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Running Man: Episode 127
by | January 13, 2013 | 60 Comments

Time to kick off the new year with the Running Man cast and four idol boys who come to join in on the fun. They’ll need to use their noggins to figure out who the Snake is as they run around making a fresh start for themselves. If this is the kind of hilarity we’re going to be served every Sunday, then it’s sure to be a bright year ahead.

EPISODE 127. Broadcast on January 06, 2013.

Morning breaks in Busan and Mr. PD instructs early riser Jae-suk to give his New Years greetings to the audience. Jae-suk does so in a still-sleepy, groggy voice, complete with a deep bow.

As for this morning’s mission, the boys will choose whose team they’d like to join: Ji-woo or Ji-hyo. The staff ask Ji-hyo who’d she like on her team and she answers, “As long as it isn’t Haha.”

The decision is far from easy – do you choose your longtime cast member or the actress you deceived yesterday? For Jae-suk, the answer is Ji-woo.

Kookie must have taken some kind of aegyo energy drink this morning as the camera PD asks off-screen, “What’s with him this morning? What’d you feed him yesterday?”

Poor Ji-hyo looks all lonesome in her room all by herself but never fear – Gary’s voice rings outside. Ji-hyo looks relieved though she’s busting a gut. Gary steps inside and tells her, “We’re making a fresh start in 2013!”

Is that a couple wave dance? Cute.

The other boys are starstruck at Ji-woo’s bare face and I love it how Ji-woo automatically scolds Haha, “Why are you here?”

Everyone gathers outside and Mr. PD explains that there are a few extra guests to balance out the uneven team division. Currently, these guys are hiding in a life-size pouch, chattering their teeth in the freezing cold, “Why is it so cold? Why are they talking so much?” Ha.

And 2013 really does start out with a bang as we get four idol boys today. Returning guest, Jung Yong-hwa with his CNBlue bandmate Lee Jong-hyun, Simon D (Supreme Team), and Lee Ki-kwang (B2ST).

Ji-hyo bows in gratitude for her New Years surprise and Ji-woo immediately gripes towards her teammates, “Why did you come [join me]!”

Ji-woo doesn’t even try to hide her disappointment at the missed opportunity (I mean, can you blame her?) and the boys defensively cry out that they can look just as good as the idol boys do. They protest, “Let us get our makeup done too!”

Today’s F4 is here because they all hail from Busan (apart from Ki-kwang, who’s from Gwangju) and the boys joke that Gary looks like the boys’ manager. In fact, they disagree that Simon D is a F4 at all, “If Gary isn’t there, then Simon D looks like the manager!”

Simon D defends that he’s still in his 20s to which Kwang-soo cries that he’s still young too. The look of genuine shock on Ji-woo’s face is priceless. Couple Kwangvatar‘s age with the fact that he’s good buddies with Song Joong-ki (both 1985-ers) and her face reads, No way…

Haha asks why they don’t have any female guests today and Ji-woo bursts, “I’m right here! Is that not enough?!” Omg, I could watch her spit fire all day.

2013 marks the Year of the Snake and today’s race is entitled the Chinese Zodiac Race. Everyone will assume a different zodiac sign and the goal is to eliminate the Snake. The clues in today’s mini-mission games will help the team members find out who that is.

No one knows who it is, so the teams make guesses on how they’ll identify the Snake. Gary postulates that whoever it is, they’ll work extra hard to win so that no one else picks up a clue. In the other car, Suk-jin rests assured because they’ve got Spartakooks on their team.

Yes yes – but what if HE’S the Snake?

The teams playfully banter in Busan satoori by the seashore prior to the start of their first mission. It’s a relay race where they’ll need to piggyback the other team’s female teammates. Yong-hwa looks positively excited in Ji-woo’s presence, “It’s a celebrity!”

It’s the ladies’ job to make the piggyback experience a living hell for the other team, but how can you when Yong-hwa calls you ‘Noona’ ? Ji-woo blushes.

HA – and then Yong-hwa cries out the famous Stairway to Heaven quotes, “[True] love comes back!”

Ji-hyo’s simply amazing. She hangs her legs and kicks the back of Haha’s knees to buy her team some time. Then she covers Kwang-soo’s eyes and shouts out orders and leads them… into the sea. HAHAHA.

For the other team, poor Simon D is completely exhausted and Ji-woo is so tall that Ki-kwang panics for a second, “Wait, why can’t I lift you up?!”

