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Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 7
by | December 24, 2012 | 64 Comments

This episode in particular was a little more somber as we watch Se-kyung at a crossroads – should she continue to love a man she thinks isn’t wealthy, or should she abandon him and focus on her goal? Whichever she chooses, this series is better whenever comedy comes into play. I don’t mind if this show even throws logic out the window because honestly, the characters and their quirks have already stolen my heart. (Secretary Moon – please mist my face too whenever I’m stressed!) It can do whatever it wants, and my brain will just follow.


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Se-kyung tries to still her rapidly beating heart. Could she really be in love with Secretary Kim? It can’t be, right? Seung-jo feels like he’s soaring through the clouds — his heart beats rapidly too, out of excitement and hope. Two very different reactions towards love.

After the call, Yoon-joo relives her own memories of when she struck the deal with Il-nam to leave Seung-jo. Once it was settled, he asked if her feelings for Seung-jo were sincere. Yoon-joo: “How is that even important now?”

Meanwhile, In-hwa and Min-hyuk have dinner with Il-nam, and In-hwa suggests that he open a shopping complex on the outskirts of the city. Not only would it suit his brand, it would increase the popularity of Royal Group. Il-nam is delighted by her “fresh” idea: “I don’t know if it’s because you’re in the fashion industry, but you have a quick eye for recognizing trends.” In-hwa replies, blushing, “Please don’t say that.” (Huh – I wonder if it’s because she really doesn’t have an eye for trends! Mwahahaha! That would be awesomely vindictive… but I don’t hate her… yet…)

Il-nam invites In-hwa to help pick out a location for this new shopping center, seriously considering having her lead this project. (Really? Then why does he laugh so heartily as if the invitation is all a joke?)

When Se-kyung arrives home, she’s immediately greeted by her wailing sister. Their mother is planning on becoming a licensed caregiver, but to pay for her classes, they can’t afford Se-jin’s tuition. The parents want Se-jin to take the semester off and pick up a few part-time jobs, so that the family will eventually have enough income for the future with two working parents.

Se-jin wails that she needs to study abroad and learn English. Pff – what makes you think you can go abroad if your older sister couldn’t even go to Paris?! Se-kyung comforts Se-jin by promising to buy her a brand-name luxury bag when she finishes her stylist gig to Jean Thierry Cha. Se-jin immediately brightens up, finding it a good replacement for experience abroad. (How shallow is she?!) Se-kyung wants to use it twice a week, though, but her sister’s appeased.

No matter how immature Se-jin is, Se-kyung feels she is more immature for letting her heart waver when her financial reality is knocking every chance it gets. She gets a call from Ah-jung, who invites her to go drinking with her and Secretary Moon. (Haven’t you learned your lesson!?) Ah-jung is merely trying to fish for information about the CEO and get Se-kyung to meet him directly. (Her method? Using alcohol and the game of “Truth or Dare” by spinning a soju bottle.) She can tell that Se-kyung just might start falling in love with “the debt-ridden Secretary Kim,” which is bad news bears in her opinion.

Se-kyung resolves not to fall for any more pathetic guys in the future. But Seung-jo can’t believe that he’s falling in love again.

Seung-jo regales Dong-wook with the story of his pojangmacha hug at a pool parlor, telling the story so passionately that Dong-wook messes up. He pretends the cue stick is Se-kyung – and tries to kiss it! – but admits that he couldn’t bring himself to actually kiss her. Dong-wook: “WHYYYY?” Seung-jo couldn’t do it – he was too nervous to actually kiss her.

Dong-wook finds his nervousness a good sign, because it means that his heart has opened up even more, and his feelings have developed. The next time he sees Se-kyung, he should just do it! That makes Seung-jo blush, and he imagines once again kissing “Cue Stick-Se-kyung.” Dong-wook slaps it away – “Stop fantasizing!” Hee.

As if to drive the point home even further, Se-kyung discovers in Yoon-joo’s diary that mixing business and love is a no-go. Love could easily ruin everything, clouding her judgment. She puts the flower button from her gift box inside her drawer, out of sight. On the other hand, Seung-jo is totally getting carried away, listening to the soundtrack of the film “Love Affair” while hugging Happy Bunny under his furry blanket. Oh Seung-jo…

The following morning, Se-kyung wakes her dear friend Ah-jung from her drunken sleep, who realizes that she has something VERY IMPORTANT to tell her – something that she discovered the night before. The CEO… is single! She encourages Se-kyung to pursue the CEO romantically, instead of having him be her guide into Cheongdam-dong. Ha, Se-kyung’s wayyy ahead of you, sister… she got that from the questionnaire.

She asks Ah-jung to help find out the CEO’s schedule so that she doesn’t have to keep meeting Secretary Kim, and also asks whether Ah-jung said anything in particular to Secretary Moon the other night. Ah-jung vehemently denies saying anything that could endanger Se-kyung’s plans, but once Se-kyung leaves the apartment, bits of the night before come back to her. And one thing becomes clear – she did say something to Secretary Moon. But what?! Uh-oh…

Secretary Moon is having a terrible day at work, knowing that he said something really important to Ah-jung last night, but not knowing what. He’s trying to figure it out while in a meeting with Seung-jo and other organizers for the Christmas party, so Seung-jo has to constantly call for his attention.

