes are fab, of course.

How hot is Nam Goong-min (Can You Hear My Heart)? He looks pulled-together and sleek, and totally at ease. It’s a little more “shark businessman CEO” than red-carpet ceremony, but who’s quibbling?

Erm. Byun Jung-soo (Hooray For Love) is well-known for her fashionista sensibility and she’s got an incredible figure, but she also has a tendency to walk that line bordering on tacky. Definitely loud. Maybe this is a reverse Monet, because up close and individually, I like the parts. The pattern is okay, the accessories are not bad, her makeup is flattering… but it’s a case of Too Much, Everywhere.

Aw, Jo Sung-ha (Return to Base, Five Million Dollar Man). I find he can be quite the chameleon, whether he’s playing badasses or cuddly ajusshis.

Kang Eun-jin is a face I don’t know, even though she was reportedly in Bow: The Ultimate Weapon, but she may be one to watch as well; she was nominated in the New Actress category for Pieta, and also for Supporting Actress. I’m okay with the dress, which is flattering, but I don’t love it or hate it.

Choi Ji-yeon won an award for a short film Woman. I dislike much about this ensemble. It just looks like she didn’t try. No makeup, nothing with the hair, a flowy dress that sort of reminds me of a bathrobe, and plain white shoes. Meh.

Aren’t these two cute together? Nam Bora (The Moon That Embraces the Sun) came to the awards with Julien Kang (To the Beautiful You). She had another of the deep blue gowns, and basically I’m a fan of all of them. It’s got a nice touch of sparkle with the waistline, and the pair of them look smart and classy.

Okay, so I don’t love all the blues. Just the royal blues, maybe, because this light blue getup worn by 22-year-old Yoon-ju (Bad Blood) looks like a mess. Maybe it’s the bad fit, or the flow, because it just looks sloppy.

Moon Jung-hee had a hit movie this year with the sci-fi-adventure-thriller Deranged, which gave her a Supporting Actress nomination. I guess that shiny silver seems appropriate for sci-fi, but all I can think of is how unforgiving that kind of satin is. Wrinkles everywhere!

Another fellow Supporting Actress nominee was Ra Mi-ran for Dancing Queen. As you can see, there was a lot of white at this red carpet, with her empire-waisted gown and the Grecian (sorta?) styling.

Jung Ae-yeon (Two Weddings and a Funeral) goes in the opposite direction with her white number, opting for a structured dress that makes me think of ’80s power suits. Thankfully without the shoulder pads.

More white for Jo Ha-rang, a singer-actress who was in the JTBC drama To My Beloved and will reportedly be in the upcoming Jeon Woo-chi (along with Beloved co-star Hong Jong-hyun). Hm. All of a sudden, I’m a lot more interested in Jo Ha-rang. Even though I really dislike her dress.

The other big trend of the night was black, and Seo Young-hee (Cold City) utilizes both. Ehh… not really feeling the lace, cap-sleeves, or straight sheath skirt. Or the pearl earrings. She just seems so much older than her 33 years, like she’s about to call out to Jeeves to bring her some tea while she plays bridge with the old biddies. Okay, maybe not grandma-old. Maybe just snooty-spinster-aunt old.

Now onto the black looks. It took me a moment to decide, but I do like Im Jung-eun (Equator Man) in her flowy halter-top gown. The dress seems plain, but the slit is interesting with its bias cut and the draping is nice. Plus, she looks cheery and comfortable. So my vote is yes.

Jang Young-nam (My Neighbor) does black dress and red lips with slit. Three of the night’s trends. I like, though not love, the overall look. Which is fine since I love her and all the zillions of dramas and roles she acts in.

I’m gonna vote no on Yoo So-young (Dream High 2), even though she looks perky and chipper and even kind of like Park Bo-young from some angles, because essentially it looks like she ran out to the party in her negligee. Those wee little arm-sleeve-things? They make me want to rip them off.

Eh, another pass for Lee Hyun-ji, who doesn’t seem to have any credits in years. Is that right? Is she suddenly gearing up for work again? Maybe I should cut her some slack for the dated look, then… but I can’t, because it’s so ugly. Puffy, ruffly sleeves mixed with a weird fabric that looks like vinyl snakeskin, and chunky jewelry that drags it all down. Nope.


On the other hand, there’s Han Chae-ah (Oohlala Spouses, Gaksital). Va-va-voom.