It’s down to Jong-hyun versus Jong-kook and the ladies do their best to stall the guys. Ji-woo falls off of Jong-hyun’s back while Ji-hyo yaannnks on Jong-kook’s hair.

Because Ji-hyo’s so uncooperative, Jong-kook shifts his position and carries her like cargo, so the Ace pulls out her last card… and pinches him, mere inches to the finish line.

Did… Ji-hyo just throw Jong-kook off of her? Dying. of. laughter.

Jong-hyun is completely spent by now and his teammates roar about how the former judo champion can’t even move the Hallyu star six more inches past the finish line. So the boy gets on his knees, begging for her help. Ji-woo’s like, “[My heart] wants to!”

He musters up the last bit of his strength and then carries Ji-woo past the finish line.

Ji-hyo’s teammates, who now affectionately call her ‘Leader Song’, scratch their heads at their first hint: Kim Yuna.

Yong-hwa guesses that the clue might be about him because he recently mentioned that the figure skater was his ideal woman. But then the others are like, “We’re fans of her too!” Maybe not so much then.

Gary on the other hand, wonders, “Is it someone that Kim Yuna likes?” Yong-hwa: “Me!”

There’s something strange going on in the tiny village of their second mission location. Dozens of ajusshis and ajummas roam the streets dressed in tan-colored coats and hats.

Each team will designate a “Yogurt Goddess” and the first team to take off the rival goddess’ hat will be the winner. Ji-hyo’s team starts to strategize and decide on Ki-kwang, who looks mighty pretty with his pink lipgloss.

Ji-hyo starts to berate the boys as Yong-hwa and Simon D joke around with the afro wig. But she can’t help but burst out laughing the very next minute – Gary in that same wig, spittin’ out rhymes.

Looks like Suk-jin is the Yogurt Goddess for the opposing team as he’s flanked by two staff members.

As for the others, they’ll need to throw their empty yogurt bottles into a bin before they can head out. It should come as no surprise that this task is harder than it looks and they down bottle after bottle after numerous rounds of failed attempts.

How cute is it that Yong-hwa naturally slips back into his Busan dialect when he’s with Simon D? Yong-hwa asks the staff to write in the caption (for post-production), “A man born to be in Running Man!”

They comply… but it’s written as if spoken in satoori. AHAHA.

The members head out one by one, and suddenly Ki-kwang makes a run for it. He whispers that he just saw Jae-suk, who starts to give chase in his direction. But then Jae-suk calls out in disappointment, “Oh, it’s you, Yong-hwa.” Whew.

Ki-kwang nervously roams the streets and runs into Jong-hyun, who hurriedly instructs him to hide. Too bad that Haha’s caught this interaction and makes a mental note.

It’s pretty adorable how Jong-hyun clams up and awkwardly attempts to lie in front of the Master of Deception aka Haha. Though he may be the world’s worst liar, Jong-hyun does manage to hold Haha back just long enough so Ki-kwang can run away.

Damn, Haha is on a roll today. He calls attention to the sound of dogs barking in the distance and Jong-kook runs over to investigate. At the opportune moment, Ki-kwang makes a run for it, leaving his VJ behind for the second time.

He’s got all the boys on Ji-woo’s team on his tail with only Jong-hyun to protect him. But soon, Jae-suk chases Ki-kwang down and Haha removes the goddess’ hat.

What about the other team’s “goddess”? Cut to: lonely Suk-jin who wonders why no one’s coming for him.

In the car, Ji-woo’s team analyze their hint, “Yoo-jin” and Ji-woo guesses, “[Jung] Yoo-jin from Winter Sonata?” (Her character name in the drama.)

They toss out a few more guesses, which include Simon D’s real name (Jung Ki-seok), but none get them any closer to figuring out who the Snake is.

Their third mission is a dodgeball game and the boys will have to protect the ladies from the opposing team. But what makes this an interesting game from your classic playground game is that the eliminated members can surround the playing field and still play.

One by one, each team member is eliminated and now only Haha remains to guard Ji-woo, who doesn’t look all that reassured (Haha can’t be tagged out until Ji-woo is eliminated first.).

Gary is left to protect Ji-hyo for the other team and he whips around, doing his best to evade the oncoming attacks.

The tables turn when Gary takes possession of the ball and it hits Haha square between his legs. Ouch.