After the meeting, Seung-jo heads over to meet Se-kyung to check out the styles she chose for the Christmas party. He waves hello eagerly, hoping to get a wave back or to perhaps a high five. Instead, she treats him distantly, introducing two outfits that he can choose from. Seung-jo supposes he should try on the first pick, a burgundy-colored suit jacket.

Se-kyung assists him in putting it on, and the entire time, Dong-wook’s advice of kissing her rings through Seung-jo’s mind. He tries to lean in, but each time he gets closer, she pulls away. He tries to prolong their proximity by requesting a bow tie, or getting a handkerchief in his breast pocket, but he fails each time. It’s all about timing, mister! Meanwhile, Se-kyung keeps reminding herself to focus on her work.

Now that the suit for the party has been chosen, Se-kyung heads out. Seung-jo makes up the excuse that perhaps another style should be designed, but Se-kyung promises to deliver the idea tonight, rather than immediately. So then he tries one more tactic – a makeover!

He leads her over to a rack of dresses and holds each one up to see if they’d fit Se-kyung’s style. She’s confused – why is he giving her clothing? Seung-jo points out that the CEO does not want anyone working for him to dress shabbily. Not that she’s shabby of course. He snaps his fingers, and a line of sales ladies come out with dresses in hand. Time to try them on!

Se-kyung emerges from the dressing room in a cute dress, and Seung-jo’s eyes light up. He adds an ivory coat and a large bejeweled necklace, all the while Se-kyung tries to maintain an impassive expression, trying to show that she isn’t touched.

He leads her to the bench to replace her booties with strapped high-heeled sandals, and even puts them on for her. She stands up, and immediately topples over from the heels. Of course, she lands right in Seung-jo’s arms. Once again, they have a moment due to the proximity of their lips. Will they kiss?! Will he do it!?

She pulls away (again!)  but this time he pulls her back, and kisses her firmly on the mouth! He’s done it! He’s kissed her!

Except Se-kyung stops the kiss and runs off to her dressing room. ARGH! Seung-jo wants to chase after her but decides to wait, all torn up by her negative reaction. When she finally re-emerges, Se-kyung has changed back into her own clothing and bids him goodbye. He chases her out the department store, but it’s too late – Se-kyung has boarded the bus without a look back.

As much as she may like Seung-jo, she can’t afford to fall in love now. Even if the rest of the world is falling in love.

Ah-jung and Secretary Moon are still agonizing over what went on last night. Secretary Moon has a moment of panic when he wonders if he gave away Seung-jo’s secret identity, but then he gets a call from Ah-jung, who wants to meet.

They approach each other warily, and Ah-jung offers him some baked goods as a peace offering. After all, he did spend over a thousand bucks the night before from all the alcohol they drank. Secretary Moon is aghast – did he voluntarily pay for all of it?! Looks like neither of them remember much of that night, or what the other said, to their relief.

Hiding under his furry blanket, Seung-jo fears that he was too hasty with his feelings, while Dong-wook finds it funny that a 30-year-old man has reached this stage in his life where he’s agonizing over one kiss. Se-kyung was probably just surprised, he reasons, rather than rejecting Seung-jo outright. Seung-jo is a little surprised that he could feel so many emotions with one girl once again. Dong-wook wonders if Se-kyung knows how in love with her he is. Perhaps that’s why she ran off.

Se-kyung probably does know, but she’s in denial about it. She stares at the flower button again, and tells herself that she only feels bad for these “pathetic guys” she seems to fall for. “When I become successful, I’ll help them.” Ew – talk about being condescending over people’s station and feelings!

Tommy receives an invitation to Artemis’ Christmas party, and what actually gets him excited about is the fact that if he pulls off this matchmaking deal, it will be his biggest and most successful match yet. He will unite three major groups in the fashion industry: Artemis, GN Fashion, and Royal Group in one fell swoop. On top of that, instead of getting paid a lot in commission, he could also get to be the sponsor of the athletes’ clothing for the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics – for which, conveniently, Cha Il-nam is the vice chair of the organizing committee.

He heads over to Il-nam’s office to negotiate a deal, and learns that Il-nam is looking favorably towards In-hwa as a daughter-in-law. However, he’s more curious about his son. Tommy replies instead that Seung-jo is not the easiest man to get to open his heart. It’s such hard work, but if Il-nam could motivate him a little more – say with the sponsorship rights for the athletes’ clothing? – then it might be possible. Il-nam grunts – they’ll have to meet once in Pyeongchang then, and perhaps it may be possible…

Ho-min visits his sister in the hospital and shows her the invitation to Artemis’ party. She may not have to go, but Ho-min worries that she’ll be found out sooner or later. He’d be in trouble as well, especially since Il-nam visits his store almost every day. He offers to close down the store and use the money for the both of them to run away. His incessant nagging annoys Yoon-joo to no end, and she sends him away.

He leaves her alone, and bumps into Min-hyuk outside the hospital. At the same time, Il-nam arrives outside the hospital to visit Dong-wook as well, and he greets Min-hyuk first. Ho-min hides around a corner and calls his sister, urgently informing her that Il-nam is here.

Yoon-joo bolts upright and rushes out of her room. The elevators are already coming up, so she hurries to the staircase. She hides behind the door, just in time before Min-hyuk and Il-nam step off on her floor and walk towards her room. Yikes!

