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The Great Seer sees slow start, Nice Guy keeps ratings lead
by | October 10, 2012 | 94 Comments

A new drama joins the pack today with grand-scale fusion sageuk The Great Seer premiering on SBS. The show has a pretty epic scope and lots of big names in its cast (Ji Jin-hee, Ji Sung, Kim So-yeon, Song Chang-eui, Lee Yoon-ji), so it’s a bit surprising to see its first outing netting a mere 6.5% ratings, which was last place of the Big Three shows.

Still, it’s hard to argue against KBS’s taut melodrama Nice Guy, which is escalating its plot as we speak (as if things weren’t already tense enough!). The drama has been a hit out the gates, and its Episode 9 drew a 15.3% to take first place. With strong acting by all and a breakneck pace reminiscent of straight-up thrillers, it’s easy to see how it’s the show to grab people’s attentions and suck you in with its high drama. Plus, the pretty pretty cinematography surely doesn’t hurt.

Not to say The Great Seer lacks interesting visuals; it’s got a big story (the overthrow of the nearly-500-year-long Goryeo dynasty) and a huge array of costume finery to go with it. I caught most of the first episode (I literally interrupted myself to write this post, ha) and thought it had some nice potential, with a grandness I wished of Faith, also set in the late Goryeo era. I fear there’s a chance it may get caught up in an excess of political machinations (as in, the dreaded sit-in-the-stateroom-to-talk scenes that are so prevalent in sageuks), but for now I’m intrigued in the world of the seers who stand by kings and whisper in their ears.

The Great Seer does have some time to build its audience, with 36 episodes total. By the time both its rivals are over, it’ll still only be in the first half of its run. Still, one would have thought they’d have put up more of a fight.

MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate, meanwhile, came in second place with a 12.6% rating. It’s the show I’m most invested in, though that’s probably because it’s also the one that’s deepest into its run. Still, there’s something about the romantic moodiness of the show that I really enjoy. The ratings aren’t bad (though not really strong either), and I expect that the show will continue in that vicinity for the remainder of its run. Which, by the way, is not much longer, since it wraps next week. We’ve still got a bit of mystery to unravel and a Big Bad to conquer. Overall we’ve got a solid mix of shows, I think.

Nice Guy

Arang and the Magistrate

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94 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Stardust

    I am so for Arang!! I am also glad that it is ending next week, because I was worried it will end with bad ratings… =x … Nice guy is very hyped but I dared not start watching yet… I think I will leave myself a nice big buffer before I start hehee

    Thanks for updates dear javabeans!

    • 1.1 Betty

      Me too I love Arang so much. I love both leads and I was also worried about the ratings because of Nice guy but so far it’s not a crushing advance for Nice guy so all is good!!

      I am waiting to see how Nice guys finishes before starting it since I hate dramas with people that are victimized too much, so I don’t know yet if I will be able to stand Nice guy.

    • 1.2 OMG

      Me too…I am waiting for a good run of episodes n watching arang first before I start Nice Guy cuz I feel like its a show m gonna love n marathon thru….

      • 1.2.1 Nokcha

        I’m in line with Arang as well. I love this show!

      • 1.2.2 insu

        I stopped watching NG @ ep 4 so I can marathon it. I feel waitng a week ruins for the next ep ruins the emotional flow.

        I love A&M. It’s hard to believe that this is the writer’s 1st script. She joined another writer on a daily for the 2nd season (intern?) and came in at the middle of someone elses script.

        A&M is Jung Yoon-Jung’s own script. Her name (์ •์œค์ •) is on my watch list for future dramas or movies. She just amazes me.

        Also, I love Nice Guy’s writer Lee Kyeong Hee. I’ve seen Sangdoo and all but 1.17 dramas after that.

