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School 2013’s teasers and posters
by | November 14, 2012 | 44 Comments

More promos are out for KBS’s School 2013, and they’re looking pretty cute. The posters spell out “School” in cute lettering made of more lettering. Is this what we call meta-font? I’m squinting a bit to make out each of the characters — Daniel Choi, Jang Nara, Lee Jong-seok, and Kim Woo-bin — are the biggest leads, so it’s too bad we don’t get really great shots of them. But this is an ensemble show, so I guess it makes sense to give everyone their place.

I do like how the middle poster is dedicated to the teachers’ generation dressed as students, each in the school uniform of their times. I wonder if we’ll get flashbacks or references to their own studenthoods — it would be a cute addition, and maybe a nice point of solidarity.

Now for the teasers, which I love. In the first, Daniel Choi voiceovers the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” He adds, “Where children conceal and adults don’t know — that’s school.” In the second teaser, the characters all answer the question of what school means to them (or meant, for teachers reminiscing on their own bygone youths).

What strikes me is the vibe — I think (fingers crossed!) this drama is going to be right up my alley, hitting some funny beats but interspersing them with real interactions, small character moments, and relationship growth. It has an indie-movie vibe, and I’m looking forward to a drama being just as much about the trials of everyday life than it is about big, dramatic storylines. We’re sure to have conflict (can’t have a drama without that), but it’s quite possible we won’t have a villain. I’m so all about this.

School 2013 premieres on December 3, airing after Oohlala Spouses.

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44 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. nomu nomu nomu

    looks cute 🙂
    deserves to be tried out at least.

    Show, please more heart and less dramatics, more answer me 1997 and less DH2, more Shut Up and less ‘to the beautiful you’ *cross fingers*

    • 1.1 joybells

      totally agree with you on this.You phrased it perfectly 🙂

    • 1.2 girlatsea


    • 1.3 Aternall

      sorry but what DH2 means? 😀 thanks

      • 1.3.1 nomu nomu nomu

        Dream High 2. I couldn’t bear to type out ‘Dream High’ because I actually enjoyed the first season and didn’t want to associate DH2 with Dream High. lol

        • Still hopes for a sammi reunion anytime in the future

          Thank you.

          Dream High is a gem that does not deserve to be associated with the crap that is DH2.

          • Still hopes for a sammi reunion anytime in the future

            when the audience asked for a second season, I, for one, and I’m pretty sure we all mean having all the awesome characters back, and the PD gave us DH2.

            such a disappointment.

            I want them all back!

          • nomu nomu nomu

            still hopes for sammi…,

            since this articles is about ‘School 2013’ I’ll talk about School but it will still applies to Dream High 1 and 2.

            School was a multi seasons show, with each year having different cast members and new conflicts. Each season does have a resolution, it may be more open ended than we may want, but there is still closure. Just like in real life, students change, but the school will still be there. I’m fine with that because it is not about any set storylines but more about the World the show creates, in this case, it’s the school itself.

            What’s important in each season, they need to continue with creating Characters we care about, Characters that makes sense, characters that don’t have random personalities changes. They need to continue to maintain a cohesive plot and in a similar style and structure as the previous seasons (because, if they want something completely different, then don’t brand it as School)

      • 1.3.2 shansanwawa

        Dream High 2

  2. ida

    Looking good…. Yes, agree about the vibe..
    Please let it be good

    • 2.1 cg

      eagerly waiting for this 🙂

  3. ninji

    This and Alice in Cheongdam-dong is what I’m gonna watch in december.

  4. Claire

    this looks good..i just hope we won’t be disappointed..i just don’t like the girls’ hairstyles..well they’re ok, maybe it’s just me, but it’s kind of plain for me and the 2 girls almost look the same..whatever they’re just hairs lol

    december pls come faster..

  5. Laurita

    I love the trailers. So warm. 🙂

  6. katiamon

    yei! looks promising, hope it’s everything i’m looking forward to 🙂

  7. Chintu

    but y isn’t the heroine (park seyoung?) featured in both the teasers?

    also, wth is daniel choi’s hairstyle, is it to make him look more scholarly (a la Einstein) and a normal teacher, & not his usual hot self? cuz, anyway with his figure and droll delivery that’s pretty much impossible…

  8. jubilantia

    Yay this looks good! Here’s hoping it’s as good as you think it will be.

  9. Mic

    Promising teasers and trailers. 🙂

  10. 10 Abbie

    I am really looking forward to this. Mostly it’s because of Lee Jong-seok (I feel for him in High Kick! 3), Kim Woo-bin (he was so great in White Christmas and A Gentleman’s Dignity) and Daniel Choi (I’ve started watching The Musical, and while the drama itself isn’t spectacular, it’s still good, and he is so adorable in it).