Thankfully Il-nam stops right before entering the room. It might be impolite to meet Min-hyuk’s wife for the first time while she’s recovering — he’d rather wait until she’s better. Il-nam takes his leave, and Yoon-joo collapses on the floor in the staircase. It was much too close, and everything could have been revealed at that moment. She cries, ignoring her husband’s calls, and looks through her contact list to see whom she could call.

It turns out to be Se-kyung, and she bids her to come with a few things to the hospital. Se-kyung drops off some clothing and asks if Yoon-joo is feeling better. Yoon-joo asks after Se-kyung’s obstacle – did she get to resolve it? Se-kyung will – she’s meeting Seung-jo later today (as he most likely wants to confess) and will confront it head on. Se-kyung is curious over how Yoon-joo managed to overcome hers, but Yoon-joo never did. If Se-kyung is determined to beat it, then she must do it immediately, because the second and the third obstacles – if she hasn’t figured it out yet – are also love.

Se-kyung finds it ironic that she is someone who can’t live without love, yet now to succeed she must try to live without it. She found herself different from all those other couples who seemed to marry without love, including Yoon-joo, but Yoon-joo sets her straight. She can’t live without love either, but she was also determined to live a better life.

Seung-jo paces in his office, trying to figure out what to say to Se-kyung when he meets her later. He practices his speech, and settles on being sincere about his feelings. He meets Se-kyung at the cafe, and she immediately gets down to business about the party. Seung-jo tries to apologize for surprising her yesterday, his hands fidgeting due to nervousness, but Se-kyung cuts him off: “I don’t want to be associated to the CEO through you anymore, Secretary Kim.”

Oh. That’s – such a cold bucket of ice water.

Seung-jo asks if it’s because of yesterday, and Se-kyung replies, “What happened yesterday? Whatever happened yesterday is not important to me.” (Oh! The ice cubes!) Se-kyung no longer wants to work in a situation where she must style a person without ever seeing him, without ever getting to deal with him. Seung-jo: “Is it because you don’t like me? Do you feel uncomfortable around me? Do you hate me?”

Oh, Seung-jo, don’t be a sad puppy!

Se-kyung clarifies that they only have a business relationship, leaving Seung-jo to apologize for not having considered her feelings. There were no feelings between them, she says, except that of gratefulness. Because she is now uncomfortable around Seung-jo, and can’t even see Jean Thierry Cha, she wants to quit her job as the stylist.

Se-kyung leaves first, and despite having some lingering feelings for Seung-jo, she convinces herself that she did the right thing in breaking off ties with him. Ha – go tell that to your memories, which keep replaying all the sweet moments you’ve had together.

Seung-jo can’t stand this rejection and rushes out of the cafe again, searching through the streets. But Se-kyung has gone already, lost somewhere in the crowd.

Seung-jo returns to his office, looking dismal enough for Secretary Moon to notice. He comes upon a sudden realization – did Secretary Moon by chance speak to Ah-jung after that drunken night at the bar? Secretary Moon panics – did Seung-jo hear something? Aha! Seung-jo hadn’t, so he’s definitely caught Secretary Moon. So he asks if his secretary said anything about his relationship with Se-kyung. Secretary Moon: “Did Ah-jung say I did?” Aha! So Secretary Moon must have! He is not a good liar…

Secretary Moon admits that he doesn’t remember, but thinks that it may have to do with a secret that Seung-jo was keeping. What secret – that Secretary Kim is really Jean Thierry Cha? Secretary Moon hastily says he didn’t say that… he thinks.

Ah-jung calls Se-kyung and admits that she did say something funny to Secretary Moon. Problem is, she can’t remember what. She assures her best friend that she didn’t reveal anything about Se-kyung’s White Rabbit plans or that Se-kyung approached Jean Thierry Cha intentionally, and that Secretary Moon seems to have forgotten the night too. But what if he remembers?! Though it is their worst fear, Ah-jung pleads (to the gods?) that it can’t possible.

Seung-jo calls up Dong-wook for advice – what if Secretary Moon spilled the beans? Seung-jo’s afraid that Se-kyung will think he’s crazy, since he did all sorts of thing to keep up the ruse that he was not Jean Thierry Cha. Dong-wook advises that he tell Se-kyung the truth. It’ll be worse if she hears it from other people, so he might as well confess everything, no matter what she may end up thinking of him.

In-hwa receives an invitation to the Christmas party, and with some fortuitous timing, Tommy visits her office as well. He finds that the Christmas party today will be an excellent opportunity for her to approach “Jean Thierry,” as he’s already met with Il-nam. As a form of repayment, he proposes that they do a collaboration for the next season’s fashions; bigger players in the field, thus a bigger price to pay. In-hwa accepts.

Tommy promises to help mend the broken relationship between Il-nam and Seung-jo, so all In-hwa has to concentrate on is winning Seung-jo’s heart. He leaves her one bit of advice: never mix business with pleasure. He assures her that rumors that Seung-jo has another women are false.

Se-kyung returns to the GN Fashion office and receives an invitation from Jean Thierry himself through her phone. She’s unsure whether to accept, but it seems from the text that he doesn’t exactly know what transpired between her and “Secretary Kim.” Ha. Haha.

