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Full House Take 2: Episode 2
by | October 31, 2012 | 76 Comments

I think I’m starting to get serious second lead syndrome, and it doesn’t help that i have a serious Park Ki-woong bias. The craziness keeps going, but we are getting to the meat of the story now: how Man-ok becomes Take One’s stylist.

Part 1

Tae-ik didn’t want Man-ok to reset his shoulder, but when he hears Joo-young cheer over his fixed shoulder, he decides to give it a try. Never did he expect a painful wrench of the arm and a sharp crack into his shoulder to be the solution. Nor did he expect his picture to be taken by the landlady, who was visiting the gym to collect rent, but finds the famous Tae-ik instead.

Despite his little tantrum over being abused, Tae-ik admits that his arm is healed. He then notices a schedule on the board that lists all the events Take One is participating in; the schedule is even more complete than the one he knows. Man-ok denies that the group’s sticker or the schedule are hers, as they really are Ga-ryung’s, but Tae-ik just thinks she’s shy about admitting she’s a fan. So he puts a star next to four of his days, and gives her a wink, as if he just gave her the best gift ever. Man-ok and I: *blink blink*

Turns out, Tae-ik marked out the days of his true schedule of when he’d be shooting commercials. Go-dong’s confused as to why the normally private Tae-ik would reveal his schedule to someone. Tae-ik: “That whole calendar was full of Kang-hwi’s activities!”

HAHAH – he just had to one-up him! Tae-ik’s already bitter that Kang-hwi’s probably sitting at home, faking his injuries, while he has to hang out with the kid.

Nope, Kang-hwi’s shamelessly out and about shopping. He purchases a “limited edition” hat just because it’s a limited edition, while his fans (including Ga-ryung) go ga-ga over him outside the store window. They jealously watch as a fashionable young woman peruses the store with Kang-hwi, and they recognize her as a fangirl who’s super loaded and goes to all their concerts.

Ga-ryung regrets not being able to attend a fan meeting because she has no money, but when Kang-hwi turns to give them all a smile, Ga-ryung must go: “Did you see him smile at me? I have to go to the fan meeting now, even if I have to sell my soul!”

So she goes to the one person who funds all her fandom: Man-ok. Man-ok’s already expecting it, and Ga-ryung tries guilting her into giving some money because she is only a jobless friend who’s already feeling ashamed of asking her best friend for money. So Man-ok gives in and hands over W20,000 (about $20). Hah – like that’s enough. Ga-ryung throws a fit; Man-ok simply must not understand what it’s like to not see Kang-hwi in real life! Actually, she does, and Man-ok starts to tell her about when she rescued Kang-hwi from the horde of fans.

Next thing we know, Ga-ryung is telling all her friends that Man-ok held hands with Kang-hwi, which incites anger among all of them. How dare Man-ok touch their man! And they end up all stampeding the gym to beat Man-ok up.

But it’s just Man-ok’s imagination running wild. Fearing that the scenario could happen, she says she held Tae-ik’s hand instead, which Ga-ryung doesn’t care much about. She continues begging Man-ok for more money, even promising to have her mother (who’s the landlady) cut the rent even more. No dice, so Ga-ryung hurries home to beg her mother – who couldn’t care less about her daughter’s money woes. Looking through her mother’s cellphone, Ga-ryung finds photos of Tae-ik getting his arm pulled by Man-ok in the gym. That gives her an idea, and she calls up Man-ok to make her promise that if she brings in more customers to the gym, Man-ok will have to pay her W5,000 per person.

The next morning, flyers are hanging up all over the neighborhood advertising Man Ok Gymansium with Tae-ik’s photo prominently in the center. It’s a gym he visited, so it must be good right? Man-ok is aghast at Ga-ryung’s move, and wants the posters taken down – until customers start coming in.

Soon enough, Man-ok is teaching full classes of students (and runs out of uniforms) while Ga-ryung earns W150,000 from commission. She gets a bonus – and finally has enough for her fan meeting ticket. Man-ok makes sure Ga-ryung promises to help the online business in return, and they discover that someone’s posted a photo of one of her students wearing a handmade uniform. Because Man-ok ran out of uniforms for all her students, she gave one of them a customized one that she had designed, but not really intended for use. This handmade version is an instant hit, and people start asking where to buy it.

