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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 416
by | December 15, 2012 | 66 Comments

EPISODE 416. Broadcast on December 9, 2012.

javabeans: We come back to the tiny island village where the cast (and special guests) have just put on a concert for the locals. Now it’s time to assign sleeping rights… which should be interesting since it’s windy and wet out, with muddy puddles everywhere. For our entertainment’s sake, I hope we get a bunch of guys stuck out in the rain. For our guests’ sake, I hope Hee-yeol doesn’t die.

girlfriday: They naturally complain, and Bird PD argues that the guests have to have the full 1N2D experience. Sang: “What have I not experienced at this age?”

javabeans: I love that. He adds, “What MORE do you want me to experience?!” as if saying, How could you make me suffer more after everything I’ve been through, you horrible horrible man? Bird PD says that the outdoor sleeping locale is where they performed, and Su-geun deadpans, “You mean that place you urged us to hurry away from because the rain was coming down so hard?”

girlfriday: Oh my. That looks rough, even for this show. But their cries fall on deaf ears, and Bird PD says they’ll split up into two teams to play three rounds of survival games. Seung-woo and Sang are the two team captains, and before they get to the picking, Seung-woo gives some helpful tips: “If Shi-kyung and Su-geun are on one team, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll win. When Tae-woong, Tae-hyun, and I are on the same team… we’ve never won once.”

javabeans: Heh. So the team captains rock-scissors-paper to pick their first teammates. Sang wins and picks Su-geun, and Seung-woo takes Shi-kyung. Just as he’d advised. Cute, and then Sang picks Joo-won next, saying that he got all excited when he first saw him (using the word you’d use to mean somebody gave you butterflies in your stomach).

girlfriday: That’s so cute. Why is Sang so adorable? The captions also point out that Sang is Class of ‘87, while Joo-won was born in ‘87. Ha.

javabeans: It’s so cute that Shi-kyung suggests that they make sure Tae-hyun gets to sleep inside, since he’s working so hard to film his drama these days. But the problem is, as Su-geun points out, that they might pick him and then lose, which would defeat the whole purpose. Tae-hyun goes onto team Seung-woo… which doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in me, even if they’ve got Shi-kyung to balance out the Cannots.

girlfriday: And then he even suggests that they bring Tae-woong on to break their curse. But…

javabeans: …or, there’s that other option.

girlfriday: Jong-min gets picked on Team Sang, so then it’s Jong-shin and Hee-yeol left as the last two, which Jong-shin takes issue with. Shi-kyung worries that Hee-yeol might actually get injured playing the physical games, but Sang gets the first pick and chooses Jong-shin.

javabeans: The first game turns out to be addition relay, and they do a practice round. Which results in a hilarious sequence of terrible math. Omg. They’re even worse than they’ve been in the past. (9 + 6 = 13! 3 + 9 = 9!) Are they worse than us? How is that possible?

girlfriday: Ha. Well… they are older. Maybe at that age we’ll be that bad too?

javabeans: HA, Hee-yeol is the first to go in the real round, gets it wrong, and immediately heads to the corner to hold his hands up in punishment.

girlfriday: The caption: “Seoul University graduate, genius songwriter.” LOL.

javabeans: I think this game actually hinges more on getting used to the rhythm than knowing math, because our guys are pretty good at this point, but Sang gets out next after tripping on the answer. Hee-yeol is particularly excited about this. And then, hilariously, Sang just automatically goes to his side and assumes the kneeling position to mirror Hee-yeol, even though it’s totally not part of the bit. Is he modeling his behavior, or is this just an automatic response to this kind of academic failure?

girlfriday: It’s certainly a grade-school response to a grade-school challenge. Tae-woong is out next (no surprise), and then both Jong-min and Joo-won lose because they fail to throw out a question properly after their turns. And then… Su-geun: “1 + 3 = 5!” Oh no.

javabeans: Seung-woo’s team does a little victory huddle-twirl, and Tae-hyun’s giggle is infectious.

girlfriday: So now Jong-shin is the only contender on Team Sang, but dude, he’s good. He manages to knock everyone out, until it’s just down to Shi-kyung.

javabeans: There’s this frantic desperation in his mien that cracks me up, like he’s barely hanging in there. He says his brain is buzzing in calculations and there’s a whole cloud of Matrix-y numbers that gets CG’ed over his head.

girlfriday: But Shi-kyung beats him in the end, and then… Hee-yeol jumps into Shi-kyung’s arms, and they do this hilarious spinning hug. So cute.