When the ball is back in his hands, Haha calls up his “Short Height” power and launches it at Kwang-soo… but the ball flies over his head. Whoops. Lucky for them however, that Jae-suk throws the ball between Gary’s legs and it hits Ji-hyo. They win the first round.

Jong-kook warns everyone that he’ll be going straight for the ball as soon as the whistle blows. That’s exactly what he does… it’s just that no one else runs towards the center. Heh.

Jae-suk is lightning fast with his attacks but hides behind Kwang-soo as soon as the ball leaves his hand. As I watch the ball go back and forth between the teams, I realize how truly athletic the Running Man cast is.

I’m particularly impressed with Gary, who catches the ball and turns right around to throw it at his next target.

But let’s check back in with the game as Suk-jin gapes, “I’m the last one left?” Uh-oh. I’m torn between guilt and laughter watching Suk-jin protect Ji-woo, especially when he gets hit in his nether region.

Turns out Suk-jin’s a fairly good human shield (though I’m sure the constant attacks have got to hurt). Jong-kook and Kwang-soo try out a “lightning” throw (but fail), and when everything is said and done, Ji-hyo is eliminated and Ji-woo’s team acquires the last hint.

Expending all that energy is bound to bring on the hunger pangs for the cast (and myself) and Ji-woo’s team ponder over their final hint: actress Min Hyo-rin.

They continue to hypothesize in the car and find that a few simple internet searches lead to Ki-kwang as a likely suspect. In the other car, however, Simon D deduces that there was an ice skating scene in Stairway to Heaven. Ji-woo, perhaps?

Mr. PD outlines the rules of the game at the final mission location. With an hour on the clock, their job is to protect the Snake if they’re on the same team or if not, to eliminate the Snake. The staff affixes everyone’s astrological sign beneath their name tags.

The opposing teams strike a deal to exchange hints (since they’re all so vague anyway). With that added information, Ji-woo’s team are more confident than ever that Ki-kwang is the Snake.

Gary belatedly regrets informing the other team of their one and only hint (Gary: “We’re screwed!”). But in any case, they decide to focus their attention on Ji-woo.

With 40 minutes left on the clock, Ji-woo and Jae-suk finds themselves surrounded by Ji-hyo’s team. They slowly back away and lead the other team into an ambush.

It’s utter chaos as the members reach for each other’s backs and both Haha and Ki-kwang’s name tags are ripped off. To Ji-woo’s team’s complete surprise and disbelief, Ki-kwang… isn’t the Snake.

Kwang-soo forgets himself and lets slip a hint (“Min Hyo-rin”) which Ki-kwang immediately relays before he’s carted off to jail.


Half an hour has passed and no one has any idea who the Snake might be. Ji-hyo asks for an equal chance to figure it out but even with all the hints, it’s virtually impossible.

Just then, Ji-woo’s team all set their eyes on Ji-hyo. That instigates another chaotic mess of rip, rip, rip and once the dust settles Ji-woo, Jong-hyun, nor Kwang-soo are the Snake.

By now, each team has all three clues and Gary truthfully admits, “I don’t know.” But then, Ji-hyo gasps, “My character names?”

One of her character names was “Kim Yuna” in the film Late Blossom and she played “Min Hyo-rin in Goong. As for “Yoo-jin,” it was her character name in the film Some. Eureka!

Ji-woo’s team have just come to that same conclusion as well (so have the jailed, ha). Gary and Yong-hwa start strategizing the best way to protect Mung Ji-hyo, who has a blank expression on her face. “How did I not know it was me?”

Time is of the essence because now there’s only 15 minutes remaining.

Both teams face off as the clock continues to tick down. Ji-hyo’s team reaches for Jae-suk who extends his arm towards Ji-hyo’s name tag. The boys flock to protect her while Yong-hwa tries to stall Jong-kook.

Hands reach for each other and both Gary and Jae-suk are eliminated. Gary: “Am I the ‘dog’?” Jae-suk: “Nope, that’s me.”

There’s less than five minutes left and the teams agree to face off 1:1. Jong-kook and Yong-hwa circle each other as a worried Ji-hyo stands by the sidelines.

