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IRIS 2’s main promo poster
by | December 26, 2012 | 68 Comments

The main poster is out for upcoming blockbuster sequel IRIS 2, and I’ll say this for the franchise: It sure knows its brand, ’cause it’s clinging to that concept like a second lead clings to his unrequited love, with little deviation. This isn’t anything we haven’t already seen before, from both the original IRIS and Athena, and in fact is so similar that I have the vague sensation that I’ve already seen this drama. Haven’t I?

That said, I think Jang Hyuk is a perfect fit for this kind of spy hero (although sigh at the Dumb and Dumber hair), and I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that Lee Da-hae proves to be a strong match, not just for him but as a fierce heroine. (By all accounts she and Jang Hyuk are friends, having worked together twice before, so I’m not worried about their chemistry.) I want to believe she can pull it off, even though she may not have the physicality to be convincing in the way of a Ha Ji-won or a Kim So-yeon. Admittedly, neither did Kim Tae-hee or Su Ae. But in terms of aura she feels appropriate — she’s plenty capable of intensity when she turns it on. Lee Beom-soo we can expect to be awesome, and Oh Yeon-soo has shown herself to be a pro at the steely types.

Casting-wise, the show is strong. But casting was never this franchise’s weakness, and it’ll be up to the writers to pull out a better story than either of the first two series. This season will continue three years after the end of IRIS 1, despite losing most of its main cast, and continues the conflict between secret organization IRIS and the agents of the NSS.

I really wonder whether the producers would’ve been better off going for IRIS 2 before attempting the spinoff angle with Athena, because it makes sense for a sequel to style itself just like the first. But by sticking a carbon-copy series in between (which flopped), now the aesthetic just looks tired. If they can pull off this series, my hat’s off to them. If not, I really really hope Taewon Entertainment can come to accept just letting go already. You gave it a strong effort — maybe you can try coming up with a second idea now?

IRIS 2 will premiere on February 13.

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68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bimbobunny


    Not sure how I feel about this but I’ll give it a chance ^^ I’m curious to see how Lee Da-Hae will be.

    • 1.1 bimbobunny

      Oh and LOL at the, “dumb and dumber hair”. I agree on all accounts with this statement.

      I wonder if they realise how ridiculous the outcome of the haircut is when heading to a barber shop. Hue.

      • 1.1.1 pabo ceo reom

        Totally with you…I can’t take his hair seriously! I also hope Lee Da-hae does well here since she’s way overdue for a good series.

  2. rainbow

    haven’t seen the earlier versions, so will try watching this…. 😉

  3. Ranter

    ’cause it’s clinging to that concept like a second lead clings to his unrequited love

    Haha…love this simile.

  4. Mystisith

    I’m not even going to try this: That deja vu feeling is too persistent. Wake me up once it’s over AND if it’s worth watching.

  5. aehyu

    if it wasn’t for the redundant plot I’d watch this, the cast looks great.

  6. MariD

    Who is the cutie on the top left corner???
    I’m still trying to finish Iris, while I love the action stuff & anything were my TOP shows up. The whole love triangle part kinda annoyed me.. But I’m only 5 episodes in.. I will probably have it done by February

    • 6.1 bimbobunny

      Ikr? At first I thought it was Lee Seung-Gi then I thought, ‘what? no way; he’s not even in this at all’ .-.

      • 6.1.1 naninoona

        it’s leejoon from MBLAQ! the group from Rain’s company JTune. he’s also the one who played the young Rain from Ninja Assassin. =)

    • 6.2 Lolas

      Its Lee Joon from Mblaq. I didnt even watch Iris, dunno if i would give this a try. Probably will only see cuts of Joon since thats the only reason i’m even interested in the drama ^^

    • 6.3 Mari

      Face palm!! I finally saw this poster in a large screen. Their names are next to their pictures… Sigh***

  7. Nallali

    Last time it was just 1 idol no? now i can’t even keep count! Oh well for their sake i hope they deliver…R97 style!

