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Cast walks out of Great Seer shoots citing no pay
by | December 9, 2012 | 155 Comments

There’s more trouble afoot in dramaland, with SBS’s historical drama The Great Seer being forced to shut down production on Saturday, December 8, when its cast refused to continue shooting.

The chair of the Korea Broadcast Actors Union issued a statement explaining that the drama, which began airing in October, has failed to pay a penny to its actors in the two months that it has been running. Until the production rectifies the situation, it stated that the actors will not film. Currently the drama has broadcast through Episode 18 of its scheduled 36.

Most of the cast of the show belongs to the union, including Ji Sung, Ji Jin-hee, Lee Yoon-ji, and Song Chang-eui. The union stated that the producers have been beset with serious problems and have ignored the repeated requests for payment, being too preoccupied with keeping itself afloat. The issue had also been raised with SBS, and the union had stated their stance on walking out last month, and threatened to boycott all outside productions in the future, given the constant recurrence of these issues in drama after drama (Faith was another recent example).

A rep with SBS stated that the three parties — outside production company, SBS, and the union — are engaged in deep negotiations and that this issue won’t affect its broadcast schedule.

Of course, they would say that, since nobody wants to entertain the idea of having no material to broadcast when Wednesday night rolls around. It’s looking very tight for the production, since they will have to scramble to make their December 12 and 13 episodes.

A source with an actor’s management confirmed that the cast’s dissatisfaction had been growing in recent days, and that in the days prior to the walkout the management had started receiving calls from the union to confirm membership statuses. “It was bound to erupt, and it finally did,” he added.

In response to the first wave of news, the producers scrambled to put out a statement of their own, in which they stated that it wasn’t quite true that “not a penny” had been paid, although it did acknowledge that they would issue payments this week. They are naturally keen on resuming filming, since not making broadcast can only exacerbate their problems.

The drama department head of SBS, Kim Young-sub, reported to the media the following day that the producers promised to take responsibility and resolve the payment issue. As a result, the cast resumed work on December 9 under the expectation that they will be paid by the 11th.

Oy. You know, every time I watch King of Dramas I laugh at the absurdity… until I remember that everything depicted on that show is stuff that actually happens in real life. Only in real life it’s less funny.

…though it does prompt the question: What would Anthony do?

Via Osen, TV Report


155 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Laurita

    “What would Anthony do?” yeah, a good question for sure.

    • 1.1 Anya

      With all this hoopla, you would think the ratings for king of drama would sky rocket.
      Maybe they will…..

    • 1.2 Miss D

      Hahaha that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the title of the article. I had to do a double take to make sure this wasn’t the latest plot twist of King of Dramas. I hope that it does address this issue in later episodes, in the satire fashion of course.

    • 1.3 -K

      What wouldn’t Anthony do?

    • 1.4 kilmenyanne

      That’s why Anthony pays his main cast upfront.

    • 1.5 Jill

      Hahaha I knew someone would say this

      • 1.5.1 Biscuit

        Honestly, I think even after that drama ends, Anthony will live on forever.

        That drama has subtly impacted us all in our perspectives towards the world of K-dramaland.

        I don’t think I can ever read entertainment news or watch dramas the same way without thinking of that drama…..

        • Pinkeu

          Yeap. Anthony will be a recognized fictional figure in the dramaland. There’s no doubt about that. 🙂


          Episode 11 trailer anyone??

          • DayDreamer

            Why does Monday take forever to come? I mean, normally I dread Mondays because it means work…but for KoD, I fervently pray for quick Mondays. Gah.

            Thanks for sharing that trailer. I’m just too excited for episode 11. 🙂

          • Pinkeu

            @Daydreamer: Sure thing! Also, the third soundtrack of King of Dramas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1OS4dc2cos

          • DayDreamer

            Thanks Pinkeu!!! 🙂

        • DayDreamer

          Seriously. This drama hits too close to reality so it has such an impact.

          • elainestale

            on the other hand, King of Dramas will never run out of storyline. ironically, it also comes from SBS. 0.0 “lets just write it into the extension shall we.”

    • 1.6 bim2

      If it needed, I think he’ll borrow money from yakuza ^^

    • 1.7 ilikemangos

      may he live on forever.

  2. trotwood

    The first thing I thought of when I read the headline was whether this would show up in King of Dramas. Some may be bothered by the “trial of the week” for the drama within the drama on that show, but real life seems to produce such dramas (as we have seen with all the cutting of shows this week) on a too regular basis.

