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Yoo Ah-in and Kim Hae-sook as mother and son
by | December 13, 2012 | 33 Comments

Is this the big thing lately — mother-son, father-daughter pairings? It sure seems that way in Chungmuro anyway, not that cute parent-child pairs will ever have me complaining. This time it’s Yoo Ah-in (Fashion King) and Kim Hae-sook (Thieves) in a new movie called Kkang-chul-ie, named for Yoo Ah-in’s character in the film, who looks after his mom who suffers from Alzheimer’s. It sounds like an upbeat story despite that, and well, just take a look at Kim Hae-sook in that sidecar and tell me that’s not the cutest thing ever.

The latest project from director Ahn Kwon-tae (Eye for an Eye, My Brother) stars Yoo Ah-in as Kang-chul, a young man who lives with his mom in Busan, and struggles to take care of the bills working odd jobs about town. Kim Hae-sook stars as Mom, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, but is single-minded in her love and devotion to her son. The problem starts when Kang-chul can’t afford the hospital bills for Mom’s treatments anymore, and has to turn to the mob. Oh dear.

Kim Jung-tae (Dream High 2) and Kim Sung-oh (Secret Garden) play a pair of mobsters and brothers to whom Kang-chul turns when he needs money. Something tells me this is going to be a funny pair of gangster brothers, just by casting alone. Lee Shi-un (Answer Me 1997) plays Kang-chul’s childhood best friend, and Jung Yumi (I Need Romance 2012) plays Kang-chul’s love interest, a young woman on a solo vacation to Busan, who meets Kang-chul and gives him some hope.

It’s a great cast and I really liked Yoo Ah-in as Wandeuki, and Kkang-chul-ie doesn’t sound too different from that kid. (I’m just going to pretend that Fashion King never happened. This land of denial is a happy place. Come, join me.)

Kkang-chul-ie plans to premiere in 2013.

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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cg

    yay for Yoo Ah-in and Lee Shi-eun šŸ˜€
    and ya…..let’s pretend that Fashion King never happened šŸ™‚

  2. Mawiie

    Oh I didn’t know that Yoo Ah In was in a new movie! He seems to like to play though kids, but he stole my (our?) hearts in SKKS as the resident bad boy so no complaint here hihihi

    So i’m not the only one in denial land about FK? I seriously cringed when i saw that it was that drama that you cited after his name LOL In my mind, it’ll be ‘Yoo Ah In ( Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Wandeuki ) xD

  3. queencircles

    Great cast! I hope it’ll be funny and upbeat despite the plot haha. Yo ah-in was wonderful in Wandeuki. I steered 100% clear of fashion king thankfully so its easy to pretend :-). I’ve loved every project I’ve seen him in lol.

  4. nadal-

    Waiting for it eagerly.
    Seems too exciting just by looking at the pictures.

    As you said, let’s ignore Fashion King.

    What is “fashion king”? I didn’t hear about it before, hahaha.

    • 4.1 lemonade candy

      is fashion king some sort of fish i can grill?

  5. Fab

    Aaaaawh sounds great! Haven’t seen Yoo Ah-in in anything this year, b/c I was wise enough not to watch FK when it was airing… It sucks that that drama sucked. However I do hope to see him in a decent drama soon.
    Kim Hae Sook makes one of the best mothers in the industry. ^^

  6. Strawberry Milkshake

    What’s Fashion King? I don’t recall hearing anything of that sort before… LOL!

  7. Annie

    Wow, Yoo Ah In looks a lot like Park Hae Jin in that first photo…

  8. jomo

    “(Iā€™m just going to pretend that Fashion King never happened. This land of denial is a happy place. Come, join me.)”

    Judging by the way, they ended it, I think that was the writer’s goal, cause seriously, SERIOUSLY? WTF?!

    Written by someone who watched the whole damn thing hoping against hope somehow it would be redeemed in the end.

  9. maldita

    I saw Kim Sung-oh’s picture and the first thing that came to my head was him whining “Sajangniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!” LOL

    • 9.1 Peeps

      Bwahahahahha!!! So I’m not the only one.

      And to think that Sajang-nim is already back from the clutches of the Korean Army.

      ~SaJang-niiiiiiiii~~~iiii~~~i~~~iiiiiim~ !!!
      *wiggle wiggle wiggle*

  10. 10 ulaspotamus

    i love YAI’s transformation from SKKS to Punch. “from a man to a boy”. rare transformation, unique indeed.
    and FK just F–K.

  11. 11 aoiaheen

    YAI! Oh drama please be good. I can’t wait to watch YAI. I couldn’t finish Fashion King because it really was quite boring and I was so disappointed with it.

  12. 12 crazedlu

    I’ve been camped in the land of denial ever since. Fashion what? Ha.

  13. 13 eeeeek

    ugh fashion king…

    so happy to see yoo ah in on a new project šŸ™‚

  14. 14 Noelle

    Love the cast! That one guy is in it as well… I really need to know/remember his name. He always seems to be in everything I like as a minor or random character thrown in either to make you laugh or your skin crawl. Is it Kim Sung Oh? He has the purtiest eyes ever.

    • 14.1 Alize

      i agree with you,really love his light brown eyes but i dont know his name,just love his acting in every dramas..:)

  15. 15 Betsy Hp

    Ooh, looks good!

    And yeah Fashion King… well, at least the issue wasn’t his acting. If you chopped it up into tiny little pieces and highlighted a few scenes here and there, why it’s practically palatable! šŸ˜‰

  16. 16 Bu Young

    We’re all going to pretend like Fashion king didn’t happen.
    It’s for the best

  17. 17 exquisitemelody

    Is there anyway to watch K movies online after they’ve been out for a while? or even legit ways to watch them subbed?

    • 17.1 Francesca

      Try dramacrazy

  18. 18 mellowyel

    The picture of Yoo Ah-in and Kim Hae-sook on the motorcycle is too cute.

  19. 19 Kaye

    Deny, deny, deny. Haha.
    Yay. This may just be YAI’s redemption.

  20. 20 Francesca

    I really really love YAI in Wandeuki. I just feel like hugging that boy in the movie. I hope this one will be just as warm-heart story as Wandeuki is! Fighting Yoo Ah In!!

  21. 21 leaf

    oooh i am so looking forward to this. i hope it will be a good movie because i love Yoo Ah-In. here’s to hoping that it will be like (or better than) punch. ^.^

  22. 22 asianromance

    Awesome! It’s like a gathering of all the quirky actors/actors-who-played-quirky-characters.

  23. 23 canxi

    I still love you, Yoo Ah In. No matter how many Train-Wreck Kind dramas you do at least I know you’re acting will still be perfection and so will your face! šŸ˜€

    This seems cute. And woah! Jung Yoo Mi! On a role being cast alongside my favorite people!! She’s cast as Kim Nam Gil’s love interest in a move too (not to mention Eric, Gong Yoo, Lee Jin Wook–all from before). Where do I swap lives with her? Is there, like, a check-out point?

  24. 24 Fashionmint

    i dunno a thing about What ..FASHION KING ?

  25. 25 nonski

    great… and should be a good come back for Ah In after that “drama”.

  26. 26 Aya

    Kim Hae-sook, the mother of all in kdramaland

  27. 27 Lady Seoul

    Cool, but not for me who has to wait a few months for it to release online with English subtitles. haha

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