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Full House Take 2: Episode 8
by | November 19, 2012 | 75 Comments

Count on one person’s arrival to offset the balance of this adorable love triangle. The ripples of her presence don’t quite disturb the tension just yet but you know that it’s brewing. We’re still in the calm before the storm but as the clues start to piece together, this Full House is about to get rocked.


It’s clear that Se-ryung’s sudden arrival isn’t warmly welcomed as Tae-ik tries to wriggle out of her hug. Back in the basement, Kang-hwi frowns at the mention of Se-ryung and asks about Tae-ik’s reaction to the situation.

Man-ok didn’t stay to find out but the hug makes her wonder about their relationship. Kang-hwi answers that Se-ryung was formerly associated with the company and previously lived in Full House. But there’s more: Se-ryung is Tae-ik’s first love.

Se-ryung makes herself at home despite Tae-ik’s demands for her to leave. He sighs in disbelief as she matter-of-factly tells him that she’ll be residing here for the time being.

Then he practically goes livid when she adds that she’s also signed a contract with Lee Joon. She finishes his sentences that he must find her thick-skinned and stubborn. With a self-satisfying smile, she comments, “You used to like this part of me. That I’m like a queen.”

Tae-ik storms out and ignores Man-ok’s shouts towards him. Inside, Se-ryung mutters, “Idiot. You’re going to come back to me anyway.”

Tae-ik drives off into the night as his past replays in his head. He had tried to stop her from leaving Full House, maybe even willing to give her the benefit of the doubt after seeing her kiss Kang-hwi.

But she’d bitterly reminded him about his promise to “treat her like a queen” and voiced her frustrations at being second fiddle to Tae-ik’s desire to acquire Full House.

She told him, “Become successful, earn lots of money, and buy back this house. Then live as grand as you once did. Then I’ll reconsider [us].” Gah, please don’t tell me she’s part of the reason why you worked so hard to get the house back.

He pulls over and reclines in his seat to brood.

Man-ok’s preoccupied with thoughts of Tae-sang as she tends to Kang-hwi’s leg. She notices his car parked outside and Man-ok hurries inside to find him, only to see Se-ryung, sipping some wine.

She finds him sitting on a swing, somberly overlooking the rest of the estate. She gathers some resolve before telling him in a light-hearted manner that she was worried he’d run away. His answer saddens me: “I didn’t have anywhere to go. Except here.”

Tae-ik furrows his brow to hear that Se-ryung’s still awake, to which Man-ok reminds him that it’ll just give him wrinkles. Ha.

In an effort to lift his spirits, she offers to show him an “energizing kick.” The thought gets him to smile and he laughs at her readying stance. She swings, rolls on her ankles…

…and Tae-ik catches her, bringing their faces within inches of each other. The sight of her lips causes Tae-ik’s heart to pound involuntarily and it’s Man-ok who pulls out of the awkward gaze first.

Things are still awkward between them in the morning. Se-ryung is annoyingly cheery as usual and now she bothers to learn Man-ok’s name. Once she hears it, she comments that it’s too hard to pronounce.

Tae-ik doesn’t so much as acknowledge Se-ryung’s presence at breakfast so Se-ryung comments that Tae-ik loves it when you bite his lower lip when you kiss him. Can we try that?

Man-ok nearly coughs up her food and Se-ryung notes that she finds it hard to believe that an engaged couple haven’t kissed yet. Tae-ik leaves the table without a word and Man-ok shoots Se-ryung death glares.

Tae-ik searches the ‘net about sleepwalking remedies (aw) and Man-ok gets a text from Kang-hwi who’s dying to go to the bathroom. Problem is, Se-ryung’s lounging in the living room nursing a glass of wine. After some time, she picks up on Man-ok’s nervousness, finding it suspicious.

When Man-ok explains that she’s worried about the kitty in the basement, Se-ryung lights up. Wait until you see how big “kitty” is.

Sure enough, out stumbles Kang-hwi. And if his luck weren’t bad enough, Tae-ik drops in that very moment and sends a hard look at Man-ok.

They take in the temporary living space and Se-ryun chirps that this is huge news: Kang-hwi is living in the Full House basement and taken care of by Tae-ik’s fiancée. Tae-ik glares at her and she replies, “It wasn’t me who hid him!”

The gravity of this situation doesn’t register with her and Kang-hwi tells her as much. She rants on about how this was her discovery and shuts up with one harsh word from Tae-ik.

Kang-hwi explains that until he finds the evidence that clears his name, he’s not going anywhere. Relying on the fact they’ve been a team for five years, he asks for a few days of patience until his leg heals.

The homely decorations Man-ok’s made for these quarters sting Tae-ik. He walks towards the door but before he leaves, he warns Kang-hwi to stay out of Lee Joon’s sight. Kang-hwi’s got one week to find what he needs and then get out.

Se-ryung’s undercuts this dramatic moment – it’s virtually impossible not be seen by the president when he walks to and from this house so often. Tae-ik tells her to shush. Thank you.

Tae-ik returns to his room, enraged, but then notices Man-ok lingering outside his door on his computer screen. He watches her slump onto the floor and puts out a hand, as if to touch her.