        • pogo

          Arang must have been a really strong script, then, if they picked it from a debutante writer. It’s fantastic in terms of pacing, plot and character development, I love how this show keeps surprising us <3

        • janers

          hahah, i stopped halfway through nice guy too!!! its so intense, i just was waiting and waiting for it to end so i could mass marathon 10+ episodes all at once to really reeeeally get into it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 1.3 Dominique

      Will anyone watch The Great Seer (which is a weird translation of the title)? Really? The first 10 minutes of it told me enough. How God awful!

      But maybe that is the type of garbage that pleases those viewers who do not get Faith. Well, my best wishes.

      As for Arang Saddo, beware how many Korean dramas tripped up in their final episodes. City Hunter comes to my mind. Beginning with Episode 15, Saddo’s mental process began to slow down to a crawl. Suddenly, he seems unable to process new information. That will not be good, when the drama increases its tension and crisis.

      • 1.3.1 Naz

        My friend you and I could have a fantastic argument over you points here. lol. Faith started out horrible in my opinion for the first two episodes and slowly built up speed and quality (with the exception of one bad hicup). I hope Seer does better, but its to early for me to say. I’m on the fence with Arang but hope it has a fantastic ending. I won’t even touch your City Hunter comment lol.

      • 1.3.2 Kiara

        Oh please get over yourself. Just because some dont like your favorite show doesn’t mean that what they prefer to watch is garbage.

    • 1.4 luvs

      Is anyone watching “God of War”? I’m on 54th episode and it might well be my best historical drama ever. If you are into bromance and character study and history – this is a good drama to watch – these are real people’s stories after all. I fell in love with the character and the actor — it eclipsed all the other historical dramas i watched so far….
      The lead actor Kim Joo Hyuk is brilliant in this – I don’t remember him in other dramas but in here – he is a stand out as all of the other actors . I am learning korean history in a delightful way ๐Ÿ™‚
      I think I will buy the DVD.

      I just finished “Unexpected You” family drama – and I will rate this one number 1 for family drama.

  2. Jandoe

    Omgggg need to watch this and catch up with Arang!

  3. Miss D

    I’m loving Nice Guy right! But it’s so dramatic and I’m nervous because I don’t know how it could possibly end happily? I just really hope no one dies because these dramas like to mess with us (A Love to Kill anyone?)

    • 3.1 zhill

      A Love to Kill? ACK!!! I invested too much on that drama only to end up frustrated. Their death was not even justified, it wasn’t needed or related to the plot at all.

      sometimes tragic ending works for me, like in Gaksital, Mok Dan’s death was justified … the only way for the pitiful Shunji to stop. for Nice Guy, I will just trust the writer, and hope for the best.

      • 3.1.1 missjb

        LKH was the one who wrote A love to kill, Nice guys’s screenwriter… haha

        Hope she won’t pull a love to kill ending.

        • zhill

          eekkkkk! really? same writer lol! now red flag is up halfway lol!

          • missjb

            don’t worry, SHE is an awsome writers who can create a great conflict and end with justified… I love her other’s work, MISA aka I’m sorry I love you. Despite I cried a bucket of tears watching MISA’s ending, that ending is perfect and fit to the story IMO.

        • anais

          She also wrote Let’s Go to School, Sangdoo. She milks melodrama for all it’s worth. I tend to like her melodramas.

          • missjb

            I agree.. she is one of my screenwriters for melodrama genre… her drama always gets me really… You have no idea how much I cried watching MISA, and WISFC… It kills me… Sigh

          • insu

            Sangdoo has a happy ending but LKH uses that to show that Fate rules in her k-drama universe.
            SangDoo and A Love To Kill made me cry every 5 to 10 minutes. I never watched anyting like these before dramas.

            I like Sangdoo because she defines her dramaverse. Young 1st love, difference between obsession like love, true love and obligation/guilt love. God (especailly Catholic version), Fate and more I can’t remember.

            It seems most of the DBean writers find it hard to comprehend Asian universe where Fate rules. Example Podcast 14.2 on PSY’s decisions or choices she makes, that comes from the Jesus universe. Listen to what the characters say about God in all her dramas.
            Karma. In MISA a single act on a single person spreads and forceses most of the characters to react and their reactions bring about bad situations.