    I feel really bad for the cast and everyone who works on this drama to make a living. This is not what people want to be facing during the holiday season.

    • 2.1 Denali

      Oh so you too have enjoyed KoD? I’ll see you around then. 😉

  3. Mawiie

    If Anthony was there, they wouldn’t have to arrive to this point because he knows better

    • 3.1 Femme


      I love Anthony Kim!

    • 3.2 Kwhat?!

      I agree. The sad thing is that they should know better, too, but obviously don’t.

    • 3.3 jomo


    • 3.4 Biscuit

      I think it was the director (?) who said it, but he said something on the lines of even though Anthony is a jerk, he makes a pretty great producer.

      Makes me wonder at the people at MBC.. cancelling all their shows and such. You can be jerks all you want, but at least do your job well. Someone needs to watch KoD with a pen and notebook and take some lessons…..

      • 3.4.1 inxomnia

        It’s ironic because KoD is an SBS show and now Great Seer (also SBS) is facing the drama. Sigh, the irony that is Kdramaland.

    • 3.5 Miller

      urghh STFU about Anthony already! These are real people being screwed over and you think your lame attempts at being funny are appropriate? But of course! It isn’t happening to you!

  4. Mehkko

    I can’t believe they haven’t taken action earlier. That’s just ridiculous.

  5. Orion

    I say, good on the actors. I think a lot of the problems in Korean entertainment are due to no party wanting to take responsibility or risks. Fans don’t want to lose their precious drama fix, businesses like channels don’t want to lose money and actors fear being judged or losing their fame and power, if they’re stars. That “well-oiled machine” is a delusion and makes some too arrogant.

    If the channel thinks it has the right to abuse its actors, it has to learn its lesson. The hard way. Because if things keep running, then it’s not a punishment meaningful enough. Which is why I also agreed with what Han Ye Seul did. Yes, it’s a shame for the material and effort spent so far, but if you just obey, give in and let them keep abusing you (when justice is clearly bought and on their side in most cases), nothing will ever change. Sometimes, the bad things in the world can’t be solved with flowers and friendship, as sad as this is.

    So, threaten the channel to drop things and make it lose money, the only thing these people care about? That is what makes a proper statement. Their big bucks threatened. I am willing to see a show ruined and some hard work not paying off if something far more important than a drama will be achieved through ruining it.

    If channels/actors/fans stopped being so spoiled, greedy and sucking up to all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons, things would be better. But then again, this is a matter of society and most societies nowadays function like that. Another sad truth.

    • 5.1 Mystisith

      I agree with you and I did agree when Han Ye Seul left the set: No one does that kind of things without a very valid reason. Protecting your health and avoiding death by exhaustion seems legit. Here it’s the same. Hell, I can’t even imagine working for 2 months without being paid: I would have opened my big mouth a long time ago.

      • 5.1.1 Orion

        Exactly. Plus, going “by the book” and going to court is not the way to go. Courts are bought and paid for, like anything else. No person who hasn’t bribed would get justice. You know what these people hate though? Unpredictable stops and publicity.

        I bet that if Han had gone to court, it would have been downplayed by all the media and she probably would have ended up a spoiled diva in paper and court too. But you know what gets attention to how bad things are? Up and flying for L.A, that’s what. 😛

        And these people still don’t give a damn, but at least it wakes some others up from their nice “the world is fair” slumber. Maybe someday those will make a better future than the present we’ve royally messed up ourselves.

        • DayDreamer

          Amen to all that was said from #5 onwards. Court proceedings are too long and this is the most effective way. Brings immediate resolving action.

  6. kakashi

    KoD has forever changed the way I read such news now. Even the way I watch dramas (I see a drama that has episodes run for 70 minutes and I go: “ah, they want higher ratings at the end!”) – however, I hope they resolve their problems soon! The drama is already doing very badly (rating wise) … this will not help

    • 6.1 Femme

      Right! And even the PPLs and the different rumors and news leakages released in the internet. KING OF DRAMAS totally changed my perspective on kdramas lol it “destroyed” my life and I love this destruction.

    • 6.2 wanne

      I agree! I love KOD for exposing every little detail possible about korean drama making. It really makes me read news like this differently now. Eventhough it also makes me wonder, is it really that hard to make a drama. Is the competitiveness to the extent of killing people.

    • 6.3 ilikemangos

      KOD has definitely made me think of all the creative possibilities that happen on set when news like these arise.

