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Lee Jong-seok’s March magazine spreads
by | February 19, 2013 | 29 Comments

Look who’s keeping himself busy with a whole slew of magazine spreads, now that his drama (School 2013) is over. (I don’t suppose I’m the only one imagining a two-dimensional Lee Jong-seok reaching down on the front page of this site, into the box below it, to high-five (or maybe bro-hug) his pal Kim Woo-bin, am I? E.T. finger-touch, go!)

From top to bottom, we’ve got spreads from @Star1, Vogue Girl, and Céci magazines. The first shoot comes from @Star1’s March issue, which I still contend is a lame name for a publication. (What’s with all the k-poppy names and titles that are intentionally incomprehensible and cryptically spelled? Lemme tell ya, comprehensibility is a good thing. I fully endorse comprehension.)

The magazine comes with an interview, where Lee Jong-seok talks about wanting to work with Lee Na-young as well as offering up behind-the-scenes stories from School 2013. I’m hoping it’s less of the former and more of the latter. Not that I have anything against her; I just would really rather hear about all the backstage hugging and heart-to-hearting and brotherly bonding on that drama set. And if it didn’t happen, I will take lies; just don’t tell me it’s not true!

Next is the colorful Vogue Girl shoot (love the bright electric hues), which is part of the “Pink Wings” campaign, now in its fourth outing. Pink Wings has featured a number of big stars in years past (such as Yoon Eun-hye, Park Shin-hye, Suzy, Seo Hyo-rim, Yoo Inna) — this year’s series also features Tiffany, Gu Hara, Ga-in, Kang Seung-hyun, Park Ji-yoon, and Seo In-gook.

Pink Wings is a campaign that works to raise funds, which are then donated to helping young boys and girls living in difficult circumstances. Aw, Heung-soo would approve.

At bottom is the Céci spread, which is timed/themed to coincide with White Day (the counterpart to Valentine’s Day, celebrated on March 14). I… don’t see any chocolates in the photos but the shoot is apparently using the concept of Lee Jong-seok sporting a boyfriend look in his boyfriend-y room. Well, that explains the toys… though not the paisley suit. Mind you, he looks awesome in that paisley suit. But it is a paisley suit.

Also, this concept is flawed from the start, in that it’s not a concept. (What, like it takes effort to picture him as boyfriend?) We call these things truth.

Enjoy the eye candy!

Via @Star1, My Daily


29 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. stellar

    been missing him a lot lately~!:’) <3

  2. Funnyfishy

    Ahhhh he’s so flawless. And the @star1 one was WITH woobin~ be still my fangirl heart.

    Speaking of @star1 I though it was a play with Korean like @스타일 the @ is still odd, it when you say the 1 in Korean it sounds like style.

    • 2.1 javabeans

      Ha, you’re right. My language wires got crossed. I do think 스타1 works because you’re actually saying “style,” but star1 is just wrong because then you’re saying…. “staril.”

      • 2.1.1 roro

        lol sistar’s fans are called star1 (style) because they are fashionable and the fans are #1 stars for them? something like that lol

  3. okdubu

    sigh. school 2013 has left such a huge hole in my heart T_T i can’t believe i miss namsoon, heungsoon and crew so much

    • 3.1 pogo

      Me too!!!!!!!!! 16 episodes + special was nowhere near enough but what we got was great.

      • 3.1.1 Gala

        If only kdramaland knows how to create a “real” SP the way jdorama does. When they announced a special, I was thinking something along the lines of gokusenSP-esque, a graduation special or a five-years-later kind of thing. I guess I just couldn’t let them go. Now… Maybe they can consider a season 2?! Wishful thinking…

        • riverlystar

          my thoughts exactly!

          i can’t get of these two, especially together.

    • 3.2 Gala

      Same here. Nowadays I find myself fast-forwarding some scenes in dramas, most of the time I just wanna focus on the essential or core story. But with school 2013, I watched evert single scene, at times replaying the heart wrenching ones just so I can completely absorb the wonderful acting of the cast. Lee Jong Seok is indeed a revelation.

    • 3.3 hanie

      sigh~ don’t we all?
      I find myself looking and reading their interviews via google translation, mind you and subsequently getting frustrated and saving like… 1000+ pictures of them…
      If there is a therapy group for post School 2013 withdrawal, I’ll gladly join..

  4. onewcondition

    I miss him so much, I need to see him in another bromance drama so badly >.<

  5. dany

    Cute pictures. Cute guy.

  6. come2noona

    What a cutie. I have to say… I’d like the fifth photo better without the “bunny ears”. They are too distracting and goofy looking. But he still looks great!

  7. pogo

    Is it weird that looking at these pics makes me want to

    a) ruffle his hair (some more)
    b) steal his red hooded jacket from the Vogue Girl Korea shoot and his shoes from the bunny-ears and paisley-suit pics?

    He’s straight-up adorable, I can’t wait for his next drama.

  8. crazedlu

    Read my mind!


  9. Noelle

    The pic with the blue background doesn’t look like him at all.

  10. 10 MariD

    Have you all seen the pics with him & Park Shi Hye? It’s for some name brand clothes. Sooo freaking adorable. I love those kids.. But this pictures were missing WoBin..

  11. 11 lizzzieq

    This man boy does impossible things to my heart I swear.

    Now where’s that star1 shoot coming out?? The bts teaser video with woobin killed me!

  12. 12 lizzzieq

    Also I love how JB’s love for jongsuk just shines through so clearly here, Haha. That bunny boyfriend picture though…he’s just so…tall *dies*

    All the woobin /heungsoo references also made me smile. He WOULD be proud

  13. 13 Sponge

    Ceci photoshoots are my favourite, they seriously never disappoint imo, but i think i love all the photoshoots here – or all the lee jongseok? XD

  14. 14 kumi

    Somebody please photoshop his foot in the first pic 🙂

  15. 15 IzOcha

    I adore him more now.

  16. 16 anvesha


  17. 17 Ennayra

    Thanks for the photos. I love fashion spreads. I also adore Lee Jong-seok because of School 2013, so him + fashion = my kind of post.

    I liked the @star1 shoot the most because I liked the fabric prints. The first Vogue photo didn’t seem like an outfit and the second was your standard sportswear. I don’t think the Ceci concept was very imaginative, meaning that I liked it, but I’ve seen it before (except I did enjoy the second picture with the nerf gun, or whatever it is).

  18. 18 Nokcha


  19. 19 Ivy

    Gosh! It’s so wonderful seeing him again after School 2013 ended – I miss him so much! No current shoots beats School 2013 – it’s so freaking wonderful! 😀

  20. 20 eternalfive

    “I don’t suppose I’m the only one imagining a two-dimensional Lee Jong-seok reaching down on the front page of this site, into the box below it, to high-five (or maybe bro-hug) his pal Kim Woo-bin, am I?”

    Yeaaah no, definitely not. XD Love the Heung-soo reference.

  21. 21 Tarits

    I call him and the other actor, his friend in School 2013 my flavor of the month! I hope they make another project together.

  22. 22 malta

    Great photos all around especially the Vogue Girl spread. That one is pin up ready. Ahh…remembering my room back in my teenage days 🙂 Those two Vogue photos would have been up in a heartbeat!

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