The red lips can be quite dark and heavy, but I suppose I’m used to it as Rie’s signature look. I’m going to ignore the side view that seems to suggest the dress is a bit short on her (or maybe she went to fittings in flats?) and the bowtie-train-bustle at the rear, because she looks so awesome up above. Or maybe it’s that I love the framing of the photo itself, and less the dress. In any case, I think she totally pulls it off.

…unlike Jo Yoon-hee (Traffickers). Um, no. Just no. I get that she cut her hair to play a tomboyish role, so I can’t hold the unfortunate bowl cut against her. I can, however, hold her entirely to blame for that awful peach thing that looks like something the ’70s disavowed and tried to forget. No no no.

Thankfully, I’d say on the whole the night was marked by many more successes than failures, with a TON of stars showing up (seriously, so many. This post took forever, yo) and looking pretty great. And doing a whole lotta winking.

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  1. Yervang

    So many pretty faces. I’m jealous

    • 1.1 JO

      I think everyone looks very nice. Especially the man on the arm of Moon Jung-hee. I love his HANBOK! Who is this man and can I have his clothes?

  2. anna

    I was reading this part: “You wouldn’t know that from this winners list, however, seeing as how it was heavily skewed—crushed, dominated—by one film.”
    Only scrolled down half way, saw only three wins and was like, that’s not that bad, then I scrolled down some more… HAHAHAHA sweet jesus, that is insane! How is that even… what? Must be a boring night for everyone else that wasn’t involved with Gwanghae.

    • 2.1 Kiara

      This is like watching “The Titanic” and “The Lord of The Rings” (RoTK) sweep the oscars.

      • 2.1.1 Miss D

        I know! Imagine sitting in the audience during the award show:

        And the best screenplay award goes to…..Gwanghae, The Man who became king!!!
        The popularity award goes to….Gwanghae, The Man Who Became Man!!!!
        And the best music goes to….hum let me guess….Gwanghae!

        Hahaha I think I’m going to watch that movie now to see what all the hype is about.

  3. rainbow

    For me, Park Shin hye and Suzy are looking the best 🙂

  4. sam

    Oh My … as you said Park Shin hye is perfect.

  5. red

    Wow no Lee Byung Heon or Han Hyo Joo?

    But loved seeing Daniel Choi and Nam Goong Min…can’t wait to see them back on screen.

  6. Kiara

    I love love Suzy’s dress and its appropriate for her age. Thank you for not wearing those “up to there” high slit dresses. You are growing on me Suzy.

    I’m very happy for Ryu Seung-ryong although I haven’t watched Gwanghae yet.
    I totally heart Park Hae-il so get your claws off JB lol. He’s just super duper awesome and I cant wait to see his next movie.

    • 6.1 pabo ceo reom

      Yeah, normally I wouldn’t be a fan of a dress like that, but for some reason it works on Suzy! Too bad she didn’t win the new actress award since I thought she did a stellar job in Intro.

  7. eevee

    LOL THE END! *wink*

    In my opinion, Park Shin Hye and Nam Goong Min look the best out of everyone. But Ara looks gorgeous too.

    I love all the pretties!!! Thanks JB!

    • 7.1 bear99

      True ! I think Park Shin Hye and Nam Gong Min dressed the best.
      It suit the occasion and they look classy …

  8. lol

    Tbh I’m not really a fan of her dress but Park Shin hye was so beautiful last nite I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
    And congrats for Gwanghae

  9. rubie

    Thanks so much for the awesome Daejong highlight! No one writes award + red carpet fashion commentary like JB, precise and picture perfect totally. ^^

    Indeed, it’s too bad that Lee Byung Hun wasn’t able to attend the ceremony and receive his first Grand Bell Best Actor Award. He’s in London filming RED 2. Well, he’s was home for BIFF awhile back, so he can’t ask for leave again. LOL.

    • 9.1 Kiara

      RED 2 will be much better than G.I Joe so I’m happy for Lee Byung Hun.

  10. 10 Yervang

    I laughed at the winks. Made my day. Lol

  11. 11 eny

    my question about korean award is it base on poling or there are some jury, i’m not a fans of korean movie n i didn’t watch it, just see if it review in dramabeans. I don’t believe drama award in south korea because the winner mostly not the best but popular

    • 11.1 Hannah

      Drama awards mainly gives award on the the popularity but film awards are done by professionals and hardly given out by popularity besides the baeksang arts award which is a popular award kind of thing

    • 11.2 rubie

      Enews wrote how last night’s awards results came about in their article today

      The ‘Daejong Film Awards’ are Taken Over by ‘Masquerade’

  12. 12 oren-ji

    I love the wink photos!