  7. Mystisith

    Reality surpasses fiction. Dramaland makes no exception. I gave up that show a while ago: One thing I noticed then was the declining screen time of Ji Jin-hee. Now I wonder if maybe that delay in the salary payments was 1 of the reasons.
    How does it work? 1/3 at the signature, 1/3 when shooting starts and 1/3 when the drama is completed?
    “What would Anthony do?” lol! Are we witnessing the birth of a cyber guru on Dramabeans? Be careful: He could rob a bank or kidnap someone!

    • 7.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      I don’t think that the decrease of his screentime is due to the payment. You will understand why the other characters have given more emphasis on the drama on the previous episodes if you have watched it all. It is needed to establish the story and to prepare JJH to his path to become the king.

    • 7.2 cherkell

      If the contract was negotiated under standard drama terms, the actors and crew normally get paid at the end of each month. With sageuks being a heavy-demand production (meaning lots of $$$ being front-end expended), an actor’s management company could also negotiate an accelerated payment schedule. But without such a schedule, that’s why we see actors taken on additional projects (modelling, CFs, special appearance, etc.) during a drama shoot to ‘fill in the gaps’ until payday. Just think of their guyliner and hair mousse budgets!!

      It’s still a sad situation that doesn’t seem like it will be solved anytime soon without dire consequences. “What Would Anthony Do?” indeed. I predict “WWAD” bracelets being a hot seller this Christmas season… 😛

      • 7.2.1 Mystisith

        Thanks for the explanation ô Great Oracle! 🙂

      • 7.2.2 whitewire

        I’ll be sure to buy that WHAT WOULD ANTHONY DO bracelets! Every drama producer must own em! The unbeatable 93% success rate of Anthony Kim.

      • 7.2.3 cherkell

        I forgot to add that this situation does smack of some sort of corruption, because if the PD-nims didn’t have access to deep pockets at the beginning of shooting, they couldn’t have gotten this far into the drama. Historical dramas do not have the luxury of product placement that fill the coffers (or line the pockets) of said production company. I’m sure more information will be forthcoming soon, but I feel badly for the actors and crew at present.

        But could you picture a CF stating “OWN IT NOW! The same sword Dong-soo brandished in Warrior Baek Dong Soo!! Operators are standing by!!!” 😀

        • Mystisith

          Something I noticed: Everyone is hunting for money. There is one tool than the channels and producers don’t use really: Merchandising. Who remembers the Oska socks being sold out on the net? In case of doubt, ask Georges Lucas if it’s not a good income source…

          • Jo

            Dramas are businesses too, and think about the target audience of these sageuks. For secret garden, the merchandising worked well because youths will buy socks and merchandise brandishing their favorite oppas or noonas. But I seriously doubt this would work for the audience watching sagueks. Like…lol, I cannot imagine my father showing his loyalty to the show by wearing a big shirt with Jisung on it. Sageuk lovers show euri by watching the show. Thassit.

          • cherkell

            But that’s where the marketing for Asian dramas veers far away from US productions. Here in the States, it’s all about the tie-ins: the t-shirts and action figures and toilet seat covers and other what-nots. Over there, you hardly see that type of cross-promotion outside of maybe a calendar or a photobook or two. It’s the third-party companies producing said socks and hairbands and coffee mugs and pillow covers that strike the licensing deals with the networks and production companies. In a perfect world, that money should trickle down to the actors eventually, right? HAH. A marketing clause such as that doesn’t normally exist in a drama contract; they’re paid to ACT, not for ponytail holders with their pictures on them. But the actors ARE thinking of getting paid on a contracted schedule, so going on strike was the right move they could make.

            The Big Money is in the licensing rights to broadcast overseas and in DVD sales of their programs. That’s why we’ve been hearing about shows that have barely aired four or five episodes to make an announcement that the rights have already been sold to Japan or elsewhere. It creates buzz and (hopefully) will boost viewership accordingly. If a drama actor has proper management, those post-show sales numbers are included in whatever deal struck between the network and PDs and that’s where they start to finally see the fruits of their labour. But it’s well after the fact; not during when the cast and crew needs it the most. And with this controversy hanging over their collective heads, I doubt there will be much of a demand for a DVD box set if one is ever produced.