Kang-hwi sees the photo, and he cracks up at the sight of Tae-ik in the background of the student’s photo. It’s very small, as it’s just his photo on the poster, but it’s instantly recognizable that it’s Tae-ik. He goes to show it to his partner (who’s busy tabulating every expense he’s made) and points it out.

Tae-ik blows his top – how could that woman use his image for her own self-promotion?! He doesn’t even look good in the photo! He goes off to Lee Joon to get him to take Man-ok’s site down, but Lee Joon is all chill: Bum-soo will take care of everything. Tae-ik has little faith that his old-fashioned manager can do anything, but boy is he wrong. Bum-soo’s already taken down a bunch of the posters and sought Man-ok out.

Man-ok apologizes profusely, saying that she was going to take the posters down anyway. Though she tries to brush it off as, “No one can see Tae-ik’s face,” Bum-soo doesn’t buy it. She’s violated the law by using a photo without consent and violated naming and image rights. Bum-soo leaves in a huff, and next thing we know she gets a call from his lawyers too.

To add more things to her plate, the landlady comes around with a Mr. Oh who is supposedly a dance teacher and needs a place for his classes. The landlady figures that he can use the place at night, and only when Grandpa isn’t around to throw a fit. Since he’ll also pay rent, it’s a win-win situation.

But the lawyers want her to close her website and pay W30 million; Man-ok won’t go down with a fight. Not knowing where they live, she heads over to their agency to talk to Tae-ik, bypassing a gaggle of fans outside. They all think she’s a crazy fan – especially when the guards unceremoniously dump her back outside – and that she doesn’t know the “rules” of stalking a celebrity. They’re about to beat her up when one of them gets a call that Tae-ik’s been spotted somewhere else. Off into their waiting cabs they go!

Tae-ik is coming out of a store and ignores the crowd as he climbs into his van. Because of all the screaming girls, Man-ok can barely get through and get his attention. She gets stepped on by the young rich fan from earlier instead, but doesn’t get an apology from her. They’re not off to a good start.

Man-ok returns home, dejected, but finds a bunch of police cars around the gym. Turns out, the police just busted a gambling ring in her gym… run by none other than Mr. Oh. Since she’s technically the owner of the location and knows Mr. Oh (somewhat) – she’s going to have to go with the police.

Wow this girl cannot catch a break!

Part 2

After being dragged to the police station, Man-ok insists that she’s an innocent civilian who had no idea about Mr. Oh’s plans. She didn’t even get paid for rent yet. But the police officer doesn’t believe how an owner would not know millions were being gambled under her roof. Mr. Oh even tries to take the blame away from her, but the police officer orders her to pay a fine and close down her gym.

Oof – now she’s been ripped of her source of income. She puts up a sign saying that she’s away for training, and that’s why the gym must close. Ga-ryung is incredibly apologetic on behalf of her mother, who will pay for the fine instead. But that doesn’t really ease the situation, especially when all the angry mothers who recently signed up their children are now demanding a refund.

Man-ok must now empty her entire savings account in order to refund all the registration fees, but she avoids telling Grandpa what just happened when he calls. He worries that the gym is in danger because he’s been having bad dreams, but she assures him nothing is wrong. She’s too afraid of his disappointment, and being flipped over by him.

She receives a delivery for a shirt she ordered – it’s the replacement shirt for ‘Na Nim.’ Since he had requested for special care regarding this delivery, and because it’s the last one ever for Man-ok’s Closet, she decides to deliver it herself.

Man-ok finds herself outside of Take One’s mansion, and she rings the doorbell incessantly. Since Go-dong is not around, Tae-ik must pause his careful refilling of sample bottles to open the gate in the front. Boy are they in for a nasty surprise when they see each other.

