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School finalizes its female student lineup
by | October 26, 2012 | 48 Comments

javabeans: Remake drama 2013 School finally has its female cast in place with the casting of Park Se-young, who almost seems too old for the role despite actually being fairly young ‘n green at 24. It’s just, once you’ve played a commanding queen (Noguk in Faith), how do you then go back to the throes of adolescent uncertainty?

girlfriday: I’m actually surprised she’s so young, because after Faith she doesn’t seem to fit in with the high school crowd.

javabeans: She could totally be playing characters in the Park Min-young / Han Hyo-joo age bracket. With more experience, I mean. She’s promising, but still a little rough around the edges. Likable, though, and with emotive eyes.

girlfriday: Yeah she hasn’t blown me away or anything, but she’s good for being green, and she doesn’t go overboard with anything, which is nice. Noguk is just a really good character to have as your first big role.

javabeans: Doesn’t hurt to have Ryu Deok-hwan there to elevate your performance, either. Though I suppose the director’s doing nobody any favors. In any case, Park has been confirmed alongside idol singer Hyo-young, who was previously teased as a possibility as a secondary character, who has the “second biggest female role” of the cast. A third female student will be played by a newbie named Jeon Su-jin. Literally, she’s so new there are no photos of her, and no online profile.

girlfriday: Is she new, or really mysterious? Maybe it’s a thing.

javabeans: Possibly both, but definitely new, in that she was picked out of auditions for background students and stuck out for her “strong personality and charm.” I’m taking that as a positive sign.

girlfriday: I really hope this drama does something interesting and out of the ordinary, because another fluff-only high school drama would be a waste.

javabeans: Park Se-young looks like our main female lead (based on the list so far), which I’m okay with. I do think she seems older than Lee Jong-seok and Kim Woo-bin.


girlfriday: For some reason Kim Woo-bin seems older than the rest, but that’s probably not right, is it? These tall boys are deceptively young.

javabeans: I don’t think he is. Yup, he’s a 1989-er, along with Lee Jong-seok. He seems young to me, actually, though maybe that’s because he’s also got that gawky green aura about him.

girlfriday: Yeah I always want Kim Woo-bin to stand up straight and enunciate, but then, that awkwardness is also part of his charm. Kinda like Lee Min-ho the early years, in front of people (not so much in front of camera).

javabeans: Yes. Gangly dorks with model looks and bashful personalities? It’s a strangely winning combo.

girlfriday: It’s that you-don’t-know-you’re-hot-yet thing.

javabeans: Right? I think everybody has a really short period in their lives when they grow into their looks but don’t know it yet. Though really, I’m pretty sure he knows he’s hot. Then again, I’m basing my impression of him much more off his clueless Vampire Idol character than his Gentleman’s Dignity punk.

girlfriday: I luff that character. I mean, he fell in love with a bunny. Er, a girl in a bunny suit, but he didn’t know that. Being an alien vampire and all.

javabeans: And he made her talk! She went from 0 to 80 in about two seconds flat once he worked his oblivious mojo. Mostly by being sweet and adorable. Gah, now I really wish Lee Yubi had taken this drama. She would chat circles around him, and he’d just stare at the pretty girl talking a mile a minute like it’s a foreign language, amazed that she could like him back. Gah, now I’m just sad Vampire Idol wasn’t better.

girlfriday: You and me both.

javabeans: But getting back on topic… Lee Yubi aside, I’m willing to see where Park Se-young takes it.

girlfriday: They’re certainly going to look gorgeous together. What I’m most curious about is the tone of this drama. Is it going to be 90210 or Saved By the Bell? Thankfully those aren’t our only choices, but yunno what I mean.

javabeans: If those were our two choices I would swear off teen dramas forever. Thank god there’s a Buffy for every Dawson, a Shut Up for every To the Beautiful You.

girlfriday: Yes, to keep order and balance and harmony in the world. It’s like yin and yang, but with hormones and zits and embarrassing life choices.

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48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kaka

    I’ve never seen School, so I can’t imagine what the story is about or even what its genre is. So far I like the casts, but I hope they will release the synopsis soon so I can decide if I will follow it or not.

    • 1.1 Dominique

      Hearing about this, I cannot but imagine all Korean drama writers going to the same cafeteria where they pick from a blackboardful of fixed menu choices what they want to dramatize next, never veering outside the blackboard.

      So the subject matter repeats (it’s always about love in different settings), the plot recycles, genres are limited (melo vs. melo vs. melo), even toppings are predictable (with noble idiocy, as the example of the most cliche but popular), with a slightly different sauce each time.