But Suk-jin slowly inches towards the two men and so Ji-hyo and Simon D rush to hold him off. Once Suk-jin is eliminated, Jong-kook turns on his A game and hurries to rip off Yong-hwa’s name tag…

Rrrrippp! Oho – but it’s Yong-hwa who holds Spartakooks’ name tag in his hand. Did Jong-kook really pick “Tiger”? How fitting.

Yong-hwa returns the honor of eliminating Jong-kook to his parents and Ji-hyo’s team is declared the winner. Ji-woo sighs that she didn’t come out as the victor both days.

As for today’s prize, the show donates 100 bags of rice to the local nursery schools.

Happy New Year Running Man!


60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. raindrops

    thanks for the recap..

  2. jae

    thank you, gummimochi..
    definitely will watch this episode video ^^

    happy new year and also success for running man in 2013!

  3. racheose

    thanks for the recap! i really enjoyed the show and the guests are really funny esp. ji woo.
    i really liked that game in the beach and ji hyo was really funny. my favorite was what she did to gwang soo and lol the commander can’t win over the ace. kikwang is so cute haha he is so cute while being embarassed of his height but i wondered if it was Haha lol.

    i’m really glad that runningman is getting better. it’s funnier when they got actors and actresses esp the adult ones… the flower boys are much welcomed too XD

  4. myma

    Yong Hwa jinja daebak!

    And the Jong Kook – Ji Hyo piggyback was so hilarious I almost died

    • 4.1 dduk

      I KNOW! When she literally body slammed him down… OMG. I died.

    • 4.2 Rachel

      And when she pinched his ass.. I’m just thankful that I wasn’t eating or drinking anything during that moment. Kinda hoped she would bite it tho… XP

  5. Running Man Fan

    I can’t help but to empathise Kim Jong Kook. Every RM fan knows that Jong Kook hates it when someone mess up with his hair. Ji hyo was a little harsh on SpartaKook when she pulled his hair and pinch him.. kwang Soo Also kick Jong kook back when they play… I know it is a game but there should always be a limit especially Jong Kook had a bad injuries. People should be aware although he is supposed to be the strongest, he is still a human after all.
    That being said, I guess they are really close like family to play the games like this and like Yoo Jae Suk say all can be forgiven in variety so we can just enjoy all the entertainment.
    Jong kook lost towards the end was unexpected but I gonna say yong hwa was really fast in this game.. In spit seconds, he tore Jong kook name tag.. I saw the scene where he was totally distracted by suk Jin and the happenings. Anyway, Jong kook would lose because he is alone. Haha Commander power turn to cuteness.
    The most classic moments:
    1) HaHa the master of deception discovered the target Ki Kwang
    2) F4 and Manager Gary
    3) Ji Hyo the ace leader, although I like her Mong Ji character more
    3) Monday couple and the dance wave
    4) Gary with the wig
    5) Kookie The giant baby
    6) Yoo Jae Suk so good in dodgeball
    7) nobody find Suk Jin in the second game
    8) Ji Woo is so cute when she shoo off HaHa
    9) Ji Woo reaction when she heard that Kwang Soo is young
    10) The cards matches to their characters – tiger and Jong Kook
    * Yong Hwa goes tiger hunting and succeeded. I think almost everyone will make it their ultimate goal to eliminate Jong Kook.. Haha.. He must be tired but I still hope to see more Commander power.. Ji woo is a great guest, too bad that she lost twice. First for a guest but still she deserved a clap for being sporting and graceful.

    • 5.1 BattleAngel

      I feel the same way….I felt pretty bad for KJK in this episode. I am usually fine with all the “hitting” since it’s variety and usually all is forgiven. Even though I love Ace Ji Hyo I thought she was a little too rough with KJK in the race. I feel the same with Gwang Soo who was on KJK’s own team! It’s not cool to kick KJK in the back as everyone knows he has an injured back and has had back surgery. I know off screen they are family and Gwang Soo loves KJK but there can always be accidents on set so it would be best not to even pretend to hit KJK in the back. Loved the rest of the episode… My favorite moments were #1, 5, 6,8,9, & 10.

      • 5.1.1 Rachel

        I think it was fine. As MC Yoo always says, it’s okay as long as it delivers hearty laughs. And I think her action did so to a lot of viewers. Including me. Apparently not to you guys.. If it wasn’t appropriate, they would’ve edited the scene off the show.

        • Alexander

          It’s not about being appropriate or not, sometimes ji hyo hits hard, it does bring laughter to some but I can’t seem to laugh at people’s pain. She did the same when she bit him on a wrestling once, he was in so much pain he said ‘she meant business’ and she did.