            Just saying, LHK is not a simple person and her scripts show the depth of her intellect AND emotional knowledge. She knows what it’s like to lose a loved one. The ending of A Love To Kill makes perfect sense if you lost a loved one. It took some close friends and a huge effort not to end it like Eun Chae in MISA. It took me a year.

            LHK’s young lovers. Most likely she never had this experience, but she knows it’s power. For us, we could not be apart in different rooms. Even when we pooped, we had to be together. It wasn’t a choice we made, we found it impossible to be apart.

          • anais

            Sangdoo doesn’t have a happy ending. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t see it, but it’s far from happy.

          • Jannie

            The ending of Let’s Go to School, Sangdoo was a totally uncalled for “WTH” ending. I re-watched it several times to finally conclude that the OTP …… . That ending and ALTK’s ending turned me off watching dramas live for a long time.

          • insu

            Sangdoo IS a happy ending for everyone until the accident. Very logical and realistic, just like all those accidents on the 6pm news.

            In almost every LKH’s drama, the characters talk about God and Fate.

  4. pokepoke.monster

    I kind of think it (nice guy) might not end as badly as I expect it to be. After all, eun gi proved to be a bigger fighter than i originally thought she would be. And i think maru is falling for her too. But of course, I’m not getting my hopes up, lest I get too heartbroken with the ending…

  5. Lotus_Blossom

    Thank you, JB.

    Love love Arang!! But it is not everyone’s cup of tea though. A mere 6.5 % ratings for The Great Seer is a tad low, but better than the finale of TTBY. The ratings will eventually inch up, but by how much since it will also compete with another fusion saguek, Jeo Woo Chi, after Nice Guy finishes airing.

    Not watching Nice Guy–too intense for me. The Great Seer sounds interesting, but 36 episodes?!!

    • 5.1 Kiara

      36 episodes of Ji Jin Hee and Ji Sung and a lot of skinship?. Hell to the YES.

      • 5.1.1 anais

        Skinship, yes. I was like WOAHHHH… Jo Min Ki is getting all fierce. And this is one of the big three stations. On prime time. In a slot vacated by a cute idol fluff.

        It’s so interesting to see the different depictions of King Gongmin. The young Faith’s king who’s determined to establish his weak nation’s sovereignty against the Yuan. The weak, politically astute, but doomed king of the Great Seer, trying desperately to ensure his nation’s survival and hopefully throw off the yoke of Yuan’s brutal subjection. To have these competing visions be on air at the same time is rather interesting.

        My only thing is – why is Yi Seong Gye envisioned as some fierce primitive tribal leader? His father was already a minor official. Whatever. Ji Jin Hee is playing him with great relish, so that’s quite a feast for the eyes.

        • Kiara

          I thought I was watching a cable sageuk. Bed scene on the first episode?. OOOOOk
          Yuan was done and over with 24 years before Joseon was established. Their influence in Goryeo could have ended earlier but we ‘ll see.
          Seong Gye was probably raised in a Mongol tribe while his father was serving Yuan as a Mongol offcial. Maybe he grew up thinking he was a Mongol?. His military career in Goryeo didnt really take off until after his father died.

          • anais

            The timeline is interesting, as you point out. We’re 20 years out from Gongmin’s end, so we’re still waiting for Yi In Im, Yi Seong Gye, and Choi Young to duke it out over Yuan vs. Ming. What’s interesting is that there’s no Choi Young mentioned at all in this drama, when he’s such a HUGE part of the twilight of Goryeo. Instead, we’ve got Jo Min Ki as sexy if potentially treacherous Yi In Im as the major player.

          • anais

            As for bed scene. Yeah, cable drama stuff. I distinctly saw fingers digging into the woman’s back. It wasn’t pseudo bed scene. It was full on. Jaw still drops. This is not cable…

            I liked that it was an older, established actor involved in this hot and heavy (for broadcast station) scene. Somehow, I feel the audiences might guffaw less than they’d with some young hot thang. If there’s no brouhaha over this in Korea, I wonder what it means for depicting sexuality on prime time TV in Korea. I still remember when it was taboo to show lingerie on American TV.

