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Kim Hyun-joo headlines JTBC’s sageuk War of the Flowers
by | January 17, 2013 | 20 Comments

With the success of Childless Good Fortune buoying JTBC’s roster, they’re not wasting any time lining up their next weekend drama: They’ve announced Dark History: War of the Flowers, which has cast Kim Hyun-joo in the lead role playing a Joseon-era femme fatale. The drama is a sageuk and comes from the team who gave JTBC one of its earliest hits, Queen Dowager In-soo, so you can bet expectations are heightened for War of the Flowers.

Kim Hyun-joo has played a lot of types of characters in her career (recent dramas include Dumb Mom, Twinkle Twinkle), but I still associate her with a gentle sort of acting style, so this may be a big change for her. She plays a concubine of King Injo, Lady Jo, who was born into the lowest class but won Injo’s favor using her beauty and her wiles, and turned into a seductress who kept the king under her thumb. She played a key role in fracturing the relationship between Injo and his son, Crown Prince Sohyeon.

Usually these dramas take forever to release all their casting news, dropping one tidbit at a time, but this one seems to be going for the all-in-one-shot approach: Chae Jung-ahn (Queen of Reversals, Coffee Prince) has also signed on as Lady Kang, the crown princess and wife of Sohyeon. Ah, so their antagonism will probably fuel much of the drama.

Jeon Tae-soo (It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl) is onboard playing Lady Jo’s lover. So she’s got a king wrapped around her finger, a son-in-law to alienate, a daughter-in-law to battle wills against, and a little sump’n-sump’n on the side too? This lady has balls.

Cast as King Injo is Lee Deok-hwa (May Queen, History of the Salaryman), while Jung Sung-woon (Dong Yi) will play Sohyeon. Jung Sung-mo (God of War) will play Kim Ja-jeom, a well-known politician and Confucian scholar.

War of the Flowers will replace Childless Good Fortune and takes to airwaves in March.

Via Joy News, Star News


20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Annie

    Man, the male cast leaves a lot to be desired (except for the always awesome Lee Deok Hwa – I’ll forgive him for May Queen because the man’s got to eat) but I guess that’s to be expected when the guys are basically playing bit parts.

    As for the subject matter, I think a much awesomer actress than Kim Hyun Joo is necessary to make one of the most ambitious and scheming women in Korean history even remotely sympathetic, a la Go Hyun Jung with Mishil. Yeah, King Injo was a total dick, but Lady Jo was pretty awful and I think sometimes fusion sageuks go a little far in terms of ignoring basic characterization in favor of romantic hijinks, faux melodrama, etc.

    I don’t think I’ll be watching.

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      Maybe it was just me but I read the title too quick as Kim Hyun-joong in a sageuk. Not kidding, I kinda panicked.

      But anyhow, I agree with you on Kim Hyun-joo. She is ok to me on a good day and meh on a bad, so I won’t particularly tune in for her.

      • 1.1.1 Rachel

        LOL. Same here with the misreading of the title.

    • 1.2 canxi

      What? Did you not like May Queen? lol, I enjoyed it more than I thought though his character was ugggggh D’X

      I feel what you’re saying about the saeguk. On the other hand this is a cable drama so it’d be cool if they shirk that off and make her a super-B! I mean it already sounds like it. One does not just simply try to control a king for shits and giggles! I watch Game of Thrones…I know how these ladies operate.

      • 1.2.1 Annie

        I started out liking May Queen but I got frustrated as the plot kept circling around the azimuth thruster and a love square from hell.

  2. Nano

    I always thought Chae Jung Ahn as a mediocre actress, but maybe that’s because of the characters she usually plays in dramas.

    But I like the idea of her playing the intelligent Crown Princess. I just hope she doesn’t become characterized as a weak princess against the scheming Lady Jo.

  3. djes

    ah Jeon Tae Soo is active again!

    not my cup of tea, but the description of the drama is interesting.

  4. iatetoomuch

    wuuutttt… 36!!! they look the same throughout the years. i genuinely thought they were late 20s or very early 30s

    • 4.1 Annie

      I think they look their age. Chae Jung Ahn was just in the news for having a suspiciously swollen face while attending a wedding so I’d say her youthful looks aren’t exactly natural. Not judging, just making an observation.

    • 4.2 Laurita

      Auch, I also thought how young both of the actress looked…

  5. snow_white

    Kim Hyun Joo is so adorable….I liked Chae Jung-ahn in coffee prince….
    the plot also seems interesting…..so i might give this a try….

  6. CAnjell

    Love Kim Hyun-joo. She is 34 (born in 1979).

    • 6.1 Annie

      On Daum and Naver, it says she was born in April 1977.

      • 6.1.1 Mai

        This is her correct age. She was born in 1977. I believe it was last year or so that she came out that she was really a year older than what was listed (1978).

  7. Ben

    Wow, she looks stunning.

  8. anais

    Jeon Tae Soo looks soooo yummy!

  9. canxi

    Oh, it’s Ha Ji Won’s brother! At first I said to myself that his is a new face but then I googled him and thought “he looks kinda familiar”, now I know why, lol. Family resemblance. I like that their names are separate. Won’t be calling him “Ha Ji Won’s brother” ever again,lol.

    Also haven’t seen Kim Hyun Joo since “Partner” with Lee Dong Wook. Yeah…I can see her as a seductress for some reason. Yup.

  10. 10 KHJ

    Kim Hyun Joo was very good in ” Land” as a woman who sake for money and power, so I can totally see the evil Kim hyun Joo in this one, OMG Joen tae soo will play her lover, OMGGGGGG *shipping* But the king is too OLD for her.
    also cant wait for the battle between Kim Hyun Joo and Chae Jung ahn since they are the same age. also friends in the past for something like that

  11. 11 kamotegurl

    excited for this!!!! really like kim hyun joo! this time a different character for her, femme fatale kim hyun joo hmmmm ..something to look forward too!..

  12. 12 JY

    Looking forward to KHJ unnie’s next project! Really loved Dummy Mommy and Twinkle twinkle! Watching her older dramas now! 😀
    I think this drama would be the key to showing a different perspective of her for the storyline seems rather intense! Guess she switched sides? 😀

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