    Park Shinhye is Gorgeous!Overall,she is perfect from head to toe. I love Go Ara’s dress.It’s pretty. Suzy’s dress is actually yellow color..a very light yellow. LOL but yay for no short dress this time. She looks so pretty. Im soojung’s dress is so nice.i love the blue color.

  13. 13 aagirl

    Park Shin Hye has been looking stunning lately, did she get a new stylist??

    That girl needs to comeback onto the small screen or silver screen!

    I just want to see her act again!

    • 13.1 lol

      Didn’t you read ab her new drama next year with TvN? I’m excited and can’t wait

    • 13.2 diorama

      Did you see her with Lee Seung Gi at some event lately? Golden gown – took my breath away. Shin Hye’s growing up gorgeous.

      • 13.2.1 lol

        They were MCing in Japan, you should have seen her dancing. It was awesome.

        • seara

          Yups..shinhye will be pairing with Yoon Shi Yoon (Baker king tak gu) at flower boy next door

          I hope shinhye will get drama with seunggi next time 😛

  14. 14 saranga

    meh on the dresses. none that really wowed me, although i liked nam bora’s look the best. the black hair against the blue was stunning. i do love electric blue! a vibrant color that can be a nice alternative to a red, i think. it’s just as much of a statement, but not as loud.

    suzy seems to look dear in anything. i swear, she could pull off a brown paper bag so long as she just smiled. she has such a pretty smile—it actually seems sincere, like she’s full of life and enjoying being in her teen youth. i don’t mind if she shows up to more awards shows in white and makes it her signature for the time being, so long as she changes up the styles of the gowns. white makes her look fresh and doesn’t wash her out—not everyone can do that with a white gown.

    at first glance, before i even read the comments, i actually thought park shin-hye’s gown looked rather ill-fitting. the color of the gown i dug, it complemented her skin beautifully, but i didn’t care for the sparkly black neckline; i thought it made the gown look rather cheap.

    i forget the name of the actress with the red bow dress, but seriously, no one these days should wear a gown with a bow on it. it’s so rarely ever looks right, even on the model. just unfortunate.

  15. 15 nabithoj

    I wish Korean celebs would experiment with color dresses instead of alwayd sticking to the ones we always, always see. And what is up with the Grecian, goddess cuts? Granted its a really nice cut and design, but I always see it every year. And for some reason, some of the heels just don’t match the outfit imo. It seems like if the dress looks ugly, the shoes are awesome, or they’re both ugly. Or beautiful dress, ugly shoes…or the shoes made the dess look…weird.

    Anyways….I give up.

  16. 16 crazedlu

    omgosh i love those winking shots! park shinhye is looking gorgeous. love the dress. park boyoung my dear, please please PLEASE get a new dress.

    the fashion wasn’t bad at this one. i’m kind of shocked, actually. ha. and halfway through this i was totally thinking, dude.. how long did it take jb to write this up? ha. thanks for the post!

    • 16.1 javabeans

      FOR. EV. AR.

      ’tis how long it took.

      • 16.1.1 Arhazivory

        I can imagine. -_-‘

        Thanks~! 😀

  17. 17 Suzi Q

    Park Bo Young wore the most hideous dress of the evening. Totally shapeless and unflattering to be worn at a Award ceremony. Cuts weirdly so you have to watch how you sit down or you can see London, France and your underpants.
    She is so young and adorable, but that dress has got to go.

  18. 18 rubie

    Lee Byung Hun and Jo Min Soo were (step)siblings in Happy Together in 1999.. over 10 years ago. It’s cool to see both winning Best Actor and Best Actress in the same award ceremony. Congrats!

    Btw.. lovelovelove ISJ… all about her.. regal like a queen indeed As mentioned, we don’t see her out a lot but when we do, she’s definitely rockin’ it.

  19. 19 Memmy

    I wholeheartedly agree, JB. Park Shin Hye was perfection. The gown fit perfectly on her. She was glowing.

  20. 20 Kelinci Biru

    Im Soo Jung and Suzy looks perfect. I’d wear their dresses (if i have that body and invited to an award show).