Tae-ik thinks she must be a crazy stalker, or one of those evil fans who cares only about their own gains. He locks the gate on her, and she throws the package right at his shoulder. He ruined her life already, and she’s not letting him get away with it. From inside the home (which is quite a ways away), Kang-hwi can hear them arguing, and slowly, he wonders if Tae-ik is somehow involved with Man-ok…

Man-ok is so angry that Tae-ik essentially took away her one means of living by shutting down her website. Was he so cruel as to take away such a measly salary that is her whole life, just because he earns millions by looking pretty?! Tae-ik is likewise angry that she essentially “stole” his image, which is his only source of income as well, but he does seem to be affected when she accuses him of being miserly and acting all poor if he lives in such a mansion. ‘Cause, yunno, it’s kinda true…

He stalks off, and Man-ok returns home to nothing but soju and the remainder of her clothes and accessories. She looks at all of them; they’re all vintage pieces that could now go for a lot of money. But Man-ok can’t bear to sell them, as they belonged to her loving but deceased parents who used to let her play dress-up with them. (Ah… so the lady who took her to the gymnasium all those years ago was not her mother, but probably a distant relative.)

Someone knocks on the door, and Man-ok is surprised to find Kang-hwi standing on her front steps. She wonders if she’s drunk, and can’t believe that a superstar like him would be coming to her place so late at night without any bodyguards. (Me neither.) She turns to close the door but he grabs her wrist.

Next thing we know, she’s flipped Kang-hwi over her shoulder and slammed him on the ground. Only then does she realize that she wasn’t hallucinating, and quickly brings him inside to give him a cold compress. She hopes he’ll wake up without injuries, as she can’t really afford to be sued over this and pay his hospital fees.

Kang-hwi luckily comes to, and he introduces himself as ‘Na Nim.’ Man-ok is so surprised and thrilled to find out that her pieces are being worn by a star, and she recognizes the shirt that he’s wearing from her collection.

Turns out, hours before, he had gone to the site to check on his order but found it closed down. Kang-hwi quickly figured out that Tae-ik must have sued Man-ok’s Closet over the photo and closed her site down. Then, he overhears the fight Man-ok and Tae-ik have at the gate, and puts two and two together – Jang Man-ok must be the owner of Man-ok’s Closet. So he came to apologize to her because her site’s shutdown was his fault; if only he never showed it to Tae-ik.

Man-ok likewise apologizes for flipping him over, and hopes he won’t sue her for injuries. Kang-hwi says it’s nothing to sue over (even though he’s a bit sore), and already I’m loving his sweetness. In the hope of saving her from poverty, he offers to purchase everything she has at double the price. But Man-ok can’t – they belong to her deceased parents.

At least Kang-hwi has the grace to back off from sentimental pieces. But he notices her laced capelet over her track suit and wonders if she designs everything herself. Her pieces clearly show she’s talented – so perhaps she’d like to be Take One’s stylist?

Man-ok is flattered by the offer, but she can’t do it if she’s going to have to work with that jerk Tae-ik. Kang-hwi’s okay with that (since it’s not like she’s rejecting the job offer because she hates him), and he has a plan for how to get her in as the stylist without Tae-ik’s knowledge.

Tae-ik comes out of his room and walks into a frightful creature dressed head to toe in a black cape with a veil. Yep – I’d have thought my maker was coming to get me… And slowly, the figure turns around, and we see the eyes: it’s Man-ok.

So this is the fashionista’s plan?


I find it insane that the self-proclaimed fashionista decides to disguise Man-ok by covering her up head to toe rather than be honest and manipulate Tae-ik into agreeing to having Man-ok as a stylist. Or maybe this is all part of the plan. Kang-hwi’s sweetness towards Man-ok has me falling pretty hard for him, and it doesn’t help that he has such a cute, welcoming smile. I mean, what’s not to like about him? He’s competitive in his rivalry against Tae-ik, but he doesn’t go to extreme lengths to beat him. He just… acts naturally superior. Heh.

These two episodes (one episode?) pretty much give us the setup for why Man-ok must join Take One, and while it’s quite unbelievable that she has so many things lobbed at her at once, I guess the only way to make it happen is to hit rock bottom. I’m thankful that it happens sooner than later though, and getting the story in half-hour chunks helps with the pacing.

The one thing I do appreciate is how they’re trying to give Tae-ik a bit more depth with his character. He’s pretty much in the same boat as Man-ok in that he’s poor as well. He makes money, but it’s pretty much payment to Lee Joon to keep the house (and who knows what else). I don’t know if the actor is making me sympathize with him very much just yet, but I have to give credit that almost every time we’re introduced to Tae-ik at home, where he is the most himself, he’s usually dealing with his financial situation. He’s either tabulating his receipts or he’s collecting his samples into one container without missing a single drop. Poor guy. If only he could fix his haughty personality towards Kang-hwi. *Ahem* I mean, Kang-hwi and Man-ok.