Lee Joon excitedly shares some developments on Tae-ik’s solo album which Tae-ik still isn’t interested in. When he asks about Kang-hwi, Lee Joon replies in a hardened tone that he’s overseas and Tae-ik scoffs.

After another round of Do As You’re Told, Tae-ik wonders if Lee Joon takes that same stance with Se-ryung. No, he isn’t interested in Se-ryung but the guest house is supposed to be his own personal space.

Lee Joon retorts that he wouldn’t have had to invest in recruiting Se-ryung if the boys didn’t cause him so much trouble. Tae-ik barks back, “You know full well what kind of relationship she and I had!”

Lee Joon throws his words back at him – didn’t Tae-ik say he wasn’t interested in her? At most, it’ll be a week. As for his solo, they’ll start recording right away so he’s got no choice in the matter.

Tae-ik storms out the office, blowing past Se-ryung only to hear more bad news from Go-dong: Manager Hwang aka Bum-soo has been assigned to be Se-ryung’s road manager.

Lee Joon tries to persuade Se-ryung to attend a film festival and informs her that Tae-ik’s attendance will be difficult for several reasons: he’s got a solo album and he doesn’t want to see her.

Interestingly enough, her voice goes serious, “If it were easy, I’d do it myself.” Lee Joon concedes.

Before she leaves, she wonders if Tae-ik really wanted to get engaged since Man-ok doesn’t fit Tae-ik’s taste in women. Lee Joon pretty much tells her that only the ones in the relationship would know for sure.

Then he stops: “But you would know that better than I would, right?”

Ha – I love that Man-ok’s got three Hallyu stars to take care of and she sighs in exasperation when they all pelt her with texts. She spots a garden hoe and gets an idea…

Tae-ik freaks out when he sees her ripping through the flower garden. Woman’s got a hoe; I’d be careful where you tread. Man-ok tells him that she plans on converting it into something useful like a vegetable garden.

This idea appeals to his frugality – why not grow your own? Man-ok even goes as far to tell him that it’s a great stress-buster. When that doesn’t work, she tells him that he ought to do it – it’s all going in his stomach anyway. HA.

Naturally Se-ryung finds Tae-ik’s room empty and picks up the picture frame by his bed containing his family. That triggers an earlier memory when they were dating and she’d chased him around to get a glimpse of the hidden photo beneath the cover.

She asked him why he hid it and he answered, “Because it’s precious.”

Back in the present she takes off the back cover and spots the picture of her lying next to Tae-ik and Kang-hwi.

Cut back to Tae-ik who is engrossed and enthusiastic about digging into the earth, shoveling into the garden like there’s no tomorrow. He drinks in Man-ok’s praises but then stops at the mention of Kang-hwi’s name.

Man-ok apologizes that she didn’t tell him sooner and he asks about her sleepwalking disorder. She clarifies that once she’s asleep, she’s down for the count. Tae-ik recalls how deep in slumber she was when she slept outside the trailer and smiles, “You did sleep soundly then.”

He covers it up, saying that sleepwalking is a scary habit, and grows irritated when Man-ok remarks that he’s sure scared about a lot of things. She stops and silently encourages him to continue digging.

Se-ryung has her things moved into the room next to Tae-ik’s, much to his displeasure. Kang-hwi informs Man-ok that it’s just Se-ryung always does as she pleases.

Man-ok notes that Kang-hwi doesn’t seem to like Se-ryung very much. He replies that he doesn’t like people who are like watermelons: green on the outside and red on the inside.

Wrapping her in his white scarf, he comments that he rather likes people like Man-ok (she gulps) who are pure white on the inside and out. That reminds him of a children’s song about a bear with a cute nose and soon they’re both singing and dancing to the tune.

Kang-hwi smiles as she sings and then suddenly pulls her towards him and kisses her on the nose. She looks back at him, stunned.


Kang-hwi teases that Man-ok’s face turned pink and picks up the kitten, “Look at Mommy turn red!” The term ‘mommy’ makes her pause and Kang-hwi revises, “Then should we call ourselves ‘unni’ and ‘oppa’ instead?” That won’t work either because Chaton is a male. Whoops.

Man-ok places her hands to her reddened face only to be called over by Tae-ik who’s now donned his gardening hat. He puts her to back to work on the vegetable garden.

Se-ryung sets up a meeting for Lee Joon with a designer who’s highly interested in investing in his company. Thing is, there’s a condition to the deal: reinstate Kang-hwi to the industry.

Lee Joon swallows and informs his guest that a once-blacklisted celebrity isn’t easily accepted back into entertainment. His guest is well informed of Lee Joon’s ability to tear someone down; she’s counting on his ability to bring them back. Her reason is simple: Kang-hwi is her muse.

But Lee Joon can’t afford to let a good investment deal slip through his fingers and he accepts. After the meeting, he demands that his secretary track Kang-hwi down.

You rang? Kang-hwi is busy trying to find an alternative way into the office. The construction makes it impossible and he hobbles back to the basement where Se-ryung is waiting for him.

Kang-hwi stiffens at the mention of the designer’s name. But he’s sharp enough to pick up that Se-ryung has ulterior motives behind the namedrop – what does she want? She answers, “I don’t like you living here.”