    Anyway, at first glance when i saw that snooty-spinster-aunt actress “this Ajumma has a nice dress” and then, wait, she’s 33? she looked like at least 40-ish..

  21. 21 Nilechoclat

    Park shin hye I love her dress and she make me thinking of grey color as great one bcz i don’t imagine it as dress but I wish to find like her style 😀

  22. 22 satsuki

    I love Jo Jung Suk with all my heart BUT Nam Goong Min…mmmmm.

    That man is handsome handsome handsome… did I mention handsome?..
    He’s channelling his Jang Joon Ha/Bong Maru character from CYHMH with that dapper outfit and cute boyband hair 😉

  23. 23 kaka

    I pick Im Soojung for best dress!! She looks like a queen in that dress.
    I think Park Boyoung has a little complex about her small figure, so she tends to wear mini dress to avoid her being ‘drowned’ by long dress.

  24. 24 Rachel K


    I hate how these beautiful girls are so beautiful, top to bottom. My trampled and wasted ego needs to be healed.. by Song Jung Ki! Nice Guy tomorrow! Woot Woot!

  25. 25 Noelle

    LOVED Uhm Jung Hwa’s, Suzy’s, and Park Shin Hye’s dresses! So beautiful these girls. Daniel Choi and Shin Hyun Joon are favorites among the men.

    I do not like Jung Yumi’s dress at all or whatever it is. It’s just not doing anything for me. The color is nice though.

    I cannot believe what Kim Jung Eun is wearing. She just aged herself.

    Choi Ji Yeon ruined her shape with that dress. Makes her look big in all the wrong places.

  26. 26 Angel

    Hmmm. I didn’t like Park Shin Hye’s look, nor her dress. She looked…old. =X

    • 26.1 Jossy

      Same here! *whispers* minority party woot~ lol. Jeez JB epiiic post! I was scrolling down and gathering my own thoughts to write up in a comment and then it was just way too much for my puny brain to commute 😀 but right after ruffly puffy sleeves it’s a smokin’ hot Han chae ha! And yay for winks~ I found myself winking back lmao loser I know 😉

      • 26.1.1 Jossy

        *compute lol :- case in point.
        Overall thought : Lots of fabric!

    • 26.2 haeunii

      me neither, I thought she looked like she was wearing a bag. The dress might have been okay but I felt like it had no structure and just flattened Park Shin Hye. I like waiting for industry opinion on these awards, can’t wait to see who the Korean press picked as best dressed~

    • 26.3 ~Feather~

      Oh, thank god! I thought I was the only one!
      I have to agree with you guys. The dress kinda makes her boobs disappear–they look puny. And while the color is nice, I don’t think it gives her shape. I’m sure she is curvier than that. I think if the dress was a bit more fitted, it would rock! A simple chain necklace might also look good.
      Well, that’s my 2 cents. 🙂

  27. 27 starrynighttt

    ㅋㅋㅋ so many winks! ^___^ love Park Bo Young’s and Park Shin-Hye’s dress!!

  28. 28 Ohdrama

    Suzy is glamorous in that white dress!
    Im soo jung’s dress is classy…
    Those are my favorites among the bunch

  29. 29 [email protected]

    oh my, Gwanghae in almost every category! its like Lord of the Rings when they swept the Oscar.

    park shin hye looks great. its only 3 years since you’re beautiful and look at her now – gosh! full-grown. i miss go mi nam.

    i read somewhere that park shin hye will have a new drama at tvn with yoon si yoon of baker king. another “flower boy series”. but in real life, i think her flower boy next door neighbour is really jang keun suk (he mentioned it that he lives 5-minute walk from park shin hye’s house).

    • 29.1 krisv

      They are not neighbors anymore..Shinhye and familey moved to another place ..why are we talking about this here, not relevant at all..

      Back to topic, I agree with you, I find her simply beautiful and elegant in that gown

  30. 30 jyyjc

    Park boyoung seems to be stuck in a rut when it comes to red carpet dresses. I love her she’s so cute please wear something totally different and gorgeous next time. Love han chae ah, very Rie-like here. Sorta.

