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Hong Soo-hyun up for Queen In-hyun role
by | January 19, 2013 | 50 Comments

Casting continues on SBS’s upcoming Jang Ok-jung, Live For Love, the drama reimagining the life of notorious royal concubine Jang heebin that has cast Kim Tae-hee in the title role. With the traditional villain role being made the protagonist of the story, perhaps there’ll be a twist on the usual heroine in the tale, the good-natured Queen In-hyun who fell victim to Jang heebin’s ambition. That’s the role being offered to Hong Soo-hyun (History of the Salaryman), which would be her second time playing real-life royalty after her turn as Princess Kyung-hye in The Princess’s Man revitalized her career.

According to Hong’s representation, she is currently considering the role favorably. I have no idea whether this drama will give Queen In-hyun a different dimension, though I don’t doubt Hong is up for it. The show will depict Jang as a Joseon-era fashion designer, a descriptor I find pretty inadequate: Will she be a sweet fashion designer or a murderous, power-hungry one? The scant descriptions about this drama are driving me a little crazy, because they promise a lot yet tell you nothing. The well-known story is plenty dramatic as it is and has been explored in lots of dramas and films already, so I expect this Jang Ok-jung to do something different. The producers just aren’t telling us how. Not yet, at least.

In any case, Hong Soo-hyun should be pretty fantastic as Queen In-hyun; she’s proven she can play commanding, vulnerable, haughty, sweet, and scheming. Any or all of those qualities should make for an interesting queen who gets tossed to the side by her king (Yoo Ah-in’s still considering that role) and is eventually reinstated. I’d say the only problem would be that she’d totally blow Kim Tae-hee out of the water. And while I find Kim Tae-hee totally endearing as a celebrity, she doesn’t really need any help from dynamic co-stars to make her own acting look dispassionate.

Jang Ok-jung will air on Mondays and Tuesdays after Yawang ends in March.

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50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Yoori

    Thats funny, she was in Queen In-hyun’s Man last year! I think shes a great choice!

    • 1.1 twobicycles

      I don’t think Hong Soo Hyun was in Queen In-Hyun’s Man :s

      I loved her in Lie to Me though

      • 1.1.1 bd

        Ugh, couldn’t stand HSH in LTM – but then again, pretty much the entire cast was overacting – so I lay that on the horrible script.

        Thinks HSH would do great as Queen In-hyun (assuming the script is good).

        Also, I wouldn’t totally write of KTH – while she was pretty lacking in her previous roles, she did a good job in “My Princess” – not only was she endearing and hit the comic bits right on (which is harder than you think), she hit all the right notes when it came to the emotional/crying scenes – more believable than what the lead actresses did in “Secret Garden”, ‘Big”, “Rooftop Prince”, etc.

        So – we’ll see if MP was a one-time anomaly or if KTH has indeed improved as an actress.

        • iatetoomuch

          she hit all the right notes when it came to the emotional/crying scenes – more believable than what the lead actresses did in “Secret Garden”, ‘Big”, “Rooftop Prince” >>> let’s agree to disagree

          • bd

            Well, I was either bored or on the verge of laughter (due to how bad it was) when it came to the crying scenes in the others.

      • 1.1.2 JO

        I loved Hong Soo Hyun in Princess’s Man. She was amazing in that role. I think she is a prime example of an actress who worked her way to maturity. I remember seeing her in a daily drama and she was tired and borrrinnggg. Only recently have I seen her amp her game up. I absolutely agree about the possibility of Kim Tae Hee being outshined by her co-stars.

    • 1.2 Tim

      She wasn’t in that show.

    • 1.3 bd

      “The Princess’s Man” is a diff. series than QIHM.

    • 1.4 Lizan

      She was on Princess Man. I don’t think she was on Queen In-hyun’s Man. 🙂

  2. ElainesTale

    omg isnt yoo ah in abit to young to be husband to these 2 beautiful ladies? ah what the hell.. i can never complain about eye candy. EXCITED.

