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Answer Me looks to 1994 for a sequel
by | November 18, 2012 | 68 Comments

When you’ve posted the highest drama ratings for a cable show, it makes sense for sequel talk to ensue, as tvN is doing with its surprise smash hit of the year, Answer Me, 1997. The show snuck up on everyone but built on strong word of mouth, breaking 6% ratings (and hitting real-time highs close to double digits), and making stars out of its rookie-filled cast.

Interestingly, the second “season” won’t be picking up after the end of the first, which took us from 1997 to 2005 to 2012, but will instead jump backward: We’ll all be clamoring, Answer Me, 1994 instead.

The Season 2 plans are just talk right now with nothing concrete, though chances are reportedly “high.” Talk that with a grain of salt, though I don’t see why a second series would be a bad idea. Great premise, great producers, and a love of nostalgia make it an attractive proposition.

Why 1994? Admittedly that’s a year that speaks to me less than 1997, but I suppose us Gen-Y-ers already got our show and our chance to relive our adolescence. Now it’s time for PD Shin Won-ho to dig into his own youth, with 1994 being the year he entered university (Seoul National University, in fact, where he studied chemical engineering. Funny how life takes a turn, isn’t it?).

This also gives us a slightly different pop-cultural landscape to refer to: instead of a soundtrack peppered with H.O.T and DJ DOC, will we get Seo Taiji and Kim Gun-mo and Lee Seung-chul? Actually, I could get really excited about that. And rather than the characters glued to the TV to catch the Cinderella drama Star in My Heart, they can drool over Jang Dong-gun with the basketball hit The Last Match, or Lee Jung-jae in campus rom-com Feelings. Or Sohn Ji-chang in both of them.

Apparently there were a lot of fans hoping for a 2002 version of Answer Me, but I like the idea of going back, not forward. 2002 doesn’t seem far enough back to really hit that nostalgia for bygone youth — at least, not in the way that the added distance of 1994 does. If all goes well, maybe 2002 can be the third series.

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68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ani

    That… actually seems like it might be a buttload of fun. Make it happen Cable Dramaland. Make. It. Happen. ^_~

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      Does sound like a lot of fun! I actually remember reading something that said 1994 initially was the year they were looking to do. So I guess it came back full circle. Just based on the strength of 1997, I think a ton of people will check out a season 2.

  2. KDrama Fan

    I’m not there. I enjoyed Answer Me but found the the last episodes to be lacking.

    • 2.1 BB

      I think so too about the last bunch of episodes. Underwhelming.

    • 2.2 mud

      I am with you about my indifference to the last few episodes, and that’s because they just dragged on the who’s the daddy mystery too much. Whereas if they do indeed go back to 1994, we may get more of the starting goodness.

      • 2.2.1 nokke

        not only that. there were tons of unnecessary scenes there. like s mountain trip with a Granny or Dad and his uncle talk.

    • 2.3 whoa

      i feel the same about almost romcom korean in general. they’re always anti-climatic

    • 2.4 silverzero

      i loved this drama, the actors who seo in guk’s friends sucked at acting

  3. nomu nomu nomu

    *jumps up in the air and does a Triple Salchow* Ok, ok, I’m not athletic, but I got the same feeling.

    Since we are in the very early stage of Production talks, I won’t get my hope up too high (yet). Also, My wish for what is important in a sequel is the same what I wrote on the “School 2013β€²s teasers and posters” articles. So, please, Show, remember what made your original successful in the first place.

    I’m hoping, if there is a sequel, it will be a successful one, because we all know that a successful sequel in k-drama is rare. *crosses fingers*

  4. Sajen

    I’m not sure this is a good idea but really I’d prefer a sequel that jumps ahead in time and deals with the children of Shi Won and Yoon Jae and let’s us see them as parents but I probably won’t get my wish, so for now that series lives only in my imagination.

    • 4.1 Kate

      Hmm…wouldn’t this be a prequel then..not sequel?

    • 4.2 Biscuit

      I think, as cute as it would be, that would be taking the point out of the series. I can see why they would rather go back than forward even jump to 2002.

      Although I understand 2002 is a big time for everyone. World Cup.. Newer K-pop groups (Sugar!) and variety shows.

  5. haeunii

    I guess it depends on your generation. In 1997 I was too young to experience what the characters in the drama did. I definitely remembered some nostalgic things but that was more about life style in Korea back then versus now. I was too young to be a fan on HOT. But 2002 and the following couple of years would be so awesome because I totally remember the craziness of Boa, Se7en, Bi, Lee Jung hyun, and webcam selca.

    • 5.1 bradstalls

      It wouldn’t be effective like Answer Me 1997 because it was such a long time ago πŸ™

    • 5.2 hawaiianseoul

      haha, I remember that! The haduri software at its prime XD

      We used to compare haduri photos at school.
      ohhh, the good times!

  6. Abbie

    Wow, this is a good idea. But in 1994, I was one years old. I liked Answer Me so I will watch this one too.

  7. kaka

    I don’t mind whatever year they will use. I wasn’t into k-pop at 1997, but I can enjoy reply 1997 without any problem.
    However I’m curious whether they will take place in Busan again or not, because one of many reasons reply 1997 was a hit is satoori.
    I’m also half sure that they will cast another stars, given that they use overlap timeline with season 1. I hope they will choose well again.