  31. 31 Mar

    Well that was fun, thanks! I’m going to weigh in with a yes vote for Suzy, the dress was good for her. I’m going to disagree on Park Shin-hye. She is a lovely girl but that dress does nothing for her in style. The color compliments her though. The shiny band thing is not appealing. It’s quite frumpy for a woman her age. Im Soo-jung, wow, the color does great things for her skin, and she pulls off the dress even though the style is a bit busy and could be overwhelming. Kang Eun Jin’s dress is quite nice, on the right person, and it’s not right for her. The dress is wearing her, but it may be the color is what is not right for her. My favorite dress is Jo Ha-rang’s . The dress is lovely, almost retro looking, and it looks good on her. Han Chae-ah demonstrates why you cannot go wrong with a classic design in black as long as it fits, right? Jo Yoon Hee may have walked into a Faith wormhole and just got back from the 70’s in time for the show and is winging it. That’s the ONLY explanation for that atrocity.

    • 31.1 Jade Butterfly

      @Mar – Finally, someone who has similar thoughts on PSH’s look! I thought I was a stand-alone there. She’s lost much of her puppy-plumpness so this waistline just just added , like 6 inches on her.There’s the 1st place you want the illusion of slimness not added inches.

      On the other hand , Im So jung! Oh WOW! I dislike swaddley layered gown cos its 99.9% of the time, unflattering .That lady’s swaddled in enough material for a stage backdrop but take a look! Oh weeeee , Sexy & Shapely. My fave look for the nite.

      Daniel Choi- A slave to his unmyopic eye wear. Someone should tell him , he looks good without having to hide behind them glasses. Yeh yeh , fancy eyewear’s nice & all but , I think he’s over-wearing them, for one who doesnt need it.

      “Chunderella looks sharp and pulled together, and Jung Kyeo-woon looks… greasy.”- Agreed. I think its the shiny cheeks + shiny cummerband + pants thats 1.5 inch too short = Greasy uncle! Why couldn’t he see it ?

  32. 32 mylene

    I’m scared with most of these gowns/dressses. its like, any minute with the wrong move – something hidden will pop-out and yell “voila! here i am!”

    I agree, Park Shin Hye looks great tonight. she looks matured but elegant. Go Ara looks good too.

  33. 33 Celine

    The actors, they often get away with any criticisms because they can just have one style. It doesn’t matter whether they bought it from second-hand shops or from the most expensive designer. To me they all look the same.

    For actresses, they have to go to a stylist, a sponsor for the dress, make-up etc.

    Overall, I like Park Shin Hye – conservative but she carries herself well.

  34. 34 Lisah

    I’ll tell you what else is wrong with Jung Kyeo Woon … his pants are easily 2″ too short. And as much as I like Suzy, she looks like she isn’t wearing any make-up, but not in a clean fresh-faced way. She looks like she rolled out of bed and into a lovely gown.

  35. 35 oftheshore

    I have now firmyl decided to acquire Julien Kang for myself. Thank you and kind regards, oftheshore. I mean, LMH, KJH and GY are already taken anyway, so…
    On a serious note, PSH looks great – I love me an interesting dress in great colour.

  36. 36 narae

    some general nitpicks:
    what is it with the ill-fitted double breasted suits? i love a good double breasted suit, but they’re all making even their skinny little asian males look barrel-chested in a bad way.
    contrasting lapels: mini male trend? not every man is man enough to pull it off though…
    the women need to stop wearing pale dresses. the flash is really unforgiving on them, and they look super washed out.

    kim go eun: pretty, but washed out.

    jo min soo: also pretty, but washed out.

    im soo jung: prom dress. pretty, gorgeous color, but this is a prom dress. what’s with all these pale lippies? i know koreans don’t go for crazy makeup, but we can look a little bit less like terminal patients, right?

    ryu seung ryong: a tad shiny, with the lapels+the shirt, but it kinda works. it looks like he can’t even lift his arms in that jacket. that pompadour is unforch. and shouldn’t you be wearing a tie…

    uhm jung-hwa: pretty and sparkly, but… does she really want a dress that makes her boobs look saggy like whoa?

    hwang jung min: classic, basic, but that jacket’s too tight.

    choi min shik: button your jacket, sir.

    suzy: positively bridal. could’ve used a necklace, instead of loading up the bling on the hands.

    jo jung seok: adorable tie. jacket’s too tight.

    daniel choi: your jacket is too big. and hem those pants. otherwise, adorkable.

    kim sung kyun: giving me a distinctly restaurant manager vibe, dunno why. not much to complain about here. love the pocket square. hem your pants.