    I’m not familiar with anyone else. So this should be a good, fun show to watch.

  11. 11 crazedlu

    Vibe seems right on. Excited for this one. Please be good.

  12. 12 JC

    The first trailer borders on ridiculous, but the second trailer seems wonderful and cute.
    Especially that guy who says that high school is about his first love (heart) xD.

  13. 13 Celest

    The teasers look great! I’m already guessing that Jang Nara and Daniel Choi are rival teachers with 2 very different teaching styles. Will definitely be trying this out. A drama without a villain? I can’t remember the last drama I’ve watched without one…but then again it’s been months…As for Daniel Choi, he looks and feels…different? Just a different vibe, maybe? Which is great imo because that means he can do a variety of roles.

  14. 14 Fab

    Well that’s something to excite viewers with(note to Alice)!

    I always thought that school uniforms take away individuality, but after watching Kschooldramas I’ve changed my mind, I think they unite the students in a positive way and they don’t look that bad.

    This is so random…

    • 14.1 JO

      This is what my father talked about. As a poor country child, when he went to school he didn’t have to face that class difference between richer students and himself because they all had the same uniforms. Of course, students find ways to embellish or individualize uniforms etc. but in general, it really helped “unite” them.

      • 14.1.1 kent

        So true. I went to boarding school in India and that’s how it was. Same school uniform for everybody (girls wear pants) and I still don’t know who was rich and poor in my batch. The only time we could wear our own cloths were after school and weekends and when I was there, we preferred wearing uniform all day long except on Sundays. lol
        Good old days

        ps: can’t wait till December

        • Mystisith

          Same here. *Reminiscing*

  15. 15 tapioca pearl

    I hope this is good. Daniel Choi rocks. I love his adorkable aura. He and Jang Nara were super cute in Baby-Faced Beauty, so it’ll be nice to see them together again.

  16. 16 kaka

    Can someone translate what they said in the trailer, please?

  17. 17 jenjula

    I’m excited for this!

    There have been so many iterations of the white christmas cast in recent dramas:

    kim woo bin, lee soo hyuk, hong jong hyun in vampire idol

    sung joon and kwak jung wook in SUFBB

    sung joon and kim young kwang in can we get married

    and now kim woo bin and kwak jung wook in school

  18. 18 jae

    will check this one for Daniel Choi ! ^^

  19. 19 bjharm

    the traditional blessing/asking for a safe production.
    As said this drama may not have real ‘leads’ in the normal understanding of the word but KBS is clearly backing the Jang Nara and Choi combo and its promotional appeal for all it’s worth. A bit uneasy at the press coverage and the expectation the drama a hit before it even airs

  20. 20 miiko

    i’m here for daniel choi and jang nara…

  21. 21 Jushi

    The music used in both trailers are so good. Do you guys know what songs are those? Or are they part of the show’s OST?

  22. 22 cheekbones

    Yay !!! I LIKE !

    *cross my fingers and any other body parts* that this drama will be my next crack

  23. 23 Cabbage

    I’ve been in that position, an idealistic teacher goes into a classroom and the homeroom teacher disses, undercuts her, and lets the students put her down so he can remain the cool teacher (aka, in charge.)

  24. 24 mjfan

    am gonna watch this for sure , I super loved daniel choi and jang nara in baby-faced beauty and I want to see them again ……..

  25. 25 asianromance

    Okay, I’m in love now, not just for the pretty boys. I think it would have been so easy to make it into something like Dream High2 or Boys Over Flowers or just something really trendy, but glad it went with the low-key feeling.

  26. 26 makke

    Just looking at the teaser, it looks intersting & fun…

    Daniel Choi & Jang Nara, love both in Baby Faced Beauty. I think this will be another round of Lee Soo Young & Cho Jeun Wook???hmmmm, I’m all aboard!

  27. 27 Nish

    Looking forward to it.. Really loved Daniel Choi and Jang Nara in Baby faced beauty.

  28. 28 tamtam

    I’m looking forward to this one. I always have a soft heart for the little-piece-of-life dramas. I love the graphics used for the poster and trailers, the art direction for this is really interesting and refreshing.

    I like Daniel Choi and Jang Nara together in Baby-faced Beauty too, and them coming back together in a drama is an added bonus. 🙂

  29. 29 riya88

    i m so excited for this…. jang nara choi daniel..hurray!

  30. 30 bjharm


     I sure it just because they picked out the ‘exciting bits’ but it has the feel of a one of those japanese school drama, with rich teacher arriving at school in a driver driven car and students fighting it out in the hallways plus little Jang Nara throwing her fists and over protective pretty boy student to the defence..{yankee school}

  31. 31 Jumbalaya

    I’m looking forward to this…. Although there’s not a lot to go on except that the kids in the school are wild…

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