He hasn’t done anything particularly hateful towards her and she replies with a cool smile, “You know those in life where you hate their entire existence.”

Apparently she doesn’t like the idea of anyone close to Tae-ik and Kang-hwi retorts, “So you’re offended that I can see right through that black heart of yours?” He tells her to dream on if Se-ryung thinks she has a chance with Tae-ik; he’s already engaged.

But that doesn’t bother Se-ryung at all. Sure she was a little nervous at the headlines but that dissipated as soon as she saw Man-ok. Because there’s no way Tae-ik would love a plain girl like her.

She gives him a final warning that he better get out soon because she doesn’t know when her words might slip.

Heh, I kinda love that Man-ok is a firm hand to keep all three celebrities in line, telling them that if they don’t eat now, they don’t eat. It’s pretty satisfying to watch her bring these larger-to-life characters back down to Earth.

Kang-hwi’s vision blurs again when he tries to reach for some food but he dismisses it. Man-ok sweetly puts it on for him and Se-ryung digs that Man-ok is taking better care of Kang-hwi than her fiancé.

His eyes keep bothering him and Kang-hwi excuses himself from the table.

Se-ryung’s jaw drops over the state of Man-ok’s skin and how it’s unfit for Tae-ik’s betrothed. She keeps going that the food’s too spicy for her royal tastebuds.

That’s the last straw for Tae-ik and he grabs Se-ryung’s spoon away. He yells at Man-ok that his fiancée, who’s engaged to a top star idol, shouldn’t serve food to just anyone: “From now on, just make me food!”

Se-ryung scowls and Man-ok smiles, pleased. And soon, she’s left with an entire breakfast table to herself. Ha.

Kang-hwi lies on his couch in the dark with his arm outstretched. His hand still appears blurry to his eyes and he wonders if he should go back to the hospital.

Just then, Man-ok appears with a big bowl of bibimbap to share. At the same time, Tae-ik lights up when he sees a breakfast laid out for him as well.

Man-ok asks after the reason why Tae-ik and Se-ryung broke up, citing that it must be awfully awkward for exes to live under the same roof. Kang-hwi explains that it was Tae-ik who loved her but Se-ryung who left him.

Man-ok keeps her tone as casual as she can, commenting that it must have been hard on Tae-ik.

And Kang-hwi asks, “And what about me? Aren’t you curious about me?” Like his past love life and who he might like now. She doesn’t happen to think he really like guys, right? She doesn’t but says that she’ll ask next time.

Man-ok notes that she might be busy with Tae-ik’s solo preparations and Kang-hwi does his best to hide his disappointment though he betrays a look in her direction.

Preparations for Tae-ik’s solo are all systems go, as he starts recording and participates in photo shoots. There’s a sweet moment when Man-ok nods off in the van and Tae-ik silently rests her head back onto the seat.

They take a detour to the department store. Aww, are you going to get Man-ok makeup? He describes Man-ok’s symptoms to the clerk (Man-ok has no idea) and Man-ok gasps when he actually buys the expensive cream. Like an actual product and not just the samples.

Through gritted teeth, he bites, “Are you broadcasting that I use samples to the world?”

When they get back he uses the gruff You can use it line, to which Man-ok wonders what the occasion is that the “petty and rude bastard” would gift her with something this nice.

Tae-ik turns right back around upon hearing those words. Since he can’t have the world thinking that his fiancée’s awful skin is due to him working her so hard, she should just use it. Use it, he says!

Man-ok yells out a thanks and then adds more quietly, “You rude bastard.”

Back in her room, she marvels at the gift and wonders why he had to give it to her in such a snappy tone.

She pulls out a sketchbook and draws Tae-ik in his gardening hat. That hair looks a lot better there than in real life.

God forbid that the international star should carry out that menial task of picking up packages. She leaves it on the table for Tae-ik but then curiosity gets the best of her.

They’re proofs of Tae-ik and Man-ok’s “love story,” which doesn’t seem off at first glance. But then, Se-ryung notices that the timestamps are all the same date.

It doesn’t take her long to track down the clues about the staged photoshoot and the photographer even ‘fesses up that they did the shoot in a hurry and that they were supposed to act like lovers.

She doesn’t mention that she knows when the engaged couple return to Full House, but now she’s aware that it’s all an act.

Man-ok gifts Tae-ik with a one-of-a-kind present: a T-shirt with her drawing of him printed on it. He looks at her – she doesn’t expect him to wear this, right?

Man-ok lunges to take it back, figuring that he doesn’t want it but Tae-ik keeps it anyway. Like a child, he stuffs it behind him, Hey no takebacks!

Aww and then he actually tries it on and poses in front of the mirror with it.

Tae-ik continues to ignore Se-ryung even though she sits in plain view in the living room, drinking more wine. She runs up to him and embraces him in a backhug. How long does he plan on treating her like a ghost?

He tells Se-ryung that she’s drunk and to go to bed. He tries to release himself from her grip but she holds on even tighter, saying, “I meant it when I told you that I wanted to start things up with you again.”