  8. Orion

    Dat Vulcan hair! It’s been driving me nuts ever since the first promos!

    As for ‘IRIS’, the first series was quite bad enough already. Between the villains completely lacking reason and motivation and the girls all acting like wusses thinking with their lady parts more than with their heads, it was pretty flawed character- and story-wise.

    You need more than good action to keep something going and making mostly every character besides the male lead a complete idiot, tool or emotional mess (or combination of those) does not work. I hope ‘IRIS2’ won’t go down that melo soapy path and just stick to being fun action. The first one took itself too seriously. It was like watching any romantic melo masked as action. Korea needs to learn how to let go of its soap-opera urges. Not everything needs a romance in it and melo. You can still have relationships AND romance without it being a cliché and turning the characters into unrealistic ones for their role.

    So, drop the melo and just do what you do good. Showing some nice ass-kicking and making your actors look cool. It’s honest and it works.

    Now, someone grab me an electric shaver and unleash me upon Jang Hyuk’s scalp. I have to save it!

  9. MariD

    Thank you! *runs to google Mblaq, to look at cute guy..

    • 9.1 Soo Won

      good luck! now u’ve got a looooooong way to go!!
      comes from an experienced fan! ^^

    • 9.2 Stéphanie

      You’ll probably stop by the shirtless photo for a while, be prepared xD
      And if you want to see how he is acting, try watch the MV This Is War.

  10. 10 KERA

    I think Korean are tired of their drama too, especially coming from the BIG 3 channels-that’s why most of the drama hard to get above 15% rating nowdays. Same plot everywhere.
    What a shame, with a high budget like this, I think they can use it to venture new genre drama, can hire the most creative inovative futuristic writer rather than use the money to blow hundred of cars.

    • 10.1 Annie

      Agreed about most of the bs coming from the big 3.

      It’s like the producers over there are thinking of how many possible ways they can mix birth secrets, noonas, and time travel before even ajhummas get tired of it. They need to go back to solid writing, relevant conflicts, and believable romances – y’know, ones that an audience can really root for.

  11. 11 Annie

    WTF did they do to Jang Hyuk?!

    And Lee Da Hae looks different. I don’t know what she did, but she does not look like herself.

    • 11.1 Mari

      Yes .. I know it’s been years since my girl, so a lot could be she’s aged. But I think she’s just had a lot of work done, so no her face looks odd and she looks older. Since plastic surgery is so used in SK, you would think the doctors who do it would be extremely good at it.

    • 11.2 bimbobunny

      Yeah I agree and I don’t want to say or result in saying anything with a certain thing that changes appearance. I hardly doubt it, but the change is somewhat a tiny bit radical.

  12. 12 xenni

    No Kim Seung Woo?:(

    • 12.1 Orion

      Have you watched the movie? It’s like they keep changing their mind about the ending.


      According to the ending of the movie, Kim Seung Woo should not be here. His character didn’t… well, let’s just say he’d need to pull a Jesus… XD

      • 12.1.1 xenni

        I didn’t get the chance to watch the movie…

        So basically KSW’s character is supposed to be dead? But, I thought that he’s gonna reprise his role for this sequel!

        • Orion

          I thought so too, but maybe it was wrong info? His character took several bullets to his chest/abdomen (by Kim So Yeon’s character, who was an IRIS member fooling us all along), so unless they all missed his organs and a doctor was nearby, I don’t see how he could have made it. Maybe he’ll be in some flashbacks?

          • Marti

            I think, judging from the teaser/behind the scenes video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8tgR3nol_4 at about 2:48 – there was a longer version but I can’t find it anymore), they’re null and voiding the movie because…well, I won’t spoil it, but who kills LBH in IRIS as revealed in the movie is shown to someone else.