    • 5.2 bd

      KJK is used to it.

      Hyori played “dirty” all the time in FO, including pulling hair.

      Kinda funny how “bad” Ji-hyo is so much like Hyori when she was a bit shy and bashful when she appeared on FO (tho, when it came to battling in games, Ji-hyo gave Hyori all she could handle).

      Also, KJK always takes it way too easy whenever he is going up against young male idols; I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he let Yong-hwa win.

      • 5.2.1 analeeze

        You ought to see the preview of ep 129, how KJK just rammed into Minho during that hockey game. 😀

      • 5.2.2 jjeennyy19

        He never go easy on Yong Yong Hwa’s earlier guesting on RM..KJK literally smash Yong Hwa off the wall to tore his nametag….plus this is Yong Hwa’s second time ripping KJK’s nametag so you can’t base it on luck either….plus watch ep 129…the idols were literally flying of the wall too…

        • z

          For the sake of argument, just because he rams him sometimes doesn’t mean he ‘never’ goes easy on Yonghwa. Things change and/or he had to let idol win sometimes, so that they don’t end up with a 100% lose record.

          That aside, much as I love Kookie, I wouldn’t dispute Yonghwa’s win here. (Unlike Nickhun’s win in Thailand.. that was just unbelievable considering KJK didn’t even try to attack). He could’ve let his guard down or whatever, and Yonghwa’s speed won him the nametag this time. Kookie’s strong, but doesn’t have to be invincible. His condition today seems especially bad xD (dropping the ball.. or maybe he’s just weak in baseball/ball-catching in general hahaha. and tossing things into bins)

      • 5.2.3 Alexander

        Used to it ? Can you get used to being hit ? If you can, then I have nothing to add

  6. hannah

    This was such a great episode because there were so many funny moments. Yong Hwa is one of my favorite guests on Running Man since he always does such a great job at the games and being funny when he’s there.

    Ji-hyo’s team looked like they were having the best time ever, from the respect she gained because of the relay race to the song they sang as they headed to the Yogurt Queen challenge to Gary having his picture taken to them ripping off the name tags.

    Reading the recaps makes me want to watch it all over again. I think I’ll go do that now.

  7. Running Man Fan

    The dog played a part in catching Ki Kwang during the yogurt Queen game.. Dogs are so cute..

  8. Lilian

    I like it when the game is more fairplay and less skewed towards Jong Kook. In this case, I am glad Yong Hwa won! And such a coincidence, that Jong Kook really chose tiger! And my fav cast member is definitely Gary for this episode. He was epic with the wig and his “logging in” to Ji hyo in the new year! haha….I hope he gets to hang out with the F4 in future too! maybe a Leessang + CN Blue + Beast+Supreme team collaboration XD

  9. kelinci biru

    Ouch. It hurts that ki kwang is prettier than me..

    anyway, Ji hyo rocks! She’s so small yet so fierce.

  10. 10 Running Man Fan

    Not to forget. The dog played a part in catching Ki Kwang during the yogurt Queen game. Haha.. dogs are cute and intelligent animals. Haha.. Thank you for the review.. Really love Running Man..

  11. 11 meanrice

    Gary was so on it today. Love the resurrection of the Monday Couple. Love Gary’s interaction with the boys, and when he wore that wig, i think i spit up on myself. Funniest episode in recent times. Anyone knows if it beat 1n2d?

  12. 12 onyxx

    RM is starting 2013 on a high note. the highlights of this episode for me:

    1. Yong-hwa — anytime he’s a guest, you just know things are going to go great. i hope he comes back again soon.
    2. gary — this guy is endearingly goofy. with gary, the laughter just explodes naturally, because the things he does usually end up funny in an unpredictable way
    3. Suk-jin actually did better that i had expected. i’ve also noticed that whenever he’s in KJK’s team he tends to perform better.
    4. i know Kwang-soo’s trying hard to be funny, but there are times when he’s so unbelievably dense and petty he ceases to be entertaining.
    5. as expected, KJK was eventually able to figure things out. the PD’s question about what the staff fed him earlier made me laugh, and the fact that he unknowingly picked out the “Tiger” symbol.
    6. Ji-hyo — what can i say? the girl’s on a roll and shows no signs of stopping. more Monday couple moments!
    7. the CNBlue guys’ hesitation to engage when they saw Jong-kook rushing for the ball. i think they did the right thing lol! they would have ended up in a dusty heap had they chosen to challenge KJK.

    i hope the next episodes will continue this streak.