She calls up Ah-jung, asking what to do. The CEO even sent her clothes for the party. What she doesn’t notice is Tommy exiting the building at that moment. As soon as he sees Se-kyung, he hides behind the building’s wall to listen in on her conversation. Se-kyung is scared to go — “If he hears the story before I even meet the CEO, it’s over.” The “story” most probably meaning her intentional plans of approaching the CEO.

However, to Tommy’s ears, it makes no sense. What he does glean from the conversation is that perhaps Se-kyung is talking about Jean Thierry Cha, and that she’s hiding something from him.

Min-hyuk and In-hwa visit the hospital before heading to the party, and Yoon-joo wishes them off, still at the hospital until her results return the next day. After they leave, Yoon-joo changes into the clothing that Se-kyung brought earlier.

Se-kyung opens the package that she receives at home and finds the entire outfit that she tried on earlier. She gets ready somberly but nervously.

That evening, Il-nam receives a guest outside his office, surprised to hear that it’s the wife of Min-hyuk. He greets her amiably, but finds her face somewhat familiar. Yoon-joo: “Hello Chairman Cha. I’m Seo Yoon-joo.”

Il-nam whips off his glasses – it’s that woman! (Jerk – how could you not remember a woman you bribed?)

Seung-jo arrives at the party, and Se-kyung emerges from a taxi right behind his car. Wow, they really don’t see each other?! Secretary Moon checks over the preparations in the party hall, making sure that everything is set. He sees a bartender spinning a bottle over a cocktail shaker, and suddenly it hits him. The “Truth or Dare” game!

Meanwhile Ah-jung revisits the bar and tries to retrace her steps from that night. She also suddenly remembers the game… and what she heard!

Seung-jo enters the elevators, and it closes right as Se-kyung arrives in front of it. With only a glimpse of his clothing, she can only guess if that man is Jean Thierry Cha. She’s led to another elevator and goes up to the party. It’s just as nerve-wracking to watch the two of them nervous about seeing each other at this party.

At that moment, both receive calls/texts from their respective sidekicks, both with announcements to make. What’s important isn’t what they said, but what they heard from the other!

Infuriatingly, we don’t hear what Secretary Moon tells Seung-jo, but we do find out what Ah-jung learned that night: “Secretary Kim… is actually the CEO Jean Thierry Cha!”

And the elevator doors open simultaneously, with them standing opposite each other.


AHHHH! No way – no way! What a stupid cliffhanger!

I’m psyched that the truth has come out, though it’s unfortunate the revelation didn’t come from Seung-jo himself. I had imagined a more grandeur revelation scene, where Se-kyung arrives at the party and Seung-jo is triumphantly introduced as the CEO Jean Thierry Cha, and her jaw drops. But that could have been disastrous too because she would have felt quite betrayed. I just hope that with this new information she doesn’t try and approach Seung-jo enthusiastically. I mean, she did practically reject him, so to chase him right away would just scream “gold digger!” I hope she takes a cue from the song “Price Tag,” since it is her ringtone, constantly reminding her not to think about the money.

But now I want to know what Seung-jo learned from Secretary Moon. It would be absolutely terrible if he learns that Se-kyung approached him with ulterior motives, as his heart would be broken and his faith in women would shatter into a billion pieces. He was already recovering thanks to her!

As for Yoon-joo and her story, I understand that she’s fearful of Cha Il-nam and wants her past to be completely buried. That only makes me more curious as to what story she sold to the Shin family, because dumping Seung-jo is not entirely a bad thing. I mean, she could always say, “I dumped Seung-jo for you, hubby!” right? I find it incredibly naive of her to think that the fashion world is big enough to let her avoid Cha Il-nam for the rest of her life, but I am also admiring her for trying to go and take control of her own destiny. That is – if she doesn’t make another deal with him. I hope she can tell him, “You don’t control me!”

It seems that Daddy Cha has been holding the fate of the young peoples’ futures in his hands. He first determined Yoon-joo’s future by giving her the opportunity to achieve her dream of a better life. Now, he’s holding the fate of Tommy’s career; by giving Tommy a sponsorship for the Olympics, he can also give him a rising career. Granted, Tommy and Yoon-joo have to make do on their end of the deal first (whether it’s leaving Seung-jo, or matching Seung-jo and In-hwa successfully), but either way he has the power to do something about their futures. He can hold In-hwa’s future in his hand too; if she successfully becomes his daughter-in-law, she could become the most influential woman in Cheongdam-dong thanks to him.

Daddy Cha holds all the strings, and every time someone goes to meet him, I feel like they’re making deals with the devil.


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  1. dany

    Park Shi-hoo hugging that stupid bunny almost made me choke on my fruit.

    • 1.1 TS

      And what is up with him and his blankie?

      • 1.1.1 dany


    • 1.2 Pam

      I would kill to be that bunny right now…LOL!!!

    • 1.3 Cath

      That bunny made me think of B.A.P.

    • 1.4 Windsun33

      I love the bunnies, I want a set

  2. Soo Won

    I L.O.V.E this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh dear god! his face… Seung Jo’s face when she actually rejected him… my heart was already scattered on the floor…
    although i still don’t know how i should feel about InChan’s departure (since i had become such a SeKyung-InChan shipper by the end of ep2)… i know i’m TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY in love with this lovely SeungJo!