            For example, I just read today that PSY pocketed only $60,000 from the Korean online sales of his massive hit single. Because of the deal struck with the music providers, and after paying his agent and the song author first, he will only reap 7.5% of $.02… which isn’t even a penny! Overseas sales and in-person appearances is where PSY will be making all his money… if he can kidnap all the camera-toting netizens showing him sticking his foot in his mouth first. 🙂

            And I’m still waiting for a Baek Dong Soo Action Figure to be produced… *fingers crossed*

        • jomo

          I would love that!
          There so many things I see on screen and I think “How can I get my hands on one of those?”

          How about, like in the magazines in the back, they have a list of the merchandise sources?

          • Mystisith

            So calendars, Christmas soju limited edition with the face of the Korean Kings in dramas, a line of hanboks for the Seoul “princesses”, handphone jewels, hotpacks dedicated by the actors, books of recipe “Drama sets food”… Jut use your imagination guys.

        • AllAboutCommericals

          You forgot to mention CFs~~

          $4.6 million of the estimated $8.1 million revenue generated by Gangnam Style is from South Korean TV commercial deals:

          “It is television commercials that are the big money spinner for the most successful of South Korea’s K-pop stars.

          PSY has been popping up in TV commercials in South Korea for top brands such as Samsung Electronics and mobile carrier LG Uplus.

          Chung Yu-seok, an analyst at Kyobo Securities, estimates PSY’s commercial deals would amount to 5 billion won ($4.6 million) this year.”

        • elainestale

          this example came from KoD did it.

    • 7.3 whitewire

      Given the desperation of course he will! My Anthony will do absolutely everything for a drama! Even kneeling and crawling to a darn lowly loan shark!

  8. Maya

    LOL! Now everytime something like this happen I would immediately think of KoDs..
    No wonder there was no previews at the end of episode 18. And I wonder how this can happen since I heard that the budget for the drama is a whooping $20 million, which I assume would take care the actors’ payment. I meant, as long as there’s no Kang Hyun Min there amongst the cast…

    • 8.1 Orion

      Corruption is the word here. Money received for a show doesn’t always go into a show. People have hungry pockets. Keeping money for themselves, using it to bribe all the people that will give them smooth sailing etc etc. If money went where it should in this world, we wouldn’t be in such a mess.

      • 8.1.1 Maya

        Yes, I should’ve learnt that from KoDs..

        • Orion

          No need for KoD for that. We see it everyday. In politics, entertainment, even charity is dirty and used for gain. Sadly, the world is sadder than any drama. But more beautiful too. We just have to remember both are true. 😉

      • 8.1.2 thefunofit

        Not necessarily. What we’ve also learned from KoDs is that, if badly managed, any amount of money can slide away like water. Remember the director’s multimillion five minutes?
        While ascribing the situation to incompetence isn’t much better, maybe it’s not so dire as the thought of fools stuffing their pockets while the show tanks. As we can see, things like a tanking show stir the waters, and it’s only a matter of time before any such idiots find themselves faced with a host of very angry people eager to recoup their losses, headed by the board of the network they’re airing on.
        It might just be more to do with really bad producers. Maybe they went all-out on equipment, set up expensive location shoots, had real gold embroidery done on the costumes like the director wanted (“so the light glints off it just SO, in this ONE shot!”), bribed lavishly to make things happen, and generally blew up the cash any which way; only to realize that the show wasn’t returning as expected, and they hadn’t left themselves a cushion to handle the necessities – like, say, paying people.

        • Orion

          Oh yes, incompetence also ruins things, but when dealing with money, those who give them are usually very careful, if they see tendencies to mess up in those who will use it. Hence the whole reluctance to have unknown PDs/writers etc handle things. Mistakes are done, but I doubt that’s where the big money is wasted.

          At least, what I’ve seen in my life on this Earth so far tells me most things that happen when it comes to money aren’t just “honest mistakes”. But hopefully, people with such ambitions will also learn to control themselves and adapt to each production, if someone is really caving into them.

  9. Fab

    Whoa I am stunned. After all the recent news about slacking broadcasters, this doesn’t sound new any more. Really The Great Seer has a-listed actors and they don’t get paid for their hard and wonderful work??

  10. 10 Nokcha

    I, too, did the same thing~immediately thought, “What would Anthony do?”

    It either makes The Seer situation seem like fiction or gives King of Dramas a stronger sense of reality…

  11. 11 asianromance

    The moment I read the headline, I immediately thought of King of Dramas! Anthony would craftily finagle the money from his enemies (as seen in episode 9).