javabeans: I think it’s the scoring of the moment with Hee-yeol’s song that just puts the cherry on top, you know? It’s like the kind of song you’d play in a triumphant finale romantic moment. And then, Round 2 is announced. BUTT WRESTLING. Yes.

girlfriday: This oughtta be good. There’s a bit of strategy this time, because each team has to stick to an order of players, so they can’t predict whose butt goes up against whose.

javabeans: Tae-hyun’s butt prevails first, sending Sang tumbling and then taking on Jong-min. Ha, theirs is more like a sound-effect battle than anything else, like they’re trying to psych each other out. It’s a double-K.O., but Jong-min’s toes managed to hang on just a split-second longer than Tae-hyun’s, so he wins.

girlfriday: And then it’s finally Hee-yeol’s turn to go up against Jong-min.

javabeans: “You could knock him over with a fart!” Ha. Why does Hee-yeol look like he’s doing kung fu with his butt? It’s strangely really hypnotic. He’s all wound up and badass about it (badum-ching!).

girlfriday: What… is he doing with his arms??

javabeans: The caption reads: “Art of Manseh fighting.” Like he’s raising a rallying cry every time he butt-attacks. And it works, ‘cause he totally wins.

girlfriday: I can’t believe it.

javabeans: Neither can anybody else. They’re all amazed at how “sharp” his movements are, like precision strikes. Then Hee-yeol does some practice moves to pump himself up, only… he looks like he’s humping the bookcase.

girlfriday: Hahahaha. Omg he’s cracking me up. His next challenger is Joo-won. Uh, kung-fu butt or not, I don’t think he’ll survive this round.

javabeans: He lasts all of two seconds. Joo-won’s got such a long body that he doesn’t even have to bend that much to send Hee-yeol flying. He dispatches Tae-woong, too, and then it’s the one we’ve all been waiting for: Seung-woo.

girlfriday: Hee, the caption: “Butt of Legend.” The editors are cracking me up today.

javabeans: I don’t even know why Seung-woo is so hilarious, but he just is. He’s like… the equivalent of a monkey in the boxing ring. Just dancing around you, mocking you with his agility. With his butt.

girlfriday: He has this way of making every movement stick, on point, like a dancer. In the body of an ajusshi.

javabeans: Seung-woo’s hilarious even when he loses, like he does this round, and then it’s Shi-kyung versus Joo-won. I’d say they’re evenly matched, both strong and tall, so this one’s anyone’s game. Sang takes on the role of strategy coach, and is actually keeping a really sharp eye and telling Joo-won when to strike. It’s hilarious.

girlfriday: Yeah he’s freaking adorable. So Joo-won ties up the overall score, and it’s down to the last game: a trivia quiz. Uh-oh. But who knows, maybe the guests will actually make up for the boys?

javabeans: It may end up being a total crap shoot, because the first question is about the cartoon character Dooly. So not exactly Jeopardy here.

girlfriday: So Hee-yeol gets that one, and then Sang gets the next question right, but all I notice is the change in Hee-yeol’s expression, like he’s suddenly shooting laser beams out of his eyes.

javabeans: Caption: “CANNOT HANDLE.”

girlfriday: He and Shi-kyung seem more and more alike. He does manage to beat Sang in the end, and rushes into his team’s arms like he just won a marathon.

javabeans: So next it’s Hee-yeol versus Joo-won, and Jong-min fills in their guests on what we know: That this is a throwaway round. Joo-won admits that it’s true, and after he gets a question wrong he pouts at Bird, “Why don’t you even buzz me out?!” As in, we all just assumed he was wrong, and that hurt his feelings. At least give him the courtesy of pretending he could’ve been right!

girlfriday: That was worth it, just for the pout. Haha, this time, when Hee-yeol beats Joo-won, he runs to his team and then gives the other team this what-can-I-do-if-I’m-just-a-genius shrug.

javabeans: That look is awesome. So mocking, so true. Next is Jong-min, and he jokes that he’s a… how do you say this… “Ivy League Killer” is the equivalent. Cut to: Shi-kyung (Korea) and Bird (Yonsei), both of whom he beat in various games. Will Seoul be next?

girlfriday: Hee. Suddenly the name of his school is on the line, and against Jong-min of all people.