    • 2.1 jt885

      I absolutely agree with you. God ‘m in love with Seung Jo too. If Se Kyung had approach with ulterior motive, I would feel devastated. Jeez… I’m having a hard time continuing with this drama b/c it would be so heartbreaking for me when SJ finds out the truth about Se Kyung (which I think he will) . Totally love Park Shi hoo’s character.

      Did anyone notice that all the females have a motive
      SK- wanted to improve her life
      SJ- Same thing
      In Hwa- Getting matched to a wealthy man so that she can improve her status.

      No wonder SJ is having trouble believing in love, it is sort of true in the town he lives in

  3. Gio

    This is such a AWESOME DETAIL. The bus that Se-kyung leaves has the number 143 on it LOLLL.

  4. Ishi

    I’m loving ALice so much hut after episode 7&8 I am not sure I like Han she”s character so much. The amount of pain she causes secretary Kim makes me not like her. But still loving the sh

  5. Rachel

    Augh I’m DYING! I just love these reviews so much–almost more than the actual show. Oh my goodness. I can’t wait for the next review. Gah.

  6. Fab

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love that Dong-wook told SJ to go for it and kiss SK, and he actually did it! Can I have him?

    Aside from the main couple, I also find myself rooting for Ah Jeong and secretary Moon! They are so freakishly adorable ánd in sync(can’t remember, do you?)…

    I am so curious as to how In Hwa is going to make Seung Jo fall for her, b/c that’s part of her job in pursuition of this marriage. Or what Tommy Hong is planning to do to Se kyung to keep her away from the rabbit. There’s a lot more at stake than what seemed at first hand… *shrugs*

    Who is with me, I thought Se Kyung was interested in the CEO romantically, or at least as husband material… Was so in vain

    Off to watch it the second time…

  7. Katie

    Seung Jo is the most adorable person ever. Ever. Just like that little hidden under his blanket. Hehe.

    But after watching Episode 8, I am so frustrated. Even if it’s not comedic it’s frustrating. Can we go back to Episodes 2-6?? I’ll gladly watch those 10000 times.

    • 7.1 Katie

      Can I also say, Seung Jo’s friend, Dong-Wook is SO fine.

      • 7.1.1 Fab

        Yep, but he is taken as of -ehhh- just now…

        • Katie

          haha. Wish he had a bigger part. So cute when he hit Seung Jo’s cue and said “stop fantasizing” and then “do it and then tell me” hehe.

  8. Lovebug

    This drama is awesome! I am enjoying it and loving it so much. Park Shi-hoo is knocking it out of the park His comedic timing is really funny, and the way he reacted to Se kyung shooting him down was wonderful acting. I also think MGY is doing a amazing job, I can see all the emotions during that scene as she is reacting to what he says and still steeling herself to reject him.
    I think the acting all around in the tertiary characters is solid.
    I find Tommy Hong to be really scary for some reason. Scary smart and diabolical. I actually like it that the drama has not beat us over the head that he’s a genius this or that. Everytime he appears on the screen I get nervous for our OTP. He remains a very mysterious figure, I hope we get more background on his character and that he gets a real story arc. I wonder if he will have a love line with Se Kyung?

    Regarding Inhwa, though i originally wanted to like her character I am definetley getting shades of evil from her big time. (Is she the real red queen? Are they even doing anything more Alice in Wonderland stuff other than the white rabbitt??) I am kind of shipping her and Tommy Hong, but mostly likey they will not pair up.

    Sigh, I am soo invested in the love story between Seung Jo and Se Kyung. I know partly due to the magneticism that is PSH (In my book he can do no wrong pretty much (we won’t talk about Perfect Neighbors) but i think the writers and directors have made a compelling love arc for this drama. I don’t believe they are actually in love love with each other yet but sometimes that potential of falling in love is so tempting and intoxicating thats its harder to overcome than the real reality of living with the one you love.

    I lovve this drama (and PSH) so much!!!!!

    • 8.1 spazmo

      yes, leave out Perfect Neighbors — but don’t forget PSH in The Princess’ Man… yowza!

  9. Fab

    But but, I am so afraid that Seung Jo will lose his silliness/sweetness/coolness/swag now that he got his heart broken again. Please drama gods, prevent this disaster..

  10. 10 Tha

    I’m watching PSH right now in Iljamae and am falling hard for him. Why am I not invested in the other characters like I am with him…

  11. 11 Lilly

    Park Shihoo in that burgandy hit heart attack levels of attractiveness. The hatter prince and his two knights are all so cute and funny too.

  12. 12 jenny

    Can i just clear one thing up?
    There is a reason behind In Hwa’s comment and Il nam’s laughter. But its not as malignant and evil as you think. It’s simply part of our culture. That comment is to be humble and modest, the two traits every youngster should show an elder. As for the laughter, its another polite thing to do in Korea, because being too serious is very frowned upon.

  13. 13 opheliadrowning

    I have been loving this show up through episode 6, but the melo is making me nervous. I absolutely adore Seung Jo, and am doubtful that fact will change, but I worry about my affection for Se kyung. While the drama of her hardening her heart to accomplish wealth is really interesting, where it is coming worries me. Now it seems so cal ululating and hard, and with so many episodes left I am afraid she will go too far and hurt Seung Jo so much that we as the audience won’t forgive her, even if Seung Jo does.