  13. 13 HeadsNo2

    This episode killed me, it was so funny. (I’m writing from the afterlife.) Jung Yong-hwa NEEDS to become a regular member of Running Man, he’s literally too good to go to waste as a guest. I was so happy that Ji-hyo was given male idols, since she normally gets the short end of the stick when there are female celebrities. Here’s hoping the PDs keep rewarding her for her awesomeness by giving her a team of idol boys!

    I loved this episode so much I read the recap just to experience it again. Still laughing. Thanks!

  14. 14 Gbo

    This episode was so funny. I loved Gary with the idol boys. Yonghwa is always great on RM and whenever he and Simon D are on a variety show together, they’re hilarious.

  15. 15 shansanwawa

    yeay…. ep 129 with Yong Hwa again…. <3 <3 <3

  16. 16 akikisetsu

    This episode was just so good. Having guests who are equally funny, have screen presence and won’t back down from the fight, is variety gold.

    I find Choi Ji Woo a great guest cause she can go toe to toe with the RM members in spouting those randomly funny lines. Plus the fact that her variety persona is kinda new and lovable. She’s competitive but a bit ditzy, a good contrast to Ace Ji Hyo.

    And the Busan F4 are a nice addition esp Yong Hwa. His experience and agility is really a good match for Jong Kook.

    And Garyguard is awesomesauce. There’s really something magical about the tandem of Gary and Ji Hyo on RM, to me at least! When Gary hugged Ji Hyo in order to protect her name tag from JaeSuk, I thought, “Wow! They know instinctively how to protect each other.” ^^

  17. 17 MariD

    I decided to watch this episode @ 1 am last night. Bad idea, I was laughing soo much & so loudly, my roommates were ready to kill me. The part were Gary wears the Afro wig why is there not of picture of this on the recap. Great episode.

  18. 18 Harihud

    Fun start of 2013! Ji-hyo & F5 = hilarious. My favorite Gary was having so much fun being hyung. Ji-hyo was crazy on the beach. Congrats to Gary & Ji Suk-jin on the Excellence Awards.

  19. 19 WhyWhy(Not)Me

    So happy about where RM is going 😀 I am starting to fall in love all over again.

  20. 20 Cynthia

    Excellent way to begin the New Year!
    This was a terrific RM, filled with my favorite folks and good games.
    The visual of Ji-woo on Simon D’s back a the beach was hysterical – she’s almost twice as tall as him. The entire beach game was unreal – once again, Ji-hyo drives home the point not to mess with her. Girl wants to win! And how funny was it that she was the Captain of the group and the boys were so submissive to her, folded hands and all?!

    RM could use some new blood. I vote for Yong-hwa. He loves RM (7th appearance), he’s smart and fast and fearless. Choi Ji-woo deserves a special award for being such a kick-ass guest. She didn’t hold back and gave us a lot of genuine laughs.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi – this was an exceptionally funny RM!

  21. 21 JC

    Great recap. ^^
    I really like this episode! (Though it surprised me that it took Jihyo so long to figure out the clues, since the name Min Hyorin immediately tipped me off– just like Choi Ji Woo couldn’t answer questions about herself in the previous episode; I found it really interesting that these actors take on and shed new personas so often that they can’t really remember them anymore.)

    Song Ji Hyo is such a boss. <3 That moment where she pinched Jongkook's butt and he totally freaked out made me laugh like crazy.

    I was also so impressed with Sukjin in this episode; I thought their team would lose horrifically once he was the last one standing, but he managed to hang in there even though the hits looked pretty painful.

    I hope we get to see more of Yonghwa and Jonghyun in the next episodes. ^o^

    • 21.1 Mika~

      It was so great to finally have a Jihyo-focused episode! The last one was probably the one in which she went around picking up the members on a boat or something like that… So long ago… Well, I mean, it kind of was Jihyo-focused, because she got Busan-F4, rekindled the Monday love, gave Jongkook a hard time (okay, more than usual), became the target of the last mission, and well, her team won! 😀 I agree with you about how long it took Jihyo to figure out that she was the snake. Seems the dramas have a greater impact on the memory of the viewers than on the memory of the actors.