javabeans: They’re all saying how Hee-yeol is in a perfect game mode, but Tae-hyun points out that if they lose Hee-yeol, the rest of them will crumble fast. Ha. LOL at the first question, which only gets to “France’s Sun King…” before Hee-yeol jumps in to yell Louis the Fifteenth (it’s 14th), and Jong-min is super confused since he doesn’t even know what the question is but he just blurts, “Louis Sixteen!” Then he tacks on for good measure, “Louis Fourteenth too!” Pwahaha. (Then it turns out that France’s Sun King was just the subject of the sentence.)

girlfriday: Hee-yeol gets that question, but then the next is about a cartoon, so Jong-min jumps on that, and makes sure to flaunt it in Hee-yeol’s face. Again. And again. Tae-hyun: “Hyung! If you lose to him, you have to bring your diploma in next week!”

javabeans: Of course the next question is about Starcraft, and Hee-yeol just has this “Fuuuuuck” look on his face. Jong-min gets it, and keeps up his rep as the Ivy League Killer. As predicted, the rest of the game passes quickly (or is edited quickly), with both teams moving through players until we come to Jong-shin, the hidden trivia king. It turns into a round of the two aces, with Jong-shin going up against Tae-woong. If Jong-shin loses, his team’s sleeping outside.

girlfriday: What would this team have done without Jong-shin?

javabeans: Lost real fast? Tae-woong gets the first answer right and gets kisses from Hee-yeol. Ha.

girlfriday: Jong-shin ties the game, and then it’s down to the final question.

javabeans: Okay, I love the peanut gallery chorus, which sings about how they want to sleep indoors, as sung by Lee Su-geun and the Blankets. Kekeke.

girlfriday: But it’s Tae-woong who wins it in the end, leaving Su-geun’s team stunned and speechless.

javabeans: Wow, I think this was the most exciting trivia quiz we’ve seen yet.

girlfriday: Must be because the punishment is so extreme. *shivers at the thought* Lordy, as the boys trudge through the mud, Bird PD says their first outdoor sleeping location got flooded, so they had to find a second one.

javabeans: They enter the tent, and find five sleeping bags spread out on rows of chairs to keep them off the ground. I mean, I guess it’s better than the ground? But man, that’s harsh. Reminds me of college days. Ow my aching back.

girlfriday: So then they go to sleep like that, but the storm gets worse in the middle of the night. Soon the whole tent is shaking and threatening to fall right on top of them.

javabeans: Wow. These are refugee conditions. At least it gets the producers to move them indoors, and they quietly move to a spare area, passing by the indoor sleepers who are totally out and comfy.

girlfriday: Dude, they have to sleep in the hallway? Well I guess it beats the rain.

javabeans: Does the school only have one classroom?

girlfriday: Maybe. Or the other one’s filled with staff.

javabeans: Morning rolls around, and the guys look like death. Well, more like death than usual. At least it seems like they won’t have to go through some elaborate race or mission for breakfast, though they do have to endure the 50-50 odds of drinking bitter tea.

girlfriday: Hee-yeol is ridiculously lucky all trip long. He wins breakfast, along with Tae-hyun, Tae-woong, Jong-min, and Joo-won. The other guys watch with pathetic faces. After breakfast they start their tour of the island, and Bird PD stops them for their first game, to pick two people who get to go home. Off the island?

javabeans: They do the game where on the count of three, they have to either stand or sit, eliminating members till you’ve got the winner. I love that Su-geun pauses the game to gather his thoughts—as in, strategize—and warns everyone not to try anything, and they’re all, “Dude you’re the one who does that most!” Then he loses… because they all planned behind his back, using nothing more than shifty eyes. Hee.

girlfriday: What’s even better is that he started it (of course), and all Tae-woong had to do was signal everyone else to do the opposite of Su-geun’s plan. His own shiftiness backfired.

javabeans: Aw, I love that Tae-woong and Jong-shin are the last two remaining, and therefore get to go home. Tae-woong’s always gotten stuck behind on these challenges, and Jong-shin’s had a rough two days. Jong-shin uses his final comments to give the viewers an encouraging message that also sounds really depressing: If stuff gets you down and you’re hurting, at least don’t die, because one day you’ll be able to recover.

girlfriday: Pffft, after all that, Bird PD’s like um… actually… the boat you were supposed to be on left already…

javabeans: They all die laughing, because now they have to wait another hour and a half for the next one. Jong-shin amends his statement to say that if you keep failing, then okay, go ahead and give up.

girlfriday: Ha.

javabeans: Tae-hyun somehow picks up a kid along the way, which is so random and yet also exactly what you’d expect of him. He’s one of the boys from the concert the night before, and Tae-hyun takes to him like he’s his own kid or something.