    • 13.1 Pam

      Ditto! How does SK remain “likable” if she going down this dark road to become a Cheongdamdong wife? Does the means justify the ends? NO, IMHO! The writers and MGY have to be really good if they are wanting us viewers to stay in love with SK.

    • 13.2 Lovebug

      I am right there with you guys. I hate the choices she is making especially in episode 8. (I actually want her to be exposed so we can get past the inevitable betrayal and forgiveness sooner). On the other hand MGY is still making Se Kyung likable but as she gets dirtier its going to be harder to root for her since Seung Jo is so sincere.

  14. 14 TS

    Do these chaebol families really act like feudal lords, using marriage to cement ties instead of contracts?

  15. 15 Abbi Kay

    Seriously, never in my wildest dreams could I have pictured Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young in the same drama.

    I know this is already EP7, but I simply can’t get over having my two favorite actors staring as leads in the same drama.

    Off to watch EP7 now!
    don’t you just LOVE viki?

    • 15.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      yes, i love viki. They sub Alice faster than the other dramas. LOL! Maybe, they’re addicted with the show as well. 😀

      • 15.1.1 Abbi Kay

        ahahah with good reason!
        I can barely wait to see next week’s episode!

        Now I have to fill in the time by FINALLY finishing ‘oohlala couple’ and ‘to the beautiful you’

        Just 3 more days! Let’s hang in there!

  16. 16 Pam

    If SK hurts SJ, I will cut her! LOL!!!

    I love SJ so much…if he were a snobby jerk than it’d be easier to overlook SK’s calculating schemes but he’s an adorable nut, especially when he’s hiding under his blankie or cuddling that bunny or twirling around in helicopters! Gah!

    I don’t really pity SK at this point because she is obviously conflicted going down this dark road but is determined to see this plan through. She has a choice even if it’s a sh*tty one.

    SJ will eventually find out but what will he decide to do, forgive SK for not being a perfect candy girl that he put on a pedestal or pull a redux 2 and get revenge for using him?

    I am on the edge of my seat with bated breath!

    Can 2 weeks come any faster??? Argh!

  17. 17 magnus

    May I ask why a marriage is necessary between them for the companies to align?

  18. 18 katiamon

    This was truly a light darked episode, even though there was a kiss i was so mad at se lyung for been such a cold hearted girl to poor seung jo… you could literally hear his heart crushing… Come to mamma sweety, i’ll make you feel better!!!. And now she knows he’s the chairman, what is she going to do? What is tommy hong going to do to mess with them????? I need answers soon!!!! Thanks for the recap and merry Xmas

  19. 19 Pam

    Kaedejun wrote: I hope she takes a cue from the song “Price Tag,” since it is her ringtone, constantly reminding her not to think about the money.

    LMAO! I was thinking the same thing—IRONY.

  20. 20 midwestmz

    Every once in a kdrama while, there comes along one that is just enjoyable. This one more than fits that bill and is enjoyable to boot.

    There is enough zaniness’ to keep you in stitches and wanting a whole lot more. There is the semi serious side, that does not go to that foreboding place, that would just be at odds with the zaniness’. I love Mr. Whackadoodle and his insecurities. Mz Innocence is just so petite and cute, you hope she gets her wishes the correct way, and blooms into who she can be. Mrs. Imadeit is now trembling because the sheets she bought, sure are making her bed uncomfortable, or about to. Nasty papa will get his just deserts soon, please, please, please?? Gender best friends are made for each other, if they do not know it by now, and to see them navigate their current waters is almost just as much fun.

    This is just such an enjoyable romp that has come out at the correct time of the year. Every thing about it is so nicely balanced and moves so effortlessly.

    Wishing all, an upcoming year that is healthy, happy and full of contentment and no topsy-turvy in you own lives.

  21. 21 Soo Won

    Sekyunga! STOP hurting Seungjo…
    i just came from watching ep 8 and i’m like ANGRY!!!!
    how can ANY girl in the whole world keep acting like that in front of the adorable, vividly vulnerable guy Seungjo is, who ALSO happens to be head over heels in love?!!
    i never expected her to go to Seungjo and try to explain everything! well no sensible girl would do that prbly! so yes, i agree with her acting cool, not revealing anything! but the measures she’s taking… to secure and intensify his affections for her,… it’s just OUT of question! girl, you did a WRONG thing approaching the man with those motives, but just DON’T deepen your own grave!
    i’m really nervous for the poor guy… when he learns everything, it will be the second time in a row… and considering how badly he came to terms with the first one, i’m not expecting any quick recovery for this one either! oh i won’t be able to stand it! nothing is worse than pouring all your faith and honesty to someone and get it shattered right in front of your eyes… HIMNAE SEUNGJOYA!! ^^

  22. 22 elainestale

    the show i had just finished before watching alice in cheongdamdong is the Princess Man and my gosh. i am having so much difficulty watching the face of Kim Seung Gyu go into Jean Tierre SSha’s mat hatter mode.

    (and when he introduced himself as KIM SEUNG jo i almost spit out my drink)

  23. 23 tamagoxyaki

    Can someone tell me If I should watch this drama??Im debating whether I should start or not.I’m quite picky with dramas so I usually go for revenge/noir type of melos but I do appreciate quirky and well written romcoms with a fresh concept like coffee house for e.g not a fan of the ones like YAB,playful kiss,TTBY,dream high etc.thanks~~

    • 23.1 tc

      You should try watching this drama. It has a bit of everything, more funny and hilarious scenes from ep 3 -6 . By end of ep 3, you will really fall for PSH who is playing a vulnerable, revengeful, hilarious and romantic character and start shipping for the OTPs after watching ep 5-6 especially the ” almost kiss ” scene.