          • Kiara

            I really dont like how King Gongmin is portrayed in Faith and probably the same thing will happen in this drama. Its easy to make him look weak and pathetic just to show the extend of Yuan’s control over Goryeo but he really wasn’t.
            King Gongmin had balls, he was the first king to defy commands from the Yuan emporer. He ordered Ki Cheol’s execution pissing off his sister, the mighty Empress Ki. When the Yuan emporer sent 10,000 soldiers to unseat him, Gongmin sent his 2 best Generals Choi Young and I think Yi, to take care of them before they even make it to Goryeo’s capital. He really turned Goryeo around and its too bad that his grief after his beloved wife died consumed him that he neglected everything that he worked hard for.
            I think Choi Young will be included at some point but not as a major player like in Faith.

          • crashbabe

            Ok now, seriousely, when some one mentions Choi Young, LMH just pops into my mind…

            At least, for a while, he’ll own that persona.

            I think it’s interesting how people are portrayed differently, as people’s perception differ. Let’s see if this is an even more interesting insight to Goryeo.

          • Kiara

            I hope so.

  6. the68monkey

    The Great Seer looks stunning in those two screenshots, but Arang and the Magistrate beats all right now thanks to good writing, pacing, and sizzling chemistry between the two leads.

  7. lovedramas

    I personally am really into Arang. I have been sucked into it’s story and it’s characters. I just can’t get enough of our OTP. So I’m sticking with that one for now. Nice Guy is too intense for me to watch week by week… so I will marathon it when it’s completed.

    I do want to see The Great Seer. I think it will take some time to gather a following. Usually people don’t jump ship from intense stories for the first episode for another drama. 6.5% is quite low though, but it’s pretty strong competition all around. Korean audience does surprise me every once in awhile. Here, I think NG will stay out in front.

  8. Farpavilions

    Mmmm seeing the Nice Guy and Arang pics adjacent to each other makes me want to see Lee Jun Ki and Song Joong Ki as brothers … anyone else think they look alike? (the resemblance was stronger before LJK got that post-army chiselledness)

    • 8.1 Coco

      Not one bit. Where did you get the resemblence from.

    • 8.2 Joongirl

      Mmmmm… can’t see the resemblance, lol, BTW they only have three years old different

    • 8.3 anais

      Ummm, I do not think they resemble each other the least bit.

  9. Vinn

    Have a feeling Nice Guy benefited from Gaksital, which is fine since it lived up to the benefit it got. Which kinda sucks for Arang, because it’s not like Arang sucks at all. I have a feeling it’ll be one of those underrated good dramas that people pick up afterwards/overseas with a strong small fanbase (sort of like a Prosecutor Princess type).

    Great Seer will probably pick up some of Arang’s viewers after the ending?

    • 9.1 kristi

      Nice Guy started at 10.5%/11.5% (AGB Nielsen) the first week, behind Arang (14.1%/15.3%), so if any show benefited from the ending of Gaksital, it’s Arang which was given a chance to be the #1 drama on Wed-Thurs. But Nice Guy leapt ahead the following with its third episode and has kept its lead ever since. So whatever growth you’re seeing with Nice Guy is something they managed to do on their own, nothing to do with Gaksital.

      • i agree..it has nothing to do with Gaksital..when it ended, Arang rose to the top of the ratings battle..but then, Nice Guy overtakes Arang to lead the Wed-Thu block..if you will watch Nice Guy, you’ll definitely understand why it has the highest viewership rating among the big three..

        • eny

          i think nice guy get little benefit with gaksital too, because some people who love gaksital interesting with arang so part of them see arang first but a lot of people confuse when see a half story of arang ( the story of arang should be watched from the beginning cause it’s mystery) so they comeback to watch kbs drama.
          I see arang untill ep 14 and nice guy i see first ep,i don’t know exactly but i feel something missing but i will try to see the next episode

        • Jewel

          It’s believable that all viewership ratings of Korea are not true for all dramas. There are really many underrated drama ratings in Korea while many overseas fans would like it though. So, don’t judge exactly that the drama with the highest rating among the 3 is the best.

