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Chae Jung-ahn in the Hot-Blooded Salesman
by | September 22, 2009 | 29 Comments

Finally, news of a new KBS weekend drama! (The historical series Iron Empress has occupied the slot for many months, and is finally heading to its close. I, for one, am happy to see another contemporary offering take its place.)

The show to take that prime-time slot in October is called Hot-Blooded Salesman [열혈장사꾼], and stars Chae Jung-ahn (Cain & Abel, Coffee Prince), Park Hae-jin (East of Eden), and Choi Chul-ho (Partner, Queen of Housewives).

The story is set in the world of car dealerships and sales. In the drama, Chae Jung-ahn plays a car dealer who is so successful that she is called “Goddess Kim”; she may seem elegant on the outside but harbors (naturally) pain on the inside. Park Hae-jin also plays a car salesman.

The topic makes me think of the sleazy image car dealers have in the States (and brash comedies like The Goods), but this project is described as being a drama with a human touch that still takes a serious look at this world and the fierce competition within it. A source from the production explained, “On the outside the story is about car sales, but you could also say that on the inside it’s a story about life, and as the main character Ha Ryu [Park Hae-jin] matures and progresses, you’ll root him on and be able to be cheered by this drama.”

With the director of Kingdom of the Wind (Ji Byung-heon) at the helm, I’ll be expecting strong visuals; he said, “I want to make a drama that will encourage the people who are hanging in there in these difficult times.” On the story front, this is another adaptation taken from the work of Park In-kwon, the creator of the manhwa War of Money, on which the SBS drama was based, as well as the original Hot-Blooded Salesman manhwa.

Hot-Blooded Salesman premieres on October 10.

Via Chosun, KBS


29 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. din

    so why is chae jung ahn yielding a katana again? haha.

  2. janna

    yeah what’s with the pictures.. are they from the show?

  3. cecee

    what does the sword got to do with the storyline? It does not make any sense to me but she looks good! lols

  4. kitty

    I almost thought it was a new historical drama because of that katana she’s wielding! I haven’t seen Chae Jung-ahn and Park Hae-jin in action, but the pictures look good.

  5. Reese

    Lol, now that is something I would watch. Looks cool and I don’t recall a drama storyline with it focusing on car salesmen/women. I hope its good.

  6. elisa

    yeah hae jin! fo loveeeee 😀
    and chae jung ahn is as pretty as ever…why she is holding a sword i have no idea

  7. celestialorigin

    Sounds promising!!!

  8. Mona

    What’s up with the sword? Some fantasy sequence in the show?

  9. doug

    Maybe she’s selling Cutlasses and Le Sabres

    yuk yuk.

  10. 10 nycgrl

    ^ haha! I think only a guy would make that joke.

    I’m going to check it out if only to find out why she is is wielding the sword.

  11. 11 Biscuit

    Sword = Buy my cars or die.

    Or it could just be her hobby to get rid of her “pain” that she harbors.

    Oh well, the show seems interesting, but not that exciting.

  12. 12 bebo

    hmm, i think i might pass on this one. a drama about car salesmen? how very…random! 😛

  13. 13 etsy

    Why is she holding a sword?!

  14. 14 asianromance

    when i saw chae jung-ahn with the katana, i thought it would be a kill bill sort of deal! i hope they will release more details about the story as time goes on!

  15. 15 Carolyn

    Lol @ katana-wielding, emotional-mask-wearing car saleswoman.

  16. 16 LadyIgraine

    Probably a mise-en-scene, like a visual imagination of chae jung ahn as a car saleslady. I wanna see the drama, Empress Chun Chu was too long!

  17. 17 starry

    Yay 🙂 Chae Jung Ahn is finally in a drama again. I liked her in Coffee Prince, even though I know there were some criticisms on her acting. She does pull off the elegant look very well, so I’m interested in seeing how she will portray the internal pain.
    This drama reminds me of the various Hong Kong movies about car dealers which also doubled as drug dealers. I wonder if it might turn into something like that….^^

  18. 18 anna

    It’s funny how they always give an “excuse” for their outer personality. She’s a B, but deep down she has a heart of gold ..kind of thing. It doesn’t really help that 80% of their screen time is showing us their bithcy side. lol

    That’s what I get of her character from the pictures only though. There were some on soompi. She appears way too arrogant.

  19. 19 Kobe

    Best looking car sales person ever.

  20. 20 belleza

    Forget Queen Seon Dok; I’m all about Queen Hyundai!!

    Ugh. Even if this is an adaptation of a Park In-kwon manhwa and even if this is a semi-realistic adaptation (and I’m glad Park Hae Jin has officially become a lead), I just can’t watch carsalesmen. It’s like watching Jumong: Prince of Strippers.

  21. 21 eljay

    @9 Doug

    “Maybe she’s selling Cutlasses and Le Sabres ”

    *LOL* … almost snorted my sip of water all over my keyboard!

  22. 22 bobbie

    I’m so glad to see Park Hae Jin get a leading role. He was the only good thing in EOE, and I love him in Family Outing. Is the new drama going to clash with his Family Outing schedule?

  23. 23 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @9 doug

    LOL!!! that’s a good one! ^-^

  24. 24 sawol

    HAE JIN~!

  25. 25 Shay

    Yes, with Hae Jin in here, I’ll definitely check this one out.

  26. 26 Sogba

    i would like to watch this

  27. 27 krlover91

    YAY!….I cant wait for this drama to come out….I love park hae jin and so glad he’s a main character in this drama, even better is that they choose a pretty girl for the female lead too so in conclusion, Im anticipating this drama!!!<3

  28. 28 baixiaohua

    i dont know why but i just DOnt like the min daehee character..she’s blunt..so i’ll really hate it if park hye jin ends up with her in the drama….might as well choose kim jaehee as the one since at least she is sleek and way prettier.

  29. 29 amin molaei


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