He whips around to face her and throws back that she also said she meant it when they broke up. Be it when she told him she liked him or split, what sincerity is there in the words of someone who ignores how another person feels?

Se-ryung asks if this is how he really feels. In all honesty, he hasn’t forgotten about her. “Pretending that you don’t see me, that you ignore me. You’re doing that on purpose because you can’t forget me!”

Tae-ik’s eyes glaze over in tears and he turns to go but she stops him. If he really forgot about her, then what about the photo of them hidden in that frame?

All he had to do to clear the rumors about being gay was to show that photo. Why didn’t he do it? Omg, girl is actually making sense.

She breaks down. “You did it to protect me. Because if you showed that photo, I might get hurt.” Se-ryung falls into his chest and sobs.

Tae-ik reaches for Se-ryung’s arm, ready to move her away from him. And just then, he looks over and locks eyes with Man-ok.


Now that our love square is complete and all under one roof, I’m oddly confused with Se-ryung because like our other characters runs between both extremes: either she’s in denial and annoyingly chipper  or extremely shrewd at getting what she wants. It could very well be that her thinly veiled insults with a smile are just that and there lurks an evil genius within. But given the drops we’ve seen so far, it hasn’t ignited a rippling effect just yet.

I’d really love to see Kang-hwi get crackin’ to find the recorder now that he’s (almost) out of the basement. The more time passes, the more his name gets dragged in the mud.  Perhaps because the public believes him to be abroad, I’m surprised that things haven’t blown more out of proportion and escalated further. Or that Tae-ik’s solo preparations continue without a hitch. Then it occurred to me that the little news about an engagement could draw one’s attention elsewhere.

If you happened to be confused about the date on the photos (written as April) and found it strange, it’s that the show aimed for a broadcast earlier this year but unfortunately wasn’t picked up until now. Which means filming has already concluded and no, we can’t fix the hair. I know – someone that pretty shouldn’t have such an atrocious ‘do.

Tae-ik still continues to be my favorite character in this series. I like how the show drops teeny hints to his past that satiate my palate just long enough to keep me intrigued. What’s more is that we’re seeing that cold facade shaking even more and more of his caring side peeking through. His affection towards Man-ok is downright adorable and I can’t wait until he acknowledges and embraces it.  Can you imagine all the Cute?


75 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. YBisTOP

    Ugh! I hate her hair so much!
    Is this drama good? No one haven’t talked to me yet about the ratings of this drama. I want to watch it because my boyfriend is in this drama. ㅋㅋㅋ no min woo.

    • 1.1 gelai

      get past the hair. this is good and yes, your “boyfriend” will make sure its worth it despite the hair ^_^

    • 1.2 adette

      ME TOO. I want to watch this drama but at the same time I don’t think I can handle the bad pama couple’s hair… like. it really bothers me that much

  2. Roxy

    Oh God I still can’t get past this. PLEASE give them a decent hairstyle!!! They’re beautiful people! I sincerely feel bad for HJE. I wonder how she could’ve accepted these hairstyles from her hairdresser/director or whoever the heck’s fault it is for inflicting the world of these horrible hairstyles! It’s to the point that it’s even offensive to call this mop a hair. Y’kno what, it’s so bad that the word mop doesn’t even want to be associated with it. I know I am kinda shallow but you don’t have to be to recognize how distracting these haorstyles are

    Is it too late to hope for a change here?

    • 2.1 JoAnne

      Did you read the recap? This is completely filmed. Done. No changes possible.

      The hair, it ain’t great…but it’s here to stay unless they changed it without our input. And really – there is enough in this show that is good that I not only don’t notice the hair most of the time, I actually like the couple so much that I don’t care about it anymore, even when I do.

      They are adorable, and the change between them is happening with enough delicacy to keep me engaged. It’s fast, but not too fast, and the behavior changes seem small but if you go back and see Tae-Ik from day one – he is much, much farther along as a human than he was back then.

      • 2.1.1 Dol

        I completely agree, JoAnne.

        By the way, I’ve seen spoiler photos, and it looks like they both get new hairdos by the end. 🙂

        • Ennayra


        • ~Feather~

          Thank-you for sharing that wonderful tidbit! I have been PRAYING that they get new hairstyles at least half-way or near the end of the show. I guess my prayers have been answered. 😀

  3. cg

    Thanks for the recap…..

  4. cutieblue

    I’m really scared that this drama is going to try and go melodramatic. Blindness, old lovers coming back, evil bosses. It could go that way so easily, but I think it would lose what I love about it. The slightly absurd and just that little bit overdramatic which makes it silly.
    Please stay silly, drama, because I love that about you. <3 (and I love No Min Woo, just sayin')

  5. antonia

    just wanted to drop and thnks for the recap before i start reading… i just want to say how much i love this drama, how addicting and funny and awesome is… LTI + JMO cutest couple, after epi 9.1 my heart is still beating fast!!! <3333

  6. lovedramas

    I am officially hooked! I knew after the contract part really kicked in, I would be fully hooked and sure enough, I am. These 2 are just soo adorable with the bad hairdo and all. I just can’t understand why they would give her such an awful do though. Was it really necessary to get their point across? Anyhow – the OTP has me floating on the moon – too cute.