          Everyone has his own opinion & likes. Don’t say like “youโ€™ll definitely understand why it has the highest viewership rating”! Maybe these 2 will good in their different ways.
          But nice guy actually had benefits from gakistal bcos A&M has been half of its story when gakistal ends. So, many k-viewers confused the story of A&M as it has many mysteries they didn’t know. Then, they tuned again to their country’s all time favourite genre- melodrama which was only at the early episodes. That’s why it gets a little more ratings.

          A&M is also one of the best dramas. It has its own unique & interesting k-drama script, good pacing, great acting from all casts & cinematography, and the leading actor is amazing with his various superb talents. It’s not good talking like you know about everything.

        • Jackie

          Agree with Jewel~! I don’t believe k-dramas’ ratings, some may right and some may wrong.
          A&M does not get the highest percent because the fantasy fusion “mystery” sageuk is not popular in Korea while many overseas fans interest that kind of genre. It’s sure Lee Joon-gi & Shin Mina are right for doing this new interesting k-drama type, especially for overseas viewers. They can do a very great job together. A&M really have lots of foreign fans too. ^^

          • eny

            sometimes i enjoy watching low rating drama than high rating drama. I enjoy watching wild romance even the rating in korea low and i can’t continue watching the moon embrace the sun even that drama is really populer. And it’s not about the genre because i can watch all kind of genre as long as it’s good

          • bd

            “The Man/He Who Can’t Marry” starring Ji Jin-hee got low ratings, but is a very good K-drama/romcom and a lot better than some dreck that got high ratings.

    • 9.2 Kate

      I really liked Prosecutor Princess and I was wondering why a lot of people didn’t seem to feel the same way about it. I thought the plot was interesting, the pacing was good, and the acting was good, too.

      I feel the same way about Arang and I find it strange how everyone I recommend the drama to don’t seem to like it. Maybe I just have weird taste in shows? I don’t know. hahaha

      • 9.2.1 Joongirl

        Arang and The Magistrate is a great drama, and it’s the most consistent drama I’ve ever watched from the beginning… it has it’s own story and the story is a special quality of tea that not everyone could drink it, kkkk but if you like that kind of tea, you will drink it till the last drop and maybe ask for another tea, maybe kind of… dark tea from mount Everest, lol

      • 9.2.2 CM

        Someone else that liked Prosecutor Princess! Yay! I still don’t understand why that show is so underrated…

  10. 10 Daisy

    The great seer I like horse doctor! High expectations with solid cast and they both started out slow.. Hope the ratings picks up!

    • 10.1 Kiara

      10% for Horse Doctor is fine but they need to ditch the kids and bring on the adults. The kids are cute and stuff but they aren’t the draw here.

  11. 11 kafanyu

    SJK’s face in the second to last picture… BWAHAHAHA!!!

    • 11.1 zodd

      lol he’s trolling.

  12. 12 Eye Candy

    Hm interesting. Honestly right now I’m just watching Nice Guy, so I can’t compare. I keep wondering where you find those photos from Nice Guy because they seem like photos around the set but they have a logo. But I don’t think Maru ever smiles during the show, so I doubt the actors are in character at that moment. Its nice to see its not always serious on set.

    • 12.1 glo

      The photos with the logo are the BTS pictures. KBS regularly posted Nice Guy BTS pictures on Nice Guy Official website:

      • 12.1.1 coby

        thanks for the link ๐Ÿ™‚
        I am enjoying Nice Guy. I just realized I missed watching melodrama in which what I equated kdramas before.
        Arang is such a breeze to watch.

    • 12.2 D

      it must be the official BTS stills from the station

  13. 13 canxi

    That screen-cap of Ji Sung is epic!