    I wonder if the production was expecting high ratings and getting their money to pay actors from advertisers and then ratings ended up being low…

    • 11.1 Femme

      The reason why I managed to read the entire article (or even click the link) because King of Dramas suddenly came to mind and I was wondering if the casts where like Kang Hyun-min. Hehehe! Seriously I was like, “Hah! Great Seer should be lucky if Anthony were around.”

  12. 12 crazedlu

    The frig? Whoa. Again. What WOULD Anthony do? Crazy how spot on that drama is.

  13. 13 Sabah

    I am half-thinking that maybe Anthony set this whole thing up just so that he could get higher ratings for his show, ‘Come and watch the real of reel!’

    Yes I know that I am mixing up planes of existence BUT they were blurred to begin with!

    • 13.1 thefunofit

      So true. MBC’s weirdness, this…it all feels like one giant dramaland plot to make KoD ratings higher.
      Maybe they really did coordinate it all. Maybe there’s a Han Go-Eun somewhere back there, writing herself and the producer she works with into a show, while the real-life Anthony machinates it into top ratings via large-scale conspiracy. Maybe Kyeonseong Morning is really King of Dramas re-titled, and the Gaksital references are just decoys. Maybe King of Dramas is just one giant Droste image, of a drama within a drama within a drama within a drama….

      • 13.1.1 Sabah

        Hehe. I like your style of thinking.

      • 13.1.2 DayDreamer

        LOL. The latest headlines will probably be something like….”King of Dramas makes viewers paranoid of every event in dramaland”

  14. 14 mtoh

    This happens in all professions no wonders. Hope it will work out for the best.

    Anthony would take a pill and go to the end of the world to be KING of dramas!
    He’s doing excellent job for now!

  15. 15 canxi

    Well….that’s what you get, producers. :/ Your bad.

  16. 16 Emma

    I hope nobody is going to lose their hand for that….

    • 16.1 xarden

      They don’t have a Kenji Hiroshi, the heir of Watanabe Group, as the investor of the drama. 🙂

    • 16.2 jomo

      That made me LOL, and hopefully not of the the real life things from KOD!!

    • 16.3 ilikemangos


  17. 17 orinji

    Any ‘King of Dramas’ followers here??
    (Im a Great Seer follower too)

  18. 18 DL Thompson

    I love that you posed the question “What would Anthony do?”

  19. 19 Carole McDonnell

    Wow, between The Great King’s Dream, The Great Seer, and an interview I listened to with Kenneth Lonergan about actors, scripts, producers, greed, hierarchy, and fame-addiction, I am seriously believing EVERYTHING I see in King of Drama. Except maybe that the mafia/yakuza produces dramas. Uhm….uh… maybe I should believe that as well, uh?

    • 19.1 Mystisith

      Mafia/yakuza producing dramas and movies: I know for sure it was the case in HK before the handover in 1997. In SK nowadays? Who knows…

      • 19.1.1 Annie

        In the mainland too. Remember Carina Lau’s abduction for refusing to do a movie? That was some scary $#%. I wouldn’t be surprised if Korean gangsters are also dabbling in movie distribution at the very least.

        But seriously, leaving behind the big named stars who I’m sure aren’t exactly hurting for money, how do the supporting actors even survive in such a cash-strapped environment? They’re the ones I really feel for.

        • momosan

          In the supporting actors episode of 1N2D where Lee Seung Gi was asked what advice Sung Dong Il had given him when they did Gumiho together. The answer was “make sure you get paid.”

      • 19.1.2 jomo

        I think that movie productions will take money from any source they can…Get Shorty is one movie that taught me that.

    • 19.2 Bee

      Don’t know about Korea, but at least in Japan, the Yakuza has connectioms to showbiz:

    • 19.3 ravens_nest

      If I remember correctly, a few years ago actor Kwon Sang Woo was embroiled in some Korean Mafia and Yakuza blackmail business. It actually does happen in real life. Probably more than we even realize.

  20. 20 Bravehart

    I like to watch the drama eventhough I feel theres not much thrill and action and too much scheming and bad politics. I watch it coz like Jisung in Saguek.