            So! I *think* that means they’re scrapping the movie canon which is a blessing, I think, and we should get some KSW action (and he is in the “teaser” trailer, too) Now, if only Kim So-yeon would join the cast, too…

            …I’m really invested in the North Koreans of IRIS XD

          • Orion


            That is a very very cheap move. You scrap a movie, a part of your story, because you couldn’t get the casting right? And yes, it seems the sequel and movie have different shooters. That is extremely unprofessional and only goes to show they are bad at telling stories. And that they did the movie to cash in. I’m very disappointed in this.

            I actually thought it was good to do what they did with that character (the shooter in the movie). For an agent, the person seemed very weak during the series. Too easy and soft. I finally came to respect that person (even if as a villain) when the movie was over. Because at least they did prove talented and their behavior finally made sense in a realistic manner.

            I mean, they could have changed the shooter with some creative editing and “this is what really happened” tricks, if they couldn’t cast the person for the sequel. I also like the North team a lot (better than the South), but still find this a very amateurish move.

          • Marti

            @ Orion

            I couldn’t agree more. The film was a ridiculous idea to begin with – who thought editing 20 hours of a (detailed, intricate) drama into two hours was a good idea?! – but while I first hated the idea of The Shooter being, y’know, the shooter, I thought like you did. It showed they *did* have a backbone, and that the North Koreans actually were a feasible enemy.

            It was a similar situation with Ki-Soo in ‘Athena’, if you watche it – his character was played for laughs, despite the fact he was a high-ranking NK agent who actually defected and was on the run – or did he? They just painted themselves into a corner with the whole thing, to be honest.

            Here’s hoping the characters are treated well this time around. If not, I think they just need to stop.

      • 12.1.2 biankoy

        LOLed at the he need to pull a Jesus.

  13. 13 KERA

    Lee Da Hae character in Chuno is totally meh, boring and passive, but somehow it matches well with Jang Hyuk fierce strong characters. Sometimes science does work in dramaland ,Positively charged Jang Hyuk is repelled from other positively charged Sul Hwa (Kim Ha Eun), but attracted to negatively charged Lee Da Hae.

    • 13.1 aX

      Do you mean Kim So Yeon?

  14. 14 laos7

    Lee Da Hey(!!!!!)
    Is there something wrong with my eyes or the makers of the poster got something wrong…

    • 14.1 Soo Won

      haha! right! 😀

  15. 15 nabithoj

    I seriously did not recognize any of the leads until I continued reading the article. Only then did I scroll back up and go “Ohhhhhh…thay’s Jang Hyuk. And Lee Dahae looks like Ok JooHyun… o.O” ….

  16. 16 hanna

    Hmmmm Iris1 was tremendously perfect & really excited when i read the news for Iris2 but unfortunately when LDH’s name is on the list i doubt it anymore to watch this. Since the discrimation scandal i lost my interest to watch her again.

  17. 17 Acciovino

    Ok I hope his acting isn’t a train wreck, because Doojoon of Beast looks HOT!!!

  18. 18 cielo009

    Everyone in this poster looks dead tired specially Jang Hyuk, what have they done to him? Why? Why? Why?

  19. 19 GABANA

    Can’t wait to see Lee Da Hae transformation, beginning to love her after seeing her with Joe Cheng in Love Recipe. She’s so cute in this video


    and looks seductive in IRIS 2 teaser


    • 19.1 Arawn

      Is that a teaser or a car commercial? o_O

      • 19.1.1 Orion

        Both. XD I cringed too. Although, better get the product placement done early and not have to have characters model-rubbing themselves on cars in the actual series.

        • Arawn

          Now THAT I would gladly watch! Half nekkid, muscular men all covered in oil rubbing themself on cars… Ok, I’ll get my coat.

          • Orion

            And now I’ll never get that image out of my head. Also, make that foam. No need to rub oil on a car and it’s also a slipping hazard. Safety first. And nekkidness…

    • 19.2 Mari

      Is that the guy from “It started with a kiss”? Wow! He has aged really well! I need to watch this now..

  20. 20 KZ

    Haha at “dumb and dumber hair”. Now that’s all I’m seeing.

    • 20.1 aX

      I know right?