    kim hae-sook: somehow all that drapery makes her look thick around the middle. i know she’s no spring chicken, but y’know…. also she needs to fire her hairdresser stat.

    park hae il: your jacket is too tight. pinstripes are wonderful, but you’re looking a little mobster cartoony

    go ara: pretty, but the clutch doesn’t go with the floaty feel of this dress. it contrasts, and it’s blingy, but it’s a little too heavy

    lee chun hee: cute

    jung kyeo woon: cummerbund is too high, close your jacket, sir! and your pants are too *short*

    park bo young: napkins, however artfully folded, are not acceptable as red carpet wear. and do something with your hair.

    choi jin hyuk: cute. what’s going on with your tie?

    park shin hye: hmm i have to disagree. not my favorite look. it’s making her look both thick and flat as a board. the neckline is awkward to work with since it’s very embellished, but cuts away wide from her face. i’m not sure that color’s doing much good for her. and i want more bling from her clutch.

    joo sang wook: lol, purple velvet tux is automatic win.

    ahn sung ki: odd… sleeves appear a little long, yet jacket appears a little tight.

    jung yumi: leather boob shelf=no. gorgeous color, skirt is probably not red carpet appropriate. shoes, clutch, and jacket seriously do not go with each other at all. or this dress. shoes in particular are very unforch.

    shin hyun joon: mixed prints=adorable. but hem your pants. also your jacket is giving you major barrel chest.

    kim jung eun: NO

    jang shin young: good color, but seriously? MORE boob napkins? also, MORE BLING.

    nam goong-min: adorable. love the pocket square. jacket’s probably a skosh long, and it’s hard to tell, but the pants are probably a little short.

    Byun Jung-soo: honey, that is too much hair for you. also that belt is too much for this dress, with its already super busy print and complicated billowy things.

    Jo Sung-ha: adorable. jacket’s too long. pants too short.

    kang eun jin: generic. do something with your hair. more bling.

    Choi Ji-yeon: choi ji yeon would like to announce that she’s wearing a bed sheet and no bra. do something with your hair. clutch is wrong.

    Nam Bora: CUTE. more bling. if you did something more with your hair, it might’ve even been a standing ovation.

    Julien Kang: pants are proper length, but he seems to be swimming in his jacket somehow, although it’s hard to tell with the waving.

    Yoon-ju: is wearing an unfinished prom bomb in an unflattering color with some truly unforch shoes and makeup that ages her.

    Moon Jung-hee: interesting waist doodad, but overall an uninspired look. probably meant to hearken back to the film, but does nothing but wash her out.

    Ra Mi-ran: it’s… not a flattering look. bolder colors, less eye makeup. love the shoes, not so much the clutch. the pale wisp of blue does nothing. and it makes her look large in an unflattering way. i feel for her tits (meaning, i would not like to be squished the way they’re being squished now).

    Jung Ae-yeon: a little too corporate/ladies who lunch for a red carpet…. but that back is killer.

    Jo Ha-rang: seems regency inspired, it’s cute, and not too bridal (although it would improve upon not being shiny satin). that being said, more bling, and more pops of color!

    Seo Young-hee: matronly. we’ve seen those shoes before here… will there be a cat fight???

    Im Jung-eun: no. this dress is pretty, but not for an evening red carpet, especially not with that sky-high slit. those shoes are too fierce for this dress.

    Jang Young-nam: stunning, though a bit on the heavy side. great bling, cute shoes (although i wish the platforms weren’t a different color from the vamp…), and color on the lips!

    Yoo So-young: NO. GO PUT SOME CLOTHES ON, GIRL. and your shoes are unforch.

    Lee Hyun-ji: this look could be good. but lee hyun-ji is not fierce enough/selling it enough to pull it off. methinks an editing problem.

    Han Chae-ah: stunning, but that butt bow must a pain in the butt (lolol… i’m so sorry for that.) to sit on.

    Jo Yoon-hee: a blush colored washed out ghost. what?

    this comment took forever too XP i would like to thank tlo for the bitchery of this post.

    • 36.1 Shiku

      Loved your comments! It actually made me open another window and go side by side with pics and comments.

      • 36.1.1 jyyjc

        LOL that’s what I did! I was going back and forth between two tabs.

      • 36.1.2 narae

        aw thanks! glad you both enjoyed them!

  37. 37 am

    Hwang Jung Min…man! He looks good!