girlfriday: I know, he has this way of making friends with little kids everywhere they go. Then it’s back on the bus to the next location, and Jong-shin starts to complain that they can’t film him anymore because he’s been excused. Bird PD hands him a little juice box and he agrees to be bought for ten more minutes of air time. Hee.

javabeans: Over to the beach, where the next game will determine the next four guys to go home. It’s the elephant nose of dizziness, after which they have to (HA) kick in a goal to the soccer net.

girlfriday: So both the kicker and the goalie have to spin? I’m not even sure which job is worse.

javabeans: They split into teams, and Hee-yeol (the goalie) falls even before he’s done spinning and crawls over to the goal. Shi-kyung (the kicker) falls as soon as he’s done spinning. They’re both lurching around, like seasick turtles flipped on their shells. This is the saddest game of soccer ever. Hee-yeol can’t even tell whether he’s blocked the ball or missed it.

girlfriday: HAHAHAHA. Sang vs. Hee-yeol is the funniest thing ever. So then the same two players have to switch positions and play again (so dizzy), and Hee-yeol actually manages to score through Sang’s arms and legs.

javabeans: One thing you can say about Jong-min: He sure doesn’t do things by half-measures. He spins against Joo-won, and as goalie his instinct is to protect the net, so he DIIIIIVES for it while totally dizzy, and basically belly-flops for the sand. Ouch. And then Joo-won just kicks it over him, lol.

girlfriday: It’s this great slo-mo last-second move… made way too soon. Ha. So Sang, Joo-won, Su-geun, and Shi-kyung get to join the guys going home early, and Hee-yeol can’t accept it. “You’re really leaving?”

javabeans: Thing is, Tae-hyun (on the losing team) asked his little buddy what time the last boat left, and heard it was past 4pm. Which means they would arrive in Seoul the next freaking morning, since it’s such a long drive up. So he asks Bird whether a team dunking in the ocean would get them all dismissed together, and the guys all chime in (except Hee-yeol, who looks less than thrilled).

girlfriday: Before the idea even gets approved, Seung-woo, Jong-min, and Tae-hyun are already undressing. Hee-yeol looks like he’s seasick.

javabeans: I love it. Tae-hyun and Jong-min whip off the pants and totally make a break for the ocean in long johns, while Hee-yeol is protesting, “But… there’s no place to change!”

girlfriday: They freak out from the cold and come running back. What? You can’t chicken out now! You already took off your pants!

javabeans: LOL, it takes them forever (and a bunch of aborted attempts), but finally Tae-hyun grabs Jong-min and they scamper for the waves. (Tae-hyun tosses Jong-min in first, ha.) Now it’s pressure time for Seung-woo and Hee-yeol, the last holdouts, and the guys remind them that time’s ticking—the boat comes in 20 minutes!

girlfriday: Apparently the boys have made plans to eat together on dry land too, which they add to the pressure cooker. Hee-yeol’s face goes white and then he finally screeeeams… while taking off his hat. Ha.

javabeans: Hee-yeol looks like he’s going to whine and cry and throw a fit at every moment, even as he starts undressing, and finally Seung-woo just takes him by the hand and pulls him along like this is a joint kamikaze run.

girlfriday: It’s a pretty awesome use of the wrist-grab, I must say.

javabeans: I think Jong-shin is getting the biggest kick out of this. Maybe because now yesterday’s solo dip doesn’t feel so bad.

girlfriday: I love that they run… stop to splash each other with water… and then jump in. Or more like fall in.

javabeans: Afterward, everyone’s all, “Are you okay? Really? Are you going to make it?” The end caption: “Thank you… for surviving…” Hahaha. Jong-shin says he’s known Hee-yeol for 20 years, “And I’ve never seen him agonizing over a decision this badly!”

girlfriday: Hee-yeol says he’s always watched 1N2D and thought to himself, “I would never cave in those circumstances!” Heh.

javabeans: They ask if Sang feels at all disappointed (for not doing the full 1N2D experience), and he’s all, “NOT AT ALL!” He adds that he made it through on his own skills, and you can’t argue with that.

girlfriday: Haha, each of the guests says a nice little farewell, and then Seung-woo says they’ll invite them on another trip, and Hee-yeol answers, “No, no,” like the way you’d fake-decline to be polite… only he totally means it.

javabeans: They do the whole outro and clap the last slate (er, with the hands), and then we fade out… and back in, to the guys chatting about how it’ll feel weird without the guests next week. Tae-woong invites them to his wedding, and Shi-kyung tosses out the suggestion that they perform at it, and they agree.

girlfriday: Wow, talk about a score.

javabeans: Tae-woong is totally happy about that, and Shi-kyung jokes, “Wait, I sing too. Why didn’t you ask me?” Ha, it’s totally cute how they all pretend to revert back to stiff politeness now that the cameras are supposedly off, and Jong-shin’s all, “You’d better not send me an invitation.” Aw, nothing like a mock angry threat to show you love each other.