  21. 21 hana

    I don’t know about this … the previous IRIS dramas were really disappointing … and I’m not found of some of the casting.

    • 21.1 aX

      Is it wrong for me to wish that Im Soo Hyang will surpass Lee Dae Hee and with Jang Hyuk awkward hair, I wouldn’t mind her (ISY) pairing with Lee Joon! 😉

      • 21.1.1 GABANA

        nothing wrong with it, go have a dream. maybe the writer can change the script after reading your post. However you have to answer to all the sponsors what the reason to have ISY as heroin., and need to as Jang Hyuk too is he’s willing to change the partner. i think if MR HAND TOWEL is the lead, he will give you a BIG kiss for giving this idea.

        • aX

          Mr. Hand Towel?

      • 21.1.2 hana

        actually that would make a better plot .

  22. 22 aX

    Lee Dae Hee is a bit of a downfall for me. I wish Im Soo Hyang was the lead instead. I also wished Park Jiyeon was in here, too! And WTF is going with Jang Hyuk’s funky hair?

  23. 23 iatetoomuch

    Im Soo Hyang is a relative newbie with waayyy less experience and talent than LDH, so there’s no way she’s headlining this drama. This coming from a person who’s not a LDH fan. I notice that Im Soo Hyang’s agency is quite good at pushing her forward, from Tales of Gisaeng, that forgettable & horrible drama (can’t remember the name), Kim Sun Ah’s latest drama, and now this.

    • 23.1 aX

      Less experience, yes. But I’m looking at the acting aspect. 😉

  24. 24 sampire

    Jang Hyuk’s hair is sure funny.

    • 24.1 bimbobunny

      I don’t even know if he realises that it is to be quite honest. Hue.

  25. 25 Eliza Bennet

    Jang Hyuk is one of my favorite actors and “dumb & dumber” hair is such an apt description for what they did to him. Seriously I know he is more than a pretty face but this is too much.

    I like how the poster doesn’t focus on one thing.

    Lee Dae Hee is someone I truly loved in My Girl but never managed to get similar feelings for her in other things. She is very pretty.

  26. 26 venap

    I hope the writers go for something like Prison Break… full of twist and suspense.. not just gun shooting and bombs going off.. I haven’t watched a good action kdrama this year so I am holding my breath for this one since it’s a Jang Hyuk.. can’t wait… do they already have an airing date?

  27. 27 miley

    i watched the first few eps of iris 1 but stopped ‘coz it did’nt meet my expectation.i will watch iris 2 and give it a shot just for my fave jang Hyuk.he has a very good on screen chemistry with lee dae hee judging from their previous dramas,chuno and bad guy.hope for the best on this drama.

  28. 28 am

    I remember Joon on Running Man and he failed so hard. If his character dies early in the story, I wouldn’t be surprised hahaha

  29. 29 bishbash

    If I watch this, it’ll be coz of Lee Beom-soo.

  30. 30 HallyuFan32

    Doojoon…..that boy can do no wrong. and damn does he look good in a suit. i hope he licks his lips just once. then i’ll love the drama forever. lol.

  31. 31 Sajen

    I’ll watch for the awesome cast, on that note I order the cast to get together and make little babies of awesomeness to ensure a future of splendid actors for Korea

  32. 32 Carinne

    Haha~ the women look more badarse than the men all up in here (poster)!

  33. 33 Aliya

    Totally watching this, even if it’s just for the cast (ok Lee Joon in particular lol). I haven’t watched Iris 1 or Athena so i’m not afraid or reluctant to watch this..YAYY haha. Although I did hear about the problems in IRIS 1 and the trainwreck that was Athena..So I really hope this show doesn’t turn out like that ._.

  34. 34 meany

    i dunno but i fell that something missing in that poster oh ri8 our vic i know he not that great like his senior but really something misinggg

  35. 35 Songie

    They even used the same Kim Young Chul photo. O_O I will tune in for KSW!

  36. 36 dOng

    I just love this posters.

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