  14. 14 girlatsea

    Hmm, I wonder where Arang’s audience is going to go after it wraps since I Miss You isn’t airing until November. It’s definitely going to be an uphill battle for IMY, pretty sure that drama special is going to hurt it.

    I wish I was more invested in Arang. I started it while it was in the middle of its run and marathoned about 8 episodes but that was a few weeks ago…I haven’t really made time to catch up on it. :/ On the other hand, I’m ridiculously ADDICTED to Nice Guy. I love love love it. Flaws and everything.

  15. 15 Kiara

    I tried to watch the live stream for Arang this morning but it was lagging like crazy so I end up watching “The Great Seer.” I enjoyed it to be honest even without subs. I had to chuckle when I saw little Parang from “Stars Falling”. He was soooooo cute, his head was shaved like a little monk but the voice and the smile was totally Parang. I think he is playing the younger version of Shin Don.

    I’m not surprise about the ratings, NG and Arang pretty much established their audience and those who were not really watching anything probably tuned in for “The Great Seer”.

    I was thinking “Legend” when I first saw it then the after thought was, hummn this could have been Faith.
    I’m excited, I have something to watch after Arang. This show is the fusion version of Shin Don with a much longer timeline. It looks to be heavy on the history which I’m liking. I need to stop now before I start posting spoilers lol.

    Looks like viki will be subbing it I hope.

    • 15.1 cv

      Viki is subbing it, just slow. ^^

      • 15.1.1 Kiara

        Good news :). I’m hoping the Arang subbers will help out after next week.

        • ck1Oz

          Don’t think so, everyone is going to Ohlala or Nice Guy or King of dramas.

        • cv

          I hope so. We’ll have to see. Lots of power segmenters/me one—but not enough subber to sub. ๐Ÿ™

          • eny

            gaksital subber is still number one, they sub it so fast

  16. 16 chula

    only watching Arang and Faith right now. Nice Guy is in my to-watch list. i got emotionally exhausted from Gaksital so i can’t watch another heavy drama yet.

  17. 17 saltandpepper

    Yay…for Nice Guy ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. 18 Gaeina Lee

    ..With Arang, Nice Guy and Great Seer aired in the same days, am officially sleep deprived every mid of the week.. – Not that I’m complaining tho’, but the awful eyebags are reappeared.. Oh well, doc can fix this prob anytime.. ^^

  19. 19 Village Mrembo

    Nice guy reminds me of jdoramas where secrets arent kept for long, infact in some a secret is made and revealed within the same episode! Thumbs up to the writers but am childishly trying not to enjoy it too much atleast until Arang finishes, i feel like am cheating on Arang at the moment ke ke
    36 eps? Mmh we’ll see about that ‘seer’ ( no pun intended!) again jdoramas have spoilt me, 9-12 eps is what i enjoy best!

  20. 20 Byj_angel

    Am not a LJK nor SMA fan. But I am foremost a story & acting type of a viewer. So I watched the first 4 episodes of Arang regardless but I bailed out right after. Acting of the actors lacks the ‘omph’. Don’t get me started with the way the story is going & the chemistry of the main leads. Nice Guy it is for me. The 3 leads’ so far knocking out their roles out of the park. Strong story telling & direction as well. Hats off!

    • 20.1 Kiara

      You just described the best things about Arang, the chemistry between the two leads, the acting and the story. Did you even watch it?.

  21. 21 cv

    I want to watch Great Seer but will wait until sub is out. Anyone doing recaps?

    • 21.1 the68monkey

      I’m wondering the same. I just watched The Great Seer today and was impressed with the visuals and directing. Still, I’m confused about the Purple stuff. Somebody needs to explain this to me. ๐Ÿ˜€
      I do love what a huge contrast there is between the King Gongmin of Faith and the King Gongmin of The Great Seer. Sooooo different! And who is this princess who is running around with the prophet in ep. 1? Help me with the history, please!

  22. 22 anais

    Thanks to your positive review, I checked out the Great Seer. It seems super promising. Ji Jin Hee is super sexy in a dangerously primal way. It’s the first time I’ve ever found Ji Jin Hee sexy.