    • 7.1 glace

      I think so too! The satoori was so interesting! Maybe they could try Jeollado? hehe

    • 7.2 pigtookie

      I think so, because satoori was in their original plans for 1997.

  8. Jinny

    Oooh I’m excited for this as long as they change the storyline but leave us with the feeling of nostalgia that answer me 1997 gave. Wouldn’t it be interesting if they focused on a taewoong storyline and there were cameos of young eunji and seo in guk? Haha probably not going to happen but I’m looking forward to whatever does!

  9. ayuuri

    Hmmm I wonder how her character will be then.
    Cross out being a crazy fan of HOT but what…?

  10. 10 sPark*

    I’m not sure how I ever feel about sequels. I have never watched an American series because they seem to go on for…forever lol I have a tendency to lose interest and find kdramas or jdramas (sometimes a little too short) the perfect length. I don’t know if this will be as good or exciting to watch as Answer Me, 1994. If they can improve upon the aspects that Answer Me, 1997 lacked AND get another awesome mostly noob cast, I’m in πŸ˜€ Too bad they can’t find another Eun Cho-ding to do meta.

    • 10.1 Gabby

      That’s a problem that mostly affects broadcast networks with their 20+ episode seasons. Cable and premium channel (i.e. HBO) television series are much better for viewers like you, as the shorter seasons and, often, the high caliber of talent involved in these productions are more likely to ensure that they maintain a certain consistency and don’t get dragged out forever and ever – usually they just run a few seasons, and a lot of the time the storytelling/acting is good enough that you want at least a few to really flesh out these characters.

      Just sticking up for the diversity of options available on American TV.

  11. 11 scircus

    Definitely…er, most likely would watch and enjoy XD

    I did quite like Answer Me 1997, even though I didn’t grow up with those same culture references. And really, I’m not even of the age where the show necessarily took me back to any feelings I may have had.

    But I liked the feel of the show and how simple and attractive it felt~

  12. 12 Daisy

    Hopefully the sequel will be as good as the first! Wasn’t there’s new about how answer me 1997 was supposed to be 1994 from the beginning? But they changed it cause eun ji won joined the cast.

    • 12.1 Kelinci Biru

      yup. read that in dramatic/vaultofdoom i think.

      anyway, i definitely look forward to this..

  13. 13 maricel

    1994 i was 9 years old…whatever a sequel for this drama is not a bad idea… πŸ™‚ … i’ll miss the cast though!

  14. 14 Sakura

    I was born in 1994 and I enjoyed Reply Me 1997 just fine. Hopefully the sequel would be good.

  15. 15 Miss D

    First reaction: YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!

    Second reactions:…..as long as it’s not a Dream High 2 disaster.

    Third reaction: I was just really happy to see their smiling faces on a post again πŸ˜€

  16. 16 hpn88

    go for it!! I hope they keep the writing and directing as awesome as the first season plus I hope they cast people as well as they did for the 1997 cast

  17. 17 hawaiianseoul


  18. 18 Redenzione

    If anything I would prefer to have Answer Me 1997 come out on DVD so I can re-watch!

  19. 19 Silver

    I would prefer 2002, just because I barely got the references in 1997, and barely was able to relate to them. So 2002 I would be able to relate even more. But, their target audience is Koreans, in which case 1994 is probably a better choice in keeping with old nostalgia.

  20. 20 Seorori

    I’m sure whether a second season is a good idea.
    The strength of the series, as you said, was how people can relate their life with the characters, but to do it again ?
    1994 would be a little to old, while 2002 would be too early …. as a foreigner I do know some 1997+ songs, but I’m not sure that older songs would get me hooked. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

  21. 21 Anri

    Yeah, I think I’ll be waiting for the 2002. Generation 3! TVXQ & BoA onwards, lolol.

  22. 22 yee

    I don’t really like sequels, just because the majority of them are unsuccessful.

  23. 23 Madkdr

    It would be fun to jump back to 1987 – the 80’s!!!

    Or better still jump to the parents’ story – from the parents perspective – then tie in the last 2 episodes to Answer me 1997 and we can have Yoon Jae and Si Won having their wedding and all!!!! (This is to reflect Dad’s prayer that he walk Si Won down the aisle)

    • 23.1 bea

      Love this idea! It would be interesting to see life in Korea in the 80’s, and that way our 1997 story would remain untouched, in the case of a bad sequel.

  24. 24 MeeisLee

    OMG. Love. My knowledge of ’94 kpop is even more limited than ’97 kpop but it would be a show I would be looking forward to regardless. Though, out of complete biasness, I would want something more recent so I could fangirl along.

  25. 25 jelly05

    Don’t know about me. I loved Answer Me 1997 while it lasted. But it did’nt linger on me. I’ve forgotten it already…It’s not a show that I would go back and re-watch it again after few years….and the daddy question dragged a bit….I hope they won’t go in the same direction…

  26. 26 cg

    that’s simply great πŸ™‚

  27. 27 shiku

    I’m in even though I barely remember 1994.