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  1. Emily J

    I must admit I am watching this ONLY for Park Ki-woong!

    • 1.1 karened

      Same here.

      Though Noh Min Woo is eye candy too….But I am totally suffering from second lead syndrome! His character is too cute and nice…it’s like Shinwoo and Jeremy (of You’re Beautiful) put together into one potent mixture. T.T

  2. MJP

    I agree with you on the second lead syndrome. I like his character better.

    • 2.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      It’s an exact opposite of his character in Gaksital. I’m falling for the second lead now!

      • 2.1.1 ilikehim

        Omg lol. They do look eerily alike.

      • 2.1.2 redfox

        It is like Shunji bleached his hair and got his brain burned in doing so, and acquired an alter ego 180 degrees off his original self. Not that I am complaining.

    • 2.2 Steamy Bun

      I have second lead syndrome and I’m not even watching the show!! 😛
      I used to wonder why people would follow recaps when they weren’t watching the show, but I finally understand. I’m intrigued by Full House Take 2 but definitely not enough to actually watch it. Maybe someone will make a Park ki Woong compilation for me lol.

  3. rawr89

    what is wrong with her face in that first picture?

    she’s gotten surgery, no doubt. just compare her face now and her face before.

    • 3.1 tika

      I think she went to baek ji young’s doctor coz they look similar now,,

      • 3.1.1 iatetoomuch

        I don’t care about the face. It’s that mushroom bowl hair that boggles me. 2 consecutive dramas with that hair. this is not fair for the actress, but I don’t think I can scrub off these images from my head. This is what you get when you marry an ahjumma with a bowl.

    • 3.2 crysalide

      She did say that she did surgery on her nose previously but had removed the silicone coz it makes her nose ugly. So now she is plastic free. If u wanna see her current face, watch Golden Time coz that drama is her latest work and she looks the same.

  4. Shae

    Me too! And the so called best friend of man ok s is terrifying

    • 4.1 jabberwocky

      maybe that is the recurring theme from the original full house : a terrifying friend of the female lead. LOL.

  5. Mystisith

    Not fair! I have to defend No Min-woo against biased recappers and commenters!
    Men nice at first sight are always suspicious! Me prefer the jerks with a tender heart hidden behind hurtful words (and awful haircuts).
    PS: I said I would apologize if the show was better than expected. It’s the case. Not “oh my god extra good” but sure entertaining in a twisted way. so: “Sorry, sorry, sorry”.

    • 5.1 orangegummy

      Haha nice way to put it. I agree, men aren’t usually nice and if they are there’s likely a hidden agenda.
      But yeah I’m definitely having 2nd lead syndrome. Kang Hwi is such a sweetie. I really hope he doesn’t have anything to be suspicious about.

    • 5.2 zsa

      In the later eps, I actually find Kang Hwi’s character irritating at times…which is different from how i felt when i first saw him…and I agree that Tae ik was hateful at the beginning, but it’s endearing to see him being so challenged at trying to act decent…I love both of them so I hope the characters will be balanced out…

    • 5.3 JoAnne

      I have to side with Mysti on this (plus he’s just purty purty purty, that No Min Woo).

      Tae Ik is prickly and stubborn and proud but it’s clearly a defensive measure and we can tell already that SOMETHING happened to him, and he’s got at least some reason to keep people at arm’s length and protect himself. At least part of the reason he’s so fussy about everything is because he can’t AFFORD anything and he’s too proud to admit it, so instead he pretends it’s not good enough and he doesn’t want it.

      We’ve seen him have decent impulses and then get sidetracked by pride or self-protective measures. Last night in particular he had every intention of doing the right thing with Man Ok but when she and Kang Hwi assumed the worst he got completely sidetracked. You could see it in his face, the thought ‘wait, how the hell did it go like this, this wasn’t what I intended’. Like his FH hyung, My Beloved, Rain, Tae Ik is emotionally immature and very guarded. But I like him.

      Yes, I like Park Ki-Woong too. Kwang Hwi is adorable and I don’t think he’s got any ulterior motives, but there was a minute in Ep 8 last night that kinda puzzled me.