  21. 21 Bravehart

    What is going on with the K Networks where the heck is the money how do the actors tolerate no pay for so long. Seriously even YJaesuk file a complaint for no pay what the hell is going on I bet RM is getting alot of advertisement bec its so popular and top rated show of SBS even knocking down the rivals wheres the moneyyy is the money going in Somewhereelse pocket very weird

  22. 22 katiamon

    Darn, what a problem!!!! KoD inmediately came mind…. I wonder if any of the producers has approach a mafia boss requesting for a loan and giving his kidneys as collateral???
    Talking seriously, it’s terrible to know that people is forced to work for free so they have to go on strike… This news along with the cancellations on MBC are like warning signs that something is wrong in dramaland =S

  23. 23 DayDreamer

    Even before I got to the question, “What would Anthony do?” he was already on my mind from the title of the thread itself. I personally think even dramaland is getting “inspired” by King of Dramas. They’re probably like, “Look, now the world knows the kind of problems we have behind the camera. Maybe they will support us with full sympathy when we face such horrible situations like no pay, sponsors cutting us off, etc, etc.” To which I would say, “Hell yeah, fight the power.” All workers, (yes, even the actors are workers) need to take a stance for their rights. Maybe KoD will be the thing to ignite a revolution. That would actually be kinda cool…hopefully it will work out for the best too.

    • 23.1 Pinkeu

      KOD is everything! Satire at its finest!

  24. 24 Lilly

    Unions are all that actors really have to protect themselves against being used in any way anyone wants.

  25. 25 bjharm

    Well it hardly a new problem its been going on for years, and yes while you can say the ones who really suffer are the crew and supporting cast you also get big name victim as well one that comes to mind right away is Jung Da-bin who hung herself from depression and one of the factors towards that was delayed payment for her last TV drama, that caused financial worries with debts owned I think it was her mother the she had promise to pay off then found she couldn’t.
    Interesting some suggest gangster or criminal actions, when you think of it, the millions owed put in bank over two months would indeed bring in a nice sum in interest, I can really see korean producers seeing that interest money as their person ‘perk’…the longer that keep from paying it out..the more interest they get…lol just an idea

  26. 26 Ann

    I am also reminded of the union situation in the US. Those who complain about the unions sometimes forget that they have improved working life for millions of Americans. Unions are definitely not perfect, but workers need some power against corporations, who definitely do not have their best interests at heart.

    What would Anthony do? He would pay his people up front and then find a way to get the money even if he had to sell his fur collars!

  27. 27 John

    What a mess. First and foremost the actors need to get paid. I’ m enjoying the show and hope it survives this.

  28. 28 ailee

    omg omg omg more and more troubles in paradise. I guess it’s about time that everything is coming out in the open. nothing seems like it is. the more this kinda news emerging from the closet of doom, the less shocked I am. It just shows fame comes with a big price tag. Sometimes the reality will push the pretense off the edge anyways. It looks like it’ll stick around longer for this time around. Tough luck I’ll say.

  29. 29 Brenda

    How does their pay situation work? Are they supposed to get paid before they film, bi-weekly, monthly, or on an episode-to-episode basis?

  30. 30 Ethlenn

    It’s SBS afterall, please, anyone who didn’t see that coming, raise your hand.
    I wonder if they paid the cast for Bad Guy drama, cause I was reading same things 2 years ago.

  31. 31 anotheraddict

    Wow. After reading this post, do you know what I found to be the most shocking of all? The fact that a Korean Broadcast Actors Union even exists. I remember during the Han Ye Seul controversy, a couple of commenters asked if the actors had a union, but I didn’t see any references to their union at the time and so I assumed they didn’t have one. I could be wrong, but it seems like k-drama actors probably have the worst working conditions of any group of TV actors in the world. We all know how dangerous and unhealthy it is to be required to work 20+hrs. a day for extended periods of time– why can’t the union do something about that? How about the crew? Are any of them unionized?

    • 31.1 Orion

      Because the union is probably too weak and lacking actual power for it to force any change or then, even worse case scenario, the union was made by the very people who act as the godfathers of the industry, in an attempt to conceal the fact that no one’s rights really matter if they can’t bring the TV/Movie-mafia its dough.

  32. 32 mskololia

    It’s about damn time the actors stood up for themselves. No Pay. No play.

  33. 33 mysticmalady

    And the thin line between real and reel is blurred again. MINDBLOWNNN…and yes, what would Anthony do?

  34. 34 Arhazivory

    Heh. KOD is appearing so much in the comments.

    This really is a sad situation for actors who are trying so hard to on set. C’mon guys…..Anthony would’ve paid them first.

  35. 35 Mar

    If this is not unusual, with the global economy as it is, and Korean entertainment getting so popular, I imagine we are going to see more of the k entertainers standing up for themselves. I too was also surprised to hear there even was a union. As said previously in comments, unions bring their own set of problems but when an industry needs reform, it may be part of the process.

