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Trailer and stills for Lee Je-hoon’s thriller Ethics of Wrath
by | January 30, 2013 | 25 Comments

Well thank goodness for movies that get released post army enlistment. With Lee Je-hoon away at army and hearts crushed everywhere, there’s nothing like catching him on the big screen to help make the time go by faster. He was smart and shot two films right before enlisting, though don’t we wish it were ten? Here’s a look at the first — a creepy murder mystery called Ethics of Wrath.

The setup is your classic whodunit, about the murder of a beautiful young college student, and the four prime suspects — all terrible bastards one right after the other. Lee Je-hoon stars as Suspect Number 1, a creepy pervert who secretly records her. My skin’s already crawling because I know he’s going to play it so well. *shudder*

Suspect Number 2 is a shady loan shark played by Jo Jin-woong (Suspect X), who preys on young women in desperate financial situations. Then there’s Suspect 3, her stalker (I know, she has another one?), played by Kim Tae-hoon (I Don’t Know You). He’s actually her ex-boyfriend who can’t get over her and starts following her around. Suspect 4 is a married college professor (Kwak Do-won, Fortunetellers) who had a secret affair with her.

The complication is that these four men start to become aware of each other’s presence in this girl’s life, and then become both the key to solving her murder, while also the ones in danger (since one of them is not only creepy, but also a killer). Finally, the appearance of a mysterious woman Moon Sori (The End) changes the game entirely. I’m scared, but intrigued. I think I’ll watch this one with the lights on, thank you.

Ethics of Wrath premieres February 21.

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25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Heidi

    Interestiiing, it looks like a little dark and intense story. I’m maybe a newbee but don’t know anything about the actors, although I’m sure I may have seen them in some Kdrama…

  2. monch

    Sounds great 😀 I’ll be waiting for this

  3. snow_white

    yay..Lee Je Hoon 🙂

    it looks like a nice but creepy thriller…..

  4. xoxo

    Just the first look gave me chills. I’m with you gf on watching it with lights on 😀

  5. jandoe

    HOMG the storyline is all sorts of creepy. But it’s Lee! Je! Hoon! I’m totally watching.

  6. jubilantia

    Woo creepy guy from Nice Guy! Agreed about the lights on thing.

    • 6.1 jomo

      He really really is creepy, too!

  7. austriandramalover

    Oh the trailer looks nice! I am totally intrigued.

    So bring on the creepiness! Definitely a movie to watch with lights OFF xD (you just don’t get the right creepy feeling with lights on^^ 😛 )

  8. Mystisith

    Lights on and with some good ice cream for me. I love than the trailer doesn’t give us any hints at all on who’s the killer. The obvious is too obvious, or… I’m the living proof than we discriminate based on the looks of the suspects. 😉

  9. Jules

    But, wait a minute… the girl who’s killed, the one they were all obsessed with to varying degrees is played by…?

  10. 10 jomo

    LJH is pretty pretty pretty.
    It amazes me that he is also a great actor.
    I will watch this during the day, in the brightest room we have!

  11. 11 Rossi

    Am totally seeing Kang Ji Wan ( sp?) face in his face….

  12. 12 lemonade candy

    hmm~ sounds interesting…

  13. 13 Laurita

    First thought when noticed this from far aside: Is that vampire prosecutor? 😀

  14. 14 ravens_nest

    Sounds fantastic! Count me in! 😀

  15. 15 canxi

    Badass!!! Also, doesn’t he have ANOTHER movie also getting released??? My Pavarotti or something??? Omg! It’s like Christmas!

  16. 16 DarknessEyes

    omo this looks amazing.
    I’m hooked.

  17. 17 jennie

    one word.


  18. 18 ajj

    Since Bleak Night or the The Lookout (the title I prefer)
    I’m officially hooked in this guy. Me and my sister fighting over Lee Je-hoon, the first time we shared a crush. I so wanna watch this one.

  19. 19 cheekbones

    Sounds intriguing and with Lee Je-hoon to boot ! I’ll watch it in daylight !

  20. 20 ajj

    Goodness he’s gonna play a perv..Lee Je-hoon plays baddie very well.But I hope he’s not the killer.

  21. 21 Bengbeng

    the casts are all great actors!!!

  22. 22 jollyroger

    Is it just me or Lee Je Hoon looks like TABLO when he has those glasses on?

  23. 23 im_inadaze


    Seems intriguing. Ugh 2 year can’t come any sooner!!

  24. 24 arina

    I like Lee Ji hoon in The Devil..hes really good

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