  6. Viki

    I love Park Ki Woong in this drama! He’s acting is so versatile! ahhh, if only the 2nd lead gets the girl…

  7. ck1Oz

    Episode 2 was a hoot.Personally have not watched many of the male leads shows or movies.Did they do movies?Anyway,they are entertaining.However Kang Hwi is making more of an impression and yeah,he’s way more likable here.
    On a side note what is with all the surgery comments whenever the actress is on.Don’t people get tired of it?I care more of the plot,acting and if the drama is good.And of course the abs and kissing.There are MORE interesting things you know than opinions about surgery in Full House.Like the hair!!!Or how they keep showing Tae Ik’s abs in every episode so far.

    • 7.1 Mystisith

      Tae Ik abs! Nom, nom, nom. And I’m ready for the kisses, you can be sure!
      Question: Is it supposed to be 20 eps of 1 h divided in 2 parts or 20 X 30 mins?

      • 7.1.1 maxzzr

        It’s going to be 32 (half hour) episodes ,so basically 16 full episodes which k drama standard

    • 7.2 Miss D

      No Min-Woo (Tae-ik) was in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! As the second lead, he played a broody yet oh so attractive character. You should definitely watch if aft seeing him in this one!!!

      • 7.2.1 ck1Oz

        Oh yeah, he was forgettable right?
        I am going to be killed saying this here but not a LSG fan so fast fw a lot of MGiaG.

        * running away now *

        • JoAnne

          *whips an egg at CK’s head.*

        • Myuu

          Apparently, he wasn’t. Many actually remembered him.

        • jomo

          I stopped at 5, and that was really hard to get to.

    • 7.3 jomo

      Who are you people and what have you done to my plans of not watching this?

      Do I have to cave and watch with you all?!!

      • 7.3.1 Mystisith

        I threw my pride and prejudices by the window with this show. So regressive and nonsensical than it’s good.

      • 7.3.2 JoAnne

        you should be on this bandwagon with us – this is good stuff

      • 7.3.3 ella zala

        Seriously. I swore months ago I will not watch it.

        I did. marathoned all 4 eps yesterday…and…

        I ACTUALLY LIKE it!


  8. saranga

    i’m absolutely loving this show. i wonder why it couldn’t find a broadcaster? it stands up perfectly well on its own i think, and it’s the perfect light comedy to carry me through this abominable weather we’ve been having. it really might have fared better under a different title. what’s the point of calling something a “sequel” when it has nothing to do with the original?

    i suppose there are a few parallels—top star vs. ordinary girl, the lead trying to recover lost property (in this case, it seems like noh min-woo has no money because he’s trying to recover his family’s property, which is in the hands of his CEO).

    but i have to say, i really HATE having the episodes split up into two parts…

  9. maxzzr

    Thank you for the recap, I’m enjoying this show. It is giving me something light in the midst of my heartbreaks : faith is finished ( sniff sniff), nice guy is nerve wrecking and I think I miss you will be the end of me.

  10. 10 Miss D

    His. Smile. Is. So. Attractive.

    The very first line of your recap had me agreeing “uhu” cause Kang-hwi is just so darn adorable. He has the street smarts to walk around China by himself, is super nice to everyone and he has a killer smile, with cute little dimples and all…how could we possibly not have second lead syndrome?

    Admittedly, I started watching this drama mostly for No Min-woo because I loved him in “My gf is a gumiho.” He definitely had the whole tall-dark-and-handsome thing going for him. He is (sooooo) broody in this drama also BUT the hair! Who decided that giving him an orange mop hairdo with a middle part would work? Cause his hair almost looks like the main actresses.

    His acting is fantastic though because his character is so over the top (hahaha to the screen shots of him screaming cause he looks like such a drama queen).

    Either way, I’m happy with the two pretty male leads.

  11. 11 HK

    I seriously dont get why Man-ok have that hideous hairstyle. Why can’t she look pretty? I know this Full House is not meant to be related to the first one but at least in the first one everyone had normal hairstyles!! It really puts me off that Man-ok looks like an ajumma.