      I am waiting for that visionary who will erase everything that is currently on the blackboard and write down a whole new paradigm for Korean dramas. In short, new directions! Otherwise, each new drama will be nothing more than a caricature of the old.

      • 1.1.1 Sam

        Have you seen White Christmas? It’s pretty different and has very little romance.

      • 1.1.2 Tai

        There ARE dramas like that though. I mean they are rare I guess because they dont resonate with audiences as much? But like there was dasepo girls, white christmas, evasive inquiry agency/mixed up detective agency, bad family, and I’d say history of a salaryman was also very offbeat (at first anyway).

  2. jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

    yay! The Queen Noguk!

    I just so love her with the King, my dear Ryu Deok Hwan. 🙂

  3. edge

    woah, but only 24? :O

  4. saltandpepper

    i love high school dramas…so will watch it for sure 🙂

  5. missjb

    she is fuckin pretty….
    love her facial features.

    I started notice her since equator man, and he starred in love rain, too

  6. nyss

    I havent watch Park Se-young in Faith, but I’ve seen her in Love Rain and she played the bratty-obsessive girl role well. And I am really happy that Hyo-Young is in this because I think she can act. I know how Koreans hate it when idols are acting in a drama, so I really hope she doesnt blow this chance off. Other than that, i cant wait for Daniel Choi and Jang Nara’s interactions again! kyaaa~

    • 6.1 shepo

      well,, i remember hyoyoung as an antagonist in Jungle Fish 2, she was good enough,,i’m agree with you,,she can act..

  7. Annie

    Yeah, Noguk to schoolgirl seems like an odd transition but I’m glad they’ve picked someone age appropriate. I was getting kind of worried there…

  8. Daisy

    That’s weird..

  9. DeeDee

    I was so excited when they announced Kim Woo Bin ANd Lee Yubi (who’s doing a dang great job on Nice Guy) but was deflated when Lee Yubi’s side said she had conflicting schedules.

    But I do like Noguk in ‘Faith’. Not really sure how she’ll translate into a highschooler female lead though.

    Still pining for a Lee Yubi and Kim Woo Bin drama. I don’t mind a fluffy drama, just make sure it’s interesting; whether interestingly bad or interestingly good. No blandness please, although how can one be bland with Lee Yubi and Kim Woo Bin. SIGH.

  10. 10 Anne

    Let’s just hope that “strong personality and charm” isnt equal “just ridiculously gifted with looks, acting chops be damned”

    • 10.1 SoulsEntwined

      yes I’m also tired of pretty people that can’t act ruining dramas

  11. 11 mary


    There are no zits in kdramas. 🙁 Even in high school-themed ones.

  12. 12 SoulsEntwined

    “javabeans: Yes. Gangly dorks with model looks and bashful personalities? It’s a strangely winning combo.

    girlfriday: It’s that you-don’t-know-you’re-hot-yet thing.”

    this so much ^^^

    I’m really excited for this show because of Kim WooBin, Danie Choi and now Park Se-young.

    Hoping for Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Answer Me 1997 level of drama and realism

  13. 13 bigwink

    Bahahaaa I just realize the ‘conversation post’ tags.
    Very cute girls! loving every post with that certain tags on

  14. 14 tazzy


    What are these …. zits … you speak of?
    I’ve never seen such a thing in a drama XD

  15. 15 Itoshi

    Great!!! and maybe we’ll get Ryu Deok Hwan cameo-ing in this, just because… like as if we’ll get a glimpse of modern day Gongmin and Noguk..ok, that’s too much but a girl’s got to dream, yea? 😀

    • 15.1 Saima

      YES, to RDH cameo-ing! Absolutely luff that guy and there can NEVER be enough RDH in drama land. *__*

      From the Faith BTS it looks like he has a bit of crush on his on-screen wife. squeeeeeee

      • 15.1.1 Audrey

        Yes, please have him cameo. They isn’t enough of them on Faith….or please have them date in real life….I am shipping them way tooooooooo much. :]

  16. 16 missmanderley

    Ryu Deuk Hwan is quite young himself, he’s only 25. It’d be cute to see a modern Gongmin & Noguk!

    • 16.1 Saima

      He looks like a high schooler as the genius Dr. Han in God’s Quiz but looks ‘mature-ish’ in Faith (whatever little I saw). Must be the makeup, methinks.