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  1. lemonade candy

    thank you! looking forward to this every single week! ^^

  2. Maya

    Thank you javabeans and girlfriday! The butt wrestling game was definitely my highlight of the show. The editing during the round between Hee-yeol and Joo-won really cracked me up: . It does look like his butt can launch anything.. 😀

    And Jong-min really lived up to the expectation. He is the “Ivy League killer”! 😀

    • 2.1 Maya

      Hee, the caption: “Butt of Legend.” The editors are cracking me up today.
      Pffftt.. so true! It is Seung-woo game! 😀

      Hee-yeol looks like he’s going to whine and cry and throw a fit at every moment, even as he starts undressing, and finally Seung-woo just takes him by the hand and pulls him along like this is a joint kamikaze run

      That’s so cute and funny at the same time 🙂

  3. okdubu

    i loved this episode so freaking much can yoo heeyeol stay forever?

    • 3.1 foodluver88

      i SO want hee-yeol to stay! at least i can watch him and shi-kyung together on an upcoming sketchbook episode.

      oh man – all 3 guests rocked! they meshed so well with the existing bromance (and i think they even enhanced it, given their ages and ability to poke fun at themselves and at each other). i will miss this group!

      some favorite moments:
      – joodin’s pout and treatment during the trivia quiz
      – seung-woo’s butt during the sumo match (that’s a given)
      – tae-hyun bonding with a random child (also a given)
      – sang’s crush on joo-won
      – shi-kyung twirling hee-yeol while hugging
      – tae-woong getting to “leave” early (a rarity)
      – jong-min as the SKY killer
      – su-geun getting tricked while attempting to pull off tricks of his own
      – yong-shin getting the full 1n2d experience despite being awesome at games

      and thank you for the recaps, as always!!

      • 3.1.1 rentwen

        My favorite moments too:

        -seung-woo’s butt during the sumo match(legend of butt-wrestling indeed)
        -JM as the university killer

      • 3.1.2 blee

        “sumo” is Japanese sport and different from the Korean traditional wrestling “Ssireum”, that actually played at this 1N2D epi.

      • 3.1.3 tebz10

        Oh, Joowon! So cute when he was pouting! He definitely looked annoyed that Bird PD didn’t say “Deng!”.

        Kim Seungwoo wrist-grabbing Yoo Huiyeol was the cutest thing ever. The scene looked like it was right out of a romantic movie.

      • 3.1.4 okdubu

        yeah i basically loved all the interactions between heeyeol, taehyun, and sikyung kkkkk

  4. katiamon

    wanna watch the sub ep soon! i have so much fun with these guys that my family thinks i’m going insane because of all the laughter while watching them.
    i guess it’s part of the songwriting geniusses to be so grumpy when losing, HY and SK are so alike!
    thank you for the recap JB and GF 🙂

  5. Arhazivory

    Aww so sweet about the wedding invitation. What I love about this group is their off screen bonding time over lunch and the fact that they even have an IM phone group. It shows how close they’ve become and for them it’s definitely not just a show. 😀

    As always, thanks ladies. ^^

    • 5.1 hui ting

      Yes, I agree! That is the ultimate reason why I love these 7 guys. I do love Season 1 a lot too, but there was once Kim C mentioned that he has never contacted the other members outside the show. I felt sad when I read about this.

      • 5.1.1 Rgg

        Don’t have to be sad. Filming season 1 is just work, he does get a salary for it .

        • Hui Ting

          I know, Kim C said they are just co-workers to him. What I’m sad about is I thought season 1 really had such a good brothers friendship on and off screen. But oh well…

          • Arhazivory

            They did but not to the extent that S2 has. You should watch Win Win with kim Jong Min. He said that when Seung Woo told them he’s buying dinner, he just left because he didn’t think he was included. Shikyung was upset with him.

            Jong Min says it was awkward at first but now he’s gotten used to eating with them after filming.