    • 2.1 Annie

      I’m thinking his role will be kind of minor and I’m pretty sure both Queen In Hyun and Jang heebin were 1 – 2 years older than Sukjong. I think the production wanted someone with name recognition but without the clout to demand a bigger role.

      • 2.1.1 Annie

        Oops, nvm – Queen In Hyun was 6 years younger than King Sukjong. Ah well, In Hyun will be an important role so I’m glad they got an experienced actress for it.

  3. akikisetsu

    I hope Kim Tae Hee takes this time preparing hard for her role. Previous works have always emphasized the epic “battle” between the two ladies. And Hong Soo-hyun is miles apart in her acting, she’s gonna be swallowed alive. Kim Tae Hee is surely pretty but her acting is really subpar, utmost.

  4. Daisy

    How old is She?

    • 4.1 Tim

      Same as Kim Tae Hee 1980

  5. snow_white

    Yoo Ah In is still considering?? I thought he has been confirmed for the role….

    • 5.1 Rachel

      According to Dramabeans’ most recent article, YAI was still considering the role.

  6. Sophee

    Ok now i’m interested… I’ll definitely watch it with just for her., and it’s not like i’m not going to watch with yoo ah in there :)) Now I’M EXCITEEEEEDDDS!!

  7. melonlord

    YAY for Hong Soo Hyun in a sageuk again! Loved her so much in TPM. But with Kim Tae Hee as the lead..hm not excited for that.. Ah well hope the drama turns out well. Can’t wait!!

  8. Francesca

    I love her in The Princess Man! Now I’m so exciteddddd with this drama! Hopes it’ll be a good one!

  9. The Real CZ

    Two hot women, I definitely have to watch this drama.

  10. 10 kfangurl

    I thought she was amazing in TPM & quite a riot in Salaryman! I’d love for her to sign on for this, but I have to agree that her presence won’t do Kim Tae Hee any favors. Pretty as that girl is, she really can’t act >.<

  11. 11 Annie

    She should be the lead. I read that JOJ is supposed to have a Bu Bu Jing Xin feel so I’m guessing it’ll be Mary Sueish. Let’s see if Kim Tae Hee has what it takes to lead a drama without popular costars – I say not.

  12. 12 jat

    she is sooo pretty I like her acting

  13. 13 Maricel

    I loved her in TP M, far more than MCW….Her character and the interpretation she gave were perfectly powerful and frail at the same time. I would like to watch her in a similar role again.

    Kim Tae Hee is not a good actress, but for some reason she kept me watching her works, i don’t think she’s going to improve after all these years. Eventhough i still hope she can be acceptable in her role. I will watch her, because she is pretty and charming and she can attract my the attention, the same as she does with the korean public.

    • 13.1 Rachel

      Same here! I hope KTH can prove herself just enough, especially with HSH acting alongside her.

  14. 14 Ace

    Oh no! She’ll kill the role and like Kim Min-seo in TMTETS, she’ll walk all over the lead’s role unless KTH steps up. Oh well, I like KTH better than Han Ga-in anyway.

    • 14.1 pogo

      She was amazing in The Princess’ Man, and I totally agree with the Kim Min-seo parallel (another actress who always seems to do better than the lead actresses of shows she’s in – she killed it in Sungkyunkwan Scandal too)

      • 14.1.1 Wilda

        Kim Min Seo and Hong Soo Hyun same agency Keyeast Entertainment

  15. 15 lenrasoon

    aww i wished she was the lead for a change, but now i’ll definitely watch this drama, i’m looking forward to see her Queen In-hyun

  16. 16 bu-young

    Love Hong Soo-Hyun! Ever since salary man, I’ve been trying to keep up with her and Jung ryeo won

  17. 17 becca_boo

    Yay! I’m glad to see her coming back to sageuk-land – it suits her so well. I am, however, a little concerned about typecasting. This will be the second time she’s played deposed royalty, after all. Still, can’t wait to see her in a sageuk again!