    • 16.2 lizzie

      hm, WHAT?

      LOL I thought he was in his 30….

  17. 17 crazedlu

    Yeah. Kind of bizarre she would move into a high school drama after Noguk. But I’m in! She’s gorgeous and doing well in the acting department. Liking the cast so far. Hope this is one amazing high school drama. Been a long time since the last one.

  18. 18 Cynthia


    JB – Your disdain for Dawson’s Creek was a punch in the heart for me. Why the hating? I mean, just last night ‘Don’t Trust the B***** in Apt 23’ had The Forehead (aka James VanderBeek) embroiled in a possible DC reunion! Although the ep did end with him throwing all of his Dawson’s memorabilia into a rowboat and giving it a flaming Viking funeral in the middle of a lake…..

    I don’t care. Give me a Joey/Pacey pairing, any day. It wasn’t Shakespeare but it did push all the right angst buttons for me…

    • 18.1 Mar

      PACEY. WITTER. RULES. Nuff said.

  19. 19 JoowonLover

    Here’s a perfect idea…why not have Park se young act with Joowon in Secret agent? she’s young and pretty gorgeous, they would look adorable together!!
    Ohhh, if only I was the ruler of dramaland, all in the world would be right…lol

    • 19.1 SoulsEntwined

      I like this suggestion

    • 19.2 Natalie


  20. 20 jyyjc

    I can easily see her fitting with the high school crowd after watching her play an immature character in Love Rain. In fact it felt a little jarring at first to see her play queen noguk but now I’m used to it.

  21. 21 Mar

    I think this girl rocks and I really expected her to end up a lead in her next role, so I think it’s an odd choice for her next role, but then again, an ensemble cast gig is always beneficial when an actor wants to learn and grow.

  22. 22 Jenny

    I think she’ll fit as a HS student. She looks young and she’s a good actress. I love her eyes for some reason, she emotes so much through her eyes which is nice to see. And her and “hubbys” parts in Faith are always my favorite part of the episodes.

  23. 23 Quiet Thought

    Why is that bland young woman staring at the camera? She looks absolutely exhausted. She bears a fair resemblance to the beautiful queen on ‘Faith’, and hopefully she will pretty herself back up a bit for the new series.

  24. 24 Natalie

    I know it was very hard to stay awake during Love Rain but Park Se-young was also in that in this wanna be love triangle between JGS and Yoona…..she was his friends kid sister that was desperately in love with him…just saying…I seriously did not like her in that role…which just proved her strength in it because I never questioned her motives for why she was doing what she was doing …she just emoted while the rest continued their Valium like performances..

  25. 25 lizzie

    She (Park Se-young) pulled the student role well on equator man…

    she did well as little Somin!


  26. 26 tinatot

    quite excited for this. 🙂

  27. 27 Viki

    can’t wait for School!

  28. 28 Mia

    Awww now i’m more sad that there’s no toki-couple reunion 🙁
    It’s ok there’s always next time ;D

  29. 29 Rachel

    Goodness, the girl in the first picture is very creepy looking, not to mention how sickly pale and empty her expression is…

  30. 30 DC

    Okay, so how about the male cast of cuties? Hehe.

  31. 31 piggy68gal

    Oh, I’m still really sad that Lee Yubi is not going to be in this drama. I was really looking forward to all the Lee Yubi and Kim Woo Bin moments!!! Oh wells…Anyway I didn’t watch Faith but through the recaps here I liked Noguk quite a bit so I guess I’ll still be looking out for this drama…and I quite like KWB and Hyoyoung as well. 🙂

  32. 32 aX

    I actually really liked Park Se Young in Faith–she carried herself but hated the king. He was just annoying. I’ll probably check out this Kdrama out of curiousity even though I don’t like high-school based Kdramas.

  33. 33 bjharm

    Will if Jang Nara going to be in the Drama start to end and not just a cameo role then I would put her as the female lead. As far as i know she never done any drama where she hasn’t been the lead, unless it was a cameo role that is. Even in Racecourse where she was indeed second lead she only started the drama well into its production so her role was more a long cameo one and didn’t tie her down for the full production of the drama. So I can not really see her agreeing to be tied down to a production she not the lead of, it is counter productive, The idea mute of course if her role is indeed only a cameo one and not tieing her down for the full run of the drama.

  34. 34 Joy

    Lovely face and loved her as Queen Noguk.

    • 34.1 Anne

      Really? Guess I’m the only one who finds her face a little bit scary with those huge eyebags. *_*

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