    • 11.1 sally_b

      “It really puts me off that Man-ok looks like an ajumma.”

      pffft. both of us. actually I think she looks like a Halmoni….just spray some grey hair-color on and …BOOM…instant 70 year old. (The stylist should be tarred & feathered….hahaha!)

  12. 12 NikaNika

    Oh my God, this show is too adorable and hilarious (intentionally and unintentionally!). And Park Ki-woong is too cute; I’ve never watched Gaksital, but he’s so lovable here. I want Kang-hwi to get the girl!

  13. 13 VINNYBLUE

    one thing that I love about this show is that sometimes Kang Hwi is not a pure sweetie like an usual 2nd male lead, he’s quite annoying too, esp. to TI in FanMeeting event -oops, need to wait until episode 3 recap lol- and PKW is just successfully making both side of his character, sometimes I want to slap his face for his annoying attitude but at the same time I love his sweetie side and cute smile XD hahaha *sigh*
    NMW is doing right for his part, I can see that his character is getting more likeable.^^

  14. 14 Mari

    I love this show… I actually have been watching the raw post ( which I understand about 10% of it) then watching it again the next morning once its been sub. Oh… I grew up watching Novelas (Spanish soaps) soo I have always suffer from second lead syndrome..

  15. 15 kirst3n

    Holy. Really, really, REALLY excited for this. January, come soon!

    • 15.1 kirst3n

      OMG, this reply was supposed to be in a different thread. *face palm*. 😀 This drama is surprisingly not bad! When I first saw the stills, I promised myself not to watch this but nope, that didn’t happen. Once you get over the horrible hair, its actuallya fun watch! Too early in the run to say that this is a good drama but enjoying this so far. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t go downhill.

  16. 16 rainbow

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

  17. 17 sally_b

    Thanks, kaedejun for recapping ~❤

    I have followed No Min Woo on twitter for some time now (after Gumiho)…because , well….damn, he’s got sumthin’ that makes me keep wanting to LOOK.

    ….which is pretty odd for me since my taste runs to HE-MEN with solid thighs and Man-face….none of which Min Woo has…..but he *draws* me anyway.

    In any case….for several months now he’s been tweeting BTS pics of his hideous fried-Ajumma-Do and (in my opinion) slightly-too-thin body —- so I’m not shell-shocked by his appearance in Full House 2…

    However! I am surprised by how funny and cute I think the show is. I had expected to have to turn my face aside and wince (painfully) at the presentation/lack of oomph. But — I consider it, so far, like a cupcake- both pleasing to the eye and palette. sugary…YES!! but tasty…for sure. 😉

    • 17.1 cutieblue

      Lol, I feel the exact same way about Noh Min Woo and this drama 🙂

  18. 18 Layla

    The “fashionista” is wearing a niqab. It’s a religious wear where woman wear by choice. Just letting you know 😉

  19. 19 Lupita311

    Thanks for the recaps I really enjoy them but I got to say this drama is horrible, sorry if you like it this is my personal and only personal opinion, I stayed with it 6 episodes and I gave it a try, I starting reading the recaps to get some sense into so much mess and no, it is bye, bye full house take 2 for me. The styles are God awful, The acting is as horrible as the styles, I tried to sympathize with all of the characters but their pasty face doesn’t do it for me. That girl has to sue several people one her plastic surgeon he ruined her face and the person that decided her wardrobe for the drama and then she has to sue her hair stylist, who says that is an ajumma hair, seriously if there are people or women of any age walking around with that spider over their heads we need to yank them off the streets and give them all makeovers. Sorry but not even second lead syndrome for me, this thing is ridiculous, the blond guy whom I loved in other dramas including bridal mask and love marriage makes me cringe, come on the kiss was just an attempt to keep the viewers that find that type of thing hot, shameless attempt I might say, he had to kiss him to save him so it was cpr, and No min Woo acting like a diva with feminine mannerisms, no I really hate it I wouldn’t fall for a guy like that because I know that he is not interested in women. Sorry but I don’t know why people say it is funny, maybe because I saw 6 episodes already or maybe because I lack the patience for awful writing.