    • 5.2 shenna

      This is why I love 2D1N, they’re so caring and genuine towards each other!!<33

  6. Funkypicklez

    I think it was stated that TaeWoong and HeeYeol were the two greatest candidates for the open space when MC Mong left. The producers wanted HeeYeol really badly (even more than TaeWoong) but he denied them over and over again. At first I was like him? But dude. I’m totally disappointed at the fact I won’t see him everyday! The dude is absolutely hilarious!!! His humor fits 1N2D perfectly! I think he truly embodies the perfection of 1N2D. 🙂 Taking amazing celebrity figures and unmasking all the hype to show just a regular guy put in crazy situations. Hana. Loved this episode!

    • 6.1 akikisetsu

      I really think they wanted YHY for 1N2D. His name was also being actively mentioned during the Season 2 casting and now I know why. I think in 1n2d casting, more than having a distinctive personality, they want someone who can get along well on and off-screen with everyone.^^

      I’ve been noticing that CTH and UTW have become really close. Actually all of them are, but it seems as if the hang out more off-screen. During UTW’s on-air quitting prank aka marriage announcement, CTH was almost in tears and he knew about the bride being a ballerina and all.

      • 6.1.1 pauper

        About CTH and UTW, I thought so too! They seek each other out a lot. When UTW had to go fishing during that Chuseok epi, he said something about wanting to have CTH along with him. And the one time when UTW got to leave early, CTH was the second one. CTH quickly tried to grab his phone to call UTW once he won. They are definitely the BroTP of the show.

        • janice

          Yeah!! I remember that fishing ep, Taewoong wanted Taehyun to be there because he was lonely, that was so sweet!! Bromance for the win!<33

        • jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

          UTW said he always hangs out and eats with CTH and his wife. 🙂

      • 6.1.2 Noonie

        That’s right!…I noticed so too…you can see that clearly on the Dec 16th episode too, CTH and UTW talk freely to each other’s families, and get to hang out together a lot…it’s so heartwarming and refreshing, I luv the fact that we got to observe the development of such a relationship on-screen ,,,it’s become my fav BrTOP <3<3

    • 6.2 RMfever

      I wish HeeYeol had said “yes” intend of UTW. I really like his sense of humour. UTW? I really can’t warm up to this guy and he is one of the reasons RM is now my no. 1 show instead of 1N2D. Guess you can’t please everyone.

      • 6.2.1 funkypicklez

        haha. UTW is definitely not your funniest, wittiest, or hottest guy but this dude definitely gives it his all every single episode <3 you can't please everyone but his hard work should still be acknowledged. 🙂

      • 6.2.2 asyree

        Ummmm, on the contrary, i started watch this show just because i saw him in. I love the fact that not everybody has to be a chatterbox, has lots of great jokes and knows how to say it, good at games, a smooth talker and everything else needed to be a good entertainer.

        Who says that only fun people can entertain? Not everyone has funny bones in their bodies. Awkward guy also deserve to entertain people and to be entertained as well. I like that he embraces his persona here, opens up himself to be judged either is hated or be loved and not pretending as someone else who’s just not him. The fact that he’s willing to go all out for good laugh no matter that it’ll expose his weirdness/weaknesses or anything you can call, that what i appreciate.

        So yea, you don’t have to be pleased by everyone i guess. (And, i tried watching RM but for me it’s just not as funny and warmhearted as 1n2d. I can’t make myself liking it no matter who come as the guests in that show).

        • nikkyp28

          @ asyree – I was just about to respond to RMfever but you just wrote what I want to say. Same here, UMW was actually the reason I started watching 1N2D, although I warmed up to everyone on the season 1 after watching (esp. Ji Won – I miss Chodding). But I must admit, season 2 for me exude a more warmer cammaraderie around, I guess the eating out off cam helps a lot with these group. I’m also loving Jong Min’s persona who was so awkward after coming back from military service. Finally, he found his lost mojo 🙂 . Now, if only Joo Won could find his variety mojo soon, all will be perfect.
          As for taste in variety show, same here. I tried watching a few episode of RM while waiting for 1N2D episode and coz of babyface Joong-Ki but sad to say, I’m so used to the funnies in 1N2D that i find RM repetitive and got bored easily. But that just me.

        • scarlett

          same here. i started watching the show religiously because of UTW.

        • tebz10

          I actually like the fact that most of the cast are not experts in variety show ’cause their true personality just shows. Who knew UTW was an awkward guy with corny puns? And Kim Seungwoo’s not a such serious guy at all?

  7. chane

    Nice!!! It’s finally here!

  8. chane

    Off to read now!!! Thanks girls!

  9. rainbow

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