    SR is just evil – and mean. unbelievable. selfish and stuck up. Bad things might have happened to her, but she really brings it upon herself with this horrible attitude.

  7. owl

    Queen Jin Se Ryeong has returned. More like Marie Antoinette. Are we going to beheaded in that direction?
    I can only hope it’s her head that rolls.

    Kang Hwi and Tae Ik both need MO’s TLC and I just want the love triangle to work out, ignoring the implications of that impossibility. . . Tae Ik is yelling a lot these days. Such anger issues. I can’t bear to see Kang Hwi as the third wheel.

    With 4 short episodes left, will we find out about Tak Ik’s past, is he going to be a worthy beau, what about Man Ok’s grandfather’s martial arts stucio, Kang Hwi’s eye, and most of all, does Take One have another song?

    Btw, if you watch through tightly squinted eyes, the hair issue nearly fades to a blur.

    • 7.1 gelai

      what? 4 episodes left? i thought it’s for 20 episodes?

      • 7.1.1 Mystisith

        It’s written 20 episodes on the databases but thing is, nobody on the Net knows if it’s 20 eps of 1 hour or 20 parts of 32 mins. I would bet on the latter since this drama was made for the Japanese market, which prefers shorter series.

        • gelai

          oh that makes sense, jdoramas only lasts for 10-11 episodes. so we’ll only have next week then. sad.

        • ladysarahii

          I’m actually guessing it’s 20 of one hour, because dramacrazy is due to post 20 tomorrow, (they have been posting in half hour segments) and it shows no sign of stopping. I just saw 19 today and there are several twists introduced in that ep.

      • 7.1.2 owl

        I think it’s the way the episodes are numbered – this week is 17-20 (so ep 8 is really 2 short episodes numbered 15 and 16?? something like that)

    • 7.2 Shae

      The hair…maybe it’s a metaphor of each others personality….mo hair is uptight and Ti is more easy going and changes constantly….have you also noticed the color is the same?…I just had to go deeper ’cause the hair just HAS have a reason….since we didn’t get a makeover montage for the engagement party

  8. Laica

    Thanks for the recap! 😀

    Se-ryung is pathologically self-deluded. But it’s not like we haven’t seen this type of second lead many times before. Ugh.

    I’m loving how Man-ok bosses Tae-ik around, and how he stands up for her (in his emotionally constipated way).

    Was anyone else slightly creeped put by Kang-hwi’s description of Man-ok as “a baby bear” and “white on the inside and outside”? She’s a woman, not an object, or a blank slate you can project your image of her onto. I know, I know, I’m reading too much into it. But it just rubbed me the wrong way.

    I’m looking forward to more cute moments between our OTP. I agree, gummi, Tae-ik is the best part of this show. I love when his adorable dorky side shows through the I’m-so-cool facade.

    • 8.1 momosa

      “a baby bear’ – from the look of it, Man Ok creeped out a bit as well… I’m kinda of creeped too, especially when it followed by ‘mommy & daddy’ to Chaton.

      I know he has a bit of rough life losing mum to step-family but he also has much love from his step-sister & dad. So, please show, let’s not go there….. let’s keep the fluffiness & sweetness going….

    • 8.2 jomo

      I thought that the baby bear song was a nod to the first Full House, because of how SHK sang it for Rain’s gramma.

      Cause how he got to bear from white scarf was kinda a
      Bears are ususally black or brown in story books
      (not counting Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?)

      • 8.2.1 Laica

        Yeah I got the Three Bears connection to the original FH, but like you said, it’s a stretch, and PKW is no Song Hye-gyo. Cute though he is.

        It may be just a personal thing, but men referring to women as cute in an infantile way reaally rubs me the wrong way.

    • 8.3 Julia

      I loved the fact that Kang-Hwi is telling Man-Ok that he appreciates her for her honesty and not being two-faced like TaeIk’s other girlfriend. Bears are cute and cuddly, so I can see how KangHwi feels that way about man-Ok.

      The adopt a pet together stage in a relationship is really important. That KangHwi talked about Mommy and Daddy for the kitten was really sweet. ManOk’s weird reaction to it shows she is not so into the relationship with KangHwi … which she should be honest with him about. Not that she is actually as honest as KangHwi thinks she is (how many times has she lied to her Grandfather while ruining his business? I still can’t forgive her for that.)

      • 8.3.1 Laica

        I do get that that’s his intention, and it’s sweet that he sees how much better she is than the Evil Queen, but he puts her on a pedestal. Like you said, she is not a pure “white” saint, but a real person with flaws. The fact that he sees her as the idealized version he has created for her means he doesn’t know the real her, but the version of her he wants to see. Which doesn’t make for a healthy romantic relationship. Even if she was interested in him that way, which she isn’t. And I do feel bad for him because of that.

  9. nicole

    min woo have such a beautiful face but the hair has to go

    • 9.1 jomo

      I can honestly say the hair is doing its job keeping me from seeing how beautiful these actors are.