  20. 20 missjb

    I’m glad u still have a park ki woong bias in you, kaedejun, haha

    I have read “the musical” recap and couldn’t stop smiling the whole time when read it. Kwkkwkw

    I looove NMW in here, too
    He is suprisingly very funny and his character is awsome too.
    I just has a soft spot for funny leading man who make me laugh out loud in a romcom genre, because sometimes there are so many romcom leading man that is supposed to be funny, but often They failed to bring me laughter. kekeke

    And Kang Hwi! I loveeee when he is being a jerk and pissed off TI rather than being a sweety though, lol
    But i love his cuteness and off course his sweetness kkekkee

    I need lightheart show at the moment after watching so many sad drama as of late lol.

  21. 21 ~Feather~

    So these recaps will continue? Yay! 😀
    I’ve finished the latest episode (I kinda marathoned everything in a 2-day span (>////<))so I won't say any spoilers. I'm getting serious You're Beautiful vibes from this drama. I mean, Man Ok isn't as dim (sometimes) as Go Minam and the leads for both dramas are very similar as well. They have the same (attempted) smirk.
    Anywho, I really like this drama, and I'm actually getting withdrawal symptoms already! I really hope that the drama just gets better from now on.

  22. 22 Anya

    i just started watching this drama and boy was it a good thing! After Arang and Faith finish I’ve been scouring for new dramas that I even read all the years previews here in DB. Nice guy was to angsty for me.Thanks gummimochi, I read your first recap last week and this week I saw the second ep recap, does it mean you will recap this drama to the end. I hope so!
    Love this drama now, lighthearted , comedy and yes i’m in the same boat with the . May the secod lead get the girl, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee……………

  23. 23 Barbarella

    thanks kaedejun

    I think the hairsdressers employed are going around with the same haircut in all KDRAMAS now !!

    Can’t they employ JAPANESE hairdressers for a change ?.

    too expensive eh !.

  24. 24 iamyournoona

    The ahjumma hair style that both leads are wearing is distracting me so much I can’t finish an episode!

    • 24.1 redwhite

      agree so much. the hair style is a BIG NO. oh man.

  25. 25 pan2cute

    I really enjoy this drama!
    I mean it..! NMW, HJE, and PKW did a great job for me
    their comical acting was awesome and funny..
    maybe some people don’t enjoy these kind of story but for me it was amazing! fun and lovely
    I love NMW diva style, not his hair-do but his jerk-but tender and his funny financial situation!
    as for man-ok, she’s good but I can’t find something that make me really think her acting was awesome!
    i mean she’s good but not awesome!
    I hope their hair do will change!!! *pray*
    as for PKW, I’m good with his blond hair!
    I like it~ he suit it!! no need to change~
    a lil’ bit refresh after watching him in BM with split hair do~~

  26. 26 jane

    excuse me for my language but why the hell is she wearing a burka? to hide her identity.. sheesh i hate the two leads honest to truthfulness awful freaking hairstyle.. its like hearing metal being scratched.. but im watching this for park ki wong.. i definitely have love-hate relationship with shunji but this alter-ego of his made me want to watch the show. apart from how hilarious the premise is

  27. 27 piggy68gal

    I am currently watching bits and pieces of this drama on Viki’s YouTube channel…and I am loving Park Ki Woong so much! His character is so sweet and funny. And so lovable!!! I don’t know why, but No Min Woo’s character just puts me off. And his hair is not helping too. Same goes for the female lead’s hair; she needs to get that crazy mob of hair off her soon. Other than that she is pretty okay to me. I am not treating this drama too seriously, now I just watch for PKW’s parts. It is like a short relaxation session for me.

  28. 28 firsttimenewbie

    Same here – Park ki-woong can do no wrong in my eyes.

    This is not going to end well for me, as I have a tendency for Second Lead Syndrome anyways.

  29. 29 Lilian

    First time watching Park Ki Woong! Liking him so far. Also started watching this coz of Noh Min Woo and just to see how it differs from Full House.

  30. 30 dany

    This show is fun, I have to admit that is good for me to watch this after working so hard all day, I am even glad it’s divided like that- into 4 smaller episodes every week.

  31. 31 Lila

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  32. 32 Augie

    Gawdd, the hair! Even I can not forgive Song Hye Kyo with a hair like ajumma! It is just awfull!! the production team need to hire new stylist to change the freaking hairdo for the main leads, jeez.

    Plotwise, havent watch the drama yet, but the whole takwondo thingy, kinda remind me of Coffee Prince girl lead.