    This situation is bad for the show, but probably good for the industry workers in the long run. We all know there are problems, we just get so caught up in the glamor of it all and sucked into the dramas and forget this is a livelihood for these people. Remember those of us watching Faith thinking wtf why is everything so weird? We were just thinking about our viewing pleasure and not thinking about the working conditions really.

    We’ve all heard about the iv drips on sets and so on. Personally I often imagined entertainers in general not just in k drama do that because they don’t eat (calories) but then again we also have heard the k drama stories about the insanely long shoots. How many of us would be like “hell no bitches I need a sammie and a SoBe and a bed, I’m bouncing!”

    All that said, it would totally suck if stations started pulling a Hostess. I can definitely live without Twinkies (gross) but you deny me my happy making time with Lee Min Ho or Jung Il Woo or Hyun Bin (uh I’ll stop there don’t want to seem greedy) and shit is going to get real.

    • 35.1 jomo

      Somebody is making money, though, who is getting rich while others barely break even?

      Show us the money?

    • 35.2 mskololia

      DK, but I think a storm has brewing for awhile so you may want to look to your long list of Kdramas to catch up on in the interim.

      It seems like K-actors have been saddled with nationalism while sponsors and corporate execs became fat cats. I’d say let the actors overturn the applecart on this industry and unite against this form of slavery.

      • 35.2.1 Mar

        -“It seems like K-actors have been saddled with nationalism while sponsors and corporate execs became fat cats. I’d say let the actors overturn the applecart on this industry and unite against this form of slavery.”

        …..So now I’m envisioning Joo Won, Kang Ji-hwan and Sung Yu Ri, Choi Kang Hee, Jung Il Woo, Lee Jun Ki, Jo Yeo Jeong, and the actors and actress from the Suribang gang leading a k drama actors union fist pumping and shouting Aja! Fighting!

        • mskololia

          It just seems like they are guilt-tripped into accepting less than….After about three years of watching Kdramas and reading the various news sources, I find this plague troubling the industry, which is comprised of human beings working. This is the 21st C and the SK entertainment has arrived so actors should feel free to be more expressive about the poor work conditions and self-preserving.

          If this drama’s group of actors can lead others into not accepting non-pay and poor working conditions, why not? Some have tried and been ridiculed for leaving. Is it a start of a revolution? I have no idea, but I welcome it if they receive better care from their agents and networks.

          Hey, I don’t know what a “Suribang gang” is nor why some A-listers mentioned should lead it?

          • mary

            It might be a reference to the drama Hong Gil Dong.

          • Mar

            I guess my references were not as transparently obvious as I thought. All the actors/actresses mentioned portrayed rebels/fighters for justice in dramas. Suribang=Faith characters.

  36. 36 icednoodles

    In the back of my mind, I’m quietly hoping for this, and the abrupt show cancellations over at MBC, to be noted on King of Dramas, even if it isn’t an obstacle our heros have to overcome. Just a little mention of similar incidents would be great.

    I kind of feel like this should indirectly be wonderful publicity for KoD. Since, in my mind, if the drama wasn’t on my radar before, and with all of these BTS issues springing up, I’d be a little curious to see the workings behind the finished product.

    And obviously, Anthony would have paid the guys first. And then pulled them by their collars for the rest of the production, shutting up their complaints by citing the massive sums of money he had given them to work in his environment and put up with his madness.

  37. 37 loveydovey

    “what would anthony do?” the same thought popped up in my head!

  38. 38 ayuuri

    What is its similarity with drama Faith?
    Same thing happened as well? no pay?

    • 38.1 Mystisith

      Have you seen the drama with LMH? Well, now compare with what should have been produced:
      and there:
      There is like a discrepancy…

      • 38.1.1 ayuuri

        Ah so there was that… thanks!

      • 38.1.2 Mar

        Discrepancy. Way to be subtle lmao.

      • 38.1.3 canxi

        Wow, Faith with Kang Ji Hwan looks BOMB. I’m not gonna go near Lee Min Ho Faith, I believe. But Kang Ji Hwan Faith? I would have crashed into it.

        • linda

          Don’t you know? this previous version of Faith cost big trunk of its original budget and this version is too similar to Dr.Jin. If it is not Lee minho, Faith will never see the light.