      If Tae-ik was dressed beautifully and had pretty hair, I wonder if we would be looking for his personality to get better. We would be just like the pans and sigh watching him.
      He needs to be sortuv fugly so we can appreciate his transformation later.
      HJE’s contract should be published on the net because I am SURE it is required that she have bad hair in every role. That is what I am going with.

      • 9.1.1 JoAnne

        I spent a lot of time staring at him last night. For research! Expressionless (or with constipated expression) I can appreciate that he has great bone structure but he leaves me a bit cold.

        When he smiles, though – anything from a tiny one-sided smirk to a full on grin – his face is absolutely transformed. He seems approachable and friendly and in an odd way, the beauty that a smile creates makes it possible for you to forget how lovely he is, and instead see him as a human being. One who might be pretty nice.

        So either he has charisma out the wazoo but is personally a diva, or he’s a fun, sweet guy who was cursed with a face that will keep people at an awe-struck distance.

        • Ennayra

          “When he smiles, though – anything from a tiny one-sided smirk to a full on grin – his face is absolutely transformed. He seems approachable and friendly and in an odd way, the beauty that a smile creates makes it possible for you to forget how lovely he is, and instead see him as a human being. One who might be pretty nice.”

          –This is how I feel about Lee Min-ho. His cheeks are just so chubby when he smiles, that I have to laugh. It somehow makes me like him more than I would otherwise.

        • watchumlots

          NMW’s looks are creepin’ me out the more I see them:

          Bony face, puffed lips, and the white, pan-cakey makeup. Maybe I’m envious of his perfect, poreless, flawless skin?

          There is one close-up where it looks like he might have had an incision just into his hairline, right in the middle, where his hair parts… check-it-out.

          In another post I could not believe that he was the same beautiful guy that was in PASTA, he looks entirely different. The guy seriously needs to gain some weight then he would be even prettier!

          I think he’s gay, and having lived many years in San Francisco, I’m known for the accuracy of my gaydar. If he is that is probably a good thing, because where, oh where, would NMW find a woman prettier than he?

  10. 10 Abbie

    Still like this but, Se-ryung is annoying. I don’t like her at all.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    • 10.1 lemonade candy

      Kang Hwi should borrow the box of nails from Jongro police station and give her a swing or two. I’m so annoyed by her character =.=”

      • 10.1.1 austriandramalover

        Oh thank god I am not the only one who wishes for the box of nails^^
        She is one annoying b**** but I really love to hate her 😀

  11. 11 juliesean

    So this drama isn’t as bad as we first though? It’s only their hairstyles right? So should I watch it

    • 11.1 dany

      It’s definitely entertaining.

    • 11.2 momosa

      If you like fluffly light drama, this is it. Evil plans doesn’t work here. It leaves a smile on me each time. And I can’t get enough of Tae Ik pretty, pretty face, Kang Hwi’s innocent eyes & Man Ok’s feistiness!

  12. 12 zsa

    I can actually imagine all the cute…Tae Ik is just adorable like a cute little puppy…yes, even with that hair! He is my favourite character coz he can act so stupidly cute when caught off hand!

    • 12.1 zsa

      …i mean off guard..(this is what happens when you’re typing and having a conversation at the same time)^^

  13. 13 chickletta

    Is it just me or does everyone in this show looks 10 kg underweight and multiply surgically enhanced? They all look more like puppets than people.

    • 13.1 redfox

      maybe they intended to show the idol-puppets as starved kids here. which they actually are. the pressure to be thin is ridiculous. people should just be healthy. not overweight, but eating regularly and having color in their face. I feel so sad for Tae-Ik who pinches pennies to buy the house back and he cant even eat his fill. I dont have any possession and never had, but I have had to hold myself back from buying lunch when I was short of rent, and there is nothing to idolize about starving. I am actually surprised only Kang Hwi gets blurred vision. they should all be dizzy and falling by now.

  14. 14 ladyana2j

    thanks for recaps, I love this drama since beginning until now, and my favorite character is MO second KH. I support 100% MO-TI, so I really hope KH wont love MO so deeply, writer please give him a girl!!!

  15. 15 Ellen

    Thanks for the recaps. Hmm…I agree with mostly everyone here. What is with that hair? It doesn’t even look good on the main guy and girl. Ay…that hairstylist of theirs really has to go. Hopefully, I get to see better hairstyles later. And is it just me, or are they really white? Is there a reason for this?

  16. 16 gelai

    “Tae-ik loves it when you bite his lower lip when you kiss him. Can we try that?”

    *_* OMG. c’mon MO, that’s a handy tip.

    • 16.1 jomo

      That was a pretty atypical line of dialog for a K-drama.
      I award her 77,000 b^tch points for that.
      If I were MO, I don’t think the universe would be big enough to hide my embarrassment in front of TI!

      And the other part of me would be saying, “So noted.”

  17. 17 ck1Oz

    Tae Ik is growing on up. He’s written up as quite a complex character and he intrigues me. It’s great that this drama is way better than I expected.

    Plus I really like his ” I like her but can’t let her see I care” attitude towards her.

    • 17.1 jomo

      Why do we keep liking this hero again?
      Cause me, too!

      • 17.1.1 ck1Oz

        He’s actually has more back story than I thought. I honestly thought he was just a jerk. Plus wanted his house back.