    I dont expect much from this show, I loved the first full house, but this one? even the first posters where the main leads were in a hole gave me cringe, wth? For now, I might just hang arround DB and read the recaps.

    • 32.1 Lila

      That’s not Song Hye Kyo, that’s Hwang Jung Eum

  33. 33 Jackie

    “Tae-ik comes out of his room and walks into a frightful creature dressed head to toe in a black cape with a veil. Yep – I’d have thought my maker was coming to get me…” Really kaedejun?? REALLY? Have you never seen a niqabi before? What’s so scary about a woman covering herself up? We see the reverse often enough! The fact that you describe someone attired in such a manner as ‘frightful’ is extremely worrying, not to mention offensive, no matter the context. You could have just said that Tae-ik was startled by the unknown figure, or that he got a fright when he saw her rather than saying she herself was frightful. His surprise stems from the fact that a) she’s an unfamiliar figure, b) he didn’t expect to see her there in his house, and c) he can’t actually see her face so he has no idea who she is. There’s also the fact that there aren’t many niqabis in Korea, so naturally he’d be taken aback when he saw one in his own house. Please consider your words carefully next time – that is, unless you wish to continue sounding ignorant and intolerant.

  34. 34 MelMax

    Thanks for the recap… this is truly a funny kdrama… Love the impish Park Ki Woong’s Kang Hwi–just love how he plays around with No Min Woo’s Tae Ik… It’s truly a huge laugh riot, hope the recapping continues.. this is so much fun.. sorry haters but you guys are truly missing out on something fun!!! Hwang Jung Eum is versatile, just as our Park Ki Woong is–a villain, a loveable character, I’m loving their “choreo” when they perform on stage.. I’d like to see full performance by both PKW & NMW…

    I believe the best in watching this drama is just take it with a grain of salt.. it’s truly fun, enjoyable… hope to see the next recap soon– thanks Kaedejun,

  35. 35 owl

    Very Abercrombie and Fitch. I’m liking this silly romcom with quirky mix among the 3 leads. NMW hot on the thin long side.

  36. 36 rainaraina

    was so happy and waiting for this drama but then when I see their hairstyle I can only says : ewww , sorry no offense but I so hate thier haistyle , all of them male and female lead .

  37. 37 Angelitocurioso

    Is not the first time I’m suffering of second lead syndrome, but this time, Kang-Hwi is so cute, fluffy and sweet it is dangerous….DANGEROUS!!!!!

  38. 38 wormsoup

    Kaedejun, I love you for always recapping the lesser known shows that I’m interested in! 🙂 it’s natural to develop a second lead syndrome where park ki woong is in the show, no? I had it bad in The Musical and here it starts again. Lol.

  39. 39 nokke

    her lacy tracksuit is actually disgusting… couldn’t they make her fashion sence more believable? and her perm… brrr…

  40. 40 Seri

    Maybe you shouldn’t describe clothes worn by a certain religious group like you did in the end there. It’s offensive.

  41. 41 Abbie

    So far, I like Kang-hwi the best. Probably because Park Ki-woong plays him so adorably. Tae-ik and Man-ok seriously need new hairstyles. Man-ok’s hair is just really ridiculous. I can’t take either of them seriously.

    So far, it’s cute, but I’m not sold on it, yet.

  42. 42 Silver

    Does anyone know the song that plays after Man Ok speaks to her grandpa.

    The official OST hasn’t been released yet and its killing me. I really lurvv that song. So does anyone know the song?

  43. 43 Cheryl

    The Little Orphan Annie hair needs to go. PKW is doing weird things to my insides and killing me with his smile.

  44. 44 aoi


  45. 45 Just saying

    I found it offensive and racist for you to describe Man-ok transformation as “a frightful creature dressed head to toe in a black cape with a veil. Yep – I’d have thought my maker was coming to get me…”. Seriously dramabeans, what’s up with the offensive remarks. Some people in the other part of the world do dress up like this, and should we call them “frightful creature”? Please open up your mind and travel elsewhere, don’t just stuck in your country, coz such remarks makes u sounds pathetic. Dressing up with a tank top and a short pants doesn’t makes u a slut, so wearing a cape with a veil doesn’t makes u a frightful creature.

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