  23. 23 Caltan

    I seriously cant like the plot for Nice Guy. It is a celebration of the bad. Turning a good man bad (Maru). Turning a girl into a woman before her time ( Moon’s character).
    Much as I love Song (his portrayal in SK scandal is just so attractive, mischievous, he totally caught my eye).

  24. 24 Joy

    Great Seer – will def check out simply cos i love Faith so much that its got me starting to like sageuk and perhaps goryeo history.
    Arang – its ok but gave up around ep 10 cos the story kept going in circles wit no real plot to keep me engaged.
    Nice Guy – omo its too dense and ain’t my cuppa tea. Shld i enjoy such stories then i only nd watch my local TVB which abundantly produce stories of revenge hatred n power struggles (of which are well made but not to my liking).

  25. 25 Claire

    I love both Arang and Nice Guy! Although I like Arang’s story more and I like Nice Guy’s acting more..both deserve high ratings..

    I am yet to watch The Great Seer though and I don’t think I’ll watch it..I don’t like dramas which have 30 episodes and more..

  26. 26 glo

    In the beginning I was so excited for Arang & the Magistrate; but I dropped it on episode 6 because I couldn’t stand at EO’s mom sneering evil face. But I’ll marathon it after Arang finishes next week. I may fast-forward her scenes though.

    Nice Guy so far is my fav Wed-Thurs drama; it has a very nice pace; not dragging at all. There’re reasons behind everything that the 3 main characters do. I hope the writer won’t pull her A love to Kill ending.

    I saw a bit of the Great Seer, but won’t make any judgement until I watch it with sub. Visually, love what I saw; the cinematography is good. I’m very interested with Korean history; so I’m on board for the Great Seer. Looking forward for Kim So Yeon to make her appearance ’cause I miss her acting so much.

  27. 27 lilly

    i think koreans choose to watch complicated plots more than easy going dramas so they turn to nice guy andddd me too i like complicated dramas plus romance. i love moon chae won so i think she’s the most popular out there in Korea. i for sure would definitely watch arang but not until its done airing.

  28. 28 Dara

    Well, I did see Seer first but when that woman talked in cryptic about heaven is on their side or sth I switched channel thinking ouch may later of that. Then on Arang, I needed to use my brain to follow the clue of the myster so I switched again to Nice Guy and Maru got me hooked for the whole hour cuz they were all awfully baddd baddies haha. So count me in that 15.3% hehe. I could imagine with the power of remote control ppl would change channel as soon as the show doesn’t capture their interest, just like me.
    But I always looked at Jade and smiled before..on to the next channel ^^

  29. 29 Junkidais

    Everyone has a different taste of choosing drama what they want to watch!!! I prefer arang and magistrate!!! Love the plot,actors and everything about this!!! This drama is unique!!! About the rating in korea it doesnt matter as long overseas fan love it!!! Like me!!!!!

  30. 30 Lynnet

    Loved reading all the comments above as Im a viewer who only gets to watch kdrama long after everyone else is done with them(live in Southern Africa, everything gets here late!) so reading people’s comments usually lets me know if its my kind of drama or not. So far from these comments I have been convinced to watch both Arang and Gaksital; just because people keep comenting on how Arang’s ratings are not that high but that it delivers everything in terms of a mystery and romance and I tend to like the shows not everyone would like ( e.g dont usually watch family drama but it seems quite popular in Korea) I will definitely watch Gaksital, though I hate depressing dramas but because it seems like an interesting period in Korean-Japanese history which foreigners dont know much about ,was not so sure about Nice Guy (hate melodrama, one can never be sure how it will end)but all the raving about it has me curious.

  31. 31 ML

    I am a faithful follower of the Big Threes on the wed-thurs timeslot; Nice Guy has been exciting, Arang has very good storyline and…erm what do u call it, music? However, it tends to get a bit draggy. But I don’t know why it was To The Beautiful You that managed to keep my eyes glued on my ipod without being distracted, even thou at times I find certain parts of the story a little exaggerating.
    Hopefully The Great Seer will be good ^^.