  38. 38 jc

    I love Go Ara’s look the best out of all of them! … Or maybe I just love her.. haha (I even watched the trainwreck Heading to the Ground for her).. ANYWAY she’s perfect c:

  39. 39 Sabah

    “Does this just show that every hard-bodied heartthrob is just one oil-slicked hairstyle away from hotness?”

    It goes the other way too. I remember that moment with Jack in Dawson’s Creek; one day just the new guy in the series, one hair product later, ‘the hot guy in the series.’ Makes me see hair, my own included, in a whole new light. Yeah, I could probably use some hair product.

  40. 40 Aya

    Kim Go Eun, Im Soo-jung, Suzy, Kim Hae-Sook, Go Ara and Han Chae-ah cleaned up well

    Park Shin-hye is wearing grandma curtains
    Yung Yumi and Yoo So-young look trashy
    Jang Shin-young is preggers?

    the men look horrible, so many ill-fitting suits
    Lee Chun-hee, Choi Jin-hyuk, Ahn Sung-ki, Jo Sung-ha were the only ones remotely ok-ish

  41. 41 watch&listen

    whenever I saw blue dresses on red carpet, it reminds me of Moon Geun Young’s dress at BIFF. Quite a favorite color of this year I guess?

    • 41.1 ranisa

      A little off topic: Moon Geun Young looked wonderful in that dress. She looked stunning and so bright even if she consistently stepped on it. I wonder why she’s not here coz I really want to see more of her. Can’t wait for her next drama.

  42. 42 Addylovesbwood

    Is there a way to notify us before the award shows air?
    Can someone pls give me the dates for any upcoming awards?

    I want to watch them live online. Especially the MBC, KBS, and SBS awards.

    Anyone know the dates for them?

  43. 43 lenrasoon

    wow and i thought that Thieves was going to win more awards since it was a hit but Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King said NOPE.

    and i love that my favorite dress was actually from Byun Jung-soo, the tacky one lol, it says a lot about my taste.

  44. 44 Cindy

    Why Nam Bora and Julie Kang were together btw? So lucky to have this hot guy with her on red carpet…

    • 44.1 oftheshore

      The answer to this question would be relevant to my personal interests. =))

  45. 45 Jade Butterfly

    Kim Ki Duk- Bouquet for Pieta Win in Venice & here. But for pete’s sake , Army- fatigue look for an Award night!!
    Maybe to his own premiere ,but,man , wear something to respect the occasion! A brickbat hitting him on target.

    Moon Jung Hee- I wanna take a paint brush & paint in some color on that lingerie cos she looks washed out with red lipped look.

    A few clunky chunky misses & madams.You know who they are.

    But whistles & hoots goes out to some ajusshis!! Whistle*
    Ryu Seung-ryong .Hwang Jung-min

    Winks. Why ? Are winks the new de rigueur-y thing?
    Too many people on the same occasion doing it, makes it kinda weird. Somehow , I dont think it can achieve the cutesy status that the ubiquitous V-sign has .

    Oh , by the way, major ‘Ouch’ for Kim Go Eun’s 1st pose. I thought prostrating her arm in that unnatural angle might’ve hurt some. Try it. It does hurt.

    • 45.1 Jade Butterfly

      Joo Sang-wook (Ten) with that velvety purple thing-
      You’re LATE. Go to your baby grand ! Quick! The party’s started . Liberace’s Boogie Woogie comin’ right up !

  46. 46 Sajen

    I so want to see the movie that Kim Go-eun is in I mean being nominated for awards and winning one of them on your first try is awesome even more awesome is being compared to Jeon Do-yeon by your director, high praise, high praise indeed

  47. 47 jomo

    Park Hae-il, yes!!!!!

    I am all eyes for Park Hae-il.
    He has never looked hotter.

    I agree that PSH looks good in the dark grey, but I would ask for a 1/2″ belt at her waist to make it look more finished.

    Thanks for taking the time on this.

  48. 48 Abbie

    Everyone looked nice, but Park Shi-hye was absolutely beautiful. And I loved Suzy’s dress.

  49. 49 hbananana

    hello! javabeans, did you actually went to award ceremony and took pictures? Just out of curiosity.

  50. 50 ranisa

    A little off topic: I know she’s not in any movies lately, but I wonder why I don’t see Shin Min Ah frequent the rec carpet. I would love to see her rock a killer dress in such a grand awards ceremony.

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