        Now I want him to get his home back. Get his family back. Find love. Plus not sure if I want him to become a chaebol again. I wonder what happened to his life after his parents died.

      • 17.1.2 JoAnne

        He hits every button I have and then some for backstory, attitude, and secret love. Just please for the love of GOD, man, eat something. But even that skinny and pale, if I was presented with that entire package, I would be sunk. Man Ok is a goner and Kang Hwi never had even the slightest itty bitty tiny piece of rice grain of a chance.

        • jomo

          Soooooo skinny!

          • JoAnne

            He had a noona waaaaaaaaaaaaants outfit in the previous few episodes Jomo

  18. 18 lechugas

    thanks for the recap….
    am loving this drama!!!
    although it worries me sometimes that if Tae Ik and Man Ok became closer,… and they kissed… their hair will stick together like velcro… 😀

    • 18.1 25


    • 18.2 Mystisith

      He. We finally know the reason why of that crazy hair: It’s a trap to catch handsome men. Of course!

  19. 19 travelcrazy

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  20. 20 geanna

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    despite the whole fugly hair thingy, i’m absolutely dumbfounded by how good this drama ends up to be. the characters has depth and intriguing and fun enough for me to wait for new episode every mon-thursday! the bromance, the romance, the way each actor acts their character convincingly, this drama has heart! it really does.
    so I think it’s not a flop and everybody who wants to experience funny heartwarming drama should try to watch this one.
    last but not least, NO MIN WOO FTW! new fan here, I love him to bits now lol!

  21. 21 adriana

    El personaje se ha abireto el paso en genrar el interes, me preocupa por que los libretos abandonan aspectos referentes como:
    La amiga traicionara que deja a la muchacha ,junto con su mama sin un lugar donde vivir.

    Lo peligroso de los fanaticos que se vuelven peligrosos.

    Lo peligroso que es el mal uso de los medios de información.

    La chica si debe vestir un poco mejor

  22. 22 Ennayra

    Thanks for the recap!

    I’m so glad that I’ve seen No Min-woo in RockRockRock. I gained a lot of respect for him in that drama. I’m not watching this one – just reading the recaps, but oh the hair…

  23. 23 Julia

    I’ve tried to imagine how things appear from Kang-Hwi’s perspective. He meets a girl he likes immediately. She reminds him of his first love. He starts pursuing her. He jumps in to help her when she is in trouble. He gets her a job. He flirts. He tries to impress her. He goes all soft and mushy for her. Awww.

    Now Kang-Hwi has his co-worker Tae-Ik who he is competitive with, and in some ways like his voice he is lacking by comparison, but Kang-Hwi is certainly the kinder, sweeter person. kang-Hwi and Tae-Ik have a friendship in spite of their bickering.

    Now Kang-Hwi has his secrets, like his Mom, and his personal tragedies that he is dealing with like his eyesight, his injured leg, his job loss. This is when you want your sweetie pie to step up and be supportive. KangHwi really goes out on a limb telling Man-Ok she is really all he has in the world and expressing his devotion to her including a kiss on the nose.

    But for reasons that can’t be clear to Kang-Hwi, Man-Ok is paying more attention to the guy who is rude to her … Tae-Ik. She goes out to dinner with Tae-Ik leaving Kang-Hwi to drink alone. She tears off after Tae-Ik at the slightest problem, leaving Kang-Hwi alone in the basement. Even after TaeIk has given up working for Take One, instead of Man-Ok being with Kang-Hwi she turns him down for dinner and takes off looking for Tae-Ik.

    What can Kang-Hwi think of her treatment of him? She has really run hot and cold … giving him a kitten, then being annoyed with him for eating a salad, smiling and laughing with him, then leaving him without food. I mean, treatment like this is “Taming of the Shrew” kind of manipulation that can really hook a person into submission. Poor poor KangHwi!

    Don’t get me wrong … I like TaeIk’s character too and I can see that’s where the romance is going, but part of me is just scratching my head as to why Man-Ok is ditching the sweet guy she likes to be with TaeIk. Is it just that she has seen TaeIk naked twice now and is all lusty for him? Is it pity, ’cause the going blind jobless KangHwi seems pretty in need of sympathy too. I just don’t understand what it is that made ManOk choose TaeIk.

    • 23.1 Ennayra

      I hadn’t thought about it this way, but wow is that sad. I mean, I really like Park Ki-woong! He’s 2nd lead here, also in Gaksital. Guy just can’t get a break, lol.

    • 23.2 JoAnne

      I do see your point but up to now I honestly dont think she has considered that EITHER guy is interested in her as a woman – she barely registers that she has some interest in Tae Ik herself

    • 23.3 ladysarahii

      Yeah, it is very weird how they are playing this so far. To me, they’ve done more to make me feel sympathy with Kang-Hwi, not so much Tae Ik. It just makes me feel double sad that he won’t end up with the girl on top of everything else he’s dealing with. Maybe an awesome woman will show up in future episodes and they can get together. 🙂

      It’s just odd. I know Park Ki-woong is an impressive actor, so I’m sure he’s bringing a similar vulnerability that he brought for his role as Shunji, but plot points like blindness, glass shards in the eye as a child, a broken leg, and Man-ok ditching him every five seconds makes us feel empathy for him, too.