      • 23.1.1 tamagoxyaki

        Okay thanks! 🙂

  24. 24 opheliadrowning

    What I don’t get is why she has to lie to Seung Jo. He likes her. She likes him. He is rich. And she wants to snag him anyway. Why continue lying? Does she want to marry him and not love him while he loves her anyway? He has his own money now, so it’s not like daddy can take it away. I have really been enjoying this drama’s first few episodes but I am worried and concerned that they are going to make Se Kyung too
    Stupid to die, but in the way that a smart person over thinks things and ends up being a total idiot. Occam’s Razor, people. Seung Jo’s doctor friend had it right: truth is easiest.

    • 24.1 Mystisith

      Agree with the Occam’s Razor principle. With what we know, her decision seems strange. My take is that we don’t have all the elements to understand her decision. Don’t want to spoil but we’ll be fixed probably in ep 9…

    • 24.2 exquisitemelody

      Because if they put everything on the table, we wouldn’t have a drama 😛

      although, I do agree. There are times when I can suspend logic, but at other times, like this, I’m scratching my head going…REALLY..REALLY?! Ep 8 might have ended my love for this drama. I’ll keep reading to see if it’s worth picking back up again, but I was really disappointed after ep 8.

    • 24.3 meme

      “l’effort est ma force” and also her weakness. sk doesn’t half-ass anything, even gold-digging. unfortunately, she’s so earnest in achieving her goal (and following sj’s advice of turning black completely) that she has lost herself. i am curious as to how deep of a hole she’ll dig for herself and how she and her white rabbit will help her find herself again.

      • 24.3.1 Chorda

        I’m really not understanding what it is that she’s doing. And that scene where Ah Jung teaches her how to play hard to get just makes me want to flip the table. =___=

  25. 25 Suzi Q

    I’m not liking the Tommy Hong character, although the actor who plays him is really good. He’s such a slimy sleazy creep. Although Tommy is peripherally running around in the inner circles of Cheongdam-dong , I don’t think he is really a part of them. He’s really low class and tacky.I hope Se Kyung doesn’t end up associating with him and then steering her the wrong way in her pursuit of a rich man.

    Seung Jo is uber cute especially with the expression face rabbits…SO ADORABLE!

  26. 26 LV

    Agghh!! this drama is so awful… first is aired on weekends so you watch the episodes quickly and then they leave you waiting a whole week for the next episodes, wich is not different of other dramas of course but just the weekend past to quickly and the week so slow aggrr!!! we???

  27. 27 Sajen

    judging from Park Shi-Hoo’s expression in the picture on the bottom I’m guessing that he did learn that Se Kyung approached him with ulterior motives.

  28. 28 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the recap.
    Don’t see Daddy Cha as holding all the strings. Think YJ wasn’t bribed by DC but she matched him and got exactly what she asked for. Everyone in this drama is out to get something-some ruthlessly others sincerely.

  29. 29 ebonix

    Oh my goodness, what a cliffhanger!!!
    Thank you so much for the recaps, help me to keep up (can’t watch, I should work this holiday T-T…)
    Anyway, happy holiday to you all <3!

  30. 30 Abbie

    What an episode. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I know it, I just know it that Ah-jung got drunk and spilled the beans about Se-kyung’s ulterior motives. I have this really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that that is what happened. What a blow to Seung-jo that will be. But you could make the argument that Se-kyung didn’t know who he really was but her attraction to him just scared her away because of what happened with In-chan. I wonder, too, if knowing that Seung-jo is really Jean Thierry Cha will affect what she does. She better not just go running to him and try to say that she was attracted to him all along. I mean, what will that say to him? And what was it Secretary Moon heard?! Urgh. This show is so good, but jeez. What is with that cliffhanger?!

    If I were Se-kyung, I’d close the elevator doors and leave the party. Make Seung-jo go after her.

    In-hwa is annoying, as is Tommy Hong and Chairman Cha. I don’t seriously think they can seriously get Seung-jo to marry In-hwa, because he wants real love, and not an arranged marriage. So I find this particular plot line annoying and I can barely watch their scenes. I only watch them because I don’t want to miss anything that might be important to Se-kyung’s and Seung-jo’s storyline.

    The same goes for Yoon-joo. I don’t particularly care for her, but I watch her scenes anyway.

    Secretary Moon is a hoot! His and Ah-jung’s scenes are so funny, and I totally support them as a couple. I support Se-kyung and Seung-jo as a couple too. I was so happy with their kiss. Yay!

    Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun.

  31. 31 Z

    For the first time in my Kdrama watching career, I was praying for a Wrist Grab. I was hoping that Seung Jo would run out of that cafe, catch up to Se Kyung and yank her around hard enough to snap some sense into her, even if it means dislocating her shoulder a little.

    Also, judging from Seung Jo’s crushed expression when Se Kyung “broke up” with him. I’m not even gonna be able to handle it when the angst really hits the fan. I hope he toughens up a little by then or I’m going to be an emotional mess.