  22. 22 Nokcha

    Great episode! It’s so much fun when they group guests with a theme: all from Busan, older actors/actresses (The episode when the girl idols turned into the older actresses is still one of my favorites!)..

    Jung Yong Hwa is one of my all time favorite guests. If he can ever slow his own schedule down to become a permanent member, that would be great!

  23. 23 ajj

    The piggyback part got merolling in laughter.

  24. 24 goldeng

    the ep. was so much funn!! my jaw and stomach hurted from laughing so much!! F5 were hilarious and Ji hyo unni was fierce!! I still cant believe she actually pinched jongkook’s butt!! hahahaha that was priceless! the yagurt ahjumma song made me rofl and gary busting dynamic duo’s rhymes nearly killed me xD! and when he asked the boy if they wanted to meet once a month to play and goof around I was like “please do!! and upload the videos online!” xD

  25. 25 Quiet Thought

    Some confusing translations at Dailymotion . . . Why is 2013 considered the Year of Copulation in Korea? Also, who is Gary imitating when he stumps along calling out “Come here!” repeatedly to Ji Hyo?

  26. 26 PearlF

    This has to be one of the funniest episodes of Running Man as all the guests and the hosts went head-to-head in every department, especially the laughs. There were so many epic moments and this was one episode where I didn’t have to understand a single word of Korean to have a great laugh. Ji Woo was unexpectedly competitive and funny and Ace Ji Hyo played the game well. Loved the F4 + Gary, especially when they were having so much fun singing the Yakult song and fooling around with the afro wig. The CNBlue boys are really strong and serious competitors especially Ace Yong Hwa and he and the rest of the CNBlue boys can be guests on this show anytime as far as I am concerned.

  27. 27 Didi

    This episode is great. I always love when yonghwa is in the show. It’ll be good if he becomes a member, but with the recent comeback, it doesn’t look like it will work.

  28. 28 pigtookie

    One of the most entertaining episodes as of late! For the first time I really liked Yonghwa on Running Man (he was great in the past, but I felt like he was in the background? Or I have a poor memory.) he was great with Simon D. I loved Gary who kept jumping into their Busan dialect, and I was surprised to hear Yonghwa’s dialect, though it sounds very easy and natural. They’re the friends you enjoy seeing onscreen, between the yogurt singing and photo selcas. Can we keep these idol boys for another week pretty please?

    The games were good, good ol’ dodgeball (aww we get our Monday couple moments) and Gary and Jaesuk are really sharp at this game.

    Between Hallyu stars Choi Ji Woo and Park Shin Yang next week, I’m really taking a trip down memory lane with some of my first Korean dramas (for being an overseas non-Korean) Stairway to Heaven and Lovers in Paris. No matter how poor they seem in retrospect, they once had magic for the younger me.

  29. 29 May TDK

    I’ve been waiting like forever for this. Thanks so much for the recap. I’m laughing so much.

  30. 30 bd

    A good bit better than the previous ep w/ Choi Ji-woo (the whole “try to fool” the guest thing gets old – only really funny bit was the biscuit eating btwn YSJ and KJK).

    While this ep. had pretty fun games, it was Ji-hyo (Ji-hyo’s blanking on the name association was just so Ms. Mong), Gary and Haha who made this ep.; wouldn’t place this among the best RM eps since it didn’t have as much verbal banter among the RM members (which is always the best) and btwn the members and guest (too much activity/running around to be conducive to silly/fun banter).

    Overall, Ji-woo was a pretty good guest; not quite at the level of the best female guests like Gong Hyo-jin due to her lack of athletic skills and not being as aggressive, but better than the typical female actress guest.

    Now, I know that CJW is considered as one of Korea’s great beauties, but I just don’t see it (doesn’t have the greatest bone structure and cheeks/chin).

    I’d put her in the same category w/ Lee Young-ae and Kim Hee-sun – where starring in some of the biggest dramas/films have really impacted their popularity.

    • 30.1 z

      To be fair, they haven’t done fool the guests in ages. So if it seems ‘old’ to you it’s just your personal preference talking.

      Also don’t see her beauty…

    • 30.2 Reene

      We’ll that is why they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all don’t have the same taste. I personally think CJW is gorgeous. Add that to the great personality she has and you have a total package. I can understand why so many men are captivated by her.