    I was actually not expecting Nice Guy to come out with top in viewership ratings cos, I thot Korean viewers love Saeguk dramas most of the time? The Princess Man, Deep Rooted Tree and The Moon Embraces The Sun. I duno abt the other Saeguk dramas thou ^^

    • 31.1 Kiara

      Arang is not a traditional sageuk. It’s based on a folklore, not real history like every sageuk out there. Its heavy on the fantasy espect and most viwers will find it unrealistic.

      Nice Guy is a really good melo-drama with strong actors. Thats more like the type of drama that most Korean viewers would watch. I hate melos but I do get it’s appeal, all that passion whether its love, hate or revenge can be addicting.

  32. 32 74volvo

    I caught the first episode of ‘The Great Seer’, and despite the usual array of uncalled for cruelty, wailing peasants, an uncoscionable violence by horrible overlords and ladies, I’m enjoying the veteran cast and the possiblities in this one. (While I patiently await the arrival of Lee Yoon Ji to appear in episode eight. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Concurrently, I’m also enjoying ‘Arang’ (about to begin episode 10), but again losing ground on the never ending choices for current and past dramas waiting on my plate, which never seems to get any less fulll… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. 33 Dee

    I realize my first DB post is a bit off-topic, but I after reading the comments, I was compelled to “defend” one of the 10 greatest drama ever made in my opinion, A Love To Kill.

    I understand the frustration about the ending to some extent because you want this couple deserves to be together, but come on. Did you really think ALTK was going to end happily? I think the ending was brave, beautiful, and completely true to the drama. Anything else would have been a cop out.

    ‘Nice Guy’ is the best drama I’ve seen in forever and I will be heartbroken if things don’t end happily for the two leads. However, a happy ending isn’t necessary for me to love a drama.

  34. 34 Dee

    Regarding the other dramas mentioned, I’m on ep. 1 of Arang. It isn’t blowing me away like Nice Guy did, but so far, so good.

    As for The Great Seer, Ji Jin Hee + Ji Sung = MUST WATCH for me!

  35. 35 ivy

    the great seer is exciting…it is one of the must watch historical drama just like dongyi, jumong, and jewel in the palace.

  36. 36 peony88

    J J Hee casts a different type of role in The Great Seer unlike his 2 previous sageuk movies but interesting to watch the different side of his acting, a very versatile actor….. I love watching him in Dae Geum and Dong Yi and now his 3rd sageuk…. just completed the 4th episodes and waiting for the 5th, 6th & etc to come…before this show started, I tried to get hold of the dvds but was told it is not out yet (hiya).

  37. 37 peony88

    The Great Seer is a good but wish it could screen thrice a week instead of twice a week. I love about the show is that the English subtitles is pretty fast unlike the The King’s Dream takes ages to translate from the RAW version, quite disappointing….

    I hope there will be more sageuk movies from JJ Hee, Lee Min Ho (love him in Faith and other modern ones), Lee So Jin, Song Il Gook & few others….Never watch Hyun Bin in sageuk but his modern ones are great too such Secret Garden, Millionaire first kiss, My lovely Kim Sam Soon….. looking forward to watch Dae Geum sequel hopefully the main male/female casts will be in the sequel ..

    Conclusions…. all Korean movies/dramas are great to watch….. keep it up!!!!

    Thank you for all your shows…

  38. 38 Resa

    I am watching The Great Seer right now and i’m loving it:) Yes, I love watching korean movies cuz they are more interesting and less vulgarity and sexuality. Once I start on one drama, I don’t want to stop until the ending.

  39. 39 anonymous

    I looooove The Great Seer!!! Canยดt wait for the next episode…. ): !!!!!
    Korean dramas never dissapoint me!

  40. 40 peony88

    I love JJ Hee in the Great Seer, acted very well especially when he was younger … but quite disappointed with the ending story… would have been better….

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