  32. 32 Jinsight

    Ah! So that’s her ringtone. It’s more significant than I thought then, which is good because it means the producers are being careful with this.

  33. 33 Huong

    I loveeee this drama. The chemistry is great. The story is light and deep at the same time. I love the concept about how to break in the wealthy circle.

    Now, the white rabbit has become a pseudonym for finding our prince…Haha…Funny..

  34. 34 Ivy

    Ahh, my heart hurts – Seung-jo is soooo sweet – him holding that bunny just breaks my heart (in a good way) – please let him be happy and not hurt too much!!!

  35. 35 Nallali

    People r starting to cry too much in this drama, feels like a mini ‘i miss u’! JTC if u stop the comedy and keep crying nan eottokhe?!!!

  36. 36 Ruth

    Okay, I’ve actually seen ep. 8 now. I’m still enjoying this drama but not as much as I was. Why? Because I don’t get what the hell is up with these two. I mean, I get that he’s damaged, but seriously? And I get that she’s determined to change from a Candy Girl to…what? a Bean Paste Girl? A successful golddigger? Honestly, I’m fine with whatever, but just do it. If you’re going to go all materialistic/morals-be-damned, then do it. If not, then stop agonizing. It really strikes me as infinitely stupid to agonize so much over doing the wrong thing. If you know it’s wrong, and you don’t want to do it…then just don’t. She hasn’t gotten to the proverbial point of no return yet, but seems consciously determined to destroy any inkling of humanity she finds in herself. I mean. Come on.

    So, right now, I’m not particularly pleased with the leading “couple,” even though overall, I think they’re awesome (just not recently).

    At the same time, I think the broader themes of this drama are so interesting. I just read an article on koreatimes.co.kr titled “Veblen effect vs. bargain hunting” about the very thing that Artemis has chosen to do and how it effects consumers. Seung Jo has adamantly refused to discount their handbags and accessories and, instead, boosts sales by actually leaking news of impending price increases. In the article I read, it actually talked about Prada goods selling briskly in the face of upcoming 2-8% price increases. WTH?

    I think it’s gutsy of this drama to attend to these topics that few of us would otherwise have an inkling about. I just hope they start writing these characters in a little more realistic way.

  37. 37 NoonaSarah

    If SK hurts SJ (which she undoubtedly will once he realizes she ain’t nothin but a gold digger) I’m going to sob!!!! NOT OKAY!!!! January 5th, come on!!!

  38. 38 momoi

    I love the side characters a ton in here, especially Ah-jung (loved the actress in Reply 1997), Secretary Moon, and Yoon Joo.

    I just want to get one thing straight though, none of us really know yet what it is that Yoon-joo is so afraid of right? Like i didn’t miss anything in the previous episodes? Given what I know so far, it might be a bit embarrassing but I doubt it’d be something her husband (who seems super sweet) would leave her for or anything like that.

  39. 39 katlovesdrama

    Really good comments from everyone. I was thinking Park Shi Hoo was over the top in his reaction going silly and out-of-control, but someone made the comments Mad Hatter reaction. That makes sense to me now.

    Then Ah Jung, the annoying best friend? Of course she is there to further the script and blow information for her friend, but with friends like Ah Jung, who need enemas? Sorry for the graphics, but seriously a friend like that is not a friend. And then Se Keung continues to trust? this friend. Omo omo…….
    Se Keung of course has now become disappointing in the story, losing her higher consciousness self and sinking into the game, not trusting her own intuition anymore…… oh dear, oh dear, Alice is slipping further down the rabbit hole.

  40. 40 m


    > seung jo is a piece of shit and i have 0 sympathy for misogynists who sexually assault women while they are both at work

    > dont give a shit about seung jo and his ~*broken trust in women*~ because too fucking bad get the hell over it.

    > se kyung is doing what it takes to help her family and herself

    > god i am so tired of asshole men as the main characters i just want se kyung to be happy this is taking too damn long

  41. 41 Koukla

    I’m getting some serious Memoirs of a Geisha vibes from this drama.

  42. 42 natalia

    when i saw this drama im like “finally actors and actresses that im familiar with and with real acting caliber” also i became Park Shi Hoo fan after watching him in Prosecutor Princess (might watch that again now thanks to this lol)

    and i half regret watching the first episode knowing only 8 episodes are up online for viewing with eng sub T____T
    coz it only took me 3 days to finish all 8 >_<" and now i had to suffer waiting 2 eps per week??? this is hell .. its been a while for me getting so engrossed in k-drama rom-com XD

    as i know sj and sk will be together, i also hope yeon soo will not ending up in a ditch (divorced), everyone wants a good life and its not as if she really commit real crime 🙁
    im crossing my fingers on her future (hope she is pregnant or something so they wont kick her out of family lineage lol)

  43. 43 squirrel

    watching this show because of PSH. SK’s character can be played by a prettier lead. she is just too plain jane and mediocre to be a female lead? and the same sad or shock expression throughout many parts of the drama is just so dull.

    PSH’s character is a bit crazy. CEO and the crazy man image dont exactly jel? but he is still humorous and entertaining to watch. just cant really believe this cinderella story too much because the I can’t see what’s the attractiveness of SK’s character. not pretty, not smart, always look pitiful, not articulate, and the way she treated him when he was still a “secretary”…. not sure what’s so attractive about that. or maybe the CEO is just simply lonely.

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