  31. 31 coby

    Yearning for Yonghwa to be a mainstay.

  32. 32 chaloner

    omg what kind of cap is Gary wearing? lol

  33. 33 Lady Seoul

    LOVE this episode so much~! I hope they keep this momentum of great story lines for their missions. MONDAY COUPLE HAVE LOGGED BACK IN! HAHA. I have got to love Gary and his persistence! I’m glad their team won. I love how she got the snake care, I reminiscent a bit from all her old dramas. Although all I watched from her was Goong. Min Hyorin~!

  34. 34 queen bee

    This is rather late, but — THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE RECAP GUMMIMOCHI!!! ^^ And I’ll echo what others have been saying in previous reviews/posts — please please pleeeeeeaaase do recaps for older RM eps!!! ^^

  35. 35 Carinne

    This episode truly made Gary shine. LOL! I love watching adorkable Gary here. I hope the beat boyz meetup every month to bust-a-rhyme like Gary hopes for XD.

  36. 36 Raptor

    Watching the intro and I’m sick of every guy (apart from Gary) going for the female guest. This ep rocks because Ace had the last laugh with four Flower boys joining her and Gary, but seriously? It’s only Gary who recognizes how amazing Ji Hyo is, and what a competent team player she is? It’s happened so often that it’s getting old actually, and so predictable. Whenever the producers ask the guys to choose between Ji Hyo or the other female guest, all five of them will flock to the guest. I sometimes feel bad for Ace. Thank goodness for faithful and loyal Gary. I think the producers should stop doing this so regularly

    • 36.1 z

      Ah you again with your childish views. wake up already, it’s so obvious the male hosts are almost always required to treat the female guests like some goddess and that includes throwing Jihyo aside. And Jihyo as an experienced actress/entertainer knows it’s part of the job description, so quit with your i-must-protect-poor-Jihyo mentality and– lmao– sympathy, cos she doesn’t need it. Do you think the PDs don’t meddle with team decisions at all? Do you only believe 100% what you see onscreen? RM+1 guest and MC+5guests was the plan all along. If they had 6 male Busan idols coming they’d have made Gary go to CJW as well (and let him make up some reason for it). If it were entirely up to RM without considerations of PD, guest and courtesy, of course more people would choose the capable Jihyo on their team. If you don’t even believe or think of that, don’t pretend to be a fan of Jihyo’s.

  37. 37 Raptor

    Ace is amazing. The first segment just … OMG she’s so fearless even against the Commander! I was so worried she would be hurt

    • 37.1 A

      she’s the only girl in running man that can shout at the commander and be at par with him! #ourace

  38. 38 Raptor

    An utterly enjoyable episode! RM has been on a roll lately, and so has our Ace and Gary! All cast members had their chance to shine. Jae Suk was SO FLEET FOOTED in the Dodgeball game, and I have to admit that watching the cast makes me wanna be fitter and more athletic. They are really good role models for us! Haha was amazing with his detective work, noticing even the dog’s barks that led him to Flower boy number 4. Even big nose Hyung was great in the Dodgeball game while protecting Ji Woo! I’m thoroughly enjoying the last ten or so episodes of RM. great job all around!

  39. 39 Pingping

    LOVE this episode especially since it’s Jihyo-focused episode! And I love Yonghwa!! So cute, I would be totally happy is hes a permanent member.
    Anyway my most favorite part is the relay. Jihyo
    is so awesome and it was hilarious and entertaining. People are saying Jihyo
    is too rough, but it is variety, and we all know they are not going to hurt eaxh other for real right!? They are practically family 🙂

  40. 40 danelle

    I had to replay many times the part of Gary with the wig. OMG i couldn’t stop laughing.

  41. 41 Catherine

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode!!!
    I laughed crazily at the piggyback race at the beach..
    GREAT JOB Jihyoo!!! U are jjang!!!!!

  42. 42 sanji

    I need to know what title song background music when those F4 came out from pourch please.

    • 42.1 LSuarezz

      I don’t know if you’ve found it yet, but it’s Spotlight by Mutemath. I was looking for it, too. 🙂

  43. 43 Maico

    What is the background music at 57 mins, when HaHa shows his ‘short power’? @ 57:40, when he is short power instead of Tongki the Dodgeball King?

  44. 44 Alexander

    This review is way too biased for my taste, anyone reading it would know your bias is ji hyo, but thanks for the effort

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