          • Mar

            No doubt the original concept would have been epic. but I actually liked the newer plot, with the female lead being changed to the doctor. But the newer script got hacked and jacked during production.

          • canxi

            OK, I think I was misunderstood. I’m not saying I’m staying away from this because of Lee Min Ho. I love Lee Min Ho! But because Faith just doesn’t seem like my cup of tea with the direction it took. Maybe, I will check it out but…most likely not.

            I don’t think being too similar to Dr. Jin is a problem either. It looked like Choi took that Dr’s soul and then became a Dr himself so that’s a big difference right there and a really cool concept I could have sat down and watched. Also Dr. Jin was really bad,lol. Money, also not something I think would have been a problem since it seemed they were willing to spend that much in the first place.

            I like Kim Hee Sun as the doctor too, that’s cool. But the rest, like you said, not really into watching something get hacked and jacked before my eyes,lol.

        • Mar

          @Canxi, Yeah, unfortunately, whether valid are not, there were complaints from the Dr. Jin camp on the similarity, even tho Faith in it’s original concept had sat on the shelf for years. So they changed Faith because of Dr. Jin so they could move forward with the show. It wasn’t oh gee lets change it just because. The change was actually good as far as I am concerned making the female lead a more empowered and central character, they just didn’t execute it well to give it the epic scope, for whatever combinations of factors from time to budget, etc.

          • canxi

            I know they didn’t change it for no reason at all, but I didn’t really have an interest to begin with on this newer version and decided to follow news on it and some recaps and didn’t really like how it was going even with the more empowered Kim Hee Sun. Just my own personal preference.

      • 38.1.4 laraffinee

        Wow! That original trailer for “The Great Doctor” looks awesome! Way more interesting than what ended up as the “Faith” version.

    • 38.2 AuntieMame

      Yes, there were rumors about the cast and crew not being paid, even by the time Faith ended. Perhaps that was a reason for no wrap dinner, too.

      • 38.2.1 Qítko

        It is bad. After all they worked – and they worked many hours daily..

  39. 39 Porcelain

    Shit got real and really hit the fan!

    Hmm I wonder if any productions previously,currently and in future are going to “blame” KoD for “exposing” the real behind-the-scenes drama in producing a reel drama.

    Ok, do I even make sense but seriously, meta of the meta…

    It’s saddening with so much effort put in and the possibility of how things might turn out zilch… I hope all involved in the drama will find a satisfied closure or at least get them money where they were owned from.

  40. 40 DaDa

    The Great Seer has been a flop all around. I feel bad for the actors.

  41. 41 Toystar

    Wow KoD is spot on! Best of luck to all our Kdrama stars!

  42. 42 muahahahahahahahahahaha

    I feel so sorry for Korean actors and actresses. You work your ass off, and you are not always guaranteed of your pay.What’s worse, sometimes you can lose a job overnight just because your programme gets cancelled on a whim!

  43. 43 hot_saranghae

    This drama definitely cannot afford this kind of scandal since it hasn’t really been performing that well. I also had big expectations, but so far performance and story have been kinda middling, with little focus.
    What a pity!~

  44. 44 jigglybelly

    hahahah!!! “What would Anthony do?!” was my EXACT thought when i read the title!

  45. 45 kellie

    Correction: what would Ansonee do? I’ve long had a wallpaper desktop picture of Ko Hyun-jung with the line “What would Mishil do?” Now I guess I have to either replace it with Anthony Kim or put ’em together. They’re the two k-drama actors I’d most like to see paired anyway.

  46. 46 cg

    I thought about king of dramas as a reference while reading this 😀

  47. 47 h0ns

    this post and many comments in here which most of then mention King of Drama.. really make me want to start watching it.. *run to watch KoD*

  48. 48 nichola

    The producer of Great Seer should ask Anthony for advice on what to do ?? hahaha Anthony is the best

  49. 49 whitethorns

    hahhaha they are probably out of funds because they spent half of their money to the first 5 minutes of the show (reference to King of Dramas).
    Look for another investors perhaps?

    • 49.1 ilikemangos

      Or there’s a hyun-min afloat.

  50. 50 Quiet Thought

    This sort of thing is really a national disgrace for Korea. This is a product being being sold and broadcast around the world, but its finances and management are so primitive that a local hot dog stand owner would be ashamed of them. How on earth can someone put together a nationally broadcast TV series without enough credit in the bank to make a payroll? Are these companies run out of a shoebox kept in the trunk of someone’s car?

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