      • 23.3.1 ladyana2j

        I felt same too.. poor KH and more PKW, always being second lead and never get girl in the end! :((

  24. 24 Laica

    Ha. It cracks me up that there are more comments on this recap about the hair than the plot.

  25. 25 Michelle

    HAHA- Did anyone else notice how pissed off that cat looks in the picture??

    • 25.1 momosa

      The cat is pissed isn’t it?!!! hahaha, I saw that too, eyes like Garfield & all…..

  26. 26 redfox

    if they make Kang Hwi blind I honestly… Gaksital wouldn´t forgive them. But I suppose that makes for a more dramatic character and that is only good for the actor. But seriously, I want at least one drama with Park Ki Woong which doesnt tear my heart out. I cant watch Story of a Man because of the sad fate of the main actor. and I cant re-watch Gaksital without emptying my catnip pills jar. and I cant watch this cause they make him such a sad puppy! and I cant watch The Musical because there is that Staring Girl there. tell me if there is anything where nothing will dim how brightly he can shine?

    • 26.1 ladyana2j

      You can watch My tutor friend 2, he get girl in the end 😀

      I love PKW too, so much mostly after watched bridal mask and I watched all of drama you mentioned, actually I felt pity for him, but your comments totally made me laugh, hahahaha..

      I still rewatched story of a man some time, he was so cute there and the musical too, at least, he got more part and happy ending, 😀

      hope, soon, he can get lead role and great pairing (woman ofcourse)! Lets pray for him 🙂

  27. 27 kstalls

    THIS SHOW IS RIDICULOUS…LY GOOD! How is this NOT a trend drama in Korea?!

  28. 28 nimgal

    aaaaaaH!!!! the hair hate’s still there. can we sign some petition with everyone who wants em to change the hairdos? pretty please!?!

  29. 29 ceire

    The amount of bad hairdos in this drama is too damn high. Other than that… yes, I’m totally hooked. (Don’t judge.)

  30. 30 Mar

    This show is just fun. What a pleasant surprise after everyone expecting it to just be awful. It’s unfortunate that it’s tagged with the Full House 2 label so people have expectations that it has some connection with Full House. It’s just chock full of fun.

    Okay, here’s the thing for viewers tuning in and are wtf is up with the hair? The hair, the clothes, the guy make up are INTENTIONALLY over the top. PART of this series is parody and satire on the entertainment business aka k pop and k drama okay? Think about how many times k pop idols change their looks from photo op to photo op and how many k dramas have the supposedly plain girl with bad hair trope. Let’s also remember Man OK was raised by a strict old dude and wow lightbulb does the ahjumma hair make sense. Let’s move on.

    That said whoever is in control of costume design is totally having a blast channeling a little Johnny Depp via Tim Burton into Tae-ik lol for some awesome results. or maybe it’s also No Min woo channeling Barnabas Collins, idk, but it’s darn entertaining. No Min Woo just has friggin went for scenery chewin diva boy hasn’t he?

    I speculate that NMW probably lost weight to portray this character, because that makes sense. IF you consider that the Tae-ik character- is in the entertainment business AND is a clothes horse AND lives by his looks AND has allergies AND is a ocd picky eater AND pinches pennies. I just want to hug NMW and say you are cracking me up and you worked hard and then send him back to do a Pasta 2 and tell him to eat some fetticini before he blows away.

    Did anyone else feel that there were almost smirks coming up as Man Ok was griping about seeing everything? I’ve actually been surprised by the cheekiness of this show and the amounts of nekked No Min Woo. Not complaining. I’ll take some teases in between the silly and cute.

    Kang Hwi is like a cute puppy. I love this actor. I did not watch Bridal Mask, not my cup of tea, but I’ve seen him in other stuff and he’s got some real skills, he’s able to change up the type of role he plays. You wouldn’t know it was the same guy.

    The new chick=Yawn.

    • 30.1 Julia

      Johnny Depp/Tim Burton … hahaha I enjoy most of the men’s fashion. It’s the so called stylist whose clothes remind me of pretty in pink fugly.

      • 30.1.1 Mar

        Yes, Man Ok’s clothes are sometimes so wtf lol, If you notice sometimes she looks really smart and stylish and other times it’s like did your grandma make you wear her hand me downs? Maybe I get it because I’ve been around a lot of artistic people that look like they stepped off a runway one day and the next day they’d be wearing a flour sack and Man Ok’ s bear necklace lol.

  31. 31 redfox

    you know some seasons fashion trends can be just hideous and yet everyone goes “nerd is the new fatale” or “lilac with green is the new black” if you dont wear this outrageous combination you dont have balls!” and people go wtf but buy the stuff. and then the fashion industry moons us for being idiots and comes out with an opposite trend. as a matter of fact there is no fashion- there is just sales strategy. so yes, I think idol lothing can drop into that corner (” I dont know why I am doing it but it must be right cause it is the trend”) and this show is making fun of that

  32. 32 Syrena

    Can Man Ok change her hairstyle please……

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