  28. 28 Farpavilions

    So it would be a whole new story and cast? I can’t see the original leads playing 14-15 year olds convincingly… that makes me a sad panda because the awesome cast was so much a part of the show’s success!

  29. 29 Village Mrembo

    Fingers crossed it doesnt turn out to be the 2nd coming of Dream High 2!! But this is tvN, no way its not gonna be awesome, i bet all of Yun Jae’s delish kisses on that lolz

  30. 30 pigtookie

    I’ve learned to be wary of sequels, but this instead sounds more like their original plans – to have the story set in 1994 rather than 1997. This was also the era of part of the crew, so their nostalgia would be part of the mix.

    I guess it really boils down to the story for me, though I anticipate the show since a lot of the reasons why 1997 worked so well was because of the writing and directing (and acting). Maybe we’d even get a 2-second shot of bickering teens Shi won and Yoon jae at the end? πŸ™‚

  31. 31 minhoswife

    As long as it’s still Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji, then, I’m IN!!

  32. 32 Anne

    A 2002 series would mean everyone is decked out in red all throughtout the whole drama. Go reds!

  33. 33 Tyme

    Perhaps they can tease us with cameos from the 1997 cast. They would be in their third year of middle school then…

    And a younger Taewoong too, I suppose…though it still wouldn’t be far enough back for Shiwon’s sister to be alive. πŸ™

    Or maybe cameos in one of the “middle” years, like ’05 was for 1997? I think it would be amusing to see some of the older cast be sprinkled in at certain points for the fans of 1997.

  34. 34 dani305

    Nooooo!!! Sequels always flop. It’s going to tarnish the goodness that is AM1997. I’m more excited to see what NEW projects these actors will take on next.

  35. 35 Fab

    I think it has more chance to be as successful if the sequel is made like I need Romance. Same format different cast.
    My 1997 was years later, but I could somehow relate to the characters, and I just loved how the show was built, and I think it wouldn’t be different with 1994.

  36. 36 estelle

    Omo 2002 will be my era. Hope it will happen! It may be a little hard to relate to 1994, but I’ll take whatever I can get!

  37. 37 ck1Oz

    Well if it’s the same writer and the production team. Plus they manage to get a cast with good chemistry. Why not?

    I enjoyed Answer me 1997 so much that I am willing to try 1994. After all, there was no chaebol, no screaming mother in law, had cancer ( but no death), no amnesia and no tiny dirty poor little heroine.

    So why not?

    • 37.1 ck1Oz

      Wait. We have to have the same team responsible for the song selections. Because Answer Me 1997 had like the most awesome, fantastic lyrics as well.

    • 37.2 mav


  38. 38 Lilian

    If they decide on 1994 , I will probably understand less of the meta stuff coz I wasn’t that into Kpop yet. but there is always dramabeans to explain things =D and above everything it is the great chemistry between the cast and the well written story that is more important

  39. 39 UJ

    1994 or 2002 who cares.. I just want to see them altogether on my screen again!! πŸ˜€

  40. 40 okay

    I thought it was a cute drama but the violent girlfriend was a little bit too scary. If I was a man, I would have left her a long time ago no matter how much i loved her.

  41. 41 KStyle

    Yes yes yes, I approve of everything to do with this show.

    Yes yes yes, i will even watch Anwer Me 1982 if it has the freshness, newness, awesomeness in writing, acting and and and everything that I needed for my viewing pleasure.

    Please please please Kdramagods Don’t Fail Us Now!!!

  42. 42 Viki

    This would actually be fun! The time before K-Pop idol took place

  43. 43 eternalfive

    Ooh, I wasn’t even born in 1994. But Answer Me 1997 was amazing to watch, so hopefully this will be just as good despite the year (assuming they’re going to make it).

  44. 44 noi

    oh wow, he studied chemical engineering? i wonder if i can make huge turnover like him lol. i’d love an AM2002 or 2005, but again whatever it is, i’d love to watch this drama! the production team is the best!! ^^

  45. 45 Stephanie

    They originally wanted it to be 1994 anyways, but made it 1997 for Eun Ji Won. So it makes sense to have it in that year. They prolly have a lot of material already.

  46. 46 Jumbalaya

    …sequel? I kind of like just 1997, it was well done and I don’t think 1994 will speak to the audience as much as 1997 did….

  47. 47 zelaii

    Awesome one! Though I’m not still born on that year, but oh my it could be a great one too. Well it depends on the show’s attack on audience

  48. 48 windy

    the period between 1989 and 1994 was a super exciting one in mid-eastern europe, where I grew up. I graduated from high school in 94. We knew so little of how people lived in soooo far places like Korea, I would be really curious to see, if life at that same time was also thrilling at that side of the globe… or just to see how people dressed there at that time. I really enjoyed the references to political life and society in Answer me 1997.

  49. 49 Henry

    I havent finished watching reply 1997 but i’d love a Joon-hee storyline in the future , and if he can confront Yoon-Jae for being such an ass to him then i’d be ecstatic

  50. 50 Bee

    I find that tvn often changes casts for sequels. Hope that doesn’t happen!!

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