  18. 18 Qass

    I swear she will outshine Kim tae hee..
    Before this, i don’t have any intention to watch this drama, but if she takes this offer, i will watch for her..

  19. 19 Danna

    Just as I was thinking, that I’d not be watching this show, they cast someone I love….why dramagods?….now I hope YAI accepts his role, even though he is much younger than HSH, I think he’d have good chemistry with HSH….’course I’d be happiest if this were Jung Gyu Won

  20. 20 mia

    I almost cld’nt recognize Hong Soo-Hyun….like Jung Ryeo Won, her cheeks have definitely filled up some ! Still charmingly sweet looking though ! Both Hong and Jung are 2 of my fav actresses …..can’t have enough of them. Will certainly watch this drama !

  21. 21 shailee

    I loved her in the princess man. But umm too ah in as the king? ….um not so sure if its right for him =/
    he was great in skks but sucked in fashion king

  22. 22 UJ

    I love Hong Soo Hyun… She was my favorite character from The princess’s man… So I am happy to hear about her possible casting… Abt Kim Tae Hee… The maximum reaction that you can elicit from me for her is a meh… But the biggest problem i have with the casting is Yoo Ah In… I know i must in the minority of minorities, but i actually don’t get the hype about him… I never found him to be exceptional… Not even in SKKS… Song Joong Ki was the star for me there… So I am really not sure how i feel abt his casting… Plus he is quite young as compared to both the leading ladies… I would much rather love to see a more experienced actor playing the role of the king… But then again it’s my opinion you are free to disagree with me ^^

    • 22.1 Kiara

      Sukjong is minor compared to the 2 queens. I would careless who plays the king.

      • 22.1.1 Annie


    • 22.2 Francesca

      He’s a good actor. Just watch Wandeugi/Punch (movie). I love him there 🙂

  23. 23 Chrissie

    I like her even though I couldn’t finish TPM. About KTH, I uber love the girl though I agree she’s not really a good actress but I’ve seen worse. Just watch the female lead in May Queen *shivers*

  24. 24 anna rhea

    i think if she accept this role it would be her third time playing a real life royalty because the first time she done it is in KING’S WOMAN where she played the second queen of King Seonjo the father of Prince Gwanghae

  25. 25 anna rhea

    She played Queen Inmok second queen of King Seonjo in the King’s Woman

  26. 26 Ga-eul

    Reads that Hong Soo Hyun will most likely return to TV soon:
    Me: YES!! She’s back!

    Realizes that she’s considering KTH’s Jang Ok Jung sageuk favorably:
    Me: …no. Just no. This is bad for KTH as well. HSH is going to outshine her in every scene. Yikes.

  27. 27 Steamy Bun

    Love her. : ) I hope this drama’s good for her sake. It will be nice to see her play royalty again! (Although hopefully seeing her in a hanbok won’t bring me traumatizing flashbacks of her storyline in The Princess’ Man. *sob*)

  28. 28 nova611

    nowadays i heard queen in hyun..i think of yoo in na

  29. 29 irish law

    Gooosh I wish Hong Soo Hyun is the leading actress!! The role seems more perfect for her than Kim Tae Hee. PShe’s such an underrated actress. But I hope there’s twist for this drama and Kim Tae Hee can bring her best effort coz she might be overshadowed by Hong Soo Hyun if Queen In Hyun’s character is also well written in the screenplay.
    I’m in for Hong Soo Hyun (and Yoo Ah In if it’s official).

  30. 30 Dix

    She was the lead in Goodbye Wife. Decent drama but a bit boring toward the end.

  31. 31 Mini

    oh! history of the salaryman lady! cool~

  32. 32 Songie

    I miss HSH! I loved her in “The Princess’ Man” and adored her more in “Goodbye, Dear Wife”. I want to see her in another leading role, she’s such an endearing actress.

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